Original airdate: October 23, 1992
Reese and Jody are fighting. Reese is making it clear to Jody that their relationship is over. The kissing pictures of Micah and Jody has finished him off. Warren is preparing BJ in the courtroom for the questions of the prosecutor. Lilly is upset when Rafe is arriving unexpected at Boratunga. He is very unhappy to see her with Ted.

Original airdate: October 26, 1992
Sawyer is reproaching himself for testifying against BJ even all are encouraging him that he is doing the right thing. Jody asks Micah to talk with Reese. He should explain to Reese that the pictures where he is kissing Jody are completely harmless. BJ freezes in the courtroom when Warren wants to go with her through all the facts in the night of murder. This is prolonging the trial.

Original airdate: October 27, 1992
The native people of Boratunga are celebrating something and drum through the whole night. For the tourists of Santa Barbara this is getting a very hot night. CC thinks that Angela is still suffering because of Warren and confesses his love to her. Not long thereafter Ted appears at Angela and wants to have sex with her. She rejects him. Meanwhile Rafe is sneaking into the hotel room of Lilly and tells her how much he is in need of her.

Original airdate: October 28, 1992
The trial in the murder case of Frank Goodman starts with an incident. Frank's girlfriend slaps BJ. Jody and Reese are investigating Frank's past in order to find further proof in favour for BJ. On the first day of the trial the message is coming that Cruz has been found. Kelly is shocked as she wanted to spare him to testify against BJ. She wanted to testify as a witness instead of Cruz.

Original airdate: October 29, 1992
CC and Angela confess that they are mutually attracted to each other. Ted and Lilly decide to go on to pretend a relationship. By this Ted intents to irritate Angela and Lilly tries to make Rafe jealous. The trial against BJ starts with the questions of McCabe. Kelly testifies that Cruz has burned BJs dress in order to protect her.

Original airdate: October 30, 1992
Ted tries to persuade Angela to forget CC. Warren and BJ want to marry. Not only because by this he need not to testify against her at the court but also because they are in love. Ken sees the design drafts of Andie and recognizes in her model Reese Walker. He beats her up. Sophia starts to get more and more forgetful and distracted. It seems that she has become addicted to Ken's "vitamin pills".

Original airdate: November 2, 1992
BJ breaks off the marriage ceremony because she thinks that Warren will not manage to betray his moral principles. Warren drives to the Oasis to get himself drunk. When Reese is driving to Andie he finds her nearly unconscious. The next day Ben Arnold is calling Warren into the witness stand. Warren has awoken this morning with a terrible hangover in the Oasis.

Original airdate: November 3, 1992
Ken and Sophia are visiting Andie in the hospital. Sophia still is not aware that Andie is the mistress of Ken. She also does not notice that Ken tries to get her addicted with the so-called vitamin pills. Warren is interrogated in the witness stand by Ben Arnold without any mercy. Skyler thinks that the trial could only be positive for BJs psychological situation as one day she has to recall everything what happened.

Original airdate: November 4, 1992
Although Ken has beat her up that she has to go to the hospital, Andie is not taking any legal steps against Ken. Reese warns her that Ken could get again violent but Andie is defending him. According to some forecast it is Mason who will win the election for the district judge. Julia is upset because she thinks that he is the wrong man for this job. While Angela is using all kind of tricks to seduce Ted, CC works intensively to earn Angela's favour.

Original airdate: November 5, 1992
Mason thinks himself already as the winner for the judge. Julia is irritated not only because she has probably lost but also because she thinks that Mason is a bad judge. The result of the election surprises, it's not Mason but Julia who has won the election. Ted suggests to Lilly to marry him in order to take revenge on Angela and Rafe.