Ted tells Katerina that the Capwells will decide concerning a family portrait between the two artists Lindsay and Petruo. Lisa and Lilly agree for a truce. Reece is observing a flirt between Cruz and Jodie and is getting madly jealous. Katerina decides to visit Dash in St. Louis. Mason wants to move into another house. He thinks that Julia is pregnant. Suzanne is restoring a painting on which a man can be seen who is looking like Mason. Shortly before she is finished an unknown woman is destroying the picture again.

Nearly everybody is going to see the first baseball game of Sawyer's college. Reece is persuading Kelly to accompany him to the game. Warren is sending his whole class to write a report about. Cruz and Jody are called for a disturbance of peace and surprise lovers. Afterwards they also drive to the baseball game. Sawyer is helping his crew to win. Reece is very proud about his son. Lisa is inviting Lilly to come to the student association but Lilly is rejecting her offer. Cruz and Kelly are getting closer.

Reece is inviting the whole crew of Sawyer after the game into the Oase. Warren and Angela are also there. He admits to her that he has stolen Troy's draft to find out how good he is. When Reece wants to pay in the Oase the bill it turns out that his credit card is not covered. Sawyer is asking Warren to borrow the missing money to him.

Mason is disappointed that Julia is not pregnant as he thought. Julia feels that Mason is putting her under pressure. They are having a terrible fight after which Julia is sleeping on the couch. Reece is telling Kelly that he is jealous because of the narrow relation between Cruz and Jody. Warren is forcing Troy to give up his dwelling at the street and to come and stay at his house. Angela is horrified by the idea that Warren wants to live together now with a homosexual.

Troy has moved to Warren. Angela is unhappy about and asks for an advice from Minx. The mirror in the haunted house from Mason and Julia starts to move and hurts Mason at his head. Julia is talking with Abigail and the mirror tells her that she should search for Abigail's daughter and her son in law. Reece and Jody are in a bad mood and they start to blame each other for being guilty that B.J. has disappeared. Finally Jody manages to make it clear to Reece that she only loves him.

Lisa and Deanne are spreading the rumour that Sawyer is gay and is having an affair with Troy. Gina and David are totally in love to each other. Julia is asking Warren to help her in finding Mariah the granddaughter of Abigail. Mason is fed up with the ghost stories and plans a romantically trip somewhere but Julia wants to find out about the sources of the story of Abigail.

Ted is getting mad on finding out that Katerina went to Dash inspite of his request not to go. Gina is informing department in charge for the local gossips of a news paper that Mason's house is haunted by ghosts. Susanne accuses Ted in destroying her painting. Jody tries to help an abused woman. Julia decides to arrange a seance to be able to talk to their ghosts.

Rafe is not giving up with his approaches to Lilly. He plans a romantically evening with her repeated attempts to make it clear to him that he is not her model. So also this time she cancels the date. Rafe is disappointed and is stealing a car in order to follow her. Santana is asking Sophia for showing the proper respect to her as the new first lady of the Capwell mansion. Jody has managed to persuade the abused woman in accepting her help but then the beating husband comes home and throws Jody out of their apartment.

Lilly gets invited from Lisa to come to a society for female students. On trying to do so Lilly finds out that she was send into a trap. All of a sudden she is surrounded by male students who wants to take off her dresses. Rafe is just coming in time to rescue her. Santana tries to persuade her mother in giving up her job as a cook at the Capwell's but Rosa does not want to do this. Gina is falling into trance at the seance. Santana is getting all of a sudden heavy bellyache.

Gina discovers in her trance the graves of Mariah and Abigail. She is getting also a message of a mysterious doctor's bag. Santana is brought to the hospital by the ambulance. Cruz and Jody are rescuing Lilly and Rafe from the fellows of the student fellowship. Santana is having a miscarriage. Now she thinks that there will be no reason anymore for CC to marry her. She is having the intention to go away from him and giving him free for Sophia.