Reese does not belief Kelly's story about Frank's child abuse on BJ. Yet he is helping her to search for Cruz and Jody. Warren and Sawyer also join in their search. Cruz and Jody are sitting in the old slaughterhouse and hope to get free before the building is getting blown up. Facing the death Jody confesses to Cruz that he really is the father of BJ. BJ meanwhile tries to persuade Frank that she loves him and is ready to go away with him. She hopes to gain his trust by this. Angela who wants to turn the ground of the slaughterhouse into a park is getting troubles with demonstrators who want to hinder the blasting.

Jody and Cruz are trying desperately to draw attention to themselves. BJ pretends to love Frank and to go away with him but only under the condition that she is allowed to see her mother and Cruz once again. Frank is very skeptical but finally he believes in her love to him. Lionel tries to apologise himself by Gina but she remains stubborn.

Jody and Cruz are afraid that the slaughterhouse is blown up any moment with them. All of a sudden BJ is standing before them. BJ introduces Jody and Cruz in her plans. She is pretending to be in love to Frank and to go away with him but she intends to inform the police as soon she is getting a chance. BJ does not know that Frank was overhearing her talk.

Lionel is armed like a knight and asks CC to fight a duel with him. CC is shocked about Lionel's childish attitude. In spite of it he is ready to leave the baby free for Lionel to adopt it. Jody's and Cruz's lives are in danger. From a homeless Reese gets to know where they are. A dramatic rescue action is starting. Reese is able to bring Jody out of the slaughterhouse in time and goes then again into the building to fetch Cruz who is heavily injured. Kelly and Jody are already in joy when they are hearing an explosion.

BJ is kept hostage by Frank in a room of a motel. Warren and Sawyer find Frank in the "Desert Diner". They bribe the waitress for getting Frank drunk. Reese and Cruz are locked up in the slaughter house after it was blown up. Reese manages to bring out Cruz who is heavy injured. At the hospital Cruz is confessing to Kelly that he is BJ's father.

Cruz is lying in the hospital with high temperature and in delirium. He wants to help BJ under all circumstances. Kelly, CC and Rafael are having their troubles to keep him in bed. Reese, Jody and Sawyer are meanwhile searching for Frank. They come to the motel in which BJ is locked up. They manage to free BJ but Frank can escape. Sawyer is starting to hunt him on his own and manages it to confront Frank in the desert.

Angela fears that she is called to account for the blast in the slaughterhouse and is asking CC for help. Sawyer is having a fight with Frank in the desert. Jody, Reese and Warren are finding Frank dead in the desert. Because of the injuries they think that Sawyer has beaten him to death.

With the help of Gina, CC was getting Ken out of Santa Barbara to Hong Kong so that he could go on to romance Sophia without getting disturbed. He is still in love towards her and he could not bear her affair with the much younger Ken. Sawyer is the main suspect for having killed Frank Goodman. At the beginning it looked as if Sawyer has beaten Frank to death but then one was finding out that he did because of a bullet wound. Other suspected persons in this murder case of Goodman are Reece, Jody, Cruz and Warren. Connor McCabe is investigating the case.

Reece and Jody can't believe that their son Sawyer is standing under suspicion of murder and hinder the investigations with their emotional outbursts. Kelly confesses her love to Cruz and promises that she will love him for ever what ever is going to happen. BJ is having a nightmare: She has to witness how Warren, Reece, Jody and Sawyer are killing Frank together. In real life Sawyer is still the main suspect in the murder case of Goodman.

Julia as the DA is in charge of the murder case Frank Goodman. The suspicion that Sawyer is the murderer is getting stronger and stronger. Julia is asking Mason to overtake the defence for Sawyer. Aurora is helping her friend. In the Oasis where a picture is just taken of Sawyer as the star of his baseball team he is getting arrested.