While Reese and Jody are finding the written confession from Cruz, the latter is giving his farewell to BJ and Warren. Also Mason, Julia, Reese and Jody are wishing both of them good luck. When the couple has arrived at the airport Cruz explains to Kelly that he can't take her along. Kelly is totally desparate but is not able to change his mind. Cruz flies without her.

McCabe is bringing a distressed Kelly at home and is taking care of her. McCabe tries to find out from Kelly if Cruz has really murdered Frank. She asks him to go and leave her alone as her parents will come and take care for her. He tells her that he knows now what he wanted to know. While Jody does not belief in Cruz's confession Reese thinks it might be possible that Cruz has killed Frank. Ken makes a marriage proposal to Sophia. CC disturbs their meeting and takes Sophia along to comfort Kelly.

Angela is slowly getting back her memory. Katrina who wanted to surprise Ted and Angela in Dallas becomes a witness of a very intimate hug between Ted and Angela. Sophia tells CC that she is going to marry Ken. Warren persuades BJ to go on with the therapy of Skyler. When BJ learns about the confession of Cruz that he has murdered Frank Goodman and has left thereafter the country she is getting very upset.

Aurora and Sawyer are still on the escape. They find in Boston a work and an apartment. Sophia is having fix in mind to marry Ken. She is not aware about that he only wants to get her money and is having a mistress. Gina surprises Rafe and Lilly in bed of a hotel in Cleveland. She blames Lilly that she is not taking care enough for the businesses of Gina Jeans.

Ted confesses to Katrina that he was having an affair with Angela for several months. Katrina breaks up her engagement with Ted thereafter. Rafe confesses to Lisa that he was having an affair with Lilly. Lisa therefore pretends that she was having a miscarriage in Paris. McCabe is having his doubts about the confession of Cruz. Kelly scatters on the beach the ash of BJ's dress which is the only proof for the guilt of BJ. McCabe is observing her.

CC is giving a party in honour of Micah. McCabe appears uninvited and tells about new proofs in the murder case of Goodman. Jody is having a nervous breakdown. Lisa comes to Lilly's home and pretends that she has lost her baby after she got to know that she was having an affair with Rafe. Rafe is feeling guilty. CC tries to persuade Ken to cancel the marriage with Sophia.

At CC's party Reese tries to find out from Kelly why Cruz has escaped. Micah is treating Jody's migraine. Ken is getting cash from CC for abandon Sophia. Warren surprises McCabe while he is searching through Kelly's desk. Warren thinks that BJ must have shot Frank. When BJ is seeing Angela and Warren in an embrace she wants to drown herself in the pool.

At the same time when CC is giving his party, Minx is giving a dinner party with Gina, Lionel, Judge Shorter and Camilla. Gina and Lionel are fighting the whole evening. Shorter and Minx appear later also at CC's party where the judge dies. Warren saves BJ from drowning. Sophia tells CC that Ken wants to marry her on the spot.

CC tries with no success to prevent Sophia from the marriage with Ken. Angela and CC comfort each other over their disappointing experience with their loved ones. At the same time Sophia gets married with Ken. BJ stabs Warren with a scissors in his shoulder. Skyler warns the injured one of BJ. Aurora tries to keep Sawyer from earning money with boxing but he does not see any other way out.

McCabe suspects BJ to be the murderer of Frank. He now knows that she is the daughter of Cruz. He thinks therefore that Cruz only has made his confession to protect his daughter. Also Warren thinks that BJ has shot Frank because he has seen the video tapes of her hypnosis sessions. Only BJ does not know anything about as she has suppressed everything in relation to the murder case. Warren decides to hide BJ. Julia wants to get the position of the late Judge Shorter.