Ted is jealous because CC and Angela are getting close to each other. BJ is shocked about her brutal attack against Warren and reproaches herself therefore. Skyler thinks that BJ's psyche has got damaged because of the murder on Frank. Warren invites BJ to go with him to San Francisco. Kelly tells Jody that Cruz has burned the dress of BJ because this would convict her for being the murderer of Frank. Reese is making a DNA test with probes from BJ and Cruz to prove to McCabe that BJ is not Cruz's but his daughter.

Mason and Julia both try to get the position of the judge. Mason is applying as a candidate of the Republicans and Julia as a representative of the Democrats. Jody confesses Reese that BJ is not his daughter but Cruz's child. A world is breaking down for Reese. He wants to separate himself from Jody. He is getting drunk in a bar and gets to know Andie there.

Reese leaves Jody. He can't forgive her the lie about BJ. Julia and Mason tell the press that they both are going to candidate for the position of the successor of the Judge Shorter. Gina and Lionel are going on with their fight. Gina tells him that she is going to make cruise to Monte Carlo with Stapleton. Lionel bites back by claiming to go with Camilla for holidays.

Lilly must swear to Lisa that she is leaving Rafe in peace. Rafe meanwhile is trying to find out the real reason for Lisa's miscarriage. He is having strong doubts on her version of the story. When Ken and Sophia are coming back from their honeymoon they find that somebody has broken in at their place. While Sophia is asking Julia to change her last will in favour for Ken, Ken is with Andie.

Original airdate: October 1, 1992
Warren travels with BJ to San Francisco to avoid McCabe for getting access to BJ as the main suspect in the murder case. Sawyer and Aurora are still on the flight. Sawyer tries to finance their life by boxing but is taken into a put up job. Now he no longer can step back. His coach knows that he is on escape and puts him under pressure.

Original airdate: October 2, 1992
Katrina is fed up with Ted and is going to leave Santa Barbara. Neither Ted nor CC can change her mind. She flies to Germany with a break in St. Louis for a farewell from Dash. Kelly asks Skyler to help her in getting through her lovesickness. Warren and BJ can't stay together for the first night as BJ is getting under arrest.

Original airdate: October 5, 1992
BJ is under arrest accused for the murder of Frank. Ted accidentally sees how Angela and CC are embracing each other and is making wrong conclusions. He attacks his father thereafter with all kinds of incredible things. Lilly is desperate. She has to watch how her mother is destroying her marriage with Lionel. CC confesses to Angela that he is really having interest in her.

Original airdate: October 6, 1992
Ted is having the intention to leave Santa Barbara for a while in order to get some distance to Angela. He wants to persuade Lilly to accompany him by his sailing tour around the world. Meanwhile CC romances Angela but she shows herself reserved. Kelly is opening up herself to Skyler. She is desperate that her love stories are always ending in a catastrophe. BJ is getting hysterical because all are thinking she is guilty.

Original airdate: October 7, 1992
Lilly is finally accepting Ted's invitation for his sailing trip. BJ is brought to the prosecutor earlier than expected. Warren does not know anything about. He asks Angela to use her influence at CC so that he will use his connection to get an understanding judge for BJ. Angela is suggesting Mason. Ken learns from Sophia that he is taken into consideration in her new will.

Original airdate: October 8, 1992
Kelly is invited by McCabe for a dinner in the Oasis. Skyler is eating dinner with Minx. Also BJ and Warren appear at the dinner. Skyler and BJ are having a dispute as BJ feels herself betrayed from him. Skyler later meets Warren. Together they work out a plan to prove BJ's innocence. Ted and Lilly are staying together over night on a lonely island. Angela and CC are flirting heavily with each other.