Eden and Cruz wake up arm in arm in harmony. Eden tells Cruz about Marcello and the identification cards which she has not given back as he told her. Cruz tells her that he also has to tell her something as they no more should have secrets before each other.

A lady is putting her suitcase on the luggage van at the airport. The luggage van goes. Then Marcello and Kelly put their suitcases on the next luggage van. Kelly's suitcase is losing unnoticed her nametag. When the porter is turning around a hand is opening Kelly's suitcase and puts in a little parcel and closes it again.

Brick is phoning to Marisa informing her that he is in San Francisco and will come with the next plane. Marisa tells him that Amy is just with Dr. Renfro. Brick puts down the receiver over which he has put a handkerchief because of the blood. A man comes in and introduces himself as the neighbour.

Cruz tells Eden that they have found out that the letter of Peter was faked and the murderer of Channing is still running around. He even got more dangerous as he knows that the case is taken up again. Eden can't believe it.

Marcello and Kelly sit next to each other in the plane. Kelly asks Marcello what's the matter with him he all of a sudden looked so grim. Marcello tells her that she has seen wrong. Kelly laughs and tells him that she knows him already so much to feel that something is bothering him. Marcello tells her that he worries about that her father will not agree with his treatment for her. Also Eden and Mason will hinder this as they are against him. Kelly tells him that he should not worry she will tell CC that she only is accepting him as her therapist.

CC stands up and offers Maggie a compromise of $40.000 to settle the matter out of court. Mason tells him that he is having to discuss the matter first with his client and goes aside with Lindsay and Maggie. Maggie finds this amount funny. Mason gives her to consider that it might be reasonable. She asks him how much he will get. He at once knows that it is $16.000. Lindsay reminds him that he has asked for $20 mil. Mason tells him to shut up he knows what he is doing. CC asks them to listen to him again for a short time and they sit down again at the table. CC tells Mason that he finds it a shame that he has overtaken a case of a woman who has brought so much distress to their family and specially to Kelly by not being able to shoot a murderer of four woman. He understands that she is suffering with her husband but by considering the loss of Kelly's husband a compromise in the way he has offered would be more than fair. He also tells her that in case she will not agree to this deal she will get a lot of troubles at her work. Mason asks CC not to threaten them specially as they have finished nearly their discussion.

Lionel is in the desperate situation in not getting a job. He sits in the bar and sees again all his fruitless attempts in getting a normal job and the rejections of the different offices.

Gillis gets up and tells CC that it is right that she has failed in her job and is somehow responsible on the death of his son in law but she is not going to make this dirty bargain as the company has done wrong and her husband is in such a condition that he better would be dead. She will fight and go before the court. She turns around and tells Mason that he can find her before the door.

Warren asks Maggie what came out of the meeting. Maggie tells him about the 40.000 deal which is a shame in relation to Ben's condition and the worst Mason seems to enter this deal. Mason comes with Lindsay and his secretary. Warren is very upset and tells him that it has come in the same way he feared. His father is making a little bit pressure and at once he gives up. He wants him to come and see Ben in the afternoon. All have gone Mason is still on the step with Lindsay. Mason tells Lindsay that he thought he has given her good advice in accepting CC's offer. Lindsay tells him that if this is his advice then he better never comes to him for advice.

Sophia and Eden are sitting at a table in a bar. Eden asks Sophia about her feelings concerning Marcello and CC. Sophia tells her that he was always helpful to her and if he would not have helped her she would not be able to sit with her now. Eden asks Sophia the favour to come for the dinner. She wants to confront CC with Marcello and in case something is going wrong she might need her help. Sophia agrees.

Lionel notices Sophia in the bar and asks her if he can sit and talk to her. He finds that she has done enough harm to all of them and since CC is married now she better should give him the chance to reconcile with Augusta by going back to Europe. Sophia tells him that this is a matter which only concerns him and Augusta. If he would not have been unfaithful to her they would be still together. Lionel confesses that he always was still in love with Augusta when being together with her. Sophia finds that they actually had already the real partner but recognise it too late. Lionel tells her that she is objecting her in the same way Augusta is objecting him. Sophia tells him that she is objecting him but she does not hate him. She feels guilty on what had happened and she no more thinks that he tried to kill her. She knows how much this burdened him. Lionel is very happy to hear this and thanks her.

Marcello and Kelly are on getting their luggage. Kelly takes hold of her suitcase when a lady takes it out of her hand and tells her sharply that this suitcase belongs to her. Kelly insists that it is hers but the lady tells her that she should search out the next luggage van and mark her luggage better next time.

Kelly comes home and embraces CC happily. Marcello stands behind her. Kelly introduces Marcello and asks CC if he can stay with them for the dinner. CC tells her that actually he wanted to be alone with the whole family. Marcello tells him that he can understand this. Eden comes and on hearing Kelly's suggestion to invite Marcello to dinner she tells CC that she also finds it a great idea. So CC gives in and invites Marcello officially and Marcello accepts gladly.

When alone Kelly asks Eden if she really wants to have Marcello at dinner. Eden tells her, yes as she wants her to see who Marcello really is. Kelly warns her that in case she is going to make troubles to Marcello she no more will talk to her.

Dr. Renfro phones to Mr. X from whom we only get to see the mouth. He informs him that Amy told him that Brick has gone to San Francisco. Mr. X tells him not to worry they know already and have taken their steps.

The neighbour tells Brick that he finds Jeff very strange. He seemed to have some fear. Last time he left his flat over the fire escape. They share a few words more and the neighbour goes. Brick locks the door from inside. The phone rings and he is taking it. The person asks him to go to a certain street and look into the middle of three garbage cans standing there.

Lindsay is installing the camera in Kelly's flat while Mason talks to him. Mason wants to know what he thinks about Channing if he also had the same feeling like he was having that Channing was a terrible person. Lindsay tells him that this was not the case for him. Channing was very uncertain person specially concerning his outlook and he is sure he would be different in case he would not have been under the pressure of his father. Now since he has seen his father today he can understand all what Channing told him about CC. Actually he found that Channing was having everything what he was missing on himself and truthfully spoken he liked to be Channing himself.

Lindsay goes and Mason takes place in front of the camera and starts talking to CC. That he would like to show him in a few seconds some pictures which would be very interesting for him to see.

Warren tells Lionel in the bar how disappointed he is from Mason in Maggie's case. Lionel tells him that he cannot help him but he would like to thank him for having talked to Sophia about the accident with success, she no more believes that he wanted to kill her. Warren is very happy for him and runs for his office.

Lionel gets up and phones to a warehouse. Mr. Zimmermann tells him that they are happy to give him the job and he can start the very next morning at 9 o'clock. He will have to sell beds and mattresses and will earn according to the numbers of beds he is selling. Lionel accepts the job.

Rosa is taking out Kelly's dresses from her suitcase putting them into her wardrobe. She finds a big cover. Somebody calls her and she puts it on Kelly's chair.

The unkind lady is searching in her suitcase for the cover and cannot find it. She remembers the name of Kelly as Perkins and starts trying to find her out.

CC being alone in a corner asks Eden why she has invited Marcello when she knows that he does not like him to be here. Eden tells him that she knows it and she does not like him either but she has a surprise for them. The door bell goes and CC asks Eden if she has some more surprises on hand. Eden says, yes. He might not like it but it has to be.

Rosa opens the door and Sophia comes in embraces Rosa and thanks CC for the invitation. Eden says that now only Marcello is missing. Marcello comes and is very surprised to see Sophia.

Eden asks all to take place in the easy chairs. Then she requests CC to tell them about his experiences in the war. CC does not like to talk about in the presence of non-family members but Eden insists telling him that his story is concerning in one way and another to all who are gathered now. Kelly tells him that she also wants to hear, so Sophia. Eden asks him to start with the story when he was shot in a suburb of Rotterdam. CC tells that they got shot and he was the only one who has survived. He was then hidden by a family in their cellar over a period of three weeks. He then got back to the States with some help.

Cruz talks with Maggie first about her disappointment concerning Mason. Then Cruz tells her that he wants to trap the murderer already this night.

Mason listens with much joy to his own video. He wonders at which time it should start all of a sudden to run. When CC is looking the news in the morning or at the evening. He wonders about CC's reaction. He might even die.

Brick works on the garbage can. A terrible odour is forcing him to hold a handkerchief for his nose and mouth while he tries to open with the other hand a black plastic bag. Finally he succeeds and finds Jeff in it.

Marcello gets up saying that CC is right it is nothing to be heard for outsiders. Eden stops him and tells CC that Marcello is actually from Netherlands from the same suburb where he got shot off. He was at that time about 4 or 5 years old and his real name is Hans. On hearing Hans CC gets up and asks Marcello if this is true. Marcello standing opposite to CC says, yes.

Marcello tells CC that it is true his name is Hans. Kelly asks CC if he still can remember Marcello. Eden tells CC that she was getting suspicious when he was asking for his war documents and then for his medals special the one with the silver star. CC says that they are legally his and much more. Marcello bursts out, no you don't know me. CC says, no he was thinking all the time on him over the whole 40 years. Marcello replies cynical that CC was thinking on him as a nightmare. And then very excited that he does not know what he is telling he was grown up under dead men and his wife who was believed dead has become his mother. He should have better killed him but this he left better to the Nazis. CC tells him that he has brought him to the orphanage to sister Martha. Marcello states that he had promised to come and fetch him. CC tells him that after the capitulation of the Germans he did not go to America but has come back to his village in search for him but he was no more there. He was searching in their farmhouse but they told him that all the children were brought to Thueringen. He went there but he also was not there. He was helping to bury hundreds of corpses on that day to get sure that he was not between. Marcello tells him that he lies it would have been so easy for him to do find him. CC states that it was not easy but he found him. Marcello shouts that this are all lies. CC goes on narrating that he went up to the highest places to inquire about him and then after one year when he thought that they have found him he came back to fetch him. Somebody was telling something about a Uraniumburg a indoctrination camp. Marcello tells him his version how the Nazis came and took Sister Martha and how they all sent to Thueringen while they kept him as he had blond hair and blue eyes. They have put him into a kind of uniform and wanted to make a Nazi out of him because he hated the Americans so much.

Kelly softly asks Marcello why he hated her father so much. Marcello tells her that this should CC tell by himself. Turning to CC he demands him to tell if he still knows everything as he says.

Rosa is coming with the cover from lady Z down the stairs and calls for Kelly. When nobody replies she puts the cover on a cupboard. It is addressed to Parker Simonson.

The lady Z from the airport with the same suitcase like Kelly's is talking to somebody on the phone about the loss of the cover. It was not her mistake but their men has placed it into the wrong suitcase. It was not in the price that she has to search for it she only should take it along but for their luck she knows the name of the lady and will get it back.

Cruz is talking to Maggie about his plan to hide in the tunnel this night and she should come and replace him in the morning. She should not go out this night and lock herself properly as some people know already that she is also working on the case and she might get problems.

Brick is searching in the bloody garbage can and finds the wallet from Jeff with his timetable. One hour before he has fixed a date under the name Amy.

Gina is standing before the mirror and is upset about the wounds on her arm because this evening and night would be so important for her. She hears voices from the office and goes in asking CC if he has not forgotten the dinner this evening. CC sends her out. Marcello tells that this is the tone he can remember. The commanding voice imperious and barbarian. He turns to Sophia in a much softer tone telling her that he can remember his parents very well. He even can remind the remember his father was smoking. CC adds that they have been such good persons, Hans. Marcello upset asks him to stop calling him Hans. Kelly asks Marcello what happened.

CC starts to tell how he got shot down at an inquiry flight and had to jump. His parachute was hanging in a tree but he had luck Marcello's mother has found him and she and her family hid him in their cellar for three weeks. They wanted to keep him till he got cured. Marcello excitedly tells between how his mother sent him up the tree to fetch the parachute and cut it into pieces and he had to bring it to sister Martha so that she could make curtain out of it. CC goes on telling that then the Nazis came just at the time when the boy brought him something to eat. They caught the father and the mother and then started to search the whole house. He found a little door leading to an old potato cellar and he took the boy along. Marcello corrects him that he has forced him to come with him. He hold his dirty hand over his mouth while he had to look how his parents got shot. CC says that he could not act in another way they would have otherwise shot both of them. Marcello could not contain himself any longer he starts shouting to CC why he thought that his life has been more important than the lives of his parents. CC says because he knew so much. Marcello asks him if he could inform them what he has seen, the armour and all and that two wonderful persons got tortured while their son could do nothing and had to look how they got killed only because he was afraid for his life.

Marcello shouts that he can't go on hearing it any longer. Sophia tenderly touches him but Marcello pushes her away and runs out of the room. He stands in the hall and hears the shooting of the machine-gun and closes his ears with his hands trying not to hear it.

CC tells the others that he has promised to him to fetch him. He wanted to learn to be a good father to him. Kelly tells him that he has tried it and there is no guilt on him. Eden tells him that he has come 16 years ago. Now CC gets the story how Eden has found this out and that Marcello has saved Sophia's life while she did not know about all this till Eden found out.. CC is very surprised to hear this and he softens a lot in his attitude towards Sophia.

Kelly all of a sudden says that she knows why he never told about. He has gone through the same feelings she has gone when Joe died. She knew that she was not guilty for Joe's death or that Sophia was no more there but she could not help in feeling guilty.

CC tells that he really could not act in another way they would have killed otherwise all the four of them. He was waiting for the day of forgiveness forty years already but it is rooted too strong in him. A soft emotional exchange between Sophia and CC started showing how close she actually has been to him.

Marcello meanwhile is doing self hypnosis to overcome his strong emotions till he calms down.

Warren visits Mason. They clear up the case and come to the agreement that Mason is going on with the case. Somebody is on the door. It is Cruz. He comes in and tells both that they should come to the mansion next day at noon time as the Channing case is taken up again. They have found new proofs in the tunnel.

Eden asks Sophia what she thinks Marcello will do next, if he will go to hurt CC. Sophia has no idea. CC wants to go to search for Marcello. The others are against it fearing he will got hurt. Kelly says that Marcello will not hurt CC she will go to him. CC does not like her to go when Marcello calmly comes in again and stands opposite CC. CC tells him that now they should never run away from each other. Marcello tells him that he never run away from him. CC tells him that he could come already 16 years ago to him. If he has seen him at that time and tried to come to him. Marcello tells him that he has seen him and he would have been happy to come to him and to get his promise true but he could not do it he was afraid he will reject him. And when he found Sophia and has seen in what desperate condition she has been like he himself has been over many years he knew he could only come as close to him as to his wife, with one exception. He takes out his identification marks and tells him that they have saved his life as he could show them to the Nazis and say that he has killed a man from the States and was allowed to go on living. CC asks him to forgive him and that he can get his promise true now if he still wants.

The lady Z hiding in the staircase of Kelly's flat comes out from her hiding place and knocks on Kelly's door. Mason opens her and he quickly warms up to this beauty and invites her into the flat. She asks him to call her Brandy. Mason asks her if she can't massage him when she is a masseur as she told him. She agrees and ask him to bring three towels. While Mason gets ready she quickly snoops around and finds out from Mason that Kelly might be at her father's place.

Marcello holds out his hands and asks CC to take the identification disks back he no more needs them. CC presses Marcello fingers over the identification marks in his hand and then while holding his hand he pulls Marcello to him and embraces him and pats him and start sobbing and thanking him for his forgiveness. The eyes of all others are getting filled with tears. When CC and Marcello stand again looking at each other Kelly tells CC that she told him that Marcello is wonderful. CC agrees to her. Sophia touches Marcello and tells him if she only would have known. Eden asks Marcello she hopes he is not angry that she has told it to all but she does not regret it. Marcello turning to her says and he is glad about that she has done it.

Somebody knocks at the door. Sophia, Eden and Kelly look at each other and hope that it is somebody they know. CC turns around making use of his handkerchief clearing his nose while hoping that it is somebody they don't know. Eden opens. It is Cruz. He comes in and looks surprised into the embarrassed gathering. He sees Kelly and embraces her and on seeing the tears in everybody's eyes he jokes and says they must be all very happy in seeing her. This makes them all to chuckle. He tells then them that he wants to see all of them the next day here in this office as the Channing case is taken up again after it is proven that Peter has not been the murderer and thanks to the fact that Mr. CC has forgotten to lock the tunnel they have found new proofs in the tunnel. Cruz leaves then the room with Eden.

CC asks Marcello if he will stays for dinner. Marcello thanks but it is all too much for him he has to think over everything. CC tells him that he should know that from now on he can come and go into their house as he likes and consider everything as his own.

Eden meanwhile has told what had happened to Cruz and both admire Marcello and feel sorry for all what he had to go through. Cruz then hopes that they soon leave the office as he has to take his place in the tunnel. Eden worries about him but Cruz kisses her worries away.

Gina comes home. In her shopping bag is a packet with pregnancy tests. She thinks on trying it this night again. She gets nervous and takes one pill. She counts the pill and phones to Hank asking him in a very flowery tone if he can get more pills for her as she is having the money.

Brandy phones to their men informing them that she knows now where Kelly Perkins lives and if she is not getting the cover then she will take Kelly along.

Warren sits in his car and Maggie gets into his car asking what he is doing. He tells her that she was not at home so he started to wait in his car. He tells her the good news that Mason will go on with the case. Maggie over happy to hear this embraces Warren and Warren starts kissing her. Even enjoying it for a moment she sits back and tells him that this should not have happened. She gets out of the car and Warren runs behind her.

Sophia comes home into Marcello's flat. She tells him how wonderful he was and that he was as much as a hero as CC has been. She also wants to ask him some question concerning herself which only he could reply but Marcello tells her that this will be all to much. He feels very tired and he would be happy if he can be alone. When Sophia left he opens the book with the pictures of his parents and says to himself that CC has won again and he has gained nothing. The life CC is leading with his family is built up on the death of his parents. He can't forgive him.

Gina tries to get some notice from CC who is in deep thoughts while looking at the medals in his hands. He tells Gina that she has from now on to accept Marcello as a family member. Gina starts kissing him but notices that CC is not replying. CC asks her to go already to the room as there are too many things going on in him and he is not in this mood. Disappointed Gina runs away.

Warren presses Maggie softly against the car giving her no room to run further away and starts to kiss her passionately which she no more objects. When sitting in the car later she regrets it and tells him that she loves still her husband and if he wants to remain her friend he has to promise her no more to touch her and make her weak. Warren tells her that he can't do this.

Marcello can't sleep. He is going up and down in the room. He starts talking to his parents telling them that he has become weak and he feels sorry about in betraying them. He has got all of a sudden the wish no more to be alone but now he knows again that he is alone and will be always alone. On 20th May 1944 they got killed and on 20th May this will be the day when CC will have to pay for it.

The door bell is ringing. Gina opens. It is Brandy in disguise as a person from the phone service. She tells Gina that something with the phone is not in order and she should have a look. Gina asks her to come in and feel free to check all the phones. Brandy goes in and misses just Kelly who is on the way out informing Gina that she has to bring a cover back to the right person.

Kelly meets Mason who is on entering the mansion. He tells her that he only wants to bring CC something from Channing.

Gina is just on taking her last pill when Ted comes in and frightens her so that her pill fell on the ground. Ted says sorry for frightening her. She tells him he should not mind she only is having headache and taking a aspirin. Ted looks on the ground and innocently says sorry for just stepping on it but she should not worry they have a lots of aspirin in the bathroom he will go and fetch one for her. Gina needs all her strength to keep herself halfway normal. Ted notices her nervousness and tells her that he will go and fetch for her the aspirin.

Ted goes for typing some matter for the school and meets Mason. Mason asks him where CC is. He asks him to keep CC busy for a while as he does not want to get seen by him.

Cruz wakes up with pain in his bones in the tunnel and wonders where Maggie is. He hears somebody walking in the tunnel and put his pistol against a person which turns out as Maggie who came to overtake his job for a while. Nobody has come in the night so the person must come till their meeting in the noon. Maggie starts her job walking around with her pistol in the tunnel.

A black hand is shown to us who is preparing something explosive.

CC gets a phone from the lady at the school. They have to talk again about Ted and Mrs. Parks. CC asked her if they cannot come to the mansion. The lady agrees.

CC meets Ted and tells him to be here at 1 o'clock PM when the meeting with the head of his school is taking place.

Lionel wakes up and watches with surprise Laken who is clearing up his boat. It turns out that she was doing this in order to clear the way for Augusta who also arrived. Augusta tells him that she wants to talk about their divorce. Lionel asks Laken to sit down and listen as this also concerns her. Lionel tells Augusta that he will not agree with divorce. Augusta put a lot of ugly things against him so that Laken cannot bear it any longer and goes.

Marisa is reading in the papers about Jeff's death and asks Brick if he really was the one who has found him. She wants to tell it to Amy but Brick asks her to promise not to tell anything to Amy till the baby is born.

Parker Simonson is watching Kelly through the window bringing the cover. Thinking her the courier he is surprised by her beauty and asks the lady next to him to ask her in. Kelly comes in and asks for Parker Simonson. Parker tells her that she will get the money at the place they have agreed. Kelly tells him that she only has brought the cover and wants to go. He tells her that he would have some interesting job for her. Kelly is telling him that she is not searching for a job.

Mason puts his video tape into CC's recorder and tests his show. For a short time he was considering his step but then thought that CC will find it out anyway and putting him already into the role of a bad guy he wants to keep up this role.

The phone rings and Ted takes. It is Laken. She would like to talk with him about her parents. Ted asks her to meet him in the mansion at one o'clock PM. When he puts down the receiver he all of a sudden remembers that he has this meeting with the head of his school at that time. He takes up the receiver to tell it to Laken when he hears a talk between Gina and Hank concerning more pills. She asks Hank to meet her in the tunnel.

Lionel tells Augusta about his new job inviting her to come for shopping when Cruz comes in. He invites them for the meeting as a must they can't avoid.

When Cruz is on leaving the boat Brick asks him for help in getting some information on the autopsy of Jeff's body. Cruz wants first to hear about the case and goes with Brick for a talk.

Lionel and Augusta accuse each other in being the murderer of Channing.

Stanfield Lee enters the room dressed in a shirt in search for a cigarette and is delighted to see Kelly. Parker pushes him back and tells him that he has told him that he should not show himself to anybody. Stanfield Lee tells him that he thought that this is a person belonging to them. She has not recognized him. Everybody knows that Lee is in Europe now. Parker approaches again Kelly offering her a drink but she escapes quickly outside and goes shopping for a toy for Brandon.

Rosa is working singing in the garden when a well-known voice is falling into her song. It is Santana coming back just for a few days to see her Brandon. She does not want to be seen by anybody.

Ted approaches Gina telling her that he knows that she is in need for pills but she should not get it from Hank who is getting it from the black market and making herself guilty by this. Gina is very upset that he has overheard her talk with Hank. Ted again and again offers his help but Gina asks him to let her in peace and runs out. Ted follows her. Gina runs into the office and puts one of the heavy easy chairs against the door to block Ted the way. She then runs into the tunnel. Ted managed after a short time also to get in and runs in search for Gina also into the tunnel.

While Maggie is giving her best to check the tunnel she misses Hank who is already in the secret room in the tunnel as well as Gina and bad for all the black hand which is installing the explosives.

Gina asks Hank for the pills who is holding a lot of the pills in a transparent plastic bag asking for ten thousand dollars. She gives him the money but he only gives her again a few of the pills. He then also wants to have again "fun" with her. Gina takes out a pistol asking him not to try to come close to her. Hank pretended to be in fear and tells her that he will do everything what she wants. She can have the pills she just should take it. Gina longs to the pills and Hank disarms her.

Rosa leads Santana into the office asking her to wait till she will bring Brandon. Santana looks at the picture of Channing when Cruz comes in and is happy to see her.

Mason is just on taking a drink when CC comes takes it out of his hand and empties the brandy into the flower pot. Mason tells him that he only is waiting here for the meeting. CC asks him to wait outside. Mason goes but tells him to enjoy his stock market reports at 10 am.

While Maggie wonders why Cruz is so much in delay the black hand is going on with the preparations of the explosives.

Hank threatens Gina with her pistol while standing with his back to the door. All of a sudden the door opens and Ted pushes Hank's hand with his pistol up. The pistol falls to the ground while Ted fights with Hank on the bed in this room.

Santana is talking with Cruz about the Channing case when Maggie comes and asks Cruz where he has been so long. Cruz tells her that she should go now to the appointed place at the Lockridge side. Maggie goes and Cruz starts to tell Santana an important matter when he hears a shot and runs into the tunnel asking Santana to stay. Santana does not want to stay and runs behind.

From the courier Parker Simonson hears on the phone that Kelly was not the real courier. He is very upset about Stanfield Lee and tells him that now they have to bring aside Kelly as she has seen him. He thinks that the courier in doing this mistake should get this last chance to do this by herself.

CC gets ready to see his stock market reports.

Hank's hand finds the pistol and he keeps with it now Ted and Gina in check.

One sees Cruz running through the tunnel, then Santana.

Drops of the chemical is reaching the destination and a big explosion is hiding everything.

See a photo of Parker Simonson!

Total chaos everywhere after the explosion. Laken is running excitedly around in their house calling for her mother and grandmother.

Hank tells them that he is going to kill them. He asks Ted to go aside for being the first one to get shot. All of a sudden the explosion loosens a lot of material. Ted jumps out of the room pulling Gina along with him while Hank got buried. Both get pressed down from the falling material and lie covered under a blanket of dust The same happened to Cruz and Santana.

CC no more comes to the point to see the video of Mason. On hearing the explosion he runs out and meets Rosa and is asking for Gina and Brandon. Mason storms in and asks CC what happened. CC tells him that he is having no idea it sounded as if it has come from the tunnel. It might have broken down. They run into the office and see that the whole cupboard and tunnel is destroyed.

Warren comes in and asks Laken what had happened it sounded as if there was an explosion. They both run down into the cellar and see the door destroyed and the whole tunnel broken down. Warren finds a towel which belonged to their mother and is missing also the flashlight. Laken fears that Augusta has gone into the tunnel.

Rosa rushes into the office asking where Santana is fearing the worst. CC and Mason are surprised to hear that Santana is here.

Lionel is explaining his new boss how he would rise the sale of the beds. He comes with all kinds of funny ideas. His new boss tells him that he has not engaged him for changing the warehouse but just for selling the beds.

Warren asks Laken if she is sure that Augusta was here. Laken is very sure she was here. She asks what Minx said. Warren tells her that she said one has to repair the tunnel and fell at once again asleep. Laken asks Warren better to tell her nothing about Augusta.

Laken tells Warren that they have phoned now to the police and the fire department what he thinks they can do else. Warren suggest to start clearing the tunnel. Warren answers the door bell. It is Maggie. Warren tells her that a part of the tunnel has broken down. Maggie is shocked saying that Cruz might be still down. She phones to the Capwell's CC is taking the phone. CC tells her that Cruz is not here. Warren takes the phone and asks CC if Augusta is already with them. CC tells him that also Augusta is not with them.

CC tells Mason that he just got informed from Maggie and Warren that they are searching for Cruz and Augusta. They might be also in the tunnel. Rosa comes in and tells them that he has searched in the whole house and Santana is not there. Mason suggest better to go to the Lockridges and try to get into the tunnel from their side. CC all of a sudden notices that Gina and Ted are no more around and they also might be in the tunnel.

CC storms down the staircase and asks Brandy who is just phoning if she has seen his son and his wife. Brandy tells him that she has seen both just ten minutes ago. CC storms on in search for them while Brandy gets the order to kill Kelly. She tells the person on the other side that this will be no problem for her.

Ted makes himself free and helps Gina. Gina wakes up and the first thing she is asking for with weak voice are her pills. She needs her pills.

Cruz gets up with some difficulties while more material is falling down. He stands up and sees Santana lying motionless on the ground.

Warren started with Maggie to clear the tunnel entrance. Warren thinks they would need some machines to get through and in case somebody is there the oxygen will be gone very soon. If Augusta would be really in this tunnel he would no more understand the world. Maggie tells him about Cruz's plan to catch the murderer in the tunnel. Warren thinks that now the murderer has caught Cruz. He asks if he also was standing on the list. Maggie tells him that all were suspected. Laken calls down that the fireman have arrived. Warren and Maggie give room to them. Maggie feels guilty in not having been on Cruz's side. Warren tells her that he is happy that he has not to search in the tunnel for her. Maggie tells them that she is going now to the Capwells as something is telling her that this explosion was planned. Warren is in worry telling Maggie that she told him that he is also on the list. Maggie says, but not on her list. She is sure that he is not the murderer. Warren thanks her.

Lionel and Sophia meet at the door and ring. Nobody is coming to open the door. Lionel asks her why she is here. She tells him of the invitation of Cruz. They hear the fire siren whine and wonder what big fire has broken out. They ring again and CC opens them. He looks from one to the other as if they have come as a couple.

Cruz is giving first aid to Santana by blowing his breath into her mouth. She starts breathing again. After she is standing on her feet he tells her that he asked her not to come with him. She tells him that she could not know that there is somebody who wants to blow him up. Cruz tells her that it is the murderer of Channing. He has tried to destroy all proof as well as him at the same time. Very clever and successful. They start to make their way free hoping to be on the right side back to the stairs.

Ted asks Gina to help him. He is sure his father has already called a search team to search for them but up to then they have to clear the way also from their side. Gina tells him that nobody knows that they are in the tunnel. Ted tells her that they will miss them and they certainly will search for them. He asks Gina again to help him but she tells him that she is ill she can't help him. She needs her pills. All of a sudden she remembers Hank. Sure he will be dead but he is having the pills. She hysterically starts to dig for the pills. Ted has to calm her down again and again with much force asking her not to misuse their oxygen and to forget the pills.

Mason opens the door for the firemen telling them the way to the office. Marcello also has just arrived and asks Mason what happens. Mason tells him that the tunnel has broken down ten minutes ago and they don't know if people are down. Marcello surprised asks Mason if they really don't know who is in the tunnel. Mason tells him that they suspect that Cruz and Santana are down. Ted and Gina also could be down. Marcello asks if he can help. Mason tells him that he is sure he can. He will just go and see if Ted's car is still there.

Lionel says that he has to go home and look for his family. CC asks him if he thinks that it is possible that Augusta is down. Lionel tells him that in case she is he does not know why. CC tells that Maggie Gillis told him that Cruz wanted to make a trap for the murderer of Channing in the tunnel. Lionel gets upset telling that his wife is having nothing to do with Channing's death. Sophia calms him down reminding him that also Gina, Ted, Cruz and Santana are in the tunnel. Laken comes and is happy to see her father telling him that Minx is OK but Augusta is missing. CC notices Marcello and welcomes him. Marcello tells him that of course he is with them. CC gets by this words emotional moved and turns quickly around. Mason noticing this weakness of CC puts his arm on his shoulder asking him if he is ok. CC pushes Mason's hand away asking him why he is interested in his feelings when he normally is also not.

Eden arrives and ask what has happened. Sophia softly tells her that an accident has happened the tunnel has broken down and they think that Ted and Gina are down and possible also Cruz. Eden is shocked.

Cruz tells Santana while clearing their way that the letter of Peter was faked. Santana feels sorry for thinking it was Joe. She nearly killed him once. Cruz asks Santana about Channing his moods and all. Santana tells Cruz that for a long time he has been very much changed and was unapproachable but shortly before he got killed they met each other again secretly. They wanted to try it again.

CC thinks that it can't be a normal break down of the tunnel. Somebody must have put some explosives. A fireman informs them that they have to work quickly as there is soon no oxygen there. Warren tells them that they are working also from their side but progress very little. Rosa worries about Santana. Eden is surprised. Rosa tells her that Cruz and Santana have gone together in the tunnel. Eden is shocked and goes aside. CC asks Rosa what Santana wanted to do in the tunnel and why she has come. Rosa tells him that she only wanted to see Brandon for a short time and go away again. Marcello asks Eden if she won't go to relax a little bit. Eden finds this a funny remark. CC wants to calm down the whole round with a talk. Lionel is upset and tells him they better should go and help instead of talking. Sophia calms down both by telling them that they are acting like children. Lionel gives her right and tells CC that he is going now down to help if he comes with him. CC agrees and both are starting to work in the tunnel side by side.

Gina again starts to search hystericaly and like mad for the pills. Ted holds her back and she shouts against him then she feels sorry and starts crying telling him that she is atticted to the pills she now sees it clear. She tells him how it started in the hospital. She tells him that she wanted to kill Hank with the car and it has not been an accident. He wanted to destroy her life. She feels so sorry for all her mistakes she only wanted to be loved. Ted asks her if she never thought about her baby she could have killed it. Gina is not telling him that she is not pregnant but that she certainly only wants the best for her baby.

Santana goes on telling her love story with Channing in the night before he got killed. She put on candles and then he came and kissed her. But all of a sudden he stepped back as if he felt disgusted. He told her that it was not because of her. She thinks he had another woman at that time.

Lindsay Smith is coming into the office. Eden sharply asks him who he is and how he could come in. Lindsay tells her his name and that he knows her from former times but she will no more remind him. Cruz has asked him to come. Eden says sorry but he has come too late.

Gina is happy that Ted is helping her to search for the pills. Ted finds it useless. Ted tells her that they are already down about one hour and they will have not much time. He feels already dizzy. Ted starts to go on clearing the way out. Gina meanwhile finds the bag with the pills and quickly puts two of them into her mouth hiding the bag from Ted.

Warren comes and asks his father to take rest at least for five minutes. CC also hands over his work. In the office all are standing quiet. Marcello is having his arm around Sophia. Eden is aside in tears. Sophia goes over to her and tries to comfort her. Eden feels good but got upset when she mentions her relation with Cruz.

Mason goes out with Lindsay into the hall. Mason tells Lindsay that he does not find it a good idea that he has come. Cruz might only want him here to tell all about his relationship with Channing and then he does not know about the reaction of CC. Lindsay tells him that he rather thinks that he will be the first who tells CC about. Mason says that this is right and therefore he has to go. Lindsay tells him hat he wants to stay. Mason warns him that he also can throw him out. Maggie comes between informing them that nobody is allowed to leave. All are suspected and have to stay till Cruz is out.

CC informs all that he got told by the firemen that there will be no chance anymore that somebody who is down will survive. There is nearly no oxygen anymore. Eden gets hysterical and Lionel tries to calm her down.

Santana has to rest. Cruz finds something and wants to see it with the flashlight. He all of a sudden finds a hole and looks through very surprised.

While Ted is trying to clear the way Gina is taking unnoticed the money out of Hank's hand. She quickly puts some earth and dust over him. and hides the money in her dress.

Eden is hysterical crying while CC and Lionel try to calm her down. She runs away to go down for help. CC wants to go behind her but Sophia stops him and tells him that she knows now what she needs. CC tells her that she is his daughter. Sophia tells him that she is their daughter. Marcello steps between and tells CC that he should trust Sophia she knows what to do.

Kelly comes and on seeing the chaotic situation excitedly wants to know what happened.

The firemen push Eden back from the entrance. Sophia takes her into her arms and comforts her. Eden feels so helpless and wants to do something. Sophia tells her that all they can do now is to pray and they start praying together.

Santana wants to know what Cruz has seen through the hole. Cruz asks her to see by herself. Santana recognises Augusta lying motionless. She thinks now that she has killed Channing.

Ted turns around and sees Hank. He sets him free and sees that he is dead. Gina asks for her pills. Ted shouts against her that just now a human being has died and she is having nothing else in her mind than the pills. She asks Ted if he thinks that she can do it without the pills. Ted tells her that he will help her to succeed. Gina tells him she will try it and asks him to go on trying to get through the tunnel. Gina starts helping him. Knowing the big bag with the pills with her and after having taken already two she is now calm and co-operative.

Kelly on hearing the news is getting excited. Marcello wants to calm her down but she tells him that how can she be quiet when Ted and Cruz and all the people are down in danger. She asks CC what she can do to help. CC tells her that they can do nothing. Turning away he tells her that he has been already once in such a horrible helpless situation. It has been in Netherlands in the cellar. Through a little window he was seeing how innocent people got killed. He could not forget this picture his whole life.

While Kelly watches her father's emotion, Marcello gets his strange look and fixes CC with his eyes. Sophia is watching Marcello's expression in his face. She calls Marcello shocked by his name and he came back and quickly turns to CC telling him that one should leave the past in the past as we are living now here in the present and they should take action now here.

Kelly asks for Brandon. She tells CC that she will go with him into the park so that Rosa is free to stay.

Sophia runs behind Marcello and meets him alone. She tells him that she has seen his expression in his face. He has not forgiven CC and he does not even want to forgive. Marcello tells her upset that what she thinks is absurd all is over and forgotten. She asks him if this really is true and if it is forever. Marcello confirms that it is true what he says.

Eden wants to go down. CC says no but Lionel tells him he should let her go. CC softens and asks her to put on gloves.

Cruz notices that Augusta is still alive. He calls her if she can hear him. Cruz wonders why she has killed Channing. Santana says that sometimes mothers can do very incredible things if they know their children in danger. Cruz asks if she thinks that Warren has done it. He then tells her that they better should try to get out and not to speculate around.

Lionel, CC, Eden and others are working hand in hand.

Jackie has come and comforts Laken who confesses her love to Ted.

Mason answers the door bell. Some journalists from the TV station are coming in and want to start filming all the people standing around. Mason tells them that they are not wanted and this is a private house. The journalists simply proceed. Mason takes the big camera and throws it out of the door. They can't believe it and tell him that this camera is very costly and the station will charge him. Mason cooly closes the door behind them.

Mason asks Maggie what they really wanted to do with their criminal story. Maggie tells him that this he can ask Cruz later as she only is doing what she was asked to do. Mason accuses her for having brought the lives of five people into danger with their senseless plan. Warren steps between and tells him that he should stop. They both start quarrelling. Rosa steps between and tells them how silly it is to fight in such a situation. One should only concentrate on the people in the tunnel now. Laken says yes, she has not yet seen a shovel in his hand yet. Mason says ok he will try it and Warren runs behind to show him how to work with a shovel.

Cruz wonders why the rescue party has not yet found them. They talk about her son Brandon then Santana asks him if he meanwhile has found the woman for his life. Cruz tells her about Eden and that he wants to marry her when they are getting out. Santana tells him while laughing that she always has been behind him but he was too occupied. She wants to know what CC says. Cruz says, the same what he says about her and Channing Jr. Cruz notices that Augusta is gaining back consciousness.

Gina now clear in her head is realising their situation. She starts weeping and thinks that they will never come out. Ted tells her they will come out and goes on clearing. A stone hits Ted on his back and Ted has to lie down.

The head of the firemen tells CC and Lionel that they are working more than one hour. The chance that somebody has survived is very little. CC shouts that his whole family is in the tunnel. The man says, sorry but the tunnel is very old and dangerous and can break every moment he can no more overtake the responsibility for his men. Lionel tells him he and his men can go but he himself and all the people here will go on even it will take twenty-four hours. The fireman says, ok he will go on helping them. He will ask for more people and they will try to support the tunnel so that nothing will break down.

CC thanks Lionel. Lionel tells him that he has done it not for him only for Augusta. Marcello asks them not to waste their energy he will go and fetch water.

Sophia on seeing Marcello calls on him. Marcello tells her that he is having now no time to talk about her imaginations. Sophia tells him that this was no fancy in his face there was the reflection of pure hate. Marcello tells her that she is wrong and leaves her alone.

Kelly is going with Brandon through the amusement park making Brandon happy. They go into all the old trains standing around and buy a balloon and so on. Brandy is always behind them with her pistol hiding between a news paper ready to shoot at a good moment. A photographer is making photos from the children and he seems to be fond about Kelly and Brandon as he shoots one picture after another while following them.

Stanfield Lee turns slowly out to be another person as he is studying and learning by heart all what the president might discuss with Jack Lee.

Augusta is asking for water and Lionel. Cruz tells her that he is Cruz and they don't have water. Augusta says that all is so dark. Cruz asks her what she wanted in the tunnel. Augusta again falls unconscious.

Ted tells Gina how weak he feels and that he only wants to sleep and is losing his consciousness. Gina is desperate. She takes his head in her arm and asks him not to die shaking him to and fro.

Stanfield is in worry why the courier has not yet phoned back. He hopes that they are getting no difficulties from this side. Parker tells him that he has got bad news from New Stailand. They want to get the thing within the next two weeks. Dr. Renfro will have to make some more pressure.

Brandon is sitting in a little train for children. Kelly wants to wait till the train comes back. The train stops. The engine driver asks the children not to get out of the train he will get it ready again very quickly. Brandon sees a dog and gets out running behind the dog. The dog slips at a place which is signed with a danger icon. Brandon slips behind.

Gina prays not to take Ted from her. She shakes him. Then she hears something and starts to knock with a stone against the wall while shouting.

Warren hears something like knocking against the wall at their side. Mason listens and hears it also. They call for the workers. CC and Lionel come and then they break through.

The train comes back and Kelly looks out for Brandon. The engine driver tells her not to worry he has stop at the park and he might have got out there. She will easily find him the place is not far away.

Mason steps into the room first and Gina hangs herself on him and starts crying. CC asks if Gina is ok. Mason confirms. They see Ted lying on the ground. CC tells Mason that they need oxygen. Mason calls for oxygen.

The man bring up Ted in a stretcher. Behind him Mason is carrying Gina. The men bring again a stretcher with an obviously dead person under a blanket. Eden looks with worry on the blanket.

Cruz is trying to keep Santana awake with stories about her Brandon asking her to remain awake.

Mason identifies Hank Judson as the dead person. Eden expresses some pity specially that now they never have anymore the chance to know what he wanted to tell about Gina. CC says, he feels no pity for this man and they should carry him out.

Gina starts shouting that she is alright and does not want to be brought to the hospital. CC tells her that it will be better she goes, she should think on her baby. He finds it good that Sophia as the mother is coming along with Ted to the hospital. He also requests Marcello to come along with them.

Brick appears telling that he has just learned about the situation and comes to help. Eden joins the party.

Kelly is in the office of the park asking the caretaker to help her in finding Brandon. The photographer who is following her already all the time is helping her in her search. He asks Kelly to search at the Locomotives while he will have a look at the place where the engine stopped.

Brandon is running behind the dog in the engine room but the dog is not letting him to come close to him. Brandon closes the door so that the dog cannot run out but notices at once that he is locked up. The dog starts to climb up the staircase in the middle of the room and Brandon follows him hoping to find a way out. They come to the top of the engine room and steam is coming out of a machine he touches. He balances around on some boards calling for Kelly.

Santana and Cruz start to share old memories of their time when they have been friends and in love.

Lionel, Warren, Brick and Eden go on clearing the tunnel. They have to stop at a big rock.

The photographer comes to the locked door and hears Brandon calling for Kelly. He calls back to Brandon asking him to wait till he comes. He climbs up the engine room from outside till he can see Brandon through a little window which he breaks and saves Brandon as well as the dog.

Lionel thinks on giving up this side and to start from their mansion as they will not manage the rock but Warren asks him to wait as he has found something loose on his side. He gets free a hole for a thin person and Eden starts to climb through.

Kelly searches at the trains and meets Brandy. She asks her if she has seen a little boy. Brandy using her chance tells Kelly that she has seen him playing in one of the wagons and takes Kelly along with her.

Eden comes through the hole and finds Santana resting on Cruz, both motionless. Cruz is getting soon live on hearing Eden and a great reunion is taking place. Eden shouts back that she has found them. Lionel meanwhile has cleared the way to come also through. On seeing Augusta lying like dead he calls for oxygen.

Gina embraces CC. CC wants to know from her why she has been in the tunnel. Gina creates quickly a story. She was searching something in the office when Hank was standing there and wanted to blackmail her. She told him that he will get no money and then he took one of the guns from the wall and threatened her to kill her. She got confused and run into the tunnel. Ted must have heard their talk and he was following them. He saved her live by jumping on Hank and fighting with him.

A man from the murder squad interrupts her story. He wants to talk to Gina alone.

Eden is sitting with Cruz. Cruz puts away his oxygen and starts kissing her. Eden wants to get something to clean his dirty face. She asks Maggie to take care that he is not getting up.

Maggie tells Cruz that if she would be Cruz Castillo then she would suspend him from his job. Cruz asks her jokingly to give him one more chance. Maggie sat down next to him and they started to try to find out why Augusta has been in the tunnel as this is giving no sense.

Santana gains back her consciousness and greets Mason who is standing at her feet. Mason tells her that he imagined their meeting in another way and welcomes her back at home. Cruz gets up and moves to Santana. Holding her hand he softly asks her if she can remember what he has said to her in the tunnel. He then repeats the Spanish proverb which means something like "Who knows it better?" Santana turns to him and whispers the reply she has given in the tunnel also in Spanish which means something like "Sweet heart". Eden and Mason feel hurt on hearing this conversation. Mason asks quickly why they don't bring her away. Cruz gets up and wants to embrace Eden but she steps back. He gets no time to consider why she is doing so as his mother comes in happy to see him alive. She asks him to go and see Santana in the hospital if she gets alright. Cruz says he anyway has to talk to some persons there. He asks Eden to take care for the phone till he is back.

Cruz asks Lionel if Augusta will be able to reply to some questions. Lionel tells him that they don't even know about her condition. The doctor is coming in telling them that Augusta is ok and they can go to see her. Laken and Warren go to the room while Lionel asks the doctor to keep him informed about the condition of his wife.

Brandy asks Kelly to come with her into the train. Kelly follows her. Brandy again is on taking out the pistol when the photographer calls Kelly while telling her that he has found Brandon and put to the station. Kelly escapes by this again Brandy's attempt to kill her.

Laken opens the door and see how Jackie is kissing the forehead of Ted. She wants to go again but Jackie calls her in telling her that she is already finish.

Laken tells Ted that she wanted always to hurt him as he has hurt her. Now she sees how ridiculous her behaviour has been. She loves him. Ted tells her that it was the first time when he has been on the edge of the death and his last thoughts have been that he can't imagine a life without her.

Augusta worries about her beauty while lying with the eyes in a bandage. Warren holds her hand. Lionel is coming in. Augusta asks Warren who has come in. If it is Lionel then he should throw him out and not let him in. Warren asks her not to put him and Laken between them. Augusta says that then she is calling the doctor to do so. Cruz interrupts her action by coming in. Warren tells her that it is Cruz. Augusta tells Warren that Cruz can come to her as he has saved her life. Cruz tells her that it was Lionel, Warren and Brick who saved her life and not he. He asks her what she wanted in the tunnel. She wanted to make sure that there is no proof which can burden her son. Cruz asks her if she wanted to cover Lionel. Augusta tells him that if she could incriminate Lionel in any way she would be happy. Lionel on seeing her hate against him silently slips out of the room.

Cruz discusses the matter with Maggie outside. Then he gets an idea and asks for a coin again full in action.

Warren tells Augusta about all what Lionel has done for her to find her alive why she does not believe him that he loves her.

Mason is drinking one drink after another totally frustrated from Santana. Eden takes the phone. It is Cruz who wants to talk to the fireman. Mason asks if Cruz has told her about Santana. Eden tells him that they both have gone through a bad experience. Mason adds and by this they have remembered her old friendship mentioning the words Santana whispered to Cruz. Eden asks Mason to tell Cruz that he can find her in his boat.

Kelly is happy to have Brandon again at the station. She thanks the photographer and they introduce themselves at each other. The photographer introduces himself as Nick Hartley. Brandy joins the party. Nick takes again one more picture from Kelly and Brandon and goes. Kelly thanks Brandy for her help. While she talks Brandy again tries her luck when Nick comes back asking her if he cannot bring her to the car. Kelly accepts.

The fireman asks Maggie and Cruz to come along with him. He shows them the place where the explosion probably started and then leads them out through another tunnel way into the Pavilion. Cruz must agree that their plan has failed. All who have been in the tunnel are having nothing to do with the murder while all who have been outside the tunnel remain suspect.

Mason joins them drunken and tells him that Eden is waiting for him on the boat. Cruz thanks him as he has forgotten her totally. Mason makes some cynical remarks on his attempts to find the murderer and goes for another drink.

Eden for the first time can understand Cruz's feelings of uncertainty. She takes the ring and wants now to marry him to have him for sure.

See photos of Santana and Nick!

Eden puts a note on the handle of the door from Cruz's boat and leaves.

Cruz regrets in having forgotten Eden while he drives to his houseboat.

Ted thanks Jackie for the flowers she has brought. He is still dressed in the hospital dress and looks funny while he talks to Jackie in the hall of the hospital. The nurse on the counter is handing Jackie over a phone. It is Amy. She informs Jackie that she has got a telegram from the Navy. Jackie is alarmed and Ted tries to calm her down while he himself feels alarmed.

CC comes with Gina and takes Ted back into his room. The doctor informs CC that Ted is alright and can go home, so Santana. Ted goes behind the curtain for dressing himself. He asks for Brandon's wellbeing and says that he is having the feeling that he slowly belongs to their family. Gina takes this opportunity to inform CC that she knows that Channing and Santana are Brandon's father and that she knows this from Eden who told it in order to hurt her. Ted comes before the curtain and asks CC if this is true. CC confirms. CC is upset about Eden and wonders from where she knows this. Gina asks CC why she has not told her before when telling it to others. CC tells her that he has told it to nobody and he will talk to Eden from where she knows it.

Nick has come back to the office with Brandon to wait for Kelly who is phoning. Brandy watches him from the other room. Nick is playing with Brandon. He takes a photo from him and Brandon is taking one from him. Nick tells him that he will enlarge his photo to see if he is a good photographer.

Gina standing in the hall with CC asks him directly if he only married her because of Brandon. CC tells her that this is not true. He always wanted to tell her about Brandon but did not know how he should start to tell her. She tells him if she only could believe him. She starts complaining in a very clever way about the behaviour of Eden against her. Then she asks him if he will stand on her side, if he also would love her without Brandon. CC tells her that she should give him some time and she will see that he loves her and married her only because he loves her but Brandon is certainly a nice addition. Gina is satisfied and embraces him.

Cruz comes to the boat and reads the notice. He should meet Eden at the hospital. She is ready to take up the negotiation. Cruz wonders about what kind of negotiation she was talking.

Jackie starts reading the telegram. It informs that the plane has crashed and Larry is missing.

Gina meets Santana in her room. She accuses her in pretending to be a friend of her while she has misused her only to get close to Brandon. She knows that Channing and she are the parents of Brandon. Santana tells her that she certainly wants to see her son but she is having no intention to separate him from her. She went away from Santa Barbara only because Mason threatened her to tell it to Brandon if she does not marry him. Gina strictly tells her that she does not want her to see Brandon again. Now she is married to CC and she will dictate the rules.

Gina meets Eden in the hospital hall. Eden is friendly to her but Gina in fighting mood informs her that CC is informed that she has told her about Brandon and she better is not meeting him now as he is very upset. CC joins them and tells Eden that he wants to talk to her then at home. She has lost his trust. How could she tell.

Eden gives a notice to the lady at the reception in the hospital to be given to Cruz.

Mason meets Santana in the hospital. She tells him that she feels like last time when she has gone away from Santa Barbara. On asking him if his relation to CC has become better Mason all of a sudden remembers the tape he has put into the video recorder from CC and hastens to the mansion.

Eden comes home and is in a good mood talking nicely to Brandon. Santana comes. She says hello to Eden and that she knows that she is now together with Cruz. He must be totally fallen in love to her. In the tunnel he was constantly talking about her.

Brandon notices Santana and makes her happy by embracing her. He wants to play again with her. Gina, CC and Ted come back. Ted takes Santana along for a talk.

When alone CC starts to talk to Eden but gets interrupted by the door bell. CC opens and it is Mason. CC does not think it a good idea for him to come as long as Santana is still here. Mason says ok. When he is alone outside he is relieved that CC obviously has not yet seen the tape.

Eden meanwhile gives Santana a notice for Cruz. Santana asks her if it is a kind of a game and Eden confirms. Santana promises to hand it over to Cruz.

CC wants Ted to go to bed. Ted asks him if he can go and be in his sleeping room to see some TV shows. CC agrees and after Ted is nicely placed in his bed having the remote control in his hand CC leaves him alone. Ted put on the screen and sees Mason and his pictures of Channing.

Nick is in developing the pictures. One can see a shadow like Brandy around his dark room. He sits down with one of Kelly's photo's and takes the magnifying glass and can't believe what he sees. Behind the head of Kelly there is a newspaper and within this paper there is a pistol fixing Kelly.

Santana gives the note from Eden to Cruz. Cruz starts to enjoy the game. He should now go to the cinema and take a reserved seat where a bag with popcorn is waiting for him which he should eat up to the end.

Brick comes home but the chain on the door is giving him no way into the house. He shouts and shouts and notices then the telegram on the ground. He picks it up and knows what happened to Jackie. He knocks so loud and long till she opens him and lets him in. Jackie desperately tries to get connection with the navy. Brick tries to comfort her but she lets him know that she can come along with it by herself.

Eden gives some order to a service at the phone in the cinema. Cruz comes and she hides herself quickly. Cruz takes the popcorn and not waiting for long he gets out with it and empties the bag without eating the popcorn to find quickly the next note. He should now go to the laundry and get a tuxedo he should put on.

Mason comes into the room to find he has come a little bit to late. Ted has seen the tape. He tells him that it was not meant for him. Ted tells him that this would kill CC. He gets very upset and starts attacking Mason first with words and then by his fists. Mason holds him trying to calm him down and CC on hearing the noise steps between them. Ted runs out of the room and Mason quickly takes the tape into his suit.

Santana is on going. Mason tells her that she has not to go because of him. He feels sorry for all what has happened last time. She tells him that she also was not so kind to him. He tells her that in case she wants to stay she need not to fear that he will bother her again.

Cruz appears in an tuxedo with his car. He stops at a horse with a notice on it and riding the path appointed with nice notes and poems. Finally he sees Eden down in a soft valley sitting at a round table with two chairs and servants ready to serve drinks and food.

Ted shouts to CC why he is so eager to find the murderer of Channing. It has brought so much pain to so many people by accusing or suspecting them. Joe was for five years in prison and he accused even Warren and lost Laken by this. But Channing was such a perfect human being. The best in sport, the best in studies in everything he was the best. CC says, but this he really was. Ted says, no but this he was not at all. On the contrary he was far away from a perfect being. CC thinks he is hinting on Channing's affair with Santana. Ted says no he has seen something with his own eyes and knows that they all were always only following his beliefs and his ideas on Channing. And Channing had to do all to fit into his demands. CC wants to know more clear what he means but Ted forces his way out of the house telling him that he will not get it known through him even one day he will get it known maybe.

Cruz sits down at the table and Eden tells him how much she feared to have to live a life without him when he was in the tunnel much more than she feared to have to live a life with him. They get served champagne and she asks him to drink on him. Cruz drinks and finds the ring on the bottom of the glass. He puts it on Eden's finger and Eden asks him if he wants to marry her.

Eden and Cruz end their romantically engagement in full harmony and happiness.

CC is serving wine to Marcello and Gina. Kelly comes and CC offers also a glass to her. Kelly does not want to drink. She is upset because there is no harmony in their family and CC is obviously mad about Ted and Eden and also against Mason. She says that Marcello is the only person here who radiates peace and to whom she is drawn.

Nick is developing the photo with the revolver behind Kelly's head again in a bigger size. Now he can see very clearly the hands holding the news paper with the revolver between.

Jackie is getting no reply from the Navy on the phone. She is excited and unhappy and runs out of the house. Brick asks Jade to run behind and not to let her alone in this condition.

Back on the boat Eden tells Cruz that Gina told CC that she has informed her about Brandon and she has to go to bring behind herself this talk. Cruz wants to be on her side but she insists on facing the situation by herself.

Ted is asking in the State Street Bar for Mason but they have not seen them the whole day. He tries to reach Laken at home but she is in the hospital. Jackie comes depressed into the bar and takes place at one table. Ted notices her but as she once told him that she does not want to be seen again in public with her he hesitates to approach her. Jackie asks him to sit down and be with her.

Nick visits his old friend Cruz. After a happy meeting and exchange of old memories in their spy section Nick asks Cruz to come to his dark room and see some pictures. Somebody tries to kill a person he met in the park.

Eden comes home and meets Kelly and Marcello who are just on the way to their boat to see the sunset. When alone with Rosa who opened the door for her she shows her the engagement ring and Rosa embraces her happily and wishes her the best.

CC is waiting for her already and sends Gina away to be alone with Eden. CC finds it not very sensitive from her in having told the truth about Brandon to Gina. Eden tells that Gina's behaviour was in such a way that she would tell it her again. CC lets her know how disappointed he is from her. Eden finds that she is disappointed from him that he has taken away Brandon from Channing and Santana and given to Stockman and Gina. CC wants to know if Mason has told her about Brandon. Eden says no it was Cruz to whom she is engaged since today. CC can't believe what she by the way just told him. Eden shows to him her engagement ring.

Nick comes into his room just to see that all the pictures and the negatives have been stolen. Cruz is not sure if he really should believe him. He asks him if he is sure that his imagination was not too strong. Nick remembers now the lady and the revolver and tells Cruz that he fears that he has come into troubles.

Parker, Stanfield Lee and the courier are looking at the pictures. Parker tells the courier she is having only time to do her job till Friday and such things like these pictures should not have happened. Stanfield is mentioning that he should not forget that the lady she is going to kill is the daughter of CC Capwell. Parker tells him that he does not mind this. They have to go on to keep their time table.

Brick gets the phone with the information that Jeff was strangled and he was sterile. Brick does not know what to think about this news.

CC tells her that he was having actual other plans with her. How this will sound Eden Capwell Castillo. Eden tells him that his objection is because he is Mexican but Cruz and she are proud that he is Mexican-American. When CC notices that he is having no chance he embraces her and makes her happy by agreeing to her choice.

Jade meets Ted at the bar asking for Jackie. Ted tells her that he is just sitting and talking with her. Jade tells him about contents of the telegram. Ted feels like a fool by having bothered Jackie all the time with his problems while she is in such a bad condition. He promises Jade to take care of Jackie. He asks Jackie if he should bring her home but she does not want to go home. So he suggests to go to Kelly's flat for which she agrees.

Cruz asks for the name of the lady in danger. Nick tells him that he only knows that her name was Kelly and she was with a boy called Brandon in the park. Cruz can't believe it. He tells him that this must be Kelly Capwell and she has been in the park with the boy but he can't believe that somebody wants to harm her. Nick jokes saying that the revolver might be only a toy and the lady also was having a son. Cruz goes but Nick knows that Kelly is in danger.

Marcello tells Kelly how wonderful he finds the yacht. Kelly is happy that he likes it and tells him that they don't use it very often any more. Only CC is inviting some of his business friends to have some talks on this yacht. Marcello asks her if she minds if he uses the toilet. Kelly goes up to the deck. while Marcello starts to investigate the room finding it a perfect place.

Gina is hiding her pregnancy test within a flower pot when CC calls for her. She wants to get intimate with him but he thinks he is not in a mood. Finally she succeeds to bring him into the sleeping room.

Kelly in search for her bag comes down to the room under the deck. She gets bad memories about Peter and her. Marcello in search for her finds her and asks if she is thinking on Peter as she is so full of fear. She says yes sometimes things remind her on Peter and she is so afraid of men. He is the only exception as she trusts him. Marcello tells her that he will help her to overcome her fear. Marcello leads her up to the deck and takes secretly along with himself the key for the room.

Ted comes home with Jackie. Mason left a note that he is hunting behind something and will not be there for the night. He makes some popcorn and tries everything to cheer her up. She asks for music and he puts in a tape into the recorder. It is a music which reminds her on Larry. Ted asks her if she wants to dance and Jackie dances with him letting her tears finally flow freely into Ted's shoulder.

Cruz and Eden meet again at the boat. Cruz asks her on which day they should marry. Eden tells him in September. Cruz finds the next day would be the best. Eden asks him how long it will take him to undress her. He says twenty seconds. She says fine then they are going to marry on the 20th.

Marcello comes back to the boat and looks again around. All what CC told to him comes up again and then very satisfied he tells to himself that the boat will be a wonderful place to revenge the death of his parents. On 20th May CC will breathe his last breath.

Kelly opens Nick the door. Nick tells her that he has developed the photos and there a revolver is showing up fixing her. Kelly asks him who should have interest in killing her? Nick tells her that he thought that she could tell him this. He asks her to go to the police and ask for a body guard. Kelly is getting very excited and tells him with a raised voice that there is nobody who wants to do something to her. He has mistaken the person or wrongly seen and shuts the door before his nose.

Warren visits Maggie early in the morning asking her jokingly about the progress they are making in the Channing case. Maggie replies in the same joking mood that they are on the heels of the murderer. Warren thinks that Cruz is for the moment too occupied with something else than finding time to search for the murderer hinting to his engagement with Eden. He invites Maggie to go with him to the bar and see what Mason has done meanwhile in her case. Maggie agrees.

Mason comes home thinking that he has lost Ted as a company because of the video tape and is surprised to find Jackie sleeping in the uncomfortable coach and Ted at her feet in the chair. He softly wakes up Ted telling him that it is not a good idea in having brought Jackie to their place after all the troubles they were going through. Ted shows to him the telegram and while Jackie is dreaming getting Larry's death confirmed and starts shouting. Ted wakes her up and takes her in his arms comforting her like a little child.

Laken visits Augusta. Augusta turns out not to be a pleasant patient. She is having no good words for her nurse who is telling her that her cornea is slightly damaged and she has to keep the bandage for three more days. Augusta is having only one idea, getting rid of the bandage and going home. The nurse in not succeeding to get her temperature goes out to get the doctor. While the nurse goes out Lionel slips silently in. Augusta talks to Laken who is holding her hand. She tells her that since Sophia is no more hating Lionel they of sure are meeting each other from time to time. Lionel can't keep quiet telling her that this is not true. Augusta gets excited and wants Laken to throw out Lionel. Lionel goes by himself. Laken tries to make her understand how much Lionel is longing to be again together with her but she tells Laken that Lionel always wants what he can't get. Laken gives up and goes.

Gina slips into Mason's room. She finds it the best place for hiding her pregnancy test since Mason no more is living here. She takes out the pregnancy test from the flower pot. Gina is reading the description of the pregnancy test and gets it ready. In four hours she will know the result. She hopes that it is positive.

Ted brings Jackie home. Jade opens. Jackie thanks Ted for being with her in her difficult time. Ted goes and Jade asks how she feels. Jackie tells her that she feels horrible. She will phone to the school and tell that she can't come as she is expecting somebody today.

Augusta at once takes off her bandage and wonders why everything is so dark. She then makes on the light and it is still dark. Now she understands that she is blind. Augusta phones to her little sister Julia. Julia is just on her fitness training. She is not very kind to Augusta having some bad experiences in their past. Augusta asks her to come and see her. Julia tells her that she will put a date into her calendar. What about in fourteen years? Augusta finally begs her to come immediately as she is in lying in the medical hospital in Santa Barbara and needs her help. Julia agrees to come.

Augusta calms herself by telling that this condition is nothing which she cannot cope with. It is probably only for a short time. She gets up and tries to feel what is there in the room. Thinking that one handle is the door to the bathroom she is bumping into the nurse when opening it. The nurse is leading her softly back to her bed while Augusta is not what one can call kind to her.

Ted comes home and Mason asks him why he always tries to take on himself the suffering and problems of others. If he knows that he can't help Jackie by this? Ted says that he knows that but he is happy that he is like he is. Otherwise he could have also developed like he to a person who is making others unhappy and destroys their life. If he thinks that he has forgotten the video tape. Mason tells him that this would be the best. Mason wants to know what he was doing with Gina in the tunnel. Ted tells him that they were making a video for the family archive. Mason insists on the truth. Why Hank has been there but Ted is countering him by asking for the video tape as he wants to destroy it before he is hurting CC. Mason tells him that he is not giving it to him he was not showing it to CC as he was busy with the happenings of the tunnel explosion. This would have taken away the effect. Ted searches for the video tape and finds it. Mason takes it away from him and knocks him down when he tried to get it again. Ted is upset and runs out of the flat.

A Navy priest shows up at Jackie's doorstep to inform her Larry has been killed. Mason goes to his old room to get some of his stuff and discovers Gina's pregnancy test. Uncertain as to whose test it is, he hides himself in the bathtub to see who comes to check it. Augusta tries to fool her doctor by telling him she can see all the things she touched while walking around in the room earlier. However, she mentions some flowers that the nurse has just removed and he figures out the truth. The doctor tells her it's impossible to say when, if ever, she will regain her eye sight. Augusta gives him strict orders to not tell her family. Mason get a call in the bathtub. More evidence in the case against C.C. have come up. Mason decides it's time for a new meeting but opts to not inform Warren and Maggie. Jade tells Laken that Jackie spent the night with Ted. Cruz and Eden are "celebrating" their engagement at his houseboat. Sophia smiles and leaves a note on the door but Carmen is not as understanding and is furious when Cruz doesn't let her in. Julia arrives at the hospital and Lionel doesn't recognize her. The last time he saw her she was a fat teenager. A heartbroken Jackie wants to leave Santa Barbara.

Julia is with Augusta and talks with Lionel. Lionel insists on his right to be with Augusta as she is his wife and that Julia is having nothing to tell him. Julia surprises him by defending Augusta with very strong words. If he comes again she will charge him with some heavy paragraphs and if this will not help she will get a paper that he is not allowed to see Augusta and if this will to help she will beat him up. Augusta is delighted and happy. Lionel goes finding that they both fit together and Julia is embracing Augusta.

Mason sits in the bathtub in his old room in the mansion. He is hiding himself behind the plastic curtain while having a bottle and a filled glass next to him. Gina comes and looks at her pregnancy test. Mason spies through the curtain. He obviously has found out that Gina is not pregnant.

Mason examines the pregnancy test of Gina with much joy in having found out that she was lying to all of them by telling that she is pregnant.

Jackie is sitting in her car ready to start for a journey to a place where she once wanted to go with Larry for their honeymoon when Ted looks through the window. On hearing what she intents to do he insists on going with her as he anyway once wants to see Harvard the university he will have to go. Jackie too weak to resist lets him drive.

Marcello is working with much satisfaction on a big bomb at home.

Cruz opens the door with Eden and looks at the notice put under their own notice to be not disturbed. It is from Sophia she will come later. She wanted to talk to Cruz. They are already celebrating their honeymoon before their marriage it seems. Inside the boat it is dark accept candle lights.

Mason waits for the result of the pregnancy test.

Julia informs Augusta that she can go home but will not be able to see over the next eight weeks. Augusta tries to make out the best and not to get in panic.

Lionel meets his boss in the hall who informs him that he has to come again to work otherwise he might lose his job.

Julia comes out of the room and Lionel wants to know about Augusta's health. Julia tells him that she will take care for Augusta. She can go home now and only has to wear dark glasses for a while.

Eden opens the door surprised to see Santana who wants to talk to Cruz. Cruz comes from the shower and informs Santana that they are now engaged. She makes them happy by wishing them all the best. Cruz asks her to come in while Eden is dressing herself. Santana tells him that she can't be quiet while knowing that the murderer of Channing is still running around. She wants to know what Augusta told to him and help him to find the murderer. Cruz dislikes this asking her to keep out of something which is not concerned to her. Santana tells him that he knows how important this case is to her.

Mason is phoning with Lindsay with his handy getting the time for the meeting in the afternoon. He thanks Lindsay for the time and that he is taking care for everything. It's all perfect for him. He is also having a nice surprise for his father at the same time. When ending the talk he notices that the pregnancy test turns positive. This does not fit anymore in his plans to present the test to his father. He then gets an idea praising himself for his genius.

Gina informs CC that Santana wants to come and see him. She adds that she slowly is starting to worry about all the people who know that Brandon is only her adopted son while Santana is the mother. The whole family knows about it. She suggests to give notice to Ruben and Rosa. CC does not agree to her idea they are a part of the family long before Brandon was there. She should not worry.

Santana comes and CC goes with her into the office.

Gina meets Mason who was coming down the stairs. He tells her that he was only looking for a book in CC's library for the case in the afternoon. Gina finds it perverse that he is using CC's book in a case against him. She then tells him that she is having headache and is in the kitchen.

Brandon comes and is happy to see Mason. Mason asks him for his laboratory box he got from Ted at his birthday he would like to make an experiment. Brandon goes and fetches the box.

Eden and Cruz are talking about the place the marriage should take place and where they will live afterwards. Sophia is on the door. She tells that she has met Santana and knows about their engagement. She makes both happy in telling them how happy she is on hearing this news. She adds that she only wants to be invited for their marriage to which they both gladly agree. Eden tells Sophia if she would mind to talk to her son in law while she is going to finish off some business.

Mason is trying his best to falsify the pregnancy test. Finally he succeeds. Not too early as Gina comes and he has quickly to hide all the things and himself. Gina is disappointed when seeing the test. She quickly takes a pill to calm down her disappointment talking to herself what she should do now.

Mason enjoys her plight while standing before the mirror after she has left. He tells to himself that now she needs a knight with a sharp sword who can bring her out of this situation and the knight will be he himself.

Santana talks to CC. She is asking if he finds her still beautiful. CC tells her she is getting more beautiful than ever. She tells him that beauty is also having it's price. This is a sentence from Channing. CC asks her if she would mind if he lets her alone for a while he is having an urgent phone.

Santana on being alone is standing at the place where Channing was killed. She gets flashbacks from the whole situation and starts crying. Brandon comes in and worries about her tears. She tells him that she will see him later as she has to talk to CC first. CC comes back and she tells him that the murderer has to be found and they should not give up in their search which CC promises.

Sophia is telling her version of Channing's death. She was disguised as Dominic in order to move freely around at the party. She came back at this party as she thought it a good chance to introduce herself again to her children and family so that they know that she is still alive. First of all she wanted it to tell to Channing. She hoped he would be happy to see her. She has been in the corridor when she heard the shot and was running to the room. Joe was coming from the other side so it was clear that he could not be the murderer. They both run into the room and Joe took the revolver in his hand. She can remember that she was calling Channing's name. Then back in the corridor she has seen a contour of a man in the mirror which she thought to be Lionel but is not sure about. And then she does not know anything for a long time till she awaked in a hospital in Alaska and remembered who she was. Marcello later found her and brought her to Italy and with his help she got better. Then she remembered Joe and how terrible all must have been for him and she came back again as Dominic to Santa Barbara in order to help him. Cruz wants to know from her who has brought her to this hospital. Sophia tells him that this she does not know anymore. The phone rings and Cruz after taking the phone is asking Sophia if she minds to talk to him again on another day as he is having to do some urgent police work.

The moment Sophia left the place Cruz is giving the order to take at once a flight to Alaska and find out who was taken to the hospital Sophia Capwell. This will be the key for the whole case.

CC is thanking Ross (public prosecutor and teacher of Mason) that he has interrupted his holidays to overtake this case. But where is Mason he is already half an hour late. Ross is on going but when opening the door Mason is there with his suitcase. Alone. Maggie has given to him the power of attorney so they can start at once. CC wants to discuss something alone with Ross before they start.

Mason thinks that CC must have been very nervous when he asked Ross to overtake this case while saying hello to Gina in best mood. Gina finds he should not be too joyful because CC has been very upset for his delay. Mason tells her that this is just what is giving him so much joy and the second source of joy is she. He is happy to see her and he will have a talk to her after his meeting. Gina does not want to talk to him but he asks her if she is not in worry about her marriage. So she better will wait for him.

Augusta comes home with Julia and tries to make the best of her condition wondering what she should do now over the whole day. Augusta takes place while Julia goes for making tea.

Lionel holding a big Teddy in his hand talks to the Teddy telling him that he should try his best to do what he was not able to do. He goes into the sleeping room and sits down on their bed.

Cruz gets first information. There is no name of the person who has brought Sophia to the hospital. Somebody has broken into the hospital and put her there.

Eden is back full of joy with a lot of things but Cruz is telling her that he is just now in a dead end street. He then gets an idea and uses his transmitter asking for all entrances of Marcello in the last fifteen years.

Ted is with Jackie on their destination. He has arranged two rooms for them. Jackie all of a sudden feels that Larry is not dead.

Eden is full in preparations of their marriage while Cruz is getting a reply. Marcello has come to the States 16 years ago, then three years ago and the last time four month ago. Cruz is not happy with this reply as it is not confirming his ideas. He asks now for the entrances of a Hans Ryker.

Augusta finds with difficulties to her bed in the sleeping room taking place next to Lionel who is hiding himself behind the Teddy.

Mason is coming up with a lot of hard facts in the Gillis case. Ross tries to hint that they will have for every proof a counter proof but Mason informs him that he has already taken steps that such a thing can not be happen by taking the whole files in this case into custody. Also that a private investigator is searching for the man Capwell Enterprises has fired and who knows that the valve have been never delivered. He also shows two photos of Gillis one before and one after the explosion to CC. CC asks him what he wants. Mason tells him that first of all they are not satisfied with he $40.000 it has to be at least two millions.

Julia comes back and sees Lionel sitting on Augusta's side. She points to him to leave. Augusta meanwhile tells her that she is not able to see anything. She will not even know when it is day or night. Julia sits on Lionel's side to give him the chance to get up unnoticed. She then gives the Teddy to Augusta who likes it. At least he will not snore or dream from other women while sleeping on her side.

Eden tries again to get some attention but the transmitter is calling him. Hans Ryker has come to the States only once on 15th July 1979. Cruz asks Eden if she has heard this. Marcello has come to the States secretly as Hans Ryker two weeks before Channing got killed. He is now on the right track.