Original airdate: November 6, 1992
The prosecutor Arnold is trying to prove the murder on Frank Goodman by BJ with not only lawful means. Julia and Mason decide to try it again with each other after having a long debate in the office of the judge. The forced separation is shaking their nerves more than they wanted to admit at the beginning.

Original airdate: November 9, 1992
Dolly Forster is questioned as a witness of the prosecutor. She testifies that she has seen in the night of the murder that BJ has thrown away a pistol. In the light of this fact Julia intends to plead for guilty to get a more merciful verdict. But Arnold the cold-blooded prosecutor is not ready to make any deal. On the occasion of a birthday party Ted is announcing his engagement with Lilly.

Original airdate: November 10, 1992
Dolly Forster's statement that she has seen BJ in the night of murder throwing away a pistol is putting a strong weight on the accusation. Jody is therefore totally desperate and visits Skyler. Warren and BJ are finding out that BJ was taking in the night of murder a shower with a gun. BJ is now totally confused and thinks that she has murdered really Frank and has to go to the prison.

Original airdate: November 11, 1992
Jody totally drunken tries to attract Skyler who turns her away. The next day she feels ashamed for her attitude. Meanwhile BJ and Warren are dreaming about that everything will turn to the better. They intend to stay together as a writer couple happy till the end of their days. Ted and Lilly are engaged. CC threatens to disinherit Ted. Sophia tries to calm CC down.

Original airdate: November 12, 1992
CC is getting worried about Sophia and asks Micah by which sign one can recognize a misuse of pills. Kelly suspects still Ken for giving Sophia the pills. BJ is not sure about if she should plead guilty or not. Reese and Jody think that it would be better to plead guilty because if the jury is believing her that she has acted in self-defence she would get away with only a little punishment. Warren is stressing on her innocence.

Original airdate: November 13, 1992
Jody and Reese are called to the witness stand and get cross examined by Arnold. Julia thinks that it is necessary that BJ herself is getting into the stand of witness to show her credibility. Julia meets Mason and tells him that he is embittered over the election of the new judge. He shows himself hurt and reminds her on their trustful relationship they had before. He makes some compliments to her and both start feeling better. Kelly visits Sophia and takes secretly along one of Sophia's vitamin pills. She intents to get it examined by an expert. Micah is called to an operation of young man of whom the identity is not known. After the operation Micah finds out that it is his own son Giovanni.

Original airdate: November 16, 1992
Gina tells her hairdresser that Ted and Lilly wants to marry. Angela overhears this talk in secret. Later she tells Gina that this marriage could turn easy into a double marriage because CC has asked her to marry him. Lilly suspects Lisa that she was only pretending her pregnancy for getting Rafe to marry her. BJ starts to remember some of the incidents at the particular night. Arnold is putting a lot of pressure on her till BJ admits that she might have shot Frank. Warren jumps up in disbelief and is brought out of the court room.

Original airdate: November 17, 1992
Ted and Angela have fallen into a pit and can't get out anymore. Angela turns out as a good scout and splints the broken leg of Ted. CC and Lilly are searching for the two missing ones. Micah is not very happy for finding out that it is his son whom he was operating.

Original airdate: November 18, 1992
Gina arranges with much devotion the marriage of Lilly even the groom is still missing. Julia wants to represent the murder as self-defence and tries to get BJ free on probation. Ben Arnold is taking her strongly under cross fire and describes BJ as a hysterical confused person. He provokes BJ so strong that she shouts at him. By this he has reached his goal to proof that BJ is loosing quickly her self-control.

Original airdate: November 19, 1992
Micah, Aurora and Sawyer are able to persuade Giovanni to stay. All are surprised when they find out what kind of profession their new family member is having in mind. Meanwhile at the court Eugene is getting into the stand of witness and confesses that he abused Frank while being a child. This statement Arnold is using very successfully for his purpose.