Julia is finding out that Mariah and Abby are dead. For some unknown reason Gina is showing telepathic powers in relation to Julia's and Mason's house. Ken is showing serious interest in Sophia. Angela is asking Troy to get out of the way of Warren. She is afraid to loose him as he is having no time for her anymore. Mason is not able to persuade Julia to go on a journey.

The marriage of Santana and CC is cancelled. Katerina is coming again from St. Louis. Angela thinks that Troy is fallen in love to Warren. One finds out that Troy is not a male but a female. She is B.J. Walker. Julia is obsessed to clear up the strange happenings in their house. Mason is desperate as their marriage is suffering about this.

Julia discovers the grave of Mariah and finds a Gardenia next to it. The fragrance of the flower is somehow known to her. Reece and Jody are visiting Santana in the hospital. Also Kelly is coming. Troy is brought to the hospital and sees there her parents. Jodie tries to help Connie an abused woman. Julia is having an encounter with a mysterious woman.

Rafe's attempts in his approaches to Lilly seems to get success. They both are falling in love to each other. Cruz is visiting his Indian ancestors in order to find to himself and get clearance about his relation to Kelly. Sawyer who is having a scholarship for studying baseball starts to get interest all of a sudden into boxing. Reece tries to talk it out of him. Jody recognises her daughter B.J. in Troy at the hospital.

Kelly tries to reconcile herself with Jody who is still jealous about her thinking that she was having an affair with Reece. Sawyer meets a strange girl in the park. Jody is waiting in he Windsurfer for B.J. to celebrate her birthday. Troy lets Warren know that he is a woman. Warren is more than surprised about. Cruz is deciding himself for Kelly.

Lionel is playing baby-sitter while Gina is having fun with David. In his frustration that Gina is showing no interest in him he is ordering a blonde from the callgirl service and goes with her to the Windsurfer. B.J. tries to explain to Warren why she was disguising herself as a lad. Lisa is making difficulties to Lilly as she thinks that she is responsible for the divorce of her parents. Angela is surprising Warren when he is just embracing B.J.

Julia and Samantha are meeting in the train a very strange man with the name Disgrazia. As the train was starting too early Mason has missed the train. Mr. Disgrazia shows himself very interested in their ghost stories. He tries to find out everything from Samantha about the strange things which happened in their house. It seems as if he knows Abigail. C.C. dislikes the affair between Kelly and Cruz.

Jody and Reece are arranging a family party for B.J.'s 19th birthday. CC plans a dinner party for Santana. He insists that Kelly has to come without Cruz to this party. In the Oasis an embarrassing meeting happens between the two couples Ken, Sophia and CC, Santana. Reece is getting mad on hearing that B.J. was living together with Warren.

At the party Kelly and Cruz are showing their love for the first time to the public. CC is very upset about. Jody is receiving anonymous phone calls which she is not taking serious for the time being. But then she recognizes the voice: Ramon. Doctor Markus Disgrazia tells Julia and Samantha that he has known Micah personally. All of a sudden Samantha stops breathing. Markus claims to be a doctor and that he could help Samantha.

Angela is having problems with Warren. He seems to be with his thoughts only at B.J. To Angela he is telling that he is only interested into her talent as a writer and her mind but she does not believe him. Reece is taking Warren to task concerning the question why B.J. was living with him. He is not having any idea that his daughter was pretending to be a boy. Also not that Warren at that time was not aware about the female attributes of his former favourite student.