CC is looking at the two pictures of Ben Gillis. He then tells Mason that he wants to discuss the matter with Ross. Mason opens the door. Maggie and Warren storms in upset about not getting informed by him of this meeting. Mason tells them that he wanted to spare her this situation. He was just showing the two pictures of Ben to CC. He has visited Ben at the place where he is during the day.

Ross is informing the party that Capwell Enterprises is not ready to show up any guilt but out of pity for the fate of Ben Gillis they are ready to pay a compensation of one million dollars.

Cruz is discussing the date of Marcello's entry into the States on the 15th July 1979. Eden is cleverly putting some counter questions. It could be another Ryker and if it really was Marcello he could also left the States before the 30th July the day Channing got murdered.

Brick knocks and comes in. Cruz discretely sends Eden out. Brick asks what has happened in San Francisco. Cruz informs him that the state police finds that it must have been a professional killer and they have not experienced such Mafia methods since years. Brick wonders what this all should have to do with Amy. It was not a coincidence that he got killed just when he tried to reach Amy. Cruz asks if he knows if Jeff has done some dark businesses while being with Amy. Brick excludes this as Amy would not have been with him for three years.

Stanfield Lee and Parker inform Dr. Renfro that he has to start the labour artificially already on Friday. They can't wait anymore. Brick has started to make investigations. Renfro is not happy about this force but has to give in. They ask him to bring her to the hospital the very day to make everything totally sure.

Brick tells Cruz that Amy does not know anything now and he wants to hide her somewhere. He does not want to risk that she or the baby is in danger. Eden comes and invites him and Amy to their engagement party in the Orient Express. Brick thanks and goes.

Sophia comes as the next guest. Cruz informs her about Marcello's entry on 15th July 1979 and asks her if it is possible that it has been Marcello who has brought her to the hospital in Alaska. She finds since she is hearing so much about Marcello he is getting more and more mysterious for her and thinks it as possible.

Marcello is with his bomb in the yacht thinking where it has to be placed best. He finds it has to be put closer to the engine. Kelly calls for him and he quickly closes his suitcase hiding his bomb within.

Ted is on writing a greeting card to Laken while Jackie tries to write a letter to Larry.

Mason tells CC that he has to discuss this with his client. He goes with Maggie and Warren aside. Warren burst out with joy telling Mason that he has succeeded. Mason informs Maggie that when she puts the money into the right papers then she has money for her husband till the end of his life. After a first flush of joy Maggie reads the papers she has to sign and tells Mason that she feels somehow bought. She has to sign that there is no guilt on Capwell Enterprises but she actually wants fairness. They should say that they have done wrong. Mason tells her that fairness she only can get at the court. His father is not a person who is paying money to somebody or being quite unless he is in fear and they are having good chances to win.

The party comes back to CC and Ross. Mason tears to pieces Ross's contract and tells them that they are seeing themselves again at the court. CC is shocked.

Cruz asks Sophia what she told to Marcello when she left him. She says she told him the truth that she wants to go back to her family as she is feeling that it is the time for it. He was naturally against her intention. After Count Armonti her husband and his father died he feared that she might stay with her family and by this he would have lost his family a second time as she now knows and to the same man, CC. Cruz thinks that Marcello was taking possession from her. Sophia says, no he has not taken her in possession he was rather in worry over her and protective. She does not think that he has been there at that time. He would have come to her. Cruz tells her that he has come to her and brought her to the hospital and the reason for not coming to her for such a long period might be that he has done something for which he did not dare to see her. Sophia at once objects and tells him that Marcello of sure has not killed Channing. Cruz says that Marcello has not done so many things which then turned out that he has done.

Ted stops writing and goes to see Jackie. She also has stopped and tells him that while writing she was all of a sudden sure that he no more will be able to read the letter. She wants to go home and thanks him in being such a good friend to her.

Marcello is joking with Kelly about swans who tried to catch his feet. Kelly asks him if she ever will get again the trust she is having in him towards other men also. She can't imagine a life alone. Marcello softly tells her that it will come one day. It will take some time but he wishes it for her. Joe also would like to see her happy.

Sophia tells Cruz that Marcello loves her and he would never hurt her by killing her son whom he not even knows. Cruz excuses himself saying he does not suspect Marcello he only was thinking out loud. Eden embraces her softly with much understanding and Sophia thanks Cruz for his information and goes.

Eden asks Cruz if he wants to phone to Marcello. She knows that he is with Kelly on their boat. Cruz tells her that in this case they both go and see the doctor together.

Dr. Renfro comes to see Amy. Brick lets him into the house but tells him that Amy is just on a shopping tour. Renfro tells him that he wanted to bring her the good news that they need not to get the baby via operation but the best would be to get it soon by artificial labours. Friday would be a good day to do it. Brick tells him that he does not know if they are back till then as he wanted to make a journey for some days. Renfro gets excited and Brick tells him there are other doctors and hospitals he anyway always is telling her horror stories on what can happen. Renfro wants to wait for Amy but Brick guides him out telling him that he just wanted to go and he will inform Amy.

Gina comes down the staircase getting frightened by Mason who was waiting in a hiding place for her. He asks her to come to see him in ten minutes in the State Street Bar he has something important to tell her to save her marriage. Gina tells him that she will not come and guides him out of the door.

CC is shocked to see Mason and hopes that he did not overhear their talk. He tells Ross that he can use the one Million in case he is in need for paying the witnesses to talk in their favour or to leave the country for a while. He should be carefully as he does not like to lose a case specially not against his son.

Eden and Cruz come into the room under the deck of the yacht. Kelly tells them that they have luck they just wanted to go to the beach. Eden tells Kelly that she finds it nice to see her so happy. They serve a lemonade to all and Marcello is giving a toast for the engaged couple. Cruz says that he drinks for a good weather on the 20th. Marcello could not hide his surprise. Kelly asks him if the date is not alright. Marcello says of course he only had the intention to give a yacht party for the family on 20th of course only when CC agrees to it. Kelly finds this a great idea. They start discussing where they should marry and Eden suggests finally the Orient Express restaurant.

When shortly aside with Marcello Cruz asks him if he can come to see him for a short time he has to clear up some passport matter. Marcello agrees but is obviously feeling uncomfortable.

Gina is on the way to meet Mason. She worries about CC in case he finds out. She takes a pill and gets observed by Brandon who is playing. She shouts to him in spying behind her. Brandon asks her why she has taken the pill. Gina tells him that she is having headache that's all and realising how rough she is to Brandon all the time she softly tells him that she has to go somewhere but will play with him afterwards.

CC comes in search for Gina. She tells him that she has to go to see her doctor for some examinations. CC wants to know what Mason wanted. She says that he is always telling the same so she is no more listening to him. All she wants is that he wins the case against him.

Kelly is playfully talking to Marcello and is just on taking his suitcase with the bomb when he shouts to her not to touch. Kelly wonders what happened to him in getting so much excited. Marcello tells her that he is somehow irritable because of the mistrust Eden is showing all the time against him and it must be because of his German background that he is still having the feeling that a man should carry his suitcase alone.

Warren, Cruz and Mason are drinking for their victory. Mason softens their enthusiasm by telling them that CC will now start fighting against them as personal enemies the luck they are having is that as has been CC's lawyer once he knows how he is proceeding. Gina meanwhile is taking place at another table.

Mason moving over to Gina's table more than direct is making Gina the offer to get intimate with him. Gina laughs taking it as a good joke asking him what he really wants.

Eden is afraid that Cruz is visiting Marcello alone. Cruz coolly goes on collecting names of nurses and doctors from Eden.

Warren and Maggie wonder what Gina is making here alone. Maggie starts talking about her husband but notices that Warren is thinking only on his own feelings towards her. Warren invites her to the party for the opening of the Orient Express he will be there for work. She informs him that Cruz also has already engaged her for being there.

Marcello is sitting over his open suitcase when the door bell rings. He quickly closes the suitcase and hides it in the cupboard. It is Cruz. Marcello invites him in and Cruz tells to an unseen person to wait for him.

Jackie and Ted are back. Brick busy with his own travel preparations is telling her by the way that she has got some phones from the Navy. They wanted to talk to her about the funeral of Larry.

Cruz tells Marcello that according to his passport what he is holding in his hands he has travelled quite a lot. But it is only four years old and is giving no information about the past years.He then is getting very directly. By reading out the names Eden has given to him he pretends that these persons have seen him while he has delivered Sophia in the hospital in Alaska. He asks Marcello what he wanted at the party of Channing. Marcello says that this is laughable if he would have been there somebody must have seen him. Cruz tells him that he is having outside the door an old servant who is working over fifteen years at the Capwells and he has seen him by then and recognised him when he was visiting Kelly. Marcello tells him that he is only making a show. Cruz asks him if he should call in the servant. Marcello tells him no not necessary, yes he has been there. Cruz goes out of the door and shows Marcello that he really was making a show but now he wants to know truthfully from him what he has done there and why he lied.

Mason shamelessly tells Gina that he has found her negative pregnancy test and was hearing her shouts for help behind the curtain. She should have considered the age of CC before telling this lie. She tells him that he would be the last person he would take as a replacement. Mason informs her that his father is having a special blood group which he as his son also is having and he is sure she will soon come and ask him to do it.

Lionel tries to pass Brick who is just coming out of the Lockridge mansion. With some praise on how he is a nice fellow Brick lets him finally in. Augusta is in search of her toilet articles on the floor. Lionel comes into her room with a big parcel.

Eden organizes the party for the inauguration of her Orient Express restaurant. Cruz prefers her on his side in the bed.

Sophia wakes up with a night mare. All of a sudden the face she has seen in the mirror changes from Lionel to Marcello.

Gina meets Mason in the bar and wants to know more about the blood groups. She is mad against him as now she can't sleep anymore. Mason very coolly asks her to take up some letters he is dictating to her as she has been once a top secretary. She should type it out at home and bring it back for signing.

Julia has come back from her jogging and is going on to make some body building in the living room. Lionel approaches her asking to look for Augusta who helplessly is searching something. Julia finally agrees and on seeing Augusta searching around she is helping her back to sit on her bed. Augusta is depressed and in fear that she will never see again. Julia tells her that there is something which will cheer her up. She takes the parcel out of Lionel's hand and opens it. It is a mink. Augusta is very happy and asks Julia who has sent it to her. Julia takes out a card reading out "Only a woman can be more beautiful than a mink and this woman are you". Augusta wonders who could have sent this to her and tells Julia that this could only be Stanfield, he always was making to her such costly gifts.

Stanfield is very excited on the phone. He wants to know what this means that Amy is not there. He has to find her immediately and bring her to the hospital. He has to deliver the baby in time.

Cruz and Eden are taking breakfast in the State Street Bar. Sophia is joining them. Cruz informs her that Marcello really has been here six years ago and at the party. He has confessed it to him. Sophia is starting to fear Marcello and thinks it possible that he has been the person in the mirror. Cruz tells that a possible motive could be that Marcello wanted to take away that what CC loves most.

Mason gives instruction for the evening. He wants to have a beautiful hotel room with imported caviar and so on. Gina tells him how much she hates him. Mason asks her when she wants to meet him. Gina tells she will be there about 7 o'clock.

Brick is on the way and phones to a friend informing that he will be soon there but nobody should get to know it.

Stanfield is the more upset to hear that neither the mother nor the sister knows where Brick and Amy have gone. Stanfield tells him that he has to find them otherwise he will get to feel the cling of the boss. He has to deliver the baby in time.

Marcello comes into the bar and see all the three sitting there. He is overhearing some of their talk and goes out again. Mason is watching his strange behaviour.

Cruz continues saying that this has been maybe his revenge and therefore he could easily forgive CC now. But maybe he is still longing for some revenge. Cruz move over to Mason and Eden tells Sophia that they both are happy that she is coming to their marriage. She feels now somehow sorry that she was treating her so badly at the beginning but wants to make it good by trying to get close to each others.

Cruz talks to Mason about his lost mother whom they were not able to find. Mason informs him that he has seen Marcello coming in and going out again.

Cruz informs Eden and Sophia what Mason has told him about Marcello. He asks Sophia to be careful and be not too close to Marcello in the next time. Sophia tells him that she will try to avoid him.

Augusta talks with the doctor. He can't promise to her that she will see again but is only optimistic. Lionel wants to know from Julia what the doctor has told. Julia tells him that it was not so good as she was hoping. Lionel tells Julia that he will move in again and wants that Augusta should not know about. Julia asks him how he thinks to live here. Augusta is blind but she is not unconscious. He tells her that the person taking care of Augusta will have to warn him whenever she is coming down.

Gina soon is back with the letters to Mason's satisfaction. Gina wants to know what makes it sure that he is not going to tell it around afterwards. Mason assures her that this he would never do as his father would kill him on the spot.

Sophia gets into the elevator and is shocked when Marcello jumps on her side. Marcello tells her that he wants her to invite. They have not seen each other for a long time and he wants her to invite at 7 o'clock in the evening. Sophia tells him sternly that she is having no time but Marcello tells her that he will come and fetch her. She will have at least half an hour for him.

Gina comes nicely dressed to the bar. Mason is also wearing a good suit. She is very sharp but he wants her to be nice to him and relaxed telling her from his side how beautiful she is.

Eden and Cruz are just on going when Sophia visits them on the yacht. She tells them about Marcello and that she is not able to say no to his invitation. Cruz invites her to stay at the boat while they are having to do some urgent work.

Sophia takes the receiver and starts to dial when Marcello unasked enters the room. She gets a deep shock on seeing him all of a sudden.

Lionel comes with two little suitcases. He tells Julia since he is here now and Minx as well as Laken are taking care of Augusta he finds she can move out again. Julia tells him that the air is doing her good and she has no intention to move out specially as Augusta wants her to have her on her side.

Mason is satisfied with the room, the bed sheet and wants her to dress herself with a black sexy underwear he has bought for her. She dislikes it also that he wants to have the light on.

Marcello tells Sophia that he feels sorry in having frightened her. Sophia asks him how he has found her. He replies by following her. She avoids him and he wants to talk to her. He wants to tell her some things she should know about the past. He has been here six years ago and he has seen her in the corridor as Dominic shortly after Channing was killed. She was in a deep shock and he has brought her to the hospital in Alaska. But as he sees she knows already all this. She asks him why he is telling her this only now when he knows that she knows already. Why he has not told her before. Now she fears that he is misusing her and Kelly just for his revenge as she knows that he has not really forgiven CC. Marcello tells her that he feels hurt as it seems she is conspiring against him while he only was protecting and helping her and now it seems he has lost the person whom he loved in his way and who was giving to him the feeling of a true family. He wants to know if Cruz is now suspecting him as the murderer of Channing and if CC knows about. Sophia tells him that she does not know what the police suspects and CC is not informed which gave some relief to Marcello.

Mason lies on the bed and asks her to start with undressing him and telling him some nice words like how she is longing for him. Without feeling Gina starts her job and mechanically is telling him what he asks her to say telling him that she is feeling like having sold her soul to the devil. Mason thinks it very exciting to have an affair with the wife of his father but before they start he wants to talk some other thing with her. He wants her to make him the trustee of the foundation CC was founding for Brandon. It should be kept as their secret. Gina is surprised to hear of such a foundation. He then starts kissing her.

See a photo of Julia!

Cruz is waiting at the elevator of the Capwell hotel for Eden. Santana comes and wants to talk to him. She tells him that she knows now who is on his list but wants to know who Marcello is. Cruz harshly tells her that this is police work as she knows and she should stop her own investigations. Santana upset says no. Eden comes ending their conversation.

Kelly tells Ted that she is very excited as this is the first party since Joe. Ted tells her that he thinks he will not go. Laken goes with Mark her new friend, Jade is also occupied. He asks her if she wants to go with him. Kelly says, sorry she goes with Marcello. Ted smiles he gets an idea.

Marcello mentions that his dress coat is getting ready in time. Sophia hears Cruz's argument on Marcello's possible motive. She finds he should better not go with Kelly. Marcello tells her that will be a good possibility for her to get again in contact with people. Sophia hints that he might need already Kelly as much as she him. Marcello tells her that the only reason he wants to go to this party is to have some fun. Sophia says sorry. Marcello asks her if she still believes that he could have something to do with Channing. He asks her to look into his eyes and believe him that he has absolutely nothing to do with the murder on Channing. Sophia tells him that she believes him. Marcello takes the phone. It is Ted who invites Sophia to her delight to go with him to the party.

Nick asks Eden and Cruz if he gets now the job as a photographer. Eden gives him the job and proceeds. The courier is already there standing at the place of the band overhearing the talk of Nick who warns Cruz to take care of Kelly. Cruz says they have made all kinds of security arrangements for her as he does not want to take any risk. The courier controls her pistol saying to herself that they will get some surprise.

Cruz meets Maggie and they discuss the security matter. She should keep an eye on Kelly as well on Marcello. She wonders if he is not expecting too much from her but Cruz smiles it away asking her not to come with her uniform.

Eden is much engaged in organising everything. Warren drops in and asks her at what time he should come. Eden tells him a time and he proceeds to Maggie and offers to fetch her at home.

Santana meets Mason in his bar office and wants to find out about Marcello and Lindsay. Mason gives her some information on Marcello but gets up and is not willing to tell her something about Lindsay. Only that he is a lawyer in the city and a friend of Channing.

Eden asks Kelly not to go with Marcello to the party. Kelly is not entering any discussion concerning Marcello and Eden gives up. They then start joking about their first party. The door bell rings and both run quickly up to their rooms to get ready. Ted opens it is Sophia and Marcello. The next is Cruz. Marcello asks him if he is on duty or comes for enjoyment. Cruz tells him for both but he hopes it will be more for enjoyment. Ted goes to fetch the ladies and Sophia excuses herself.

Cruz asks Marcello where he has been at the time when the tunnel exploded. Marcello tells him exact timings. He heard about in the radio which interrupted their sending for the news. On hearing the name Capwell he drove quickly to the mansion and this has taken him about 20 minutes. Cruz thanks him telling him that he has helped him very much.

The others come down and all are gathered. The door bell goes and Kelly opens. It is Nick informing her that her driver is waiting. Marcello coming behind Kelly tells him that he is already going with Kelly. Nick excuses himself and hopes for a dance with her.

Warren wonders why Maggie is looking into the emergency call box on their way into Eden's restaurant. If she is expecting a bomb somewhere. He wonders if she is wearing under her coat a bullet proof jacket. She takes off her coat and asks him to close his mouth when noticing his positive surprise.

Warren gives some money to the band leader and asks him to play a song he knows that Maggie loves and on his sign the band starts playing and Warren dances with Maggie before the party officially starts.

All are waiting only for CC. Mason comes alone and meets Santana who also comes alone. He offers to be her company but she is not entering his offer. Finally CC comes with Gina. Mason looks discretely away but the moment Eden fetches CC for cutting the band he offers to her a drink and ask her if she is having the papers with her. She says no but he smiles and tells her that he has brought a copy for signing. She throws her cocktail into his face and goes. Mason takes a handkerchief and starts cleaning not impressed by her outburst.

Nick meets Kelly. He again asks her to be careful especially at this party. She does not like to hear this and Nick calms her down by quickly offering a dance to her. Kelly agrees but Eden comes between asking Nick to come to make some photos from the mayor.

Marcello is standing with Sophia at the plates of cold cuts. CC joins them joking that she still loves the same things to eat. Marcello mentions the change in the music and asks them if they also don't want to dance. CC gladly offers a dance to Sophia. When seeing them dancing together a lot of eyes starts resting on them. Kelly happy asks Ted to look. Ted thinks that Gina might get jealous on seeing them dancing. A swearword escapes Gina's mouth.

Ted offers a dance to Laken but she rejects politely. Mark her friend notices him and starts provoking him. Ted keeps quiet for a long time and tries to escape. But Mark is in fighting mood and Ted finally calls him an idiot. Mark uses his fist and a hot fight is starting. Sophia tells CC that it is their Ted and CC runs and separates them. He demands from Ted to excuse himself but Ted tells him that he will not do this as he has started and goes out.

Gina works herself close to Sophia and asks her what she thinks in dancing with CC. All know that she is trying to get back CC. She knows all about her and how she got rid of Pamela but this she will not be able to do with her.

Sophia goes behind Ted and brings him back by asking to dance with her. Ted gives in but has to look all the time over to Laken telling her that he can't bear it to see Laken dancing with this fellow and goes.

Mason is offering Santana a dance. While dancing she asks him if he cannot arrange it for her that she is getting a dance with Marcello. Mason tells her that this should be no problem. He dances with her till they get close to Marcello and Kelly asking Kelly to change her partner to accept according to old customs a dance with her brother. He also quickly introduces Santana to Marcello and the change is taking place.

Santana first politely exchanges some nice words about Italy till she directly tells him that he is also one of the persons who are standing on Cruz's list in relation to the murder on Channing. She is an old friend of Channing. Marcello tells her that the list is leaving him cold and he is having no interest in continuing this conversation and stops dancing with her.

Gina tells CC that she would like to go home and have a nice time with him alone. CC on seeing Sophia asks her to excuse him but he wants to talk to Sophia some words. He goes over to Sophia and starts dancing with her.

Gina is upset and helpless. Mason takes her quickly for a dance and tells her that she should be more generous with CC. Sophia is at least the mother of four of his children. Gina tells him he should dance and not talk then getting desperate and soft to him she asks what she should do. He tells her that she knows what to do. She says yes, but he should give her some time.

Cruz offers Santana a dance and tells her that he has seen that she was dancing with Marcello. She should stop such nonsense this man is dangerous. She amused puts some question to him concerning Marcello to which he politely replies by telling her how beautiful she is.

CC is obviously very much attracted by Sophia. He says sorry to her that he might have been not such a good husband all the time. Sophia tells him that she also was not always properly caring for him and they should forget the past. CC tells her that he hopes that they get friends again and she will stay in Santa Barbara.

Kelly is a little depressed standing alone at the plates of cold cuts in the separate room. Marcello comes and sees that she is not well. He asks her if she would mind when he goes for a short time to make a phone. She says it's ok. The courier on seeing her standing alone in the room takes position with the revolver behind a curtain but Maggie taking care for Kelly steps between. Kelly tells Maggie that she wants to go home and goes out.

Marcello steps into the elevator taking a chair along. He drives up and stops the elevator. Then climbs up with the help of the chair and takes one of the lampshades away. Kelly just comes a second too late to get into the same elevator and takes the other one. Maggie is coming a second too late to get into Kelly's elevator and runs down the staircase. The courier comes behind Maggie and runs also down the staircase to catch the elevator at another level. Some nuns are joining Kelly at the next level. When the courier wants to get in she sees the nuns and tries to reach Kelly at another level alone but when Kelly gets out Maggie is already there.

Kelly tells Maggie that she wanted to talk with Marcello but then a strange thing happened the elevator stopped between two levels. Maggie tells her that she also has observed this and that after the elevator stopped it went straight into the cellar and did no more come back. Just when she mentions it the elevator comes back. Maggie stops it. It is empty. Kelly tells her that in this case he must be still in the cellar and wants to join Maggie but Maggie sends her back to the party and goes down by herself alone. The courier makes her way up.

Kelly meets Nick who asks her again to be careful. Kelly gets upset and tells him that she can take care for herself and does not need them. Nick calms her quickly down by offering her a dance. The courier comes and Eden asks her where she has been. She is responsible for the music and now she wants to see what she is able to bring up.

Marcello is measuring and marking the ground as if he is taking measure of the fuse up to the elevator. He hears Maggie coming and hides himself behind some shelves. Maggie searches around and when she shows him for a short moment her back Marcello jumps into the elevator and drives unseen away while Maggie quickly runs up the steps.

Mark is drunken and tells Laken that she can go if she is still pondering only over Ted. Laken asks Jade if she wants to join her but she tells her that the party only started. Ted is just in the elevator and Laken steps next to him. Ted asks if he should bring her home and Laken agrees.

The music gets more passionate and Eden gives with Cruz a solo like on Kelly's marriage. The light is getting darker. All are standing around clapping their hands. Mason presses the hand of the unhappy Gina and she signals back. The courier works herself up to the level of Kelly by passing the outside the circle of the people while Nick is constantly taking photos in the round. He then notices that Kelly is in danger and shouts to her that she should take care behind her.

Ted is not bringing Laken directly home as promised but stops at the beach takes the key and gets out of the car.

Nick gets with quick steps behind the killer-courier and throws the revolver out of her hand. She runs out hides behind a corner and takes another weapon out of her shoe and a heavy fight starts. She knocks him down to the ground and runs up the staircase to the roof. Nick soon recovers and is behind her.

The solo performance of Eden and Cruz is ending. Kelly did not notice anything what happened behind with the Nick and the killer-courier. Cruz meets Maggie and she shortly informs him that she was following Marcello into the cellar but then all of a sudden he was no more there she wonders where he is now and why he left the party. Cruz notices that Marcello is with them in the party.

Mark tells his friends that he wants to shift the party to his house. He asks Jade if she wants to come along with them or stay. Jade decides not very joyfully to come along with them.

Nick reaches the killer lady. He shouts to her that she is having no chance the house is surrounded by the police and they are here at once. She pushes him again to the side and rushes up and out to open roof.

Santana dances with CC while Gina is taking again a pill. Mason notices her and gives her a key for a room so that she can go alone and unnoticed. According to this talk it seems that last time their affair did not end where it normally ends. Mason wants first her to sign the papers which makes him the trustee of Brandon's foundation.

Mason goes ahead to the elevator and Santana slips on his side.

Marcello is playing around in the switch box of the elevator which comes to a stop. Cruz asks Marcello what he is doing here. He tells Cruz that it has become so warm and he wanted to look at the air-conditioning system. Cruz says but this is the switch box of the elevator and this he knows. Marcello excuses himself saying what a mistake he will go and look for an engineer to make the air-conditioning all right.

Mason phones to the caretakers of the hotel informing them that they are stuck up in the elevator around the fifth level. Santana is asking him if his lady is already waiting in the room for him making some bad remarks on him and his intrigues till Mason tells her that it is enough. She then starts again with Channing.

Gina takes the other elevator and goes into the room wondering where Mason is.

Jade is upset about Mark and the way he drives drunken and drinking more and more while driving. She asks him to stop. She gets out. The other boys tell her if she really wants to stay here it is one of the worst part of the city. Jade says this is better then to die on the street.

Santana stings in a wound of Mason and he tells her that Channing has not been the person she thought he was. He asks her when Channing loved her so much then why did he give away their baby he would never have done such a thing to her. He asks her where Channing has been when she got her baby. If he has been on her side. Santana says he has been on the university. Mason says no he was busy with other things and he knows where he has been but as the saying goes a picture is showing more than words. He asks her to be at home and make some popcorn ready he will show to her a video tonight which will open to her the eyes and make her see who Channing really was.

Gina thinks that it is again one of the bad games of Mason and he will not come. She will no more enter in one of his games so quickly and runs out of the room.

The engineers are coming and bringing the elevator again to run.

The killer lady is hiding herself holding a board in her hand. Nick comes up and she hits him from the back. Nick recovers quickly and tells her that it is finish she can't escape. She stands on the border of the roof. Down is the street. She tells him that she has something more waiting for him.

Santana is meeting Gina. Gina is telling her that she knows what she wants. She wants everything what she is having and she is not having but CC is her husband now. Santana tells her that she is having no intention to take away CC. Gina says that this is interesting to hear because this is what Sophia also told her and now she should look what she is doing.

Sophia is giving out toasts on Eden and Cruz and the whole family including CC is standing around very happy listening to her. Eden misses Nick for getting photos. Nobody has seen him.

Jade phones at home but nobody is there. She sits down and does not know what to do. A girl in her age is approaching her very friendly. Her name is Christy. She starts talking about all and sundry admiring Jade's name her dress and so on. She asks her if she is waiting for a car. Jade asks her if she has one. Christy says no she is always hitch-hiking that is the cheapest way of travelling they can hitchhike together. Jade tells her that she is having only one problem, there are no cars around. Christy takes her to a more frequent street.

Laken gets out of the car and sits down next to Ted at the beach. Slowly they start talking to each other.

Nick asks the killer lady why Kelly. She tells him it was a mistake from him to interfere. A fight on life and death started. She nearly managed to throw him on the street. Finally he pushes her through the big glass window high on the top of the Orient Express Restaurant. The people burst out of the way when she crashes on the floor.

Chaos. Shoutings. Cruz examines her and states that she is dead.

Mason meets Gina and tells her that he was stuck up in the elevator but she is not believing him.

Christy is talking with Jade about her approach to boys while hitchhiking. Laken and Ted are on the way back and stop on seeing Jade. Jade invites Christy who is having no place to stay to come along with her and stay with her.

Maggie brings Nick in handcuffs informing that she has found this man up. Nick bursts out to Cruz that this is the lady from the park which tried to kill Kelly. She had a revolver with a silencer and wanted to shoot Kelly. Cruz looked doubtful at him asking him where the revolver is. Nick tells him that he hit it out of her hand and it must have fallen under one of the tables. Maggie goes and comes back with the weapon making them somehow speechless. Nick shows at his handcuffs asking Cruz what's now with these. He acted in self-defence otherwise she would have killed him as she was armed. Cruz asks Maggie to open the handcuffs and take everything to protocol. First of all they have to find out who this lady is. Nick tells him that this will be difficult for them as she is a professional killer. Cruz wants to know how he knows this. Nick says that he has asked her why Kelly and she told him that she does not know.

All are shocked. Cruz asks CC to bring Kelly in safety he will send guards. Eden states to Cruz that Nick has saved the life of Kelly. The whole family rushes to the mansion.

Nick is knocking on the door of the mansion. CC opens him surprised saying he knows who he is asking what he wants. Nick asks for Kelly he would like to see if she is well. CC says that he is very thankful to him for what he has done but Kelly has gone now for rest. Marcello asks him from the background to come and see her the next day. Nick wants them to tell her that he is there for her. The door closes behind a surprised Nick saying to himself, never mind guys I only saved her life.

Cruz gets a phone which confirms what Nick has told him. The lady was a professional killer and one of the best. Eden asks him what this means. Cruz says that this means her instruction was to kill Kelly, but why Kelly they wonder?

Mason on not getting any reply from Santana opens her apartment with the key he is still having. He puts the video tape into her video recorder and wonders where Santana is.

Eden and Cruz are waking up. Somebody knocks at the door. Cruz gets up. It is Nick. He comes in and tells Cruz that he does not think that this can have to do something with the carnation killer as somebody mentioned. Nick gets aware that Eden is lying in the bed and is excusing himself in coming at the wrong time. Cruz says no they should discuss the matter. Cruz jokes and asks him how it comes that after Vietnam and when he left them he comes in such a situation like with Kelly. He thought he wanted to make only pictures of children.

Mason wakes up still in his dinner jacket on the sofa in Santana's apartment. Santana is just on coming in and at once asking him to go. He offers her some boiled eggs adding at once that he already has eaten the last one when waiting for her. She asks him how he could be here after all the terrible happenings with Kelly. She has been in the Capwell mansion the whole night helping to keep away the reporters. If it really is true that he knew this lady. Mason says yes, she came once to Kelly's apartment. He goes over to the video recorder and turns it on asking her to sit down and watch.

Kelly wakes up with a nightmare by dreaming the whole situation with the lady killer again. Marcello is at once on her side taking her in his arms telling her that everything is past. She wonders why she should die.

Parker is reading the news paper aloud relieved that they could not yet identify the dead person. He makes a remark to Stanfield that Nick Hartley is another name they will have to keep in mind. Stanfield is very nervous and upset. He mentions that Kelly has seen him and she will remember the situation and lead the police directly to this house. Parker tells him that this has been clear to him at once and he has undertaken all steps the real problem is only he as all the world knows that Stanfield Lee is at the moment in Europe and Kelly has seen him here.

Mason mentions to Santana that she has to look at the screen in order to see the truth why she is looking away. He stops the tape while talking with her. She replies that he surely has faked something in order to hurt why he is not going and showing it to his father. Mason says that it was originally meant for him but then since the tunnel explosion he has noticed why CC is like he is. He was celebrated as a hero after coming back from the war while knowing that he was not at all a hero and all what he built up was built up on the blood of other people who died for him.

Cruz and Nick are putting questions to Kelly. CC is not happy about but Kelly asks him not to worry. Kelly tells Cruz all about what happened in the park and the name the lady killer has told her at. Nick asks her if there has nothing strange happened to her before she met her in the park. Kelly all of a sudden can remember the cover in her suitcase and she tells them how she brought it back to Parker Simonson a good looking man who thought her to be a courier and was talking about a payment. And then another good looking man with a moustache came into the room in search of cigarettes. He looked like a politician or a moderator. She could go with them and show the house. Cruz agrees while CC does not like her to go. Kelly tells him that nothing will happen. She requests Cruz to take Nick along as he is also involved. CC wants to look for Gina while Sophia and Eden are also on going.

Sophia and Eden are saying good bye to each other. Eden tells her that she worries about her marriage. Somehow she wonders if it will really take place. She is having all of a sudden such a strange feeling. Sophia tries to take her mind off these thing by telling her some worries she once was having which turned out not to be true. All of a sudden Eden feels very close to Sophia happy to have her mother back.

Santana gets up and stops the video before the pictures start. She asks Mason to go and leave the video tape to her she has not yet decided what she will do. He can later come and fetch it again. Mason goes but sits down on the step before her door waiting and listening.

Marcello is standing at the elevators. One is out of order. Eden is coming surrounded by a heap of reporters who are putting questions to her. Eden tries to use it for making advertisement for her restaurant but the reporters are only interested in yesterday's incident. One is asking her if she still is having the intention to marry in the restaurant or if she thinks that this place is now somehow haunted. Marcello in the background is eagerly waiting for her answer. Eden says yes, why not she is not having any intention to change her plans and this would be also not fair against her fiancee. Laughter in approving her words from the side of the reporters. Marcello nods relieved and vanishes to the cellar.

Cruz looks into the house which Kelly shows to them and says that all looks empty and dusty. Kelly says that this can't be as she is quite sure that this is the house and by then it was furnished. A man approaches them introducing himself as a real estate agent asking if they are the Hamiltons who want to look at the house. He asks them if they would not like to see the house from inside as they are already here. Cruz agrees and they go inside. It looks as if since a long time nobody was staying there. The estate agent is strengthening their impression by telling that it is standing alone already since a long time pointing at the webs hanging all around.

Santana comes out from her bathroom. She puts in the video and sits down. A world is breaking down for her and a stream of tears are flowing over her cheeks while Mason is listening at the door holding one hand over his eyes as if she would come out any moment to beat him.

Kelly insists that she is not getting the house wrong with another one. Cruz and Nick are gliding with their fingers over the door frame. A thick layer of dust is there. They agree that it is real dust. Kelly is not impressed she tells Nick that he as a photographer must know that one can easily create dust and spider webs. Then she asks Cruz to go and examine the whole house. Cruz tells her that he can't do it without having an order for it. Nick turns to her and tells her that this might also only a dead end street. They don't even know if the people from the house are having something to do with the happenings from yesterday. Cruz asks the estate agent to leave them alone for a while. Cruz tells her that it's not important at all if the house is the house or not. She should think better how this cover has come into her luggage. Kelly think over and all of a sudden she can remember the lady who has the same suitcase as she is having at the airport and that this lady was the same she met in the park and died yesterday. Cruz tells her ok she can tell him the rest in the car.

The real estate man is coming out of his hidden place and on seeing them leaving he phones and says that the house is sold, they have been very satisfied with it and they will no more come back.

Marcello is actively working in the cellar. Some engineers are coming and he quickly hides himself.

Mason slowly comes in and tells her that she of sure will hate him now. All of a sudden he notices that she has thrown the tape into the fire and he quickly takes it out. Santana comes with a big knife and asks him to throw at once the video tape again into the fire it's all a lie nothing true. Mason gives her to read the letter.

Eden comes in carefully carrying her marriage dress that it should not get crumpled. CC shouts from the background for Kelly, if she is back. Eden quickly puts carelessly her dress on the sofa. CC finds it and asks her if it will not crumple in this way. Eden appears absent minded and says yes. CC finds she should look more happy if she is going to marry so soon or if she better likes to postpone it. Eden says firmly no, she does not want to postpone.

Kelly, Nick and Cruz are back. Eden asks Kelly for some help in the room. Kelly asks Cruz how long it might take till they will find out who this lady is. Cruz says that they are having a long list of her wrong names but don't know how her real name is. Kelly suggest to him to check up the passenger list of her plane on that day. Cruz tells her that his people are already doing this. Nick asks him what they can do now. Cruz says they have to wait till they have found something out. Nick adds or they show themselves up again.

Stanfield tells Parker that she has already remembered the house next she will remember him. He should phone. Parker phones and gives the order for the same address as last time, Kelly Perkins. The last order was not fulfilled as they know already. It has nothing to do with their search for Amy Perkins it is something different, her name is Kelly Capwell Perkins.

Marcello is writing on something. Somebody knocks and he quickly hides the paper under his suitcase. It is Sophia asking him to go for a ride with her to get again closer after having seen themselves not for a long time. Marcello agrees he only will change his dress. Sophia sits down and sees the hidden paper. She tries to take it but Marcello is already finished stopping her attempt.

Santana again threatens Mason to throw the video tape into the fire. Mason gives in and burns it. Now she wants to have the letter also. He tells her that there are copies existing. She tells him that she wants to have everything. Mason tells her that even she is destroying everything she cannot destroy the living proof and that is his lover.

Eden looks into the mirror while holding her marriage dress. Cruz comes in. She asks him very excited to go out and throws quickly the dress on the bed. Cruz innocently tells her that his hands are clean. Eden gives up and asks him if he never has heard something about that the groom never should see the dress of the bride before the marriage otherwise it means bad luck. Cruz asks her since when she is believing in such things. Eden tells him since the morning. She is having a very strange feeling that something horrible is going to happen.

Sophia is asking Marcello if he can't show her the file he has made once ready concerning the fusion of Capwell enterprises and Armonti. Why he is not taking it along with them then explain all to her in the car so she will not have to study it. Marcello goes and Sophia quickly drags out fully the paper on which Marcello was working. It is written in German or in Dutch and she can't read anything. On the top there is a date: 20.5.1944. She repeats 20th May, 20th May that's the day when Eden and Cruz are going to marry.

Stanfield is sitting and smoking in his room. He is talking to Parker over a kind of video phone. Parker tells him to stop smoking. Stanfield tells him that this will be his last cigarette for month and he is meeting the president only in about one hour and up to then he has taken a shower, fresh underwear and so on and nothing can be noticed.

The Killer is fixing Kelly with the cross of his gun behind her window. He can't catch her as she disappears to the inside of the room where Marcello is standing.

Marcello tells Kelly that her father is right she are only safe if she stays in the mansion. Kelly thinks it is nonsense. One cannot keep her all the time inside the house like a prisoner. She does not know what to do. All are so busy with themselves he is the only person to whom she can talk. Marcello asks her what she thinks about if he moves to the mansion. Kelly is happy and find his idea wonderful. Marcello tells her that in this case he will ask her father if it is alright but only for some days.

Cruz is showing Nick the whole mansion and meets Eden. Cruz tells Eden that Nick has got a job from him. He will be his witness to their marriage. He was searching for his brother but could not find him so he is taking him.

Nick is coming in with Cruz to Kelly. Kelly thanks Nick for saving her life and introduces him to Marcello. Cruz asks Kelly to come over to him as they are in a hurry. He will show her pictures of criminals. If she can recognise any similarity of a nose or eyes all will help. Kelly is not very concentrated. She says that she never can recognise a person from a picture. Cruz by clicking around starts listening to the news with Nick while Marcello says good bye to Kelly. The news report about Stanfield Lee who is coming from Europe after having a break for about one week in New Stailand to Santa Barbara. Kelly recognises Stanfield Lee. Excited she tells them that this is the man to whom she has given the cigarettes which were falling to the ground. She is quite sure about. They decide to go to the airport and see Lee's reaction on seeing her.

The doctor of Augusta is handing Augusta a cane. She is very frustrated. She does not want to run around with a cane getting the feeling to remain blind for ever.. The doctor goes and Lionel is sliding in getting a witness of a fit of rag in desperation Augusta is overpowering. Julia comes and embraces her and tries to calm her down before she goes on destroying things.

Sophia is sitting with Eden together helping her to arrange her marriage meal. They are in big harmony. Sophia is asking where Rosa is. Eden tells her that she went to fetch Carmen (Cruz's mother). Sophia asks her how she is understanding herself with her future mother in law. Eden says they are understanding themselves wonderful as long as they have nothing to do together. The both start laughing.

Gina comes and ask what here is going on. Eden tells her that she won't believe it but they are laughing. Sophia adds that they are just arranging the marriage dinner. Gina gets very upset and tells them that this is her house and here she is making the rules why she did not come to her to arrange it with her. Eden tells her that she wanted to do but she was sleeping and so they started. A quarrel started between Eden and Gina in which Eden made it clear that this is her party and her marriage. CC comes between but Sophia calms him telling there was only a little disagreement about the dinner. CC tells Gina that he has something to do in the office and will be back soon. Sophia reminds him to be back at Eden's dinner party.

Gina asks Sophia why she stares at her. Sophia says, sorry she did not know that she is not feeling so well. Gina tells her that she only will feel well when she is out of the house. Sophia tells her that can be easily done and asks Marcello if he is ready and they are going.

Gina sees Kelly in her coat ready to go with Cruz and Nick. She tells her that she can't do this in a very demanding voice. Cruz coolly asks her to inform CC they are with Kelly and everything is alright. Gina is shocked about her own outburst.

The phone rings and Gina takes. It is Mason asking her to come. He has arranged a room in a cheap hotel. Not so nice but it will do. Gina tells him that there is no time as today is this marriage party. Masons find she will find ten minutes otherwise he will make a phone to CC. Gina at once says she will be with him in ten minutes.

Augusta is telling Julia the problem she is having. She needs a man. Without a man she does not feel the life worth to life. Julia can't understand her problem properly. She can do it quite well alone. Augusta tells her that then she can't understand that she needs a man who is telling her how wonderful she is and such things. Lionel could do this so wonderful. She needs this for her self-esteem. A man who is admiring her like Stanfield Lee was giving her so much.

Gina asks Brandon to go on painting till Rosa is coming and in case he has to tell her something then he can phone to this number. She puts the number under the phone and takes again a pill putting some into her handbag. Brandon asks her why she is taking the pill and she tells him it is good for her headache. Brandon promises to stay and paint but is watching her with interest where she is placing the big tin of pills.

Brandon takes his glass with milk and goes over to the cupboard opening the drawer and taking out the pills. He wants to see if he also feels good after taking one like his mama. He takes it and on not feeling something special he is taking one more and one more till he is bored by taking them and nothing feeling specially.

Funny situation on the airport. Nick is holding the coat of Kelly at one side Cruz from the other side. Lee is coming and Kelly gets dragged from one side to another while Nick and Cruz try to get something to see from Lee behind the big crowd of reporters. Lee escapes into the restroom. Kelly slips out of her coat and slides behind Lee into the men's restroom. It takes a time till Cruz and Nick realise that Kelly is no more in her coat and they start to search her while the Killer also has got her out of his eyes and his gun.

Kelly starts to talk to Lee. A bodyguard is informing her that she is not in the women's restroom. Stanfield asks him to go out and take care that nobody is disturbing them it's alright he will talk to her.

Marcello is working hard on his elevator project. With the remote control he is opening and closing the elevator and let it drive in the directions he wants happy that everything is functioning very properly.

Eden gets into the elevator. The hotel boy comes and asks her to take better the stairs because since her brother got stuck up the elevator is no more working properly. Eden does not want to listen to him and gets in surprised to see that the elevator is going down and not up where she has pressed the button. She comes into the cellar and Marcello recognises that somebody is in the elevator only in the last second. Yet he managed to hide himself and Eden goes up again.

Gina comes to Mason and wants to bring it behind her so quick as possible. Mason wants to enjoy it. She does not want him to kiss her to which he agrees.

Brandon is playing with his little plane. It flies out on the roof of the other side. He no more can see everything clear but gets out and climbs to the other roof. He all of a sudden has to lay down on the boarder of this roof behind a chimney.

Rosa is excited. She tells CC that she can't find Brandon. Gina has left him alone and she wonders where he could be. CC gets excited and finds the phone number Gina left for Brandon.

Mason and Gina are already in the bed side by side. Mason asks her to sign when it phones and an excited CC asks Gina to come at once as Brandon is missing. Gina gets up and dresses her quickly again leaving the work unfinished behind. Mason finds it a pity for having paid for the room and invites another woman.

The door bell goes and Lionel opens to the milkman. It is not the same as they usually are having. Lionel gets an idea and asks him if he would like to earn a little bit something in addition. He then introduces him as well as Julia into his plan.

Kelly asks Lee if he has not been one week ago together with a Parker Simonson in search for his cigarettes. Lee tells her that this is not possible as he never smokes and when he comes to Santa Barbara he always stays in the Capwell hotel. Then asking her name he pretends as if he remembers her from former times as the daughter of his friend CC Capwell and says very friendly hello to her. Kelly says sorry for mixing him up and slides out again. Cruz and Nick already desperate in not finding her are happy to see her back. She tells them that she has been wrong he is not the man she saw but he is a friend of CC and was very nice.

Rosa phones quickly to Santana and asks her to help in the search for Brandon.

Julia brings Augusta and introduces her to their new neighbour. He kisses her hand and a funny show starts. Augusta sits down with him asking him if he does not mind that she is blind. Lionel is writing down the replies and Frank is reading them out to Augusta making her very happy. Laken calls Lionel away and asks what he is doing. He tells her that this is only an attempt to bring back to Augusta her self respect and as she sees it works better than he thought.

Gina comes and attacks Rosa of having been late. CC asks her not to accuse Rosa it is her fault of leaving him alone she should go and look for him. Eden comes home and wonders what happens finding it fitting to Gina to do such a thing. CC tells her that it is not the time to fight his grandson is away that is what is only important now. Gina meets Santana and asks her to go but Santana tells her she will not go until she has found her son.

Stanfield Lee is phoning to Parker informing him that Kelly is no danger for them anymore as he could convince her and it will be a greater disadvantage for them in killing her the daughter of a friend of Lee then in keeping her alive. He should give at once the order to call the dogs back. Parker tells him he only can try as he is already on his business.

Kelly is standing with Nick and Cruz at the door of the mansion. The killer is having her in his sight.

Gina is sitting in the room hoping that Brandon will appear when calling for him. Brandon is lying behind the chimney feeling not good and calling with a weak voice for his mom.

Brandon is lying on the roof looking very sick.

Rosa, Santana, Carmen, CC, Gina, Eden are standing around desperate in having not found Brandon. The air is filled with heavy accusations. Eden repeats again and again to Gina that it is her fault. Santana tells Gina if the boy is dead then she does not know what she will do. CC is having all hands to do to calm them down.

Kelly wonders how long it will take till they have found out why she should be killed. Nick tells her that they will find it out soon and she will not have to stay her whole life inside the house. The killer in the background tries to fix her with his gun but Cruz and Nick are moving to and fro so also Kelly and he cannot find his point. Kelly searches in her bag for the house key and the killer finally sights her when his radio set is calling urgently him to reply. For a moment he is not sure if he should first shoot and then reply but then decides to reply. He gets the instruction to stop the order as it has been taken back. He says, ok and to himself that he will get his money in any case. And as if talking to Kelly he says that she does not know what a lucky day she is having this day.

Cruz, Nick and Kelly come in and Kelly wonders what happened to the meal. They get informed about that Brandon is missing. Cruz is taking at once action and asks Nick to see if somebody has entered the house by force he might be kidnapped. Kelly takes Nick along to show him the house. The doorbell rings it is the food for the lunch. Eden tells him sorry but it is not taking place.

CC asks Gina why she has met Mason. What could be so urgent that she left Brandon alone. She tells him that he told her to help her something in relation to Hank after his death. CC tells her that he does not want her to meet or to talk to Mason in future which she promises.

Lionel is entering with a big box on tip toes. A police man is addressing him with a loud voice and he gets frightened. He tells the police officer that before he is making some wrong conclusion on what he has just seen it is his house. The officer only asks him to help in case they have seen the boy Brandon as he is missing. Lionel tells him that he will inform him the moment he is seeing him. Julia comes and he gives her the box for Augusta.

Augusta searches for Julia and Julia sits down with her telling Augusta that she has got again a present from her secret admirer. They pack it out and Julia tells her that it is a very costly and wonderful coat. Augusta is extremely happy. She tells Julia she would love it if she can manage it in letting Lionel know about the interest the world of man is showing to her and that her blindness is no hindrance.

Stanfield Lee is talking with Parker about Kelly and that really everything is ok. He starts even to enjoy his role and he is sure that he enjoys his role more than the real Jack Lee is doing at the moment.

Nick and Kelly check the window in Brandon's room. Nick finds it does not look as if it was opened by force. Kelly tells him that this would be also not possible as Rosa keeps it always open. They go to check up the other rooms.

Lionel is at his job work trying to do his best in selling the mattress with much humour. Mr. Zimmerman is making a TV advertisement. Lionel wants to give him some ideas and takes the microphone talking into the camera some jokes.

Marcello plans everything up to the detail. He is holding a watch and goes from the altar inside the Orient Express restaurant where Eden and Cruz will marry to the elevator noting down the time. He gets interrupted by bypassing people and has to hide himself.

Lionel is making Mr. Zimmerman laugh with all his funny ideas and interviews he is making with the bypassing people. Lionel asks him to give him a chance and let him handle the advertisement. Zimmerman agrees even he finds that his wife will be very upset with this new direction.

Santana is sitting with the teddy of Brandon in Brandon's room. She feels that he must be close to her. All of a sudden she hears Brandon's voice. She looks out of the window and sees Brandon in his dangerous position. She gets out and gives him her hand asking to keep quiet.

The doorbell rings. It is Frank Armsted the milkman. He has brought a bunch of flowers. Lionel wonders what he is doing here again but Julia is asking him friendly to come in. Lionel asks him if he knows that Augusta can't see the flowers. Frank says, yes but she can smell them. Since he has seen her he has to think all the time about her beauty. Lionel tells him that he should better not to think to much about her beauty.

Julia brings Augusta and Augusta is very delighted that he has come again. They both sit down on the sofa and Lionel starts to note down his replies. After some sentences he writes down that he is sorry but he has to go home as he has to sort some astronaut's papers. Augusta is very happy that he has come again and Julia finds that she already likes him.

Marcello works in the cellar. He opens a wooden box and takes out a very specially prepared heavy weapon. It looks somehow like a machine-gun. He touches it softly and says to himself that his father and mother would know and understand what he is doing and they would approve what he is going to do.

Kelly and Nick see Santana on trying to bring in Brandon from the roof. Nick climbs out and overtakes Brandon from Santana. Kelly calls the others. They sit around Brandon. Kelly notices that something must be wrong with him. Nick says that he is not a doctor but he knows this kind of conditions from his time at the army. He is in a state of shock. He asks for a blanket and CC says that he is right they will bring him at once into the hospital.

All are waiting and wondering why it takes so much time till the doctor comes. Finally he approaches them and informs that he could not believe it first but if nobody has noticed of them that he has taken an overdoses of a drug. They had to pump out his stomach.

Lionel has invited Julia for a dinner. She wonders if it is a good idea that he is going out with the sister of his wife what the people will think. She finds the restaurant very empty and boring. Then she notices Jack Lee. She asks Lionel not to move from his place. She goes to Jack's table. Jack says, hello beautiful woman. Julia says that can't be true. He is having the courage to sit here and pretend not to know her not even saying to her any hello, where have you been? She asks him if the filled glass is his. He says yes. She takes it and pours it into his face. Lionel jumps between and asks her what has happened to her. She tells him that they have shared a past together and now he is pretending that he does not know her. She only wanted to help him to recall her to his mind. Then turning to Lee again she goes on telling him that he might be now the secretary of the president but he is the same old dirty pig as he always has been. The waiter comes and cleans the table. Lee says it's ok nothing specially happened everything will dry by itself.

Kelly tells Nick that he can go of course now all is over. Nick say he will stay. He got somehow attached to this little boy. Kelly says, really? You have helped us so much. Happy Nick.

The doctor comes and informs Gina that Brandon has taken some very strong painkiller and it looks as if it is the same as he has given to her after her accident. Gina remembers now and is confessing very excitingly that it is her fault she has not properly put away these pills but put it into a drawer. CC calms her down and says that it has been not her fault just an accident. Gina asks if she can go and see him now. The doctor agrees.

All are going but Santana wants to see her son. She goes into the room. Gina thanks her for saving the life of Brandon and they decide to stay together on Brandon's side over night.

Jack is very excited talking on the phone. Why they still don't know who this lady has been. He does not know her second name only that her first name is Julia. Obviously she knows him and despises him. They should speed up in finding it out as she can blow up their whole action. The other side is promising to do their best but she is nowhere on their list.

In a unfriendly place the real Jack Lee is hanging on handcuffs fixed on the ceiling of a dark and wet cellar. A man is whips him and asks him after every lash who Julia is. Jack Lee does not reply.

Marcello looks into the screen where one can see the elevator in the room of the operator in the cellar. He can see Eden and Cruz and hear them talk. Eden tells Cruz that she fears something horrible is going to happen tomorrow. Cruz says that's all nonsense. Brides are always feeling like this. Marcello says that she does not know how right she is. Tomorrow will be really a special day which will change the whole direction of her life.

Eden and Cruz wake up. Cruz calls Eden already Mrs. Castillo. Eden gets upset and asks him not to call her like this. Cruz asks her why they are married in six hours. She finds it nice from her father that he has given to him as a present two wonderful horses. Cruz adds that he only has forgotten to build a stable in addition to his boat. Disharmony is coming up. Cruz asks her why she still does not like his mother.

CC has searched through the whole house for pills. He gives all what he found to Rosa and asks her to throw them away into the garbage can.

Mason phones and Gina takes. He gives her a number of a room in the Capwell hotel and asks her to come. Gina pretends to CC that it is a person of Brandon's school and says yes. Mason is thinking by himself if he should tell her after she has signed the papers that she is already pregnant or if he really should sleep with her.

Marcello is in a room of the mansion. He speaks a farewell talk for CC on a tape in which he tells him that this is the last voice he is getting to hear in this life. CC knocks at his door and calls for him. He quickly hides everything under his bed taking place on his bed. CC with a happy face pops in and asks him if he is coming to their breakfast. Marcello thanks him calm and friendly telling he is having still something to do before the marriage is going on. CC nods understanding and closes the door.

Santana visits Mason. She demands the pictures. Mason is given them to her. She wants to have the negative slides of the pictures. Mason tells her that these are instant photos and so nothing else is there. Somebody knocks at the door and interrupts them. The person introduces himself as Lindsay.

Eden and Cruz find no way how to get out of their dispute. One word is following another and Cruz finds it funny to fight on the morning of their great day.

Santana opens and asks Lindsay if he is Lindsay Smith. Lindsay says, yes he only is bringing some papers to Mason. Santana wonders if they are working together. Mason says, yes Lindsay is a lawyer and he is working for him. Santana shows to Lindsay the pictures and wants to know what he thinks about. Lindsay wants to know who she is. Mason introduces her as a good friend of Channing and that he has found the pictures in the room in the tunnel. Santana says that she knows the room she was meeting Channing there. Lindsay thoughtfully remembered his time with Channing happy that he has kept their pictures. Santana wants to know how the pictures came into existence. Lindsay takes the pictures and explains to her one by one. Channing has asked a photographer to take them. The last one in the tunnel room Channing has taken by a self-timer. He did not know why it was so important to him and his end was so close. Santana grabs the picture out of his hand and tears it to pieces while saying that this has never happened. Lindsay asks her not to do this. Nobody is taking her something away. Channing has loved him also. Santana slaps him into his face and Mason jumps between holding back Santana and trying to calm her down.

Marcello is actively preparing very carefully his revenge on CC. Where he will stand and watch him when CC will read the notice which will call him and when he enters the elevator. Marcello goes into the elevator and checks the tape. He goes into the cellar and puts a special kind of machine gun into the position opposite to elevator. He gets shaken by bad memories and takes out the patrons. Then he packs again everything away.

Gina is searching in the garbage can for her pills and is relieved to find them.

Carmen wants his son to eat his boiled eggs. Cruz is not in the mood. All of a sudden he takes his dress coat and throws out of the door and tells his mother to eat her eggs by herself. Nick is coming in well dressed as his witness and bringing Cruz his dress coat. Cruz asks him to go home and photograph his cat. Nick finds that it is maybe not so bad not to marry as he anyway has forgotten the rings at home. Cruz is getting active and throws him out asking not to come without the rings again.

Kelly phones and wants to know if Santana also comes to the marriage. Mason asks Lindsay when his marriage is taking place. Lindsay says in October. Santana cheers up a little and asks him if he is not a guy in this case. He was so young and when one is young one makes often strange and careless things. Lindsay stops her by standing to what has happened between Channing and himself reminding her that she was at that time much younger. She should not think that her love to him was something better or purer than his love. Santana mentions Brandon their son and Lindsay tells her that he knew about and that Channing really wanted them all the three together and a family. This was what he could not offer to Channing or was too cowardly in offering it to him. Slowly Santana starts to understand Lindsay and that their love to Channing had something in common. She says that she has to go to Brandon now and he can keep the pictures they are rightfully his.

Ted is preparing a bundle of old tins and shoes for fixing it on the car of the newly wedded couple. Marcello is sitting next to Kelly asking if she is thoughtful. It will be the last time. Kelly tells him that she is incredible happy for Eden. She really deserves this marriage.

Santana is visiting Brandon and whispering into his sleeping ear that from now on she will have more courage and she never will leave him alone and go away.

Gina gives a kiss to CC telling him that she will see him in time at the marriage. She goes to see Brandon. Gina meets Brandon who is awake and gives him some toys. Brandon asks her if Santana also will be there at the marriage. Gina on questioning him finds out that Santana has been with him the whole night. She goes out and on seeing Santana she tells her that she no more allows her to see Brandon and gives order to a bypassing nurse that she no more should allow this lady inside to her son as he is totally exhausted from her long visits.

Sophia gives Eden the beautiful earrings she has got from CC's parents at their marriage and asks her to wear. Through their talk it gets clear that Eden has created the fight in the morning due to some old customs. Nick comes in and takes some photos while Eden embraces Sophia. Eden quickly hides behind Sophia and tells Nick if he does not know that one should not photograph the bride before the marriage.

CC arranges the seats for the marriage in the Orient Express restaurant. Marcello is standing in the back and watching him. His conscience starts fighting with his unscrupulous side which wants the revenge asking himself if there has not been enough bloodshed already when his parents got kill and why should there more people suffer and die.

Nick is with Cruz. He has brought to him a picture of Eden still not dressed up. Cruz thinks she will never manage it to dress herself till their marriage and she really will leave him there alone. Nick tells him that Eden is terrible superstitious that's all. He asks Cruz to shave himself.

Marcello's feeling for revenge wins. He has promised it to his parents he cannot step back anymore. He has to do it. He unpacks the machine-gun and installs the band of patrons bringing all in position.

Cruz is dressed up. He tells Nick that he is having a plan. He should take an instant photo of him and then he writes on it. "I will be there at the altar when you also will be there.

Gina hiding herself behind glasses and a scarf creeps through the halls of the Capwell hotel and finds the door locked. Mason slowly opens her. Gina wants to bring it quickly behind. Mason smells of alcohol. Gina asks him to open his mouth and uses her spray. She then is in no time undressed and asks him also to undress himself. Mason asks her to do. She starts doing it with high speed. Mason asks her to stop for a moment as she not has yet signed the paper. Gina says, yes she has forgotten takes the pen and then stops and asks him what will give her the assurance that he really manages to make her pregnant after she has signed. She first wants to have the sex. Mason asks her how can he be sure that after she gets pregnant she really signs the papers.

The marriage party has arrived. Marcello is standing with his remote control behind a big plant. Sophia notices him and looks over to his direction sensing that he is going to do something. Ted embraces her making compliments and all proceed into the Orient Express. All is wonderful arranged. Rosa only worries why Cruz is not yet here. Nick addresses Kelly asking her for Eden. Kelly tells him that she is considering to go home if Cruz is not coming.

Nick is showing Eden the picture of Cruz asking to sign in the corner with her full name that she will not leave the altar during their marriage. Eden finds this arrangement very funny.

Marcello gives to a hotel boy a note which he should hand over to CC. He watches the boy how he hands the note over to CC and CC starts reading. Sophia notices Marcello in the background and senses the connection to CC. CC reads that somebody needs him urgently in the lounge. He runs with the note to the elevator. He calls the elevator while Marcello quickly opens the door of the second elevator with his remote control. Sophia runs after CC asking him to wait a moment she has to talk to him. CC tells her not now and jumps into the open elevator. The elevator is nearly closed when Kelly comes running behind CC. She opens the door forcefully and jumps on the side of CC while the door closes behind her. Sophia gazes over to Marcello in fear and Marcello is shocked to know Kelly on CC's side. He says to himself that now both are going to die.

See a photo of Carmen Castillo!

Eden is still on discussing with Nick why she should sign this picture. He better should tell her where Cruz is hiding himself.

Mason insists on Gina signing first the paper. Gina tries to avoid signing by getting Mason in another way around. She starts telling him how much she is always longing for him. Mason enters her game up to the point it starts to get serious but then is insisting again on her signature.

Marcello looks like in a spell to the screen watching CC and Kelly inside the elevator. Sophia rushes on his side and asks him what he is doing. Marcello is not taking any notice from her.

Inside the elevator the tape starts to running informing CC that here Hans Reyker is talking. Kelly asks CC if this is not Marcello's voice wondering from where it comes.

Marcello says to himself that he has to do something. It is made in a way that one cannot stop it. But it should not be Kelly. There are only one and a half minutes left. He gets up and pushes Sophia aside and starts running. Sophia goes and looks into the screen and sees CC and Kelly wondering what this should be.

The voice inside the elevator is telling that he will not getting out of this elevator alive. His death will be not so painful as this of his parents who died on the 20th May 1944. If he was thinking today on it when he was getting up.

Gina changes her mind and tells that she has no interest in him and runs out. She goes to the elevator but it is not coming at once. Mason calls behind her that she should come back. He will keep the door open and while going inside he says to himself how good it is that she does not know that she is already pregnant. Gina thinks that this is her only chance and turns around going back to the room. Marcello comes with high speed, pushes her aside and disappears behind the door to the staircase starting to run down. Gina proceeds to Mason.

Eden jokes about the picture. Nick asks Ted if he knows where Kelly is she should not go around without protection. Eden tells him that she probably is only at the toilet and by the way she is having the ring with her which she has to give to Cruz. Nick all of a sudden remembers the ring and that he is no more knowing where he has put it. Eden asks him to search for it quickly.

Kelly realises that Marcello plans to kill CC. She can't understand this as she thought that he has forgiven him. CC says that he does not know what in his ill brain is going on the best is to try to get out of this elevator. They both hammer and press against the door of the elevator.

Mason and Gina are discussing how to dissolve the problem who should act first. Mason suggests to make a compromise. She should sign at the same moment when he is delivering his part. Gina finds they should better get a third impartial person who should keep the papers till she can be sure that she is pregnant. Mason does not agree with it and wants to proceed in his way.

Sophia notices that they got stuck up in the elevator. She sees them hammering against the door. She wants to see what is going on as something must be not alright. She presses the button for the emergency call and takes also the staircase running down.

Excitement around Eden as Cruz is still not there. Ted is searching through all the bags for the ring while Cruz's mother tries to calm the party and specially Eden that Cruz will come in time.

CC and Kelly are struggling to get out of the elevator. They cry for help. But the elevator is not stopping and following its destination to the cellar level by level.

Marcello runs the staircase with high speed. The elevator has reached the bottom. The door opens. Marcello jumps to the machine gun with big steps. While calling to Kelly to go down he pushes the machine gun into another direction giving all the three of them just enough time to go down. CC crouchs in protection over Kelly. The machine gun fires through the whole cellar also over CC and Kelly into the elevator. Marcello's hand gets to hold from the ground the safety key and pulls it out bringing the machine gun to stop.

Danny tells Cruz that he finds it nice that he feels good but he will never marry. Santana comes happy that she is not too late. The elevator also comes and all get in. Santana congratulates Cruz for his marriage by kissing him on the mouth. Danny reminds her that this is not the time to do as it is shortly before the marriage is taking place.

Eden is getting nervous. Sophia, CC, Kelly and Cruz are all still not here. She wonders if they have forgotten her and she announces with loud voice that the marriage is cancelled. Nick points out that Cruz is standing on her side. Cruz tells Eden that he is sorry but something has come between. Eden notices lipstick on his mouth and his cheek asking him if this is the cause of his delay Santana tells her that it is from her. She has congratulated him. Nick informs Cruz that he still did not succeed in finding the ring. Cruz asks him to think over. Eden states that the only thing Nick is thinking about is Kelly and the lost marriage party.

A moment of silence. All the three are lying on the ground. CC slowly gets up asking Kelly if she is not hurt. She says that she does not know it. He asks her to remain down and get out of the elevator he only hopes that this thing is not starting again. Marcello gets up and CC calls over to him asking if the machine gun will start again. Marcello tells them that they are now in safety. They all get up and Marcello at once approaches Kelly asking her if she is ok. CC asks him not to touch her. Kelly says that all is ok with her but then she notices that CC is bleeding on his arm. CC calms her by saying that it's nothing he is not feeling anything. CC asks Marcello if he is the person who has done this. He could have killed her. Marcello says no, not Kelly he wanted only to kill him.

Sophia rushes in and realises at once the tragedy which happened. She runs over to Kelly and CC asking them in worry and tears what he has done to them. Turning to Marcello she is asking him why there was no reason for doing so.

Kelly says, look at him. You are my doctor you are my rescuer and you wanted us to kill. And I have trusted you. Marcello says that it was right to trust him he has rescued her before CC's eyes. Kelly tells him that he is ill. Marcello says, no he always was knowing what he is doing. Kelly tells him that her father has not killed his parents. Marcello says that this is right but the men who killed his parents never pretended to be something else as they are while CC was creeping into their poor hut and gained their friendship and helfulness and then, Marcello's voice changed to whining, he has betrayed us. Kelly says in the same way he was creeping into their family and betraying them. No, he only wanted to get justice. His life against the lives of his parents. Kelly finds that his whole life he was thinking only on revenge. Marcello says that revenge can also be something noble. It was keeping him alive and was leading him on this place. Kelly asks him how hate and murder can be noble. Kelly realises that he only has made use of her and she thought that he really wanted to help her. Marcello swears by his life that he has never transferred his hate from CC to her and he really wanted to help. But he wanted the revenge for his parents whom he loved so much. Night by night he was hearing them screaming and he knew the only way to get rid of this screaming was to hear the shouts of CC.

In the background one can see that sparks are getting out from a box signed with danger. Obviously because one of the bullets has damaged it.

Sophia falls in very excited and disappointed that he also has misused her the whole life and only played with their lives. Marcello says no, she knows that he has helped her to gain back her consciousness. Sophia finds that maybe she would have regained quicker without him and then she would have remained with her family. She asks him why he has come sixteen years ago. Marcello simple states, to kill you. Sophia gets shocked. Marcello explains that he wanted to destroy everything what was of value to CC. He could let her die in the waves. Sophia wanted to know why he has not done it. Marcello says because it got clear to him that this would have be a senseless action. CC only loves himself so much that two innocent people had to give their lives for his existence. So he had only to hate and kill him and nobody else. Sophia expresses pity for Marcello.

CC says that he can't hate him because they have gone through a terrible experience which he never has forgotten but he will inform now the security officer and get him into custody. Marcello tells him he don't mind if he is doing this. Why he is not asking somebody to kill him as he anyway is already dead since a long time.

Gina finally agrees with Mason's condition but he should make it quickly and she does not want him to enjoy it. They start undressing each other and against her will Mason manages to rise some passion in her for him.

CC tells Marcello that the decision of his parents rather to die than to talk was not because they did not love him. They did it because they loved him more than themselves. Marcello says, yes this is true, he thinks he can remember this. They did not want to leave him but they had to do it.

Two security officers storm in. They are shocked to see the machine gun and ask if nobody is hurt. Kelly points to CC's arm. CC says nonsense, nobody got hurt but they should hand over this man to the police as he tried to kill him and his daughter. They also should take care that everything remains as it is.

Kelly, Sophia and CC get into the elevator. CC is experiencing again the whole situation with little Marcello and how his parents protected him and did not tell to the nazis the truth. He feels guilty. He tells Sophia and Kelly that Marcello thinks that he has been a coward. If he would not had his secret mission it would have come different and Marcello's parents would be still alive. Sophia and Kelly with much understanding tell him that it was not his fault if they would have found them they would have killed also Marcello. CC says that about this he was thinking his whole life but Marcello is not thankful for this he hates his own life. Both tell him that this is Marcello's business and not his. He of sure has done the right thing. CC thanks them and Sophia reminds them to think also on Eden it is her marriage day and they should be happy for her.

Nick is still on searching the ring. Cruz is asking him what the most precious thing is in his life. Nick says, his camera of course. Then he cheers up and looks into the bag of his camera and there to the relief of the whole party he pulls out the ring.

Sophia finds that they should not tell to the others anything till the marriage is over. They decide to tell that Marcello did not feel well and they had to arrange a room for him and that's the reason why he cannot come to the marriage.

All are happy to see them. Eden takes CC along and tells him that he has to hand over her to Cruz today.

The security officers take Marcello into their middle. All of a sudden Marcello notices that sparks are falling over to some barrels. He wants to run and push them quickly away but the security officers draw him into the other direction thinking he wants to get rid of them. When one officer finally realises the danger of the situation and asks the other to let him go it is already too late. A big explosion fills the whole cellar and all starts burning. The three get thrown in different directions.

Mason and Gina are in bed meanwhile. Mason is not forgetting to keep the pencil ready.

The marriage is going on. All are taking their place. Nick and Cruz are standing at the altar. Cruz tells him that he has the feeling to run away, with Eden of course. Nick asks him first to put the ring for which he struggled so much on her finger. Eden pops with all her beauty a bride could have to him from behind the curtain rising in Cruz all kinds of memories on seeing her.

The marriage party is gathered. Sophia asks CC if he is alright as he is bleeding again. Eden comes and asks for what they are waiting for. CC says he is waiting for Gina. Eden gets impatient and says that she gives her only two minutes more and goes away. Sophia says that she feels so sorry for him because of Marcello. CC thinks he can understand that he has been the reason for his problem. Sophia says, no. It was war and he could not act in any other way. He is a warrior and he fights for his family, he really could not do more. CC thanks her telling her that she does not know how much her words mean to him. He thinks they should now better start taking Eden along.

Marcello gets up after the explosion and sees the whole cellar in fire. The two security officers are lying motionless and he quickly pulls them out of the immediate zone of danger. Smoke is coming up quickly.

Gina and Mason are in bed and seem to enjoy their adventure. Yet Mason is not forgetting to ask her to sign at the important point. Gina takes the pen but it is not working. Mason tries and it is really not working. Mason asks her to wait he is having another pen. He gets up to fetch it.

Julia laughs about Augusta's attempt to dress herself as she has put on the dress in the wrong direction. She makes it alright and while taking breakfast together they start to talk about their relationship. Augusta was always the favourite in their family while Julia studied. Julia finds the end of the favourites is a marriage like she was ending up with Lionel while students are getting titles. Augusta mentions to her Jack Lee that she was meeting him several times and even invited him which was a very funny meeting.

The double of Jack Lee is very much excited that they have not found Brick Wallace. Parker tells him that they are working around the clock and have searched nearly the whole country but could not find them. Jack Lee asks if they have find out something about Augusta's sister Julia. Parker says sorry, not up to now.

Jack Lee meanwhile gets tortured with all kind of terrible things like in the middle ages. But he is going on not to talk.

CC leads Eden slowly up to Cruz. Cruz thanks CC for handing over his daughter to him. Eden tells him that he should thank her not him. They stand before the altar and the reverend starts. All is in wonderful harmony.

Gina is trying again to sign but this pen is also not working. She wonders if in this room nothing is working. All of a sudden she sniffs and asks Mason if he is not smelling anything. It smells as if something is burning. Mason finds that the only thing which he knows it is burning is his passion. This gets at once cooled down by a jet of water coming from the ceiling and sprinkling him into his face. Both hide themselves quickly under the blanket. Mason informs Gina that the only reason for getting the water and fire alarm to work is when there is really a fire. He opens the door and can't see more than a big wall of smoke. He closes the door quickly.

Marcello even hurt badly by the explosion has only one idea, to get to the top and warn the marriage party. He fights himself through the smoke up while people storm down to get out.

Mason also wants to go down with Gina but she hurts her foot and starts to hobble. Mason goes with her inside the room again. Gina starts to shout hysterically for help but Mason quickly stopped her. He commanded her to help him quickly to get the blankets wet.

The reverend is going on with his long talk. Cruz is asking Eden with a low voice if she knows what he is talking about. Marcello stumbles inside and is falling to the ground.

Augusta is asking Julia to phone to Jack Lee as she wants to invite him. Julia dislikes her idea but gives in and phones. Parker takes. She tells him that Augusta wants to talk to Jack Lee. Parker wants to tell that he is very busy but Lee is taking the receiver. He says sorry to Augusta that he no more contacted her while. Julia tells him that it is not Augusta but Julia on the phone which makes him feel uncomfortable. Julia hands over the receiver to Augusta and he agrees to see her in half an hour. Parker finds it dangerous as he still does nothing know about Julia but Jack Lee thinks he has to take up the risk as he might find out something about Brick Wallace.

The real Jack Lee is giving up and says he will talk. Julia was working in his office as a lawyer and they liked each other. The men told him that they does not want to hear that they want to know why she has attacked him in the restaurant. Jack asks for water. While drinking pictures of his last meeting with Julia are coming into his mind. He is in bed while Julia is searching for an earring. She finds his note book and sees a picture of Augusta in it. She tells him excitedly that now she knows why he had no time for so many evenings. Jack tells her that there was nothing between him and Augusta but Julia throws a glass against him hitting him at his shoulder. The men starts threatening him again with a knife bringing him out of his dreams. Jack tells that they had an affair till she found out that he also has seen Augusta her sister. She was throwing a glass after him but the glass fortunately did not hit him.

The reverend has come to the most important question asking for their yes when Marcello managed to get up and staggers close to the marriage party shouting with his last energy that the hotel is under fire and they had quickly to get out. He then falls unconscious to the ground. Blood is flowing out of his mouth. Cruz and CC quickly run up to him. All are getting excited.

Mr. false Lee laughs on hearing the secret of Julia's anger and tells that he thinks he knows how to make it alright.

Augusta is getting prepared by Julia. She asks Julia to go and see Lionel and tell him how she is running behind this Jack Lee. He wants him to know this. Julia tells her that she hates her funny games and she will not do this but finally promised to do it.

Jack Lee sitting on his bed in his prison is talking to himself asking Julia to think over when meeting the false Jack Lee. He is not having the scar on the shoulder as he is having. He hopes she will notice it and get him out of this place.

Julia is giving notice to his job informing them that she starts to love Santa Barbara and enjoying her family which she has not seen for a long time. She will inform them in which lawyer office she will go on to work. Warren is listening from the background. He says he has just heard some good news. Julia informs him at once that she is having no intention to stay in this house. She needs her independence and will take her own flat. She asks Warren to sit down with him for a talk. He can put questions to her as her life is an open book. Warren asks her why she is still not married.

Gina is getting hysterical. Mason asks her to keep her head cool and put the wet blanket over her head. They will try to get down and if this is not working they have to go up. Gina is afraid in meeting together the marriage party. Mason tells her they don't have any other chance on the top they will have a chance to survive.

Julia tells him that she is not a nun but she is probably difficult to bear. Warren says that Augusta is also not just easy. Julia agrees to this. She tells him that they both need a strong man. Warren asks her a man like Lionel. Julia says that Augusta and Lionel are really fitting best to each other and Lionel is the only man they never were fighting for. Warren asks her why she does not go and tell it to her. She says as he knows nobody can tell something to Augusta. She asks Warren why he is not married. Warren finds that he seems to get always into difficult relationships. Julia says then this is what they are having in common.

Cruz is talking loud to the whole audience. He informs the people that the whole hotel up to the sixth story is under fire. The telephones are all out of order. There is no way down. All should remain calm and wait till the fire brigade is coming and rescuing them. They should not get into panic. Everybody will get rescued. Danny and Ted are taking care for Marcello. CC takes Cruz aside and asks what he could find out. Cruz tells that somebody told that the fire started in the cellar. CC wonders why the water alarm is not working when all is already under fire.

Nick is standing with Kelly in a corner. She reminds him that she told to him that something will happen. Nick says while looking very distressed that the only thing he fears is height and fire and now he is having both. Kelly massages his shoulders telling him that everything will come alright.

Cruz notices that a helicopter circulates over the roof. He wants to go up and see if he can get contact. Eden is getting hysterical and does not want him to go. CC and Sophia are holding her back.

Mason carrying Gina all the time is making a break while putting her on the ground. He asks her that she is too heavy for him to carry her in this way she should climb on his back. Gina dislikes this but Mason tells her that it is really not the time to think over if this is a proper way for CC Capwell's wife to be carried. Gina climbs on his back and Mason goes on.

The door bell rings and Augusta asks Julia to open the door. Julia opens and introduces herself as the sister of Augusta. Jack says formally loud that he is happy to meet her. Then leaning over to her ear he whispers that he deserves what she has done to him. Julia is hissing back that this was only half of what he deserved.

Jack says hello to Augusta and gets to know that she is blind. Julia says good bye to Augusta and Jack says that it was nice to meet her and he hopes he will see her again. Julia tells him that she don't think so. Jack is sitting next to Augusta and asks her since when she is in this terrible position and if Brick Wallace is not there to help her. She says that he has taken holidays unannounced. He asks her if she knows where he has gone. Augusta says, no but she anyway is not having the wish to talk about Brick. The phone rings and Jack takes. It is Parker informing him that they have found Wallace. He is travelling around with a circus and where he is there will be Amy not far away.

Gina asks Mason to put her down before the door. She asks him what they should tell when they get in why they come together. Mason tells her that she can make out of him a hero taking her up with both arms and carrying her into the Orient Express. CC is relieved on seeing her asking where she has been. She says that she has been in the elevator and got stuck up between two floors. Mason continues that he has heard her shouting and run to rescue her. As all storys are burning they had to get up through the staircase. Gina lets herself falling into CC's arm telling him how afraid she was. CC thanks Mason for rescuing Gina. Masons says he is always ready on service and if one is searching for him he is at the bar.

Cruz comes in with a bundle the helicopter has thrown down to him. It is a radio set. Cruz takes contact with the helicopter and gets informed that he might can rescue them one by one. Cruz is telling to the whole audience that in a few minutes they all will go to the roof and get rescued one by one. Kelly tells Nick that now they are safe while Nick in fear of height is not about the same opinion. Kelly pats him. Eden worries if they all will get rescued in time.