Nick is looking at the alarm clock. It is ten o'clock. He hears a noise and is making a terrible shout of pain on thinking that Kelly is now killed. The men are coming in and Dr. Renfro informs him that he has not to worry about Kelly she did not feel much pain and died in peace. Nick tells him that he will kill him for this. Renfro corrects him that he will be the next to be killed and not he. The three men go out again.

Eden has phoned repeatedly to Nick but he never takes the phone. Cruz enters the mansion. He can't think that she got kidnapped as there was up to now no call asking for a ransom. CC wants to know what he thinks about his friend Nick. He did not like him from the very beginning. Cruz tells that he has been at his apartment but he did not open. Kelly's car is behind the house where he is living but one should not make too quick conclusions on any persons.

The pain of Kelly's loss gives Nick some kind of extra power. He cuts his ties with a broken glass. Shark comes in and Nick knocks him down. But the other two men come quickly for his help and keep Nick in check with their pistols. Nick sits down and they start to tie him up again.

Santana comes and informs CC that she is replacing Rosa who is not well in taking care for Brandon. CC lets her in. All gather around the television to see the report which shows Kelly's picture asking the inhabitants to give information.

Amy on seeing Kelly's picture in the little TV she is having in her office notes down quickly the given phone number. Lee is coming and asking her to whom she is phoning. She tells him that she only is phoning to a friend and puts down the receiver. Lee tells her that he is having now some urgent phones and in case somebody is phoning then she should note down the number so he will phone back. Lee goes into his office and Amy quickly dials the number.

Ted visits Laken though her window. Christy is sitting there and tells him that she can understand his worries she is also having a sister. Laken comes and embraces Ted by which he feels better.

Nick makes a movement upwards with his head against Renfro and in a quick row by giving some blows to the others in addition he breaks with the force of his whole body throw the door going outside. They shoot behind him but Nick can escape. Renfro asks the two men to follow him and bring him back alive but shoot him if necessary.

Amy tells Cruz and Eden that she has seen Kelly at twelve o'clock on the very day she got missed. She tells the story on how she found Nick and Kelly under the desk in Mr. Lee's office in search for some files. They told her that Lee is not the man one is thinking and they suspected him to be involved in some illegal businesses. She has told everything to Lee and he told her that he will undertake all the needful. On the word needful Cruz gets suspicious and he wants to talk to Lee.

Laken makes Ted happy by telling him that she is going to help him in his search for Kelly.

Renfro phones to Lee informing him that their action in making Nick weak had the opposite effect and he could flee. Lee is very upset and tells him that they need Nick alive. Renfro tells him that the men are already behind him.

Cruz and Eden are introduced to Lee by Amy. Lee shivering for a twinkling of an eye on Cruz's direct question on what he meant by doing all the needful by himself recovers at once and tells Cruz that he has informed the police but to protect Kelly as he is a friend of her family he did not give her name.

Nick washes his face and puts his swollen hands in cold water standing in a cowshed. He is just on relaxing a bit when the farmer is keeping him all of a sudden from the backside in check with the hay-bob asking him to turn slowly around. He explains his situation and asks for protection. It is an Asian couple and the wife senses that he is talking true asking her husband to let himself hide in the hay. Her husband agrees. Nick asks if he can't phone but the weather has broken all connections. Nick hides himself when the two men appear with their pistols in their hands. They show to the farmers an identification card from the police telling them that this man is very dangerous as he was convicted on murder and fled out of jail. The woman tells them that they have not seen anybody and the man leave. Nick comes out of his hiding place and thanks them. The farmer asks him why he did not tell them that the police is behind him. Nick tells them that they are not from the police. They have killed a woman and want to kill him too. He asks them if they can't bring him to the next sheriff or police station. By this they are getting rid of him and he can inform the police. The farmer says that this is not possible as all is under water and the roads are damaged it would be too dangerous for them. His wife asks him to let him stay. On being alone Nick swears to himself that he will go back and kill them for having killed Kelly.

Lee shows himself surprised on Kelly's disappearance. He did not have the feeling that Kelly was snooping out of herself. This Nick Hartley is a very strange person he would not trust. He phoned to him and told him that he has informed the police and he has shouted at him and accused him to be a capitalist pig and so on. He thought his snooping was having some political motivation. It sounded as if he has gone totally mad and close to a nervous breakdown. Jack thinks that Nick on coming from Vietnam has got some psychological damage and could create some feelings of pity in Kelly for him. Cruz tells him that this does not sound at all like the Nick he knows. Eden tells him that he has not seen him for several years and in this time much could happen. Eden thanks Jack warmly and goes with Cruz.

Amy says sorry to Lee in showing some mistrust towards him but he generously forgives her saying that this might be only the influence of her friend Brick.

CC sits with Brandon on his lap. Santana comes and Brandon runs out into the garden asking Santana to follow her. Santana asks CC why he is not thinking over in having made a mistake by marrying Gina. CC tells her that she is ill but he loves her and when she comes back home again then everything will be like it has been before asking her how she can say such a thing.

Christy meets her aunt in the lobby of the Capwell hotel. She tells her that she was coming in search for her to bring her home. Christy tells her that she is having no interest to go back and her mother anyway is only on drinking alcohol. On seeing Ted and Laken she quickly joins them telling her aunt to go back alone.

Cruz is on phoning to the police station finding out that Lee was telling the truth and he has not given Kelly's name. On standing and talking with Eden, Lee comes and shows again how sorry he feels on what has happened and that he is on the way to see CC as he might be able to help in some way.

Nick is resting in the hay with a thick wooden stick in his hands. The wife of the farmer comes and brings to him some food and tea. He takes place at the table with her. She comes from Vietnam and he tells her that he also has been there but nothing was so terrible than the death of Kelly. He feels responsible for her death. She asks him in which way and Nick replays because he could not do anything to help her. She wants to know more, but Nick tells her that he does not want to bring her in danger by knowing too much. She goes and Nick retires with his food and the tea into the hay. He considers to kill all of them in revenge of Kelly's murder. The two men have seen him just when he went to the hay through the window and come in with their pistols asking him to come out. Nick jumps out and hits both of them then he flees and the men run behind him shooting from time to time but not hitting him as Nick hides himself always carefully behind rocks.

Ted, Laken and Christy are coming to the Capwell mansion. Ted asks Christy if she would mind to wait in the hall for him while he is doing some phones with Laken. Christy makes friendship with Santana telling her how great she is finding the mansion and admiring Santana on having grown up in such a house. The door bell rings and Santana opens. It is Jack Lee who at once talks with CC about Nick's strange character.

Nick having got some distance to the men comes to a deep well. He takes the rope and jumps when the men shoot and hit the end of the rope which breaks and he is falling into the well while one could hear a long cry till he reaches the end.

Lee goes on to sow very clever all kinds of mistrust against Nick into CC's heart who finally is absolutely sure that Nick has done something to Kelly.

Cruz goes with Eden to investigate the apartment of Nick. The lady who opens it for them tells that he has not been here for the last three days. Eden finds it strange that he has so many picture of Kelly lying around. Cruz pulls out from under his bed the box with all the pictures from Vietnam. Eden considers if Jack Lee was right with his theory on Nick concerning Vietnam. Cruz protects all the time Nick by opposing Eden's view and Eden finds that it is not the time to protect old friends. She finds a piece of Kelly's blouse and Cruz hopes that Nick has not done something wrongly by sending it to their laboratory.

The two men are discussing at the well if he is now dead or not as they are not able to see anything. The one insist that he has shoot him while the other suggests that he should go down and see if he is really dead. Shark dislikes this idea and tells him that he of sure has broken his neck after such a fall. It is only a pity that he did not know that Kelly is alive as he would not have tried to run away. They have to go to the silo now. Nick lies on the hard floor of the dry well. He looks badly damaged. Nick opens his eyes and is thankful to know that Kelly is still alive.

Lionel explains Frank the coming special day. Frank is feeling more and more uneasy because he fears that it will not work and his role would be too big.

Augusta and Julia come together from lunch. They hear Lionel and Frank inside the house. Augusta gets the idea also to make some fun and introduces her plan to Julia.

Cruz wonders what more Eden wants him to do. she tells him that she wants that he uses helicopters and searching troops. Cruz finds this too early considering that Nick and Kelly might have gone for a joytrip.

Nick gets slowly up and has only one idea to get out of the well. His whole body is aching but the knowledge that Kelly is living gives him some extra energy and he starts climbing.

Lee goes on with his analysis of Nick's character. Sophia finds if Nick is turning out to be like Peter Flint one really has to undertake something. CC shouts to Cruz that he should set up searching troops otherwise he will do it by himself.

Gina is having nightmares about Santana who is taking away her son. Marica wakes her up and calms her down.

Augusta comes in and starts her game with Julia while Lionel and Frank listen to her. She tells her that she wants to test Frank and if she feels that he is not truthful then she will not go to the appointment creating in Lionel the effect she wanted. He starts fearing for his costly show.

The farmer wonders when the electricity is working. They hear somebody. On opening the door Nick falls before them exhausted to the ground. The wife of the farmer is happy that he has managed to survive.

Jack Lee suggests to CC that he would help with his connections to the FBI in case he wants. CC tells him that the will think it over. Cruz and Eden start fighting about Nick. Sophia tries to make peace between them telling Eden that it is Cruz's job.

Mason turns meanwhile to Santana pointing out that she seems to do everything in order to bind Brandon to her. She should not forget that Brandon is not belonging to her. Santana finds that Gina is not well and will not get well and she has born Brandon and nobody can imagine the pain she is feeling in having given him away. CC overhears her last words and throws her out of the mansion. Cruz tries to defend Santana and slips by this into a dispute with CC which is ended by Sophia stepping between them and reminding that the only person one should think now is Kelly.

The farmer couple help Nick to recover. Nick phones to CC but on hearing Nick's name CC shouts in and Nick who can hear him well while CC can't understand much of him recognizes that CC thinks that he has kidnapped Kelly. Cruz rushes followed by Eden to his boat. Nick really phones next to Cruz but there is only the answering machine. Nick explains the situation and the location to Cruz.

Frank is sitting with Augusta while Lionel writes down everything. Augusta asks him to say something which comes from his heart as what he says reminds her so much on Lionel.

Nick gets from the farmer a plan with the location of the empty motel where he was kept with Kelly. The wife remembers having an old not working motorcycle standing around offering it to him in case he would be able to make it run. Nick happy and thankful accepts her generous offer.

Jack on the phone with Renfro finds it good that Nick is out of order. Everything is going now much more easy with Kelly. He informs him that he will come with the helicopter in a few hours.

Santana visits Gina. Gina gets upset on seeing her and slaps her. Mason is coming and asks Gina what happened and Gina asks him desperately for help.

Nick on going out of the farm wonders why CC did mention money. He thinks on what the men have talked about at the well and can remember saying them that they are going to the silo.

Lee gives order to keep the plane ready even the weather is bad as he has to fly showing his readiness also to pay double the price. Julia stands all of a sudden in the office. He tells her that he did not ask her to come in. She tells him that for her is no need to knock. A little dispute starts by which Julia obviously hurts him by mentioning that his character has changed to the worse.

Cruz hears the tape and is no more excluding that Nick has something to do with the kidnapping. Eden gets at once excited and finds he has now really to start to do something as it is obviously Nick who has kidnapped Kelly. Cruz tells her that one cannot hear very much on this tape.

Nick comes back to the farmers and wants to phone to Cruz again as he thinks that he will not be able to find Kelly alone. Cruz takes the phone and Nick tries to explain but when noticing that Cruz also thinks that he has kidnapped Kelly he puts frustrated the receiver down. He asks where there some silos standing around. The farmer tells him that they are standing everywhere but then they remember some not used silos on a difficult place to reach which look like a launching base.

Julia tries to explain Augusta that Lionel only did all out of love to her but Augusta does not trust her words and wants to punish him.

Gina talks to Marcia. She wants that she helps her out of the sanatorium. Marica says that for this she is the right person but of course this will cost a lot of money.

The wife of the farmer gives Nick some warm things for the mountains and some food. Nick tells the farmer that he will come back and bring back of sure their motorcycle. Nick goes and the electricity comes back to the joy of the farmer couple.

Mason tells CC that Gina is not able to talk one full sentence within one hours. He should change the sanatorium. Cruz and Eden come with the tape and all listen to it but come to the same conclusion. Cruz says that he has already started the search. Eden thinks that they should try to start to search at the place Nick mentioned. A phone comes and Cruz gets confirmed that the piece of cloth is belonging to Kelly. CC and Eden pressurise him to wait no longer and start a search with helicopter.

Lionel is showing to Frank the scenery he lets prepare for Augusta and explains everything to him and what he will have to do and to say. Frank cannot understand why he is building all this up when she is not able to see.

Cruz comes back to his boat and he constructs the place from where the phone might have come. He wants to go there and organize a search troop with the local police. Eden wants to come with him but Cruz tells her that she has not been even at the scouts. Cruz gives finally in and lets her come. He tells that he wants to be there when they are finding Nick because he is sure that he will have a reason and can explain everything. Eden finds that he is certainly guilty.

Amy is on the phone telling the person at the other end that Mr. Lee is not in and she does not know when he is back again. Brick comes and Amy asks him what happened. He tells her that the man who was working in the morgue the day when he was searching for the baby is no more working there. He simply disappeared and nobody knows where. Amy cries for her baby and Brick tells her that he also is missing it. Amy says if he only would be also for him and not against him. Brick asks her what Lee has done up to now except making big words. Amy tells Brick about Kelly's kidnap and that Nick was searching in Lee's files and she has caught him. Brick all of a sudden tries to enter Lee's office. Amy asks him what he wants and he tells her that he wants to see Lee's files. Amy tells him that this she does not let him do.

Lionel shows Frank the whole scenery which he hopes is missing no detail.

Renfro and his men gag Kelly and make some pictures from her. Then they take again away the gag from her. He then asks both men to bring a letter and some pictures he has prepared to the place where they have been before hiding them in a way one easily can find it. Kelly at once notices that they want to put by this the guilt on Nick. She tells Renfro that nobody who knows Nick will believe this. Renfro tells her that the good thing is that there are not many people who know Nick. The noise of a helicopter can be heard. Renfro says that is now Jack Lee who has come and they can start. Kelly asks him what the machine behind him means. Renfro tells her that she is going to take part of a great experiment. Kelly tells him that she will not do this she rather wants to die.

Augusta opens the door for Frank who comes to fetch her for the great day. Lionel plays the chauffeur. Laken feeling not well with this show runs behind them asking Christy to phone to Ted and tell him that she has to do some urgent family matter.

Cruz is talking to the local police who is not very much ready to start such a search action as long as the weather is not changing as all is under water. Cruz let them prepare a plan with all empty buildings in the area. He asks them for their old jeep which he would like to use.

Nick gets the motorcycle to run and starts to drive.

The men place the pictures and the letter in the room where Nick was tied up.

Kelly asks Lee why they have killed Nick. Lee tells her that it was a tragic accident. Kelly wants to know if he is doing this all only for money. Lee tells her that this would be not enough. They are working on the overtaking of a whole nation. Renfro is shocked to hear Lee talking in this way. Lee gets upset and asks him if he does not believe in his own experiment. Renfro at once tells him that he can tell her what he wants it will work. Kelly asks Lee why he is doing all this. He is having money and fame and he is even the adviser of the president. Lee says that this is his younger cousin Jack Lee and not he. He was always the better one in the family and by overtaking all his positions and friends he is having now his revenge. Kelly wants to know what they are going to do with the machine. Renfro explains that this machine is taking away the memory of a person.

Christy is on phoning to Ted but stops on seeing a nice shirt in a basket standing next to the phone. Ted rings at the door and Christy opens with the shirt and nice earrings. She tells him that Laken asks him to wait as she had to go out for a short time and could not reach him per phone. Ted hesitates but finally gives in and stays. Christy is turning on some music and then invites Ted to go with her swimming.

Eden and Cruz searched the whole empty motel without success. Eden finds his search useless and gives Nick only a chance to escape. Cruz asks her better to help him to search through this room. Eden sits down on the bed and finds the picture of Kelly put in Nick's frame. She searches more and finds the blackmailing letter asking for 5 Mil. $ signed with Nick Hartley.

Nick arrives at the silos and stops his motorcycle hastens to free Kelly.

Frank starts the show with Augusta. First of all he is flying with her in a private plane nicely arranged with all the motor and sound affects. Augusta plays her part as well as Frank while Lionel stands with Laken in the background watching the show.

Cruz and Eden visit the farmer couple. He introduces himself as a policeman from the police department of Santa Barbara and Eden as the sister of the woman they are searching for. Cruz shows to the farmers two pictures one from Nick and one from Kelly. Eden starts several times to tell them that they think that Nick has kidnapped Kelly but Cruz interrupts her. The farmer woman tells them that since weeks they have seen nobody. Cruz wants to use their phone but the farmer tells him that it is out of order. Cruz asks Eden to leave with him. When alone the wife asks her husband if he thinks it was right that they told nothing. He tells her that they looked honest but she thought that the best is not to trust anybody and tell nothing to whoever it is as they might have come to kill Nick.

When Amy is shortly out of her office Brick is taking his chance and takes the bundle of keys out of her drawer. He opens the office of Lee and breaks up the chest with the files. He wonders by himself by all these file for which file he is searching for when he sees a file with the name of Dr. Renfro. He takes it out and starts reading eagerly.

Frank opens the door to their imaginary suite. Augusta asks him to describe everything that she can see it with her inner eyes. Frank is very nervous and is not meeting all the points creating some funny situation. The noise creator also is getting his machine out of control creating the noise of a train passing them close.

Christy asks Ted if he is not happy that she has persuaded him to go to swim with her. Ted says it was nice. Christy invites him to sit next to him and starts to get closer and makes compliments until she kisses him. Ted is not repeating her advances. She tells him that she thought he wants this. Ted tries to make her clear that he is only having Laken in his mind.

Kelly is fighting and does not want to get on the machine. Renfro tells her that she should keep quiet but she is totally upset. They tell her that when she awakes she will not remember anything. Lee tells her that after this they will let her run. Kelly at once understands that he will bring her back as the great hero. She tells them that they are both ill and if she will come out she will tell it to everybody. Renfro asks the men to hold her while he is giving an injection with a sedative to calm her down.

Augusta and Frank are sitting at the fire. She is already more than bored and Frank runs to tell Lionel that he can't go on anymore. Lionel gives him some courage and Frank tries his best. He starts kissing her and Lionel looks away.

Amy catches Brick on making notices and tells that she can't trust him anymore.

Cruz and Eden are back at the motel. Eden wants to go on searching while Cruz informs the local police that they will stay in this motel over night and if they could not bring them some blankets and something to eat. Eden does not want to share the mattress with Cruz but Cruz tells her that she can trust him he will not touch her unless she wants it.

Frank asks Augusta if they should not go over to the bed now. The notice Frank should read from the projector on the wall is turned around and Frank not knowing how to read is turning his head upside down.

Cruz and Eden are lying side on side. Cruz tells her that he finds it funny that he has to think on their marriage day. If the fire would be only one minute later then they would be married now. Eden tells him that they would not as they would already divorced. Cruz explains his position in a soft and loving way but Eden stops him by telling him that they better sleep now.

Ted tells Christy that she should not think that he does not like her but only as a friend. He loves Laken and he does not want to have anything to do with another girl. Ted is on going just when Laken comes in. Ted passes her telling somehow dry that he will phone to her. Laken asks Christy what happened but she tells that he might be upset as she did not come for such a long time.

Nick asks them to switch off the machine when one of the men recovers and hits him from the back. Nick presses the button of the machine before he falls to the ground.

Augusta is playing her role and telling all kind of things to Frank about Lionel's love live. Frank is getting strange feelings and sings that to Lionel but he tells him that he should only keep on going for a few minutes than he will continue.

Amy is asking Brick why he has broken into the office and starts telling all kind of good things about Lee. Brick fights back telling her that Lee is not the man she is thinking for.

Kelly is coming out of her machine. She can't remember anything. She looks at Nick and wonders who he is. Nick tries to explain.

The police officer is coming with nice blankets and two plates with nicely home prepared food. He asks if they really have the intention to sleep here. Eden says no. Cruz says yes. Eden takes Cruz aside and tells him that they are not here for a picnic. Nick has kidnapped Kelly and they have to find them. Cruz tells her that he is seeing the thing a little bit different. Kelly has been with Nick in Lee's office out of free will and the pictures including the note can be faked by people who want to put the guilt on him.

Warren visits Maggie. Maggie is very happy. She has cooked a very nice meal. Warren starts kissing her with no intention to eat first. Somebody knocks at the door. It is Laken. Laken is feeling somehow embarrassed on seeing them both. Warren asks Laken what she wants. She tells him that she thinks when her mother is coming home than she is in urgent need of them. Maggie asks Warren to go with Laken.

Kelly asks Lee why this man is kept in custody. Lee tells her that this man has kidnapped her and wanted to have a ransom from her parents. Nick tells her that she should not listen to them as they have brainwashed her. The men close his mouth. Kelly tells them that she does not know anybody of them nor her own name. Lee tells her that her name is Kelly Capwell. Kelly wants to go but Renfro tells her that he is a doctor and her health condition now is not the best she has to stay for a while. Lee leads her out and Renfro is giving the order to fasten Nick on the bed.

Brick asks Amy to read what is standing on the file. Amy reads Renfro and finds nothing special. It is clear for her that when Lee is searching for Renfro that there is also a file and she refuses to look in it. Brick says ok and starts reading out to her a whole list of hospital bill payments made by Lee. It includes even a hospital where she has been at the time when she was in San Francisco. Amy still can't believe it though she wonders because of the San Francisco bill. She tells him how kind Lee was to her after Cruz as interviewed him because of Kelly and Nick if this sounds like a criminal. Brick tells her that it sounds like a very cunning criminal. For him it is clear that Lee and Renfro are working together and have kidnapped the baby. Amy tells him that she is having a number under which she can reach Lee and she wants to phone to him and put some questions to him.

Lee tells about CC Capwell. That he is rich and her father and his friend. Kelly wants to know the name of the doctor. The phone rings and Lee asks Kelly to wait. He goes out and bolts her room.

Amy asks Lee why he has paid for her all the bills. Lee is telling a story that he has paid it for her as he likes her and wanted to be generous since she started to work and maybe there have been also some old bills as he has asked Renfro to send him also all old bills which he also paid. He wants to know from whom she knows this. She says just from a friend she does not want to talk about. Lee tells her that he has found a track to Renfro via his account statement at a Canadian Bank. His friends are just on investigating the case and she should be sure she will get her baby. Amy thanks him for his kindness while Lee looks more than alarmed on the other end.

Warren calms Laken that nothing will happen to their mother and they should better wait at home. He asks her why she has been so unkind to Maggie. Laken carefully tells him that she is married. Warren tries to explain the situation to her but gets interrupted by a phone. It is Maggie telling Warren that Ben's heart was standing still for a moment and she is in the hospital. Warren rushes to her.

Brick gives Amy to consider that the bill of San Francisco is obviously a lie. Amy asks him what he wants to do. Brick tells her that they are going to the police and tell everything to Cruz. Amy tells him no that the man on the phone told her that the baby gets killed the moment she is going to the police. Brick tries to make her see how much they are having her in their hands. They create fear in her and she is doing what they want. Brick tells her that they can't find the baby if they are not taking up a risk because they got frightened. Amy tells him that the most important thing for her is that the baby is alive even when she is no more seeing it again. Brick says, fine and goes. Amy shouts behind him where he is going but he already has gone.

Nick is fighting against the two men. One of them asks why they don't blow the whole thing up. Renfro tells them that they only should fasten Nick then all will work well. Nick manages to grasp the pistol of the one men and is keeping Renfro on gunpoint.

Lionel is paying out all his helpers and asks Frank to go for a walk. Lionel is taking his place but Augusta wants to hear something about the moon. Lionel again calls back Frank. Augusta asks him to close first the curtain around the bed. She then hisses to him that she knows everything and now he has to do what she asks him to do. They start to jump on the bed and start making all kind noises.

Eden starts fighting with Cruz about his theory. He tells her that Marcello tried the same thing with Peter Flint and her mother with Lionel and it is therefore also very well possible that somebody wants to put the guilt on Kelly's rescuer. The farmer couple are coming in and the farmer tells Cruz that he was lying before but now after thinking over the whole matter they thought it is better to tell them the truth as they look honest. They have seen Nick but not Kelly. There have been two men who told them that they were coming from the Santa Barbara police office. They have been very evil. They trusted Nick and were hiding him and he was phoning from them. He has gone into the mountains to the place of the old bunkers in search for the woman. The farmer's wife looks at Eden and says that she can see what the lady is thinking but she does not think that Nick is doing something wrong. Cruz says that this he also does not think this. He thanks the couple and storms out followed by Eden and the two officers.

Jack Lee is coming into the room saying to Renfro that Kelly is ok but now they are have another problem. Nick is coming out behind Renfro and says that this he also is thinking. He asks Lee slowly to turn around and guide him to Kelly. They will lock up the two men here while they are going to Kelly and if he is making one wrong movement he can himself see guilty in having murdered a doctor. Lee slowly turns around and quickly pulls down a big lever for the light while letting himself fall to the ground. Nick leaves Renfro and jumps over Lee while quickly locking up all the four. He shouts for Kelly who replies from a locked room. He opens and she gets shocked on seeing him. She tells him that the other man has told that he wants to kidnap her. Nick tells her that at the moment he is the only friend of her and she should consider that they have locked her up and now they are going to kill them both. She should quickly come with him. The man managed to break through the little window with an iron bar. Frightened by the noise she runs behind Nick.

Augusta and Frank are going on jumping on the bed and groaning as if they are in the seventh heaven when Lionel starts thinking on revenge. Not able to keep himself back any longer he opens the curtain and looks into the face of Augusta understanding at once that she can see again. He happily asks her if she can see again and Augusta says that this sounds like a happy end. She tells Frank to go now as she is having something to talk to Lionel. Frank tells her that he is sorry in lying on her with the story of the astronaut and so on but he really likes her. Augusta says she knows this from the way he was kissing and it is alright there is no guilt on him and who says that it is finished. Lionel gets upset by her last words and pulls Frank out asking him to go while shouting to Augusta that she will not start an affair with the milkman. Frank goes and Augusta tells Lionel how humiliated she is feeling with his show and she only wants to go home now and take a bath. Lionel tries to make it clear to her that he only did out all of love to her.

Nick starts the motorcycle and asks Kelly to sit up behind him. Kelly is still not sure what to do but Nick tells her to decide quickly and she blindly sits up at the backseat Nick starts and can drive away in the dark while the men shoot behind them. Lee asks the men to go and find them. He shouts to Renfro that it is his guilt and now they have to go back to Santa Barbara quickly and pack all their things for New Stailand before Nick manages to tell everything.

Warren sees Maggie in the hospital. Maggie embraces him and is happy to see him. Ben is again alright. The doctor has told her that Ben would have died if he would have been at home with her and that makes her feel now better in knowing that she has done the right thing by giving him to the hospital. Maggie looks relaxed and no more guilt ridden.

Augusta comes home and Laken is happy in knowing that she can see again. Lionel comes in and Augusta asks Laken to go up. Augusta starts fighting against him but Lionel no more enters her words making her upset till she throws a vase against him which he can avoid by bowing down. She tells him that she wants the real plane and the real grand hotel and a real man and not this third class scenery he has arranged. Lionel tells ok she will get it.

Lee opens his office and is surprised to find Amy in it. He asks her kindly what she is doing there. She asks him if he really wants to help her or if he thinks that she will never have the chance to see her baby. Lee sits down and tells her that he is quite sure that they will find her baby. Amy turns around and starts crying saying that this is only what she wanted to know while Lee takes out his pistol and is fixing it in the belt of his trousers. He then tells her that he would really give much to see her friend Brick and dissolve this misunderstanding which is making her so sad.

Eden follows Cruz and the police officers to the sixth bunker. She says that she finds this sudden change of mind of the farmer couple strange. Maybe Nick has sent them to misguide them. Who will ever manage to come to these bunkers. Cruz says that this he is seeing differently. All of a sudden one of the officers asks Cruz to come and see. He has found a table with food and cups for much more than only two persons. They go out of the door and see that it was broken through. Eden brings two empty bullets. Cruz smells and says that they have been fired not long ago and he fears that Kelly as well Nick are in great danger.

Kelly looks into the dark and says that they are not yet coming. She calls him Mr. and he tells her that his name is Nick. Nick is trying to make the motorcycle run again. Kelly wants to know who she is and he tells her that she is the most wonderful person in the world and not like the other ones. She is having a lot of courage and much strength. She says that this sounds good but she really would like to know why she can't remember anything. Nick tells her that he will tell her everything about her when he gets the motorcycle repaired.

Laken visits Ted in the Oriental Express and while pretending to read the menu she tells him full of joy that her mother is able to see. Ted shares her joy. Laken mentions on seeing Christy if something was going on with them. She always was telling from him before and now it is as if she is mad against him. Ted tells her that they only had a little dispute and this will go over.

Julia is making her fitness training. Brick comes in and asks Julia if he can ask her a question. He wants to know what she think about Jack Lee. Julia tells him that she is befriended with him but knows not much. Brick asks her if he can trust her as he is having a heavy problem. Julia says ok and they sit down for a talk.

Lee phones to Renfro and tells him that he and his men should stay and find Kelly and Nick while he is going out of town for a while. Now the hour of truth is coming near. Either New Stailand or prison.

The farmer couple visit Nick in their cow shed. Kelly is sleeping in the hay. They inform him that the police has been with them and they have told them that he has gone to the bunker. They are sorry that they did not trust him fully. Nick says that this is ok understanding that it was Cruz and Eden. He only is happy that he could bring back the motorcycle. He requests them to hide it for a while so that not the wrong people are getting a hint. The farmers have packed for them blankets and food for which they can live one week. The wife of the farmer finds Kelly very beautiful. Nick tells her that they have been very cruel to her and she has lost her memory.

Augusta is standing with Lionel at the airport while Lionel tries to arrange a room in the top class hotel for them by misusing the good name of CC. He is having no success.

Christy's sister Mary who has come with the garment of a nun invites Christy to come and see her mother at her birthday. Christy finally promises her to come.

CC interrupts Ted and Laken and wants to know from Ted why he has changed his subscription of the university. Laken gets up and tells him that he has done this because he wants to stay close to her and she has subscribed herself there. Ted tells CC that this is not the place to discuss this matter he has to work but CC asks them to follow him out to discuss this matter.

Nick talks to Kelly very kindly asking her how she feels. Kelly tells him that he wanted to tell her all about herself. Nick tells her that she should trust him. He could never hurt her. Kelly tells him that wants to learn everything from him before she is seeing again her family. First of all she wants to know how she looks like. Nick is showing to her her face in the little mirror from the motorcycle.

CC asks Laken not to put down Ted and to persuade him to go to the Harvard University. Ted tells him that he can decide by himself and nobody also not he should try to manipulate his decision. He is his own lord. CC says ok, then he should prove this and goes.

Julia tells Brick that she wants to summarise what he just told to her. Jack Stanfield Lee the adviser of the president should have something to do with the kidnapping of the baby of Amy. Brick tells her that he knows that it sounds mad but he is having proof for this. Julia says the accusation sounds so incredible that she thinks that it is worthwhile to check it up. She asks him how she can help. He asks her if she cannot arrange that he can look through Lee's files legally. Julia tells him that this is not possible. There is no visible guilt on him by which they can ask the police to search his office. She also finds that Jack Lee is acting in the last time much more different than the Jack she knows from former times and she will find it out. Brick says if only Amy also would also think like her. Julia tells him that she has a weakness for helping love couples and he can count on her in relations to information about Jack Lee. Brick is more than happy that she wants to help him and embraces her thankfully.

Renfro supposes that Jack Lee wants to go to see his cousin in New Stailand. Jack Lee says yes, he wants to see him just so long that he can be sure that he has killed him. The two men enter the room and tell that they have lost the track but they have sent already some other people in search for them. Lee's blood is boiling asking them if they don't know that if Nick and Kelly stay alive they are going into the prison.

Lionel enters a third class hotel room which was just left by a couple he has given $100 for making the room empty. The highway is close to the room and Augusta notices at once that the bed is not changed for the last month. Lionel gives in that they are here as he is not having much money and he wanted to be with her together. He is ashamed for this and if she wants he will bring her back home. Augusta asks him if she stays she can be then sure that it will be the night of the nights. Lionel promises this to her.

Julia sits on the desk of Jack Lee in his office. She writes a notice and sees a ticket for a flight to Vienna understanding that he intends to leave the city. Amy comes in and Julia starts to talk with her about Jack and her relation to Brick when Brick comes to see Amy. Amy starts at once to fight against him and Julia finds it better to go.

Nick is going on explaining all kind of things to Kelly. She tells him that it is strange that she has been married. It is all so beyond reality for her. She tells him that she knows that he is not going to harm her and that he is a good person. Nick asks her from where she knows this as she has forgotten him. She tells him that she can see all in his face and his eyes and the way he talks. She finds him very nice and peaceful even though there is something also in his eyes which shows pain and loneliness. She asks him if she can cry but then adds that now she cannot do it because she is happy. Nick tells her that sometimes people are also crying when they are very happy. Kelly asks him that if he ever cried out of happiness and Nick replies that he never has done this as he was never so happy. All of a sudden the farmer couple storm in and tell them that people from the criminal party are coming up the hill and they quickly should start for the mountains. Nick and Kelly start and the farmer is hiding the motorcycle.

Brick is going on to fight with Amy. He tells her that he knows that Lee is an accomplice of Renfro. She still protects Lee. All of a sudden Lee is calling for Amy and Amy signs Brick to hide himself behind the door. She then diverts Lee's concentration so that Brick can get out of the office without getting noticed by Lee. Amy gives the file Lee has forgotten and Lee rushes out again.

Ted and Christy are on fetching some plates. Christy takes this chance to tell him how sorry she feels about the way she was approaching him last time. Ted tells her that this is ok. He only wants her to respect that he is together with Laken which she promises.

Kelly tells Nick that she is thirsty and wants to take a break. They sit down and Kelly asks him if he is not having all this troubles only because of her. He tells her that it is not like this she only has seen something which she should not have seen and therefore they have taken away her memory. Nick asks her to stay while he is searching for the best way to go.

Augusta talks with Julia on the phone while Lionel is taking a shower. She tells her that she finds Lionel attempts to cheat her laughable. How a man loves is like his fingerprints everybody loves different. She stops as Lionel is coming. Julia thinks on what Augusta just told and wonders if this would be also fit to her. She finds that Augusta is right and the only way to find out if Jack Lee is really Jack Lee is to make love to him.

Ted is still serving some people in the Orient Express when he sees Christy coming back for work telling him that she has missed the bus and therefore she will stay. Ted offers her to bring her to her mother as he is anyway finish with his shift. Christy takes his offer.

Nick comes to fetch Kelly who is dancing around a bush telling him full of joy that she has discovered dancing. Nick asks her to stop and come along with him as first she has to be safe. He has found a place where they can stay.

Jack comes back from his lunch and tells Amy that she can go home for today. He will just make a phone to find out if Renfro is found.

Amy is just on going when Julia comes and Amy announces her. Jack shows himself not very friendly to her and is in a hurry. Julia tells him that she was thinking about their last meeting and she has come to the conclusion that he is the most wonderful man. She has seen his ticket to Vienna and wanted to ask him if he minds when she accompanies him. She will no more play with him. Jack tells her with joy that she will not be disappointed and she should be at 6 o'clock at the international terminal but should not let this known to anybody else.

Lionel is lying next to Augusta frustrated more than she that he is not able to love her. Augusta makes a remark that for the night of the night this was not very much and this might be the punishment for all what he has done to her.

Lee is on destroying all his files by letting it run through the machine. Brick comes in and asks him where Amy is. Lee tells him that she has gone home. Brick asks him what he is destroying. Lee tells him that this is nothing concern to him. Brick knocks Lee down and starts to read. He is not having much time for it because Lee's men are coming in and asking him to put up his arms by keeping him on gun point with their revolvers.

Nick brings Kelly to a ghost town he has found by accident and where he intents to stay with her. She finds it great and runs into one of the salons. She gets frighten by a figure in the wall which turns out to be a mirror showing herself which makes her laugh.

Cruz recognizes that the phone is new while the police officer told him that there has been nobody for a long time. Eden at once asks him if he finally believes that it is Nick. He has installed the new phone so that he can phone to him. Cruz asks her if the broken door and all confusion around can be done by one person. That's nonsense. Eden does not feel like this.

Kelly asks Nick what a ghost town is. Nick explains and Kelly gives a name to the town she calls it "Nickely Gold". And they start to have fun together in finding out things which are still in good condition.

Brick manages to get rid of the two men by pushing them away. Lee asks them to run behind him and get him alive or dead.

Ted drives Christy to her party and asks her why she has lied on him by telling that she is coming from the East 2000 miles apart of the city they are driving now. Christy tells him that she did not lie just changed the truth a little bit and he can't understand this. She finds it all of a sudden better he stops and she goes on hitch-hiking the rest. Ted tells her that this he will certainly not do.

Cruz forces Eden into a kiss. Eden asks him to do it never again. A dispute starts again about her mother and the law. She hurts him reproaching him that he is fighting against the rich ones. And to punish them he is arresting one of them in exchange that they are treating the Mexican people like dirt.

Julia surprises Brick by taking the pistol of the drawer from the Lockridges. She tells him that by this he will gain nothing and he should leave it. Brick tells her that Lee and his men wants to kill him and he does not want to make it too easy for him.

Christy wonders that why they did not hinder that the papers were telling about his mother's case when they are having so much money. Ted tells her that they are not standing beyond the law. They have to be punished in the same way as everybody else.

Kelly presses a button of the piano and it makes music. She asks Nick to dance with her and he dances with her by jumping around like they did dance in the old days of the gold rush. He finds the badge of the sheriff and puts it on her blouse making her for the sheriff of the town.

Eden tells Cruz that he has misused her mother only for his own purpose. Cruz tells Eden the Capwells are have not been all the time rich. When they came the first time to California they have been poor and did not even know how to overcome the first winter while the Castillos were owning land over land and have been very rich. He loves this land and he loves the law which keeps it in order. Eden tells him that this are only fantastic words but they are hiding their real problem that he has arrested and taken away by this her mother she loves.

Nick tells Kelly about Joe and her love to him. Kelly tells him that she feels good and wonders why he is helping her. Nick tells her because he is a man and she a woman and she is beautiful. He tells her that they have been dancing together for several times but she only liked him as a friend because she could not forget Joe.

Amy is on cleaning up the office which looks like after a heavy fight. Julia comes in and wonders about the condition of the office asking for Lee. Amy tells her that Lee has left already. She tells her that Lee asks Brick to wait but he has knocked him down. Julia says now she knows why he has taken the pistol. Amy tells her that Brick is having the fix idea that Lee is having something to do with the disappearance of the baby. Julia tells her that she should do the favour to her in forgetting Lee and taking care for Brick. Amy says that she will do this.

Brick is entering Lee's room in the hotel with the pistol in his hand going then into position on waiting for him.

Christy thanks Ted that he was bringing her home. He asks her where she is having the present for her mother. Christy says that she has totally forgotten it. So her mother has to take herself as a present.

Mary tells her mother that Christy has come and she should hold on herself for some hours and be kind to Christy. The mother sends Mary to the door while she secretly takes a big gulp from a bottle of rum she has hidden. She greets Christy and tells her how happy she is in seeing her and that she would love her to stay as she is in need of a strong person on her side.

Renfro is coming into Jack's apartment. Brick takes him on gun point. He tells Brick that he should take away the pistol in a most demanding voice. Brick tells him that this he will not do. He should tell him now where Amy's baby is. He knows that he is working together with Jack Lee. His name is in all the files. Lee has paid all the hospital bills for Amy and now he should tell him where the baby is. Renfro tries to escape by going close to the door but Brick asks him at once to go away from the door and tell him where the baby is. Renfro tells him that this payments are proving nothing and he starts to repeat himself with his questions. Brick tells him that he has facts. Nick and Kelly are thinking like he and they are no more around. Renfro tells him that this is just a coincidence. The door bell goes and Brick knocks Renfro down who lost at once his consciousness. Brick gets an idea.

Kelly enjoys the stay with Nick. She pours a whole bucket of water over him and then tells him that she will dry him. Nick tells her that they were doing this already once. Kelly wanted to know if it was as funny as now. Nick says no. Kelly looks into his eyes and here is an attraction but Nick quickly closes her eyes with his hand.

Jack Lee comes into his room and finds the bag of Renfro on the ground. He is getting alarmed.

Brick knocks at the door and Amy opens wondering from where he is bringing an unconscious Dr. Renfro. Brick asks her to hold the pistol till he binds Renfro. He finds a rope and ties Renfro on a chair. Renfro opens his eyes and on seeing Amy he sighs that now also this. Brick tells her that he has found him in the room of Lee and he was even having his own key for this room. Renfro tells her that she should not believe the words of a mad man. He as a well-known doctor will not kidnap babies. Amy says that now she knows why Jack Lee did not want her to listen to Brick asking Renfro where her baby is. Renfro tells them that they are not coming through with this as in no time Lee and the men are here and shoot them up. Brick takes the pistol and Amy falls on Renfro hitting him and asking him where her baby is. Brick asks her to stop. First of all he wants to be sure that she stands at his side which she confirms. Then he says since now they are working together she should tell him how mean she could get.

Nick sees an old camera with a black towel over it. He goes under it and looks through. Kelly also goes under the towel when all of a sudden Nick quickly gets out avoiding her. Kelly asks him what happened. If he does not like it when she touches him. Nick tells her that he likes it but now he has got an idea that he goes to fetch some water and then they can take a warm bath. Kelly is delighted from this idea and starts undressing him. Nick asks her to stop he has better to go now to fetch the water. Kelly finds that he changes constantly the subject if something is wrong with her. She likes to touch him. Nick tells her that he also likes it when she is touching him but he does not want to misuse her condition.

An expert examines the machine and explains it. He has never seen one before but it is a machine with which help one can influence the memory of a person. It disturbs the brain waves and if it is done under a high frequency then it can create damages which will remain for ever. Eden gets frightened for Kelly. She thinks that Nick has installed and used this machine. Cruz says that this machine is convincing him the more that Nick has nothing to do with it. The officers are coming and informing that they could not find anything special. Cruz tells them that he will request for more people and then search here everything thoroughly. Eden finds it a waste of time. They should better search for Nick. She will no more stay here and look at this foolishness and go home. Cruz tells her that he finds this a good idea then at least he can start to work.

Mary is singing with Christy Happy Birthday and the mother is blowing the candle from the cake. They are in a happy mood when the door bell rings. Christy opens. It is Ted who tells her that she has forgotten her present for her mother on the backseat. Christy is happy and gives it to her mother inviting Ted to come in. Her mother is putting strange questions to Ted on the price of his Jeep making him feeling uncomfortable. She then asks Christy to come aside and she starts to scold her with heavy words. She thinks that Ted is only showing himself up with a girl like her because she is sleeping with him. She gives no chance to Christy to oppose her view. In her excitement she knocks against the place where she has hidden her bottle of rum and the bottle falls on the floor. Now its the turn on Christy to be upset in lying on her by telling that she has given up drinking.

Cruz runs behind Eden asking her to stay. Eden tells him that he only wants her to stay in order to prove that he is doing his best in searching for Kelly but the truth is that he does nothing. He has to search for Nick and this he knows. She turns around and goes.

Brick tells Amy that she should let him find out where the baby is. He knows how to do it. He tries it in different ways but Renfro insists on not being involved and having done nothing which is against the law. When he will let him go he will talk to Lee that he is not going to kill them. That is the best he can do for them he does not know anything where the baby is now. Amy takes the pistol and tells him that because he has done his work. Renfro tells that he in his position would never steal a baby there are some facts which are juristically difficult to explain. Amy tells him that in this case they have to shoot him. Renfro does not believe her but gets frighten when she realises the safety catch of the pistol. He shouts that she should not shoot and he will tell everything.

Christy is having a dispute with her mother because of her alcohol. She blames her mother that whenever she is drinking she is getting a total other personality and she hates her for this. She would never told her such things as she told now to her. Her mother slaps her and Mary jumps between telling her mother that she is making it only worse. Ted is watching the whole scene with much discomfort. Christy asks him to bring her back home to Santa Barbara. Ted goes with her to the door.

Amy is putting much pressure on Dr. Renfro till he gives in that her baby is kidnapped but alive and in best condition. He was forced to do this and the people who are having much interest in her baby are dangerous and will kill him and them if something comes out. Amy wants to know why they are so eager for her baby.

Mason and Santana meet for the door of the mansion. Mason is trying again to make it clear that she is having no right for the Brandon. The door opens and it is CC asking Mason to come in while wondering why Santana is also at the door. Santana tells him that Rosa is ill and she comes in her place to take care for Brandon.

CC tells Mason that he is very upset that he has got the guardianship over Brandon's trust. He thinks that he has blackmailed Gina for something. Mason tells him that they had an exchange. He was giving her something which she wanted for which she was signing the paper for him to become a trustee for Brandon. Santana asks CC if he has asked Gina for the reason. CC said that he has asked her but she did not reply to him. She asks him if he would not give to her the permission to see Gina and maybe she can find it out for him. CC thinks it is worth a try.

Marcia is giving a tablet to Gina asking her to swallow it quickly before somebody else is seeing it. Gina takes it but then she thinks that Marica is making her addicted. Marica tells her that she is having nothing to do with this. She is only helping her and giving her what she wants and it is up to her to take it or not. Gina phones to Mason asking him to come and help her.

Renfro is just on telling the truth when he gets shot by Lee and his men who after shooting him shoot around in the room but Brick and Amy escape without getting hurt. Lee and his men storm in and Lee asks them to get them both dead or alive. Renfro asks Lee to bring him to the hospital. Lee tells him sorry, they don't need him anymore. Renfro tells him that there is still the real Lee. He is not half as good as he is. Taking a deep breath he dies. Lee phones to Julia and tells her that they are taking one flight earlier. If she can be ready within ten minutes he will come and fetch her. Julia tells him that she will be ready.

Brick and Amy are on the road. Amy feels very sorry that she did not believe him. Brick tells her that now he has first to get rid of the men who are following them. She should hold herself somewhere and off he goes.

Christy opens the door and bumps into her stepbrother Steve Bassett. He asks her to stay and leads her in again. He will bring her back to Santa Barbara. Ted goes and Steve shouts to them that he hates it when they are fighting so much.

Gina gets told that Santana is here and wants to see her. Gina tries to be strong to face her.

Julia opens the door. It is Mason. Julia tells Mason that she is leaving in ten minutes. Mason finds that she is not feeling too much sorry for it to go with Lee and his private jet to Vienna. Julia tells him that she is not going for a joy ride but to find out something as something is not alright with Lee. A person cannot change as much the personality as he was doing and she is sure that she will find it out. Mason also finds that Lee is somehow strange and she should be careful with him. Julia tells him that they will stay about two and a half weeks. Mason wonders that nobody should know about his leaving and destination especially by working on two cases here in Santa Barbara.

Brick stops the car. He got rid of them. Brick tells her that Renfro is dead but Lee is still alive and will be behind them. Amy first embraces telling him how wonderful he was and from now on she only will trust him which Brick finds wonderful.

Christy tells them that she is fed up with the whole family. She hates all of them and she does not want to see them again. Christy storms out and asks Ted to wait as she is going with him. Ted tries to change her mind but she insists on going.

Santana gives a picture Brandon has painted to Gina. Gina shows much strength and replies as cool as possible. She tells Santana that she should tell Brandon he should not worry she comes soon. But then she sees in Santana's eyes her intention to get Brandon away from her. Santana asks her why she has given to Mason the trusteeship. Gina tells her that this is nothing of concern to her.

Brick tells Amy that he finds it the best to go to the police. Amy tells him that she does not want that anything happens to her baby and they don't know what these people are able to do. Brick agrees and by this he all of a sudden remembers Julia. He tells Amy that he has told to her everything and she believes him. He has to warn her. He does not want that she gets involved in this. He has to phone at once to her and warn her.

Julia tells Lee that this ten minutes have been long ones. Lee's face is hurt and he says yes, sorry there was a little accident. He picks up her luggage to bring it to his car. The phone rings and Julia goes back to take it. It is Brick who warns her to travel with Lee. They have killed Renfro whom he has found in Lee's room and he is sure that it was Lee who shot him. Lee might even the wire puller behind everything. Julia is on thinking what to do when Lee is standing already nervous on her side asking her to come. Julia tells Brick that she cannot change her plans anymore and puts down the phone.

The mother of Christy finds that they should not have let her go. Steve tells her before she goes on to be unhappy he wants to tell the good news. He is becoming soon the assistant of the public prosecutor in Santa Barbara. Mary congratulates him. Steve says that by this he can take care about Christy and so they should not worry.

Gina is happy to see Mason. She tells him what she has told to Santana about his trusteeship. Mason tells her that Santana has done a mistake as she has told something against her and Brandon has heard it and was totally upset. They made it alright. She then asks Mason for some money. Mason wants to know for what but is also satisfied when she tells him that he should not ask but just give. He tells her that he likes her uncertainty in her nature and gives her the money mentioning that he wants it back one day which Gina promises. She then sends him away telling that she has some urgent thing to do.

Christy thanks Ted for taking her along. She then sits and starts daydreaming that Ted has fallen into love with her. She was wonderfully dressed and he was impressed telling her how wonderful she is. Ted brings her with a question on taking some food back to reality.

Brick tells Amy that he has found a room by telling them that they are Mr. and Mrs. Johnson. Amy likes this idea. She tells him that it is raining like on the day when the baby was coming and they also did not get a room. They get out of the car to see the room.

Julia and Lee are on the airport. Lee excuses himself as he has to make a phone call. Julia sits down and is looking into a magazine seeing an article about plastic surgery and getting a new body by the help of it. She reflects on all the situations by which Lee did not recognise her.

Lee phones to the men and is upset that they have lost them. He asks them to go on with their search as from the place where he is he can do nothing.

Julia looks at Lee. She is just on thinking to leave when Lee is back and fetches her giving her no chance to escape anymore.

Amy inspects the room with Brick and notices that there is only one bed. Brick says he did not want to create the impression that they are in fight. They start kissing each other and Brick asks her if she wants to marry him. Amy tells him that she wants to be together with him but not to marry him as long as she is not having her baby. Brick says ok. But after they have found the baby they will marry.

Ted stops at Christy's place and asks her that she should think over her problems with her family. She should try to overcome these problems and make peace with them as a family is important.

Gina takes Marcia aside and asks her to help her to get out of the institute. She will pay for her. Marica agrees finally to help her.

Amy lies in the bed and waits for Brick. She asks him why he is not coming. He tells her that he does not want that she does something what she regrets afterwards. She tells him that she wanted it already long ago but she did not want him to marry her out of pity. She tells him that she hopes she is not having to wait longer now for him. Brick turns happy the light off getting at her side.

See photos of Christy's family!

Kelly wakes up in a nice bed. She gets up and finds a picture. She starts dancing around in the room while putting up her legs. She notices the bathtub and gets the idea to bathe. She goes down. Nick is sleeping on a hard and wooden bench. She goes to the piano and turns on the music by which Nick falls out of his uncomfortable bed. She shows him the old picture with dancing women who put their legs into the air.

Christy rings the bell at the Capwell mansion and gets nearly driven away by the butler. She gets upset and pastes her chewing gum on the door. Ted comes out and she gives him money. She wanted to pay for the perfume he bought for her mother. Ted is not accepting it and while leaning against the door the chewing gum gets stuck on him.

Marcia is bringing Gina a coat from a nurse with an ID-card to get out. Gina wants to have some more of her pills while holding the money in her hand. Marcia is giving the pills to her and asks then for the money. Gina tells her that she is getting nothing because she has made her drug addicted with her pills. She pushes her aside and runs out. Marica finds this not nice. On seeing that Gina has already left she pushes the alarm button.

Gina phones from a phone booth to Mason. Mason is still in bed. She asks him quickly to come and fetch her from the laundry opposite to the institute. Mason promises to come at once.

Augusta comes home with Lionel. Laken is happy on seeing them asking how it has been. Augusta does not look as if she has enjoyed the trip. Augusta and Lionel go each to their room. Christy comes in and Laken tells her that she is going up to her room. Christy wants to use the chance to put back the brooch she has taken. She is just on placing it on the table when she gets surprised by Augusta. Augusta tells her that she knows that she has also taken the candlesticks and given them back. She does not like to have a thief in her house. She should pack at once her things and leave. Christy is making some sour remarks on their wealth and agrees to go at once. Lionel is sitting in his room studying some receipts in an old book to cure impotency.

Kelly finds one of the shorts with a lot of folds in it which the dancing ladies were wearing. She puts it on and goes on the stages and starts dancing. She asks Nick from where she knows this. Nick tells her maybe from the television. Kelly says no she thinks it is something which her body knows. She wonders if her body also still knows how to make love. All of a sudden she is breaking in. Nick is at once on her side asking her to be more careful. Kelly forgets her first shock and finds a box in the hole taking it out full of joy. It is filled with jewelry and an old diary. She starts reading loud finding out soon that this is a diary of a leading prostitute talking about their adventures with men in this city. Nick asks Kelly to show her leg as it got hurt and he takes care of her wound.

Mason brings Gina to his apartment. She tells him that she is longing so much to see Brandon. Mason tells her that this is not easy as CC has to agree but he promises to her to try it.

CC dislikes it very much that Santana is taking so much care of Brandon. He tells her that he has decided to get a lady who will be only in charge of him.

Lionel is preparing the wonder mixture. He fetches the mixer from the kitchen and takes it into his room.

Laken tries to change Augusta's mind concerning Christy with no success. Christy is coming with her suitcase. She thanks for everything and goes. Augusta hears strange noises coming out of the room from Lionel. Lionel has finished the drink and wants to drink but on smelling it he stops. Augusta knocks at the door and Lionel quickly drinks it. He opens and embraces and kisses her passionately.

Mason tells CC that he comes to fetch Brandon for the cinema. CC finds it strange but Mason tells him that he loves Brandon. Santana tells CC that this is alright she would not worry. Brandon comes and Mason tells him that they are going to see Bambi in the cinema. Brandon asks CC why he then can't go and CC tells him that he can go of course. The phone rings and before somebody takes Mason has already gone. CC takes the phone. It is the institute informing him that Gina has escaped. He runs out and notices that Mason has already gone with Brandon. He thinks that this was a great mistake Mason will help Gina to kidnap the boy. Both start worrying.

Laken visits Ted in the Orient Express and tells him what happened to Christy. Christy comes and puts down her suitcase. Laken leaves. Christy tells him that it is ok. She anyway does not like Santa Barbara and wants to leave the city. Ted gets the idea that she might take up the job as the baby-sitter of Brandon. By this she will get a place in their mansion and she has a nice job. Christy agrees to get introduced to his father.

Nick is on bringing some buckets full of water. He finds preparing a bath a hard job. Kelly ignores his remark and asks him to add more of the cold water. She then wonders if they both are fitting together in the bath tub. Nick gets alarmed and Kelly asks him if it is not allowed to bathe together. He tells her that there is of course no law which does not permit this. She then starts to undress herself. Nick asks her to stop. She tells him that she can't bath with her dress. Nick asks her to wait till he has gone. Kelly has found a bath addition which makes some foam which she adds.

Lionel and Augusta are lying together in the bed. Lionel is more then frustrated about his condition but gains by his helplessness the favour of Augusta who confesses her love to him.

Mason arrives with Brandon at his flat. Gina and Brandon are very happy to see each other. She tells him that at no time she has forgotten him. Mason tells her that he has to bring him back otherwise they will start searching. Brandon starts crying because of the separation. Gina wants to run behind but Mason stops her.

Kelly shouts loud for Nick. Nick thinking that something happened runs up to her. She tells him that she has just read how the one lady was falling in love to one of the men. Nick asks her if this was the only reason of her shout. Kelly asks him if she only can call him if she is in danger. Nick says as long as she is bathing yes. She asks him if he can't wash her back. He agrees under the condition that she is not standing up or looking back. While he is washing her back Kelly starts to read out a delicate story about one of the ladies. How she was undressing herself and all her feelings. Nick asks her to stop reading loud he finds that the diary is creating in her all kind of confusing thoughts. Kelly tells him that she thinks she is having such ideas already before starting to read.

Mason asks Brandon to say nothing at home as there can be misunderstandings and his mother will get into problems. Brandon promises this to him. They get into the mansion and CC is relieved on seeing Brandon. Mason tells them that the cinema had no tickets anymore and so they were going to the beach and eating an ice-cream. Brandon tells CC that he feels tired and wants to go to his room. Mason makes a remark on their worries. Santana tells him that he does not know what happened, Gina has left the institute. Mason plays surprised. Now they fear she will kidnap Brandon. She finds the place in the mansion is not safe enough as nobody is there to take care for Brandon. She will take him to Rosa to which CC agrees.

Kelly wants to get out of the bath tub. Nick brings a big blanket and holds it in front of himself. She tells him that she does not need a blanket but a towel. He tells her that the blanket is for his protection and gives her a towel. Kelly dries herself and is dressing herself lightly. Nick still is holding the blanket and his eyes closed. Kelly asks him for what he is so afraid of. Oh, she knows the men who are behind them. He should not worry she will protect him. He should check her muscles. Nick still holds the blanket and Kelly slaps him on his back telling him that he can look as she is already dressed. Nick test her muscles of the upper arm and Kelly tells him that now she will check his one. She gets closer to reach his upper arm. She says that's not so bad while getting more close to him. She asks him how he finds her. He says that she is very beautiful. Kelly gets very close and looks at him with expectations.

Ted introduces Christy to CC. CC is having a short talk to her and as he liked her she got the job.

Mason informs Gina that they are already searching for her and she should go back now. Santana has taken Brandon to Rosa. All are afraid that she is going to kidnap Brandon. She tells him that she better takes a taxi. She does not want him to get more involved and getting troubles because of her. She gives him a kiss and goes.

Ted tells Laken that Christy is staying now in the mansion and she should not worry anymore. They start to kiss each other when Christy comes. Christy thanks Laken for all her hospitality. She is in good mood and fetches the rest of her things. Laken all of a sudden remembers that her step brother Steve has phoned to tell her that he has got a job as an assistant of the public prosecutor in Santa Barbara. Ted mentions that this is Mason's old job. Christy makes a dry remark that this is indeed nice for him.

Santana serves Brandon a limo. She gives him some papers to paint and tells him that she will go in and cook something for Rosa. He should promise to her not to go to the street. When Santana left him Gina appears behind the bushes and tells him that she felt so sorry in leaving him alone if he will not come with her for a car ride. She writes a note to Santana that Brandon is safe with his mother.

Kelly is in search for Nick. She can't find him inside the house. She goes outside and also there he is not.

Happy Amy is standing at the window while Brick's hand is touching into the empty place next to him which makes him awake. He gets up and brings Amy back to the bed.

Santana is calling for Brandon finding the note and getting shocked to see that Gina has kidnapped Brandon.

Gina is with Brandon in a hotel room. She explains Brandon that she wants to have him for some time now as the others are don't let her be with him. She then phones to some companies to get a rented car.

Mason comes to Rosa's place. She tells him that Gina has kidnapped Brandon. Mason can't believe that but Rosa tells him that she has left a note.

There is total excitement in the mansion after seeing the note from Gina. CC thinks that Mason was helping her to kidnap the boy. Long discussion on the pros and cons of informing the police. Eden comes and joins them. She informs that they did not find Kelly yet but Cruz remained at the place as he is not the person to give up. The phone is ringing. CC asks Christy to take the phone and make it short. There is nobody here to be talked for now. Christy takes the phone. It is Steve who wants to talk to Sophia. Christy tells him that at the moment she is not reachable. Steve notices her voice and asks if it is she. As she does not reply he says that of course she is it. First the Lockridges and then the Capwells. Christy puts the phone down. She tells the group that it has been the assistant of the public prosecutor and he wanted to talk to Sophia. Sophia thinks it is the best to take at once contact.

CC talks to Eden because of Kelly. She tells him that Cruz and she are optimistic but the woods are so big there and it is really difficult to find somebody. CC tells her that he will order more people at this place.

Kelly is happy to see Nick. Nick happily tells her that he has caught a rabbit. He shows it to her and Kelly is getting at once very fond of the little rabbit and stroking it. Nick tells her that he is going to kill it for the evening so that they have something to eat. Kelly tells him that she is having no hunger anymore and she finds him awful. How can he kill this sweet little rabbit. Nick tries to explain to her that there are endless rabbits and they need something to survive. He sends her up while he is doing his job. He picks up a hammer and asks the rabbit to keep quiet.

Amy and Brick are starting to think its time to go on with their search for Mr. Lee.

Meanwhile Julia enjoys the view from the hotel over the city in Vienna. She gets romantically touched and tells Jack how wonderful she finds the city. He is not interested in the view but seems to have only one intention. Julia feels tired and wants to relax. Lee sits down and tells her that he finds it an interesting situation. They are both in another city and she totally depends now on him. He throws himself on her.

The discussion about Brandon is going on in the mansion. CC says that first of all he is checking up the train and bus station. Sophia finds a unhappy Eden sitting with a hanging head on one bench. Sophia approaches her and finds out that the source of her sadness is Cruz. That she loves him so much and she feels guilty in having left him alone and that she was fighting all the time while together with him. Sophia tells her that she should not worry everything will come alright.

Mason comes and CC accuses him at once for helping Gina to escape. Mason tells him if he is still alright in his head. Sophia comes between and asks CC to stop fighting. Mason says that she is right especially as he might be the only person who will be able to bring her back as Gina is trusting him. On hearing this CC orders him at once to go for searching Gina. Mason tells him that he wants to know what he is getting if he finds her as he is having no money as he knows.

Kelly shouts down from the upper room if he has cleaned up everything after his evil deed. He tells her that she can come. He asks her if she wants to see the rabbit. Kelly says no under no circumstances. Nick pulls her to the end of the table and shows her the rabbit sitting inside of a cage. He tells her that he was not able to kill it. Kelly is jumps in joy and embraces him and kisses him thankfully for keeping the rabbit alive. She calls it Brigit but then tells Nick that she wants to set it free. It should be as free as they are. A man comes all of a sudden inside the house and asks them with a demanding voice what they are doing there.

Mason gives $100 to the taxi driver and gets the name of the hotel where he has placed Gina.

Brick finds out that Jack Lee is in Vienna. Brick thinks that they will fly together to Vienna. Amy asks him to think over their money situation.

Julia tries to get herself free of Jack's hold. She tells him that the way he is approaching her is like the one of a wild bull. He tells her that he has not taken her along here to go on with this game. She tells him that she finds that this sounds as if he is using her as a woman which gets paid. He should leave her room and take his own room. Tomorrow she is flying back. They both get up and Lee says sorry, he really was treating her not well. He asks her to forget and start fresh. He takes her in his arms but again is getting rough. Julia pushes him away and tells him that now he starts in the same way. He always was soft to her how does it come that he is getting so mad. Jack starts shouting against her and talking in a very demanding way. She tells him to talk to her in another tune and get out of her room. Jack says ok if he can invite her for dinner at least. She tells him that she will see. Jack leaves the room and Julia is quite sure that he is not her Jack, the Jack she knows. But who else can he be?

The man is sitting with Nick and Kelly eating dinner together. His name is Woody. He tells them why he has left the city. He loves the freedom of nature. He has not left the city alone but with his wife. She was as beautiful as Kelly but she died in her age. Kelly feels sorry and Woody says he has never become happy again thereafter. He thanks for their meal and wishes them the best as he has to go on. Kelly plays thoughtfully the piano. She tells Nick how sorry she feels for this man and if she has been as sad as he after Joe's death. Nick tells her that she felt very sad and depressed. Kelly tells him that she does not want to go back to the city. She wants to stay here. Nick tells her that they will have to go back. Her family will be in worry about her. Kelly finds it is much too early she has not learned enough.

Gina explains to Brandon that she is not getting a car as she is having no credit card and they don't take cash. She asks him to go and brush his teeth they will see what they can do tomorrow. Mason knocks at the door and Gina is more than surprised to see that he has found her. He tells her that with money one can do everything. He asks her if she is alright in her head. How can she do such a thing if she does not know that she can get into prison for this for at least three years and then she is not seeing her son at all. She should go now back to the institute and he will bring back Brandon. Gina tells him that she wants to have her son and she knows what she is doing. Brandon comes back from teeth brushing asking Mason joyfully if he is coming with them.

Eden opens the door for Steve. He sits down with Sophia and tells her she either has to postpone the trial or to take another lawyer as Jack Lee is out of the country and nobody knows where he is. CC overhears the last words and asks him if they have to decide at once or if it is not possible to decide in a few days. Steve says of course, they can decide at another day his office only wants to get along with this case. CC tells him that at the moment their family is in a catastrophic situation and he will inform him when he knows the answer. Steve goes and Christy who hid herself behind some plants runs behind him. She talks to him outside the mansion. She asks him not to spoil her life just when she starts to get along with it. Steve tells her she should not worry his coming has nothing to do with her and if she wants he will not tell them that he is her brother. She denies that he is her brother and related to her in any way. He tells her that she should know that they all love her and she should realise this and not run away all the time. Christy turns around and goes again into the mansion.

The noise of a helicopter can be heard and Nick is taking up two of their lamps. Kelly storms down form her room and begs Nick not to do it. She is not yet ready to go back already now. She needs more time and so he. Nick stops and the helicopter has gone. She thanks him. He tells her that this has been a great mistake. She tells him that he also did not want to go. Nick confirms. She says that it is their own little world. Nick agrees telling her that whatever happens afterwards nobody can take away their remembrance of their happy time here. Kelly tells him that she tried to feel like Woody in relation to Joe but it is not possible. She is happy and she knows that she likes him. Nick is taking her in his arms and starts kissing her. Kelly tells him in a break that she wants to sleep with him. Nick picks her up and carries her up to the bedroom.

Amy and Brick have phoned to a series of people without success in getting money. Brick all of a sudden tells her that he knows whom he will phone. He dials and Minx is on the other end.

Gina begs Mason to help her. He at least is having a car. Mason tells her that by this he is making himself also punishable. Mason finally gives in and asks her to bring Brandon to the car. She should go ahead he will come at once. While Gina carries Brandon out Mason phones to the mansion. It takes a while till Ted takes. Mason tells him he should bring at once CC to the phone. Gina is already back standing at the door and recognizes at once what Mason is doing. She takes a big item and goes behind Mason to hit him.

Nick places Kelly in her bed and after going on kissing her for a while he stops.

Gina is not meeting her goal with the vessel as Mason turns around in time and stops her hit. He says sorry to her in lying but he only wanted for her the best. Gina asks him to be truthful to her in future as beside him she is having no friend. Mason tells her that she is right and from now on they will only decide together what is the best for her and Brandon but first of all he has to phone quickly to CC so that he calls back his blood dogs. Gina agrees. Mason tells CC that he has found Gina and Brandon and both are well up and hangs up the phone. CC first relieved that Brandon is well is now in worry where they are staying.

Minx is sitting at the phone and talks with Brick. She agrees to come and bring to them the wanted sum for their flight ticket. Also to pass by at Amy's house and fetch her suitcase. She gets disturbed by Augusta who rings a bell next to her making it clear that she would like her to leave. Minx notes down their address and mentions that Augusta is throwing her just out before closing the phone. Augusta tells her that she is not throwing her out but her driver is waiting and by the way she is nervous as she is expecting Lionel and she wants to help him out with a problem. Minx understands at once to which she is referring and smiles wishing her good luck.

Lionel comes and Augusta tries her best to get him relaxed but Lionel is not at all in this mood and when she starts to dance samba with a special sexy dress he leaves her alone.

Kelly wants to know what the matter is. Nick tells her that he only tries his best not to forget that this is not reality. Kelly says she knows what she is doing. Nick tells her that she should know that she has been ill for a long time and she needs time to remember everything. Kelly tells him that one thing she knows of sure and this are her feelings for him. The feelings are so strong and she trusts them. She knows it since their ride on the motorcycle. Nick says that this has been somehow different. Kelly asks him if he thinks that because she has lost her memory her feelings are not sincere. He should believe that she really loves him. Nick says that there are still other persons who love her. Kelly says that these people are loving the other Kelly. This is her world and he is her world. Nick says that this is not reality it is a fiction. Kelly asks him if he is afraid that when they go back she will no more love him. He says there is something true in what she says but he does not want to be unfair against her. He feels as if this all is a dream. Kelly asks him to go on dreaming and starts kissing him.

Gina gives to Mason all her pills and begs him not to send her back to the sanatorium. Mason suggests the public hospital. Gina tells him that she trusts him that he will help her. Mason tells her that the most important thing is that CC is arresting her. He phones to CC and gets his agreement that he will not punish Gina. CC agrees.

Mason, Gina and Brandon are before the door. police sent away. Gina asks him to thank Mason as she would not have come. fight Santana.

Brandon asks Gina why her hand is shivering. She tells him as she is very nervous. They are just on entering the mansion. Mason turns around and asks her if she wants to have a pill. Gina tells him that she would like to have one but she will not take it as she wants to battle her addiction how he can ask her such a question. Mason tells her that he only wanted to test her and he is proud of her that she really wants to fight her addiction.

They enter the mansion but CC has not kept his word and two police officers are standing there. Mason gets upset and tells CC that he has broken his word. CC tells him that he said only in case that Brandon is well. Mason tells him that he sees that Brandon is well. CC sends the officers away. Gina only then lets Brandon go and embrace CC. CC asks him to go to bed now but Brandon starts to cry telling that he wants to be with his mother. Gina embraces him and tells him that he should go. CC introduces Christy to her that she will take care for Brandon in future. When Brandon left CC thanks her for bring back the boy. Gina tells him that he has to thank Mason for this as she would not have come back. She goes on telling him that only because she has come back it does not mean that she again is doing what he wants. She no more is going back to this sanatorium. Mason and she will find another one where she can get cured.

Minx comes to see Brick and Amy. She is bringing them the money and the suitcase. Before handing over the cover she wants to know why they are hiding themselves here and why they are travelling to Vienna. Amy and Brick in short report to her and why they can't go to the police as the person standing behind all is a very influential personality. Minx understands that she can't keep them back but asks Brick to come back as soon as possible. Brick wants to know the reason but she tells him that she better keeps this a secret. She hands them over the money and something in addition in case they are in need of it and goes.

Mason has arranged everything. The city hospital program is one of the best and money is as he knows not playing a role. CC wants to bring her there but she only wants Mason to go with her. She will sign by herself the papers as she is going by herself out of free will.

Kelly tells Nick that the show starts. Nick wonders what show. Kelly appears in a red dancing dress and turns on the piano and starts dancing. She then takes Nick for a dance. Kelly asks him if he ever has been so happy in his life. Nick says yes, now. Kelly tells him that she loves him and Nick says that he also loves her. She wants to know whom he loves the old Kelly or the new Kelly and he says that the loves both of them. Kelly asks him to stay up with her the whole night till the sun is rising.

Amy mentions to Brick that she starts to get hungry. She wants to go and fetch something. Brick wants to go with her but as he is still undressed coming from the shower she runs already away. Brick dresses himself.

Somebody is knocking at the door. Brick hides himself behind the door and when the first man is coming in he knocks him down. The next is getting the door into his face. Brick jumps out of the window and runs away.

Ted tries to create some positive feelings in Christy for her family. Christy searches for her walkman to get rid of his questions. Laken phones and Christy on hearing that they are both still in love to each other slowly goes up the staircase.

Lionel is sitting in a chair and the camera is running while he is creating new TV ads. Frank comes with coffee from Augusta. Lionel makes a break and Frank asks him why he has called for him. Lionel confesses his problem to him and wants to know what he is doing in this case. Frank can't believe that he really wants to know this from him.

Kelly wonders why Nick sometimes is looking so sad. Just they have been so happy and all of a sudden he looks so sad. He tells her about Vietnam. Kelly tells him that the life is not only wonderful but it is also not only ugly. She wants that he is seeing the world also through her eyes. She will help him to overcome his sadness. Nick tells her that he wants this also very much and embraces her leaning his head against her shoulder.

Lionel sits down going on to talk before the camera and to Augusta's great shock who is watching his show he starts talking about his problem to the people sitting at home. The camera man wonders what he is talking about and asks him to go on with the advertisement while Augusta notices that Frank is handing over to Lionel a big cup of alcohol instead of coffee.

Brick pushes Amy away from the door before she could enter their room. The men open the door and storm out but they can again escape.

Gina makes her position clear to CC who has come along with them nevertheless. She tells him that he should never forget that Brandon is her son. Mason is happy with her by showing so much strength. She embraces him and asks him to help her to go through to this.

Sophia and CC are standing in the hall in their night gowns. They are talking about Gina and Brandon. He feels so well in her understanding presence and starts kissing her. All of a sudden he gets aware what he is doing. He says sorry and she finds it better to go back to the guest house but he should not feel sorry nothing has happened. Sophia goes looking full of love over to him while CC is standing there with a happy smile.

Frank brings a totally drunken Lionel home. Augusta tells him that she knows that he has given the alcohol to Lionel. Frank tells her that he only wanted to lift up his mood. Lionel wants only a bag full of ice for his head. The bell rings it is the postmen who brings a telegram with the first advice from a TV viewer for Lionel.

Nick sleeps in Kelly's lap. Kelly tells Nick that the sun is rising. She was awake the whole night. She gets up to see the sunrise. Nick stands on her side but seems to admirer her joy for the sunrise more than the sunrise itself watching her with love.

Brick tells Amy that he is having the tickets and in a good mood he adds that now they are going to Vienna.