Cruz suspects that BJ has murdered Frank. McCabe was able to convince Micah that his daughter Aurora was making herself guilty in helping Sawyer to escape. Micah is now determined to find the true murderer of Frank. Julia and Mason are having other things to worry about. Julia is not getting pregnant. She suggests Mason to get himself examined from Dr. Zeemann who is a good friend of CC.

After the car accident Ted and Katrina are in the hospital. Ted tries to escape from the hospital in disguise of a doctor. He wants to find Angela, who has disappeared without leaving a trace. She appears at Dolly in the Desert Inn. She has lost her memory through the accident. Dolly is taking care of her and gives her a job as a waitress. McCabe is putting BJ on a lie detector.

Warren is asking his old friend Skyler who is a psychiatrist to make a therapy with BJ. Skyler senses that Warren is in love with BJ and agrees. They met each other in the Far East where Skyler has learnt eastern meditation. BJ agrees to see Skyler if Warren is also coming along with her. Skyler meditates with BJ and asks both at the end of their first sitting to stay at his place over night. CC and Ted find Angela in the Desert Inn and notice that she has lost her memory. They take her to the hospital where she slowly starts to recover. CC takes Angela at home where he is trying together with Ted and Katrina to get her memory back. The police knows already about the whereabouts of Sawyer and Aurora but both can again escape. Micah is at the police station and worries that the police might hurt his daughter when finding her.

Sophia and Ken went together for a journey which makes CC very upset. On her way back Sophia is meeting a young woman in the plane. She offers to her a job in her company. She does not know that the young woman is the mistress of Ken. Ted is taking care of Angela. Cruz is working very hard on the murder case of Frank as the burden of proof against BJ is mounting.

Gina meets Lionel in the Oasis and suspects that he is having a date with Sophia. In her worry she even is cancelling a business trip. BJ wants to get rid of the terrible experiences in her past and wants to undergo a therapy with Skyler. By examining BJ's dress some trace of gunpowder is detected. Did Cruz's daughter shoot Frank?

Dr. Zeeman explains to Mason and Julia that Mason is sterile. Mason feels like a failure. The Walkers, Cruz and Warren go with BJ to Skyler for his first therapeutic sitting. Cruz is having a confidential talk with Skyler. Later he destroys the only proof - BJ's dress by which she could be prosecuted. He is ready to go to the prison for BJ.

Warren fights with himself. It is getting more and more difficult for him to hold back his feelings for BJ. Cruz has decided to take the guilt of Frank's death on himself. Up to now only he and Kelly know that BJ has been the person responsible for the crime. Kelly is frustrated that the man whom she loves wants to go to the prison. Ted confesses to Katrina that he was having an affair with Angela.

Lionel is still trying to make Gina jealous. Lilly, Ty and Rafe are in Cleveland in order to get a business agreement with Stapleton. All of a sudden Ty is getting ill. Rafe should take over his job. Andie, the lover of Ken, is jealous because of Sophia. Ken can calm her down. CC warns Sophia urgently that an unknown woman has been in Ken's hotel room in Hong Kong. Sophia does not believe him.

Rafe introduces himself as Ty Mitchell to get the order from Stapleton. At first he can't convince the businessman from Cleveland properly. But finally Stapleton agrees and is even sending a romantic dinner to the room where Lilly and Rafe stay. Ken's mistress Andie is not at all enthusiastic about that Ken wants to marry Sophia because of her money. Ken is able to play the role of a man in love very convincing.

CC wants to send Angela together with Ted to Texas. He knows there a great doctor who is a specialist in treating amnesia. Ted is not very enthusiastic about the idea that Angela could get back her memory. Kelly and Cruz are planing for their escape. But before Cruz wants to make a confession in writing that he is the murderer of Frank Goodman.