Original airdate: August 24, 1984
It's *the day after the nigh before* and Joe wakes up next to Augusta in her bed. He looks somewhat regretful and suffers from a serious hangover, but gets other things to ponder when the phone rings. It's Dominick, and he wants to meet with Joe at the usual place. Joe gets up from bed and starts to get ready, but Augusta persuades him to crawl back under the covers with her... then it's time for lovemaking session #2.

Kelly wakes up next to Peter after their night of passion, and she almost looks as regretful as Joe. However, she assures Peter that she loves him and that their night together was wonderful... Peter couldn't be happier - finally Joe Perkins is no longer a threat to their relationship!

Peter heads over to Augustas and tells her that their deal is off - rumors say that Joe is planning to leave Santa Barbara anyway, so he's no longer in need of Augusta's services. And also, it doesn't matter what Joe does anymore, since Kelly has made clear with whom she wants to be. Augusta is annoyed to hear this, and fumes at him for breaking their agreement. At this very moment, Joe arrives to get to work, and Peter sees an opportunity to throw some salt in his wounds; "You know, I was really against you staying in Santa Barbara. I couldn't picture the killer of my fiancee's brother living in our otherwise tranquil surroundings. I just want to assure you that Kelly is a very happy young woman - and I'm gonna keep her happy for the rest of her life. She's used to the best - and I'm gonna give her the best. As the guy that hurt her the most, I'd think you be glad to hear that.", says Peter with a smug look on his face. "You act like you own her!", fumes Joe. "Well, I do. Heart, soul, mind and BODY." Joe's ready to attack him, but Augusta manages to keep them apart, and Peter leaves the house. But Joe is still upset; "I know I'm not to be with Kelly anymore. But I love her to much to let her marry Peter Flint. She's making a big mistake, and it makes me sick just to think about it!". Joe leaves Augusta's house and says he's gonna find a way to prevent Kelly from marrying Peter!

The rumor of Joe and Augusta's affair has reached Minx, and she's not happy with her daughter-in-law's promiscuous behavior. "Do you wish to explain your behaviour? How dare you have assignations in my home? How dare you bring your lover here? You've fouled my home - Lionel's home - you're children's home!", fumes Minx angrily. "Oh, stop it! What do you know about my needs? What do I have to be guilty of? I love Lionel - he's my husband, but he rejects me with other women! Minx, how can you be so blind and so naive when it comes to your own son?", asks Augusta. "I will defend my son - although he's imperfect. I will defend him when his wife betrays him. If you're husband is enjoying the company of other women - the reason is here at home!"

Laken is also very disgusted over her mother's behavior, and now she wants to leave for Los Angeles to 'get away' from it all. Augusta forbids her from going, and says she doesn't want to be alone in the house. Laken presumes she won't be very lonely as her lover probably will keep her company! "Are you saying that I can't go to Los Angeles to be with friends, when you've just been in bed with my best friends brother?! I'm disgusted with you! I'm disgusted with the double standards in this family!", fumes Laken and makes it perfectly clear that she's going to L.A. no matter what her mother says. Later, Laken is all packed and ready to go, when Minx stop her at the last minute. Laken explains the situation, and Minx can understand why she want's to get away. You go to L.A. dear, and I'll handle your mother, she says and gives her grand daughter a hug.

Santana, who's wearing a darker hair color today, continues her quest to get close to C.C. Today she tells him about a house that she's found, and it would be just perfect for Peter and Kelly after they've married. She asks C.C. to go with her and have a look at the house, and he agrees. Later, it appears that the house Santana had picked out, was just the kind of house that his late wife Sophia would have picked. Remarkable how similar taste Santana and Sophia has.... Santana also shows him a scarf that she's wearing. Sophia gave it to her when she was just a kid, and it's her favorite scarf. C.C. immediately starts to open up to her about his feelings for his dead wife... Rosa notices right away what Santana is trying to do, and she asks to speak to her daughter in private. She warns her for playing with C.C.'s emotions, and says nothing good can come out of this. "I'm determined to find my boy, and if it means having to win C.C's confidence - I will do it!", says Santana firmly.

Jade ponders about yesterdays meeting with that sleazy movie producer, and starts to regret that she didn't agree to his terms. She calls him up and asks for a second chance, and he suggests that they discuss the matter over dinner. Ted and Danny are immediately suspicious about this - why would he want to have dinner with her? Why can't he just see her in his office like everyone else? Something ain't right here, and they decide to follow them to the fancy restaurant to check things out...

Joe arrives at the warehouse for his meeting with Dominick, but it seems as if he's not there. Joe goes outside and starts to look for him, and suddenly we see that someone in a car is about to run him over! Who could it be?

Original airdate: August 27, 1984
Joe's about to be hit by a car, and it turns out Augusta is the driver. She claims that she followed Joe to the warehouse because she's jealous and though he was seeing another woman. Joe gets upset and tells her never to follow him again. After he has gotten rid of Augusta, Joe goes to a phonebooth and calls Dominicks answering machine. He apologizes for the interruption, but assures him that he's all alone now and he has to meet with him tonight.

Later, Dominick appears at the warehouse, and tells Joe to stay away from Augusta. "Stop seeing that woman! Stop working for that viper! You're affair with Augusta Lockridge is killing your chances with Kelly.", fumes Dominick. Joe gets irritated and tells him not to interfere with his private life. "I'd be aware of Augusta - she's treacherous! She may have perverse interest in you finding Channing's killer!", Dominick warns him. Then Dominick wants to go through the stuff that Joe got from Channing's room the other day. There were some interesting things there... like Channing's journal where he writes about a break-in that appeared in the Capwell-house before his death. Why did Channing write this down in his diary? Maybe he was behind the break-in himself?, Joe suggests. Dominick has also found another loveletter and in this one Santana's name is mentioned. Joe is stunned - did Channing and Santana have a secret affair? Yes, it appears so, and maybe this is another clue to finding the real killer. Joe asks to keep the loveletter so that he can confront Santana with it and watch her reaction. Dominick asks him to be careful, since Santana was lurking around the bus station with a gun, and tried to kill him the day he got out of jail. Joe can't understand why...

Ted and Danny are worried about Jade's safety, so they've followed her and the sleazy Hollywood-producer to the fancy restaurant to make sure that everything is okay. The producer, who's name we find out is William Homeby, is acting very charming towards young Jade, and promises her that she's gonna be the next Brooke Shields! He leans forward to kiss her hand, and Danny can barley stop himself from running over to their table... Both Ted and Danny are stunned to see how expensive everything on the menu is, and when the waiter comes by to take their order, they simply reply that they would like to split a shrimp-cocktail - and that would be all. The waiter suspects that cash is a problem here, so he presumes that they will have some water with that. "That's right - on the rocks", replies Danny. Just as Jade and William are about to leave the restaurant, they spot the guys at their table. William introduces himself, and it's clear that Danny doesn't like him one bit. At this very moment, the waiter comes by with their shrimp-cocktail. William insists that they let him choose the main-course for them, and tells the waiter that the boys would like the Chateaubriand - the most expensive dish on the menu. Ted and Danny tries to protest, but to no avail... "And give them a bottle of your finest chardonnay and put the bottle on my tab". The waiter explains that the boys are minors, so William changes the order to grape-juice. After Jade and William has left the restaurant, Ted and Danny tries to cancel the order - but it's too late, cause their steak is already on the grill... The guys enjoy their expensive dinner, but then starts to worry how they are gonna pay for it. They tell the waiter that they too are in the restaurant business - as proud owners of the seafood place Pirate's Catch. Now isn't it customary in the restaurant business that you trade favors with one another? If the waiter were to treat them to this meal, then he could just stop by Pirate's Catch tomorrow and get himself a free dinner, Danny suggests. The waiter declines the offer, and insists that the bill has to be paid. Then the guess claim that they forgot their wallets... Finally, the waiter agrees to stay with Danny at the restaurant, while Ted goes to get some money...

When Ted gets home, he's pleasantly surprised to find that Laken is back. After having exchanged some hugs and kisses, he remembers that he has to bail Danny out of the restaurant, and asks Laken and Jade for some cash. Finally, they manage to get enough money to cover the dinner, and Jade offers to go down to the restaurant with it so that Ted and Laken can have a moment alone. Laken explains that she has something difficult to tell him. Ted presumes that she's seeing someone else, but she says it's nothing like that. It's her mother, and she has started seeing Joe Perkins. Ted throws a fit and fumes that Perkins killed his brother - how can Augusta be sleeping with him?! It's obvious that this could turn out to be a big problem in his relationship with Laken.

Santana is at Cruz's houseboat, and tells him of her plans to transform the boat into a 'floating palace'. She shows him some fabrics and suggests that beige would look great for his couch. But beige doesn't match with the blonde women that he intends to seduce on the couch, says Cruz, so we can't have that... Their conversation is interrupted by Mason, who desperately needs Santana for an "interior-crises" at the Capwell hotel. There's supposed to be a convention at the hotel tomorrow, and the ballroom has to be perfect. Santana agrees to go with him and help with this crises... Later, Mason and Santana is back at her apartment, and Mason wants to be invited in for a little nightcap. Santana is pretty quick to dismiss him though... Shortly thereafter, there's a knock on Santana's door, and she is stunned to see Joe standing there. She wants him to leave, but he hands over the love letter from Channing to her, and she starts to read it... It's obvious that she's upset by the letter, cause she gets tears in her eyes and slams the door on Joe... Joe is intrigued...