Lisa was in the night together with Rafe and is since no more a virgin. Reese wonders if Gina is having something to do with the death of the Japanese man Taksan. The strange Markus Disgrazia is leaving the room when Dreyfuss comes. Does he know him? Is he the strange Micah? Why is the whole stuff no more on service? Mason is confused and trust himself to Dreyfuss. Disgrazia is having the intention to kill Suzanne.

Marcus tries to suffocate Suzanne with a pillow but gets disturbed by Cruz who is just coming in. Yet Cruz did not recognize what Marcus was just going to do. Julia and Katrina are showing the message to Cruz by which Suzanne was lured to the cliffs. Cruz notices that the message was typed by an old machine. Julia finds out that it belongs to the typewriter which stands in their study room. She informs Cruz that beside her and Mason only Marcus was having access to the typewriter.

Jody is mourning over Connie and her children. Kelly is comforting her. All of a sudden Connie and her children are standing well up at the door. Through the mistake of a police officer unfortunately also Ramon meanwhile gets to know that his family is still alive. As Jody is having no proof in her hands she has to allow Ramon to leave. Lionel is making a marriage proposal to Gina. After some hesitation she is accepting. At the meeting of the managing board he is setting free the secret about the new president of Santak. Gina takes off her veil and can't stop laughing.

Lionel is making Gina to the president of Santak as his marriage present. By this Gina is having direct influence into the businesses of the Capwells. CC is close to a nervous breakdown when he gets to know about. Suzanne is still in coma. It is still not clear who was pushing her down the cliffs. Marcus Disgrazia is getting more and more and more under suspicion. Katrina finds in the hospital a sheet on which the name of Marcus is written with blood. A message from Suzanne?

Marcus Disgrazia wants to operate on Suzanne because otherwise she would die. Julia tries to prevent him from doing so as she meanwhile knows who he really is. He is Micah De Angelis the suspected murderer of Mariah and little Abbey. Warren is having a talk with his class about sex and is pointing out also the danger of AIDS in relation to this subject.

CC is showing Gina her new office. He swamps her with work in order to make her to admit that she is overtaxed. BJ is having a dispute with Angela about a leading article on Gina which BJ finds very hostile against women. CC on the other hand is very enthusiastic about this article. Warren escapes from BJ's advances towards him and decides to move again to Angela. Sophia gets to know from Ken that Santana is not going to marry CC. Micah says good bye to Aurora and gives to her a serum for Samantha.

Richard wins by unfair means the Lockridge scholarship. He uses his relationships and some deception for winning the scholarship by which the favourite BJ is not getting it. Lisa is jealous of Lilly. She does not begrudge Lilly. Rafe and is having in mind a diabolic plan. Reece is having the intention to get Sawyer to the point to give up boxing. He confesses to him that once at the "Golden Gloves" he has beaten his rival to death.

BJ is very disappointed in not having received the scholarship but then she is getting a good message. Her father has sent one of her articles to the New York journal and there they are having the intention to publish it. Sawyer wants to take Aurora to his home but she is having again some excuses. Sawyer starts to find her behaviour strange. Suzanne is still in a state of shock. When Julia questions her she is not able to remember the face of the person who has pushed her from the cliffs.

Sawyer and Aurora's relationship is getting strained. He can't understand why she does not want to do normal things together with him. In one way he is fascinated that she is different like the others but on the other hand he would like to go with her also to the cinema or for dinner. Cruz is asking Disgrazia to come along with him to the police station. Suzanne is troubled by nightmares.

After a night together Jody and Reece are having a heart to heart talk. Reece confesses to her why he was always considering Cruz as a rival. Later they are getting a visit by their friend Frank. Minx is shocked when Lionel is coming to her with Gina and child in order to live at her place. The Capwells are organising a charity.