In spite of Lionel's warning Gina is meeting herself secretly with the Taksan brothers in order to make them act against each other. But her plan fails. Shortly before the Taksan brothers are able to poison her Lionel appears at their place. Lilly is asking the stars to help her to change everything for her and Rafe to the better but Rafe is feeling as his duty to marry the pregnant Lisa. After Lisa is breaking up with her father Rafe agrees to marry her the very next day. Jody and Reese are having their most heated fight of their lives. It is all because of Cruz and finally Reese is throwing Jody out of the house.

Jody was sleeping in the police office. Cruz is bringing her home. Reese considers this as the final proof of her unfaithfulness. Warren is reading a manuscript of BJ about child abuse and is very enthusiastic about it. He asks her to make a whole series about this subject. He looks through the file at the police station to get a hint about Rachel Ann the name of the girl about BJ is writing but can't find anything. Yet Cruz discovers this name as a tattoo on Frank's shoulder.

Rafe and Lisa are getting married but not in the catholic way like Rafe wanted to have it . Rich has arranged a Protestant clergyman who actually is only an actor. This of course is only known to Rich. Lilly who was observing secretly the marriage is very sad. Sawyer gets to know that Micah intends to stay with Aurora for the time being in Santa Barbara. BJ is having a heart to heart talk with Frank. Cruz can't get rid of the feeling that Frank is a very lousy fellow who is responsible for the marriage trouble of Reese and Jody.

Kelly is mad against CC as she thinks that he wants to get rid of Cruz by arranging a good job for him in Mexico. The newspaper is printing the first part of BJ's story about child abuse. Cruz is finding out by and by the meaning of this story. CC and Gina are making plans to get a job for Ken which will force him to leave the city for a longer period.

Gina wants to conquer the American market with her "Gina Jeans". Lilly should help her to succed with her plans. Tyrone, whom all consider as a messenger boy of CC, comforts Lilly in her love sickness. Finally he reveals to her that he is the famous designer Franz with whom Gina is having an appointment. Mason persuades Julia to have one more child. Cruz manages to find out from BJ that she has been abused as a child. He even gets out of her that the man who has done this was Frank. When Cruz is taking Frank to task he nearly can't control his anger.

BJ confesses to Sawyer that she has fallen in love with Warren. Meanwhile Angela tries to create doubt in Warren about BJ's story concerning Rachel Ann on which experiences her story about child abuse is based. Warren is confronting BJ asking her for a proof of the existence of Rachel Ann. Gina offers Ken to become a partner of her company. Frank confesses to Cruz all what he has done with BJ when she was a child and persuades him to let him inform Jody and Reese by himself. But when Frank is meeting Jody he is nothing telling to her. Instead he is setting a trap for Cruz and Jody.

Angela is seeing no future in her relationship with Warren as he is obviously taking only care for BJ. Cruz and Jody have disappeared without leaving a trace where they have gone. Reese of course is suspecting them having run away in order to proceed with their old high school-love. Kelly finds his speculation absurd. In truth they are kept hostages in an old slaughterhouse which should be broken down in the next days.

Katrina is confessing her story with Dash to the wrong person, to Angela. Angela is telling Ted that Katerina is still meeting with Dash. Disappointed, Ted is turning again to Angela. Cruz and Jody are still not being seen. BJ is asking Reese to find her mother. She wants to get rid of the story about Frank.

Gina is desperate when she notices that she has fallen in love with Lionel and their marriage turns out not only to be a pure business. Lionel likes this of course very much and tries to makes her jealous wherever he can. Aurora and Sawyer are more than ever in love. Cruz and Jody are still kept hostage in the slaughterhouse but Kelly feels that something is not alright. She confronts BJ.

When Kelly finds out from BJ the truth about Frank she suspects that Frank is having something to do with the disappearance of Jody and Cruz. She tries to convince Reese from her idea but he finds this absurd. Warren realises the truth about Angela and lets her go. Lilly does not know what to say when Tyrone and Gina are introducing to her their new assistant Rafe.