Gina, her normal self again, shows Channing off to Sophia at the benefit. At her table, Sophia receives a bottle of champagne and a gift from an anonymous person. Warren ponders over the birth certificate. He tells Angela that he wants to go to the party to find Lionel. Ted asks Lily why she is staying in town. He also asks her to tell him the truth about Frankie. Lily says that she only met Frankie a few times. Frankie tells Lily that his target is Lionel. Ted has bad vibes about Frankie and warns Sophia not to get involved in the deal between Lionel and Frankie. Mason is on a quest to rebuild bridges. He sent Sophia the champagne and the locket with pictures of all her children. She is deeply touched and is genuinely happy when he tells her that he may stand a chance with Julia. Warren receives another note. It is a drawing of his family tree, but his name is not attached to it. When confronted with it, Lionel points the finger at Mason. Warren confronts Mason, but Mason claims his innocence. Dash meets Katrina at the Oasis, but is in a down mood. Ted again asks Lily to be completely honest about Frankie, but gets angry when she does not volunteer information. Frankie recognizes Angela and slanders her. Warren comes to her defense, knocking him to his feet. Frankie draws a knife, but is subdued by Ted and Dash. Mason questions Warren's commitment to Angela. She says that she is confident of Warren's love. Mason replies that Warren is only staying with her out of duty. He leaves Angela and the truth of his words begins to sink in. Lionel orders Mason to stop the notes, and when he realizes that Mason might not be the culprit, he begs Mason not to tell Cassie. Warren observes their whole conversation. When Lionel notices him, he looks away, guilty. Warren begins to doubt Lionel's honesty.

Mason's guilt over hurting Cassie manifests itself as nightmares. In it, Cassie's proclamations of gloom and doom over his relationship with Julia hit just the right mark. Kelly, Ted and Cruz unwind after the party. Cassie comes over, drunk, and oozes venom about Mason to them. Lily is at Dash's office, severely beat up. When Dash questions her about it, she maintains that she fell down a flight of stairs. Dash manages to wear her down and she admits that she messed up somebody's deal and paid the price for it. Gina comes in and begs Lily for the truth, but Lily is not forthcoming. Gina tells Lily to turn to her in times of trouble. Suzanne decides to make herself over. She gives herself a new haircut and rids the apartment of all Eden like paintings. Cruz tells David that Craig's apartment has been torched and that all the files in it destroyed. This means that Craig has been cut off from the mob and they are now after him. On hearing this, Craig panics and tries to cut a deal, but finds it impossible without hard evidence. Cruz tells him that he will be moved to a safer facility. Ted tells Kelly that she has been busy trying to fill all the shoes of those who left, that she has forgotten how to be herself. Suzanne also tells Kelly that she is guilty of trying to replace Eden in Cruz's life, a comment that gives Kelly a lot of food for thought. Ted sees Lily in her beaten condition and asks her if she is scamming anyone, to which she replies no. Frankie reappears again and does not believe Lily when she says that she has gone straight. He tells her that he will help her con Ted. Gina visits Craig and asks him to help her find out about Lily's past in Vegas. He tells her that he no longer has connections and that his life is in danger. Gina tells him that he deserves what he gets for lying to her, but inside, feels his fear. Kelly tells Cruz that he should try to make things work with Suzanne. When Cruz sees the change in Suzanne, he realizes that things may be beyond repair and leaves. Mason confronts Cassie about the game she is playing with Warren. She tells him that she cannot tell Warren herself because he is angry at her and because of his relationship with Angela. When Mason mentions that he proposed to Julia, Cassie scoffs that if things between Warren and her do not work out, then she will devote her entire life to making sure that he and Julia will never ever be happy together.

Lionel tells Gina to keep her duties strictly professional, but stubborn old Gina goes through his personal mail and is intrigued by the contents within. Rafael tries to convince Suzanne to give Cruz another chance. He tells her that no matter what she does to change her physical appearance, it will not change her heart. Suzanne gets irritated with Rafael and they end off on an unpleasant note. Warren is still intrigued by the birth certificate. Angela finds him unreceptive towards her sexual advances. Warren receives a call from Augusta, requesting to meet with him. Craig asks David for his help, but David finds his hands tied without hard evidence. Mason and Craig exchange vicious words. Craig tells Mason that he feels sorry for him because Mason has created his own living hell with the people around him, and that he will be miserable his whole life. Mason finds a kernel of truth to what Craig says. David finds Suzanne upset. He tells her that she should not listen to anyone else but follow what is in her heart. Lionel worries that Augusta will drop the bomb on Warren. He tells Cassie to brace herself for some major changes in her life. David confronts Rafael about upsetting Suzanne. Rafael resents David's interference and blows him off. Cassie finds Warren in a very down mood after his meeting with Augusta. Warren tells Cassie that he is upset that the world and his life are full of lies. He asks Cassie to meet him in half an hour while he takes care of some personal business. Warren tries to call Lionel, but Lionel is afraid to answer the phone. Craig is being transferred to another facility. Another convict pulls a knife on him and tells Craig to say his prayers. A struggle ensues and Craig subdues the convict. A police officer goes back to check on the commotion, but Craig knocks him unconscious, grabs his gun and holds the driver at gunpoint. Cassie, thinking that Warren knows the truth, gets herself prepared for their long awaited reunion. Warren flashbacks to a time when he and Cassie were very much in love and to the time when she doubted his innocence. Deeply confused, Warren reaches for the vodka, unsure of his next move.

Craig has commandeered the transport and its passengers. He ties the guards up and leaves them in the middle of nowhere as he heads back to Santa Barbara. Gina catches Lily eavesdropping on Ted's conversation with Dash. She confronts Lily about it and Lily tells her to stay out of her personal life. Cassie is anxiously awaiting Warren's arrival. Mason comes by, but she is not the mood and she tells him to leave. She then spots Julia and suggests that he had better come clean with Julia while he still had the chance. Mason drags Julia to his office. She braces herself for his horrible revelation. He finally spills the beans regarding the whole sordid mess. She, naturally, is very upset with him. He justifies his actions by saying that it was not his place to tell Warren the truth, even if he wanted to. Cruz and Kelly talk about the change in Suzanne and the changes in their own lives. Cruz says that he does not mind the change in Suzanne, but resents it when she cuts herself off from his family. Kelly points out that it is better that Suzanne decided to call off their relationship now instead of later when things could really get messy. Lily tracks Ted and Dash down to the Windsurfer. Ted tries to be civil towards her, but finds it impossible. Cruz is informed about Craig's escape. Cassie tells Cruz that Craig had vowed revenge on the Capwells. Gina is sad over the way things turned out with Craig. Julia tells Cassie that although Mason was incorrigible in his actions, it was none the less, not his secret to tell. Mason tries to make nice to Julia, but she tells him that she has had enough for one night and is out he door. Craig has Kelly at gunpoint. He demands money from her. Kelly tries to convince him to give himself up, but Craig scoffs at her suggestion. He tells Kelly that with C.C's money, they will be able to live happily ever after in South America. He ushers her to C.C's safe in the study and Kelly finds her life in the hands of a desperate man.

Hunt has seized Kelly by force. He can't see any other chance than to take her as a hostage. Sophia, Mason and Cruz are in worry about Kelly as they know that she is alone in the mansion. For Warren a world is breaking down as he gets to know that Lionel is not his physical father. He reproaches Lionel for not telling him this truth and wants to know from him who his real father is. But Lionel does not know as he never asked Augusta about.

CC is having nearly a breakdown when he learns that Kelly is under Hunts control. Mason blames him for having promoted Hunt such a long time. Rosa watches Santana's relation with great scepticism. Rafael mentions to CC that he expects him to marry Santana.

Kelly manages to fire at Hunt and flee to Gina. Hunt is losing control over himself. He starts to threaten now both woman. Lilly is no more taking pleasure in Santa Barbara beside she is only fighting with Ted. Angela wants to find out from Warren about his feelings to Cassie.

Cruz finds Hunt and offers himself as a hostage in exchange to the women and the baby. Hunt accepts him but only in exchange for Gina and the baby. Mason tries to clear up his relation with Julia. Julia is replying his feelings towards her but remains careful.

Dash and Katrina are happy together. Katrina has written an article about Dash's special field the exotic diseases and published it in Warren's newspaper. The article was overtaken by other papers and drawn attention to Dash all over the country. Now a lot of hospitals are eager to engage him. But to Dash's dismay all this offers are far away in other cities. As Dash loves Katrina he does not want to go away from Santa Barbara and keeps it a secret. Craig has bound Cruz and Kelly with a rope on two chairs together. CC is ready to pay the ransom of two millions but Cruz has given the instruction to keep CC inside the mansion. CC is upset and afraid that the police will storm the hiding place of Craig and bring Kelly in danger. With the help of Mason he fools the police and brings the money by himself to Craig. Craig knocks him down and put the time fuse into action while running to the plane CC is keeping ready for him.

Cruz manages to free themselves at the last moment. He takes up the hunt after Craig. In a shooting he gets hurt by a graze. Craig provokes Cruz with stories on Eden. Cruz forgets himself and fires accidentally to the pilot of the ready plane. Cassie who all of a sudden appears convinces Craig finally to give up. Katrina learns that Dash has rejected an interesting job offer in St. Louis. She persuades him to accept the offer.