Original airdate: December 21, 1992
Kelly searches together with McCabe for proof that Ken has killed his first two wives. Connor avoids Kelly's questions about his family. When Kelly is talking on the phone with Mrs. McCabe the latter denies to know a Connor. CC is giving Ted and Lilly at Christmas a plot of land as a Christmas present. A phone call from Lisa that Rafe was having an accident is disturbing the harmonious atmosphere. Warren dislikes BJ's naive manner.

Original airdate: December 22, 1992
Lilly and Ted rush to the hospital after they heard about Rafe's accident. Ted is getting jealous when he sees how Lilly worries about Rafe. Sophia's health is improving and is on getting released from the hospital. Ken did not visit her a single time. Even CC is knowing about this fact he lets Sophia think that Ken is loving her and wants to celebrate Christmas with her.

Original airdate: December 23, 1992
Gracie disappears secretly without saying good bye. She is taking a valuable candlestick and a tea service along with her. BJ is having a fight with Warren because of the bad game of the publisher. BJ goes home and asks Jody to go and fetch her things from Warren. Jody visits Warren but not to take along BJ's belongings. She talks with Warren to rethink their fight. Warren goes to see BJ and apologises with a passionate kiss. Reese finds it disgusting that Micah has come along with Jody to his house. He points out that Jody is still his wife. Kelly finds out from McCabe that his sister Molly has died because of a series of bad circumstances for which he himself feels alone responsible. He went as an undercover agent into the drug scene. Before he made his parents believe he is really heroin addicted. While trying to get him out of this scene his sister got killed.

Original airdate: December 24, 1992
At Christmas eve CC is having a strange dream. He is brought by a homeless person to his living place. He is meeting there also Mason, Lionel and Sophia. Everybody of them is telling about their experience and what they have learnt from it. When CC is waking up he is a new man. He is passing on the wise advises and to the other three. All are surprised by his new gentleness and generosity.

Original airdate: December 28, 1992
Gracie notices that the invitation cards for the marriage have not yet been posted. But nobody is listening to her as all are too busy with the preparations for the event. Andie confesses to Sophia that she was having an affair with Ken. Sophia is upset beside herself. Kelly and McCabe want to get the corpse of Ken's first wife and to performed an autopsy. It is under suspicion that Ken has poisoned her with strychnine.

Original airdate: December 29, 1992
Warren and BJ are getting disturbed in their Christmas mood by the movie producer Donna Kent. She also is having interest in filming BJ's life story. She is having special reason for this. Rafe is dreaming that Lisa has pretended her pregnancy to force him to marry her. While Gina is testing the prepared banquet of the start cook Pierre, she is finding faults with everything.

Original airdate: December 30, 1992
CC is giving Ted fifteen percent of the share on Capwell Enterprises at their bachelor party. The marriage of Lilly and Ted is in danger not to take place as the chaos is perfect. Lilly's wedding-dress is full of colour. Samantha was testing her artistic talent on the dress and got hunted by an upset Gina. Mason comes at the right time to protect her. Samantha is bringing a big box as a present for Lilly to make up for her fault. When Lilly opens the parcel she finds the not posted invitation cards. The cook and the band have cancelled their appointment. Gina is close to a nervous break down. When Lionel comes to lift up Gina's bad mood she is letting steam off. Lionel goes to inform Ted and Ted hurries home to comfort a very unhappy Lilly.

Original airdate: December 31, 1993
Sophia's condition is getting worse and worse. Yet she wants to go to the marriage of Ted and Lilly. McCabe finds out that Ken has killed his former wives with strychnine. As Ken intents to go on a cruise with Sophia at the evening, she is in extreme danger. The marriage starts but before Lilly can give her yes to Ted, Rafe is disturbing the ceremony. Rafe tells Lilly when they are alone that he is now ready to get away from Lisa and share his live only with her. When Rafe leaves to wait outside the house Gina tries to save the marriage by giving some good advises to Lilly on how to decide between the two men. Meanwhile Sophia's condition is getting worse and she has to be brought into the hospital. Mason and Julia left the party for the hospital to see Gracie who is just on delivering her child. They soon find out that she was only acting because she did not want to leave them. Ted is talking with Lilly ready to take a defeat but she decides herself for him. The marriage is taking place. Rafe is standing at the window and silently retreats.

Original airdate: January 4, 1993
Lisa is desperate. She phones to Rich to help her saving her marriage. Soon it turns out that Rich was visiting her with other intentions. Rafe is coming home in time to prevent Rich from raping Lisa. Ted and Lilly are on their trip to their honeymoon place and somehow scared of their first night.

Original airdate: January 5, 1993
BJ is still having big problems with her past. When Warren and BJ want to write about their experiences they end up in a heavy fight. BJ finally runs away and meets by accident Rafe. Also he is having problems; Lisa does not want to tell him if there has been ever really a baby or not. Sawyer is joining them later and tries to encourage BJ. He thinks that she should finally make a confrontation with her past.