Sophia is on her knees at Marcello's side and tells Cruz that his condition is very bad and he is in need of a doctor. Cruz bows down and says he does not know he is not a doctor. Eden bursts out that she can't believe that the person who tried to kill her father and sister should be the person to be saved first. The round is embarrassed by her words.

Jack Lee on knowing that Brick is found is saying quickly good bye to Augusta by telling her some sweet things and pretending to have some urgent work. He promises to see her in the evening again. She asks him if he does not mind her blindness and he says not at all and he is quite happy that she is no more together with Lionel. When stepping out of the house Julia is waiting already for him behind the house door and asks him to let her sister in peace and not misuse her condition. Jack tells her that he is having no interest in Augusta and he would be happy if they can see themselves again and everything would be as before. Julia tells him that he is getting more perverse than ever.

Brick is knocking on a circus wagon. Somebody stands behind and watches him. Brick's mother is opening and happy to see him. Brick gets into the wagon while the man is listening at the window what they are talking.

Cruz gets down and checks up Marcello and says to Sophia that she is right this man is in quick need of a doctor. Marcello who has got just back his consciousness calls on Cruz with a weak voice telling him that Eden is right and one should not take care of his condition. Cruz takes contact with the helicopter. They say that it is stormy but they will try to land. Cruz says that in two minutes he will bring the first person up to the roof.

Julia gets back to Augusta. Augusta asks her how she finds Jack. If she does not find him charming. Julia says, she finds him rather like a snake. Jack is not the man for her and she should forget him and no more see him. Augusta is upset. She tells her she should keep herself out of her flirts which she cannot understand. She is just on going to fall into love to him and he will come and see her tonight.

Laken storms in informing them that she has heard that the Capwell hotel is in flames and people are locked on the top. She turns on the television and they hear that about thirty persons of a marriage party are locked up by the fire in the restaurant on the top of the hotel. They are searching for a way to bring them down with the helicopter one by one.

Mason is giving a talk to the whole audience. He says today is the end of the world and the big day of truth has come. They all are having obviously the opinion to let Marcello die. If he should not brought down as the first person then he will be at least the last person to be brought down with the helicopter. The problem would be that he can't get on the helicopter alone. Who will be then the person to help him? He is going now to point out the person among them who has made a murderer out of Marcello and who has forced a young girl to give away her child and then denies this fact. The man who deserves it at most to die in this flames from all of them, his name is CC Capwell. CC cuts between telling him that nobody has asked him about his opinion. Mason finds that if he has the slightest courage then he should be the person who is going as the last person and should say who should go first. Ted finds that this should be Gina as she is pregnant. CC finds it too and is thankful that Sophia also agrees. Mason adds that he is also finding it a good idea as by this two are rescued at the same time and he votes therefore also for Gina as the first person.

Cruz comes and informs that they can't go over the roof as the helicopters are not able to rescue them from the roof. All are shocked and much excitement arises.

Augusta asks Laken to switch on the television to hear more about the fire. They are just on informing that the helicopters are not able to land and rescue them from the roof. Laken worries much about Ted and tells them that she is going to the hotel. Augusta tells her that she does not find it a good idea as she can be also get hurt but Julia says she should let her go if she wants. Laken thanks her aunt and runs.

CC takes the mic of the radio set and demands the helicopter to land. He says that he knows what they are able to do or not as he was flying under much worse conditions. The pilot says, sorry but they have to hand over the job to the fire brigade. Cruz tells CC they will find another way out. He will have to check up the possibilities. All should remain calm.

Kelly finds that their situation is not just the best one. Nick calms her telling that all will come alright. He is sure that Cruz will manage the situation and all are getting safe out.

Christy, the girl which has made friendship with Jade is also here. The gentleman on her side is upset telling her that it is her fault why she wanted to come here. The man lets her sit alone in fear. Ted notices her and asks her if they did not meet themselves not long ago. She replies with a dry tone in her voice, yes nice to meet again. Ted whose job is to keep the people calm comforts her saying all will come alright soon.

Mason comes to stand close to Gina. He finds it a pity that they could not finish off their business. He asks her if she is not thankful to him that at his speech he did not tell the truth about her. She says, yes she is thankful to him for this.

Nick addresses Cruz at the door and asks him if he can't help as he can't stay around without taking some action. Cruz accepts his offer. Nick puts the ring on Cruz's finger as he does not want to have to worry in losing it again. Cruz asks him to wait a moment. He goes to Eden and puts the ring on her finger. Eden asks him to wait for a moment and fetches the ring from Kelly which she should have given to Cruz. She puts it on Cruz's finger. She worries a lot about Cruz in doing this job and asks him to pass it on to someone else. Cruz reminds her that she knows that it is his job and she should trust him all will come alright.

Nick and Cruz find a room on the northside of the hotel where the fire has not done so much harm. Cruz informs the Fire brigade about the room number asking them if it will work. They get close with their ladders and think it will do if they act quickly.

Santana and Gina meet each other and share their worries about Brandon. Santana says that she will change her life in case she will ever get out of this situation. She never has shown Brandon how much she really loves him. Gina gets exited on hearing this and starts shouting against her that she is having the intention to take Brandon away from her. CC jumps between and pulls Gina away.

The Andrades are getting closer together and include also Carmen holding each other. Sophia also asks her family now to be together. The restaurant is already much under smoke and people have to cough a lot. They are giving each other the hand. Ted asks Mason also to come to them. Sophia also invites him and he comes to their circle.

Brick is sitting with his mother together having a nice talk with her. He asks her if the money he is sending is enough for her. She shows him the bed she has bought for it and how happy she is that he is doing well. She then wants to know why he was talking so mysteriously on the phone. Brick tells her that it is nothing special he only is bringing along with him his girlfriend. He discloses to her that she is in her ninth month and the baby is not from him even he feels as if it is his. He is not telling her where Amy just now is and who the real father is. His mother makes him happy by showing much understanding.

Cruz comes back and informs them that they have to go one by one through the fire in order to get to a room on the north side where the fire brigade is waiting for them to get down on their ladders. Some are very much in worry to get through the flames. Cruz organises that all are getting themselves wet. CC, Mason, Ted and Danny are lifting up Marcello with a blanket. Marcello talks something about Channing, a revolver and the tunnel and Mason wants to listen but CC finds they should bring him out first and inquire afterwards.

Cruz goes first through the fire and then he calls Eden as the first person. Eden runs quickly through. Cruz asks her not to be afraid of the height and not to look down when going down the ladder. He wants to tear away her veil but she is shocked about and asks him not to part her marriage dress.

On being alone again Augusta asks Julia why she was so much upset against her. Last time when they saw each other in San Francisco they have been so happy together. Julia gets absent minded and experiences again the situation with Jack Lee in the room where she has hurt him with a glass because he was carrying the picture of Augusta in his wallet. Augusta brings her out of her dreams telling her that then all of a sudden she got so cold and distant to her from one day to the other and she did not know why. It was to her as if she has lost a good friend. Julia tells her that this was only in her imagination. The only reason for this was that she was very busy. Augusta tells her that she knows very well the difference between too busy and anger. Julia does not want to go on with this conversation. She directly tells her that she is fed up with running around for her with such funny instruction on telling Lionel about her meetings with other men. She can do this by her own next time. Julia tells her that she has to do something in the city and goes.

Eden on coming into the hall ready for the people who get rescued is interviewed. She says that thanks to Cruz Castillo they find a way out. They can't imagine how it looks there up in the hotel. Laken comes in and searches for Ted. Kelly tells her that he is still up. One woman after another is coming into the hall as the lady are brought down first. Gina is brought and is placed on a stretcher. The ambulance man thinks she has to be brought to the hospital because of her foot.

Laken sees Christy and asks her if she has seen Ted. Christy tells her that Ted has helped her so much and he is still on helping to get the people down. He of sure will also come out of the fire.

Marcello is lying also on a stretcher and the doctor examines him.

Mason and CC are the last persons which have to get through the fire. Mason asks him who should go first. CC asks him to go but he wants to tell him that he will never forget what he has told to the whole people in the restaurant. Mason tells him that he also can no more forget his and Eden's behaviour against him at their last family meeting. Mason meets Cruz at the window. Cruz asks him who else is there. Mason informs him that it is only CC. Cruz calls him telling Mason that they don't have much time anymore to get out.

Sophia asks the doctor about the health condition of Marcello. He says that it does not look so good. He is having much inner bleedings and he thinks they have to treat him on the spot. Sophia asks him to do their best to keep in on life.

Gina is brought to the ambulance. Mason comes just in and on seeing Gina carried out he runs behind her. He asks the first aid man if he can go to the hospital with his mother in law as he also has to get a health check up. The man asks him to get into the car.

Gina is surprised to see Mason. She finds he looks good beside being a little bit burned. Mason takes out the papers he could save inside his jacket and asks her to complete their agreement. He keeps ready a washing pen and they continue their sex adventure on the stretcher on the way to the hospital.

Augusta takes the phone. Jack tells her that he can't come as promised because some urgent work has come between. But she should not worry he will find a way to make it good. Augusta tells him that work is certainly going ahead of amusement. She puts down the receiver and thinks that she knows the reason for this refusal.

Somebody knocks at Jack's door very vehemently. It is Julia. She storms in while greeting Jack with some wonderful titles like nice to see you dirty pig.

Cruz is arriving as the last person. Eden is very happy. CC at once asks if somebody knows about the health condition of Dr. Armonti. The doctor informs him that they don't know if they are getting him through. He is calling always his name. CC says that he is repeating Channing's name. He thinks he knows who the murderer was.

Sophia , CC and Cruz are standing around Marcello. On hearing what CC just said Kelly gets up very excited and runs to the stretcher. She starting to shout against Marcello and shaking his body. He knew who killed Channing and he did not tell it by which Joe had to go for five years into prison. She thought that she can trust him but now she knows that the only person she could ever trust is Joe. CC and Sophia pull her away. CC asks the doctor to give her an injection to calm her down. The doctor brings Kelly away. A shocked and surprised Nick is following Kelly with his eyes.

Cruz bows over Marcello. Marcello points to him to get close to him. Cruz asks him if he knows who Channing has killed. Cruz is getting his ear close to Marcello's mouth and Marcello whispers something to him. Cruz gets up obviously shocked and confused on what he heard. CC asks him what he has told him. Cruz changes quickly the subject by asking the doctor that Marcello has lost his consciousness again and they should quickly do something. The doctor decides to take him to the hospital and get him operated.

Kelly stands in a distant and looks full of hate to Marcello saying that she hopes he dies and pays by this for all what he has done to them and Joe. Nick standing on her side says to her that she is not really meaning what she just said. He knows that she is just such a wonderful and soft woman and he can't take this serious. Kelly tells him to leave her alone. What does he know what she has gone through. This can only Joe understand and nearly she would have said Marcello, but now she knows she is alone and has nobody she can trust. she turns around and runs out. Nick runs behind her.

Gina stops Mason asking him to make an addition to their contract. He should add that this agreement on becoming the trustee of Brandon will not come into action if she is not getting pregnant within the next ten days. Mason finds that she has quickly learned about law agreements and he is adding this paragraph. Gina mentions that she was so afraid in the fire that she will not survive. Mason finds that she is more alive now. Gina thinks the same of him. It's obvious they enjoy their adventure bringing it to an end.

Cruz thinks about on what Marcello has told him. If he has heard properly but then he thinks Marcello has repeated it twice. All are pressuring him to say to them what he got told. Cruz is not sure what he should say.

(During the absence of Kerry Sherman the role of Amy Perkins is overtaken by Ann Wilkanson. As the voice is the same by us in Austria because we are seeing it in German one could get fooled a little bit. Hopefully Kerry Sherman comes back soon.)

Cruz tells the whole round that he is sorry but he can't tell to them what Marcello told him. On the one hand it is only the statement of one person and on the other hand it would give a chance the guilty person to escape. Cruz turns to Warren and asks him to write nothing about what he has heard now in his papers. Warren agrees but wants to have the exclusive rights for the story which Cruz finds fair and promises to him. Lionel and Warren are more than surprised to hear that Marcello also has been there at the party. Lionel tells Cruz that he has not seen him.

Amy worries about her meeting with Brick's mother. Last not least Brick knocks at the door and she is getting a warm welcome.

The man who has searched them out is informing Lee per phone that he is sure that it is Amy Perkins. Lee informs him that the whole group is coming to his place and he should wait for them.

The ambulance stops and Mason is obviously finished with Gina. She gets out and is brought into the hospital while Mason finds out that she has cheated him as her signature turns out not readable.

Julia brings again a parcel from the secret admirer. Augusta thinks that it must be Lee. He has neglected her such a long time and wants to make it good. Julia tries to bring this out of her mind but tells her that it is a wonderful necklace she has got this time.

Nick addresses Warren and wants to know something about Kelly. Warren knowing him as a famous photographer from Vietnam tries to make a bargain with him to give him information on Kelly in exchange to some good photos from the fire in the hotel. Nick confesses to him that his camera and all got burned. Warren says that he still will give him the information. He is having a lot of articles on Kelly which he can read through. Warren takes him along to his office.

Amy is having a nice talk with Mrs. Wallace. Brick's mother tells about her husband who has left her and how she gave birth to Brick in Santa Barbara when they were just passing the city with their circus. She seems to know even Minx. Brick gets up and notices the man standing around outside. He asks his mother if she knows him. On her negative reply he immediately borrows a wig and a car from her to cancel their hotel.

Eden tries her best to get some attention from Cruz who is totally absorbed in his job.

Lionel meets Frank at his working place and asks him to come again to see Augusta. Frank is meanwhile an admirer of Augusta finding her very beautiful but Lionel reminds him to stay out of the deal with his emotions just doing his job.

Mr. Zimmermann meets Lionel who suggests to him to take some advantages of the fire in the hotel. He could sell at least 200 new beds. Mr. Zimmermann is fascinated. He asks Lionel if he can't sell one mattress which up to now nobody could sell.

Lionel rest on one of the beds when Minx comes and sees him in this position. She tells him that it seems he is also not working at his job place just as she thought. So he has lost his bet with her.

Brick is again on the road with Amy. He asks her to put down her head. She does not understand his worries but is following his wish happy to be together with him.

Sophia asks CC if he is alright. CC says yes, he is ok but the damage of the hotel will be several millions of dollars. He tells her that the presidential suite got also damaged and so he wants to invite her to stay in their guest house. Sophia does not know if she should accept the offer telling him she better goes to another hotel but CC insists and Sophia agrees.

A reporter is making an interview with CC who gives some friendly replies saying that he has the intention to rebuild the hotel as it was always one of his favourite hotels. The reporter adds for the viewer that the reason for the fire is not yet known.

Sophia again tells CC how sorry she is that Marcello tried to kill him but he should believe that he was doing nothing wrong and it was war. CC doubts if she is right but thanks her again and tells her that she can move into the guest house at once.

Mason meets Cruz in the hospital and is surprised to hear that Marcello also has been at the party of Channing. The doctor comes and informs them that the operation on Marcello went better than they thought and he will be soon alright. He just woke up from his anesthesia so Cruz can go and talk to him.

Nick comes to the end of his research on Kelly and understands her disappointment about Marcello when finding out that her rescuer tried to kill her father. Warren agrees by adding that she must be very disturbed in her feelings now.

Kelly is sitting at Joe's tomb and cries and talks to him.

Lionel manages to sell the mattress Mr. Zimmermann could not sell to Minx.

Mason asks the doctor if he has heard what Marcello was talking when in trance but he tells him that they could not understand anything.

Mason see Gina and tells her that she has cheated him. She lightly puts it aside telling him that she was notable to do it properly in this situation. Mason tells her that he also has cheated her by not completing his job but Gina smiles telling him that he has done his job to her satisfaction and she will show him the pregnancy test if he likes.

Marcello thanks Cruz for rescuing him. He asks him if he will get charged on attempted murder on CC. Cruz says he thinks so. Cruz tries to find out more about the murder of Channing but Marcello tells him that this is all past and forgotten. Cruz confesses to him that he has whispered to him the name of the murderer into his ear before he lost his consciousness and he believes what he has told him. Marcello tells him that he was not alright in his head and he refuses to tell him anything. Cruz tells him that in one or two days he anyway has found out the person responsible for the murder and he finds that everybody should know who killed Channing.

Cruz asks a police officer to stand before the door of Marecllo's room and don't allow anybody in or out except the hospital crew. The doctor finds it a good decision as Marcello is having much pain and is in need of some peace as he will not be able to get up for the next few days. Sophia is not so fond about not being able to see Marcello but Cruz tells her that she has to put up with it as he first has to get a permission for a raid of Marcello's flat and hopefully he can clear the murder by this within the next two days.

Amy has fallen asleep and Brick thinks while driving over the situation of Jeff's sterility and his last words on the phone. He can't find a conclusion. He thinks he must find a hotel for Amy as she looks very exhausted.

Nick slowly puts his jacket over Kelly and then starts telling about a good friend he has lost in Vietnam and then he thought he will never have a friend again but soon a soldier saved his life and he knew there will be always people in the world who will be there for him. So also she should know that there will be always people around whom she can trust and give their life for her. It is raining and he suggest to bring her home. Kelly gets up and goes with him.

CC fetches Gina. On seeing Sophia Gina approaches her and thanks her for her generosity in letting her getting out of the fire first. Sophia tells her that she need not to thank she was also thinking on her baby. CC takes the chance to inform Gina that he has invited Sophia into their guest house as she is having now no place to stay. Gina tries to keep smiling.

Lionel finds that Frank has come very early. Frank is making some funny remarks to Augusta which Lionel makes it alright by writing down to him what she likes to hear. Frank sits down and Lionel lets him read out a poem. When getting up Lionel hurts himself and Augusta notices his presence. Lionel writes down for Frank what he should tell to him for Augusta's satisfaction which seems to work and he pretends in having left the house.

Brick asks for a room at a hotel but the porter goes on reading in his paper and informing him that there is no room free.

Marcello is having difficulties in sitting up. He searches for something and on not finding he calls the nurse. He asks her for a mirror which she is giving him into his hand. When she left he looks into the mirror and starts to hypnotise himself. He is telling himself that he is feeling no more pain and healthy. He will be able to get up and go out of the door at once fully recovered.

Mason enters the apartment of Marcello and starts searching around but he can't find any hint for the person who should have killed Channing.

Eden who followed Cruz afraid to lose him finally manages to get his attention. He feels sorry in having forgotten her and draws her into a room to embrace and kiss and comfort her.

Nick is with Kelly in the mansion. They are both totally wet. Nick asks her to take a hot bath in order not to catch a cold. He starts to dry her face with a towel and Kelly starts drying his face by starting to smile.

See photos of Amy and Mrs. Wallace!

Cruz tells Eden that he has to go on with his research in the murder on Channing. Eden asks him if he can't simply stop this case. Channing is dead and finding his murder will not bring him to life. Cruz tells her that it is his job and he has to arrest the murderer.

Brick comes back to the car and informs Amy that he again was having no luck in getting a room but the hotel manager told him in case they really don't get anything he can offer a warm and dry shed. Brick tries to start the car but it no more works. Amy finds the idea of a warm shed sounds beautiful.

Jack Lee is getting more than nervous that his whole party including a helicopter is not able to find Amy. They need her before she is getting the baby in a hospital.

Mason could not find anything in Marcello's flat. Just a family album with Sophia, Mr. Armonti and Marcello. Cruz is opening the door of Marcello's apartment and Mason quickly hides himself in the wardrobe. Too late. Cruz has noticed the movement of the handle. He slowly goes close to the wardrobe is taking his revolver and asks the person to come out. Mason opens the door while asking not to shoot. Cruz tells the police officer that it is ok he knows the person. Mason says he only was looking into the family album and wanted to go but Cruz asks the officer to frisk Mason's things.

Nick is joking with Kelly around and makes her laugh. He asks her if she would like to go out somewhere with him. Kelly agrees and is running to her room making herself ready.

The officer finds nothing. Cruz asks Mason if he knows that he could charge him for several offences by this action. Clever Mason finds out that Cruz also still is having no order for the raid of the apartment while his officer already was on looking through some things. Eden also appears and Mason wonders if they are having a family meeting. Eden asks Mason what he is searching. Mason says that in case Marcello was trying to put the murder on Channing upon him then he wants at least to know the kind of proof he is using.

Marcello is sitting already at his bed while going on with his self hypnosis. He checks his body and finds that the pain has gone and the bleeding has stopped. He gets up puts on his jacket and phones to the reception. He says that his name is Cruz Castillo and he wants to talk to the officer who is watching over the room of Marcello Armonti. Through the window of his door he watches how the officer gets up and goes over to the desk taking the phone. While the officer wonders of the sudden break in the phone Marcello escapes out of the room and the hospital.

Amy finds the barn wonderful. Some cows, sheeps and goats are standing around. Brick takes out their luggage and asks Amy to change her wet dress. He thinks that at least they have found a dry place where he can bring the car which he has pushed into the barn to run.

Mason and Eden check up the restaurant. They find it smells terrible. Everything is blackened and destroyed. Ted is coming in and starts to talk to Eden while treating Mason as if he is not present. Mason asks him why. Ted tells him that he can't forget what he told at the fire. That Channing should be the last person. Whatever Channing has done he is still their brother. Eden at once senses the meaning behind their words and asks them if they are talking about Channing's friend. Ted and Mason are surprised that she knows about and want to know from where she knows it. She tells them that Channing himself has told it to her as he wanted to talk to a person. He did not tell her who the friend was but he must have been a nice fellow. Mason tells her that it is Lindsay Smith.

Marcello gets into his apartment. He goes to the fireplace and takes out a lot of things he obviously wants to destroy. He takes out of a box black gloves and in a flashback he sees his hands with the black gloves typing the lines on the typewriter of Peter and placing the explosives in the tunnel.

Kelly comes with a shirt and a jacket she found from Mason and asks Nick to put it on for his wet things. By this they would not have to go first to his apartment. Nick finds the things too good for him but takes them finally.

Christy is coming into the restaurant and is searching for her money bag. She is happy to see Ted and thanks him for his help in the fire.

Eden and Cruz are on the boat. Cruz notices that a cold wind is blowing through their room. Eden finds that the fire has changed a lot. He has stopped to trust her because he is not telling her what Marcello has told to him. Cruz tells her again that he can't tell her. The phone rings and Cruz gets informed by the officer that Marcello has managed to get out. Eden jokes that Marcello has tricked him out and goes.

Kelly and Nick take place at the State Street Bar. Nick makes her laugh. Kelly asks him why he has given up to make photo reportages. Nick starts telling about Vietnam and then tells her that his story would take the whole night. Kelly asks him if he is not having time. Nick says yes, but then asks her if she would not like to dance. Slowly she gives in and they dance.

Cruz is entering again the apartment of Marcello. He sees that Marcello has been there before them. He finds a box which is having a strong smell which was not in the wardrobe before. He gives order to find out what has been in the box.

Eden surprises Sophia with a visit and makes her happy by telling that she is in need of her. They hug each other and Eden finds she is feeling much better. Marcello is standing behind the other door looking through the glass. The moment Eden goes he tries to come in but the phone is ringing and he waits.

Sophia takes. It is Cruz who warns her about Marcello. He gives his number to her and asks her to inform him at once when Marcello comes to her place. She puts the phone down and is frightened when Marcello steps into her room. Her shock turns to pity on seeing Marcello's health condition. Marcello tells her that he has never asked something from her before but now he is in trouble and he needs her help. He wants to go back to Italy and wants her to join him in the night.

Jade comes with Laken into the restaurant. They are in search for Christy. Jade tells her that she has a bad and a good news for her. The bad news is that she can't stay at her place anymore because Amy will get her baby but the good news is that she can stay for a few days with Laken. Laken and Christy are making quickly friendship.

Marcello asks Sophia how she can say no to his request. There is nothing which is keeping her here. Sophia says that he is wrong just now Eden was here and she feels so good to be here. Marcello tells her that this has nothing to do with Eden they have to go away. Sophia tells him that not she but he has tried to kill CC. Marcello reminds her that he also was the person who saved his life. He has so many years ahead in his life and he does not want to stay this time in prison. When he goes to Italy he can start a complete new life. She should help him like he has helped her. Sophia tells him that she can't do this but she will promise to him that she will not hinder his flight by not telling anybody that he was with her. She wonders why he is so much in worry if it has something to do with her son Channing. Marcello tells her that it has something to do with it. He has told something to Cruz but he does not know what and this makes him worry.

Mason knocks on the door calling for Sophia. Sophia signs to Marcello to hide himself quickly. Mason wants to talk to her about Marcello. He has run away from the hospital if she knows about already.

Kelly stops dancing as she starts feeling uneasy specially at the moment when they start playing a song she reminds her so much on Joe. Nick is showing much understanding and tells her that he will bring her at home.

Mason wonders that Marcello is not with Sophia. He wants to find out what Marcello told Cruz. Sophia tells him that Marcello is not knowing that she is staying here and asks Mason why he is so much in worry on what Marcello told to Cruz. Mason leaves her silently without giving her a reply.

Marcello asks Sophia to be ready when he comes back at night to fetch her. Cruz is behind him. He begs her again to trust him and keep ready her luggage. Cruz is now not at the boat and he has to do something there. The moment Marcello has left Sophia phones to Cruz.

Laken shows Christy their house. Christy is impressed. They are on chatting when Ted comes in and brings the bag Christy was searching for.

Marcello searches for the file on Channing on the yacht of Cruz. He looks for the list of the suspected persons and finds and reads it out. Lionel, Mason, Lindsay, Warren, Augusta, Marcello, Ruben. He gets disturbed by Eden who comes in with a pizza. He quickly hides himself. She is shocked on seeing the confusion in the room. She at once tries to find out what the person was searching for and finds the file of Channing.

The phone rings and Cruz warns her of Marcello who will come to the boat. She tells him that he obviously was already here. Cruz asks her to lock the door he will be at once at her place.

Jack Lee gets a phone of a mysterious person who wants to know about their progress in finding Amy. Jack says he knows what it means in case they don't find her for getting the baby and they are doing their best.

Amy and Brick are lying together in the straw happy on being so close together. Brick starts kissing her but Amy gets the pang of labour.

Kelly thanks Nick at the door of the mansion. Nick starts a talk with her but gets interrupted by Ted who comes out and tells Kelly that they are so much in worry about her because of the killer. Nick asks Kelly if he can meet her again. Kelly is not making a promise but keeps it open and goes in.

Eden runs to the door and locks it. When she turns around she stands opposite to Marcello. He asks her not to worry but simply give room to him to the door. She throws the table against him. She shouts excitedly that he will nowhere go. He has killed her brother and also tried to kill her father and he better would have died in the fire. She pushes the table against his belly and throws pieces of some hard metal against him creating pain to him. Cruz will come soon and take him to prison. He should give up and die in prison. She runs to the door to open it so Cruz might come in but Marcello quickly is behind her and pulls her away while closing her mouth with his hands.

See a photo of Christy!

(Kerry Sherman is back to play the character of Amy)

Cruz comes into the room of his yacht and gets frightened by seeing Eden lying motionless on the floor. He phones quickly to the doctor to come. Eden opens her eyes and looks at him enjoying the attention she is getting from Cruz. When Cruz notices that she was playing a game to him he gets upset.

Marcello comes into the apartment of Sophia and asks her why she has not yet packed her things. She tells him that she has no reason to go. He says that there is a reason but he can't tell. She should trust him. She says that without knowing his reason she will not go. Marcello tells her that in this case he has to force her and takes out a revolver of his pocket. Sophia tells him that she can't take this seriously.

Amy tells Brick that she thinks that she has got her labour pains. Brick is getting exited and tells her that before he is bringing her to the hospital he wants to ask her a question. He wants to know if she wants to marry him. Amy is having her pains and is not in the mood to reply. Brick runs to make the car run again and tells her she can answer this question also on the way to the hospital or in the hospital.

Augusta balances through the living room to the couch. Lionel is sleeping on the couch. She just wants on sitting down when Julia comes in and shouts loud to Augusta not to sit down giving Lionel enough time to wake up and leave the place. Julia tells Augusta that she forgot her needle pillow there and she was just going to sit on her needles. Augusta asks Julia to turn on the television. An advertisement for the mattresses of Mr. Zimmermann is coming. Augusta is upset to hear Lionel's voice and asks Julia to switch it off again.

The doctor has come and examined Eden. He tells that she is alright and should just rest one or two days. The doctor goes and Cruz insists Eden to remain in bed while he locks her up and is going in search for Marcello.

Eden thinks that Marcello might not have found yet what he wanted to find and looks through the file by herself finding nothing of special interest.

Frank comes with flowers to fetch Augusta and Julia for lunch. Lionel is not happy with his own moves towards Augusta. Frank tells him that he has rented a Rolls Royce which Lionel will have to pay. Lionel tells him that he will be the chauffeur. Augusta comes and they drive to a restaurant.

True Jack Lee is getting tortured again in order to get out of him every detail in relation to Julia. The man finally finds that he has told everything and phones to Stanfield Lee's double to tell that he knows now everything and he will not have to face a surprise.

Sophia asks Marcello to throw away his revolver. First he anyway will never shoot her second she agrees to go with him as she sees now how important it is for him. Marcello puts the pistol into his pocket and turns to the door. Sophia is behind him with her luggage. Marcello opens and faces the revolver of Cruz. Cruz asks him to hand over the revolver if he is having any. Marcello gives it to him. Cruz asks the officer to take him along. Marcello turns disappointed to Sophia telling her that she has fooled him. Sophia tells him close to tears that she only wanted his best. There is no sense in running away.

Cruz asks Sophia if everything is alright. She tells him in tears that Marcello will never have done any harm to her but he should tell her what Marcello told him at the fire because it was this what has made him so nervous. Cruz tells her that he can't but in one or two days she will get to know about.

Cruz finds Eden asleep and starts writing down the addresses of all the people he wants to invite for a meeting. All should appear in the mansion with the same dress they were wearing on the day Channing got killed. Eden gets up and looks over his shoulder to find out what he is doing. Cruz asks her to better read her own letters and go to bed again. Eden can't understand that he does not trust her and tell her the secret. She sees it as a break in their relationship.

Augusta, Frank and Julia are drinking something in the restaurant. Frank no more wants to say what Lionel is writing down and is advancing more on his own. All of a sudden Jack Lee is coming to the table. Lionel slowly slides away while he is greeting the round and going. Julia gets up excusing herself and talks to Jack who invites her again and again telling her how sorry he is because of all what happened between them.

Lionel gets back to the table writing something to Frank which he ignores and when Julia gets back to the table the radio is bringing the advertisement in which Lionel is offering the bedding of Mr. Zimmermann. Lionel goes quickly to the bar and points to the barkeeper to turn off the radio but before he can say anything they ask him with a loud voice if he it is not his voice. Augusta at once asks loud if Lionel is here and Lionel comes over to the table greeting the round. Augusta tells Frank that she wants to go. Frank at once agrees.

When going out Julia notices Jack Lee sitting at a table and tells Augusta if she would mind to go home with Frank alone while she is doing some shopping. Augusta goes with Frank and Julia sits down at Jack Lee's table.

Brick arrives with Amy in the hospital. Brick asks her again the question. Amy finds he need not to marry her just to give a father to the child. Brick tells her that it is not only because of the child but also because he loves her. Amy is having no chance to reply as her pains are getting strong and she is brought away. Brick asks the nurse if he also can partake at the birth and gets the agreement. Amy is happy that he will be on her side and asks him to inform her family.

Brick phones to Marisa. Two men are sitting with earphones and start to get in action on hearing Brick's voice. Even Brick is not telling where he is they quickly find out the place from where he phoned and pass on their knowledge to Jack Lee's party.

Cruz is handing over the letters to a courier to bring it to each person personally. He tells Eden that he has to go to sleep now as he is so tired that he can't even take off his clothes. Eden helps him to undress and to get to bed with her.

Frank asks Lionel his driver to stop at a place near the beach with a wonderful view. He asks Augusta if she can't smell how wonderful the air is. Augusta starts sniffing and notices by this the perfume Lionel is always using. She asks the driver which perfume he is using but Frank quickly tells that he has given the order to the driver not to talk today otherwise he will not stop talking. He asks the driver to get out for a walk. Lionel irritated gets out and Frank starts kissing Augusta.

Jack Lee tries his best to win Julia over to him but without much success. He starts if he should order her favourite drink vodka orange. Julia tells him that meanwhile she is drinking only orange. Jack finds that she still is much in opposition to him and asks her why she still is friendly to him when he has so much hurt her as she says. Julia says that's the sweetness of revenge, stands up and goes.

A man comes to the table informing Lee that Amy is found and on getting the baby. Jack gets up at once to inform Dr. Renfro.

Cruz starts talking while dreaming. Eden runs and starts to record what he is saying.

Lindsay Smith is talking to the officers to get into the room of Marcello. he tells them that he is a good friend of Marcello. The officers tell him that even he would be the king of China they would not let him in without the order of Cruz. Sophia just comes and asks Lindsay what he wants from Marcello as he of sure is no friend of him. Lindsay says he only wanted to ask him something.

The courier is handing over the letter to Sophia with the invitation to the party. On hearing the name of Lindsay Smith he turns around and gives also an invitation to him. Sophia says he should open and read it as it is interesting. That he has got an invitation means that Cruz is suspecting him to be the murderer of her son. She wants to know why. Lindsay tells her that he does not know what kind of fantastic story is in Castillo's mind he was only a good friend of Channing. Sophia tells him that this can't be the reason for getting suspected.

Lindsay tells that if she would not have run away for fifteen years pretending to be dead then she could have protected Channing from his father and Channing would be still alive. So actually she is guilty for the Channing's death. With this words Lindsay goes leaving an embarrassed Sophia behind.

Marcello is lying desperate in his bed and reading the letter. He is close to tears saying himself that he could not do anything and tears the invitation to pieces.

Brick is on the side of Amy and the doctor informs her that he might not be so good as Dr. Renfro but he also knows how to help and everything will be alright.

Frank and Augusta are at home again while Lionel is standing on their side. Augusta thanks and Frank asks her if he can invite her again. Augusta loves this idea and Frank tells her that next time they will go without a driver.

Julia wonders where Augusta has been such a long time. Augusta tells about Frank's soft hands and the way he kisses. She only finds it strange that everything is reminding her so much on Lionel as if his ghost is following her to every place. Julia tells her that she has got a letter. Also Minx. She hands over Lionel's letter to Lionel and opens with him at the same time. Augusta finds this invitation funny like in a criminal story and tells Julia to make ready a most beautiful dress having no intention on dressing herself like on the day of the party as Cruz requested.

Lionel phones to the hospital and wants to talk to Marcello but is getting a negative reply. He wonders what Marcello has told to Cruz.

The birth giving is going on while Dr. Renfro and his team is getting ready for overtaking Amy in the next room. He gets a phone from Lee and tells him that everything is alright he will get the baby.

Eden phones to the reverend and asks if they can't marry the very evening. On getting a positive reply she goes to the bed and calls Cruz by his name while Cruz replies in his dream Channing.

Cruz is waking up with a nightmare on what is going to happen at the meeting he has organised. Eden is recording what Cruz is talking. Cruz in his dream is seeing all the persons and then a person is taking the revolver with white gloves and Eden shouts "no" while Cruz is excusing himself at Eden. He wakes up and is happy on seeing Eden next to his side.

Amy is working out her labour pains. Brick on her side is helping her by holding her hand and telling to her that she will manage it while giving to her a kiss from time to time. All of a sudden Dr. Renfro and his team is storming in and overtaking the birth. Much confusion from the surprised doctors who gives in on hearing Dr. Renfro's famous name. Renfro wants to send Brick away but Amy wants him to stay and Renfro is giving in.

Cruz is shocked that Eden tried to record what he was talking in the dream. He asks her what she has heard. She tells enough to know that it will bring to a lot of people pain. She suggests to marry at once and go away but Cruz does not like to marry in this way. He wants to have a grand marriage in the way they have planed with a honeymoon thereafter. Eden fears that this will never take place.

Somebody knocks. It is Maggie bringing the file with the dates Cruz wanted to have. Cruz is telling to Eden and Maggie his plan with the invitation and to play the whole thing again through. He informs Maggie that she will be not a part of the party as she will be an outsider there and might disturb what he tries to get out in this way.

Mason wonders what Cruz wants to try with this meeting and considers carefully that Cruz might be having success with this unconventional way.

The courier of Cruz is finding Santana in the hospital handing over the invitation to her. She is just on fetching Brandon as Gina was nowhere around. Brandon runs to pack his things.

Gina comes into the office to hand CC over the invitation the courier has given to her and finds CC just on taking a drink with Sophia. Sophia is greeting her friendly and Gina tells CC that she is going to fetch Brandon from the hospital. CC is reading the invitation and finds it very unconventional and risky but thinks that Cruz knows what he does and he might find out the real murderer so that they can be in peace even it will not bring back Channing.

Maggie wishes Cruz the best for his meeting. Eden tells him that she is so much afraid and hates his job. She asks him not to make this meeting but better marry her and go for their honeymoon. Cruz tells her not to worry he will not get killed.

Eden reads through the file Maggie has brought. Cruz comes out of the shower and asks her if she has found out something. She says only that they have found out more fingerprints in the office. The surprise are Marcello and Lindsay. Eden finds that this is not saying much if the killer was wearing gloves by which it can be anybody else. Cruz agrees but tells her that the person he is going to unmask will be of sure invited.

Lionel, Warren and Lindsay Smith are addressing Mason in the State Street Bar. They show each other their invitation letters and talk about their worries and why Cruz is acting in this strange way.

Amy is going on with her breathing and the baby is coming out to their joy. They are getting it for a short time. Amy is kissing it and Brick and Amy are most happy. It is a boy. After a few moments Dr. Renfro is giving order to take the baby away from her. Amy is getting unconscious.

Gina is in search for Brandon in the hospital but gets told that Santana has already fetched him.

Lionel thinks about Joe who was sitting for five years being innocent and now maybe again a person is put into jail without being the murderer. Lindsay feeling as an outsider is most nervous. He fears that Cruz just points against him and he is convicted. He is having an disadvantage to the other person at the meeting as he is not rich. The round notices that Cruz and Eden have taken place at the other table. Lindsay thinks that Cruz is looking only at him. Mason tells him that the same he is feeling so he should not to worry.

Maggie comes and they ask her if she knows something about the meeting and what Cruz is going to do but Maggie is also having no answer.

Cruz tells Eden that he is just going for a short time to the hospital to put a question to Marcello. She should meanwhile order their meal. Cruz goes over to the round of the four men and tells them to come all on their invitation dressed in the same way they have been dressed at the day of the party.

Brick is in worry about Amy but the nurse tells him that it is normal that after a birth a woman is getting unconscious when she is too much exhausted. She will be soon alright. Brick notices that the baby is brought away and goes behind. Renfro steps between and tells him that they have to observe the baby in the observing room but there is nothing to worry. He should better go and be with Amy.

Cruz visits Marcello. Marcello tells him that he is very angry. Cruz says that he feels sorry for that as he thought that the invitation will bring him in good mood. Marcello tells him that he will not come to the party. Cruz says that he will if he is healthy or ill he will fetch him to the party even he has to bring him on a wheelchair. He has found a lot of fingerprints in the office on this day after Rosa has cleaned everything perfectly in the morning.

Sophia all of a sudden comes into the room and tells Cruz that she wants to talk to Marcello. Marcello reaches out happy his arm to her and they touch each others hand tenderly for a moment. Cruz sternly tells her that just now he is talking to Marcello in private. Sophia says that in this case she will come better later. Marcello and Sophia look at each other and while Marcello turns quickly away coughing Sophia leaves the room. Cruz takes place on Marcello's side and asks him if he still can't remember anything but Marcello refuses to remember himself on anything.

CC is happy to see Santana coming home with Brandon. Gina phones from the hospital and hears that Brandon is at home. CC sends Brandon up for searching out a new toy.

Santana asks CC if he also has got an invitation. CC says yes and starts talking about his wonderful son Channing and that he still loved her in his way she can be sure. Santana tells him that the truth is that nobody is so perfect as he wanted Channing to have. Since she came back to Santa Barbara she has heard things about Channing which made her to think different on him. CC wants to find out what it could be and is disappointed that now she also turns against Channing but Santana is not telling her secret.

Brick tells the nurse that Amy is alright and wants to see now her baby. The nurse tells him that they will get it soon.

Meanwhile Renfro is handing over the baby to a lady wearing a black veil. They at once drive to the airport. The lady tenderly holds the baby.

Mason goes over to Eden's table and Lindsay, Lionel and Warren join Mason. Eden tells them that she has to disappoint them with a reply for their questions as she also does not know anything. She only also has got an invitation. Lindsay thinks that as Cruz fiancee she must know what is going on. Eden tells them that they all will know what it is the next day at the time the meeting is taking place. Mason tells that he will not go to the meeting but Cruz is standing behind him and informs him that he would fetch him by police if he is not coming making it clear to all that they all have to come.

Brandon plays with Santana. Gina comes and sends Brandon to the bathroom. She slaps Santana and shouts against her what she was thinking in going to fetch her son. She will from now on to undertake everything that she no more is getting close to Brandon.

The leading doctor of the hospital is talking to Dr. Renfro. He wants to know where the baby has gone. Somebody has told it was brought away. Dr. Renfro tells him that they have brought it to LA Memorial Hospital because of some complications. He praises him about his wonderful hospital and the doctor tells him that he always was an admirer of him and is happy that he has given to him the honour to visit his hospital.

The phone goes and Dr. Renfro pretends that he is just getting a bad news. The baby has died he informs the round with a sad voice.

Cruz and Eden comes home and have the intention to be together some hours in peace. Behind them Lindsay storms in with a pistol pointing against Cruz and telling Cruz that he wants to talk to him. Cruz tells him that he first has to put down the revolver. Santana comes in and Cruz manages to disarm Lindsay. He asks him why he thinks that he will be the person accused. Lindsay tells him that he fears that he is brand marked as the culprit but he wants him to know that he always loved Channing and never would have done it. Santana tells Cruz that she believes him. Cruz reminds him on his bribery case but Lindsay tells him that Peter has forced him to do so and as he felt hurt because Channing has ended their relationship and also was somehow jealous of Santana he agreed to this. Santana runs away and Cruz is not knowing what to do now with Lindsay who swears that he would not have shot but only wanted to get his attention.

Mason goes into the office in te mansion and takes out the pistol which is always lying there in a drawer of a desk. He clicks into the room as the revolver is not loaded. CC comes in and asks Mason to put away the revolver. Mason asks him if he has loaded it. Mason tries to bring CC on the top by telling him that he has not killed Channing but he will give a medal tomorrow to the person who has done this.

Brick sees Renfro and asks for the baby. Renfro tells him that the baby is dead. If Amy would have been in Santa Barbara then he might have survived but he has brought Amy away against his suggestion. Brick wants to know on what the baby died. Renfro is telling him a lot of experts words which is not saying anything to Brick on what the baby died. Brick feels guilty and starts crying.

The lady in black is fondling the little baby which is well up and healthy. She tells the baby that she is bringing it to the place it is belonging.

The nurse informs Brick that Amy was waking up and he should go and tell her the truth as she is asking for the baby.

Eden worries about the coming meeting and the murderer who might kill again when coming into pressure. Cruz is not listening to her as he studies his list of the suspected persons. Eden tells the story of Channing's death. Channing leaves the party where he was honoured so much for some reason. Somebody has called him. He went down the corridor.

The continuation of her story is played by Brandon. He is just in the office and playing the murder on Channing. Bum, bum and then he falls to the ground. Gina comes in and is shocked. Brandon is happy in having frightened her. Brandon goes on playing. He sits down on the chair and says that now he is the boss. He opens the drawer of the desk and finds the revolver. Gina is shocked to see it and asks Brandon not to touch it and to call CC.

The telephone rings. It is Mason. He informs Gina that he is interested into the result of her pregnancy test. Gina tells him that this will take some time. Mason tells her that he will come in this case and wait with her for the result as by then she can sign the papers again.

CC comes with Sophia and Gina shows CC the revolver. CC phones to Cruz. Cruz tells him that it is a duplicate from the one which was stolen. He has placed it there for the coming meeting but it is not loaded.

Amy tells Brick that she is just on thinking about a name for the child. Brick can't tell it. Amy notices that something must be wrong. She asks Brick to tell her whatever it is. Brick tells her that it is dead.

Somebody inquires for the health of the baby and gets the reply it is well up and fed with the bottle. The lady in black is extremely happy.

Laken, Jade and Christy have come to visit Amy. They get informed that it is dead and get depressed by this information.

Amy shouts that the baby was breathing it is not dead she knows that it is not dead. Dr. Renfro comes and wants to calm Amy but she shouts against him and says that he lies. He gives her an injection and tells Brick that she will sleep for some hour.

Brick comes out of the room and informs Jade that Amy is now sleeping. She asks him also to rest but he tells her that he only wants to sit down and think over what has happened.

Santana comes to the mansion and asks if the others are already here for the party. Rosa tells her that she has kept ready her dress already. Santana meets CC and asks him if she can talk to him. CC tells her that he is having only to make a phone and then he is ready for her.

Santana thinks over what Mason has told to her in the elevator that Channing was a weakling in giving their baby away and that he only was thinking on himself when together with her. She hears what Lindsay Smith told to her about his love to Channing.

CC comes and is bringing her again back of her daydreams. He suggest to talk in the office. CC sees Cruz and Eden in the office and asks them to leave the room for a moment as Santana wants to talk with him. Cruz asks him if he can open for him just for this day the room of Channing he has to look for something and it is absolute necessary. CC tells him that he does not like this very much as old wounds are breaking up again but he will do it.

Mason meets Gina and asks her about the pregnancy test if it is locked in his bathroom. Gina says yes they can go together and look for it.

Minx talks with Lionel about the meeting. She tells Lionel that she knows that Channing had a talk with him at his party and he wanted to tell to the whole audience about his relation to Sophia. Lionel wonders if she got to know about all this before or after Channing was killed. Minx tells him that she knows it before and she also has got an invitation but she will not go there. Lionel suspects now that she has murdered Channing. Minx senses his thought and tells him that he is thinking wrong. She was upset on what Channing was going to do but she has not killed him even she would be able to do this in order to protect her family.

Eden tells Cruz she finds all what he is arranging funny and giving no sense. Sophia calms her by telling to her that she is having a good feeling for what Cruz is going to do and she should trust him.

Santana finds out from CC that all what Mason has told her was right. She tells CC that what he has told her is showing that Channing was a big liar.

Gina finds that they still have to wait for a while. Mason asks her to sign meanwhile. Gina tells him that she will not sign and she is sorry but she is having the better cards in her hands.

Santana tells him that he told to her everything different. She has loved him so much as he has been the first man in her life and now she knows that he only wanted to get her into his bed. He has misused her in the same way he has misused all the other people only she never was willing to believe it. CC tells her that Channing told him that she only was getting pregnant in order to force him to marry her and he thinks that he was right. Santana tells him that this is not true. She has loved him so much but now she hates him and does not want to get reminded on him and she finds he deserved his death.

Minx wonders how Lionel could think that he thought that she could kill a person. Lionel finds that everybody who is pressed into a corner is able to kill. She wants to know if he was considering to kill Channing. Lionel says that he slightly was on thinking so but not serious. She goes on to ask about his love to Sophia. Why he loved her by knowing that he is hurting the feelings of others. Lionel tells her that it happened and they should forget the past. Minx says yes but now the past is becoming the present hinting to the meeting organised by Cruz.

Gina is happy to find out that the pregnancy test shows that she is pregnant. She embraces Mason and gives him a kiss which ends into a passionate kiss from the side of Mason. Gina asks him what he is doing. Mason tells her that she is right he should not do this with the wife of his father but the truth is that he really likes her. Gina tells him that she also likes him. Mason takes his chance and asks her to sign so that he really can have the feeling to have a friend whom he can trust. Gina signs and tells him that she only is doing this because he kept his mouth and now her lie turned into truth thanks to his help. Mason clears his throat and tells her that because they are now friends he will confess something to her in order to be truthful. And then he tells her that she has been already pregnant before he slept with her and that he has changed the pregnancy test.

Brick talks with Minx on the phone. She tells him how sorry she is for all what has happened. Brick tells her that the strange thing is that he feels somehow that the baby is still alive. She knows that sometimes babies get switched or something of this kind could have happened. He will tell her later everything.

Dr. Renfro who has overheard Brick's last words tells him that he is happy in telling him that Amy is alright and can be soon leave the hospital. He again tells him how sorry he is and he should now look into the future. Amy will get many other children. Brick tells him that they do not want to have another baby they want to have this baby. Dr. Renfro goes and Brick shouts behind him that he does not know what has happened but he knows that something is wrong and he will find it out.

Gina full in power crosses her way with Santana who is also still upset because of her talk with CC. Gina tells her that in case she is getting again close to Brandon then she will tell Brandon how bad she is so that he will start to dislike her. Santana tells her if she is going to do this then she is will get to know what she is able to do when she is having something fix in her mind and now she should give her the way free. Gina surprised steps aside.

Cruz and Eden are on going for changing their dresses. Sophia asks Cruz if she really has to disguise herself again as Dominic. Cruz finds that this is not necessary but she should wear what she was wearing on this day and should not forget to come with her gloves.

Christy, Jade and Laken are talking about fate. Christy is having a very opposite and independent opinion. They are finally allowed to get into the room to Amy.

Renfro is phoning with a very happy and satisfied Mr. Jack Lee. Lee tells him that when the baby is in Santa Barbara he will accompany it in the plane to make it sure that it will arrive safely. He finds it most perfect that it is even a boy.

Brick blocks the way of Dr. Renfro and asks him why he as such a famous doctor was showing so much interest into a normal birth of a child. Dr. Renfro tries to show himself as a philanthropist but Brick tells him that he does not believe him because he lied to them. Renfro wants to know when he lied and Brick tells him that he lied when he did not ask their agreement in bringing away the baby. There are no papers which are normally have to be signed and filled in by doing so and there is also no bill. Renfro gets irritated and tells him that in case he is having any further questions he can talk to the doctor association. He also tells him that he only is not taking any money from persons who don't have any like he as a underpaid chauffeur and son of people from the circus. Brick wonders from where he knows so much about him and feels only hate against him. He thinks he will find out the truth.

CC is together with a happy Gina. she finds that he is somehow confused. He says yes this is because Santana has told something which made him upset. Gina takes her chance to tell all kind of things against Santana.

Mason put away his important paper in Kelly's and now his flat. He gets the idea not to go to the party and wants to escape before Cruz finds him in his apartment. He takes is suitcase and opens the door. An officer is standing there and waiting for him. He tells him that Cruz has given the order to fetch him for the party. Mason says this is ok he should go on doing his job and goes into the apartment. He opens the window in the sleeping room.

Brick is on the phone with Mr. Lee who tells him how sorry he feels for what has happened to Amy. He should tell her that she can take rest as long as she is in need for and she will not lose her job while taking a break. Brick thanks him saying that she will be glad to hear this.

Sister Baily a nurse is addressing Brick after he closed the phone. She asks him to come aside with her so that nobody should see them together. She then tells him that she has been in the room where Amy has given birth to the child. She is having a lot of experience with new born babies and one thing she knows is that their baby was totally healthy and certainly was not having any problems with breathing. She gives Brick to consider if Dr. Renfro was lying in this point maybe the other story is also not true. Brick thanks her heartily for her information. She tells him that she only thinks that somebody should investigate this case.

Eden wants to know why he is not simply pointing out who the killer is when he anyway knows it already. She reminds him that he has not been at the Channing's party. What role will he take up? Cruz is telling that he is taking up the main role and this is Channing.

Eden having in mind the picture of the prepared office asks Cruz if he does not find it a horrible thought that the murderer was already sitting there and planning to kill Channing with the revolver of CC while Channing got interviewed by the television down before the house because of his big success in winning the championship. Cruz tells her that this could have happened also in another way. Eden insists that he has told her like this but Cruz tells her that he never has told her something like this. The truth is that he actually also does not know more then they know about how it happened as this he is going to find out.

Somebody knocks at the door. Cruz asks Eden to go to the bathroom for a moment. It is a person from Cruz's office. He informs Cruz that now there is no officer anymore at the door of Marcello Armonti but a nurse and one person at the canteen are from them. Cruz asks him to remove all persons with uniforms from the doors of the invited persons but one still should keep an eye on them and see what they are going to do while giving to them the feeling to be free. They probably will all run to Armonti to question him and this is alright because this is what he wants them to do. But in case there is anybody leaving the city he should be informed at once. The man goes.

Eden tells Cruz if he is not conscious about that people can't be manipulated and they will not act in the way he has planned only he accepts a tunnel and an explosion. Cruz tells her that this time it will run in another way. This time he knows who his foe is. Cruz admits that he also is thinking if the whole trouble is worth while. Suppose he would know that the person will no more kill again for the rest of the life. Cruz makes a short break and then says, no it is his job to find out the murderer and the person has to get its punishment. She should not fear for him. The killer is not a threat to him but a threat to her and her family. Eden says, it's Marcello isn't it? Cruz says that much depends on him. Eden asks Cruz why he wants that Marcello gets questioned. Cruz says, because he is the key figure. It depends everything on him. He needs to know what he plans and what he is going to do. Eden says that he is having the intention to replay the whole day if he is aware that some people will get therefore much under pressure and one cannot know what they are going to do.

Marcello stands at the mirror and is taking out the razor blade of his razor. He holds it on his artery.

Brick knocks at the door of Mrs. Bailey. She not very happy to see him. She again confirms to him that the baby was totally healthy at the birth. She tells him that she is an old lady living alone with a door which can be opened easily. So for her it is more important to have nobody as a foe then to have friends. The way Dr. Renfro and his people rushed into their hospital and the way he was talking on the phone told her that it would not be nice to have somebody like him as a foe. She is sorry but he has to find out everything for himself.

The baby is sitting healthy in the lap of the woman. Jack Lee is sitting next to them smoking a cigarette and asking the lady about the well-being of the baby. She says he is well up her little darling.

Marcello looks at the razor blade saying to himself that this would be too simple. He does not want to run away from the responsibility for what he has done specially now where Sophia . . . He can't complete his thought as Sophia is just on coming in. A shout escapes his mouth on getting surprised by her in this situation. Sophia on seeing him with the razor blade shouts "Marcello, what are you doing?" Marcello throws the blade quickly away on the desk and says that he can't believe that she is now still interested in him after his attack against her family. She tells him softly while padding his face that this is not true for her he still belongs to her family. He says, yes he knows and therefore he decided to stay alive. He takes her hands in his hands and tells her that she has asked him to be present when Cruz is pointing out the murderer. Some weeks ago she was totally sure that he can't be the murderer. She should know now that it is not so simple. Sophia wants to ask him something but gets disturbed by Mason who is coming in.

Marcello asks Mason how he has managed to come in. Mason tells him there are no guards at his door anymore. Sophia confirms and Marcello looks out through the window of his door and sees that it is true. Mason tells him that this will give him the chance to flee again. He should do it in case he told Cruz the lie that he is the killer and wants to repeat this lie again in the evening.

Cruz gets informed by the nurse that Mason just went into the room of Marcello. Nobody went behind him. Cruz tells her that she should take care that Armonti is not leaving the room and she should turn on the microphone they have installed in Armonti's room. She adds that she has forgotten to tell that Mrs. Armonti is already in the room. Cruz is not happy to hear this but he tells her that it is ok he will be at her place at once.

Lionel comes in with a card in his hand showing it to Marcello by telling him that this is a visitor card. Marcello lying in his bed says that he does not want to have more visitors he will call for the nurse now. Mason takes way the call button before he can get hold of it asking him if their presence is not already enough for him why calling for a nurse in addition.

Sophia asks Mason to stop talking in this way. Marcello should not move and he is creating with his way fear in him. Mason asks her in which way he should create fear in him. If he or Lionel were talking around that Marcello has killed somebody? Lindsay comes in. Lionel wonders who he is but then he remembers in having seen him at the time when the tunnel exploded.

Mason finds that Cruz has only pretended to know who the murderer is as he also did not know it. Lionel finds but now he knows it from him while pointing to Marcello. Mason asks the others if they are not all interested to hear now from Marcello what he has told to Cruz.

Brick visits Amy in the hospital and tells her what the nurse has told to him that the baby was healthy and that he believes her and thinks it is still alive. Amy embraces him happy in getting again some hope.

Santana dressed in the dress of a maid is talking with Rosa. She dislikes her dress as she looks like a maid. Rosa asks her what is wrong with it. She and her father were never ashamed about their job. Santana says sorry but wants to find out what she thinks about Channing. Rosa is careful and only praises him. She tells her that she better should not think on what she heard afterwards and keep the picture of Channing in her heart in the way she was always bearing it with her as the man is dead. Santana tells her that after all what she has heard and realised about Channing since she is back she would be also the person who might have pulled the trigger against him.

Mason tells Marcello that nobody will believe him after all what he has done and all the lies he has told already. It is only his revenge against his father which is motivating him to incriminate other persons of his family. Sophia cuts his sentence by telling him that he is the right person to talk about revenge. He should better shut up and she requests now all to go.

Lionel says that everybody of them is having reason enough to take revenge on the Capwells. He asks Marcello directly if he has told to Cruz that it has been Mason. Marcello says that he has nothing more to say to them. Lindsay Smith finds but he should talk. He was having enough problems with the Capwells the last month and he would be happy if he would not have got to know to them at all. He does not want to go into the mansion today in the evening and tell there something without knowing that after this party he will leave the house as a free man. Mason says that this is exactly what he also thinks. Lindsay continues that Mr. Lockridge and he are waiting now to hear the name of the person he has mentioned to Cruz as the killer. He supposes that it is Mason. Lionel says that this sounds proper. Mason hated his brother very much. He turns to Marcello and asks him to phone now to Cruz and tell him that it has been Mason. Mason shouts between asking them what is going on now if there is a conspiracy against him? Lindsay says that Mason would be the only person with a real reason all other reasons appear to him constructed. Lindsay offers to Marcello his help as a lawyer he certainly will be in need of after all what happened in the Capwell hotel.

Marcello asks Lindsay if he really thinks that he is not looking through him. Fraud and blackmailing are his specialities, if it is not like this? He knows about his relation to Channing and worse he knows that he was a coward and still is coward and therefore he also knows what he is able to do just to hide his real nature for other persons.

Marcello turns to Lionel and tells him that if he would not have seduced Sophia for the very eyes of her husband then nobody of them would be now here. He knows that he wanted to kill Channing and wanted to have his death. The irony of the fate is that he would have killed a person for a murder which never happened namely Sophia's. Lionel asks Sophia if she has told all this to him. Sophia says, no.

Marcello goes on turning to Mason. Mason also had a strong motive to kill him a motive which nobody would dream about. He should tell his reason to Lionel about what Channing has discovered. All his dark plans which he and his mother Pamela were having.

Mason says that he might be proud on his stories about them but he was making a mistake. He was talking about things he cannot know only he himself has been there at this night and this means that he was the person who has killed Channing. Sophia asks Marcello if he really has been there. Lionel says probably not except he has been in the tunnel and listen to them from the tunnel. He asks Marcello if he has been in the tunnel. Marcello says no because he did not know about the existence of the tunnel. He asks Mason if he has seen him in the tunnel? Mason says no but Sophia could have told him. Sophia says, no why should she? Cruz comes in mentioning that she might not have been aware of it. If she never wondered why Marcello knew always more about her than she ever has told him? Was she not having hypnosis sessions with him? He knows about his methods from Kelly but whatever it was he thanks the gentlemen. The good Dr. was much more generous to them then with him but he needs now a break and they anyway are seeing each other later today. Mason goes followed by Lindsay and Lionel to whom he makes a remark on his disapproval of their behaviour against him. Sophia asks Marcello if he really has misused the hypnosis sessions so much. Marcello only looks at her in reply and she silently goes out of the room.

Marcello tells Cruz he would understand if she hates him now. He does not know what he has told him but whatever it was it was too much. He asks Cruz if he knows it now. Cruz nods silently.

Augusta is on the way to the mansion with Warren. She tells him that he has nothing to worry. She only is sorry that he has taken up all the labour in stealing the coins to protect Lionel's relationship with Sophia in vain as he could not save their marriage. Warren tells her that he knows that she still loves Lionel. She says yes but he needs a lesson. He has to get grown up. She wants him to tell everything what he is seeing. How he looks at Sophia and she at him. Warren tells her that he will not do such a thing but he can tell her already now that the only person Lionel will look at will be she.

CC, Kelly and Eden are getting ready for the meeting. CC says that he hopes that Cruz is bringing this all to an end but whatever it will happen they all should know it is a family matter and should remain in their family. Eden says that she is sure Cruz will bring it to an end but it might be painful to them.

Amy tells Brick she knows that he never trusted Dr. Renfro. This was also the reason why he did not want her to come to this hospital or why they went away. He should end her uncertainty and tell her the reason why he mistrusts Renfro. What makes him think that the baby is still alive. First it is said that the baby is dead and then there comes a nurse and says something opposite and he believes her. How can he. Brick tells her that Jeff is dead. He got killed of sure and he has seen his corpse. Amy wants to know what this should have to do something with her baby. Brick tells her that because Jeff got killed when he was just talking with him on the phone. Jeff wanted to tell her that he has found out who the real father of the baby is. Later the autopsy has shown that the Jeff was really sterile. Amy wants to know why he did not tell her. He says because he did not want to get her excited. He was thinking on her and the baby. He also has got mixed up feelings because he felt betrayed somehow as he always was taking her as truthful and then it seems she was not telling to him the full truth. He thought she might have a reason for this. She might want to protect a person or wanted to tell it to him at the right time. Amy tells him that the real reason is that beside Jeff there has been really no other man in her life but she sees that he believes Jeff and an autopsy report more than her. Brick says no he believes her and he is really not interested who the father of the baby is and he asked her to marry him even by knowing that Jeff is not the father of the baby. He also loves the baby. Amy tells him that she needs him so much and she would be happy if he is going on in his search for the baby and she also will find out everything here in the hospital.

Jack Lee talks with Renfro via video. He asks Renfro what he as a new mother should observe. Renfro tells him that the first thing is that he has to stop smoking. Lee presses out his cigarette and says this was the last one, Jack Lee just now has given up smoking. Renfro smiles saying if this would be so simple for him. Lee asks him to leave Santa Barbara. Renfro says that he has also to keep up his good name before going back. There should nothing run wrong. The official version is that the baby died on the plane to LA.

Lionel frightens Sophia by stepping into her apartment all of a sudden. He tells her that he has come via the tunnel and then over the garden as he wants to talk to her. He can remember a time when she would have been happy when the tunnel would have broken down over him. Sophia says, yes for many years she was caught up fully in her hate against him and by this she has hurt a lot of people. Since she has given up her hate all are starting to accept her and even CC slowly is getting more friendly to her. He finds it wonderful that she has gained back her family and wishes her all the best for the future. Unfortunately he is not so lucky with Augusta. He hopes something in this evening is clearing up the situation. Sophia tells him that she also hopes this. He starts talking about their love and finds that it was not a waste. It was a wonderful time he not regrets. Sophia says she also thinks like this. Lionel goes close to her and gives her a kiss making her embarrassed and at the same time happy while filling her eyes with tears for this outer sign of ending an episode. He then goes into the mansion.

Cruz prepares everything in the office giving all the final touch. At the end he loads the revolver probably with shock munitions.

Brick has started his research at the airport. He asks about the plane and gets all confirmed. Only that Dr. Renfro has booked the flight but not was with the party of eight persons. A stewardess is just passing and the man on the counter asks her if she knows who was on this flight. She asks if it has been the flight with the baby. Brick says yes. She says it was a very sad flight as the baby died during the flight. Brick asks her if she has seen the baby but she says no, not directly it has been in a blanket. Brick thanks and phones to the hospital in LA. He gets told that the baby was delivered dead. Brick wonders what he should tell now to Amy. He phones to her and tells her not to worry he only wants to tell her that he is flying to LA to see the hospital and he will inform her at once the moment he knows more.

Rosa opens the door and Mason enters the mansion. He sees Santana in the dress of a maid. Santana tells him whatever he is going to tell he should better keep it for himself. Mason says that the dress fits nicely to her. In this dress Channing has seen her in his last night and probably always. Santana bites back by asking why he looks so nervous if he has lost his humour. Mason finds that he liked her much more before she turned to bitterness. She is having only one thought and this is how to get Brandon. She always shows a friendly face to all while she tries to take away Brandon from Gina.

Lindsay comes and Mason is making some biting remarks still irritated because of his attitude against him at Marcello. Lindsay replies that he only hopes that Cruz is bringing him to fall tonight. He sees Santana and says hello to her and with understanding that it will be not an easy night for her. She says also not for him she supposes.

Augusta is already here in the background with Warren who should play her eyes. Warren tells her who is coming through the door one by one but not mentioning when Lionel has come. But Augusta has heard the bell and as he is nothing saying she supposed the person to be Lionel. She wonders that the next person Sophia has not come together with Lionel. Warren tells her dry that she has come with Dr. Armonti.

Marcello drives his wheelchair to the whole group while Sophia dressed but not disguised as Dominic is embraced by Ted. Kelly in the background asks Eden why she has to bring Marcello. Eden says that somebody has to do it. They also go over to Sophia and Kelly asks her if it was this she was wearing as Dominic. Sophia smiles and says yes. She is wearing a dinner suit and black gloves. All are only waiting for Cruz.

Brick is in LA in the room where the dead babies are kept. He asks the man working there a lot of questions. The man can't read the name of the person who has confirmed the death of the baby. He thinks that this is because doctors always are having a bad hand writing. He also can't read the signature of the person who was a substitute on the day the baby was brought. Brick then demands that he should show him the baby. The man disliked this idea but Brick insists. The man opens the door of the wall unit and draws out the little unit where the babies are placed. Brick looks away till the man tells him that he is very sorry but it never happens to him that the wall unit where the baby should be is empty. Brick gets new hope.

The baby is lying in a nice bed and somebody with a male voice is showing to it a ring which one day it will get to wear.

Cruz comes and starts to tell that when he has found out that Peter's confession was falsified he starts to study everything also material which the court never would accept like the diary of Channing. But even a lot of people would have had a motive everything did not give any sense to him till the fire of the hotel where Marcello was telling to him something in his delirium. Cruz turns to Marcello and tells him that he must admit that he did not believe him first but on over thinking what he has told him he found out that all of a sudden everything in the puzzle over the six years is making a sense. He starts to tell to them some facts. The fact that Channing has won in Hungary with three broken ribs a horse steeplechase and was invited as a sports hero of the nation into the White House. Second fact that CC was so proud about his son that he has given a big party to which he invited even people he normally would not invite. And then the fact that Channing was called away and murdered in the office without mercy by a person which identity is now known to him.

Cruz is going on to describe the character of Channing in the way Channing has seen himself according to his own diary. His only and great wish has been always to please his father. He did not mind his three broken ribs for the sake of the proud look of his father. He was swimming on the top of his success and fame. But he had not much time to enjoy it as one of his guests was going to kill him this day. The reason for this has been that Channing had threatened a lot of people to expose them at the party and he invited them one by one and was telling to them what he knew about them and in which way he was going to expose them to the reporters and the whole audience. He knew very well about all the weaknesses of his victims.

CC stops him saying that he is stating that Channing has provoked his killer. Cruz says that this is not what he said but one could very well take it like this. From all this he did not know anything as he was too busy to arrange everything for the party. Channing was intelligent, good looking and talented and many felt drawn to him very much others loved him. But in truth he has been a total other person. The truth was that he was a vicious, embittered and lonesome young man who has seen in every friend a rival and in every opposition his foe. A person who had to win so desperately that he did not have the time to enjoy his victories. CC says that he was not like this otherwise he would have noticed this. Cruz tells him that he could not see it as he was playing for him the perfect son. CC says that he has loved him. Cruz says, yes as long as he has done what he wanted and was not failing. CC says that this is not true. Cruz replies that this might be as he says but it was the way Channing has seen it.

Brandon comes in with a medal. He has found it in the room of Channing. CC is shocked to see it in the hands of Brandon. He has told him not to go into this room. Brandon says that it was open. CC uses the situation to express his displeasure on what Cruz was telling about his son. He allows Brandon to keep it for a while and asks Cruz in a demanding voice to go on to come quickly to an end.

Brick drives with his car to Santa Barbara to see Dr. Renfro. In his mind he is having the missing baby in the morgue. He tells himself if Dr. Renfro is not able to tell him where the baby has gone he has been the last time a doctor.

Dr. Renfro is ready to leave his SB office. Everything is prepared for him when he gets informed that Wallace is at the door and wants to talk to him. He says he should tell him that he is having no time but the next moment Brick steps into his office and forces him to phone to the morgue. Dr. Renfro confirms to him that the baby is really missing and he will go at once to LA to see what has happened. Brick tells him that he will go with him. Renfro says he will meet him in two hours at the airport and meanwhile he has to go home and fetch some things. Brick agrees.

Renfro phones at once to Jack Lee to inform him. Lee says he should hold on his program to go to Boston and forget Wallace. He will take care for him. Jack Lee then turns to his men giving them the order to kill Wallace but in a way that it looks like an accident.

Cruz goes on in rolling up the fateful day. Channing was not satisfied with his success in sport he wanted to show his father what more he is able to do. And what more joy he could give to his father by blowing up his foes the Lockridges. He wanted to destroy them in such a way that they would have to leave Santa Barbara. Another person he wanted to hurt was Mason. The half-brothers were hating each other. Channing did not leave out any chance to put Mason into a bad light at his father and to hurt Mason. When he notices that Mason showed interest in Santana he started an affair with her only to take her away from Mason. He also found out a dark plan from Mason and his mother Pamela which would have brought much damage to him and his father. But he was not prepared about visitors from his past. There was Lindsay Smith an old love from him and Peter Flint. Both very unpleasant for him. Then his mother came and then there was a man from whom even CC did not know that he was his foe. A man who was obsessed from the thought to destroy CC's life. Marcello makes in his wheelchair a remark of his disapproval to Cruz's way in introducing him.

Cruz asks all to follow him now to the office where everybody is going to play again what he was doing on this day. He will play the role of Channing as Channing has written down everything into his diary. And nobody will have the chance to lie as Channing has written down all about his meetings.

Brandon is sitting on the chair in the office and plays already the boss and business man. He opens the drawer and finds the pistol. He finds it great and takes it in his hands. Rosa comes just in and asks him shocked to put down the pistol while getting more shocked on seeing that it is loaded. She asks him never to take it into his hand again and Brandon promises it to her.

One of Lee's men phones to Brick and tells him that Dr. Renfro wants to meet him at a certain hall as he is having it so urgent. He will go from there together with him to the airport. Brick agrees.

Augusta asks Warren whom he thinks to be the killer. Warren says he does not know it might be Dr. Armonti but he really can't say it. Lionel adds that in no case it has been one of the Lockridges. He starts to talk to Augusta but she is in no mood to listen to him.

Sophia goes aside with CC and tries to comfort him about the things he just had to hear about Channing. But on mentioning that Channing tried to protect her from Lionel CC is getting again at once distant to her by telling her that he does no more want to hear this name.

Ted tells to Eden and Kelly that he feels strange by thinking the murderer is among them. Eden finds that they always have been among them why should they feel strange. Ted asks Eden whom she suspects. She says that she thinks it is Marcello. Kelly says she also thinks so. He tried already to kill their father so why not Channing. Ted says that one thing he knows is that it is not Mason. He was living now with him together and knows that he is able to put persons under pressure but not able to kill.

Cruz is thinking that now since he has started it he has to go on with it. He can't step back. Eden finds Cruz and gives him some support by telling him how wonderful he was and kissing him. Cruz tells her but he only has started.

Marcello asks Sophia what is going on with her. She asks him if he has killed Channing. He wanted to flee and even to commit suicide. If he was it he should confront the truth as she can't bear this uncertainty any longer. Marcello holds in for a moment and says she is right he should do this. Sophia is shocked. She asks him why. He says that she knows that he was having a good reason to do so. She starts shouting that Channing also has been her son. How could he do such a thing to her? Cruz comes and asks them to come to the meeting as they want to start.

Cruz goes on in narrating Channing's life on this particular day. How he loved this office the place where daily so many millions were shifted to and fro and how he was treating this office as his father. So this was the place he liked and to which room he asked his victims to come. They came one by one. His first guest was Lionel Lockridge. Cruz asks Lionel to come forward and tell what has happened on this day. (Lionel's narration is shown in a way of a blurred movie to the viewer.) He sees himself together with Channing and how he tells him that he will charge him in the presence of all the reporters for the murder on his mother he has committed out of jealousy. He was reading in the diary of his mother and found out that he was together with her on the last day. He also took away the ring Sophia once has given to him with her initials. Cruz reads out the last sentence on Lionel in which he tells how much joy he was having in succeeding to intimidate Lionel. Lionel tells Cruz that he actually no more wanted to be reminded on this situation. Getting irritated he asks him why he is doing all this.

CC interrupts them displeased with Cruz that he was putting up the situation in such a way that Lionel appears as the victim of Channing. The only thing what makes him upset is that Channing never told him about.

Cruz tells CC that he did not want to hide it any longer. He wanted to tell it to the whole audience in the evening but he got no chance in doing so. There was somebody else who knew about the affair of Lionel and Sophia and this was Warren. He reads out from Channing's diary that Channing knew that he will have to get Warren into arrest. (A blurred film of Warren's version follows). Channing told him that he will tell to all the people that he has stolen a very valuable coin collection from this house when being their guest. He will hand him over to the police and will tell that Lionel has asked him to steal the coins and he also will get arrested. Warren told him that his father has nothing to do with this and why he wants to ruin his life.

Cruz says that with this the subject Lockridge has come to an end. Channing has written in his diary that he should have been thankful for Warren in having given to him the possibility of giving with the arrest a wonderful present to his father. Augusta is shocked on hearing this. Warren mentions that on this day Channing was full of hate. Cruz summarises the Lockridge matter. Both were having a motive and both got the chance to kill Channing as they have been at the party. They also got to hear from whom Channing got the ring for which he had only the chance to wear it for a few hours.

Brick is waiting at the appointed place getting nervous that Dr. Renfro has not come. The two men come from the backside and pull him to the ground. One is keeping him while the other one is forcing him to drink from a bottle full of practically pure alcohol.

Cruz continues telling that it seems that Channing was holding all the cards in his hands. But it turned out that also he had to hide something and that some people let their silence pay very much. $ 2.500 per week. CC asks Cruz if he wants to say that Channing was blackmailed? Cruz tells Lindsay to tell what he has to tell to it. Lindsay says that it was Peter Flint's idea and it was foolish to follow his advice. He did it not for the money but because he felt hurt. He was not invited but he came through the tunnel. Channing threatened him with the revolver that he is going to kill him. He will do it in the tunnel where nobody will hear anything and his corpse will get rotten and nobody will find him. Lindsay begged for his live and Channing let him run but asked him no more to show up his face again.

CC wanted to know from Lindsay the reason for blackmailing Channing but Mason quickly comes Cruz to help by telling him that he has noticed that he is calling his suspected persons alphabetically if he does not want to go on now with the M's like Mason or Marcello. Cruz says yes, he is right why not start with him now. He also was having such a meeting with Channing. If he has seen the ring. Mason says, yes he was wearing the ring from Lionel. He asked him about the ring but he only told him that it's nothing of concern to him. He pointed out all about his plans he was having with Pamela and that he is not a real Capwell. He only wanted to hurt him at this meeting. Cruz finds that he must have been very angry with him on this day. Mason continues in his straight and open way saying that he hated him. He never has hated a person so much as Channing on this day but he has not killed him. He says that they don't believe him. But he really has not killed him. The reason for not having killed him was because of his strong self control but the murder is having his full approval in what he has done. CC rushes against Mason while shouting that he never wants to hear such at thing again in his house otherwise he is going to kill him with he bare hands. Some people including Cruz jumps between them and Cruz tells Mason that it is enough now.

The two man start to carry the fully drunken Brick to his car. They talk to each others about what they are going to do now. They want to put him into the car and then he will drive and fall down the cliffs. The police will put into their statistic that he was driving dead himself because of being drunk.

Cruz asks Warren what was happening then on this day. Augusta tells Warren that they are not at the court he need not to make any declaration. Warren tells that he went at home and took along the pistol of his father. Cruz asks him for what he was taking with him along this pistol. Warren truthfully states for killing him. Lionel's mouth escapes a warning shout with the meaning Warren should not have told this but Warren turns around saying he should let him go on talking. He continues that he was standing before the door and released the safety catch of his pistol. He entered then the room. He could not see him at once but then he was shocked in finding him shot up lying on the floor. He still was living and when he bend down to him he could hear him saying. "Ferra Ma". He then started to run. How he came home he no more can remember. Cruz wants to know if he can remember if Channing still was wearing the ring. Warren says that he did not wear the ring as far as he remembers.

Cruz asks Lionel if he knows the meaning of "Ferra Ma". Lionel says that the word is known to him. Cruz says that he also came back. What he has done then. Lionel tells that when nobody was able to see him he took his chance and went up to Channing's room. He wanted to search for the proofs of his affair with Sophia and that Sophia was with him on his boat on her last day. Channing told him that all was written in the diaries of Sophia. So he wanted to destroy the proofs. CC gets upset on hearing that Lionel has been in the room of his beloved son. If he would have known this he would have thrown him out. Lionel says that it is funny that he is telling this because he and Philip were coming in and looking through the room while he was hiding himself behind the curtain. They went out and locked the door behind them so that he was locked up for several hours. CC irritated says that he will not get any alibi from him. He was searching several times through the room and he was not there he certainly was on the way to the office if he can proof that he was locked up. Lionel says he hopes so.

Cruz says that for the time being it is enough. He asks Lionel to go with him out for a while he would like to talk to him.

Sophia tells Marcello that she is getting mixed up thoughts in her mind she starts to remember something. She don't know if it happens to her or to somebody else. Marcello asks her what it is which she can remember. She says it is a strange feeling which she can't explain it has something to do with her family.

Cruz comes in and tells Sophia that she has been here in disguise as Dominic. He wants to put some questions to her. Marcello gets upset and shouts to Cruz why she should remember again on her worst moment in her life. She has come back only to tell Channing that she is still alive but he was already dead and this was what she never could overcome. Therefore her break down and the treatment later. Cruz coolly states that now she is healthy again.

He asks Sophia if she can describe to them what she was feeling on that day. Sophia falls in a kind of trance trying to remember what happened. She sees Lionel in the mirror saying it was Lionel, Lionel has killed him but then the face changed to Marcello and she starts shouting Marcello, Marcello. All of a sudden she can remember that she was sending a note to Lionel, no she sent to him the ring he was wearing the ring. Oh she can see now Marcello in the mirror. It was Marcello.

Marcello who is standing on her side and who is holding her shoulders quickly continues by telling that she is seeing true. It was he she is seeing in the mirror. It was he who has killed her son. He has hoped that she will keep it for herself her whole life.

A strong and relieved reaction was filling the room. Kelly says that can't be. Augusta states that from now on they will have to fear nobody. Mason says relieved to Lindsay that they are lucky. If he does not think this also. Mason takes a deep gulp from his glass. Eden says that she knew that she could count on her instincts. CC rushes towards Marcello and asks him why he has killed him. Marcello replies because he knew that Channing was meaning so much to him and he thought the best way to hurt him would be in killing his beloved son. Eden tells him that he was jealous. Marcello says yes, he was jealous. His parents have been killed but Channing was having at least a father. Yes, it is true he is Channing's murderer and turning to Cruz he says that he is right he has looked through him. After he shot dead Channing he was hiding himself close to the office room and then he saw how Dominic was entering the room with another young man. He tried to hinder her to go in but when he reached the place he knew that she has seen more than she ever would be able to bear. He knew that she was in need of quick help and therefore he brought her to a Sanatorium to get a good treatment.

Sophia stands on Marcello's side not listening to him but filled up with old memories and biting into her black gloves while sobbing.

Mason congratulates Cruz telling him that he would not have made it better than he. Augusta asks Cruz if he is going to arrest Dr. Armonti now at once. Lionel was sitting in prison for weeks and he was innocent.

Lionel is going up and down outside thinking over the note and the ring. Sophia has hidden the bloody note into Warren's dinner jacket but from where did she have this note? She also was hiding the ring in their house. But from where did she have it? Who was taking it from Channing's finger?

Cruz turns to Augusta calming her down by saying that Marcello will get arrested she has not to worry about. But now he wants all to sit down and remain very silent. Marcello rushes to Cruz begging him to stop as he knows about Sophia's condition by treating her for 16 years already. Cruz asks him to go aside he will do nothing to her. Eden wonders what Cruz still wants from Sophia. Cruz asks Sophia again what she feels.

Sophia is getting more and more driven away by the old memories. She is getting absorbed by the past no more being in the present. She sees herself coming out of the tunnel as Dominic and rushing to the big desk. She starts to replay the whole situation unconscious about what she is doing.

Lionel was going on in his research. When Warren came and saw Channing by then Channing still was alive but the ring has gone. Somebody must have taken it. And Warren heard that Channing said "Ferra Ma". And there is only one person who knew beside him the word Ferra Ma.

Sophia takes a paper and writes down. "Come at once to the office". She sees herself as Dominic going out and giving this note to a maid asking to pass it on to Lionel. She all of a sudden is getting aware of what she has noted down. She can't believe it. The same words and shouts "Oh, god what have I done".

Augusta asks Warren what there is going on. Warren tells her that he also does not know. Augusta asks Cruz what he is doing and CC also wants to know what is going on. Cruz only asks them with a demanding and low voice they should please remain quiet.

Sophia goes on in her way to remember the happenings. She figures out that the note she was sending to Lionel was reaching Channing. How could this happen. She told to the maid that she should give it Lionel because she wanted to frighten first Lionel before she wanted to tell her son that she is still alive. Lionel wanted to kill her. He should no more get this chance. She wanted and could no more bear this terror from Lionel. She has lost her consciousness because of him because he wanted to kill her. She starts crying on thinking of the terror she has gone through because of Lionel. Therefore she was sending this note. She was sitting down in the chair and started to wait for him. She takes the pistol out of the drawer and holds it in her hand.

Cruz asks Lionel to come in. Lionel goes before the desk and says "Sophia". Sophia presses the button on the revolver. Bang! Lionel breaks down to the floor.

All are shouting shocked and some rush to Lionel. Cruz shouts to them to step back and keep quiet. Lionel lies groaning on the ground. Sophia rushes to him calling on Lionel. By what she is saying it gets clear that she is still living in the past events. She tells him that she only wanted to frighten him but not to kill him. After all what he has done to her she thought he deserves it. Sophia takes away her artificial beard showing her face to what she thought Lionel not realizing the person lying dead on the ground was Channing. She tells him that she is still alive. If he can't remember "Ferra ma" the island where they have been together.

Warren in the background makes the remark that now he knows from where Channing got his last words "Ferra Ma". Santana says to Cruz that she took Channing as Lionel. Cruz asks her to keep quiet listening with full concentration to what Sophia is telling.

She then all of a sudden shouts, no. Cruz tells Lionel it is enough he can get up. Lionel softly tells Sophia that he is not dead. Cruz only wanted from him to help a person to remember something. Cruz adds that the revolver was only loaded with a blank cartridge.

Eden says, then it has been mom and turning to Cruz she adds and he knew it all the time? Cruz nods.

Sophia not being aware what happens around her in the present reality goes on shouting to Lionel if this is a trap. Then all of a sudden she realises that the person on the ground is Channing and not Lionel. She remembers that she was sending the note and it reached the wrong destination. She starts moaning over what she has done calling for Channing and ending in a desperate shout that she has killed her son and starts to cry and cry and cry.

The two men have problems to bring the total drunken Brick into the car. One of the men thinks after this bottle of Vodka he must be totally drunk. Brick is in a positive delirium finding everything most funny and asking them where they are going to drive.

Amy opens the door it is Minx. She has come with another driver asking him to put down the flowers on the cupboard and go again showing to Amy how helpless she feels without Brick. Amy thanks Minx who also hands over to her a cover. They sit down to talk and Amy tells her about their discovery that the baby is still alive and somebody has stolen it for some reason. One person got killed already. Minx is getting awake asking what would happen if Brick gets hurt. Minx asks her who the father of her baby is. Amy tells her truthfully that she is no more sure who the father is. Minx looks more than surprised and with big eyes to her.

The men blocked the brake and pushed the car till it starts rolling by itself towards the cliff. One of them asks if they should not watch his accident but the other said better not as he is a fearful person. Brick wondering what they want him to do starts driving. One of the men notices that Brick started to drive. The other one told him that this can't be so drunken as he is but has to give in on seeing the fact. They quickly jump into their car and starts driving behind Brick. Brick searches for the light as he can't see the street turning around the wheel at the right moment to remain on the street to the dismay of the two men in seeing him to fail the cliff.

CC softly calls on Sophia. Lindsay standing next to Santana tells her that Channing would turn around in his grave. Santana states that he was killed by a ghost by a person believed to be dead. Ted asks why nobody is taking care for her. Marcello steps forward asking them to let him do this. He kneels down next to Sophia and tells her that he hoped she never will find it out. He asks her to forgive him he has made an oath that she never should get to know about. Sophia tells him to leave her in peace. Ted says that he can't imagine that she really wanted to kill Lionel. Mason wonders if Channing could recognise her before he died. CC asks him to shut up. He turns to Cruz and asks him how he could do this to her. How he could do this to his family. Cruz says, yes this is all his work. Lionel was only acting on his instruction. Eden asks Cruz why? Cruz says that in another way it would never have come to the light. If he only would have come and told them the truth nobody would have believed him.

Sophia goes on mourning and weeping while Marcello tries to calm her. He tells her that she should never get to know about this. Her memory was helping in keeping it away from her. She should now be strong. She did not know that the pistol would fire and that the man who would come through the door will be her son. Sophia says that it was not her son but then again wondering if he was it and coming to the certainty that it was Channing. She asks him why he did not kill her at that time and be prevent her for killing her own son. She tells him now she knows about this dream she was always having. A man was coming to her with a crown of pure gold and then he falls down and she could hear the blood flowing. He tells her that she no more will dream this dream. Now she must be strong. Sophia's condition turns into a very desperate and painful one. She asks Marcello to wake her up at least of this dream. If there is nobody who can wake her up of this terrible dream.

The men have the intention to push Brick's car in a way he is crashing down somewhere. Brick sees them in the view mirror. He wonders why they follow him but is still clear enough to reply his question by himself. He quickly turns the wheel and frightens the men by nearly crashing them. Then he drives towards the city. The men are shocked and drive behind by keeping the speed limit in order not to draw the attention of the police on them. Brick manages to draw the attention of the police on him. He is happy that they come and stop him. He tells the officer that he is having no money is totally drunken and a threat for the public safety. And while holding his arms ready towards them he asks officer to arrest him.

Amy wants to explain her situation with the unknown father to Minx. She should trust her that she did not lie. There was beside Jeff no other man in her life. Then she asks Minx why she is so interested in Brick and probably is also making inquiries about her. Minx is not answering this question by saying it is a private matter that only concerns Brick.

CC calls on Sophia telling her that Channing is no more between them. Nobody is giving her the guilt on what happened. She says, no after all the years of pain they have gone through. She wants to go to the place Channing has gone. This is the place where she should be. Ted again shouts between why nobody is helping her.

Eden takes place on the ground next to Sophia and asks her if she knows who she is. She says Eden her daughter. She has killed her brother. Eden manages to get her attention and bringing her back to the reality. She embraces her and tells her how much she is happy that she is again back with them and that she is in need of her. Ted and Kelly also come and confirm their love to her and their need for having her with them.

Gina is listening on the door and on hearing not proper she steps into the room. Eden is still talking to Sophia. Santana comes and sits down and tells her that she knows about this feeling in having done something which can no more be made good. She has given away Brandon her son who is her grandson. They can't forgive them as they never will know about but if she not thinks that they can forgive themselves.

Marcello adds, yes Sophia listen to her. Kelly asks him to leave her in peace. He knew about everything. He came only to hurt them. All what he told to them was a lie. He pretended to her even understanding for Joe. But he was the person who kept him in prison. One word from him could have set him free. Marcello asks her what he should have said and to whom? Nobody of them knew that Sophia was alive. He had no idea who Joe Perkins have been or what he was meaning to her. He did not know anything about any person of her family except their father maybe. Eden shouts against him that he maybe has kept her in his power, maybe he has hypnotised her.

Marcello asks if there is nobody understanding that he loves Sophia and was always loving her. That she is his stepmother and she was longer with him than she was with them and even longer as his own mother was with him. She was always taking care of him. She missed her children but the love she could no more give to them she has given to him. And when she came to SB to find Channing's murderer he wanted to hinder this. They should believe him that he would have done everything to keep her away from this truth. He would have put the guilt on himself and he would have gone for her into the prison.

Lionel says that he has never seen the notice before. Only when it was found by then in Warren's smoking. Cruz says that's because Philip has passed it on accidentally to Channing. Sophia was giving the notice to a maid from the kitchen and she has passed it on to Philip. If the maid has made a mistake or Philip nobody is remembering this anymore.

Cruz asks Marcello if he has heard something what was going on in this room on that day. Marcello says that he has heard everything. Mason asks him if he also has heard him and Channing. He says, yes. Lindsay asks the same question and Marcello confirms also to him. Cruz asks him if he has heard them from the tunnel. Marcello says, no he was looking through the spy hidden in the bookshelf. When he heard the shot he could not see properly so he took up the risk and went into the office. She kneeled beside him while holding the notice. The pistol was lying next to him. It has been clear what has happened but he hoped that it was not true. He was afraid what she would do when she is seeing him. She did not notice that he was next to her she even did not know that he was travelling behind her to SB. She looked at him but did not say anything. She was not showing any surprise in seeing him. She told him that she has killed Lionel. She did not want to do this. She only wanted to frighten him. She took away the ring from his finger. He told her to leave these things there but she told him that he no more is in need of it. She once has given it to Lionel when she loved him but now she no more is loving him. Marcello narrates that one thing was clear to him either he remained silent or he has to try to stop her from drifting away more and more from the reality and bring her back. He told her that this man is not Lionel. She says that she knows. He asked who he is. She said she does not know. He asked her to look at the man. She started to cry and telling him that it is her son. It got clear to him that the reality has been something she could not face. So he put into her the lie she was in need to survive. He asked her if Lionel Lockridge has killed her son. She says, yes it was Lionel. First he wanted to kill her but then he did not succeed and so he killed her son.

Marcello goes on telling that he then heard somebody at the door. Warren says that this was he. He quickly brought her into the tunnel and helped her to dress up again properly as Dominic. He was just thinking on what to do next when one could hear the door closing. And then she acted as if she has forgotten everything and as if she wanted to go to the meeting with Lionel. She freed herself of his hold and run back into the office. And there she was. She looked at Channing as if she was seeing him for the first time in this way. As if the shock has cleared in her mind all what has happened. She kneeled before him no more aware what was going on around her. When she got up to run out of the room to fetch somebody for help he followed her. For a short moment he thought that she would recognize him in the mirror behind her and remember again everything but then somebody came from the other side of the corridor. It was Joe he now knows. He remained in a safe distance and waited for his chance and then he went in and gave something to sleep for her and brought her then to Anchorage. He knew there two wonderful doctors who were leading a sanatorium. It was far away enough to prevent her from getting information about on what happened in SB and as it was within the country there was also no problem to go there.

After Marcello ended his story Sophia recognizes the real reason of Marcello for wanting to take her back to Italy and everything what he has taken upon him was only to help her. Eden says to Marcello that the only thing he seemed to have in mind was to hurt her father and to protect her mother.

Cruz says that there is something else. It was Marcello who typed the line on Peter's typewriter. Somehow he found out that he has taken up the case again and so he was stealing the revolver and searched through his files. It was also he who had blown up the tunnel. They found the proof for this in his apartment. The laboratory could proof the chemicals he was using. Hank Judson got killed by this explosion. A further charge he has to expect. One thing is clear he was doing what he wanted to do because nobody and certainly not Sophia could figure it out that she was shooting Channing.

Sophia all of a sudden remembers that the revolver should not have been able to fire. Gina hisses to CC that now she is showing her true face. Eden asks her no more to think about. Sophia starts to insist that the revolver should have been empty. If they really think that she wanted to kill Lionel? She has made sure that the weapon was not loaded. She can remember everything exactly. She went one evening before into the house. She did not dare to go further than the office room. She was remaining longer than it was good but after all the ten years in not being there so many memories were coming up. She looked into the drawer and found a list of the guests who were expected and in another drawer the weapon. This gave her an idea. The only thing she was afraid of was to see Lionel again. His name was also on the list of guests and therefore she knew that he will be there the next day. She got the idea to frighten him somehow. She wanted to tell him that she has come back to take revenge and that she would kill him if he ever would come close to her. He should beg for mercy and swear that he would let her in peace for ever. She has emptied the magazine. They should believe her she really did not want to hurt him. The weapon was unloaded and she put it again into the desk. While Sophia goes on to insist that the weapon has been unloaded CC all of a sudden is making a remark like "Oh, no!".

Amy is just on telling Minx that she should not make too quickly any conclusions about her and Brick when the phone rings. It is Dr. Renfro. He asks if Brick is there. Amy says no. Renfro goes on telling her that he had an appointment with Brick at the airport at one hall but he did not come. After closing the phone Renfro tells Jack Lee that one is sure Brick is not at home.

Amy tells Minx that she does not trust Dr. Renfro. She phones to the police asking how long a person has to be missed till one starts searching for the person. Her friend is missing for a few hours and she worries about that something happened to him. She says that up to then it could be already too late. Minx is taking the receiver and telling them that Mrs. T. Lockridge is on the phone. T like tiger and when she says that somebody is missing then there is somebody missing. She wants to see action now.

Brick is put into a cell of the prison where he feels happy and safe making quickly friendship with the other inmates.

Gina says that this is terrible but there must be justice. CC goes to Sophia. Sophia tells him how terrible she feels that she has killed their son. It was their first son and he was so beautiful and she is guilty that he is dead. CC says no she has told the truth the weapon was not loaded. On this evening he could not sleep. He heard some noise in the office. He went down and saw that everything was still there. He then took the pistol. Mason shouts "Oh my Lord" on knowing what CC is going to say. Gina begs CC not to proceed in his story. CC continues telling that the pistol has not been loaded. He therefore filled it again. CC starts crying in recognising that he also was making himself guilty in loading the pistol. He loved Channing so much. It was their first son if she can remember how happy they have been together at that time. It is as if it only was yesterday. CC and Sophia embrace each other.

Mason says that was it and turning to Cruz he said he has done good work. He has found out the truth without hurting anybody. He can be proud on this. No question remained without an answer. Cruz say he would have still some questions for example why all this has to happen and what they are going to do.

Sophia tells CC that in former times she thought there happened thing which she never would be able to bear and now this. CC tells her that when she went away he was thinking that was the end and now when he imagines that he is also guilty in Channing's death.

Mason goes over to CC and asks him for pardon. CC embraces him. Lindsay tells Warren that he can't believe what he is seeing. Mason and CC. That must be real love. Warren says he does not hope this specially because of Maggie.

Minx and Amy get ready to search for Brick. Amy wonders where they should start to search. Minx says in the hall at the airport. The phone rings. It is Brick who is telling in short to Amy in a cheerful mood what happened to him with the two men and where he is now. He asks her if they can get him out on bail. Amy tells him that they will come. Minx tells her that she will overtake the bail. Amy says she only wants to phone first to a lawyer in order to find out about their rights. She does not want that Brick is losing his driving license. Minx tells her that she should not worry about she is having very good lawyers. Amy says she knows the very best one as she is working for him it is Stanfield Lee.

Marcello asks Cruz from where he got to know it. Which mistake he was making that he could find it out. Cruz tells that at the fire he told something to him. He was thinking that he is talking to Sophia asking her to destroy the ring and the note. After this everything made sense to him. Eden congratulates him for solving his case with a dry voice.

Augusta calls for Sophia telling her that she will not come out without punishment not as long as she is existing. She is upset that all are taking care for her as if she has been the person who got killed. Lionel and Warren try to calm her down but Augusta is shouting out her whole hate and charging her for destroying her family. Augusta calls then for Marcello and charges him in being guilty that she got blind and that he was covering up Sophia and getting whole families into troubles. She rushes against Marcello and wants to hit him but Lionel and Warren manage to pull her away. Augusta addresses then Cruz and wants to know what kind of punishment they are getting.

Cruz tells her that Marcello will be charged on attempted murder on CC and with certainty for the murder on Hank Judson. He thinks he only wanted to destroy the evidences which did not exist. But he knew that there have been people in the tunnel when the bomb exploded if it was not like this? Gina says that they could have been dead, Santana, Ted and she. Cruz tells Gina she need not to worry they are already talking about a lifelong imprisonment. Kelly tells Marcello that he knew who had shot Channing. Santana adds that this is making him for a kind of accomplice. If it is not like this. Lindsay says of course. Mason says but an accomplice from whom and for what reason. He thinks one should not now decide if Marcello has been an accomplice or not. They are having other problems to solve. Eden says that Mason is right. There is the question what is going to happen with her mother.

Minx and Amy are standing before the prison door. Brick is still very drunken. He asks Minx if she knows that he has made a marriage proposal to Amy. Minx says no but now they are having much time to over think the whole situation again. Jack Lee is coming up to them and says that he managed to get Brick free on bail. He has to come to the hearing of course but because of the situation with the loss of Amy's baby .... Amy interrupts Jack Lee and says that it was not because of the baby but because of the two men... Brick interrupts her and says that is ok Mr. Lee is not interested in this. Minx thanks Mr. Lee and wonders that he is not remembering her from a party in New York where she has been with Augusta. Lee apologises for forgetting this.

Augusta wants to know about the difference of Sophia's murder and Marcello's one. Eden says that Sophia's one has been an accident. She did not know it. Kelly says that she has even unloaded the weapon. CC says he can testify this if it is necessary. Gina says but Channing is dead a life is lost one has to do something. Eden says that she only wanted to frighten Lionel. Sophia wonders why she did not check the weapon before she fired. Ted tells her that she has taken out the munitions. Eden adds that such things one is hearing every day. People clean their weapon and they shoot themselves but one is not setting them under arrest. Mason explains that it is not just as she says and he is sure Cruz is of his opinion. CC wants to know why. Mason says that Sophia was not cleaning the weapon. The weapon might not be loaded but she was using it for an intimidation and to threaten somebody and this is already enough for getting charged at the court. Eden asks if this is true and Lindsay says yes. Eden says but for what will she be charged and who will charge her. Mason explains that this will do the district attorney on hand of police reports, proofs and witnesses. Eden asks what will happen if nothing of this kind is there. Kelly says yes, they need not to tell it and keep it for themselves. Eden says yes, no proofs, no reports, no accusation. Mason asks her if she wants Cruz not to send in his report. Cruz says that she is trying this of course. He would also do it if he would be in her situation. Ted shouts to Cruz that he cannot take their mother away after she only has come back. Mason tells Ted that he is not fair to Cruz. He is only having two possibilities. He can send in his report this is his duty by being under an oath or he is losing his job or worse he is charged on a consequential crime in getting something like an accomplice like Marcello. CC wants to know what happens if he is sending in his police report? Mason replies that by then all depends only on the prosecutor. Eden wants to know what kind of accusation the prosecutor might come up in the worst case. Mason thinks that would be homicide. Eden, Ted, Kelly shout "Oh no!!!" Eden says that this is no fair. It has been an accident she can't remember what she has done. She was not clear in her mind. Mason says that he knows this but such an evidence must come from Marcello and how much value will the court give to the evidence of a person who is charged on attempted murder and murder. Ted says then everything is clear, Cruz has not to send in his report.

Cruz says that this is not as easy as they think. Augusta says she knows why because he does not know if all who are here now will keep their mouth. Mason says that Augusta is right, everybody who is here can go to the prosecutor for what ever reason the person is doing so. Eden says who except Augusta will do such a thing? Augusta is only jealous one can accuse the same to her. Mason says that Eden easily exaggerates but she is right. Cruz must have known this all before. And turning to Cruz he asks him what he is going now to do.

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Cruz is not replying to Mason's question on what he is going to do with Sophia. He asks all to wait as he is going to make first of all a phone.

Mason explains that in case Cruz is sending in his report the situation for Sophia is looking not very nice. Sophia's fate is fully lying in the hands of Cruz.

Sophia says a little bit desperate that in this case she is going then into the prison. CC says that he will do his very best to help her out of this situation. Kelly says they all are on her side it has been an accident there is no guilt on her.

Cruz phones to Maggie and tells her not to ask any question but to come at once and bring along some reinforcements. She should also try to get rid of the reporters at the door as he is having already enough problems.

CC says to Sophia that he has at least as much guilt as she is having. He will always stand on her side and fight for her. He is taking her hands starts comforting her. It sounds as if there have been not 16 years passed meanwhile and they are still together. Augusta on noticing this at once tells Gina that it seems as if she is losing ground. Gina says that CC is only feeling sorry for her. Augusta says that then she is having better ears than she. Warren asks his mother to stop talking in this line.

Eden rushes out of the room and meets Cruz who is coming back. She begs him not to do it. CC looks out of the room and asks Cruz to come as all are waiting for him.

Cruz enters the room and goes over to Marcello. He tells him that he will be charged on attempted murder and murder. Marcello tells him that he is not interested in the accusations against him but only wants to know what he is going to do with Sophia. Cruz tells them that he did not decide up to now and want to tell it only tomorrow. The Capwell family is not fond of this idea. CC asks Cruz why he wants to keep Sophia for such a long time in uncertainty. He should tell it now. Mason says one should respect Cruz's decision. He has cleared up a murder case which nobody was able to do and so one should grant him this night for thinking over everything again.

Cruz asks the whole audience to keep absolutely silence on all what has happened this evening till he has decided. Augusta gets upset and tells him that she will not keep her mouth. She will not get a part of a conspiracy. Lionel asks her to understand the situation but Augusta starts fighting with him till Lionel asks Warren to take her out which he is doing. Lionel asks Cruz if they can go now. Cruz says yes.

Cruz asks Marcello to follow him to a safe place till Maggie is coming to fetch him. Ted and Kelly and all others are following. CC stops Lindsay and asks him to wait in the entrance hall for him as he wants to talk to him.

Mason, CC, Eden and Sophia are remaining in the study room. Mason approaches Sophia and offers his help as a lawyer. CC hurts Mason very much by telling him that he will find the best lawyer by himself for Sophia and his help is not wanted. Sophia finds that it is a generous offer from Mason but CC still blind in his love for Channing is making Mason responsible for all the evil traits of character in Channing what was shown up in this evening. Mason could not believe what CC was telling him. He says they should take his offer in this case as nothing else as a gesture in which he wanted to express his love for Sophia.

Sophia tells CC that he has been to hard to Mason. CC tells her that this is a matter they will discuss another time. First of all he will try to get the very best lawyer for her.

Gina sees Mason running down the staircase. She asks him what happened but knows at once that he had again a fight with CC. Mason tells her that CC and Sophia have put themselves together and this will remain from now on. Gina tells Mason if he would not always be acting so offending then people would not hate him. Like with her pregnancy test. One is not doing such a thing. She is only happy to know that it is from CC. She holds in shock for a moment and thinking loud she says or maybe not? Mason immediately wants to know the name of the possible father but she is not telling him.

When alone Gina remembers that Hank has raped her and it might be from Hank. She prays that it is not from Hank.

CC goes with Sophia out of the room when Cruz just coming in asks Sophia to stay in her apartment this night and not to go anywhere. Cruz and Eden are alone now. Maggie comes in to tell Cruz that she is here already. Cruz asks her to organise an officer for remaining here over night. Eden gets very upset about this. Cruz tells her that Sophia is not put under arrest but it is only for her own safety. Eden tells him that he need not to think that Sophia is running away from her family after having found back to them and they are not in need of a police protection of this kind.

Santana is on the way out and Gina is telling her strictly that she no more wants to see her again in this house or approach Brandon in any way.

CC approaches Lindsay and wants to know what he had in his hands against Channing that he could blackmail him. Lindsay is not telling him the reason even though CC started to put him under pressure and left the house.

Augusta and Warren are coming home and Augusta is in a most ready condition to tell all what has happened to Julia. Warren tells Julia that it is an official order that they should not talk about. The door bell rings. It is Jack Lee offering to Julia a job in his office. He tells her that she can meet and talk to him about in the State Street Bar. After Lee left Augusta asks Julia to take the job or at least to go and talk to him. She then goes up to her room.

Warren tells Julia that he strongly hopes that she is not taking this job as Jack Lee is too much in good terms with the Capwells. Julia says that might be right but business is business. Warren tells her about the $20 Mil. charge he and a friend of his are having against Capwell Enterprises and he wants to ask her if she is not overtaking this case. Julia on hearing that Mason is already treating their case finds him a good idea as he hates his father besides being a good lawyer. Warren tells her that this is the problem as he no more is sure if Mason after having got closer to CC this evening is fully engaging himself in future for this case. Julia tells him that she will over think the matter.

Eden is standing motionless like dead. Cruz takes her into his arms but she is not showing any reaction. Cruz asks her to come with him to the boat.

Maggie is on taking along Marcello. Marcello turns to Sophia telling her that after 16 years of therapy she might now strong enough to go on alone. Turning to Kelly he says that he knows that she is disillusioned now but this can be also something good and helpful and might help her to overcome her pain of the loss she was having with Joe. And now as the family is growing together they should go on strengthening each other and become a family. He turns to CC and tells him that he does not know if this is important to him but he should know that he believes him that he wanted to keep his promise. CC says yes, this is true he really wanted to keep his promise but this will probably not change his feelings towards him. Marcello says that this is true but maybe it will change one day and maybe one day he will find something else worthwhile to life for than hate and revenge. The officers take him along.

Jack tells one of his killers that he is no more giving them another chance. He will take the matter into his own hands now. The man gets up and Julia comes in taking place at Jack Lee's table. She asks him what he was thinking on coming with such a lie to give her a job just to see her. Jack tells her that his offer is real. Julia tells him that she is not taking it as she loves her independence. He offers to her a drink but Julia tells him that she will go and drink at another table.

Julia moves over to Mason's table. The barkeeper tells her that this table is reserved as it belongs to a lawyer who is having his office here. Julia sits down and finds the idea of having an office in a bar very funny telling that she can't wait to meet this lawyer.

Brandon is saying good night to CC and Sophia. Brandon embraces Sophia and she strokes his hair asking him to have nice dreams. Gina comes and takes him quickly away and sends him to bed. When Cruz comes down the staircase with Eden she approaches him and asks him if he can't take Sophia along as she is not feeling safe. She has killed at least her own son. Cruz says that he don't think that Sophia is a danger. Eden tells her that she only is afraid of Sophia's relationship to CC. But she should know that they both love each other and this will remain for ever if she likes it or not and none of her plots will change this.

Maggie is sitting in the bar with Warren. Warren tells her about his doubts in Mason and that his Aunt Julia would overtake the case maybe. Maggie finds Mason still should get his chance but agrees to go over and talk to Julia.

Julia is friendly but tells Warren that she never has given to him any hope that she would overtake this case. Maggie says that this is ok up to now nearly all lawyers except Mason have rejected her case all for the same reason. She gets up and goes back to the bar. Julia asks Warren what kind of reason the lawyers were having. Warren tells her that nobody wanted to fight against the Capwells. Julia tells him that this is certainly not her reason but Warren does not believe her.

Warren is sitting again with Maggie at the bar and tells her not to be desperate they are still having Mason. He goes on telling her that he does not want to give up his approaches to her if she likes it or not. Maggie gets up and walks out and Warren asks himself why he never can keep his mouth.

Jack is phoning with CC promising to see him after dinner.

Mason comes to his table and on seeing Julia he finds that Ginger is getting more and more exclusive ladies to work for her. He is also working for Ginger but not so much as she probably. He wants to know how much she is charging. She should take it just as a question of legal interest. She tells him that she is charging already just for the way to her client $100. Mason finds that in this case she must work for the high society. Julia tells him that she dislikes it to talk to people she is not introduced. Mason realises that she is not working for Ginger and apologises. Julia asks him to take his seat at another table. Mason tells her that he must disappoint her but this is his office table and so he has to ask her to find another place as he still has to work. Julia takes his card standing on the table and reads Mason Capwell. She asks him surprised if he is Mason Capwell. He says yes and Julia holds her hand for her mouth suppressing an embarrassed giggle.

CC comes into the study room with Jack to talk with Sophia. He tells Jack Lee that he is having the intention to donate to a university in remembrance of his son Channing. He also wants to change his will in such a way that Brandon should get the whole Capwell Enterprises. Jack is somehow embarrassed by this idea mentioning to CC that he finds it a noble idea with the university but much to soon for making such changes in the testament. Nobody knows how the boy will think when he is sixteen. He might have other interests. CC tells him that this will be not the case as he is training him for this job. CC tells Sophia that he has informed Jack about her case and turning to Lee he tells him that he wants to overtake Sophia's defence in case it is coming to a trial.

Eden and Cruz have just come back to the boat when Tony Petterson the public prosecutor is knocking on the door. He wants to know from Cruz if he has found out the murderer of Channing. They have already prepared everything for a charge whoever the person will be. Cruz tells him that this he will be able only to tell him in the morning when uncertainty is getting a fact. Tony is saying that's ok but he wants to have a name tomorrow on his desk. Cruz asks him not to worry.

When being alone Eden says that now they know who is the boss. She hopes that he does not think that he has to feel any loyalty for such a person like Tony Petterson. Cruz wants to change the subject to their marriage at the next day but Eden is not at all in the mood and getting again very silent.

Gina enters the room and asks CC to come to bed. Sophia must be already very tired after this hard day and the next will be not better. Sophia says that Gina is right she really is already tired. CC tells Gina he will come soon. He gets up and wants to bring Sophia to her apartment as he anyway wants to have some fresh air. They go over to her apartment. CC gets very kind to Sophia and tells her that she has suffered much more than she ever deserved. He takes her in his arms and kisses her. Gina on seeing him kissing Sophia she steps back frustrated from the window.

Eden wants to know what he is going to do with her mother. Cruz asks her to wait till tomorrow as he does not know. He embraces her but she is not replying his advances remaining in his arms like dead.

CC goes on talking very softly to Sophia about their love and their past and how happy he is that they are getting again a family. Sophia tells him that she only is afraid that she soon will be separated again. CC tells her that this will not the case. He will try to do everything to help her and is taking her in his arms.

Gina on seeing this closeness between CC and Sophia is phoning to the Santa Barbara Tribune while holding in her left hand the tin with her pills. She is asking for a reporter to talk as he wants to tell about the murderer of Channing. One wants to suppress the truth but she has heard the name of the killer.

CC on coming in overhears her talk and shouts to her what there is going on. Gina gets so frightened that the receiver as well the tin with the pills are falling out of her hands and to the ground. CC picks up the pills and sees that they are the very same as the pills Brandon was taking. He at once suspects her to be addicted to this pills.

Cruz is lying on his bed and Eden asks him what he is going to do. Cruz remains silent and she says that she knows his intention. She will no more stay here with him and help him to polish his medal. She is moving back home where she belongs to her family.