Amy and Brick arrive in Vienna after a night long sleep in the plane. They intent first of all to visit Mr. Tintenfass a man recommended by Minx to them and a place where they also can stay. Amy is quite sure that they will find her baby here.

Jack is just on phoning when Julia comes in. He is happy to see her and also about some good news he seems in having got on the phone.

Cruz comes back and wants to talk to CC. CC is not here and only after getting invited for a breakfast by Eden he is ready to give some information also to her. They were searching day and night through the whole area. The search troop is totally exhausted. He has come to get some people from the alpine rescue service.

Eden takes the phone. She gets informed from the hotel that a prominent guest lady is not ready to give her jewelry into the hotel safe. Eden leaves with Cruz to the hotel. She tells him that there has been already a second theft of jewelry meanwhile. The police could really take some more care for the safety of the hotel.

Ted is working with Christy at one table when Steve takes place at a table she is in charge for and gets forced to serve him some water and rolls. Steve starts talking to her. That he has got an interesting job here with many interesting cases. Christy escapes.

Mason comes and on seeing Steve he takes place at his table wondering that he is without girl friend. Steve tells him that he likes it this way. This gives more respect to him. Mason mentions that rather the high rate of his condemnation is giving him this respect. There is a rumour that he has only come from LA to Santa Barbara for the case against his stepmother. Steve says that the charge will be certainly murder asking Mason if he does not want to overtake the case for her as Lee is not in the town or if he also is giving this case no chance. Mason stands up and goes.

Lionel has got endless letters with all kinds of suggestions for his problem. Augusta tells him that the phone is running hot too and people are making fun of them. Lionel says that all is for her and then it is not important for him what people think. He takes his horse and starts to go to the wood in search for herbs and mushrooms.

Jack tells Julia that he is going with her to Lidabruch by train this night. They will accompanied with a lot of important persons whom he is not ready to mention. He wonders why she wants to know all about. She tells him that she needs to know what dresses she has to take along. Jack tells her that they are going to New Stailand from there which is an island. He then wants to sleep with Julia but Julia tells him that she is very hungry and in such a condition more then inedible. Why not going along like in old times and save it for later it will make the more joy to them. Jack finds that he also is hungry. Julia mentions that Minx has told her some very good restaurants. Jack is shocked to hear that Minx knows about her stay. Julia calms him down and tells that she did not tell it to her but only was asking a general question in case she will go one day to Vienna. Jack asks her to get ready he is only making a phone.

Jack gives on phone the order to kill the real Jack Lee. He also should know that even his old friend Julia has fallen into love to him and he has overtaken all his important positions.

In New Stailand, Lee is starting to get killed by torturing him. He mentions to the men in charge of this business that he did not tell to them the whole truth about Julia and so she will find out and blow up their whole fraud. He will not tell it to them as it is his life security.

Eden and Cruz are having a nice talk with the VIP lady and persuade her to give in custody the jewelry. She agrees by simply giving it into the hand of Cruz and rushes away for her date. They have no chance any more to tell her that this is not the way to do it. Eden all of a sudden hears the faucet dropping. She calls for Cruz. Cruz is putting down the box and tries to stop the faucet from dripping without much success. He finds this is not his job. Meanwhile a thief is entering the room and taking out of the box a valuable necklace. He then locks the room. Eden and Cruz want to go but notice that the door is locked. Cruz says that this is no problem and pulls down the handle which falls off and he is holding the whole handle in his hand. Eden shouts but nobody hears.

Real Lee tells that there are still things he did not tell about Julia and she will find out therefore the truth. He will not tell what as he anyway is getting killed and this is his life security.

Lionel comes back successfully with his horse and starts to prepare the drink.

Brick and Amy are phoning around till they find out the hotel where Jack Lee is staying. Tintenfass comes and Brick and Amy all of a sudden see Julia and Jack Lee coming into the restaurant where Tintenfass is the leading waiter. Amy shows Lee to Tintenfass and tells him that this is the man who has stolen her baby. Tintenfass tells them that first of all he will hide them in the garden and then he will bring them some food and something to drink and he, pointing to Lee, will pay for it.

The VIP lady is meeting her old friend and start dancing and enjoying the time together.

Brick and Amy are happy sitting at a table in a wonderful garden but hungry. Tintenfass brings to them a wonderful wine. Mr. Lee did not like it he found it was wrongly stored. He confesses to Brick that he put some salt into Lee's glass. Lee gets another wine.

Lionel finished the preparation of his drink and searches for an olive for a better taste. Meanwhile a thirsty Augusta comes and drinks it proceeding to the shopping centre. Lionel is shocked to find his glass empty and wonders who it could have drunken. He starts again with his horse in search for the ingredients of his drink.

The main waiter calls for Christy to serve some food to Steve. Christy does not want to go and when the waiter insists she is taking off her apron. Ted tries to calm her down but Steve comes and tells him that he has to talk to his sister. He tells her that she should believe that they all love her and they are one family. She should not run away all the time. He suggest to rent together a beach house. She can take care for the household and they would live nicely together as brother and sister.

Eden and Cruz are waiting already for two hours but their lady is no more coming back. Eden asks Cruz something to do with the faucet. Cruz turns it around and it gets loosen and stream of water pours out like a spring and makes Eden totally wet. Cruz laughs and tries to stop it with a towel. He asks Eden to undress in not getting a cold which she tells him she will certainly not do before him.

Julia and Jack get served a wrong meal. Jack is upset and tells Julia that he will then possible charge him for two wine and 4 meals. Julia wonders why he is so upset as he is having anyway enough money and this will not kill him. Amy and Brick are more than happy in receiving this wonderful meal and eat from each plate. Brick asks Tintenfass if he can't arrange it that they are talking to Julia the lady sitting with Lee without getting noticed by Lee.

Jack has to phone and Tintenfass brings Julia to Amy and Brick. She gets to know all about Renfro and that Lee is standing behind all. Julia confesses that she is quite sure that he is not the real Jack Lee. She informs them that the baby is not in Vienna but might be there where she is going now with Lee. She tells them about the trip with the train to Lidabruch and the travel to an island she has forgotten. She gets the phone number from Tintenfass and makes an appointment for meeting each other in this garden for further discussion of the coming trip.

Maggie, Warren and Mason are waiting for the witness which Warren searched out. He comes and tells all what he knows what turns out as not such a good help they are in need for. He tells them that beside Ben there is only another witness but he has changed his name. He can be found easily because of the black glove he has always to wear at the side of his burned hand.

Lionel is back with his horse when Augusta with a great longing is approaching him. He finds out that she was the person who has drunken his mixture and thinks that at least it works. He starts over in preparing and drinking it. The drink seems to have another effect with him than with Augusta. He all of a sudden feels very tired and falls asleep.

Cruz is shaving his face while Eden sits in the tub. Eden wants him to throw a towel to him but he tells her that he has used them all up in drying the floor. She finds that he is always has been so egotistical in their relationship. Cruz reminds her that they are no more together. She asks him why he still wears the ring.

Jack tries his best to put Julia into a good mood by telling her all kind of lovely compliments. Julia tells him to keep them for their travel with the train. She ask him why they have to reach the destination by night if they can't take a plane. Jack tells her because there is no airport on the island. She wonders what so many important persons are having to do on such an island. More for himself Jack replies that because now the fulfilment of all their work is coming. The plan is developed already over ten years.

Brick and Amy go on enjoying the garden and the music. Tintenfass comes and plays with his violin while they dance.

Cruz takes the ring from his finger and throws it to Eden over the separating little wall. His face is still full of shaving foam. He waits for Eden's reaction. Eden takes the ring looks at it and starts crying.

Kelly finds a trunk. She talks to Brigit the rabbit which is still in its cage telling it how excited she is in having found this trunk and there is certainly a treasure in it. Nick is coming down the stairs having enjoyed a bath and Kelly can't wait to show her discovery to him. Nick opens it for her with a hammer. There are wonderful old dresses in it. Kelly takes out a white dress and Nick tells her that this looks like a marriage dress.

Christy sits very nicely dressed at a table in the State Street bar when she notices that Steve is standing at the door of the restaurant looking at her. She gets up and puts some coins into an automat. When she thinks he has gone she tries to leave through the other door and bumps into Steve who was hiding himself there. He tells her that she can't run away from him he always will be there.

Julia leads Brick and Amy to her room. Julia tells them that she is quite sure that this is not the real Jack Lee. The question for her remains what happens then with the real Jack Lee. She will try to find out where they are going and by which train. Amy tells her that she does not mind who he is but she only wants her baby. All of a sudden Jack is knocking at the door and calling for Julia with a strong voice.

Steve tells Christy he only wants to make sure if she has kept their little secret for herself. He is having a job as an official and he can't afford that such things get public. She tells him that she is not a child. He says yes she is much more mature and he loves her more than before. If she only would know how much he loves her then she would react in another way to him and she should let her fingers from the young boys hinting to Ted. Christy escapes and on seeing Ted she asks him to go to another restaurant. Steve sits down next to Santana at the bar and tries to overplay his unsuccessful approach. He says hello to her and is at once put down by Santana's way of reply. Santana gets up and Steve goes behind her.

Sophia and CC are just on coming in. Santana talks to CC because of her situation in relation to Brandon but CC is not listening to her. Neither to her advances against Gina nor to her request to get some access to Brandon. Meanwhile Steve is informing Sophia that she is having only 24 hours time to name another lawyer as a replacement of Jack Lee otherwise they are giving one from their side. Sophia asks him why he is so much in a hurry. He tells her that their constitution is granting a quick and fair legal proceeding. She tells him not to worry she is having a substitution for Lee more quickly than he expects.

Ted is wondering why Christy all of a sudden wants to go when she herself decided to eat here. Christy asks him to bring her home.

Sophia tells CC that she would like to take Mason as her lawyer till Lee is coming. CC is against this idea as he is leading a proceeding against him but Sophia finds that Mason is a part of their family. CC just wants to tell another objection when Mason comes in. He makes a nice complement to Sophia about her good outlook and tells CC while putting down his sign that for every law advice he is asking for money. CC turns his eyes up in disapproval of his behaviour.

Julia hides quickly Amy and Brick in her bathroom and opens the door. Jack asks her if she would like to go and see the city to get in the right mood. She tells him why they not doing it at once. Jack agrees with joy but she tells him that she would like to go with him to his room as he is having a better view outside which will add to her mood. Jack takes her to his room.

Kelly helps Nick to put on the dress coat. Kelly loves to see him in it. He fears it will tear every moment into pieces because of its age. Kelly tells him that it anyway only has to hold till the marriage. Afterwards they do not need dresses at all as far as she knows. Nick looks alarmed. Kelly goes to dress herself with the marriage dress.

Mason wants to know what they were talking about him. Sophia asks CC if she can ask him and CC agrees. She asks him if he is willing to overtake her case till Jack Lee is back. Mason tells CC that he feels very honoured that he is helping him to make career but if he knows that there will be a conflict of interests as another client of him is charging him? CC says that he knows this and Mason tells him that he has to think over and will let him know how he has decided.

Kelly is very happy about her dress. Nick finds her also very beautiful. Kelly finds that he looks like a prince from a fairy tale. Kelly wants to marry Nick but she does not know how one is doing it. Nick gives a joke speech imitating a priest including the rabbit as a witness. Kelly is getting at once serious and tells him that the groom and the bride are he and she. Nick at once stops and tells her that he only goes on if it is clear for her that it is only a game. She tells him that she knows and now he should go on showing her how a marriage is done. He goes on playing with her the marriage agreement. Kelly does not want to miss the kiss which follows. She turns on the piano and starts dancing with him while he again and again reminds her that it is only game.

Brick and Amy are sitting in Julia's room and thinking over their whole situation trying to get the puzzle together. Why did Renfro and Lee put total control over her and for what did they kidnap the baby? They don't come to an end. Brick thinks that Julia will find it out. Amy feels sorry for Julia but Brick thinks that she can take care for herself very well.

Julia and Jack are standing on the balcony. Jack is getting again very passionate. Julia tells him that first of all he has to prove that he still loves her. He tells her that he will prove it to her in such a way that she never will forget it. She no more will escape him. Julia asks him why he thinks that she wants to run away from him.

CC tells Sophia that it was a mistake to take Mason as a lawyer. Sophia shows up some strength and counters his point. He does not want to fight with her and accepts her wish. He tells her that he is having headache in the last time very often. Maybe it is because of the pangs of conscience he is having in acting so hard against Gina. He wanted to have her out of the house. And then Kelly, their baby. Both get into a soft mood and they start embracing each other. Rosa comes in and says sorry for disturbing them but Mason has come.

CC asks Mason how he has decided. Mason tells him that he first would like to see the file and have a drink together. CC is making him the drink and leaves. The doorbell rings. Mason opens. It is Mary introducing herself as Christy DuVall's sister. Mason seems to be at once attracted to her.

Christy is sitting in a very sexy dress at the bar. The barkeeper warns her that she will get difficulties in this kind of outlook. She tells him that she knows what she is doing. A man is addressing her and she enters his approach asking him where they are going. He tells her to him and she asks him to pay her the drink. He pays and goes out with her.

Julia was making Jack drunken and then she asks him where they are going. He tells her that they are going to a little island. There is actually nothing but a big source of not yet explored mineral oil. Julia tells him that she is impressed but what they are going to do there? Jack tells her that they are going to a coronation and she and he will be guests of honour. Then forgetting himself he adds that nobody was thinking that he will manage this. But he has reached this goal. It was the biggest clue in his life. Julia wants to know how they will reach the island. He tells her that they are going with the train as he already told her with a sleeping coach. He starts kissing her in a way she makes her shout. She tells him that he knows that she does not like this. Jack says sorry he has forgotten. She asks him to take a shower and sleep and then tomorrow they will have it so much nicer in the train. Jack goes to the bathroom and Julia is now absolutely sure that it is not Jack Lee.

The man is coming on to Christy outside the bar when Steve appears and saves her by knocking him down. He tells her that she must know that he is always here for her and nobody else should own her. He tells her that he will bring her home with his car.

Kelly comes back from a walk. She has set free Brigit the rabbit. Nick finds it great that she has done this. Kelly tells him that she would like to set him also free as something is also holding him like in a cage but she can't help him.

Steve asks Christy while driving if she is alright. He will be always there to protect her. He tells her how much he loves her. He would never hurt her. He tries to kiss her but she avoids it asking him to bring her home.

Julia goes back to her room and passes on her information to Brick and Amy. Brick asks Julia if she can't arrange it for them to get into the train. Julia agrees to try her best to make this possible.

Kelly is leaning against Nick on the sofa and sleeps. Nick is softly declaring his love to her. That he was loving her since he has seen her. She is right he really is like in a prison as he is able to tell her all this only while she is sleeping. Kelly is having meanwhile a wonderful dream where they marry. Kelly wakes up and tells him that she was having a wonderful dream. Nick says softly he knows.

Mason tries to offer Mary all kind of drinks which she is not accepting. Mason finally asks if she wants to have some mineral water which she accepts. Mason is telling her all kind of compliments about her charm, about her wonderful face, her good figure. She tells him that he might be surprised but there are people who feel uncomfortable in getting such compliments. Mason tells her she only has to say one word and he will be her servant. She tells him that there will be certainly some occasions where he can serve the society. Mason tells her that he was doing this once when being the assistant of the public prosecutor but he was thrown out of his job. She tells him that the job she is doing is safe for getting noticed. Mason is getting very curious about her job. They get interrupted as Christy is coming in. Mary tells Christy that she has something to do in Santa Barbara and will find it great if they can eat together. Christy tells her that she finds this great they can eat the next day as for now she has to take care for Brandon. Mary adds that she also invited Steve. Mason asks Mary in which hotel she is staying. On mentioning a cheap motel he tells her that this is not a good place to stay as it is used only by prostitutes. He will arrange at once for her a room in the Capwell hotel. Mary objects but he tells her that she can take it as already done.

Mason meets CC in the office and tells him that he is overtaking the case but he wants to make it clear that he is doing this only for Sophia. Mason goes and CC sits down holding his head in pain.

Kelly wakes up alone on the sofa and starts searching for Nick. She goes along the sunny street and wonders where he can be. Nick slowly comes from the backside with a bunch of flowers and takes her into his arms dancing along the street with her and kissing her softly between till they reach the house and enter it together in full happiness.

Brick asks Amy to remain in the hotel room for having a good rest while he is going with Julia to check up the situation at the station. Amy asks if it is not possible that Jack will return early but Julia tells her that he is busy at least for the next hour. Amy thinks that the best would be now a shower. She starts undressing herself.

Maggie is phoning in Warren's office one number after another getting through whole Santa Barbara in order to find the witness. Warren reads an anonymous letter he has gotten. Somebody claims in having donated anonymously for the room no. 400 of the Capwell hotel a sum of $80.000 to this organisation signing with Robin Hood.

Cruz and Eden's dresses got dry and both are again dressed up. Cruz looks fresh and nicely shaved. Yet no changes in their fighting moods. Eden makes a joke about that inspector Cruz Castillo is looked up in a bathroom. Cruz finds she should stop as he anyway is more than stressed.

Amy is already undressed when Jack Lee knocks at the door calling for Julia. He knows that she is inside. Amy quickly locks herself in the bathroom and turns on the shower. Jack breaks into the room and then starts asking Julia to let him into the bathroom. He starts undressing himself and telling her that he will break the door if she does not let him in. Poor Amy sees no other way than to fix the towel around herself and to balance to Jack Lee's room over the sill conecting the two windows of the bathrooms.

Maggie tries still to reach Morgan Malone the witness. At one of her last five phone numbers she gets a strange reply. She tells the lady on the phone that she is a friend of Morgan and the lady on the phone tells her that she is not and breaks their connection. Warren meanwhile phones to a charity organisation asking if they have received a big donation in the last days. They don't know about and he gives them his number to phone back in case they have received some. Maggie tells Warren about the strange phone call. They search out the street where the lady is living and go to drive there.

Cruz wonders why he is always coming in such situations only when he is together with her. Their disputes starts again over till Eden puts the bench in the middle of the bathroom asking him to remain on the other side. Cruz shouts to her over the little seperation wall that she is acting like a little child. He stumbles and falls with the whole wall to her feet. He sits down desperate at the bench which she puts again aginst the wall. Eden sits down next to him in silence.

Jack takes out his credit card and tries his luck in getting into the bathroom with this card.

Warren and Maggie ring the bell and a woman is opening asking them fearful what they want. On hearing that Maggie is the wife of Ben she gets more friendly but her husband is shouting for his beer. She asks them to meet her at five o'clock in a restaurant nearby. They agree.

Amy on hearing Julia and Brick coming back guides them into Jack's room and tells quickly what happened. Julia climbs to the bathroom and undresses quickly herself. Jack wants to break in now with full force. She puts a towel around her and opens the door while Jack with the whole force falls into the bathroom and nearly out of the window.

Jack asks her why she did not reply. Julia tells him that she was answering but he did not hear it seems as the shower was on. She tells him that the bathroom is a holy place for her and even he would be the president of America she would not like to have him in. She gives him a kiss and pushes him out again.

Brick tells Amy about the sitution at the train. It is totally secured with security officers. No chance to get in. They are loading and loading endless things into it as if they are going to have a festival. Amy tells him that Jack shouted through the door of the bathroom that on the first evening they are having a fancy dress ball. Brick considers it a good chance to mix under the people. He shows himself for the first time pessimistic concerning their situation at the station and hopes that Julia finds a way out. Somebody knocks at the door. It is the service bringing the ordered food for the evening party which Jack has organised for his VIP friends. Brick signs for Lee and both are starting to eat as they are very hungry.

Warren and Maggie meet the woman in the restaurant. He has been her husband but after the accident he changed a lot his nature. He got a persecution mania and stopped working. He got from somewhere money but she never got to see the check. She moved out for two days hoping that he will think over his behaviour in sitting at home the whole day and not working but when she returned he has packed his whole things and left the city. Later she heard that he has changed his name but she does not know to what name. After their divorce he wrote to her from different locations telling her that she should not feel guilty and all is alright as it is. She is now married again and does not want them to disturb her again as she has told to them now everything. She gets up and leaves.

Nell Carter the VIP-lady has finished her longest lunch since years with her old friend. He suggests to her to prolong their stay together and go to the beach. She agrees and only wants to go to her room to change her shoes. When she enters the room Eden starts shouting and knocking at the door asking her to open. Miss Carter wonders what they are doing there and thinks at once that something must be not alright. She looks into her box and finds that her diamond necklace was no more in it. Cruz tells her that he is sorry to tell her that it seems that while they were on looking at the dripping faucet somebody has entered the room locked them up and stolen her necklace. Nell Carter starts laughing. Eden and Cruz join in. She tells them that this is a good joke. Eden carefully tells her that this is not a joke on which she breaks down with a shout and starts crying for her best friend the diamond necklace. She never will go for a lunch. This has been the most expensive lunch she ever was having.

Warren tells Maggie that if they can prove that he was paid for leaving the city then they are having something in their hands. Maggie is with her thoughts with Ben. She all of a sudden gets up and reacts very unkind towards Warren telling him that he always tries to hinder her to see Ben and she wants now to go and see him without him. Warren says ok he will meet her then in the office.

Brick thinks it is time to see if Julia was getting rid of Jack. He climbs outside into the bathroom. Jack is sleeping in Julia's bed. Brick tells her that first of all he needs Amy's dresses. Jack wakes up and Julia starts telling him very kind things while Brick hides himself on the floor. She asks Jack to dress himself in the bathroom where his suits are. Jack goes to the bathroom and Brick gathers Amy's things. All of a sudden Jack is coming in again searching for his watch. Julia embraces him while Brick hides himself under the blanket at the end of the bed. Jack sits down with Julia on the bed and starts kissing her passionately making Brick feeling very uncomfortable. Julia manages to get Jack back into the bathroom and Brick runs over to Amy. Julia meanwhile pretends to sleep on her bed.

Warren is back in his office. The charitable organisation is phoning and telling him that he was right they really got a big donation over $80.000 from a room no. 400. Warren phones to the Capwell hotel asking the name of the person living in room number 400 and gets told that it is Miss Nell Carter. Somebody has just stolen something from her and Cruz Castillo is working on this case. Warren jumps up and storms to the Capwell hotel.

Eden tries to pacify the lady who cries and cries over her loss. Cruz is on her other side while her friend is standing quiet in the background. Warren storms in and shows Cruz the anonymous letter he got with the confirmation of the charitable institution. Cruz asks the lady the value of the necklace and she says it was $100.000. Cruz calculates minus $20.000 for the dealer and it comes to the $80.000. Nell Carter gets up and Eden tells her that they will try their best to find her necklace and how sorry they feel. She tells her that she knows it is not their fault and she should have put it into the hotel safe and leaves with her friend.

Cruz goes out with the police and Sophia comes to see Eden. Eden tells her about her problem with her love to Cruz. That she has to think all the time on him. Sophia advices her not to fight against her feelings and that she does not think that she will be ever happy without this man. She should not try to manipulate him. He is a decent person and his whole strength and integrity he is getting from this source. She should respect this. Eden tells her that she actually hoped that she would tell her how she could live without him.

Julia is leading Jack out announcing him by talking loud. Amy and Brick understand at once and climb back over the sims. Lee comes into his room and is happy in seeing the food but wonders why something is missing from the plates.

Brick tells Amy that Julia has got a plan. Julia wants to explain when somebody knocks. She says "not again" and opens while the both hide in the bathroom. Some service men bring in two big trunks. Brick and Amy come back from the bathroom and Julia tells them that these two trunks are their train ticket. Brick can't believe that she really wants to put them into these trunks but Julia tells him that they will get enough air and this is a sure method to get on the train unnoticed. All of a sudden Amy starts to sneeze. Brick hopes that she is not getting ill just now.

Maggie is happy to see Warren back in the office. She was visiting Ben and had afterwards a walk thinking about them. She feels sorry in talking to him in such an unkind way. She embraces him and tells him that it got so much clear to her how much she is in need of him and if he can't bring her home. Warren gladly agrees.

Eden and Cruz are talking in a softer mood about the theft. Cruz thinks that somebody was doing a kind of joke otherwise who will risk to climb up the wall and steal just to give it for charity. He gives Eden the letter he got from Warren. Eden agrees that somebody might play a bad game.

Kelly is standing in the room happy dreaming from Nick how he was kissing and walking with her on the street. Nick brings her back to reality. He tells her that her basket is repaired. She tells him that she is having a surprise for him and runs out with the basket. He calls behind her not to go too far away which she promises. Nick starts to clean up the room.

Jack talks with Parker from his hotel room. He tells him that he can only reach him from now on via the radio set in the train. He demands that Nick Hartley and Kelly Perkins have to be killed and this has to be certain.

The nurse finds that Lionel's health is very well. The doctor confirms it. He tells him that he was having also this problem. The best in such a situation is to wait till his longing is getting again stronger and then it will work automatically or do it in his fantasy. He also suggest a psychologist.

Julia puts Amy and Brick into their trunk. It knocks and she quickly locks the trunk up. Jack is coming in with a bodyguard. She wants to know for what he is protecting him. Jack tells her because there is much money involved. Jack wants to know what kind of trunks she is having here. Julia tells him that she has bought some sculptures for Augusta. She asks the bodyguard to bring them into the car and he should be carefully because the sculptures should not break.

Christy is meeting Mary in the restaurant. They talk about their mother. She tells that their mother is very proud for Steve's new job. Steve all of a sudden stands behind Christy and closes with his hands her eyes. Christy smiles tormented and Steve sits down.

Lionel tries it with his fantasy. Here it seems to work very well. Unfortunately he is just on driving and all of a sudden the car stops bringing him back to reality.

Kelly comes back and turns on the piano. Then she wants to dance with Nick which he is doing. She asks him if he did not want to have something different to eat. Nick says yes he can't see this daily dry corn anymore. She tells him that today there will be something different. All of a sudden she breaks down. He thinks that she must be hungry as she did not eat yet but she tells him that she rather has eaten too much of the berries. Nick looks into the basket and sees that the berries she got are poisonous. Kelly feels terrible and he quickly covers her with a blanket.

Steve says if his mother is happy to tell it around he does not mind it but he finds nothing great in it. Christy tells that she is also having a new job. She is baby sitting. It's actually the same what she was doing already with the only difference that it is now a child and not her mother. Mary asks her not to talk in this way about their mother. She was very happy as a child. Christy tells her that she also was happy but she should not have married again as then her problem started. Steve feels attacked and starts a fight with her which Mary puts down asking them not to talk in this harsh way. Nobody knows why the mother got ill.

Ivan the body guard places the two trunks into the sleeping coach of Julia. She excuses herself that she wanted to have a coach alone but in the night she can't sleep so well if she is not alone. Amy is sneezing. Jack hears it and searches around. Julia tells him that she has nothing heard and he looks nice if he is so jealous. Jack gets softened and thinks it might have come from outside. Ivan knocks and points to Jack to come.

Jack is with his people. He is phoning and giving instruction not to kill the real Jack as his old girl friend is coming again and again with something new and it might become dangerous if she is getting suspect. He also wants to be totally sure that Kelly and Nick are dead and not only 99 per cent. Only then he will sleep again peacefully.

Kelly asks Nick if she has to die. Nick is just on preparing an antidote. He says no she should not worry. She only wants to sleep but Nick asks her to remain awake. He gives her the juice to drink. She finds it terribly bitter but finally drinks it. He tells her that she will probably feel very bad at the beginning but afterwards she will feel much better.

After some more fantastic adventure Lionel comes home and embraces and kisses Augusta passionately but Augusta is full of her beauty mask and Lionel gets it smeared all over his face.

Brick and Amy are already in their costumes. Julia is feeling very uncomfortable and wonders what they three can do with an Ivan for the door and a man from whom she does not know who he is. Brick asks her what she intents to do. She thinks to get off the train at the next station and then to inform the police. Brick tells her that she certainly can get out of it. She anyway is having not much to do with this matter but they will stay. Julia tells him that she is having very much to do with it because she need to know what happened to the real Jack Lee and who this man is. Lee knocks and they put quickly on their masks. Jack is surprised to see guests with Julia. She wants to introduce them but Brick at once introduces himself as Pit Petersoon. He tells him that he might no more remember them as it is a long time since they are members of the cartel but they met last year at a party. Jack replies that now he can remember them and he is happy that they are feeling well. Today the whole court of New Stailand is here at his party. They all have come for the crowning of the new king.

Mary suggest to take a flat together in Santa Barbara and so when she comes she is having her own room. Christy does not like this idea and wants to stay with the Capwells. Mary goes but Steve wants Christy to stay. She is polite but can't hide her disgust. He again tells her how much he likes her and so on.

Nick talks and talks to Kelly in order to keep her awake. Kelly is in a dreaming state and all of a sudden she is calling for Joe. Nick wonders if she really starts to remember Joe. He feels now pity that he let her go alone and did not take care for her as he has promised.

Brick and Amy go through the people and start listening around what the people are talking. They hear that they go to New Stailand. Amy finds that they are listening at the wrong people. They go closer to the place where Jack is talking to an elderly couple. Jack tells to the man that the 200 million dollar for the drilling are granted. The lady is impressed not so the man. Jack at once adds that this is only the start of course. Every year thereafter will be followed by the same sum. The lady finds it fantastic. The man adds that he never thought that their investments will be rewarded so well. Jack adds that everybody of the cartel is having the chance to become a billionaire as soon as the new king is crowned. Brick can't believe what they just heard and mentions it to Amy.

Augusta has arranged a wonderful dinner with much vitamins and Ginseng a root which should help to overcome his problem. Lionel tells her that in his fantasy it works wonderful but not in reality. Augusta asks him what she should do then getting the idea to play his fantasy.

Steve drives Christy and stops. She wants to know why. He wants to talk to her and asks her if she does not want to help her brother to get an apartment. She tells him that he is not her brother. He goes on asking her if she has forgotten what happened between them. She tells him that she is having a friend now. He wants to know who. She says that it is Ted. He can't believe it and tells her that this is not a man for her. She gets all of a sudden out of the car and he tells himself that he can't accept another man.

Augusta plays Lionel's fantasy in reality. Sitting before the open fire she tells to him all the wonderful things he was also thinking in his fantasy. Lionel all of sudden tells her that something is missing. She should tell him that she loves him. She asks him in game or in fantasy. He tells her he needs to hear it from her in reality. She tells him that she does not know if she is already able to do so. He tells her that this is important for him. To know that she really loves him and that they are making a new start.

Amy wonders what they meant with the prince. Brick explains that they were in need of a baby in order to get it crowned because of the rights for the oil rigs. When all who are assembled here are managing to get the rights for the oil rigs then they double their gain. Amy can't believe that these people are looking so normal and in reality they are monsters. Why her baby? Jack addresses them. Julia is behind him and quickly tells him that Ivan wants to talk to him. Jack turns around and Brick mixes himself with Amy quickly under the people. Amy wonders what they will do if they find out that they are not belonging to the party. Brick asks her to listen what the people are telling. Amy overhears that somebody asks why they will be able to earn only for sixteen years. The man replies that by then the king is grown up and then he will rule by himself. Amy adresses the couple. Brick tries to hinder but it is too late. She asks them if they have seen already the baby as she loves babies. They tell her that they have seen it two weeks ago together with her mother princess Celeste. Brick wants to get her away but Amy says that she wants to know all about the mother and the baby.

Kelly dreams and calls for Joe. Nick tells to her that she knows that she wants to stay but if she is not better by tomorrow he has to bring her to a doctor. Kelly sees herself running in search for Joe. She sees a man showing his back in the distance. He turns slowly around. It is Nick. She says you? But then is also happy in seeing Nick. She opens the eyes and sees Nick and calls his name. Nick takes her in his arms and presses her head softly against his chest.

Cruz is cleaning up his room. He finds earrings from Eden and gets reminded on the situation when she was wearing it. He asked her to take it off before going to swim as otherwise the fishes will get too excited and they had a hearty laugh together. He finds another item belonging to her and goes on dreaming. He is already on phoning to her but then stops not knowing what to tell her.

Eden in the mansion is on phoning to Cruz but also stops. Mason notices her hesitation and says that nobody can escape his fate mentioning that's from Oscar Wilde. Ted storms in with the news that again some jewelry have been stolen in the Capwell hotel. Eden phones to Cruz and gets told from him that he is having his free day and she should phone to the police knowing that she will appear at his place in no time.

Amy asks who the alleged mother of the baby is. The lady tells her that the child is becoming a king and there is no doubt about his noble origin. Amy wants to go on but Brick drives her away. He tells her that he has urgently to bring her away otherwise she is going to spoil the whole matter in her excitement.

The king of New Stailand is looking into the cradle to the baby telling it that soon he will be dead and then the whole kingdom is resting on its little shoulder and he will save it.

Mason talks with Steve on the phone. Sophia senses that it is concerning her. Mason tells her that Steve the assistant of the prosecutor is coming for a talk. Mason suggests to her to say nothing while letting only him to talk. Sophia can't understand why. Mason explains that this man is like a blood-curdling dog. Since the few months he is working in this job there was no case he has not won. Sophia thinks that this says that he is very ambitious but it does not necessarily mean that he is not just. Mason says that he hates the rich people and has made it his special task to fight against the rich ones. Ted can't understand why. Mason tells him this he also does not know. Maybe he has come from an antisocial family and had hard to work to get into this position. Now he will come and try to put Sophia under pressure.

Eden passes by and tells them that she will go to the city. She opens the door and Christy is coming in. Ted wonders where she has been so long and Mason asks Ted if she is not Steve's sister. Ted says that she is only the half sister but Mason does not find it a good idea to keep her in the house as she might pass on information to Steve which can damage them as this man works with all means.

Lionel asks Augusta why she can't tell him the three words. She tells him that when she is with him together she is having the feeling that she is only a replacement. A fight starts and it turns out that she has not forgiven him at all but her jealousy is still very strong.

Brick and Amy are not allowed to pass Ivan for going to Julia's room. Julia comes for help but Jack drives Amy away in order to find out more about the Petersons. Julia and Brick are behind them and meet Jack with Amy on his arm as if accidentally again. Julia drives Jack away for a dance while Brick manages to bring Amy to Julia's room.

Real Jack Lee is working hard to get out of the wall one of the big stones. He manages to get it out and sees the sun and his location when he hears somebody come. He quickly puts it in again. His tormentor is coming announcing the minister of New Stailand. The minister tells Lee that last time when he has seen him he looked much better. Jack says if he knows what he gets to eat he will understand why. The minister pretends to feel sorry but his absolute incorruptible nature has placed him into this situation. Jack says that if he would ask him now he would act in the same way. Their plan will not function. The minister tells him that it has functioned. In three days the new king is crowned as they have managed to get an heir.

Eden visits Cruz and demands Cruz to overtake the case. He tells her that he is having also his private life and he needs this and also she should understand this. Eden sees the earrings and her underwear. She also has to think on the fun they had together when going to swim. Eden gets softer takes her things and tells Cruz that she wishes him a nice day and he should not mind her disturbance it certainly will do without him.

Augusta starts again to fight over Sophia and confesses to Lionel how much she hates her. Lionel finds this a waste of energy. He tells her again and again that his love to Sophia has ended fifteen years ago. She means nothing to him and he only loves and want her the mother of his children.

Steve Bassett comes and Ted also wants to hear what he is going to say. Steve at once shows much hostility against Ted and says that he actually wanted to talk alone with Mason. Sophia says that it is her case and she finds it right that she and her son are also from the party. Bassett says alright and they sit around a table. He at once started to show the strong man. First of all he wants to have from all the family members and the Lockridges statutory declarations. Ted tells him that he can't expect that he will say something against his mother. They all know that it was an accident. Steve threatens him saying that he will see what else he can do.

Christy is standing behind the pillar and remembers how Steve has molested her sexually the first time. She starts crying. Ted hears her and goes for calming her down. Steve gets up and greets her. Mason makes a remark if she is crying because of this unexpected meeting with her brother. He would also cry if this would be his brother. Christy says it is alright again and they go back to the table.

Julia, Amy and Brick discuss the matter in Julia's room. Julia informs that Ivan is keeping an eye for one special room she has noticed. Maybe there are important files which reveals what is going on here. Julia will try to play her charm and find out something. Amy thanks her for doing so much for her baby. She asks them to wait till she comes back. She will go and search for Jack. On being alone Brick finds that the matter is getting slowly hot. Amy starts to worry and Brick finds she should better kiss her fool. (He is dressed in a fool's fancy dress.)

Jack is asking the people if they know a couple with the name Peterson. Nobody seems to know them. Jack gives order to his men to make sure that a couple with the name Peterson is remaining on the train. Something is not alright. They have to find out what.

Steve says that for the prosecutor it is a clear murder but he is more realistic and he suggested to him to make a deal. Sophia should confess finally that she has murdered her son and then nothing will happen to her. No papers will bring all their family affairs. Sophia senses at once that something must be wrong in this deal. How can a person after having confessed murder go free. Ted is getting upset. He tells him that they don't accept his bad bargain as it was an accident and not a murder. And they will fight and win. Steve gets up saying that in this case they should know what he would like to do. He will win the case and the whole papers over the whole country will write about and he is getting famous and building up his career with her case while she destroys the name of the whole family. Ted tells him that this is enough he should go now. Mason says that Ted is right he also finds that he should go. Steve tells them that he will go as they have to think over but they better accept what he has offered otherwise they will feel pity for their whole life.

Augusta takes the phone. Ted wants to talk to Laken. She tells him that Christy DuVall is a thief. He should know this since she is living with them now and Laken is not here. Christy stands in the background and senses what he got told by Augusta. She tells him that Augusta was not telling everything. Ted tells Christy that he knows that she has brought back the things and it is a closed matter. He is happy that she is staying with them. Christy on being alone notices that she is in love to Ted and imagines a wonderful situation with him where he confesses also his love to her.

Augusta finds it right that she has informed Ted while Lionel wonders how she can tell such a thing when she has brought back everything. Augusta answers the door bell. It is Steve asking them if he can count for their support in the coming case against Sophia Capwell. Augusta says of course. It will be a joy to help, this lady is a treacherous killer. Lionel says that this is laughable. It was an accident. Steve asks him if he will tell this also at the court. Lionel says that he will certainly tell it also at the court as it is the truth. Steve tells Augusta that Sophia also tries to put the murder on her husband. Augusta says of course. Lionel asks Steve if he has something more to say otherwise he should better go. Augusta is upset on being alone again. She tells him that first he tells her that he no more loves Sophia and then he fights for her as if it goes for his own life. A heavy fight starts till Lionel tells that he is giving up. He wants to go but Augusta stops him. Lionel gets hold of her shoulders and starts telling her all what he thinks. That she only wants him here to fight and even he would never have looked at a woman her jealous nature will not stop her from fighting against him.

Cruz is discussing with the police officer everything concerning the theft telling him that he should keep him informed around 24 hours. The officer goes and Eden knocks. Cruz asks her if she is still searching for the jewelry. She tells him that she got told that he is working on the case and wants to know if he knows something about. Cruz hesitates but lets her finally in.

Julia is searching for Jack. A man approaches her starting to flirt. She asks him better to be careful. He notices that she is Jack's girlfriend mentioning he better takes his finger from her. She asks him if he is afraid of him. He carefully says that he does not want to get problems with Jack. When one thinks a man who was cool enough for this coup in New Stailand. Julia says yes, he is really hard-boiled. The man asks her to tell more about. She seems to know very well about all the things. Is it really true that he has got a few millions of dollars only because he was delivering the baby. Jack watches them from behind with much concern. Julia tells the man that this she does not know. He begs her to tell him as he tried to find it out all the time. Jack takes Julia on her arm. The man tells him that he is having a nice girl friend. Jack says yes and now they will go for a talk to each other as it seems she knows too much.

Brick tells Amy that he finds it too risky to get out but Amy finds that three people are able to find out more than one. Brick says that Julia wanted them to wait in the room what will she do if Jack comes and starts to talk to her again. She just wants to reply when Brick sees two men approaching them. Amy asks him to get quickly an idea. Brick turns her around mentioning they should go to bed now but Ivan blocks their way. The two men tell them that nobody is leaving the party.

Eden stands in the room not knowing what to say. Cruz gets close to her and she says he should not dare to touch her. He need not to think that she has come for him. She asks him to close his shirt. Cruz tells her that she has only come because she knows that he wants her. And he knows very well that she also wants him. She should now stop fighting and kiss him.

Nick is in worry about Kelly as the high temperature has not come down. He finds her even in this condition the most wonderful woman he knows and starts to pray for her health.

Brick asks the men sternly why they are kept in custody. He wants to talk to Jack Lee. He will at once clear up the matter. The men tell him that it is Jack who asks them to hold them in custody and he will come soon to take off their masks. Amy says if it is like this then they will have to wait.

Jack brings Julia into her sleeping coach by pushing her very hard inside. He asks her what the matter is. Julia says that the same she just wanted to ask him. She dislikes it when he is treating her so brutally. Jack replies that he dislikes it when she starts to inquire behind his back people about his businesses. One of the men knocks and informs that they are having the Petersons in their custody. Jack gives the order to go back and take care of them. He will come and then they will take off their masks. Julia asks him what this should mean if he is involved in illegal businesses. The man she was talking told her that he will earn millions by making a coup in New Stailand and something also about a baby. Jack gets more soften and tells her that this is all nonsense. The man was drunken. Nothing illegal is happening here. This is not the way he is doing businesses. She asks him why he has not told this to the man and treated her so brutally. He says sorry that he has become so rough but she tried to get out some information about him and he hates such a behaviour. Julia says that he is now very upset but if nothing illegal is going on why she can't ask then some questions. Jack shows her his backside while in thoughts. Julia sees that he is wearing a revolver at his back. She starts at once to change her policy. She tells him that he knows that he means so much to her and that he can trust her. Jack turns around and tells her that a man in his position can nobody trust. He is having many enemies. Julia tells him that he hopefully is not counting her to these people after so many years in being together.

Ted wants to give a present to Laken but Laken is not accepting it. She is hiding something behind her back. She asks him if he loves and trusts her. Ted says of course. She takes her hand from the back and it is a straight razor. She wants to shave him. Ted is on fleeing. Laken insists and under pain he gives in and she shaves him. He is not very happy about the result telling her if she does not believe now that he loves her. He has just given away his beard to her for which he was waiting so long. Laken tells him that once in his life to have a beard is enough but now he should remain shaved for her. She is very happy with his soft skin and starts kissing him passionately.

Jack wants to know why she all of a sudden is so much interested in his businesses. Julia tells him that he is understanding something wrongly. He has taken her along and she feels that she is a part of his life. She also feels that he is having no intention to go back to the States and she would like to stay with him where he stays. Jack asks her that she really would give up her whole relations and all what is important for her because of him? This goes all too quick for him. He did not notice that she is having such feelings for him the way she was treating him all the time. Julia tells him that she was angry because of his relation to Augusta. She wants him to understand why she was refusing herself such a long time. She can't bear it that he would only use her and put her aside afterwards. She wants to have a permanent relationship. Jack gets soft and asks if it is true. Julia asks him if he really wants her and not only her body. Jack tells her that he really wants only her. He wants her since she has poured his drink over his suit correcting himself quickly he adds and also long before since they know each other and he is having no interest in Augusta at all. Julia tells him that she wants to sleep with him now. Jack enters at once her request and they go to the bed.

Nick has fallen asleep on the bench next to Kelly. Kelly wakes up and goes to Nick and gives him a kiss. Nick is happy to see her healthy and feels at her head that the temperature has gone. Kelly tells him how thankful she is that he was taking so much care for her and now she also knows that she really loves him.

CC is upset that they have treated Sophia so badly in the office of the prosecutor. He is against her intention to confess this accident as murder and he wonders why Mason has nothing done to protect her from this prosecutors. Sophia says that Mason has nothing to do with this she went by her own to the prosecutor. CC wants to get some more information about Steve from Christy as he might have some weak points he can use against him. Christy comes and he asks her if Steve is not her brother. She tells him that he is her stepbrother but actually she is having nothing to do with him. She starts to tell CC all what he wants to know while Sophia is getting some flashbacks from the happenings at Cruz's party. Christy closes the talk by telling CC that he can be sure that she will nothing tell to him whatever she is hearing here.

Ted and Laken come in. CC and Sophia happily notice that he is shaved. CC tells Ted that if he is using some of his connections then he can still arrange a place in Harvard for him.

Julia tells him that she hopes that he is taking her along wherever he is going. Jack replies that he would like to marry her. Julia tells him that she would be happy to become his wife. Jack finds this perfect. She tells him that she will be a good wife to him. She then starts to share old memories asking him if he still can remember when they first were meeting each other. She tells some of the old stories by herself so that Jack only has to add that he remembers well and laughs with her. Then she asks him if he can remember when he told her for the first time that he loves her. What he has told her at that time. Jack tells her that he can remember very well. She asks him to repeat what he has told. Somebody is knocking and Jack excuses himself. It is one of the men asking him how long they have to wait till he comes for taking off the masks. Julia asks Jack from whom they want to take off the mask. Jack tells her that nobody is knowing who these Petersons from Texas are so he will go and see. He then adds that he just remembers that one of the persons of the cartel is a priest and they even can just marry here on the train.

Julia remains desperate in the coach wondering in what situation she has fallen. Jack meanwhile phones quickly to New Stailand and is giving the order to find out all about his first love to Julia. When he has kissed her for the first time and specially what he told her when he confessed his love to her. All is alright. They should not worry she only is mad to marry him. This will strengthen his position immensely special in case there would be a trial she cannot say something against him as his wife.

Brick and Amy get scanned for weapons. Jack comes and Amy tells him that maybe he can tell them why they are kept in custody here. Jack says that he wants to know who they are and what they here are doing.

Kelly tells Nick about her wonderful dream when she went in search for Joe and it was he who turned around and now she knows that she loves him as much as she was loving Joe.

The tormentor is asking real Jack Lee all about his first meeting with Julia. Jack tells him that he needs some time to remember. Yes, now he knows what she was telling is true. She was wearing a red dress and he helped her when she got caught at a chair. The man wants to know what he has told her before he kissed her the first time. Jack tells him that about this he does not want to talk about as it is too personal. The man tells him that he fears he has to tell. Jack says that she is getting ten seconds to make him happy or he would throw her into the swimming pool. The man wonders that he has threaten her. Jack laughs and says that he sees that he never was fallen in love. The minister calls from the step and tells the man that this is enough. He comes down the steps and tells him with a triumphal smile that his cousin has not only overtaken his role perfectly but also is bringing along an old friend of him. Jack asks whom, he is having many friends. The minister says that it is Julia Wainwright. And not only this he is playing his role so perfect that she is ready to marry him. Jack can't believe this. The minister enjoys his reaction and asks the tormentor to let him now alone with his plight. On being alone Jack says to himself happy that she has made fools out of them. He thanks god that she knows what is played and starts to pull out the stone of the wall.

Jack says that if they are not going to take off the masks by themselves he will do it. First Mrs. Peterson. Julia meanwhile is standing desperate and unnoticed behind Jack. Just when he wants to demask Amy she switches off the light. Much excitement one man is grasping the other and when finally somebody manages to turn on the light both are no more here. Jack is asking the men to search through the whole train. He notices Julia and asks her to go back to her room. Ivan should go to his position. Jack guides her back and Julia asks him afraid if he will not do something to them. Jack pretends to wonder what Julia is thinking of him. They will be only kept in custody till the festival is over. Julia says sorry. And when she is in the room Lee is giving to Ivan the instruction to kill both the moment he finds them whoever they are. Ivan smiles dirty and says of course and Jack mentions that he knew that he will enjoy it.

Brick is with Amy in the room which is so much guarded by Ivan. They have heard that they want to kill them and don't know what to do now specially as long as Ivan is standing before the door. They see a safe and wonder if this is the thing about Julia was talking. Brick tries to get it open.

Ted refuses to go to Harvard. CC is very upset and tells him that if he does not accept his offer then he will have to finance his study by himself. A heavy fight is following in which Christy jumps between telling CC that she finds that Ted is old enough to decide by himself. Ted thanks her to have at least one person on his side. CC asks her not to interfere and sends her away. Laken asks Ted to bring her home but they both start to fight outside the door as Ted is disappointed that she is on the side of his father and not on his side. Laken goes home alone.

Nick confesses to Kelly that he is hopelessly fallen into love to her. She says but she was the first who found out that she loves him. He says no he only was slowly getting clear about his feelings to her and now he wants to kiss her. Nick is approaching her romantically by stroking her hair, kissing her hands and looking into her eyes making Kelly most happy.

Jack excuses himself about his delay. Julia tells him that this is ok she knows that he has to organise a lot. She asks him if they have found the Petersons. He says no they did not find them but now they should continue at the point where they have stopped. He was putting his arm around like in this way and then she wanted to know from him what he told her before he kissed her the first time. He was telling her that she is getting ten seconds to make him happy or he would throw her into the swimming pool. Julia looks surprised and if satisfied with his reply. He happy smiles and says, you see I have forgotten nothing. He tells her that they will make the biggest marriage possible on this train and in New Stailand they will take the presidential suite, for her only the best. Julia asks him if he is sure that the priest is authorised to make marriages. Jack says she is right he will immediately check up the situation. He certainly does not want that their marriage is getting annulled when they get out of the train.

Being alone Julia reflects what Jack told her. She sees herself with Jack at the swimming pool and he tells her that he has found out how much he really loves her. And when he told her that he is giving her ten seconds to make a happy man out of him she told him that either he cools down or she throws him into the swimming pool. So it was she who wanted to throw him into the swimming pool and not he. Julia all of a sudden realises the message. Jack is alive. He is feeding them with wrong stories to sign to her that he is still alive. She must find and help him.

Real Jack looks out of his self-made window and hopes that Julia has got his message because if there is a person who will be able to set him free then it is she. Now all is up to her.

Brick tells Amy that he can't open the safe but she should go on searching the room. Amy steps wrongly and makes a shout. Brick tells her that by this she has called together the whole army. She says sorry but Ivan already stands in the room.

Christy is wearing Ted's jacket and dreams. She takes it off and looks into the box and sees the wonderful bracelet that Ted has bought for Laken. Ted comes and she quickly tells him that she just wanted to bring to him his jacket. Ted tells her that he don't need it now first of all he is going to fetch his things. Christy puts his things on the table and wonders how she will manage that he is falling into love to her.

Brick is knocking Ivan but he is really a heavy boy and knocks Brick down a couple of times till he falls unconscious outside the door while Amy shouts in fear. Ivan turns around and then approaches Amy inside the guarded room.

Laken comes and wants to see Ted. Christy tells her that he has moved to the little apartment but she will tell him that she has come. Laken tells her how happy she is to have her as a friend and she only wanted to come to tell Ted that she feels sorry as he of course can study where he likes.

CC wants to know who has been at the door and asks Christy to lock well. Sophia comes from inside the mansion and tells CC that she wants to talk to him. Sophia tells him that she definitely has decided to apply for manslaughter. CC tells her that everybody except her seems to know how many years she will get for manslaughter. She says she knows but this might be better than lifelong. And now she will phone to Mason and inform him. CC asks her not to do and sleep over the whole matter as it was an accident and she should not go to the court and confess manslaughter. Sophia tells him that she has decided and now she goes to phone. CC remains in the room holding his head in pain.

Nick and Kelly are still having an nice romantic expression of their love.

Nick and Kelly are enjoying together their love in the romantically surroundings of the ghost town as if in their honey moon.

Laken tells Steve that her mother is occupied already with an official visit trying to turn him away from their door. Cruz appears behind Laken and Steve tells him that he wants to talk to him. Cruz goes out to him and Steve tries to get his support in case Sophia is not accepting his proposal. Cruz makes it clear to him that he will not talk for him but for the defence. Steve mentions that he surely is doing so only because he has lost his fiancee and he will ruin his career if he is going to do so.

CC is feeling much pain in his head. He does not want that anybody is seeing him in this condition. He phones to the hospital and is telling the doctor about his bad condition and the fear which is overpowering him. The doctor asks him to come at once for an examination but he should not drive by himself or he can send somebody for him. CC objects this proposals but is ready to come for the examination.

Christy is talking with Ted who is packing his things. Ted tells her that CC has taken away his whole financial basis and he also does not want him to come to the opening of the University which is bearing the name of his brother. Christy asks him if he is not fearing to go away or if he not rather is more nice to his father so he may change his mind. Ted says that he worries a little bit but he thinks it will do. For his father there is only one word which can change his mind and this is Harvard.

Christy all of a sudden has to think on the day when she went away from her home. She was in her room locked up when all of a sudden she hears Steve at the door calling for her and telling her that they are alone and can have a nice time together. She blindly jumped out of the window and went away. Ted asks her what happened to her as all of a sudden she looked so serious. Christy says that it is nothing and is giving Ted a kiss on his mouth. Ted steps back and she tells him not to get nervous it was only a kiss in friendship showing him that she finds him a nice fellow. Ted says ok but leaves the room.

Nick is overpowered with fear of the day when they have to go back. Kelly notices it and tells him that he needs not to worry everything is becoming alright. She will always love him. He tries to believe her and feels again as the most happy person in the world.

Sophia is phoning with Mason from the office. Mason is advising her against her intention accept Steve's offer. Eden comes and fetches something from the office. She overhears Sophia's talk and is shocked to hear about her intention. She asks her not to do this. She does not want to lose her again. Sophia tries to explain to her that it will be the best for all as she does not want to make more problems to them by involving the family into the public.

Ted is coming down the stairs with his suitcase. Christy is behind him. Eden rushes out of the office and asks CC who is just on going if he has heard what Sophia wants to do. All of a sudden she sees Ted and asks him where he is going. He tells her that this she has to ask CC as he has thrown him out. Eden tells him that he should stay as now they need all keeping them together. They all start to discuss Sophia's case when the door bell rings.

Christy opens and on seeing Steve she slips out telling him that at the moment nobody is having time for him. Steve tells her that he anyway would like to talk with her. He has rented an apartment next to his only for her. She tells him that she does not want this. He tells her that because of the present situation she can't stay here while he is fighting against Sophia. She tells him that they don't mind her staying with them probably as they know that she is on their side. She goes in and Steve starts talking through the open door to Sophia. Ted goes to the door and throws him out asking him to leave his mother in peace.

Ted visits with his luggage Laken. She tells him how sorry she is feeling in not helping him in his position against his father. She finds it very courageous from him to stand to his decision against his father and she is happy that he remains close to her and is not going away for the next four years. She tells him that she is coming to cook for him the other day. Ted promises that he will take care that Mason is leaving them alone.

Christy tries her best to look like Laken by combing her hair in the same style. Finally she finds that Ted does not want a double and she is Christy and will manage to gain his love in her own way as he loves her like she is.

Cruz visits Mason in his flat. Cruz asks Mason for advice. He wants to know how he can help Sophia best. Mason is having only some cynical remarks for his attempt. The bell rings. It is Eden. She suspects Cruz to talk to Mason in persuading Sophia to agree for the deal. Mason lets her in and excuses himself in having to make some phone. Eden starts to dispute with Cruz in having gained nothing. Neither he has found Kelly nor the thief of the hotel.

CC tells Sophia that he is having an urgent meeting and she should not make any decision till he is coming back. Sophia promises to wait.

Eden and Cruz have left and Ted arrives. He also wants to know from Mason what they can do to help Sophia. Mason is telling him the facts which sounds very hard to Ted but Mason tells him that he must be able to face reality and if he is getting already nervous now by his words how will he feel when the prosecutor is questioning Sophia in the court. Ted is taking a shower. Christy is coming while Mason is on going. He does not like to let her telling her that Ted is in the shower and she is not welcome as the sister of Steve. Christy manages anyway to enter the apartment by letting Mason know that she wants to wait.

Kelly is on taking a bath with much foam. Nick is putting on her finger a ring he has found. Kelly embraces him and pulls him into the bath tub with all his clothes. They both go on having fun and enjoying the situation.

Cruz is visiting Sophia in the mansion. He tells her that she should know that in case of a trial he will be on the side of the defence. Eden is overhearing their talk behind the pillar. Mason also arrives and on hearing Cruz's idea he tells him that if he is testifying against the public prosecutor he is going to ruin his career. He also does not think that he will be a great help for the defence. Cruz says that he can testify that Sophia has been not sane at that time. Mason reminds him that he is not a doctor who can do this and this will have no value. CC comes and wants to know what is going on. On hearing that Cruz wants to help the defence he asks him to wait as he would like to talk to him later. First he wants to talk to Sophia. He sends Mason away and goes with Sophia to the office room.

Cruz goes behind the pillar as if going into the hall but then turns around and asks Eden what she intends with the game. She asks him if he really is going to do what he told. He says yes. She thinks that he might have talked like this only because he knew that she is behind the pillar to impress her. Cruz says some weeks ago he might have done everything to impress her but no more now. He turns around and lets her alone.

Christy starts undressing herself up to her sexy underwear. Ted comes out of the shower and is more than surprised to find Christy in running around in her underwear.

Kelly and Nick want to repeat their marriage ceremony with the dresses found in the trunk and the rings in a serious way. Kelly tells Nick that for her this ceremony means the same as if they are really going to marry. Nick says he feels the same.

CC talks to Sophia and tells her that he does not mind what happens at the court if all their family matter is brought up and shown in the papers. She should not admit something which she has not done. The phone rings.

CC takes. It is the doctor. His tests were not finished and he run away already. He has to come back at once to the hospital. If he thinks that he is immortal. He is having a dangerous bleeding in his brain. CC gets upset telling him that this can't be true their test result must be wrong and puts the receiver down. Sophia wants to know what happened. CC tells her that there was only a conflict in a business matter. Sophia asks him to take care of his health and to take more rest. This excitement is not good for his health. CC starts to confess his love to Sophia. He tells her that he has found out that he never stopped loving her over all the years. He wants to know if she also loves him. Sophia tells him that she also never stopped loving him and she fears so much that they are getting separated. CC asks not to worry they will be always on her side. They starts kissing each other.

Ted asks Christy first to dress her again and then tell him what she wants. Christy finds dressing herself a waste of time. She knows now his problem. He does not love Laken. All what keeps him to her is his feeling of faithfulness. She could give him much more than Laken who only will sleep with him when they are married. Ted tells her that this is not the case. He really loves Laken. Christy is disappointed and starts shouting against him. That he only has misused her in pretending friendship at the time when Laken was not attending to him and he can't stand her in reality. He is a liar.

Nick and Kelly exchange their marriage promises and they put the rings on each other's finger. Nick kisses her and both feel most happy.

Kelly tries her best to wake up Nick but he is in deep sleep not reacting on any words and hits from her. Finally she manages it to get him up by hitting the pillow on his head. The pillow is breaking and the feathers are coming out. Kelly enjoys it and starts to dance through the room with the pillow while the feathers are falling like snow on her head. Nick sits in the bed and watches her with joy and all of a sudden he sees her like a photographer is seeing a person in many little moments. Kelly notices his strange look and asks him what is going on with him. He explains it to her and adds that she has set him free from his own prison. He can now see again all as precious moments. Kelly notices that he misses his job as a photographer.

Christy is taking the phone. It is Steve. He wants to know where she has been last night. He is upset that she was laughing in the way of approval when Ted was throwing him out. She will move out and stay next to him so that he can take care for her. If she has forgotten all what he has done for her. She says yes she knows but he has not bought her. He will come in one hour to fetch her. Christy only shouts no and puts the receiver down.

Amy wakes up on the bed in the room with the safe and wonders where she is. Brick is still on trying to open the safe. Amy worries about Ivan who was falling out of the train in the fight. She fears that he might be dead. Brick asks her not to worry it has been an accident. Somebody is coming in. They quickly hide themselves. It is Julia asking for Ivan happy to find Brick and Amy alive and not jumped out of the train. They are happy that Jack thinks in this way. They tell her what happened to Ivan. Julia suggests to make the room look like after a fight.

Kelly asks Nick what he wants to do today. She is ready for everything. She takes the red dress and asks him if she should dance for him. He says yes. She starts to dance and notices that he again is photographing. She hears a helicopter and tells him that she goes to wave with her dress. He says no as it could be Renfro and Lee. She asks him if it is not this what he wants. To go away from here. Nick tells her that he only wants to be with her.

The two men of Jack Lee are standing somewhere in the wilderness in search for Nick and Kelly. None of them is very enthusiastic about it. Shark finds that nobody can survive in the wilderness more than a few days and now there are already missing for weeks. A helicopter is taking contact with them. He watches the police in their search. He tells his position and that he has seen a ghost town but the only thing moving is the river. He finds that they are searching at the wrong place. Shark tells him that nobody has asked him and he should go on searching mentioning to his partner that they can't afford to get back to Lee without having found them.

Jack Lee talks with Parker on the phone. Julia comes in unnoticed and takes a drink close to Jack overhearing his talk. Lee tells Parker that he told him only to contact him when Kelly and her friend Nick is eliminated. Vienna is over. Lee gets to know from Parker that Amy and Brick have been seen in Vienna at the station. Jack suspects that they are the couple Petterson. He gives order to stop the train and search again.

Christy dreams about her last meeting with Ted. She sees his jacket and takes out the bracelet which Ted has given to Laken. She finds that this he owes to her.

Kelly puts more questions to Nick about her family. She wants to know where they will live when they come back. Nick thinks that her father will insist that she will stay with him. Kelly tells him that this she will not do otherwise she does not want to go away from here. She wants to stay with him. Nick tells her that he hopes that she will say this. She asks him to promise to her to come back to this city in case something goes wrong. Nick gladly promises this to her.

Ted comes in search for his jacket. He tells Christy to wait as he also wants to talk with her. She tells him that he should keep himself short as she is going. Ted wonders why she is going. If he really has hurt her feelings so much. He searches for the bracelet and can't find it.

Amy wants to know why she has come into this situation. Brick reminds her that it is because of the baby. He tells her that he is sure that Minx will search for them if they are not coming back. All of a sudden the train stops. Brick at once suspects something wrong. Amy wonders if they are searching for Ivan.

Jack tells his men they should look again into each apartment. They should also look into Ivan's room as he should give already a report. He wonders where he is. Jack notices Julia who was overhearing the whole talk and wants to go out and asks her whom she wants to warn. She whispers into his ear something and he gets very upset. Ivan has touched her. She tells him that he was drunken and she knew he will get upset and therefore she wanted to warn him. He tells his men to go with him. He will have to talk to Ivan and on the way there they can check the compartments.

Nick tells Kelly that he will go and look for the river. But he wants to go alone. Kelly on being alone starts painting a wooden plate. She wonders why they should go now when everything is so perfect. She hopes that the river is still not letting them through.

Nick is standing at the river and sees that the high tide has gone back and even a five year old child could go through the river. He fears to go back but then wonders why there should be a change in their relationship. It will be all the same he comforts himself. Then he hopes that the river is getting more water over the night again.

Ted suspects Christy in having taken the bracelet. She tells him that the millionaires are all the same they are always afraid that one is stealing something. Ted tells her that he is not a millionaire as his father has thrown him out. He takes her hand and finds the bracelet and takes it out of her hand. Steve meanwhile is standing outside the door and overhears their talk. Christy is throwing a lot of unfair accusation against Ted. She tells him that this bracelet is hers and not his. Ted tries to make her understand his feelings for Laken and that the bracelet belongs to him. Christy grabs the bracelet and runs away.

Brick and Amy managed to get into Julia's apartement. On hearing voices they get into the trunks. The men wants to open the trunk but Julia asks Jack if he really wants them to search through her underwear making Jack at once upset against his men and asking them to get out. Jack finds an broken empty bottle of Vodka in the room with the safe. He sees the disorder and he concludes that they had a fight and all have fallen out of the train wishing all of them a good travel. Jack discusses the matter with Julia. He asks her if the Petterson have not been the first person she was meeting and finds it strange that she got so quickly friendship with them. She tells him that she does not know this couple as they only came to see him. Jack finds that they were on going when he came. The men come back and inform that they have nobody found. Jack is relieved and Julia takes the chance to find that it is now time to go to sleep.

Nick tells Kelly that he could not come back earlier. Kelly tells him that she anyway was busy. She shows him the sign: "Nick Hartley photographer". Nick likes it and Kelly tells him that they can set it up at the door and whenever somebody passes by knows at once that he can get a photo here. Nick tells her that they can't cross the river as it is still too high. Kelly feels sorry for him as she feels that he wants to go away from here to take up his job again. Nick takes her in his arms and finds it alright as long as he can be with her.

Nick wakes up and notices that Kelly is not next to him. It is dark and she has gone out somewhere. He finds her joke not very funny. Kelly is standing at the river and sees that they easily could have gone. She hears a helicopter and she blows out her lantern. She thinks that he only does not want to go because of her and goes back.

The two men are discussing their bad and sleepless situation in the car. The helicopter is reporting about the dead ghost city and that he thought that he has seen a light at the river once but when he looked for the second time it was dark. He is sure that nobody is there and wants to stop as he can't see anything anymore. Shark agrees to stop.

Christy visits Jade at the place she is working to say good bye. She tells her that she is leaving Santa Barbara and thinks on going to San Francisco Jade notices that she is having something on her heart and asks her to wait till she is coming back after bringing home Bill her co-worker. Christy promises to wait and puts some coins into the music box. Ted comes in and wants to get the bracelet. Christy asks him not to come close to her. People like her are taking only such things when nothing was going on. If he wants he can call for the police. Steve is listening to them from a hidden place.

Kelly comes back. Nick finds out that she has been at the river and she knows that the water has gone back. She lets him know that it was also not the wind that has blown out the lantern on hearing the helicopter. She finds that they must love each other really as they had their first argument and now they are both confused. Nick takes her into his arms. She tells that she knows that he wants to go and he should not stay only because of her. She only wants what he wants and they should start packing their things.

Amy and Brick are getting served some food and wine from Julia. They are very hungry and just starting to eat when Jack is at the door and insists on getting in. They quickly go into the trunks with their plates. Julia tells Jack that she only got hungry and is on eating. If he also wants to taste the wine but she is sorry in having only one glass. Jack finds a second glass on the floor and asks her with whom she was drinking.

Ted runs behind Christy and wants to take the bracelet by force. She tells him not to touch her. She hears somebody at the door. Jade is listening to what is going on from outside. Christy shouts to the unseen person to go away as it not his business. Jade goes away. Ted finds that this is just another trick from her. There is nobody at the door. He tells her that he will not call the police but her brother. She gets excited telling him that her brother is a liar like he is. They both are people who only have the intention to hurt people like her. Steve listens eagerly to what she has to say about him from his hiding place. She tells Ted that he can have the bracelet when he tells her that he loves her. Just this three words. Ted tells her that this he can't do. He hunts behind her and gets back the bracelet. She tells him that she wants to give him something in this case which will remind him always on her. She scratches him with her nails over his face. Ted can't believe what she has done bleeding from the wounds while Christy watches his reaction.

Augusta is giving some instruction to an unseen person when Lionel is knocking and finding her in a dark room. She notices that he likes rather light and switches the light on. He tells her that the only way to help Sophia in the court is for him to state the truth that she has hated him and was living in fear of him thinking that she is going to hurt her. Besides this it looks like as if her prognosis is getting true and CC is getting closer to Sophia like in their old times. It makes him mad to know that the man whom he hates so much is leading a happy life with the person of his love while he is not getting back the person he loves. He asks Augusta if she does not want to start from the very beginning again. Augusta tells him that nobody is more fed up with her jealousy than she herself. She has prepared something and he should wait.

Jack wants to get an explanation for the second glass full of wine. Julia tells him that she would laugh if he would not be so irritated. She tells him that she only wanted to make a wine test. She gives some names for the two wines and tells him to taste the difference. Jack finds that both tastes the same. Julia asks him what happened to his good taste he always was having. Jack tastes again and then finds that she is right the wine are really different. She adds that one can see it also on the different colour. She finds him very nice when he is jealous. Now they should start drinking. Jack says she is right. He leans in the bed and puts his feet on one of the trunk. He asks Julia to come close to him. She sits next to him and asks him if they should not better wait till the marriage but Jack is just in this mood.

Christy is adding a lot of unfair arguments about Ted's body relation to Laken and shouts to him that he should go. Ted runs out and Steve comes from his hiding place asking her what great show he just has witnessed.

Augusta has prepared all the things they were having at their first day. The pizza, the candlelight, and the beer. Augusta confesses her love to him and that she would not have been so hurt if she would not love him so much. The door bell rings. It is a man who hands over to Lionel a bag full of letters with receipts for his problem.

CC tells Sophia how happy he is that she is today with him. She asks him how he feels about Kelly. He thinks that she is well otherwise they would have heard about her. Sophia tells him that she feels very good in his presence and that she thinks it is right to go through the trial like he suggested to her. CC asks Sophia to go into the kitchen and ask Rosa to serve the food.

The door bell rings and Mason comes in. He gets to know that Christy has left them by leaving only a note behind. CC gives him the note to read. Mason wants to talk to Sophia but CC dislikes it as he wants to suggest to her to make the deal. Mason tells him that he also wants to see Brandon. Sophia comes and says hello to Mason but Mason tells her that CC does not want him to talk to her. CC all of a sudden changes his mind and tells Sophia that he wants to take dinner outside. He tells Mason that he can inform Rosa that she can throw the food away or he himself can eat it. He only wants him no more to be here when they come back.

Mary is on the door. Mason opens and tells her that Christy has left. He shows her Christy's note and gives her the number of Jade she has left for getting the money still due to her. Mary gets told from Mrs. Perkins that her daughter is at a party. Mary thinks to try again later. Mason persuades her to take dinner with him as it is prepared for two persons and he does not like to eat alone. Mary hesitates but gives in.

Jack is busy with Julia when somebody knocks at the door to her relief. One of the men informs that they will reach Lidabrook in one hour. Jack gets busy and tells Julia that he has to arrange a lot and has unfortunately to go. He looks at the two trunks and tells her that the ship by which they are going is having no place to store them so she will have to take out all the necessary things she wants to take along as the other things will follow only a few days later.

Steve tells Christy that he has warned her from Ted. He asks her to tell him that she loves him. He holds her wrists together with one hand like handcuffs and presses her against the wall on the top of a board teling her that he can wait for her reply.

Augusta and Lionel are on eating their pizza and start making love and it seems as all has become alright by now. Lionel even forgets thinking on his show in the evening.

Christy tells him that she hates him and always hated him since he approached her. He can no more frighten her. She is no more fifteen. Steve gets upset and starts to put force on her by telling her he knows that she also wants it. She asks him not to do it but he tells her that she deserves it not better and starts to pull down her dress and pushing her to the ground brutally.

Mason approaches Mary in a soft way. He tells her that Christy told them that she is having a sister but not that she is having such a charming sister. He tells her that she is having something innocent in her nature which is attracting him very much. Music is running in the background. Mason tells her that he likes this kind of music. He asks her what kind of music she likes. She tells him that she loves the Gregorian songs. Mason asks her to dance with him. She hesitates but gives then in. He finds that she dances wonderful and she finds that he is doing all the part by guiding wonderful. Mason tells her not to be misguided by his a little bit hard expression. Under this there is a very soft and warm person who is also a little bit passionate. He gives her a kiss and she bows back to avoid a further approach. He at once apologises and wonders if he has hurt her feelings. She says no it is not this but she fears she has not been very fair to him by not telling him everything. Mason asks her if she is married. She says one can call it like this. Mason asks if it is something like a marriage out of reason. If she is living separated. Then he remembers the church. Are there any new guidelines from the church concerning sex? Mary says no, but they only don't like to see it with nuns. Mason takes a while to realise that she is a nun. He can't believe it saying "Oh, my Lord!".

Jack and Julia is standing on the boat and look together into the water. Jack is in a very relaxed mood. The men carry the safe on board and ask Jack where to put it. Jack instructs them to put it into the special room and take good care for it. Julia asks him why this safe is so special. Jack tells her that there are only some very important papers in it.

Brick and Amy are in the dresses of the cook. One of Jack's men are coming in and wonder where the cook from New Stailand is. Brick tells him not to worry he is only somehow seasick but they are as good as he is and will do the job meanwhile. Mr. Lee wants to have a dinner for fifteen people in one hour and then the food for the crew has to get also ready. The man goes and Amy is desperate about how they will do it in such a short time while she not even knows how to cook. Brick asks her not to worry she at least knows how to make a pancake. They just simply will cook something.

Lionel carries the bag full of letters to the fire and wants to burn all as the advises are no more necessary. Augusta asks him not to do this as the people all tried to help him and he should at least thank them. Lionel tells her that she is right he will thank all in the evening show he just has to go for.

Ted is looking into the mirror and tries to soften his bad outlook by washing the wound without much success.

Steve asks Christy to get up. She lies on the floor and is unconscious. He notices that she might have hurt herself when he pushes her against the table. He pulls her into a corner and puts her into a sitting position against the musicbox. Steve is hearing some voices and leaves her quickly alone. Two men are coming to fetch some drinks but they don't see her.

Lionel is thanking all the people for their advises in his evening show. He also thanks his wife Augusta and is reading out a poem which moves the feelings of Augusta in such a way that she is in tears. Lionel adds to the viewer that he will make out of all their suggestions a book in thanks for their efforts.

Mason asks Mary if she is sure that she wants to go and not to drink a cup of coffee with him and discuss some theological matters. Mary tells him that she has to go as she has to get up early. Mason asks her to see him again when she comes to Santa Barbara as long as she does not want to convert him. They could go for a dinner adding that this is not just said but he really would meet her again.

CC and Sophia are coming back and CC is upset in seeing still Mason here. Mason tells him that he only was taking the ready dinner by inviting a friend. CC goes close to Mason and gets very excited but all of a sudden he gets a terrible pain in his head and breaks nearly down. Sophia and Mason are quickly on his side to help him but he tells them that he only wants to be alone and goes up into the room.

Augusta is taking the phone and says that her husband is not here. Lionel just comes in and Augusta tells him that since his TV show the phone is ringing and all want to know how he got cured. Lionel is sorry about he thought he was putting an end to the story. The phone rings again and he takes it. While he tries to give some answer on how he got cured Augusta starts kissing him till he simply puts down the receiver next to phone attending to Augusta's approach and one can hear the person shouting through the phone wondering what has happened.

Amy and Brick are on peeling the potatoes. Amy is only thinking on her baby. If it is well and if there is somebody who feeds it. Brick takes her in his arms and comforts her telling that by sure they will find her baby and it is well.

Mason is coming home and sees Ted sleeping in front of the running television. Mason wakes him up. He sees his face and asks him who the girl was who has done this to him. This was really not nice. Ted asks him not to ask as he does not want to talk about.

Eden sits in Lamesa and orders a pancake, a bread and a grapefruit juice for her breakfast. Cruz is sitting back to back to her at another table and asks the waitress to bring to him the same what she is going to bring to Miss Capwell. Cruz gets his breakfast and is just on starting to eat when Steve comes in and sits simply down at his table informing him that he is having good news for them as Sophia Capwell is not accepting his offer. Cruz adds that now he is having a reason to push up the case. Steve tells him that the public prosecutor is pleading for murder. Why is he not getting up and jumping in joy? He is the one who has served for them the whole case in a most perfect way. The public prosecutor and also the chief of the police are both very pleased with his work.

Nick and Kelly hear a helicopter and wonder to whom it might belong, to the police or to the people of Jack Lee. Kelly finds that this situation is forcing them now to go it seems. Kelly fears very much to go back not knowing who the family is. She thinks that it must be also painful to her family on seeing that she does not know them.

Jade comes to the little restaurant at the beach where she is working. She is just on starting to get things ready for opening when Mary comes and asks her if she has seen her sister Christy. Jade tells that she has not seen her the whole morning and yesterday evening only shortly.

Cruz finds it laughable to charge for murder. He might have come through with his rough methods up to now but this time he has gone far beyond the goal. Steve's boss is having only one goal and this is to come into the papers. But he should know that he only was doing his job and was never thinking on his career. And he finds it not at all right to ruin the reputation of a person who was having an accident Steve tells him that they are not talking about a person they are talking about a killer who is a danger for the public.

Eden jumps up and takes the plate from Cruz and turns the whole content over the trousers of Steve telling him that she has now enough of his silly talk. Cruz calls out somehow surprised somehow shocked only, Eden. He gets up and runs behind her.

Nick tries to calm Kelly. He tells her that when they go back they will first of all contact Cruz. He will understand what happened as he is having a special sense for feeling the truth. The helicopter is circling again and again over them making Kelly very nervous. Kelly wants to dance a last dance but then while dancing she stops and tells him that she knows that their best days are over. She quickly snatches her bundle and runs out followed by a worried Nick.

Laken rings the bell and Ted opens surprised to see her already in the morning. She tells him that she was making her morning walk but then she was too excited because of today so that she came already now. Ted is friendly talking to her while hiding the scratches with his one hand. They sit down on the sofa and by then Laken notices the scratches.

Jade asks Mary not to worry. Christy can take care for herself very well. She gives her a coin and asks her to make some music. Mary goes to the music box and all of a sudden she is seeing Christy still leaning unconscious against the music box. Mary at once takes action and asks Jade to bring her a blanket and phone to the ambulance as Christy is standing under shock and is in need of immediate treatment.

The waitress at the Lamesa call for Steve and Jade informs him on the phone what happened. He plays to be shocked and tells her that he will be there immediately.

Eden asks Cruz no more to talk to this vampire as he is making by this things only worse. A little dispute follows in which Eden finds that he can lie and tell that he never heard Sophia confess her shooting. The waitress interrupts by informing Eden that again a theft happened in the hotel. Cruz insists that she goes together with him into his car and both hurry off.

Laken helps Ted to clean his wounds. She wonders about Christy's behaviour but Ted does not want to talk about her. Laken asks him what he would like to do over the day and is making some suggestion. Ted tells her that she knows it. She ask him if he thinks on doing it the whole day. Ted tells her softly the whole day and the whole night. He wants to make it for her the most wonderful day.

Nick and Kelly are on the way through the wilderness and wonder if the helicopter which is circling all the time over them has seen them. Nick notices that her hand are cramped out of fear and she is very nervous. Kelly asks Nick to go back with her as they will be safe only there. Nick suggest to rest and tells Kelly not to worry. Everything will come alright but Kelly is shivering in fear.

The helicopter is in contact with Jack Lee's men driving in the car. He tells them that he can't see them but he is certain that they are somewhere under him. They should go now and search for them. Jack's men are not in the mood to search in the wilderness during this heat. One of them gets the idea that they will arrive certainly at the farmer's house and by then they can catch them easily. They ask the helicopter to land close to the house in a hiding place and wait there for them.

Cruz is interviewing the film star about her stolen jewelry. The lady is impressed about the nice inspector. She makes compliments and invites him for the evening rather than talking about her jewelry. Cruz gets the idea to phone to Warren. Warren is not here but Sam confirms to him in having got again a letter mentioning a donation and a room number of the Capwell hotel as the donator. Cruz tells Eden what he just got to know by which it was clear that it is the same person behind this theft like behind all the other thefts.

Mary explains to the policeman who has come to see Christy her condition. He is impressed by her knowledge and asks her if she is a doctor. She says no but a nurse. The ambulance comes and is taking care for Christy. Another policeman standing aside is giving silly comments on young girls who are running around with such dresses at the beach in the night and provoking such things. Mary is very upset and tells him that this has been a case of rape which has nothing to do with sex but with violence against women. Maggie is just overhearing the last conversation and tells the police officer that she is right and she will suggest him for an advance course for next time and now he should bring out all the people.

Nick tries to phone from the stable but the phone is not working. He wants to run to the house for phoning but Kelly fears to be alone. Nick asks her nothing to fear he will be back in a trice. They are safe now.

Ted tells Laken the whole story with Christy. He tells her that after having seen her family he no more wonders. He tells her all about Christy's family, the drunken mother, Mary the nun and the idiot of stepbrother she is having.

Steve is standing next to Maggie and gives order to make as much photos as possible. Maggie who is leading the action tells him that it is already enough and she is leading the investigation and not he. He tells her that he has to work afterwards on it and then it will be necessary to know everything as she might be not there by then. Maggie gives her ok and Steve adds something by calling her baby. She corrects him telling him that her name is officer Gillis obviously displeased with his behaviour.

The doctor comes and all are sent out. Mary tells him that she is related and stays. The doctor gives her all information about Christy's condition which might be not so good but he only can tell something when she is gaining back her consciousness. He sends her then out for taking the samples to proof that it has been a case of rape.

Warren knocks at the door and asks Maggie some questions. She tells him that she has to be there during the investigation and begs him to phone to Cruz and asks him to come at once.

Cruz wants Eden to tell the guests that there is a thief in this house and they should take care. Eden tells him that she will not do this as by then they will lose all their customers. Cruz warns her that not every guest will be so generous like the last ones and take it so easy. He wonders why all their talks are ending in fight. Cruz gets the phone from Warren. He tells Eden about the rape of Christy. Eden wants to join him and he is taking her along.

Kelly asks Nick to bring her back to the ghost town. Nick tells her that this is no more possible. Kelly is having a bad feeling as if something will go wrong. Nick asks her to look how quickly he runs to the house and as quick he will also be back. He runs over and Kelly finds that he really runs quickly.

Maggie is telling all she knows about the Christy case to Cruz in the hospital hall. Theda, Christy's mother, is coming in very excited. Steve presses her down to one of the chairs telling her that nobody is allowed at the moment to go in. Mary tries to comfort her. The doctor comes and lets the family in informing them that she is gaining back consciousness. Cruz joins them. All are standing around her bed. Christy is calling for Ted. Theda wonders if Ted has done this to her baby.

Laken and Ted are proceeding in their romantic advances. Laken asks him to wait. The phone rings and Ted is ignoring it by turning on loud music. Laken comes again dressed with one of his shirts. She tells him that the shirt belongs to him like in the same way she is belonging to him. Ted takes her happily into his arms.

Kelly is thinking about her marriage with Nick wondering about the name Kelly Hartley. She finds it sounds very good. The two men of Jack are standing at the window and watching her as she goes to the door to look out for Nick.

Christy is repeating the name Ted, Ted, Ted. Cruz kneels down at her side. He asks her if she knows who has done this to her. Mary asks her if it has been Ted Capwell. Cruz asks Mary not to put a name into her mouth. Theda bursts out that if this young Capwell has done this to her then she does not know what she will do with him. Cruz again asks to be quiet. Christy is gaining back consciousness and she looks slowly around. First not seeing clear the faces but then seeing her mother, Mary and Steve. Cruz repeats his question and Christy says yes, it has been Ted, he has done it. Steve is breathing relieved.