Ted is visiting Angela to confess to her that he is going to marry Katrina. When Warren all of a sudden is appears he is hiding himself in the wardrobe. Angela and Warren are having a fight in which Angela is finding out that the police was getting a hint concerning the slaughterhouse. It is getting clear to her that this could be only Ted. She punishes him for that in her way. BJ is visiting Cruz in the hospital and wants to know from him what kind of secret he and Jody are having. Cruz is not telling her that he is her father.

Cruz can leave the hospital. The family is arranging a welcome party for him. Rafe wonders why Lisa is not showing any symptoms of her pregnancy. Reece and Jody are thinking about how they can get BJ to accept help from somebody. Jody is still struggling with the fact that BJ is not the daughter of Reece. While Reece hopes to save his marriage, Jody is keeping back herself very much. Katrina worries very much about the whereabouts of Ted who has disappeared.

Reece is searching desperately for the real murderer of Frank. He even suspects Warren. Meanwhile there is a first hearing in which it should be decided if Sawyer can be set free on bail. At the beginning the chances look very bright for Sawyer but then the agent McCabe is coming. He tells the court that he has got knowledge that the parents of Sawyer are having the plan to flee with their son. Because of this Sawyer is not getting released.

Angela is chaining Ted with handcuffs on her bed and disappears with his clothes. He desperately tries to phone with his feet. He manages to get contact with Lilly who is saving him finally. Aurora demands from her father that he is taking position in the matter of Sawyer. He offers his then his help to the Walkers. Gina thinks that Lionel is having an affair with Sophia and is making a scene in the public.

Ted has managed to handcuff Angela to the bed. She demands that he release her but her pleas fall on deaf ears. Ted is determined to put her through the same agony as he went through. Mason and Julia are discussing Sawyer's case when Aurora comes over asking to see Sawyer. C.C. and Sophia are passionately kissing in the bedroom when she suddenly pulls away from the feelings of guilt she has in betraying Ken. B.J tells Warren that she loves him and tries to get him to admit it too. Warren has little luck in convincing B.J that his is a platonic love. Their conversation becomes heated and she storms out. Warren, realizing that he is in no position to help B.J, leaves a note for Jodie stating that he will follow her wishes that he stay away from B.J. Cruz tells Sawyer to hold on to the faith, as the truth will always come out in the end. Ted heads home to Katrina eager to make up for his indiscretions. He comes on too strongly by forcing himself on her. Realizing that sex is not the way to solve things, he proposes that they elope that night. C.C and Sophia reminisce about a romantic trip they took to Europe. In the heat of passion, they head upstairs to make love, but Sophia still cannot bring herself to betray Ken's trust. Meanwhile in Honk Kong, Ken is having an affair with a beautiful blond woman. A drunken Warren stumbles upon the entrapped Angela. He demands that she tell him who locked her up before he releases her. She manages to avoid the question, for the time being at least. When she is freed, she asks Warren why he is in such a state and suggests that he told B.J that he loved her and she rejected him. Warren corrects her by saying that it was him who rejected B.J. B.J gets Cruz to let her visit Sawyer. In the cell, she hands him the keys she had lifted from the station and convinces him that going on the run is the best solution considering all the evidence the police has against him. When Cruz returns, he is shocked to find Sawyer gone and demands that B.J tell him what has transpired.

Ted tries to convince Katrina to elope with him. She is baffled by his sudden haste, but he insists that he loves her and cannot bear to lose her. She finally gives in and they head out to a small chapel in Nevada. Meanwhile, Connor is irate to find Sawyer gone. Cruz says that B.J has no part of it and that he has no clue as to how Sawyer escaped. Connor doubts Cruz's word and believes that Cruz is the mastermind behind the escape. Reese and Jodie are having trouble sleeping. They worry about the mess their family is in. Jodie says that they have to hang on to the little faith they have left. Connor interrupts them with the news that their son has escaped. Angela is trying desperately to cheer Warren up. She suggests that they go out for a night of laughter and dancing. Warren decides to take her up on her offer. Lily and Elaine have taken Aurora to the Windsurfer to cheer her up. Rich is there and he comes onto Lily. When she rejects him, he turns his sights on Aurora. Lily is skeptical and does not buy his good "boy scout" routine. Meanwhile, Cruz and the Walkers grow increasingly worried over what might happen if Connor were to find Sawyer before they did. B.J says that she was only trying to help her brother and collapses from the exhaustion and stress she has been through. Warren, in his drunken stupor, asks Angela to marry him and she accepts. Aurora receives a note from Sawyer asking her to meet him outside. When Rich refuses to let her go alone, Sawyer lures him outside and knocks him out. When Elaine and Lily find him unconscious, they also realize that Aurora is gone too. Lily finds Sawyer's note and wishes them well. Angela and Warren arrive at the wedding chapel in Nevada. The minister mistakes them for Ted and Katrina. Warren has second thoughts but Angela convinces him to continue with the ceremony. Ted and Katrina walk in are shocked to find Warren and Angela there as well. B.J is having a nightmare and calls out to her father. Reese goes over to comfort her, but this upsets Cruz, as he cannot be there to help his own daughter.

Ted demands to know why Warren and Angela are at their wedding. Angela informs him that they are getting married too. A drunk Warren cannot concentrate on the impending nuptials while a determined Angela tries to keep him focused. Julia and Mason are pressuring Micah to accept the job as Chief of Surgery when they are interrupted by Lily bearing the news of Sawyer's escape with Aurora. This greatly upsets Micah. Jodie goes to check up on B.J who is acting particularly cold towards her. B.J admits that she holds Jodie responsible for everything Frank did to her as a child and that she'll never forgive her mother for not protecting her, as a mother should. Meanwhile, Connor has come by to talk to B.J, but meets with strong opposition from the Walkers. Jodie gives him a good tongue lashing about leaving her family alone. She then finds that B.J has gone out the window. The wedding ceremonies have been delayed. Both couples continue to be horrible to each other hurling insults and snide comments. This results in an all out brawl between the four. The minister, who happens to be the chief of police, locks Ted, Warren, Katrina and Angela in a holding cell and tells them to settle their problems themselves. Alone at last, Kelly tells Cruz that she finds him drifting away and that all she can do is to hang on to hope and pray that everything will return to normal. They are interrupted by B.J who asks Cruz to drive her someplace. They head out the spot where Frank died. B.J tells Cruz that she feels dead inside. He tells her that she been through a lot and it is difficult for her to process her feelings. He assures her that she will be fine with time and effort. They hug, unaware that Connor is watching them behind some bushes.

Ken is lounging in bed with Andie, his mistress. They talk about the scam he is pulling down in California and how much it is going to pay off. He then hands her a piece of jewelry that C.C gave to Sophia a while ago. Unannounced, C.C shows up at Sophia's to find her packing. She tells him that she's flying to Hong Kong to surprise Ken. She tells C.C that she is very upset with him for trying to seduce her. She says that she is madly in love with Ken and that she may even consider marrying him. C.C tries to convince her not to rush into anything too hasty. Sawyer and Aurora are on a bus headed to Chicago. He shows her the money B.J had stashed away for him. This gets the attention of a drifter. He introduces himself as Rusty and they introduce themselves as Luke and Laura. Rusty then pickpockets Sawyer's wallet. Realizing that his wallet is gone, Sawyer panics as Rusty now knows his real identity and may turn him in. Connor pays an unexpected visit to Kelly trying to pump her for information. B.J expresses her anger towards her mother to Cruz. He tries to repair the rift that has developed between the two, but fails to get through to B.J. Jodie becomes increasingly distant from Reese, who insists that they need to spend some time together. When Cruz brings B.J home, she tells him that she is considering telling Reese and B.J the truth about her father. Cruz is adamant that she keep that a secret or risk losing her entire family. Reese suggests that B.J see a doctor to help her, but B.J says that the only person who can help her is Warren. She says that he fills up a void in her soul. Reese and Jodie both agree that a relationship is the last thing B.J needs right now. She tells Reese about her conversation with Warren urging him to stay away from B.J. Overhearing this, B.J explodes at her mother for chasing the only man who ever loved her away. Connor begins to have feelings for Kelly. Cruz comes home and finds Connor leaving. He explodes at Kelly and they have a heated argument. When they make up, Cruz tells her that B.J brought him to the place where Frank died. Since Cruz had never been to the site, the only other possibility is that B.J was involved in Frank's murder, and that possibility terrifies Cruz to the very depths of his soul.

Gina and Lionel awake from their night of passion. She jumps out in horror at what had transpired between them. She pushes Lionel away saying that sex was not part of their deal. She tells him that it can never happen again. Gina explains that sex had ruined all of her relationships in the past and she does not want to ruin the good thing she has going with Lionel. Jodie tries her best to explain to B.J. her reasons for telling Warren to stay away from her, but B.J turns a deaf ear. She informs her parents that she intends to move out. A desperate Jodie tries to convince her to stay but their fight escalates and Reese separates them. Lily comes by to get an update on Sawyer and B.J asks if she could stay with Lily. Jodie and Reese return just in time to see B.J drive off with Lily. Ted, Katrina, Angela and Warren are released from the holding cell. Warren is relieved that he did not marry Angela, who is deeply hurt by his actions. She says that she cannot bear to be near him and that she will ride home with Ted and Katrina. Minx comes in to gloat over Lionel's problem with Gina. She tells him that a marriage without sex is doomed from the start. Lionel decides to get Gina into bed by making her jealous. Lily tells B.J that Warren has married Angela and that she should get over him. Rocked by the news, B.J runs out looking for Warren. Gina suggests that Lily would be the perfect model and spokeswoman to launch Gina Jeans. Jodie tells Warren not to stay away from B.J, as he is the only one who can help her. Warren warns her that it is a very fine line he has to walk and he is not sure that he can trust himself around B.J. Jodie says that he had better trust himself, for B.J's sake. Rummaging for booze in his office, Warren stumbles upon the Rachel Ann doll. As he picks it up, he notices B.J standing in the doorway. With Katrina fast asleep in the backseat of the car, Angela begins to seduce Ted. He tries to push her away and focus on his driving but finds her sexual advances too irresistible and gives in. He starts to kiss her but suddenly lets out a scream and slams on the brakes. The car screeches out of control as Ted and Angela scream in horror.

Sawyer and Aurora escaped to Philadelphia. Gina wants to take Lilly along with her as a model to a fashion show in Paris. Lilly is very enthusiastic about but Lisa approaches Webster and gets instead of Lilly the job. Meanwhile Sophia is flying to Hong Kong in order to surprise Ken. Ken is indeed very surprised as he actually had a date with his mistress.