Ted and Kelly are clearing up some boxes from the Oriental Express. Ted finds a camera. Kelly recognizes it as the one from Nick and takes it. She thinks she better is bringing it to him.

Eden knocks at the door of Sophia. Sophia is very surprised to see her and invites her into her apartment. She tells Eden that she anyway can't sleep. Truthfully spoken she is afraid to fall asleep as the horrible dream she was having over the years has become reality. She is also afraid on how Cruz will decide.

Cruz sits with Nick in the bar. He tells him that he is having to make a difficult decision. He is going to marry and the irony of the situation is that he has to decide if he is arresting her mother or not. What he would suggest to him? Nick tells him that he never was having any problems in making decision and he will find the right one by himself.

Sophia is preparing something to drink for Eden as they talk about the time when she was still with them getting into a more joyful mood.

Warren comes into the bar totally drunken and asks Cruz and Nick if he can take place on their table. He asks Cruz if they are celebrating something at least he is the hero of the day in having solved the murder case of this decade. He has shown today very much to the people how they really are. He has learnt a lot by this. Cruz gets quickly up and tells Warren that he is bringing him a coffee first before he is going on talking.

Nick asks Warren if it really has been so terrible this evening. Warren says it was a big shock for him. Nick tells him that one thing he knows that after waking up tomorrow he will feel not very well. He might better stop drinking. Warren sees Maggie just coming in and turning around again. He gets up and asks her to wait. Maggie tells him that she wanted to talk to him. Warren tells her that he has drunken too much and if she could not be so kind and drive him home.

Gina talks and talks to CC while he stares at her without saying one word. Gina tells him he should say something if it is because she has phoned to the news papers. She thought it would be the best for them at least Sophia has killed his son. CC says that for this he is in the same way guilty as Sophia and lucky enough he has come at the right time. She also has nearly killed her own son with the pills. The doctor has told that he nearly escaped a permanent brain damage. Gina tells him that they can go on fighting tomorrow and up to then she better goes and sleeps in another room. CC tells her that she nowhere will go. He will sit down now and wait and see if she is addicted to the drug. Gina tells him that she does not let her spy out and wants to escape but CC already has locked the door.

Maggie brings Warren to his surprise into her apartment. She helps him to take off his jacket and gives him a little push by which he landed on her coach and at once falls asleep. She fetches a blanket and spreads it over him. Then she whispers to him if he only would know how much she loves him and how sexy she finds him and how much she is longing for him but that it is better that he does not know all this.

Cruz asks the officer at Sophia's door to make a break for a while as he will overtake his job. He then knocks at the door. Sophia sleeps on the sofa and Eden opens. She slips out and embraces Cruz. Cruz tells her how much he was missing her and she tells him how hard it was for her. Then she again asks him what he is going to do with her mother and on not getting a reply she turns around and silently goes again into the apartment.

Sophia is getting a terrible nightmare. Eden wakes her up telling that everything is alright and it is only a dream. Sophia tells her that she gets all of a sudden a strong longing to see the grave of Channing. Eden tells her that she will go with her. Sophia rejects her offer by reminding her to think on her marriage today but Eden insist on leaving her not alone.

Gina sits in their bed and starts to get more and more nervous till she begs CC to give the pills to her. CC is now certain that she is addicted. He is upset. His wife is drug addicted. If she does not know that this can damage their baby. Gina on not getting the pills starts to shout against him.

Kelly phones to Nick. Nick is in deep sleep and crawls to the phone. He is not recognising Kelly's voice and asks her who she is. On hearing that it is Kelly he quickly awakes. She tells him that she wants to come and bring him something. He should tell her when it will be ok to come. He quickly tells her that he is ready in a quarter of an hour.

Gina goes on attacking CC. She tells him that he only wants to control over all of his children and now he wants to control her but she is going away taking along their baby and Brandon. CC tells her that she can go where she likes but Brandon will remain with them. She then can start again to work as a secretary and dress herself provocative like she has done it in Stockman's case. She asks him how he could really think such a thing from her. CC tells her that he knows it and she need not to make her better than she is. He knows all about her and Hank. She tells him that she thought that he has forgiven her.

Ted comes in and asks for what they are fighting so heavy. CC asks him to go but Gina asks him to stay and see how his father is treating her. Ted asks her what the matter is and Gina tells him in tears that CC is not giving the pills to her. CC at once asks Ted if he knew about. Gina says no, Ted does not know anything about but Ted says yes. Gina shouts to CC that he is more terrible than Hank who has been her dealer. CC at once understands what has happened in the tunnel. Gina tells CC that she has taken the pills from Hank after he was dead without the knowledge of Ted. She has promised to him that she will do it without. Ted confirms this.

Sophia puts some flowers at the tomb starting in tears to talk to Channing while Eden silently stands at her side. In the background one can see Cruz who followed them. When Sophia gets up Cruz walks silently over to the tomb standing himself behind the tomb. Eden asks him how he has decided.

Nick is full in cleaning and dressing action while hiding most of his things when Kelly is knocking at the appointed time on his door. Nick opens and Kelly enters surprised his flat. She at once notices his problem in keeping his room clean and in order and that he is hiding an unwashed shirt behind his back. He confesses to her that every two or three month he is cleaning up everything nicely but after two days the same dilemma starts again. Kelly sees a picture of a soldier and asks Nick about. Nick puts the picture away telling her that she certainly is not interested in this story. Kelly tells him that she would like to hear it. Nick tells her that the truth is that he is afraid to talk about but then he starts the story of his best friend who has saved his life. He starts with his funny appearance and his habit to listen over and over to the same song called "Bad moon rising" and ends with his terrible death where he even lost his face. They both feel a little bit embarrassed after the story and Kelly puts her hands on Nick's shoulder telling him that he certainly has been a good fellow. Nick tells her that she is the first person to whom he has told the story.

CC tells Gina if she only could see herself how she looks now in her greed to get the pills. He wants to know from her what this pills are giving to her. She tells that it lets her forget that she is losing him to his first wife, it also lets her forget that she is guilty on Hank's death and that she has stole things to finance the pills. CC wants to know how this addiction started. She tells him in the hospital after the accident because of her pain. CC tells her that can't be a reason to damage their baby if she never was thinking about. And if she is not noticing that because of her addiction she is able to steal and to do all kind of things. Gina tells him that she knows it, she is addicted and she needs help. On hearing this CC changes his hard voice at once and tells her softly that this is all what he wanted to hear from her and therefore he had to be so hard to her. He will help her. Ted tells her that nobody wants to harm her and they certainly will give her the help she is in need of.

Kelly gives to Nick back his camera and tells him that there is still a film in it which can be developed. Nick tells her that he does not want to develop these pictures. The truth is he is having a terrible fear of fire. She tells him that she noticed this already in the Oriental Express. He tells her that the people were at that time all afraid but he was mentally ill. He has experienced too much in Vietnam and seen so much houses and people burning. Kelly tells him that the best way to overcome such fears is to face it. Nick tells her that she has persuaded him. He will develop the pictures for her. Kelly tells him that meanwhile she will help him to take care of his washings.

Warren wakes up surprised to find himself at Maggie's apartment. Maggie in a sexy morning dress tells him that she could not leave him alone in his condition. If he likes she can give some towels to him so that he can take a shower. Warren irritated tells her that he can take care for himself. Maggie steps back somehow embarrassed and Warren says sorry he is only angry about himself. Maggie asks him why he has drunken so much something must burden him and maybe she can help. Warren tells her that he wanted to kill Channing and only because a person has done it already was saving him from doing it. He is shocked to recognise that he is able to kill a person. Maggie tells him that she does not think that he really would have done it. Warren thinks that she might know him not so good as she thought. And if they don't have a terrible justice which is arresting a person who is killing without an intention to do so while letting run free a potential killer. Maggie tells him that she is bringing an orange juice for them and Warren asks her if she could not make also some eggs for him.

Gina lies in the bed. The doctor examines her. CC asks the doctor if he does not know a good sanatorium for his wife. On hearing that CC wants to put her into a hospital Gina starts to beg them not to do this to her. She does not want to be away from Brandon. CC tells her that he is not seeing any other chance then in doing so. They can't give her here the support she is in need of and she needs to start her rehabilitation at once before their baby is getting any damage. The doctor tells her that the sanatoriums are nowadays more like hotels she will feel comfortable and is having nothing to fear. Ted adds that they only want to help her.

Sophia tells Cruz that she did not want to kill Lionel even not in the time she was full of hate against him six years ago. She only wanted to frighten him he should believe her. Cruz tells her that he believes her. Sophia tells him that now she finally has found back to her family and even CC is starting to accept her she begs him not to take her away from the family and give her a chance. Cruz tells her that this is not so easy for him he is in a difficult situation. Mercy and friendship is not the place here now. Eden warns him that if he is going to hurt her by taking away her mother whom she loves then she also will know no mercy. Sophia asks her to be calm as she is not knowing how he decides. Eden tells her that she knows it already as she can see it in his eyes. Cruz walks up from behind the tomb to them and is standing opposite to Sophia. He tells her that this is the worst moment in his life. Eden slaps him into his face telling him how he can think that they can stay together after he is taking away the person she is loving. She never will forgive this to him. Sophia asks her not to say such a thing. Cruz starts to tell formally Sophia all about her rights he has to tell to a person before he is going to arrest.

Gina is getting an injection from the doctor. She tells him that she does not want to get something to sleep, she wants to be aware on all what is going on. The doctor tells her that it is nothing to put her to sleep but only to calm her. CC and Ted are trying to calm her by telling that they only want the best for her and everything will come alright. They are leaving the room while a nurse is coming in. She should help her to dress herself. Gina at once feels like in a prison. She asks the woman to go and get from the kitchen an ice tea as she is having such a dry mouth. She will not run away she should not worry. The nurse goes while Gina quickly phones to Mason asking him to come at once and help her as they want to put her into an mental home.

CC takes the phone. It is Eden who informs him that she is at the police station. Sophia is arrested because of murder. CC can't believe that Cruz has really done this. Eden tells him that she has requested him not to do but he has done it. CC tells her that he will at once send Jack Lee to help her out. She should go and tell Sophia not to worry.

Eden on the way to Sophia passes an open room where Cruz is on talking with Toni Petterson. Cruz tries to explain him that all has been only an accident but the public prosecutor is already having a fixed opinion on this case. For him it is a clear case of an intended murder. It is the result of the long lasting fight between the Lockridges and the Capwells. CC and Sophia probably have planed this murder together and thought out this story to run free. She has come in disguise through the tunnel and on seeing the weapon she planned this murder, willful cold-blooded murder. On seeing the shocked face of Cruz, Toni smiles appreciative telling him that he has done a very good job and he might very well get promoted by this.

Mason asks CC why he can't keep Gina with them and give her the help here. It is certainly not a matter of money and just now she would be in need of him. CC tells him that it is nothing concern to him. Mason tells him that Gina has phoned to him very desperate and in fear and asks him to come for help. CC tells him he does not want Brandon and the other children, Eden, Kelly and Ted to see his wife in this state. Mason asks Ted what he thinks but he is having the same opinion like CC after she was not able to stop as promised to him in the tunnel. CC says that it is anyway an already decided matter. Mason tells CC that he wants to talk to Gina as she wanted his help and he will hinder him only with force.

Brick is having a hot discussion with Amy because of Dr. Renfro. She can't believe that he is having something to do with the two men while Brick still thinks that she is hiding something before him. She tells him that she really also does not know who the father of the baby should be. Brick tells her that he has to search for Dr. Renfro but he first wants to know if she is standing on his side. Amy gives him a kiss and tells him that she certainly is on his side.

Jack Lee is phoning with Parker Simonson asking him why Brick is still alive and running around curious to find out the truth. Parker tells him that he is sorry but he was having bad luck. Lee tells him to act now like he is telling him. He will go to Amy's place at 11:10 and at 11:15 he should phone and tell what he is going to tell him.

Eden is standing next to Sophia who is sitting on a bench. She tells Cruz that he is getting even promoted for this fine job. Cruz tells her that she has not heard how he tried to explain the real situation to Toni before. Eden and Sophia wants to know how the accusation will be and what Sophia has to expect in the worst case. Cruz says the charge is murder and she can expect 25 years up to lifelong. Eden and Sophia are shocked and can't believe this. Eden tells Cruz that she is happy in having not married him and she swears she is never going to do it. This is all because of his blind and brainless wrong feeling of duty which he calls performance of his duty. Cruz asks Sophia to understand that he could not act in another way but Eden tells her not to listen to him. They are a family and they are standing on her side and will help her so that everything will get alright.

CC knocks and asks the nurse to go out for a while as his son wants to talk to his wife. Gina tells Mason that now he could see that they are keeping her already like in a prison. Mason tells her that she has to stop with the drugs. She must think on her baby. Gina tells him that she does not know how she came into this situation. Mason calms her by telling that such things nowadays are happening very quickly. She should first of all tell him who the possible father of her baby is. She says, Hank. Mason can't believe that she was having an affair with Hank. She adds that he was using force. Mason tells her that in case she is deciding for the sanatorium she should know that it is not so bad as she thinks. Gina wants to know if Sophia goes to prison or will stay here. If she stays then she does not want to go to the sanatorium. Mason tells her that he does not know what happened to Sophia but he also does not know how to help her as CC very well can send her to the sanatorium against her will.

CC talks with a sanatorium telling that they are not having the facilities to keep her here. Everything is settled by this for Gina. Santana has come and overheard some of his talk. She asks him who is ill. CC tells that Gina is ill and in need of help but he does not want to tell more at the moment. Santana is asking what is going to happen to Brandon and CC tells her that he will stay here.

Jack Lee comes. Sophia tells him that Cruz wanted to ask her some questions but he generously was waiting till he has come so that he can also hear it. Lee sends Eden for arranging the bail.

Cruz asks Sophia why she has come to the party in disguise. She says because she did not want to shock them. They all believed that she is dead. So she wanted to come first in disguise to check up the situation before telling them that she is still alive. Cruz asks her then why she did come back at all. She wondered about this question telling him to see her family and of course also to take revenge on Lionel. . . . .

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Brick is having a heavy discussion with Jack Lee. Lee tells them sharply that he is ready to overtake their case and find out for them the truth but only if they want. Amy turns to Brick and asks him to agree. Mr. Lee's name is without blame and she is sure he will help. Brick gets silent and then says sorry to Lee in having mistrusted him. Jack Lee at once gets friendly again saying its alright. He is happy in knowing that Amy is having somebody who is taking care for her. He will inform them at once when he has find out something.

On being alone Amy tells Brick if he only would have heard the phone call. It was the terror for her.

Gina is making herself beautiful and tries to be as strong as possible. She tells the nurse that she wants to go alone and not to give the impression that she is ill and in need of help.

Brandon tells Rosa that he wants to give some food his mother on her way. Rosa asks him what. He says of course it should be bread with butter and cheese. Santana standing on his side tells him that she will go and help him to make them. Brandon pushes her away telling her that she should leave him in peace and runs after Rosa.

Gina comes down. Trying to smile and doing the best in walking normal.

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Warren and Maggie are in the State Street Bar. They work on the Ben Gillis case. Maggie wants to contact Mason but Warren tells her that Mason is phoning the whole day already.

Mason is trying to get into contact with Gina but is not allowed to see or talk to her on order of CC. He passes Warren who tries to asks him something but he tells him that he is too busy with some family matter while storming out of the bar.

Cruz is in deep sleep state. In one hand he is holding a tin. Eden takes it out of his hand but is not getting his notice.

Rosa and Brandon are cutting some flowers together for his mother. Brandon asks CC if he also can see his mother. CC tells him that children are unfortunately not allowed there. Rosa tells CC that she is not having a good feeling in letting Sophia stay in the mansion. CC says that he fears they can't change this. There is no other possibility. Rosa attends to the phone while CC is taking Brandon to the guest house for cutting flowers.

Eden throws the keys against Cruz to wake him up. Cruz asks why she has come. He thought that she is sending Ted to get her things. Eden says that Ted does not know what belongs to her. Cruz gets upset on seeing her taking two discs which belong to him. The disc fall down and he starts kissing her.

CC gives Brandon the scissors to cut the flowers. Sophia comes out of her apartment. CC asks her how she feels. If she has slept well. She says, no she can't sleep as she always has to think on the lawsuit.

Marcia another inmate of the Sanatorium is making friendship with Gina. Gina tells her the problem with all her fears about her son Brandon and that a certain person wants to take him away from her.

Eden even not having rejected the kiss asks Cruz if he thinks that she jumps after all what has happened into the bed with him. Eden finds that she is happy that she has found out in time that they are not fitting together. All is turning out into a heavy fight. Cruz also thinks that they are not fitting together. She runs away and he shouts behind her that she should never come back again.

Julia comes into the State Street Bar and Warren thinks they should ask her again. Maggie finds they better should go on by themselves. They find out that Cruz might know something about the other worker who was with Ben on the oil rig. They want to ask him.

Cruz is on the phone talking with his boss. He tells him that he has told the public prosecutor that he is fed up to give his head for him and then he has thrown to him his badge. His boss says, yes he knows it is lying on his table and waiting to be fetched again by a very good police officer. He should not let him drive out by a public prosecutor. After some more requests Cruz agrees to come the other day to fetch his badge and go on with his job.

Next is Maggie on Cruz's phone asking him if he could come to the State Street Bar and help them in their search. Cruz gladly agrees to get away from his boat.

Rosa does not like to see Santana who comes to the mansion to see Brandon. She does not find it a good idea that she is coming when she got told not to come.

Sophia is putting Brandon's finger in a bandage. She tells him that he can get some cookies from the kitchen. Sophia asks CC if he really wants to run his dynasty through Brandon, Gina's son. Why he does not pass it on to his own children. CC tells her that she hopefully did not think on Mason. Sophia tells him that she would love to see all in harmony as it has been in former times. CC assures to her that she also is a part of the Capwell dynasty and will forever belong to it.

Mason comes and Sophia goes quickly out. Mason wants to get CC's agreement that he can see Gina. He is acting as Brandon's trustee as he knows and he needs to see that his mother is well. CC signs in a very upset and unwilling mood the paper Mason is in need for.

CC gets also upset on seeing Santana here against his wish. Sophia tells him not to worry about Santana she only is having a natural longing as a mother for him. Rosa also assures CC that Santana does not want anything from Brandon but just to look for his well being as Gina is not here.

Eden comes with a hanging head and talks with CC. CC finds she has decided in the right way and she will find another man. CC tells her that he has decided to make her to the vice president of all hotels and holiday institutions. He also is making her to his right hand. Eden is very happy and embraces CC. The lawyer has come and CC tells her that from now on she should be there at all discussions. The lawyer thinks that they have no chance in the Gillis case. CC takes his case away because he don't need a lawyer who is not on his side. The lawyer goes and CC asks Eden to hand over this case to Jack Lee as he has to visit Gina.

Mason visits Gina. He tells her that Rosa is taking care for Brandon and she need not to worry. Gina finds that she really is in need of this place she would not be able to manage her addiction at home. Mason finds that it is good that she is thinking so realistically and she should try to get rid of her addiction as soon as possible. When she will be healthy neither Sophia nor Santana can do anything against her.

Eden is arranging an office for herself. Sophia is congratulating her for getting promoted by CC. Eden thinks it is as if after the rain sunshine is following.

Jack phones with Eden. Jack invites her to discuss the case in the bar.

Cruz is helping Maggie and Warren. He tells them that not he but a friend was working on the case. He is asking them to search out a man who also was hurt by this explosion.

Cruz is going over to Sophia and Santana sitting also at a table. Sophia tells him that she hopes his relation with Eden is not breaking up. Sophia is also forgiving him. Santana invites him to go with them to the beach. Sophia is on paying while Cruz is going out with Santana and meeting Eden. Eden makes a remark on how he quickly is forgetting her and takes place on Jack Lee's table. Julia sitting at Mason's table on seeing Eden can't believe that Jack is having really an affair with every woman in this city.

CC brings Gina the flowers and wants to talk to her softly but she does not want to talk with him. She starts a fight because of Sophia. She starts shouting and the others are coming quickly for her to calm her down as she should not get upset. She asks them to throw CC out.

Jack informs Eden that Cruz is working for the counter party. Jack tells her that Gillis is having a good stand letting her know that he does not want to overtake the case. Eden tells him her father told her that he is not afraid in facing any difficult case. Jack agrees in case she is ready to work with him. Eden tells him that this is what she would like to do. Jack informs her that one should first of all hide all persons who could know something about. Eden asks him to talk while in the car. She will bring him to his office. Julia jumps up and asks Jack Lee if he would not like to introduce his new girl friend to her. Jack informs her that Eden places an order to him. He is overtaking the case against Gillis. He introduces both to each others. Julia back at her table thinks that this Gillis matter seems to get a very interesting matter.

Mason is discussing with Warren and Maggie the case. He finds that the hint from Cruz could be really interesting. He asks Warren to get the file from a friend of him who is working at Capwell Enterprises. He should tell that he is coming from him. He will get then the file they are in need for. He feels that in case this person really has seen something then Capwell Enterprises will try to hide this person. At least they are having a name.

Julia addresses Warren telling him that she was thinking on his offer the day before. She would like to overtake the case in the way like a silent partner and she was already thinking about in which way she could be useful for them. Warren and Maggie are happy. She only should clear all with Mason.

Julia gets into the car of Mason who is asking her what she wants. She tells him that she is working with him on the Gillis matter as a second lawyer, Warren has given to her this job. She is his aunt and by the way her name is Julia Wainwright. She tells him that she thought that she could be useful to him now since Jack Lee has overtaken the case. Jack and she are knowing each other since a long time and she thought she could be a kind of a spy for him. Mason wonders why she wants to do this and Julia tells him because of revenge. Mason likes this idea and accepts her.

Back to the mansion Cruz tells Sophia that he hopes that his problems with Eden is not making all worse for her. He says he is very sorry in having arrested her. Sophia tells him that he only has done what he had to do. CC overhears the last words and tells him that he is not thinking that he has acted proper and he asks him what he is doing here he is not welcome. He hopes that the foreign people hinting also to Santana are letting them in peace. Cruz goes with Santana for bringing her home. CC invites Sophia for the dinner to which she gladly agrees.

Eden is moving into her new office. She is welcoming her secretary Betty friendly. The phone rings and Betty is taking. It is Warren asking for Mason's friend Max. Eden tells Betty that she should ask what he wants. He needs some information about people who have been three years ago on an oil rig.

Santana and Cruz are sitting in the State Street Bar. Cruz asks her better not to visit the mansion as long as Gina is not there.

Mason informs Warren and Maggie that hey should keep Julia as the secret for the time being he will tell them another time the reason for. Warren and Maggie go while Mason is taking his drink. On seeing Cruz with Santana he asks him if he loves to play with the fire.

Gina is sitting together with Marcia. Marcia is telling her that if one knows how one is getting here everything. On seeing her bad condition she is giving her a pill which will make her soon feel better.

Eden looks through the file Warren wanted to have and finds the important documents while thinking by herself that Cruz is doing it in his way and she is doing it in her way.

Kelly is looking at pictures from Joe. Eden finds she should slowly forget Joe and concentrate on the present. Kelly tells her that she likes to think on Joe.

The phone rings. It is Nick. He invites Kelly to go to eat with him in the evening. Kelly tells him that she does not know if she can come. Eden takes the receiver and tells Nick that Kelly is very happy to go with him for dinner and he should come and fetch her at 6 o'clock putting quickly down the receiver. Kelly is upset but agrees to come when Nick calls a second time and tells her that the pictures are ready.

Eden and Kelly discuss their feelings. Eden's in her present situation after having closed the relationship with Cruz and Kelly that she still loves Joe by which they start to understand and respect each others situation.

Nick is opening the door. A foreign man is introducing himself as Taylor and an old Vietnam veteran. Nick lets him in. Taylor asks him if he can't show him the picture for which he has got the P.-price. Nick tells him that he has not kept the picture as he could not see any sense in it. He changes quickly the subject and tells him that he is having something to drink in his refrigerator. While Nick is getting ready the drink Taylor is getting ready his tape recorder for recording Nick.

Augusta is very happy that Laken has finished her school. She says that she actually was having an appointment with Frank but she feels too tired. She asks Julia to inform Frank.

Lionel goes out of the house and finds Frank. He explains Frank that he is mixing up something. He should know that he is the one who is making the rules. He gives him then $300 so that he is buying for himself some better things to wear something in silk. Augusta will be shocked to find out that he is wearing synthetic. Frank is happy and thanks him. He asks him if he also can keep the suit when all is over which Lionel says he certainly can do.

Laken is on the phone with Mark. Mark tells her that he is not going to fetch her for the college party as he is going with somebody else. Lionel is overhearing her talk and offers her this company. He will drink with her something and when somebody comes whom she likes he will leave her alone.

Brick sits with Amy in the bar and asks her to eat. Amy is unhappy as he is not believing her with the father of the baby and can't eat. She finds the only person who can help them is Jack Lee. Brick's eyes tell that he is not trusting Lee.

The baby cries. One of Simonson's men is talking on the phone next to the baby with him. Parker wants to know when the crowning will take place. He gets told that all is depending on the old king. Parker gives some more instructions. After closing the phone he turns around to Jack upset that he is still smoking cigarettes and asks him to make it out. They have to be very careful now since they have the baby. They can't afford any mistake. Jack tells him that New Stainland will go into their hands without any effort. Parker says, yes and that's they are waiting for.

Taylor is trying to get out something of Nick but is not getting much information. Taylor tells him that he must be famous. Nick says no he is not interested in getting famous he loves to be a nothing. Nick offers Taylor to stay with him over night and leaves him alone to go to his appointment with Kelly. Taylor on being alone starts to search the apartment of Nick for the photos but finds only children, girls and landscapes.

Amy and Brick are talking with Jack Lee. He tells them that they are right by suspecting Renfro. He is not in his office in Boston and nobody knows where he is. He is using his connections but if they can't find anything they should engage a private detective. Amy does not like this as this might bring the baby into danger. Brick is showing with his way of questioning Jack that he is not trusting him. Eden comes and interrupts their talk. Amy and Brick go.

Jack tells her that he is quick but not so quick as she thinks in the Gillis case. It will be difficult to build up a good defence. Eden tells him that she did not come to pressure him. She only has brought a solution. She hands to him over the file with all the people who have been there at the oil rig and tells him that she has all personnel files of the people listed destroyed. Jack is impressed in seeing her working so thoroughly. She finds that a person like Maggie who is guilty on the death of the husband of her sister should not come and get an high amount from people who are blameless.

Jack disagrees in the case of her mother. He says that this is not so easy. Eden tells him that it has been an accident and they are having a witness for this. Jack tells her that this witness is a mad man who tried to kill her father. Julia is interrupting them by coming in. Eden tells her that she anyway is finished and goes.

Julia tells Jack that she is working on the Gillis case as a spy for Mason Capwell and this is a thing he should not know of course. But she is working for the person who is offering more so she can also work for him. She gets very close to him and he gives her a key to his hotel room making an appointment for the evening with her. Julia goes and Lee thanks in thought his cousin Jack Lee for this coming pleasure.

Augusta is sitting relaxed on the sofa listening to a disc Frank is putting on the turntable. She finds out very quickly that he is having no understanding of classical music. She thinks that he must be a good dancer. Frank says yes he will show it to her on the spot placing a disc for dancing on the turntable. They start to dance. She tells him that she would like to know how he looks. He takes her hands and asks her to feel his face. Augusta finds that he must look beautiful. Lionel points to him with his fist to stop and Frank tells her that he has to make an urgent phone now. Augusta remains disappointed on the coach.

Christy and Laken enter the State Street Bar. Christy talks about Laken's relation to Ted. She finds that nowadays one is no more having such relationships this is out of fashion. She turns around and sees Ted coming in. She tells Laken she should just go over and say hello to him and ask him if he will not go to the party with her.

Nick tells Kelly that the pictures did not come well. Taylor comes in and in pretending that he is seeing him by accident he takes place at their table. Nick tries his best to get rid of him but he invites them saying that he will pay the round. He opens his wallet and Nick with his quick eyes notices an id card for reporters. He at once sees the real reason of Taylor in approaching him. Taylor tells him that this is true he wanted to write an article about him. Nick wants to know if he has been in Vietnam after all and even this turns out as not true. Taylor has refused military service for a senseless war. Nick gets upset on some of Taylor's remarks and knocks him down. Nick tells Kelly that he wants to go. Taylor has lost his wallet while falling and Christy picks it up. She quickly takes out $100 and hides it in her big bag. She then gives the wallet back to Taylor. He offers to her a drink.

Amy and Brick are on the way into the bar. Amy is irritated that Brick is not trusting Jack a man with best reputations. Brick tells her that he has something urgently to do and runs out of the bar.

Laken is sitting with a happy Ted at a table. They notice that Christy seems having gained a new friend. They start to talk about her refreshing character which is always telling straight away what she thinks and feels. Christy comes over to them and informs Laken that she is going out with her new friend and hopes she does not mind it. She then asks Laken to forget this drunken fellow for not keeping up his promise to go with her to the party. Laken feels embarrassed and tells Ted that she only wanted to say hello. Ted keeps her back and tells her that it was not true what he told her. He has nobody with whom he goes to the school party if she would mind when he is going with her. Laken happily agrees.

Augusta wakes up on an advertisement spot with Lionel for Zimmermann's mattresses. She gets up from the coach when Lionel gets a hiccup which he can't stop. Augusta is taking a big old pistol keeping him in check while phoning to the police to come quickly as somebody is going to harm her.

Amy is sitting alone at the bar and Brick is coming in and taking place on her side. He tells her that he loves her and they belong to each other.

Jack is with Parker. He is very irritated that Brick is not trusting him. He fears that he will stir in his past and then their whole game is blown up. Parker tells him that he should not worry. He knows how to create trust.

Amy is still in a big defending mood concerning Jack Lee and Brick is giving in as he found out that Jack really has phoned to LA. All of a sudden the barkeeper is handing over to Amy the phone. It is Parker. He warns her to hurt her baby in case she is going on to contact the lawyer. Amy puts down the phone very frightened.

Lionel manages to get out of the house when he directly runs into the arms of two officers. They ring at the bell and Augusta opens. They tell her that they have caught a person close to her house who claims to be her husband. Lionel tells Augusta to confirm his identity but Augusta by pretending to see tells the officers she of course would recognise her husband, smiles and closes the door while Lionel is taken in charge.

Julia and Jack are getting into a very romantically mood. Julia knows how to heat up his passion. When he is getting totally mad for her she stops and puts on her dress and goes telling him that she only wanted to show him what he has missed in the last few years. On being alone Jack hits with his foot against the bed in anger.

Nick is sitting with Kelly and on talking about Taylor and Vietnam he is taking out under his bed a big box. It is filled with pictures from the war in Vietnam. He tells her that first he thought the people should see them but after all what he has experienced he no more wanted it to do. Kelly is asking for the picture for which he got the P.-price. It is a picture of a boy who died twenty seconds after the picture is taken. Nick is telling Kelly the whole story. Nick's eyes are filled with tears while Kelly feels embarrassed and touches him compassionately.

Morning in the Lockridge mansion. Laken is desperately searching for a nice dress for the school party. Ted is surprising her by sitting on the window frame. He is giving to her a wonderful flower. Laken happy embraces him and Ted runs away again as he has to go for an interview for a job.

Lionel is getting free from jail by Julia. He has a new plan for Augusta and takes Julia along to the Lockridge mansion without accepting her objection. She should help him to find Frank.

Kelly phones to Nick. She informs him with much enthusiasm that Eden is searching for a good photograph for making pictures of all the rooms in the hotel and she has suggested him. Nick tells her that she should stop her enthusiasm as he is just on leaving the city. Kelly tells him to leave all the things where they are she is just on the way to him.

Gina is taking place at Marcia's table. She is asking for another pill and getting it from her. Marcia tells her that she has can't go on to pay for the pills she is giving to her. She suggests to Gina to ask Mason for some money when he comes.

Christy is getting surprised by Ted at the elevator she is waiting. He tells her that he is going to try to get a job for the summer. Christy also wants to try her luck.

Laken is reading the news paper to Augusta. Lionel is coming in. Augusta notices that Laken is not so concentrated and asks her to tell her why. Laken tells her that her thoughts are only circle around the party and her problem is that she does not know what to wear as Ted knows all her dresses. Augusta gets up and wants to give her one from her own dresses.

Julia tells Lionel she is ready. He wants to know for what . She tells him that he has promised her to bring her to the hotel. Lionel says, yes and on the way he has to stop for buying a dress and at a jewelry.

Kelly brings Nick an old camera. Kelly tries to persuade him to take the $100 job for the pictures. Nick finally agrees. Kelly wants to learn from him how to handle the camera.

Lionel is coming to the hotel with Julia. Julia is not sure if the necklace is the best they have bought but Lionel tells her that he has quickly to see Frank now.

Mason is sitting with Jack and just on leaving him he meets Julia. He gives her the hint that the list of the employees they are in need for is within Jack's suitcase. She rushes to Jack's table. Jack tells her that she was not fair last night. Julia is making all kind of sexy approaches which makes Jack upset telling her that he is having no time for such things now as he is meeting CC and has to prepare himself. A phone is calling him and Julia quickly notes down the name of the employees by taking out the concerning file of his suitcase and giving it back after she finished her job. She leaves a note behind her signed with her lips inviting Jack to see him at dinner.

Frank tells Lionel that he likes Augusta and he can't do this job but Lionel explains to him that he should forget his emotions. He is only an actor and he has done his job very well up to now.

Jack finds Julia's note and smiles in agreement.

Christy asks Ted why he is not getting the job via his father or his sister who owns the restaurant. Ted tells her that this is not his way in getting a job. He gets called and tells that he is taking every kind of work they have for him. The lady asks him if he would mind to wash dishes at the beginning and Ted tells her that he would not mind to do this. Christy is not having so much luck on the next table where she is getting interviewed by a male assistant as she has changed her jobs too often. Yet both get told that they will inform them by phone. Christy is desperate and thinks that she will not get it. Kelly and Nick comes in and say hello to Ted on his way out.

Kelly asks Nick for a quick course in photography with her old camera. Kelly tries to cheer him up telling him that she notices that he loves to be a photograph. Nick is not getting out of his thoughts on Vietnam finding that he should have died there. Kelly tells him that it is already ten years ago and he has to forget. Nick tells her that such thing one cannot forget as they are following him. Kelly tells him that she can understand this as it is with her the same with her remembrance on Joe but they are leaving now and they have to learn to cope with this.

Mason is meeting Gina who is sleeping and looking very relaxed. She asks Mason for some money to buy in a shop nearby some things. Mason gives her twenty dollars and she finds this fine. Marcia smiles to her from the other table.

Laken thinks that she is coming too late as Christy was painting her nails and they did not get dry in time. Lionel comes in with a wonderful dress making Laken very happy in getting it for the evening. The door bell goes and Laken is shocked still not to be ready. Christy asks her not to worry she will keep Ted meanwhile busy. Lionel asks her to come not too early at home hinting that he is having a plan for winning back Augusta.

Christy is opening Ted. He tells her that he has got the job. She sadly says that she did not get it. Laken comes and Christy tells her that she looks wonderful in her new dress. Augusta asks Christy to make a photo of Laken and Ted. Christy takes the camera and Lionel stands on the side of Laken as the third person in the photo.

Kelly is with Nick in the darkroom. Nick tells her that the eyes on a photo mean so much in seeing the character of a person. Kelly wants to know what he is seeing in her eyes in the photo he has taken. He tells that he is seeing a sad woman who is suppressing her joy for life. She then gives a comment on his eyes in the picture she has taken from him seeing a man who is running away from himself. Kelly gives him a picture from Joe and she asks him what he can see in this eyes. Nick tells her that this man is full of love and a man with a strong character. He might understand himself very well with this man. She says sorry she does not know why she has shown this picture to him. He says that he knows why and this is one reason why he wants to leave the city. Kelly tells him that she thinks they are in need of each other and he should stay.

Christy phones at home talking to her mother getting to know that she is in need of urgent money. She tells her mother that she is having got a good job in a hotel. Augusta comes and wants to talk to her. While Augusta tries to find out something about Christy, Christy is taking out the two candles of their stand and puts the costly stands into her bag.

Ted is not very happy with Laken. She was dancing the whole evening with everybody but only once with him. He asks her if she would mind to go with him to another party. She agrees in case he is bringing her back for the last dance.

Lionel comes with Frank. Frank is handing over to Augusta the roses and then the necklace. Augusta embraces him for the diamonds and tells him that she would like to kiss him for this but Lionel is instructing him warning with his fingers not to go too far.

Nick tells Kelly that he is having no reason to stay. Kelly tells him that he is not right there is a reason. He says yes the reason to photograph beautiful blonde woman. Kelly says that such compliments she loves to hear. Nick dryly informs her that he did not mean her but Eden and if she could not bring the photos to Eden. Kelly says, yes she will do and she will send him the money. Nick says again a reason to stay. Kelly mentions on going out that this is only one out of many other reasons.

Julia tells Mason that it is nice that he has come on her call. She is passing over to him the names. She tells him that she is on meeting Jack Lee for dinner. She notices Lee getting out of the elevator and surprises him by an approach from the back. Lee likes to take the dinner in the room but Julia tells him that they can take the desert there afterwards. Mason watches her from far and thinks that she is an interesting woman. He only wonders if she knows how similar they are.

Christy is bringing the holder for the candles to the pawnbroker getting some money.

Ted is surprising Laken in the dark but notices that Laken is not so happy in being only alone with him. She finds he is taking to much possession of her. He gets to hear that she is not going to Stanford for her studies but is having the intention to stay in SB because of the blindness of her mother.

Lionel is writing down all what Frank has to say in big letters for him. Augusta loves to hear all what he is telling even he is saying some funny things by reading not properly. Augusta tells him that he must be wonderful in bed. Frank tells her that for him having an affair should happen in total silence. He goes to change the suit with Lionel. Lionel uses Frank's perfume sits down and starts kissing Augusta.

Ted can't believe what Laken is telling to him. He wants to go also in the same university. Laken tells him that they can see themselves in their holidays. Ted tells her that he thought she loves him. He tells her how much he loves her and that he would like to sleep with her this night.

Julia tells Jack that she does not want to go to his room. Julia tells him that she has to go home because of Augusta. He tells her how much he is longing for her. Julia finds in this case it is the best for him to build his character by not getting what he wants and letting him standing alone. Jack much irritated takes a cigarette and is getting into the elevator. Kelly comes and sees him with a cigarette understanding that he is the man from the house she has seen in this case. She looks up to which level the elevator goes.

Augusta who is approached by Lionel thinking him to be Frank all of sudden stops him. She tells him that she can't do it now it is too early. They know each other not so well.

Julia who wants to go into the mansion gets hindered by Frank asking her not to go as Lionel is inside. Julia not listening to him opens the door bringing with her presence Lionel and Augusta quickly out of their horizontal position. Lionel changes quickly his suit with Frank and Frank tells her good night and that he does not mind her reaction.

Kelly notices that Lee went with the elevator up to the 4th flat. She gets into the elevator after Lee went out and finds a cigarette on the floor. She thinks by herself that Lee is a liar as he is smoking and he certainly has been in this house and has something to do with the attempted killing of her. She has to tell this Nick.

Laken tells Ted that they have to think on a contraceptive. Ted tells her that he is not having something like that with him. Laken tells him that they could go to her place she is having something at home. Ted is getting terrible upset on thinking that she was keeping such things at home because of Mark and that she was sleeping with him. Laken tells him that it was not the way he thinks and he should trust her but Ted too excited runs away telling her that he will phone to her.

Lionel is meeting Frank outside and tells him that he will work out another plan. He will inform him at home.

Augusta is asking Julia upset why she came in without knocking at the door. Julia tells her that how can she guess that she is going to do something which other people are doing in their bedroom. Beside this she has noticed that she anyway was using already the reverse gear. Augusta tells her that was only because she can't see him. Julia tells her that Frank is not looking as good as she thinks and beside she thinks she could not do it because she is still in love with Lionel. Augusta gets upset and asks her no more to mention his name in this house.

Ted asks the bar keeper if he has seen Mason as he has forgotten to take the house key along. Frank, the barkeeper tells him that he has not seen him for the whole day. Ted starts to play a computer game. Christy sees him and asks if something went wrong with the party trying to cheer him up. She gets fetched by her new boy friend and tells Ted to wait for her she will be soon back.

Nick is just on thinking to arrange his apartment more comfortable again by unpacking some of the already packed things when somebody is ringing again and again at his door making him run to open it. It is Kelly telling him excited her discovery with Jack Lee. She finds it incredible that the friend of her father, the cultivated man at the airport is the same uncultivated man she has met when bringing the cover to Parker Simonson and who wanted to kill her. Together they put together the puzzle in the proper way. She should be killed because she has seen Lee here when he officially should be in Europe and when he could convince her that he is the man coming from Europe he did not find any reason in killing her. Nick tries to reach Cruz but could not get him on the phone. When Nick sees that Kelly looks very frighten he tells her that he has learned a method from a nurse in Vietnam which is bringing away all fear. It is a special way in massaging the feet. Kelly tells him that she is ticklish and she thinks that this is nothing for her but Nick insists her to stay and get a try.

Eden tries to convince Jack Lee that Sophia's case has been an accident. Jack Lee on his hand is not entering the case but tells her that she is a fascinating woman while looking deep into her eyes. Ted sitting with Sophia at another table gets up and addresses Eden while Jack Lee is leaving and Lionel is taking Ted's place starting to talk to Sophia.

Ted convinces Eden to give a job to Christy as she is in need of money. She tells him that they can come and fetch their uniform later in the evening.

Lionel tells Sophia that he feels sorry for her that Cruz is giving a report to the public prosecutor as this will not very nice for her. Sophia tells him that she is the person to ask for pardon. Hate is a terrible thing. If she would not have wanted to frighten him then her son would be still alive. Lionel tells her that she should not think in this way and if it is a help for her he is forgiving her. She certainly never wanted to kill him and he would be happy if they can become friends again. Sophia thanks him for this offer and says that this is also what she would like. Lionel then is telling her about his problem with Augusta. That he loves her so much and it is paining him that she hates him and gives him no chance. Sophia advises him not to give up in his attempts and he will certainly succeed.

Kelly tells Nick that he is right his massage does not tickle. She feels wonderful and relaxed. Slowly she falls asleep and Nick is covering her with a soft blanket while sitting himself on the floor and leaning his head at her side.

Christy comes back to the bar and Ted informs her about the good news that she has got the job in the Oriental Expess.

Julia and Augusta are on doing some exercises together. The bell rings it is Lionel. Augusta tells Julia not to let him in but Julia opens to her dismay the door and leaves them alone. Lionel puts a tape into the recorder with the music which was running on their marriage day. Augusta feels embarrassed and Lionel asks her to grant him at least one dance. Augusta gives in and while dancing he tells her all about their wonderful time they were having together making her sobbing. Augusta asks him to go and Lionel lets her alone leaving the tape with her.

Ted and Christy are trying their new uniforms which are in Christy's eyes very stiff. She starts to undress her under the protest of Ted and while Laken silently comes in.

Julia phones to Lee who is working in the office. She asks him if he has found her second earring which belongs to Augusta and if she can come in the morning to search for it. Lee asks her better to come at once and search for as at three o'clock in the morning the cleaning woman always comes and by then it will have gone. Julia tells him that she is already on the way to him.

Julia goes when Frank is coming in. Augusta tells him how sorry she feels because of today but she wants to make it good by going out with him on the 21st her marriage day with Lionel to close this chapter. He can arrange everything as he likes.

Julia is searching for the earring on the floor while moving her backpart in a most provocative way. Jack is watching her and passion is coming up in him. Julia stops his approach by just finding the second earring she was anyway holding in her hand the whole time.

Lionel asks Frank what he is making at their mansion. Frank tells him that he had just a nice talk with Augusta without his funny writings and he no more is ready to read out all the time what he is writing down for him. He wants also have a say in the matter next time otherwise he will no more come. Lionel agrees and asks him to arrange a meeting with Augusta on the 21st. Frank informs him that Augusta was already quicker than he as she already has arranged this meeting with him.

Augusta is alone and turns on the tape with the music running at their marriage listening to it with mixed feelings.

Julia gets up from the floor and Jack Lee tells her that she is actually longing for him and therefore should not resist. He starts kissing her. Julia finds that he no more is kissing so good then in earlier times and has lost a lot of his fire. That's because he is having too much women between. She gives him a short kiss and leaves.

Jack Lee is very upset. When alone he hits with his fist on his desk and shouts that he is the best and he is as good as the real Jack Lee and she will not make him defeat.

Christy is again normally dressed and Laken gives her car key to her. Christy leaves and Laken tells Ted the real reason for keeping the contraceptives with her. She never slept with Mark nor was she having any intention to do it with him she was keeping the contraceptives for him before they split up. Ted feels now very sorry but Laken finds his ideas of a relationship are very dusty and he has to learn to see that they are two independent beings with own ideas.

Kelly shouts in her dream for Joe and awakens not knowing where she is. Nick calms her down telling her that she was falling asleep. He tells her also that he is having a plan how they can catch Lee. Opposite to the Capwell Hotel there is a new building where they could rent a room. He is having a telephoto lens by which they might be able to catch Lee with a cigarette. They can't address Cruz without having anything in their hands. So they should have at least such a photo. Kelly shows no enthusiasm to this plan in watching Lee over days. Nick tells her that it was she who told him that they are in need of each other. He thinks she is right they really can help each other to overcome their problems. Kelly agrees and tells him that she finds his plan actually great and the best is they start at once the next day.

Warren visits Maggie who is taking care for Ben. He mentions the heat which bothers at the moment all people. They look at each other and play away their attraction by talking about the heat in giving their words a double meaning. Warren finally tells her that he has found a witness who is a caretaker in the Capwell hotel and asks her if she is not coming along with him.

Gina is not allowed to phone to Brandon on order of CC. On seeing her in a bad condition Marcia is giving her another tablet with a drink as it is very hot. Gina fights first against taking the pill but is too weak to resist.

CC and Eden are feeling also not so comfortable in the heat. The air-conditioning was falling out in the hotel. They are waiting for Jack Lee in the hall.

Jack Lee is occupied with Julia. She is opening his tie. Jack tells her that this is not the time and place and she better should have done it in the night. CC sees and calls for him. Jack invites Julia for the night and turns to CC and Eden. Eden makes a remark to Lee on his open tie asking him if it is really so hot.

Nick surprises Kelly who is watching Jack Lee talking with CC. He wants to find out what Lee is planing. Nick introduces her how to snoop out a person.

Laken is talking with Christy about her last meeting with Ted. She does not want to see him again for a while. Christy tells her that Ted is totally mad after her and gives instruction how to behave in this situation. She should phone to him. Laken phones but Ted is not at home. Christy sees it as a success already that she has shown to him some interest.

Kelly is on breaking into the office of Jack for trying to find something interesting. Nick does not like this idea. They get surprised by Amy and Brick and pretend that they are on the wrong level.

Amy is in a bad mood as she is missing her baby. She finds that Brick is doing nothing in helping her to find the baby. Brick shows on his side his mistrust in her on not believing that there was not another man beside Jeff. Amy feels very much hurt and sends him away.

Christy and Laken are talking on how to attract boys when Christy all of a sudden remembers that she has to be in the Capwell hotel for her first instruction.

Warren and Maggie meet Mason in the Capwell hotel and inform him about the witness. Warren approaches the witness who is just on crossing the hall. Mason keeps himself in the background. On seeing Julia he turns around to say hello to Julia asking her about the progress in her function as a spy. He also makes a positive remark on her good outlook. Mason wants to see some results but Julia keeps herself free in her time table with Jack.

The witness turns out not to be a great help. He has been in the office and has seen nothing. The people on the platform were the one who came in troubles. Capwell Enterprises has given thereafter this job here in the hotel to him. They have taken care very well for everybody who has been present at the explosion. Warren thanks him. It seems this man was bringing them not a step further. He suggests Maggie to go with him for swimming. But Maggie tells him that she wants to stay with Ben signing that their attraction is getting unbearable for her.

Eden gives instruction to her new staff telling to them what she is expecting and how they should behave. Christy is falling over the step by trying to sneak in unnoticed. Eden at once asks her where she is having her uniform not accepting her self created outlook.

Kelly and Nick also suffering from the heat are entering the room opposite to Jack Lee's office. The room is ironically filled with air-conditioners still packed. Nick is setting up the telephoto lens and they surprised to see so wonderful into Jack Lee's office.

Jack notices that Amy is in a depressive mood. He asks her to talk to him about her problems. She tells him that Brick thinks she was sleeping with every kind of man while she really was having only a relation to Jeff. Jack is very friendly to her and tells her that he believes what she is telling. There might be an easy answer to this. Such sterility reports can be falsified very easy.

Gina is visited by CC. She is reading a touching letter from Brandon. She starts crying on noticing how much she is missing him. She thinks she must overcome her addiction as quick as possible for Brandon. CC is very kind to her and Marcia while watching them thinks about the possibility in making some money out of this funny relation of a millionaire and his drug addicted wife.

Kelly likes this kind of job as she finds it exciting. Amy is still there. Kelly observes Nick playfully through her binoculars. She asks him how a person feels as an agent knowing that he and Cruz has done this job for a good while. Nick does not find this job so interesting as after some time he started to see at each corner a killer.

Jack tells Amy that Jeff might have been a member of a kidnap ring for babies and then when he did not want to go on with them anymore he got killed. Babies are very much wanted. One gets $50,000 for a baby on the black market.

Nick reports to Kelly what he is seeing. Amy just has gone. To their disappointment Lee is putting down the venetian blinds. Nick says that this he feared is going to happen sooner or later. Kelly tells him he should not forget that this is a Capwell Hotel and she is a Capwell she will go and make it alright.

A French cook is teaching the new staff including Ted and Christy how to prepare a good salad dressing. Christy is more interested in Ted's relationship to Laken. The cook notices them talking. He tastes their salad and asks them very dissatisfied to start over again.

Kelly knocks at the office of Jack Lee. She goes in and tells him that her father asked her to see for the air-conditioning. She asks him if he has seen the new building opposite of this hotel and goes to the venetian blinds rolling up one side. Nick on his side is positively surprised to see that Kelly has managed this problem so quickly.

Ted finds his job very hard. The whole day serving food to the people and then this heat in addition. And for all he is getting only his percentage as a tip and never more. Christy tells him that she also finds it not a joke and tears off the blend of her uniform. Concerning the rising of a tip she at once shows to him the answer. It is all a way in approaching a person.

Ted notices that Laken is coming with Warren and Julia. He is afraid of a confrontation after their fight.

CC looks to Eden and finds that she probably wants to be rather on a boat than here. Eden tells him that she really sometimes has to think on Cruz. CC asks her if she wants to be together with him again. Eden says no, how can she with a person together who is charging her mother for murder.

Warren asks Laken what happened between her and Ted. He thought they are friends again. He stops his interrogation on seeing Maggie. Maggie asks him if she can sit with them. Warren tells her that he thought she is with Ben. Maggie all of a sudden turns around and runs away. Warren follows her and Mason on seeing her running out asks loud if the food has been really so terrible.

Mason invites Julia for a short talk. On the way out he passes CC who tells him that Gina is in good health and not at all in a bad condition as he was telling him. He should keep his opinion next time for himself. Mason tells him that it is up to him to take care for his wife but he might be too busy with his other wife at home. CC is on getting up when Julia quickly drives Mason to the next room.

Mason asks Julia that he thought that she was in action with Jack Lee. She tells him that she will meet him in the night in his office.

Ted asks Christy where her jacket is. She refuses to wear it till the air-conditioning is running again.

Warren runs after Maggie and stops her near the elevator. She tells him that she wanted him but she knows that it is wrong. Warren starts kissing her very passionately. Maggie is shocked about her own feelings and tells him that she does not want to see him again. She has warned him to be only friends and runs away.

Brick looks for Amy. He wants to take her home. Amy tells him about Jack Lee's idea. Brick still does not trust Lee and storms into his office. Jack Lee softens him by accepting also his ideas and telling him that he certainly can go on in his personal search.

Kelly is getting tired and takes a nap with Nick's jacket as her pillow while Nick goes on spying.

Brick wants to take Amy along with him but she tells him that she is having her own car. Brick goes and Amy excuses herself for Brick's behaviour. Lee tells her that he does not mind it he is used for getting attacked.

Gina is feeling not very well and very nervous. She wants to get a pill from Marica but she tells her that she is having none. Gina is nearly on having a break down and tries her best to keep herself in check being afraid to get never out of this hospital.

Mason sits with Julia at the bar. Julia finds that they are somehow similar in their nature asking him if he has noticed this already. Mason tells her that for a woman like her he was searching his whole life. Such a mixture of cynicism, sarcasm's and brilliance. Julia thanks him for his compliment and goes.

Christy asks Ted to approach Laken. Ted is taking place at Laken's table but his boss is at once on his side asking him to go on in his work and not sit around. Christy tries to help him out but gets told to put on her uniform again.

Mason sees that Gina is in a terrible condition. He tells her that he thought she is already better according to CC. She asks him not to tell to anybody but is more than excited on the idea on never getting out again. She is brought away by some helpers.

Warren knocks at the door of Maggie. Maggie tells him that she does not let him in and she does not want to see him again. Warren breaks through the wire mash screening. They stand opposite and look at each other. Warren takes her in his arms and they start embracing and kissing each other passionately.

Nick makes a shout as something interesting is going on in Lee's office. Kelly also wants to see. She can't believe it. Jack Lee just on getting undressed by Julia. Nick makes some pictures.

Julia is talking about the Gillis case while taking away the tie of Jack. Nick in the opposite building wonders who this woman might be. Kelly tells him that she is living in the Lockridge mansion and she thinks it is the sister of Augusta.

Maggie pushes Warren away from her. Warren is upset and tells her that she is doing it only because of feeling guilty. Maggie slaps him and asks him to go. Warren holds her on her hands and tells her that if he now goes then it is for ever. Warren goes on to interpret her psyche and her feelings. Maggie pushes him away and runs behind the table. She picks up a crystal vase and throws it after Warren who makes a way for it in not getting hit.

Augusta is searching for a key at a desk when she notices that she starts to recognise the desk light before her as a small spot.

Nick laughs on what he is seeing. Kelly asks him to stop going on to see. Nick tells her that this is G-rated and harmless. He recognises at once when a woman is playing the virtue one.

Julia puts on her dress again. Jack asks her what this means. She tells him that she does not like to share her men and goes. Jack telling her that the next time she will no more be able to go so easy. Jack searches for a cigarette in his desk and lights it.

Maggie asks Warren what he thinks she should do. He tells her that Ben would also not find it good that she only is staying with him out of guilt. He asks her to tell him about her feelings towards him and Maggie starts to tell that she is dreaming often from him and is feeling his body. She stops and runs out.

Lionel is very active in his preparation with Frank. Frank goes to the reception of the Capwell hotel and is asking for the marriage suite in one weeks time. He pays at once. A woman with roses is passing by. Lionel buys all the flowers she is having on her cart. Julia sees them and makes a remark that she is now going to end their theatre. Lionel is running with Frank behind her and Frank is giving quickly the roses to Eden who is passing by.

Eden goes to the reception and is asking who this man was. She gets told that he has reserved the marriage suite. An old lady plays mad because of her diamond ring she thinks to be stolen while she was taking a bath.

Maggie is standing outside and is upset about her feelings of guilt which are not leaving her. Warren comes to her side and she tells him about her relation to Ben before the accident happened. She starts crying and asks Warren to drive with her to a cool place as she can't breathe any more.

The old lady is very upset. She tells that the hotel is no more this what it was. The air-conditioning is not working and then thieves are coming into the apartments. Cruz is coming and asks if they were asking for the police. The lady at once tells her story. Eden asks since when he is doing the job of finding a hotel thief. He tells her that he has got the order to do it. Cruz wants to check up the room but needs a person from the hotel to be present. The man at the reception refuses to leave his place and so Eden has to accompany him.

Lee thinks his best girl friend is still his cigarette. Nick is making the photos but is not yet satisfied. They watch that Jack is taking a key of his desk and opens a locked drawer from a desk at the side wall. He takes out a file and starts phoning. Then he puts all again away and locks the drawer again. He then leaves the office. Nick tells Kelly that he is going to look into the drawer. Then they will have something in their hands what they can give to Cruz. Kelly objects finding it too dangerous but Nick goes asking her to hold the position.

Kelly looks with her binoculars and sees that all the windows in the hotel are open. Through one window she sees Cruz and Eden. Cruz is asking Eden a lots of questions and obviously delays his research up to the brim.

Augusta starts testing again and again her discovery in seeing already light. She turns the lamp on an off and makes movements with the flashlight.

Warren and Maggie are taking place on the beach. It is still hot even with the wind. Warren would like to go to swim. Maggie does not. Warren takes off his shirt and goes swimming. Maggie is feeling very much drawn in her fantasy to Warren. Warren comes back and they see that their tire is flat.

Kelly watches Nick coming into Lee's office. He takes the key and opens the drawer. He finds an interesting file called couriers. At one place in this list he can read "Bermudas late" and the date when Kelly has come back from the Bermudas. Kelly from her side can watch that Lee is again in the lobby. Nick quickly notes down all the name of the couriers and puts everything back again. He then notices that Lee is coming in and quickly sits down in the chair behind the door. Lee comes in takes his jacket he has forgotten and on sensing somebody in the room he turns around and sees Nick. Nick gets up from his chair and tells him that he has an appointment with him at nine o'clock and since nobody was there he stepped in. Lee does not believe him. Nick reminds him that he is the client with the case of his brother's property and gives him his card. He tells him that his secretary has given to him the appointment asking him to look through her files. While Lee goes into Amy's office Nick quickly notes down on a paper that Kelly should make a phone to the office pasting the paper against the window. Lee comes back and tells him that there is no date in the note book and also no file of him. Kelly reads the paper and starts running to make the phone. Lee insists on an explanation or he will phone to the police for snooping around in the office.

Eden loses her temper. She wants to go to the restaurant. Cruz tells her that he can't be alone that is an instruction. He asked her what happened to the old lady and then that he has to see if what she said is fitting to the tales of the others.

Lionel catches Julia before she goes into the house. Julia does not want to give the promise to tell nothing to Augusta. Lionel asks Julia that she should ask Augusta only one question and after this she can tell her what she wants. She should ask her what strong wish she is having beside seeing again. Julia agrees laughing and goes in.

Warren repairs the car while Maggie is having all kind of erotic day dreams about Warren. She finally gets up and closer and closer to him. Warren gets up and they start kissing and making love.

Kelly tells the man on the reception that she is having an urgent call and starts using his phone. Nick is telling Jack that this is a Scandinavian name and he should now phone to the police as it is much better to get interrogated by the police then to listen to the accusations of a star lawyer who has forgotten his dates. The phone rings and Jack takes. Kelly is asking if Amy is still there as she has to tell her something very important. Jack is very unkind and short. She asks him if he can give the private number of Amy. Jack says no she should give him the number. Jack on turning around while talking sees that Nick has gone and throws the receiver down.

Nick finds Kelly in the lobby and tells her that Lee is behind him. They go down behind a big pot for flowers and Lee is upset about not finding him.

Julia asks Augusta what she wants and she tells that her biggest wish is to be in the arms of a loving man again. Julia tells her that she has forgotten the newspapers in her car and runs out. She calls for Lionel and Frank and Lionel just on seeing her knows that Augusta's wish fits with his plans for her.

Augusta gets up and notices a picture she thought has put already away. She takes it and sees the face of a man but still blurred. The door bell goes and Augusta opens. She notices two man but in an unclear shape. Frank says hello to Augusta while steps into the house. Augusta waits for an expression of the second person but as Lionel is not moving.

Cruz pacifies the lady who gets another room. Eden is upset for having lost so much time. Cruz is drinking ice water telling her that there are so many memories in connection with this water. Eden says she also remembers something and puts her engagement ring into his glass.

Maggie sits again on a rock. Warren tells Maggie that he loves her. Maggie tells him that he was right it cools down asking him to drive her home.

Nick and Kelly look in their hiding place through the list and discuss the matter. They are now sure that she has to be killed because she has seen Lee here when handing over the cover while he should be in Europe. Nick tells Kelly that Lee was fearing something. He told him that he will call the police but was not able to do so.

Lee goes up and down in the office with his shirt open and smoking a cigarette. He looks totally destroyed when he sees all of a sudden Nick's note still hanging at the window. He reads the message obviously given to a person in the opposite building. He looks to the new building at the other side and sees two persons in the only room where light is turned on.

Augusta enjoys the morning and the fact that she can see can see again. She looks around happy and looks at everything. On seeing Lionel's picture she turns it around. She notices also that Lionel is passing by.

Dr. Renfro gets a phone from Lee with instructions concerning Nick and Kelly who are getting too curious.

Kelly visits Nick in the morning in a good mood. Nick has already developed the pictures and Kelly finds them great. On his phone is placed a bug and Lee's men record and listen to their talk. Kelly wants to go at once to Cruz but Nick first wants to make a second visit in Lee's office and look through the files. Kelly insists on going with him. The men inform Lee who is preparing a trap.

Maggie is enjoying the cool morning. Warren addresses her happy thanking her for the wonderful night together by which he knows now that she loves him. Maggie fights her last fight against Warren in her feeling of guilt for Ben. Warren puts on his shirt frustrated and wants to leave her when she takes him into her arms and asks him not to go and how much she is in need of him.

Lionel goes on with his preparation for his wedding anniversary giving some instruction to some designer. Frank comes and Lionel tells him more about his greater plans.

Augusta is with the doctor who tells her that she is really healed. Augusta asks the doctor not to tell anybody about she wants to keep it as a secret for a while.

Lee is in the room of the opposite building and watches now from this side his own office. He phones to Amy sending her out to get something by which he wants to give Kelly and Nick the chance to enter his office and they really at once take their chance. They cannot find the key and Nick breaks the drawer. When Amy is back at her office in the other room Lee phones again asking her to see in his office if he has forgotten his suitcase. Amy goes in but Nick and Kelly manage to hide themselves quickly behind the desk. Amy turns already around to go out when Lee quickly phones to his office phone to draw her attention to Nick and Kelly. Amy really sees them and waits for an explanation. Nick is telling her a good excuse but Kelly finds she can tell Amy the whole truth. Amy tells Kelly that they are totally wrong. Lee is not making illegal businesses. He is a wonderful man and helped her very much. Nick quickly says sorry and pushes Kelly out of the room. Kelly is upset as she thinks that now Amy is telling everything to Lee. Nick tells her that she should not worry they are giving all now into the hands of Cruz.

Ben is brought back. Warren goes out of the house and Maggie sends also the nurse out to be alone with Ben.

Julia is on body building when Augusta comes in and shouts astonished who she is. Julia recognizes at once that Augusta is able to see again and tells her that she is Julia. Augusta looks at her positive surprised that she has developed herself so much to a beautiful woman. She also tells her that she does not want to know anybody that she can see again. She asks Julia if Lionel has been here all the time. Julia agrees. Augusta wants to know what he was doing with Frank together. Julia tells her that Lionel were probably training with him a little bit. Augusta tells him that Lionel could better learn from Frank putting some wonderful attributes on Frank the astronaut. Julia carefully hints that Frank is not a real astronaut. Augusta asks her what he is then. She should not tell that he is distributing the mail. Julia says, no and the more carefully she adds that he is distributing the milk. Augusta is very upset. Julia tells the real reason why Lionel has done this but Augusta is thinking on revenge and wants Julia to help her.

Maggie tells all about her love to Warren and what happened in the night to Ben. She says sorry to him but she is having only one life and she feels so alone hoping that he can hear her and understand.

Lee wants to see Julia. He invites her for lunch. Julia tells him that she is having today a beauty day. Lee is insisting on seeing her and tells her that he will visit her and Augusta.

Amy tells Lee that Nick and Kelly have been in his office and that they think he is doing some illegal business. Lee puts her attention to the drawer which is opened by force. He tells Amy that it is time for the police she should go on with her work as they have acted illegal by breaking into his office. He will take care about. He phones to the men and gives order for plan B.

Kelly is on the phone with Eden. Eden insists on meeting her at lunch. Kelly says finally yes. Nick wants to know if something is not alright. Kelly tells him yes. Eden wants to see her at lunch, her shirt is torn into pieces and she does no more know where to start. Nick tells her she need not to worry while she is eating with Eden he will watch over her that nothing happens to her. Kelly asks if he could find something valuable in the file. Nick says, yes it might help. It is a list of all flights he has made. Kelly wonders about the long list. Nick tells her that many of these flights were all on the same route. He is quite sure that he is doing some illegal business. Kelly wants to know what kind of business he thinks. Nick tells her that he is not interested in it any longer as this is a case now for the police. He phones and one of Lee's man is taking it telling him that Cruz is out of the office but he will inform him to call back.

Jack rings the bell and Julia opens He takes a flower and gives it to Julia while he hands over the flowers to Augusta. Augusta is on sitting down next to Julia at the sofa when Jack is guiding her to the easy chair taking place next to Julia by himself. While making compliments to Augusta he puts his hand on Julia's knee. Julia gets quickly up to serve some coffee.

Maggie has arranged everything for Ben to be permanent in the hospital. Maggie tells him that she will come to see him in the hospital as often as she can do and she still loves him.

Lee says some compliments to Augusta and leaves. Julia comes and Augusta puts a shower of heavy accusations on her concerning Jack and his behaviour. That she has seen Jack behind her back and misused her condition to take away her admirer and making feeling her like a fool when he touches her knee while talking to her. Julia tells her that she knew Jack long before she has seen him for the first time and on finding out that she was meeting Jack she was closing her relationship with him. Now he wanted to start again with her but she let him exclusively for her in case she still wants him after what she has seen. And if she has something more to say she will go and tell Lionel and all the others that she can see again. The door bell rings and Augusta goes to open the door. It is Frank and Lionel. Augusta invites Frank and closes the door before Lionel's nose.

Nick tells Kelly that she has been a great help for him. Kelly replies that he has also a great help for her. Nick tells her that in this case they are quits and have no responsibility, no promises anymore to each other yet he would like to see her again. Since he knows her all the colours are looking more bright and he no more wants to run away from himself. The phone rings. It is one of the men telling that Cruz is having a mission and wants to meet him in the garage at the parking place A4 of the Capwell hotel. Nick tells Kelly that he is meeting Cruz in one hour. Kelly asks him if he said he and adds that they will see Cruz together.

Jack is satisfied with his men and phones to Renfro to take up their plan meeting them in the garage.

Warren is moving to Maggie while Maggie is packing away all the things of Ben. It is not easy for her and Warren takes out the picture of Ben again of the box and puts it on the chimney telling her that they will not forget Ben.

Augusta sits with Frank and finds that she has to thank him for lifting up her self-confidence so much. She wants to do now something for him. She wants to arrange a party for him to introduce the great astronaut to her friends. Frank tells her that he finds this not such a good idea. Lionel meanwhile at her other side shows on a paper the answers to Frank. Augusta presses Frank with all her force his face going on giving him some compliments while making movements with her other arm to hit Lionel who gives way to her arm wondering about her behaviour. Frank goes confused and alarmed. Lionel is standing in the room while Augusta starts to undress herself before his eyes telling Julia that she is going to swim.

Nick and Kelly wonder why Cruz has not come. Kelly is nervous. Nick finds the meeting place all of a sudden very strange and wants to go. A car is coming and one of the men gets out introducing himself as an officer asking Nick to follow him to the car. Cruz does not want to be seen. Kelly takes Nick arm and asks him to go. The man opens the back door of the car and when Nick turns around asking what this should mean he is looking into a pistol. He asks Kelly to do what he said and both get in. At the front seat Dr. Renfro is sitting next to the man with the pistol who starts driving them. Between them is a thick glass. Kelly knocks against the glass. Renfro signs to Nick to press the button for the loudspeaker with them while he is telling them good night into his mic and pressing a button. White smoke is coming out of some holes and putting Kelly and Nick into deep sleep.

Julia is popping into Jack Lee's office. She tells him that she is having an appointment with a friend in the Orient Express. He asks her if it is a new lover. She says no, at the moment she is having none. He tells her that this is not true as he is her lover. She tells him that she does not need a lover who is touching her under the dress while making compliments to her sister. He laughs and tells her that Augusta could not see it. Julia asks him if he wants to know the truth. He gets upset that she did not hint to him that Augusta can see again. She tells him that Augusta hates him now for this. He tells her that he does not mind as he anyway loves her and invites her at seven o'clock in the evening to his office.

Lee gets a phone. He says that he has prepared everything. Kelly and her friend Nick will no more trouble them.

Eden tells Sophia that she worries about Kelly. It's not her way not to come to an appointment or at least to phone and tell that she can't come. She thinks that something must have happened to her and she is sure that she is not out of danger. Sophia tries to calm her.

Christy and Ted are getting their first money. Ted tells her that he knows already what he will do with it. Christy tells him that she has already planned for nearly the whole amount. Eden and Sophia are on going and Eden asks Christy to inform her at once when Kelly comes.

Kelly and Nick get tied up and pushed into the trunk of the car.

Augusta is going on testing the loyalty of her family members. She makes a joke by pretending to miss the plants while watering them and pours the cold water over Lionel's trousers.

Christy is getting back the candlesticks from the pawnshop.

Eden comes back to the mansion with Sophia and tells her again how much she fears for Kelly. CC who overhears her words comes and calms them. Eden gives in and thinks that she might have gone to the beach. Mason comes from Brandon to whom he was reading some stories and asks CC how he finds the condition of Gina. CC finds that she has been somehow absent minded and he can't say if she has made some progress. Mason tells that when he came she was attacking him. He advises CC to undertake something if she is really making no progress. Eden makes a remark about Kelly and Mason promises to inform them when she is in the Orient Express as she is on the way there.

Mason and Eden go while CC is on his way to the office. Sophia is going behind him and tells him that he should also not worry about Kelly according to his advice. CC tries to change the subject but soon again he sits down and thinks on Kelly while Sophia comforts him.

Renfro and the other man are listening to a storm and heavy rain warning while on the road. Renfro phones to Jack and tells him that everything is alright but they will make a break because of this weather warning. Tomorrow at the same time the problem of Nick and Kelly will be solved to his satisfaction. Jack reminds him that he should not forget that they are living beings and not a laboratory. Renfro says, he should not worry everything will run well.

Kelly talks with Nick in the trunk. Kelly hopes that Cruz is searching for them already. Nick thinks that Cruz might not even have gotten his call. Nick tells her that all they have to find out now is how to get free.

Christy is on putting back the candlesticks when Augusta approaches her and wants to find out if she also is not truthful to her. Laken interrupts them and tells that she just phoned with Ted. Augusta tells her that she thought that their relationship has taken an end. Christy is eager to know the reply and Laken tells that they only had a fight but this does not mean they are not meeting themselves again from time to time.

Kelly and Nick are brought to an empty hotel building. They get tied up separate on two chairs and Renfro tells them that they need not to try to escape as there is only a desert around and they will die of thirst. After the two killers approach Kelly with humiliating remarks they are left alone. Kelly lets her head hanging while Nick tries to cheer her up. He tells her that she need not to worry as he is with her and they only want to get a ransom. Kelly thinks that Eden will miss her at the appointment and hopefully do all the needful to search for them.

Jack takes place at Mason's table in the Orient Express and tells him that they can discuss the Gillis case. They should better take the money than go to the court. Mason tells him that in this case the sum his father offered has to be risen. Julia comes to the table and Jack is politely giving her a place next to him. Julia hisses to Jack what this game should mean. Jack hisses back why she did not tell him that it is Mason she is going to meet. Jack loudly tells Mason that he will not disturb any longer but if they would postpone the court case he would arrange it as he is in need of time. Mason asks why and Jack says that he has to go on a journey in some personal matters. Julia wonders since when he is having some personal matters while Jack tells her that he will see her later.

Mason finds that Julia is still in love with Jack and that she has not done much progress in her snooping. He wants to know what Jack is having in mind for his next step. Julia tells him that she will meet him at night and will bring the information.

Eden phones to all possible places where Kelly could be. Ted and the others are thinking on other possibilities. The door bell is ringing. Ted opens. It is Christy. She reminds him on their appointment to make some fun for the rest of the day and they can start with jogging. Ted says sorry as he is having already an appointment with Laken in the evening in the Orient Express. Christy reacts as if she does not mind it.

Shark, one of the men, is tormenting Kelly with evil words and hints that they are going to rape her. Nick tells him that he should stop tormenting her. Shark hits him into his face so that his nose starts bleeding. Kelly at once asks him not to hurt Nick. Renfro opens the door and asks Shark to come. When alone Nick asks Kelly to sing while he whispers a plan in Kelly's ear.

Julia enters the office of Jack when he falls over her from behind the door. She tells him she had not expected that he will fall like an wild animal over her. What is going on with him. He normally never acts in this way. Jack stops and says ok in this case he will go to Augusta. She hates him but she should see how she will love to sleep with him. Julia gets upset and throws a vase against him to which he gives way and it meets only the door. He tells her that this they had already once and like last time she did not hit him. Julia gets alarmed. She asks him how he could forget that she hit him last time. He said yes she hit him but did not hurt him. She asks him that 24 stitches to be sewed up he calls not to be hurt is very strange. Jack recognizes that his cousin has fooled him by not telling the full truth. Julia goes out. She closes the door and leans thinking against on what Jack just told her.

Christy starts working again in the evening in the Orient Express serving Ted and Laken while finding out that they are still strong in love. She stands there and observes them from far showing some strange emotions as being somehow jealous.

Shark is coming in. Nick is pretending to sleep. Kelly tells him that in case she is giving him what he wants if he would be then ready to tell her why they have been kidnapped. He opens her tie and she gets up when Nick shouts that he should not touch her. Shark turns to Nick while Kelly is on hitting him with a big board. Their plan gets disturbed by Renfro and the other man who are storming in with a pistol. Renfro tells Nick they are working too perfect together and therefore he has to separate them. The two men pull Kelly out of the room.

CC is talking with Cruz and calls Eden also on the phone. Eden takes and Cruz tells her that they will do their best but giving her not so much hope. Eden feels more than alarmed and CC wonders desperate why always it has to be Kelly.

Renfro is bringing an alarm clock to Nick. He tells him that he can look. When at 10 o'clock the ransom is not paid Kelly will no more alive.

Julia is thinking about Jack Lee getting suspicious. She can remember the whole incident of the glass she has thrown very well and wonders how he could forget this. Augusta comes in and informs her that now she has found out that not only she but her whole family where not truthful to her in relation to Lionel and she knows how to take revenge. She notices that Julia is not fully listening to her. Julia asks her if she did not find that Jack has changed somehow. Augusta did not notice anything remarkable. Julia is quite sure that there is something strange with him and something not alright. She has the intention to observe Lee and find out what it is.

Renfro phones to Lee and wants to know if he can do it or not. Jack gives his agreement to his plan reminding him that he is balancing on the edge of illegality by this experiment. Lee puts the receiver down and smokes one cigarette after another hoping to come away as soon as possible from this place.