Original airdate: January 6, 1993
Gina and Lionel surprise Ted and Lilly at their honeymoon place. Trying to help the young couple in their love making Gina has brought her daughter a collection of sexy underwear. Lilly finds this rather repulsive. Rafe visits Lisa in the hospital. She tells him that what happened was her guilt. She has asked Richard to help her to pretend her pregnancy as she wanted to hurt Lilly. Rafe takes this calmly telling her that this was what he already figured out by himself. He takes her hand and tells her but beside of all they are married and he will keep to her. Lisa replies that she is not his wife. When Rafe asks why, she confesses that the priest was only an actor which Richard has organised and so they are actually not married. The nurse is coming in to see for Lisa and Rafe is using this chance to get out of the room. He manages it only up to the desk in the hall where he goes down to the floor crying.

Original airdate: January 7, 1993
Sophia's condition is very critical. Yet she manages to survive the night and is having the worst behind. Ken is locked up in the jail because of suspicion of murder. He incriminates Andie Klein telling the police that she is incredible jealous. Andie is asking therefore Reese for help. She tries to seduce him but with no success. Micah is inviting Jody. Jody drives first to Reese. On seeing him with his open shirt and Andie in the bathroom she loses all her scruples and drives to Micah making love with him. Lionel and Gina are still at the tropical island. Gina wants to fly back but Lionel bribes the taxi driver so that they are too late for the plane. Gina finds this not amusing as she has much to do with her Gina Jeans but finally Lionel finds a way to make her laugh and enjoy their stay.

Original airdate: January 8, 1993
Gracie is unhappy. She can't bear the thought that she should give away her child for adoption by which she never will have the chance to see it again. Mason and Julia are making plans for their new house. They are thinking about a new use of the old baby room. Mason wants to turn it into a billiard room, Julia would like to use it for a library. Gracie hopes that it will remain a baby room, Also that Mason and Julia will adopt her baby.

Original airdate: January 11, 1993
Reese is bringing Andie to the jail for an interrogation. Ken requests McCabe to get the chance to talk to Andie. He is very thirsty and asks one officer to bring him some tea. Andie also wants to talk to Ken. While the officers retreat to discuss this in another room, Andie takes the chance to poison the tea. Reese gets a call and runs away while Andie is allowed to visit Ken. The officer is handing over to Ken the glass of tea. Ken asks her why she was going on giving poison to Sophia when she knows that he would be the first suspected. She tells him that she is having nothing against Sophia but she wanted to see him in jail after all what he has done to her. He gets excited and drinks the tea while telling her that this was her mistake as now he was telling the police the truth that she is the guilty person. She tells him calmly that mentioning her was his mistake as now he will die. He looks at his glass and at once realises the truth of her words. But it is already too late he breaks down to the floor and is no more able to shout for help. Andie waits till he is dead and then starts to shout for help. When the officers come they find Ken dead. Andie plays to be shocked and tells that Ken was getting very excited and all of a sudden breaking down.

Original airdate: January 12, 1993
Rafe is separating himself from Lisa definitive. In a letter to Lilly he is asking her to run away with him. Lilly meets Rafe for the last time just to say to him good bye. Ted is happy that Lilly was deciding herself for him. Julia and Mason are not sure about if they should adopt the baby of Gracie. Finally they decide against the adoption. Warren is repeating his marriage proposal to BJ.

Original airdate: January 13, 1993
Andie is cooking for Reese and tells him about Switzerland. Reese tells her that he does not want to start a relationship with her. Meanwhile the autopsy is showing that Ken has died on apoplexy. Micah informs McCabe that there is a drug which can create an apoplexy but this drug cannot be detected in the body. Micah knows also that one can get this drug only in Switzerland. Reese meets McCabe at the police station. He tells him that somehow he thinks that there is some truth in the story of Ken. Both visit Andie just to find her apartment upside down which she must have done in a fit of anger after has Reese left her. Jody is waiting for Micah with a wonderful dinner and a sexy outfit. But when the bell rings it is Andie who is at the door.

Original airdate: January 14, 1993
Andie is making her way inside the house to Jody. She suggest to drink a tea together and have a chat. Jody tries to get rid of her and is not at all in the mood for drinking a tea with the friend of her husband. While Jody takes the phone and gets informed by Micah that he can't come so soon because of an urgent operation, Andie takes out her poison and starts poisoning the food. Shortly afterwards while Andie tries to persuade Jody to start eating Reese is at the door. On hearing that Andie is there he runs inside the house just to see that Andie has gone. When he comes back from his search he notices that Jody is just on starting to eat. He quickly turns the whole food over and spoils it by loading all on the table. When Micah comes he finally starts to explain why he has done so. He takes Jody in safe custody by using handcuffs for her protection. Micah and Reese start fighting over Jody. The phone rings and they get informed that Warren and BJ are having their marriage the other day. Jody ends the fight of the two men by deciding to go along with Reese. She is giving Micah a deep kiss and leaves the address of the hotel with him asking him to be there in time with her for the marriage celebration. After Jody and Reese left Andie is coming out of her hiding place and getting into the house again. She notes down the address of the hotel and decides to be also there. Gina finds that Lionel is too good for her and they should better separate. Lionel explains to her why he loves her so much and all takes a good end. Warren and BJ start to sleep separately to give some credit for the tradition. BJ is getting a nightmare: while making love with Warren his face changes to the face of Frank. Frank gets up and beats Warren down to the ground. BJ tells Frank that he has no power over her and wakes up in the worried arms of Warren. She takes away the bed sheet and asks him to make love to her.

Original airdate: January 15, 1993
CC is throwing coins in the fountain. Sophia comes along in a green festive dress and tells him that giving up has been never his strength. CC says that he has to learn it. Sophia replies that she hopes he does not mean this seriously.

Julia is reading the instruction of the pregnancy test she is going to take. Mason is coming out of the room and she quickly hides the box behind herself. Gracie is coming in chewing something and inquires at Julia what she wants to talk to her. On seeing Gracie, Mason turns around and leaves at once the room.

BJ tells Warren that she still can't believe that they are going to marry today and she is going to be his wife. Warren states simple that this will happen. He asks her if she does not regret that they did not wait. (Remember? They just got up after their first night). She asks him if she looks like somebody who is sorry about something. He tells her no, but for keeping up at least a little bit of tradition he will go now as her mother is going to prepare a lot with her.

CC and Sophia look into the fountain. Sophia asks him what he is seeing in it. He tells her that he sees all the old times when everything was still in order. . . and everybody knew to whom one belongs, Sophia continued his sentence. CC tells her if he only could turn back the time. Sophia adds that this would be not necessary. CC rejects her idea and tells her that they both have so often tried it together and they never managed to stay together. Sophia tells him that life is too precious to be wasted and now she thinks she has learnt her lesson. Therefore today she has come to tell him that she loves him and she always has loved him and if he still wants to take her back as his wife she would say yes. CC's mood turns and tells her that he certainly still has a longing for her and is taking her back as he loves her. They happily embrace each other.

Julia is telling Gracie that she has found the baby things from Samantha and she might be able to use it. Gracie is desperate. She tells Julia that she has talked with Mason and knows. Julia tells her that if it would be only her decision then it would be no problem but it must be the wish of both of them otherwise this would be not fair. Gracie tells her that she fears so much for her baby because she will not be able to give something to it. All the things which are so normal for Samantha. She fears that one day her child will hate her for this. Julia takes her in her arms and comforts her by saying that she thinks that the most important thing for a child is that it knows it is loved. Love is the only thing that really counts and this everybody would confirm to her.

Reese and Jody are standing at the beach. Reese is a handing over a rose to her. Jody asks him what he wants for this. If he wants her to say sorry. He says no but he knows what he wants to say. He knows that he made the biggest mistake when he has left her because he loves her and he wants that everything will become as before. Jody asks him if he thinks that works just like this. He says yes, just like this. She should tell him if Micah ever could kiss her and give to her what he is going to give her now. He bows over and kisses her passionately. She steps back and tells him that he is very arrogant and she does not want this. She is happy that she has finally make her life work without him. They had great sex together but this is not enough to think that by simply he wants her back that this will work. Reese tells her that it will work because he is going to win her back.

Gracie tells Julia that she is feeling totally sick. Julia tells her that she is going to bring her a glass of milk. Gracie shouts no. Julia tells her that next time a simple no would do. Gracie starts to breath heavily and tells her that she is going to have her baby. Julia says that she will not be taken in by her again. She has gone through this already once and she no more believes her. Gracie starts pressing and shouting and Julia considers if this show could be true and Gracie really is going to get her baby. She tells her in case it is true there is no reason to be excited as she knows that there is standing a person before her who has gone through all of this already and knows what to do. She turns around and opens the door in search for Mason. Then losing her control she starts shouting for Mason who comes with high speed just to hear her saying excitedly that Gracie is in labour.

Lilly walks up to Reese and asks him if he is ready for this difficult walk. He says yes, if he only would know where BJ is hiding herself. Lilly asks him to look to his left side. BJ walks up in her marriage dress and embraces Reese. Reese is asking her if she really wants this step to do. If she changes her mind he will take her away. BJ very seriously and steadfast tells him that nothing in the world could hinder her anymore to become Warren's wife. Reese tells her that this is what he wanted to hear from her.

The guests are flowing in through a portal decorated with flowers. They are led by Sawyer to their seats in the open air arrangement. It is all beautifully set up only the wind is blowing a little bit to strong through the hair of all. Lionel and Warren are watching them coming. The sight to the sea behind the area where the guests are sitting is wonderful. Warren confesses Lionel how he feels. He always wanted to marry in Las Vegas. How can somebody agree to such a thing. Lionel pats his back and tells him that he sounds as if he is getting the classical cold feet. Minx is coming with a companion taking place next to Gina. Then CC and Sophia are taking their places behind Kelly and McCabe. Micah is sitting next Aurora. Warren suggests to serve first the food and while all are eating he quickly marries. Lionel tells him that once he has seen his beautiful bride he will forget the people around and see only her. The priest is coming. He opens his book. Lilly walks slowly up to them followed by the happy glances of Gina and Ted. She takes her place next to the priest and greets Warren. Then the musicians start to play on their violins and Reese is guiding BJ the path up from the beach to the marriage group where he hands her over to Warren.

Mason is sitting with a blown up paper bag next to Gracie on the bed. Julia gives breathing advice to both of them asking Gracie only to press when the labour pains are there. Mason tells her that she should let Gracie breath when she likes to breath. Julia finds that he is a man and better should shut up and concentrate on his own breathing. All of a sudden the baby has come out. Mason gets up and looks under the blanket. He shouts excited that the baby is here turns around and falls unconscious to the ground.

The priest starts to ask his question which are replied by Warren and BJ together. He then tells the whole audience that Warren and BJ have written their marriage vows by themselves to say it now. He turns to Warren and asks him to start. Warren is standing like a stick not able to open his mouth. The people start to look at each other and to give their comment. Kelly thinks that he has forgotten his text. Minx says that she knew that something like that will come. Somebody wonders if he is going to leave her alone.

Samantha is sitting next to Gracie who is holding her baby. She asks Gracie why she does not want to have her baby. Gracie tells her that because she thinks that she will not be able to give to him all the things he is in need for. Samantha asks her why she then is not giving it to them they will certainly take good care of her baby. Gracie tells her that for this she has to ask her mother. Samantha looks to Julia and begs her to keep the baby. Julia tells her to ask better her father. Samantha looks to Mason and tries to get a yes with her sweetest voice and Mason looks as if he agrees.

In a hotel room Andi with a black wig in the dress of a chambermaid carries a nicely wrapped up parcel to the sofa and opens it. She lifts up the long flowers and takes out a rifle.

Lionel tries to get Warren back to earth. Warren still is not moving. Somebody bursts out that this can't be. Lionel asks Warren to say something. BJ eyes are getting bigger and bigger wondering what was going on with him. Warren turns to BJ and says that he is sorry. BJ asks him if he is really determined to marry her and Warren says a firm yes and all look again happy. He then starts his marriage vows which touches the heart of the couples present in the audience starting looking happy to each other. Then BJ tells her vows and Sophia gets closer to CC rubbing her hand at his shoulder and they look at each other as if they are just telling their vows. Warren is allowed to kiss BJ and then they walk back through the audience. All get all up and applaud. In the background one can see Andi up on the balcony in the third floor looking down to them.

Mason is sitting next to the cradle. One of his fingers is held firmly by the hand of the new-born and he is talking to him giving his advises for the life. He starts talking about the women calling him Chester telling him that the only advantage men are having is that they are physically stronger than woman. Julia enters the room with a mischievous smile and asks him if he is not exaggerating by boasting with the physical strength of the men. Mason blows up his chest to show that this is obviously the case. Julia asks him to show her his strength while she places her arm on the table. Masons first can't believe that she really wants to measure her strength with him. He puts his arm also on the table and takes her hand starting to count. When he reaches three Julia tells him that she is pregnant and at the same moment presses Mason arm easily down to the table winning the deal. Mason can't believe what he just heard and they happy kiss each other.

The people are walking around through the palm trees holding their glasses and chat. Reese states happily to Jody that now their daughter is married and soon she will get herself a child and she is becoming a grandma. Jody laughs and then says sorry for having taken so much from him. Reese tells her not to say this because the truth is that she has given something to him. BJ is his and her daughter and nobody will ever change this. Jody's mood obviously softens very much on hearing this. Andi watches them from the balcony. Warren step before BJ and asks her for the first dance. The music starts and they start to dance surrounded by all who are watching them. Minx tells Lionel that she thinks that she is going to cry. He hands her over a handkerchief. She thought she is going to die when Warren hesitated. Lionel tells her that he did not worry because he knew how much Warren loves BJ and if this would be only half as much as he is loving Gina then this would be more then enough. He turns by this to a happy Gina and kisses her while Minx rolls her eyes turning to her companion. Reese walks up to Warren and takes BJ for a dance while Jody takes over Warren. Micah looks over to them with a smile of an understanding loser. Slowly one couple by the other start dancing under the big bower. McCabe dances with Kelly when all of a sudden he notices Andi recognising her under her disguise. He takes Kelly aside and asks her not to turn around and wait for him while he is going for Andi.

Hiding herself behind some flower bushes at the balcony Andi is bringing the rifle in place. She looks through the search glass and fixes first Kelly then slowly finds her mark at Jody while making her countdown with a rhyme. Meanwhile McCabe is running and searching for the room. At the last countdown he grabs Andi and carries her away while she is kicking her feet in the air.

Lionel starts to give a toast for the newly married couple. And then starts to dance with Gina in front of an open gate of the arbour with a view to the beach and open see. While giving her a light kiss the names of the actors pop up in front of them. They dance out of the camera while Aurora and Sawyer dance into it also kissing themselves while the names of the actors appear. This goes on till all the characters are shown then one sees again Julia and Mason, Angela, Rafe and Lisa, and Rosa. RTL starts to thanks their viewers especially the one who kept with them through all the 2123 episodes. After this they start to show the Dobsons, the writers, the cameramen and all the other people working behind the camera. The end is the executive producer Paul Rauch of whom one is not getting to see his face but only a figure who is throwing down to the floor his burning cigarette. He steps on it and walks away.

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