BJ is having the intention to arrange an intimate dinner in order to thank Warren in this way for everything. The meeting is not turning out the way she has hoped because Reece and Jody have arranged a surprise party. BJ's godfather Frank is also invited who has obviously sexually molested BJ when she has been a child. Angela is meeting Warren whom she did not see for a long while and tries to attract him. She is having no success. Aurora's grandmother is knocking down Sawyer in order to protect her granddaughter.

Julia got infected by the "Sholen Syndrome" and is lying in coma. Dr. Gordon thinks that there is no hope that she will recover. CC and Aurora are demanding from Mason that he go to fetch De Angelis so that he can give her the same serum which has saved also Samantha but Mason's distrust is too big. He even suspects De Angelis in having infected Julia with this virus. Warren has selected Lilly's Essay "Sex in the 90s" for printing it in the paper. Sawyer is imprisoned in Aurora's sleeping room.

De Angelis is charged for having tried to kill Julia. The serum which he wanted to give her was containing the poison strychnine. Sawyer is imprisoned together with Aurora. De Angelis tells that he is Abbey's father and that Aurora is actually Abbey. Aurora does not know what she should believe. BJ worries about Sawyer as she does not know where he is. Mason fears that Julia is going to die and is very desperate.

Cruz does not believe that Micah was the person who has given Julia the strychnine. In his opinion there are too many contradictions in the proof. For example there have been two puncture of two different injection needles in Julia's veins. One was containing strychnine the other Micah's medicine. Micah tells Sawyer and Aurora about Mariah's and Abbey's accident. Obviously Abigail has manipulated the breaks of the car and managed it to make him responsible for the accident. In order to be totally sure that Aurora is really Abbey, Micah opens Abbey's coffin. It is empty. Cruz finds in Abigail's trunk a cape. Was Abigail the person who has pushed Suzanne down the cliffs? Julia has suddenly disappeared.

Frank is going on to molest BJ. Julia has been kidnapped by De Angelis and brought into a house where he is having the intention to cure her in peace. Lisa and Lilly are fighting for Rafe. Angela wants to make an end to her relationship with Warren as she does not feel loved and wanted. Warren manages it to talk these ideas out of her.

Lisa tells Rafe that she is expecting a child from him. Though Rafe is in love with Lilly he promises Lisa not to leave her alone in this difficult situation. Lilly does not know why Rafe is taking so much care about Lisa and feels betrayed from him. De Angelis has managed to cure Julia. While Angela has managed to make love with Ted, Katrina is waiting at home for him in worry.

Warren and BJ are still in search for Sawyer and Aurora. On the way they are surprised by a storm and search shelter at a resting place. There they are getting closer to each other. They kiss each other. Meanwhile Sawyer and Aurora have rented a room in a motel. They also get closer to each other. At the police station Mrs. Abigail Beckwith appears and claims that her daughter-in-law has been kidnapped. Cruz is able to find out the place where Micah is staying.

Ted and Angela are waking up in the morning together in a hotel room. Both are shocked about what they have done and start thinking about what to tell their partners where they have been overnight. Rafe, Lisa and Elaine apply for a job at Capwell Enterprises during their holidays. CC is enthusiastic about and gives them all jobs. Minx thinks that Gina's and Lionel's marriage is a catastrophe. Rafe is able to persuade Lisa to make finally a pregnancy test in order to get certainty.

Lionel is telling CC that he is having the intention to adopt Channing on occasion of Gina's and his marriage. CC is not very much enthusiastic about Lionel's suggestion. Rafe is still thinking over Lisa's pregnancy and the consequences. He is strictly against an abortion but demands from Lisa to get again a pregnancy test at a doctor in order to be totally sure that she is really pregnant.

Kelly and Cruz want to marry. Cruz's son Chip is not very enthusiastic about. He still hopes that his mother will come back one day. Reese is still investigating the Geisha case. All tracks are leading to Gina. Cruz is questioning Aurora concerning her father. Aurora only can remember Micah as a father who has been always loving to her. Gina and Lionel want to marry but on the day of their marriage Reese is arresting Gina.