Mason tries his best to persuade Julia to marry him. Julia admits her love to him but does not want to marry. Warren and Cassie are finally having a talk. Cassie tells Warren that now since he knows that he is not Lionel's son nothing is in the way of their love. Kelly is digesting her horror adventure with Craig Hunt. Katrina suffers because of her separation from Dash. Ted offers her the support of the whole Capwell family.

Ted and Lilly are having an intense talk. Thereafter they decide to get friends. Angela wants to open a gallery and to exhibit there the photos of Warren. Warren's problem at the moment is the question who was giving him the hint that Lionel is not his father. Cassie goes on to struggle for Warren's love and admits that she has been the anonymous person who has informed him about Lionel. It ends in argumentation. CC fights for his right to see his son and goes to Gina but Gina asks him to go. CC thinks Lionel has set Gina against him and starts fighting with Lionel.

CC asks Katrina to move again into the mansion. She agrees but he has to promise her no more to interfere into her life. Cruz is having a clearing talk with Suzanne. Also Kelly and Sophia are having a clearing talk. Sophia is telling Kelly why she did not tell to her that it was Eden who has fired the shots on her. Cruz is advising Cassie to tell Warren about Mason.

Katrina moves to the Capwells. Lilly is not very fond about. She tries to draw Ted's attention more to her. Mason is steady in getting Julia's favour. Julia wants to make it first sure that he really has changed himself. Cassie suffers because of Warren's negative behaviour against her and is on the point to tell everything to Warren but Mason can prevent her to talk in the last moment. He is afraid about Warren's reaction and thinks Warren will influence Julia against him. Meanwhile Angela is taking care for Warren in a very nice way while opening the new gallery with his photos. Lilly has invited CC to see his son. Gina dislikes this very much.

Mason asks Cassie not to tell Warren the whole truth. He wants to settle the matter by himself even not knowing how. Cassie gives him two hour for clearing up the matter and gives him a strong talk on his bad character. Finally Mason is telling Warren the whole truth. A world is breaking down for Warren. Lionel tries to find a husband for Gina with the help of a partnership agency. The exhibition of Warren's pictures are a great success.

Warren is very upset about Mason's revelation but tells him that he is not seeking revenge. He is determined to put all his energy in finding out who his real father is. Mason is still having nightmares in which Warren is murdering him. Julia is tormented by the question if she should marry Mason or not. Lilly is getting a mysterious phone call. Santana reproaches CC in not standing behind their relationship and wants to leave Santa Barbara. CC can change her mind.

Cassie begs Warren to start with her a new life. He tells her that he wants to think over it. Ted notices that Lilly is asking Mason for a few free days to go to Las Vegas. Warren asks Cruz to help him in finding his real father. Lilly is meeting Ray an old "friend" from her times in Las Vegas. She is not knowing that Ted is also in the same train. Cruz is receiving a letter from Eden.

CC, Cruz and Sophia are receiving letters from Eden. She writes that she is getting better but does no more want to come back to Santa Barbara. She asks CC to make friendship again with Sophia and Cruz should get happy with Suzanne. Eden has also officially asked for her divorce from Cruz and she is sending the necessary papers to him for signing them. Suzanne is requesting Kelly to take care for Cruz, Chip and Adriana. Julia still does not want to decide on Mason's marriage proposal. To Mason's surprise she is meeting an old study friend who is thinking to move to Santa Barbara.

Lilly gets threaten by Ray in the train but can escape thanks to Ted's help. She pretends to accept Ted's offer to her for help but disappears then secretly. Ted snoops behind her and can find her in a night-club where she is working as a stripper. After long discussions with Kelly Cruz is deciding to give Eden free and he signs the papers of divorce. He then informs his children that their mother will never come back again. Mason is confronted in a hotel room with Lucinda. She claims that he has married her once as Sonny Sprocket. Julia finally accepts the marriage proposal of Mason.

Ted brings Lilly to a hotel but her old friend Ray is finding her there and a confrontation is taking place between Lilly and Ray. Ray guesses that Lilly wants to cheat Ted and wants to partake in her gain. Lilly tries to persuade him that this is not the case. Julia is dreaming about a splendid marriage but Mason wants to have it more simple. Cassie's and Angela's fight about Warren ends in a physical fight.