Original airdate: December 7, 1992
Andie and Reese are having their date in the Oasis. Micah and Jody are also getting ready for a dinner evening in the Oasis. They are delayed because Micah is having a discussion with Giovanni, trying to knock out of his head the idea of becoming a priest. Gina is asking Lisa to go for a trip with Rafe in her own interest so that Rafe is not disturbing the marriage of Lilly. Rafe and Lilly are having a talk. He loves her but is not ready to divorce Lisa and marry her. Lilly tells him that she feels good with Ted because this relationship is not so complicated as with him. Lisa gets a phone in the Oasis. Richard wants to meet her and be with her over the night. She should meanwhile find a good excuse for Rafe for not coming home. She puts the receiver down and runs out of the Oasis. She goes to a church. There she lights on a candle and thinking she is alone she starts to talk loud about her despair. Giovanni asks her if she might talk to him about her problem. She tells him all about her lies to Rafe. Giovanni advises her to confess the truth to him even for the danger that he will go away from her. Rafe comes to the Oasis and sees Richard. From the new bartender he finds out that Richard is having an appointment with Lisa. When Micah and Jody arrive in the Oasis she is having trouble to see Reese dancing with Andie. Micah noticing why she is so distracted offers to her also to dance which she gladly accepts. It's now the turn on Reese in getting distracted. He stops dancing and Andie runs for the toilet. After the dance is over Jody addresses Reese at his table. He tells her that over the twenty years in being together with her he never found out that she knows to dance Tango. She tells him that she also did not know that he is a dressman. On coming home Jody is making Micah happy by giving him a soft kiss before retreating to her room. Ted and Lilly discuss their marriage. She asks him if there will be also a honeymoon. Ted says of course he finds her very attractive. They are having a romantically evening.

Original airdate: December 8, 1992
Warren finds BJ while reading his manuscript which he has written some years ago and which was turned down at that time. BJ is very enthusiastic about and wants to find a publisher for it. Julia and Mason are going for a holiday trip at the weekend. Angela is playing down her affair with Ted and tells him that she wants to become his wife.

Original airdate: December 9, 1992
Julia is disappointed that Mason has given up the hope for getting another child. Jody is working in the hospital to help people who got abused. Giovanni is also working as the new priest for the hospital. Gina is fully engaged in the preparation for the marriage of Lilly and Ted. CC does not want to marry Angela anymore as she did not tell him about her affair with Ted.

Original airdate: December 10, 1992
During their weekend trip Julia tries to persuade Mason to adopt a child. They start fighting about this matter and break up their travel. Kelly and CC are in worry about Sophia. When Gina finds out that Angela and CC have separated themselves she tries to negotiate. She is afraid that Angela could endanger the marriage of Ted and Lilly.

Original airdate: December 11, 1992
Before her marriage Lilly is having a bachelor girl party at Sophia. All her friends have come. Also Gina, Minx, BJ and Kelly are coming. BJ has talked with a publisher to take Warren's book into consideration. Warren is discussing a proper engagement ring for BJ with Minx which he wants to give to her at Christmas. When the phone rings and he takes he finds out about BJ's arrangement for his book. He gets upset and fetches BJ at the party. They are having a dispute in the car and he tells her what he intended to give and say to her on Christmas day. He shows her the ring and she tells that it is beautiful but she can't accept it. Warren says he has only shown it to her and not given it to her. Then recognising what she just said he asked her why she can't accept it. She said because he told her that there is no trust between them. He gets upset and shouts to her she should marry him. She smiles and accepts. Angela and CC are having a talk. She swears that the relation with Ted was based only on sex and at no time on love. Ted comes in and she asks him to tell CC the same. Ted confirms frustrated. He goes and fetches Lilly and takes her to his room. He tells her that he was a blind fool and now he knows what he really wants, it is she. CC and Angela make it up again together. Kelly wants to talk with Sophia but she collapses.

Original airdate: December 14, 1992
CC and Angela are together again. Sophia has to be brought into the hospital. Meanwhile Mason and Julia pick up a pregnant hitchhiker. McCabe is trying hard to get more information about Ken Mathis.

Original airdate: December 15, 1992
Ken is already very close to his goal to overtake the "Armonti" Industries. Half of it is already belonging to him and now Sophia is lying in the hospital with a poisoning created by an intake of too much pills. Ken's mistress Andie can't be happy with him about his success as she meanwhile has fallen in love with Reese. Kelly wants to find out about Ken under all means.

Original airdate: December 16, 1992
Kelly and CC are worried about Sophia's condition and want to intervene and to tell her their opinion on her drug addiction. Warren and BJ want to marry but Gina hopes that this is going to happen not too soon as first of all Ted and Lilly's marriage is on the card. And after all there can be only one big marriage in Santa Barbara each year. Jody is finally confessing to BJ about her separation from Reese.

Original airdate: December 18, 1992
Reese and Sawyer want to test Warren as their new family member and make jokes on him. Ken manages to get from Sophia her signature for a business power of attorney by which he can make all financial decisions by himself. The pregnant hitchhiker Gracie is telling Mason and Julia her tragic story. McCabe has new information on Ken which he wants to investigate together with Kelly.

Original airdate: December 18, 1992
Julia is hosting the pregnant hitchhiker Gracie. She intends to have a serious talk with the father of the child who has left her alone. Mason thinks that Gracie is a swindler. Jody intents to stay with Micah over Christmas. Also Sawyer and Aurora are expected. Reese wants to stay alone. Warren gets a call from the publisher who wants to edit his book.