Mason tells his father that he would like to have a son. Ted forces Lilly to move out of the guest house. Gina goes on trying to persuade Julia to help her in her charges against CC but Julia is refusing herself. David guesses that Cassie was putting him under drugs with her tea and is getting an analysis of the drink. Gina is making it clear to CC that she will not make any compromises but fight up to the end. Katerina slowly starts to wonder about the strange relationship Ted is having with Lilly.

Rafe runs away from the hospital and appears at Cruz who is very upset about. David tries to persuade his former wife Angela to tell finally Warren that Cassie tried to poison her but Angela dislikes to do this. Ted is making it clear to Lilly that he is not at all interested into her. Rafe shows the more interest into Lilly.

Cassie plans to take revenge on Angela and to inform the whole Santa Barbara about Angela's secret; the mysterious death of her sister Marilyn. Sophia worries about Kelly's relation to Cruz and warns her not to put too much hope concerning Cruz. Warren is becoming stage fright because of his appearance on the stage at his meeting at the school celebration of his age group. Santana finds out that CC was buying an engagement ring. So he really seems to want to marry her.

CC is making a marriage proposal to Santana but is also confessing to her at the same time that he still loves Sophia. She is not sure if she should accept his offer but finally agrees. Cassie is getting Warren and Angela into a trap in order to confront both with the death of Marilyn.

Lilly wants to get rid of Katerina for a while during the school celebration and is locking her up in the storeroom. Rafe has watched her while doing so. He promises to her not to tell it to anybody if she is taking back her evidence against him. Angela is admitting to all people who are present that she and David were thinking at the time of the car accident that Marilyn also escaped from the car which turned out as a big error. Everybody, specially Minx and Warren, are showing much understanding but Angela cannot forgive herself. Minx worries about her daughter.

Kelly tries her best in her relation to Cruz and shows her feeling open to him but Cruz shows himself still very reserved as she is Eden's little sister. CC is making a family meeting in his office and announces there his intention to marry Santana. While Sophia pretends to be understanding CC's children, specially Kelly, are shocked. Cruz has persuaded Jodie and Reece to move again to Santa Barbara. He has even organised a job for Reece.

Gina tries to win David for herself and manages that he falls in love to her. Rafael tries his best to persuade Lilly to put in a good word for Rafe but she remains hard and does not want to lift her charges. Angela can't match with her feelings of guilt and is ending her relation with Warren. Mason's and Julia's house is still haunted and the cook is telling them in addition that Abigail has died on her marriage day in their bed.

Gina uses for her revenge against CC a feminist group to demonstrate in the Oase. They make a big scenery at CC's table. CC is calling the police and Cruz is getting the unpleasant task to arrest Gina. Rafe finally manages to persuade Lilly to take back her charges. Boswell is giving a job to Reece.

Julia finds the diary of Abigail and is fascinated about the content of this book. Lilly and Lisa who is sharing with her the apartment are fighting after Lilly has found a picture of Rafe with Lisa. Gina is sitting in prison. At a dinner party in their house Julia is making friends with Jodie. Jodie starts to consider to move again to Santa Barbara. The relationship between Cruz and Kelly is getting stronger.

Since Cassie has dismantled the secret of Angela, Angela is very disturbed. She tells Warren that she intents to leave the city. Julia and Mason are sure that they want to have again a child. Suzanne who was making a restoration of the picture of Abigail tells Mason that she has found another picture underneath. Julia finds out that Abigail's husband has cheated her. Warren meets Troy a strange feminine boy who wants to study in his class.