Sophia wants to go back to CC. Lionel who is behind Sophia tries his best to get this out of her mind. But Sophia is not getting confused by his attempts nor by Gina. The only problem is that meanwhile CC is having a firm affair with Santana. Ted and Lilly are meeting in Las Vegas Mason and Julia by chance. Mason is happy about Julia's promise to marry him.

Sophia and CC seem to get closer again but Santana manages to hinder a date of both with the help of a little intrigue. Lionel is requesting David to help him in his search for Warren. Lionel wants to make it clear to Warren that he always has loved him as his own son even he is not his physical father. Lionel wants to couple Gina and is arranging a date with her and Moose. Gina is disappointed when finding out that the anonymous invitation for the dinner is not with Lionel.

Mason asks Julia to fix finally the date for their marriage. Kelly is helping Cruz to decorate the sports hall for the children. Accidentally they get locked up in the gym. They are getting closer to each other at this occasion. Angela wants to get finally the information Mason has collected about the circumstances at the death of her sister. Gina finds out that it was Lionel who has arranged the date with Moose, the vet.

Cassie gets to know that Warren is coming back to Santa Barbara and tries her best to make Angela to miss him. Cruz creates unintentionally a fire by his cigarette in the gym. He discovers the fire and is shocked to find out that Samantha and Chip are nowhere to be find. He runs into the burning building to save his children. Sophia suffers under the affair of CC and Santana. Her feelings are hurt by noticing that CC is making his new love a further expensive present.

Cassie and Angela are just on fighting when Warren is dropping in. He makes it clear to Cassie that their affair is finished. Ted is watching a conversation between Lilly and Ray and is expecting the worst. After a long talk he is able to gain back Lilly for himself. Both start to build up a relationship based on more trust in each other. Cruz is able to rescue all children from the burning gym but then he gets hit by a beam which is falling down. He gets saved from the fire by Warren. He is unconscious and brought to the hospital. Santana has no intention to give up CC.

All are in worry about Cruz, specially Kelly. Fortunately the smoke poison will not have any lasting effects on Cruz's health. Cassie can't believe that Warren does not want to be with her only because she has disappointed him. She thinks that Angela is the real reason behind and is thinking on revenge. In order to be able to put Angela down she is asking Mason for the file about the death of Angela's sister. Mason is not ready to give this file to Cassie who gets hysterical and ravages the whole office of Mason. Lilly is trying to find a second job to be able to pay back the $10.000 to Ray.

The Capwell family is getting ready for the commemoration of Grant Capwell. Julia demands from Mason that he is informing Warren about their marriage plans but Mason thinks that Warren will never forgive him. In fact Warren is thinking the marriage for a great mistake. He has no intention to forgive Mason. Rosa warns Santana that CC is using her only as a toy and his true love is still Sophia. Mike confesses that it was he who has caused the fire in the school building

Julia wonders why Mason is making so much fuss about the commemoration of his uncle who died one year ago. Kelly can persuade Art Paxton to go on working for the company and together with her. Sophia convinces Cruz also to come to the commemoration. Julia is very upset when finding out that the commemoration has been only a pretence. The truth behind is that Mason has arranged their marriage without informing her. She disappears.

Lilly manages to get via Computer into the account of Lionel. She steals $10.000 to be able to give them back to Ray. But then she changes her mind and she goes to the horse race and bets the whole sum on one horse. Angela finds out from Warren that the commemoration is only a pretence. Julia is still mad about Mason that he has arranged everything without her. Mason promises her to change himself and do everything to make her happy. Julia forgives him.

Lilly has lost the money at the horse race. Mason and Julia get finally married. CC is so happy about that he offers Mason to get the president of the Capwell enterprises. Julia and Mason are going to a lonely island for their honeymoon. Cassie tells Angela how much she got hurt by Warren's decision to be with her. Santana is making CC a scene as he has made an appointment with Sophia.