Mason is making a stage play for Julia in the Oasis as a present. Gina is escaping from Reese who has exposed her as the Geisha. By this her marriage with Lionel too was falling through. Angela is asking Warren if he wants to marry her and Ted is asking the same question of Katrina. Warren as well as Katrina are not very happy about the marriage proposal. Gina flees from Reese but then realises that she wants to stay with Lionel. She hides herself in a box which is delivered to the Oasis. By this she finds herself in the middle of the stage from Mason's play and is getting married with Lionel by an actor who is in truth a priest.

Lionel is lying in the hospital and is thinking that he is going to die. He is asking Warren to get Gina out of the prison so that he can marry Gina officially before he is dying. Reese and Jody have arranged a party for BJ to celebrate her success as an author. At this party Cruz notices that BJ has fallen in love to Warren. BJ's next article should deal with child abuse a subject for which she can add something from her own experience. Chip is still opposing Kelly. He does not want her as his mother.

Julia wants to defend Micah at the court. She is paying also the bail for Micah who is getting free by this. Aurora tells Sawyer that she is going to inherit a few millions at her eighteenth birthday. Abigail accuses Sawyer that he is having only an eye for the money of her grand daughter. She also is quite sure that Micah is going to kill Aurora before her eighteenth birthday. Chip is getting high temperature which Jody is curing with a proven household remedy.

Warren is inviting Katerina and Ted into the Oasis. The Walkers are also there with Frank to celebrate the publishing of BJ's article. While Jody and Reese are dancing BJ and Frank are having a fight. She thinks that he has deleted her article about child abuse from her computer on purpose. BJ runs away. Warren runs behind her but is not able to find out what has happened.

Lilly wants to sleep with Rafe even she knows that Lisa is expecting a child from him. Rafe refuses to do this as he feels responsible for Lisa. Yet he is getting into troubles with Lisa who guesses the feelings of Rafe for Lilly. Reese tells Kelly that Cruz might be the father of BJ. Ken tells Kelly and Sophia the story of his life. Gina and Minx are having a fight over the ill Lionel.

In the night before Aurora's eighteenth birthday it turns out that Abigail was lying and she is not paralysed at all but can walk. By her lies she wanted to attach her grand daughter to herself. Getting exposed in such a way Abigail disappears in a mysterious way. Aurora leaves her party to visit the tomb of her mother. Micah and Sawyer accompany her. While Micah is keeping himself back tactfully Sawyer stays with Aurora. All of a sudden he gets attacked from the back and is loosing his consciousness while Abigail starts threatening Aurora with an axe. Meanwhile Suzanne is identifying Abigail as the woman who has thrown her from the cliffs.

Abigail tries to kill with the axe Aurora at the cliff. Julia hears the voice of Mariah who is telling her that Abigail has manipulated the brake of the car by which she had the accident. Kelly tells Jody that Reese thinks that BJ is the daughter of Cruz. Cruz is reacting very confused when he learns about this. BJ reproaches Frank for the pain she was going through because of his sexual abuse. As she can't stand his close presence she intents to move out at home.

CC wants to live again together with Sophia. Sophia is rejecting him as she loves Ken and does not have in mind to get back to CC. No expensive presents or all kind of persuasions from CC's side are helping to change her mind. BJ who does not want to stay at home anymore because of Frank appears at Angela and Warren and asks them if she can sleep on their couch. Jody assures Cruz successfully that he is not the father of BJ.

Lilly tells Lionel and Gina that Rafe has made Lisa pregnant. Lionel advises her to stay with Rafe in spite of it in case she really loves Rafe. Rafe is just on confessing everything to his father when Lilly appears and lets him know that she will stay with him whatever is going to happen. Micah arranges for Aurora and himself the journey to Rome. Sawyer is fighting for Aurora's stay. Rafe is telling Lisa that he will not let her down but that he loves Lilly. Lisa threatens him thereafter to make an abortion.

Rafe agrees reluctantly to marry Lisa as his faith and his conscience is against an abortion. The father of Lisa is horrified on hearing this and tries to persuade his daughter not to marry Rafe. Reese is not giving up questioning Gina because of the murder on Taksan even he knows that she is innocent. Warren is very much impressed by BJ's story on child abuse and wants to engage her permanently on the spot. He also offers her a room behind the rooms of the editorial office.