Original airdate: October 9, 1992
Jody and Micah go together to Boston for bringing back their children. Jody tries to find the whereabouts of the two by contacting several boxing agencies and finds them. Warren and Skyler are meanwhile visiting the motel in which BJ was spending the night before the death of Frank. But BJ is already there waiting for them. She is desperate as nobody is believing her.

Original airdate: October 12, 1992
Lilly and Ted find out that they are not at all alone on the "abandoned" island. Andie tries to flirt with Reece. Ken has newly decorated Sophia's apartment. She is very enthusiastic about. When Sophia is finding a scorpion in the room she is having a nervous breakdown. Ken is giving her a tranquilliser which is in truth a sleeping pill. After this he drives to his mistress Andie.

Original airdate: October 13, 1992
Gina and Lionel are using Stapleton and Camilla at their skiing place to make each other jealous. But both are not going too far as they really love each other. While under hypnosis, BJ remembers the events of the murder day. Sophia has hurt herself and is getting first aid from Kelly and McCabe. Ken is getting home late. He pretends that he was shopping.

Original airdate: October 14, 1992
Jody and Micah are still in search for Sawyer and Aurora. They are followed by somebody on order of the jealous Carla. She has ordered a private detective to make photos from them. Lilly and Ted are on the island of Boratunga. CC and Angela are having different reasons for getting Ted back home. They go in search for Ted.

Original airdate: October 15, 1992
Mason and Julia are having an appearance on a television show where they run against each other for the position of the district judge. Mason is using all kind of tricks to win. BJ fires her lawyer as she does not feel understood by him. She would prefer a woman as her representative. Warren approaches therefore Julia who is not very delighted especially when she finds out that the judge in this case will be Mason. Lionel and Gina are getting again closer at their skiing place. Micah forces Jody into a kiss. She first pushes him away but then repeats the kiss. In the hotel she tells him that they are not here for romance but for their children. Micah tells her that he has noticed that McCabe must have sent somebody behind them and therefore the kiss. She would not have repeated the kiss if she found it so unpleasant. They finally find Aurora and Sawyer in the park. Sawyer is badly damaged from his boxing fight and Micah has to bring him to the hospital.

Original airdate: October 16, 1992
BJ reproaches Reese for thinking that she has killed Frank. Reese tells Warren that BJ is not his but Cruz's daughter. Julia is accepting the defence for BJ. Kelly talks with Reese about her aversion against Ken and gets to know that he has been with Andie and not shopping at the time of Sophia's fall. She asks McCabe to make some investigations.

Original airdate: October 19, 1992
CC and Angela went to Boratunga. Lilly and Ted are pretending to be in love with each other which is making Angela very jealous. For the time of the murder trial Julia is staying with Kelly. She intents to fight for homicide and to prove that BJ has been abused by Frank in case BJ is making a confession. Ken is giving Sophia a sleeping pill so that he can go to Andie.

Original airdate: October 20, 1992
Lionel and Gina are getting back from their holidays and are fully in love which each other. Jody and Micah bring back their children to Santa Barbara. Sawyer does not want to tell Jody what he has seen in the night when Frank has been murdered. He lies by pretending that he has not seen BJ at the place where the murder has taken place. Micah looks through his lie and is taking him to task.

Original airdate: October 21, 1992
BJ visits with Kelly a meeting of people who have been abused as a child. Kelly hardly can't believe that so many children are getting abused according to the statistics. McCabe is visiting Rosa in order to find out about an incident which happened at the party. He finds the scissors by which BJ has nearly stabbed Warren. Sawyer is meanwhile quite sure that he has seen how BJ has shot Frank at the scene of crime.

Original airdate: October 22, 1992
McCabe would drop his charge against Sawyer if the latter would testify what he has seen in the night of the murder. When Sawyer is telling BJ that he has been a witness of the murder she is shocked. But later she remembers all the details. BJ persuades her brother to testify. Carla is presenting Micah the picture in which he is kissing Jody and makes a scene.