Samantha recovers through the help of Mr. Disgrazia. Julia makes a break in their journey and returns to Santa Barbara. Gina is shocked to find out that CC wants to fight for the custody of Channing. B.J. gets to know Rafe and finds him very nice.

CC is making a contract with Mr. Taksaon a Japanese businessman. Lionel who has heard talking them about their deal tries to use with Gina the knowledge of this deal for their own favour. Gina suspects David in working together with CC in order to take away her custody for Channing. In revenge she ravages his apartment. Rafe is asking B.J. if she will go with him to the summer party because Lilly is going with Ted. B.J. is rejecting his invitation. Also Sawyer is having not much luck because Aurora tells him that she does not want to see him again.

The hospital recommends also Mr. Markus Disgrazia as a specialist for Samantha's illness. In spite of his aversion Mason can't help in engaging Disgrazia for his daughter. But he is doing secret investigations about Disgrazia. Angela wants to bring Warren with her along to Hawaii in order to get his thoughts away from B.J.. Warren reacts not very enthusiastically to her suggestion. Minx is having the intention to suggest B.J. for the Lockridge scholarship. This would mean that B.J. is meeting again Warren at the university. Jody manages that Boswell lets her go on working on the Ramon De La Vega case.

Ramon has beaten up again his wife so that she needs treatment from the hospital. Jody worries about their children and decides to take up the matter in her own hands and take away the children from their violent father. By this she is bringing herself as well as the children in big danger. At the university a summer party is taking place. The dream princess should be elected. All girls are eager to become the chosen one.

Sawyer is having a fight with Rafe at the summer party and they are beating each other. Reese and Cruz are much in worry about Jody. While trying to get the children out of the apartment she is meeting Ramon. Lilly decides herself for Rafe. After winning the beauty contest and becoming the queen of the summer party she chooses Rafe for her slave but Rafe is showing no more interest in her and tells her that it is too late.

After the party at the college Sawyer is waking up in Lisa's bed but he was dreaming in the night from Aurora who also has been at the party. Reese is much in worry about B.J. who is alone at home. His worry are right because Ramon who was molesting already Jody shows himself up at their house and starts molesting B.J. Reese is just coming in time to protect his daughter from the violent Ramon. The children of Ramon and Connie, Lea and Chris as well Jody are meanwhile hiding themselves at Kelly.

Samantha has got the Sholen Syndrome. Dr. Markus is treating her successfully with a new medicine which is not yet officially approved. Santana is leaving CC and goes to New York. He is not able to persuade her to stay nor his money can make her to change her mind. Sophia has been together with Ken for a few romantic days in San Francisco. Coming back Ken worries that Sophia might go back to CC.

Jody is able to persuade Connie to leave Ramon and move with her children into a house for women. But having just moved into this house a fire is breaking out the very same night. Gina is trying to get close to CC's business partner Mr. Taksan. Together with Lionel they are having the intention to get from him the shares he bought recently from CC. But Mr. Taksan dies all of a sudden before the transaction can take place. Suzanne has reconstructed the painting. Now one can recognize doctor Disgrazia very well.

Sawyer and Rafe are having their boxing match. All students and friends gather in the boxing hall to see the fight. Sawyer is disappointed that Aurora has not come. Rafe is leading the fight for the first half of the fight. But when Aurora appears luck turns and Sawyer wins the fight by k.o. Suzanne is getting attacked by a mysterious figure on Julia's and Mason's plot of land and is falling down the cliffs. Julia, Mason and Markus are hearing her shouts and bring her with heavy injuries to the hospital. The painting on which one can see Disgrazia as Micah has disappeared.

Through the fire 12 women and children got killed in the house of the women. Jody is sure that Ramon was the culprit and is blaming herself for this catastrophe. Something similar happened to her once in Florida. Sawyer is celebrating his victory over Rafe in the boxing match at the beach and Aurora allows him to kiss her for the first time. Gina and Lionel are happy because the sons of Taksan are signing the sale agreement after the death of their father. Their plan to hurt CC seems to get success.