Kelly hears somebody come and is thinking that it is Nick but when she turns around she sees Jack Lee's men.

Cruz is asking again Christy the name of the person who has raped her. Christy said it has been Ted Capwell. Cruz goes out and gives Maggie the order to bring Ted to the police station for questioning him. Maggie tells him that she can't believe that Ted is a rapist. Cruz says that Christy has named him and so they have to investigate him. She should take care that it does not come to the public.

Cruz starts talking to Eden when Steve comes out and reacts very aggressively. He asks Cruz why he has not gone to arrest Ted Capwell. Cruz tells him that he can be quiet somebody has already gone for investigating him. Steve is totally upset. He has heard that Christy has named him as the rapist and there is no doubt that he is the person who has done it so he has not to interrogate but at once to arrest him. He starts shaking Cruz by holding the collar of Cruz's jacket. Cruz shouts at him to take off his fingers at once. Steve stops shaking him. Eden bursts out that this is laughable Ted can be never a rapist. She feels sorry for what happened to Christy but with this she will not come through. She at once will go and talk to her. She makes a move towards the room of Christy but gets held back by Steve who starts shouting against her family. Cruz shouts to Steve not to touch her by running towards Steve.

Laken and Ted are lying happy in the bed. Somebody is knocking at the door. They try to ignore it but Maggie calls out that he should open as it is the police. Ted goes and wants to know what happened. Maggie only asks him to come along to the police station. Ted tells her that this is not possible at the moment. Maggie insists. Ted tells her that he is not coming to the station without knowing why. Maggie tells him that Christy has been raped and lies in the hospital. Ted is very shocked to hear this and shows himself at once co-operative.

Steve asks the nurse how Christy's health is improving. He asks then if he can talk to her alone. The nurse goes out and Steven threatens Christy that if she tells the truth then Ted has to die.

Eden tells Cruz that Ted has not done it whatever Christy may say and he knows it also. Cruz says he also can't think him a rapist but Christy has named him and so it is his duty to investigate but she should not worry he will discretely interview him at the station. Cruz gets called to the phone. It is Nick who tells Cruz that they both are unharmed and healthy and he should come at once to fetch them. Cruz wants to know more but Nick tells him that he only wants him to know that he has not kidnapped Kelly the rest is a very complicated story and therefore he should come at once. Cruz tells him that he is just on an emergency case and not in the position to come but he will send them a car. Nick insists that he should come personally and gives him the position.

Ted asks Maggie If Christy is alright and if they know already the culprit. She says up to now they don't know who has done it. He asks Maggie to wait as he will only dress himself. Maggie tells him that she has to go with him as it is a rule. Ted manages to keep her with the other police officer at the door. He goes back to Laken and while kissing her lovingly he slowly tells her that Christy got raped and Maggie insists him to come to the station. Laken wants to join him but he objects. Maggie and the other officer are getting nervous at the door. For the other officer the scratches in his face are already a proof even Maggie tells him that this means actually nothing. Soon they find it gets too long and both storm into the bedroom seeing Ted and Laken on kissing each other. Ted tells Maggie reproachful that he told her to wait outside. The officer all of a sudden throws Ted with the face down to the bed and puts the handcuffs on his hands by adding that this was obviously a case of resistance. Laken still lying in bed can't believe what she is seeing and tells Maggie that they can't do this. Maggie informs her that Christy has named Ted as the rapist and then standing before him she starts to arrest him officially by informing him about his rights. Ted tells her that this can't be true he has done nothing to her and it can be only an act of revenge from her because she has stolen a bracelet from him which he has taken again away from her.

Shark asks Kelly if she can remember them. Kelly says no. The men tell her that they come from her father to bring her back. They tell her that Nick is a kidnapper and a dangerous murderer. Kelly tells them how happy she is that they have come to bring her home even she can't remember her family. She takes up her bundle and leaves the garter as a sign back on the table. She then pretends as if going out with them and all of a sudden storms out. One of the men brings her to fall and she loses her consciousness. Shark finds this the much better and they bind her and carry her into the car.

Ted gets photographed by reporters. Maggie can't avoid it even she manages to throw them out after the photos are already taken.

Eden comes home and gets told by CC about the good news that Kelly is found and she is alright. Eden starts to tell about Ted but CC is not listening to her when the phone calls. It is Ted informing CC that he is in big troubles. He is in search for Mason as he is in need of a good lawyer. He is arrested and at the police station. CC wants to know if it has been a car accident. Ted says no he is accused of having raped somebody but he should be sure that he has done nothing. CC is shouts through the phone why he then is arrested. Ted throws down the receiver. He phones to Laken asking her if she has reached Mason. Laken tells him that up to now she has not succeeded in reaching him. On hearing that he can't go back home she tells him that she will come at once and leave a note for Mason behind. Ted asks her not to come but she tells him that she does not want to leave him now alone in this situation. Her loyalty makes Ted happy.

Eden is upset about CC's reaction to Ted. She tells him that Ted is not a rapist how can he only think on it that he might have done it. Cruz comes and informs CC about Christy's accusation. Eden informs Cruz that Ted is already arrested. Cruz tells him that he will get to the station before going to get Kelly to make sure that Ted is treated well feeling not happy about the arrest. Eden tells Cruz that she actually was having the intention to go with him to get Kelly back but now she thinks Ted is much more in need of her. Cruz tells her that Mason can be at the moment a much greater help for Ted than she. CC tells Cruz better to go and fetch Kelly while he will go to the station and bring the things alright for Ted. He adds that he wants to see Nick then punished without showing any mercy. Cruz tells Eden that in the eye of the law Ted is still not guilty. Eden starts discussing but Cruz asks her to stop as he was having a hard day behind and can't afford fighting. He has to go now quickly back to the hospital for seeing Christy and by then the plane is ready to bring them to the place. Eden still irritated asks him how he thinks she should react if he is arresting her whole family.

Shark phones to Lee from the car. He tells him that she really has lost her memory. So Nick is the only one who knows something about them. They will wait for him as he has gone to the city the girl has told them.

Nick comes back to the stable and searches for Kelly. He finds that her luggage has gone but her garter which he has given to her at their marriage she has left on the table. At once he knows that Lee's men have been here and taken her along.

Theda comes and Mary is telling her that she should be friendly and not make any accusations to Christy. She notices that Theda is again drunken and finds she better should go home in this condition. Theda tells her that she has nothing to tell her as she is her mother and goes in. She starts to talk to Christy by blaming Ted and that she has warned her. Christy asks her to stop. She tells her that it has been her fault for what has happened. Mary and Theda are at once tell her softly that there is no guilt on her.

Ted is going through the initial state of arrest with giving his fingerprints and photos taken. Laken comes and asks Maggie where Ted is. Maggie tells her that she can't talk as Ted is arrested. The officer friendly asks Ted if he wants to wash his hands he can do it over there. Steve tells him that this he will not do he will have to come at once first for an medical examination if anything on his body is there which is bringing him into connection with he victim. Ted comes into the interrogation room and some very unkind officers taking him already as the culprit ask him to get undressed. Steve is leading this investigation. Ted can't believe what is going on with him.

CC comes and wants to see Ted. He tells Maggie in case she does not want to get into trouble she should at once arrange that he can see Ted. Laken tells CC that it was horrible how badly they have treated Ted when arresting him. CC tells her that he will do everything to get him out on bail. The medical examination is finished and Maggie comes in informing them that Ted's father wants talk to him. The men walk out but Ted refuses to see his father. Maggie can't believe this but he insists on not willing to see him.

At the hospital Cruz gets informed that they have found semen and hair on her body and now this goes to the laboratory. Cruz tries to comfort Eden by telling that this will be the proof that Ted has nothing to do with it. Eden shouts that he is not guilty and needs not to be tested.

Ted tries to talk to Steve telling him that he has nothing done to his sister but Steve reacts very aggressive not ready to hear any of his lies.

Shark dislikes to wait for Nick. The other man turns on the music as he dislikes his constant complaints. Shark tells him that he is going for a walk. Nick is hiding behind the car and moves to the front door gets the head of the man sitting on the driver seat in his arms knocking him strongly against the seat that he gets unconscious.

Ted again and again tells Steve that he has not raped his sister. He had a dispute with her but this was not so bad. When he left her she was still alright. Steve tries to make him weak by telling the whole tragic story of their family and how nice Christy has been and now this girl is in the hospital beaten up and raped. Steven asks Ted how he has knocked her down. In which way he has used his fists. He tells Ted that he is making the investigation and he will take care that he is getting for each blow Christy had to suffer one year in prison.

Mason comes into the police station. CC is happy to see him but asks him where he has been so long. Mason notices Steve and tells him that he wants to talk to him. Steve tells him that he has nothing to talk. He is making in this case no deal. Adding some dirty remarks on the rich he storms out. Mason makes some of his sarcastically comments on Steve's nature and the bad luck that he is leading the investigation in addition that he is the brother of Christy.

CC wants to know the amount of the bail. Mason tells him that this he can find out at once but he thinks it will be not small. CC tells him he does not mind how much it is. CC wants to know from Maggie why he can't see Ted. Maggie tells him that he does not want to see him. CC looks shocked on hearing this and Mason looks more than surprised.

Eden and Cruz are driving silently. Cruz wonders why she is not talking to him. He stops and Eden tells him how she feels and what is making her so upset but maybe they will come together after Kelly is found and Nick is taken in custody. Cruz tells her that she should know how much he missed her all the time and goes on driving.

Ted is sitting at the table in the arrest room pondering about why Christy is doing this to him.

Theda tells Christy that she can come back at home and she will no more drink and all will become wonderful again. She feels guilty that she ran away. She asks Christy if she will forgive her. Christy tells her that she has done this already and agrees to come back. Steve comes in with a photographer from a paper who makes some photos. Mary and Theda are confused but Steve tells them that this will help in the case against Ted. Christy will have to file an accusation so that he can handle the case with all his might. He turns to Christy and tells her sternly that she has to file this charge. Christy turns away in pain.

Nick then opens the door on the side and starts to take away the ties from Kelly who is still unconscious. He is just on picking her up when Shark keeps him in gun point with his revolver. The other man is also coming to himself telling that he nearly broke his neck. Nick has to put Kelly again into the car but then quickly frees himself from Shark. Shark quickly jumps into the car. The helicopter man informs them that they should hurry up as they have seen a police car coming up the street. Nick who was pushed to the ground by Shark is just on struggling to get up when the car drives towards him with full power.

Nick is at the police station. A person is trying to get Nick's damaged body alright by moving up and down his arms over his head. Slowly his bones are getting in their right position. Nick worries about Kelly. One person storms into the office and informs that they are having the pilot of the helicopter in their custody but he also does not know anything. Nick forgets his own pain and tells Cruz that he should give him some men and he will go and search for the truck of the two men who have Kelly as he knows what they look like. Kelly is in high danger and they have to act quickly. The sheriff who just popped in tells him that he is going nowhere. Cruz asks all the officers to get out for a moment of the room and to take care that Miss Capwell is not coming in.

Nick wonders what is going on. He asks Cruz if he does not believe him. Cruz says yes, he believes him but not so the sheriff as it seems. He must see that he is the only person who is knowing about what has happened and nobody can confirm this also not Kelly as she has lost her memory. Nick senses Eden behind this action and asks Cruz why Eden is here and if she is the person who wants him into custody.

Jack's men are informing Jack about the latest events on the phone. They tell that they have somehow lost the contact with the helicopter. They had to drive quickly away as a police car was coming. They are having Kelly with them but could no more take Nick Hartley along as they had quickly to disappear. Yet he should not worry as they hit him with the truck and he no more moved afterwards so they are quit sure that he did not survive. Jack is sitting with the receiver in a wonderful garden while talking to them. He notices Julia coming close to him. He quickly gives the order to kill Kelly because even she does not have the memory Hartley has told her all about them and she will talk. Jack closes the phone. Julia wonders why he is phoning from the garden but Jack only sees her desirable body and embraces her. Julia turns around and talks about the beauty of the garden. She asks him when she is going to be introduced to the king. Jack tells her he might be able to arrange this in the evening. Julia tells him that she does not mean the old king but the new one the baby which gets crowned. Jack is surprised but promises to arrange it for her.

Mason is talking with Ted. Ted tells him the whole story with the fight he was having with Christy for the bracelet and how she scratched him. Mason wants to know to whom he already has told this story. Ted tells him that he did not tell it to anybody except Laken as she was asking him. Mason can't understand why he was fighting for the bracelet. Ted tells him what else should he do. The bracelet was his and how could he know in advance that she will attack him like a mad person. Ted thinks that she might imagined that he is in love with her and therefore the bracelet is hers. Mason tells him that the rape she did not imagine. This was real. Ted all of a sudden asks him upset if he does not believe him because otherwise he will take another lawyer. Mason tells him that of course he believes him otherwise he would not overtake his case. He tells him that he will try to find out the amount of the bail and he should no more talk to anybody about the case. If they are lucky then Christy might start to listen to reason and is not filing a lawsuit.

Steve explains Christy that she has to file a charge. He will write it and she has to sign. Of course she needs not to file a charge. It is up to her but how can a prosecutor see that such a thing is getting through. Christy asks Mary what she is thinking. Mary tells her that she finds it right to use one's right. Christy asks her how she sees it from the religious point of view in holding the other cheek in case one is beaten or forgive one foes. Mary tells her no in her case she finds she should file the charge. Ted should suffer for what he has done. Theda comes in and shows to Christy happy a paper about a meeting for alcoholics she will attend. If she is strong then she also will be strong and fight the alcohol. Steve informs Theda that Christy still does not know if she should file the charge. Theda tells her that she has to do this otherwise the people will think what they always think that she has provoked it and it is her own guilt. Christy asks them to go out as she has to think over it. All go out and Steve says with a stern voice she should think over it strongly.

Real Jack Lee is popping through his window and can't believe what he is seeing. His cousin is standing behind Julia and is embracing her. So she is really here.

Steve on being alone with Christy pats her face. She turns away disgusted asking him to leave her alone. He tells her that he never could hurt her he is sorry for what happened but she has hurt him very much. Christy wonders in which way she has hurt him. He tells her that he has heard her dispute with Ted. How she was throwing herself on him and how he simply left her alone. He always loved her and always was ready to do everything for her and she turned to Ted. He asked her how he has been in bed. She tells him that there was nothing. Steve does not believe her. He tells her that Ted told him that they have been friends and what this means by her he knows. Christy asks him why he wants her to charge Ted. Is it not enough already. Steve tells her that how can he as a prosecutor be quiet and letting through such a terrible rape. It has to be punished. So Ted has to be punished.

Mason tells Mary that he feels sorry for what has happened. Mary asks him not to go to her. He has not to worry she has not decided up to now if she is filing a charge or not. This is it what he was coming for, isn't it? Mason tells her not only, but also to see her. Mary gets upset and tells him that he thinks that Mary is religious and easy to turn around. One only has to tell her about the sins of the youth. Mason tells her that the only sin which is existing is that Ted is accused and he has certainly not done it. She tells him that the primal tests are talking differently and the blue marks are also speaking for themselves. Mason tells her that Ted has not touched her. Ted and Christy had a dispute yes, because she was falling in love to him and had something stolen from him. Mary interrupts him and tells him that he hopefully does not want to tell her that there is a simple explanation for this. Such kind of brutality one cannot explain. She tells Mason that she has been trained to help people in distress. They all were coming for help to her with terrible stories but only now she really can understand them. One thing she knows that she wishes that his brother is serving jail for his whole life and one thing she knows that she never will forgive him. She stops and wonders about what she just said. Things she would normally not say. She is shocked and thinks that she must changed somehow very much. Mason quietly listened to her by simply looking at her.

Jack Lee is introducing Julia to the minister. He then is telling her that he is having now to talk with the minister alone. Julia goes slowly out and Jack is officially thanking the minister for the hospitality of the king ending all polite words the moment Julia has closed the door behind her. Jack and the minister laugh about the idea of the generosity of the king. If he only would know that Jack is here to bore for the petrol along his shore. Jack asks about well-being of the king. The minister tells him that at the moment he is very happy for his heir and is trusting him completely. It is only a pity that his health is so bad. The minister calculates on what they are going to earn. Jack reminds him to keep up their deal and share as discussed half and half. The minister says of course he will do this. He never would cheat him. Jack wants to know about his cousin. The minister tells him that he has put him into the old tower which the king has closed. Jack tells him that he wants to see him only once. The minister wonders why but Jack tells him that he wants him to know how much better he is playing his role.

Julia gets surprised by two monks who take hold of her. One is closing her mouth to avoid her shouting. It turns out that it is Brick and Amy in disguise asking her if she knows anything meanwhile. Somebody comes and addresses Julia telling her that he will be pleased to introduce her and Jack to the mother of the heir of the king at night. Julia thanks.

Mary sits down on the bench. Mason tells her that he can understand her pain. The feeling of being powerless and the feeling of revenge. Like he feels now in the situation with Ted. She asks him if he expects her to apologise. Mason says no, why should she different to any other person. Pain is making people egotistical, he knows this. She sharply tells him not to try to manipulate her. If she would have something to say then she would sue Ted. Mason tells her that she should not think only on her or Ted but also on Christy. If she finds it really good if every detail of Christy will get known to the public. Mary fights back telling if he thinks that she or Christy are having no backbone. Mason asks her what it makes her so sure to believe that she knows the truth. Nuns are not unfailing. Mary replies if he really wants to do something for Christy then he should persuade Ted to confess.

Shark tries to reach the helicopter with the radio set but in vain. The other man tells him to forget the helicopter and kill her just on the spot. They can bury her here and then leave the truck and go by foot. Shark is not very enthusiastic about this idea. Kelly overhears their talk and tries to get rid of her ties.

Laken visits Ted. Ted thanks her for informing Mason but he finds it terrible that she is seeing him in this condition. Laken tells him that he has done nothing. They embrace each other and Ted tells her that this day should actually become the most wonderful day in his life before they came and arrested him. Laken on seeing him so depressed asks him about his situation. Ted tells her that it does not look so nice as it seems all depends on what Christy is saying. Laken wonders why Christy is doing this. She always has been jealous about their relationship. Ted finds that she must be mentally not alright. When they where in fight over the bracelet she was telling him things which had been totally absurd. Laken all of a sudden decides to see Christy and get it known by herself. Ted tries to hinder her but she already storms out.

Julia alone again with Brick and Amy tells them that the princess must have been then also pregnant if she should be the mother of the baby. She thinks that there is something not alright. She asks them to search out for possibilities to escape while she will find out all about the baby.

Cruz questions him about their stay. Nick tells him that they have got dry food from the farmers. He can question the farmers if Kelly was taken by him with force and they will confirm that Kelly went with him out of free will. Cruz wonders why they have been for such a long time in this ghost city. Nick tells him that the river was to high to cross. Since a few days they could cross it but then Kelly did not want to go and he also not. Cruz understands at once what happened and tells him that he better not search too deeply in this story and he should keep it for himself as this will complicate his position even more. Nick insists on the existence of Lee's men and the high danger in which Kelly is now and asks Cruz to start searching. Cruz understands his concern. He tells him that the wife of the farmer is outside and does not want to go unless she knows that he is alright. Nick tells him that he can tell her that he is alright. Cruz asks him to tell the officers what the men look like and all what he has just told to him. They certainly will find Kelly. The man of the helicopter is co-operative and wants to help them to get in contact with the two men to spot their position. On seeing Nick depressed face he tells him that he will try everything to get him soon out. Nick begs him to find Kelly that is what he is only concerned about. Nick on being alone reflects about their happy time in the ghost city and prays for the safety of Kelly.

Lee's men have finished the hole for Kelly. Shark says that he will bring her now. Kelly meanwhile managed to get hold of a metal stick with her two tied up hands. The radio receiver is calling for attention. Shark takes it and asks the helicopter man where he is. The man tells him that with them everything is ok. He should tell him where they are. Shark is giving to him the position and asks him to come quickly and get them out as the police has blocked every street. One of the man pulls Kelly out of the car. Kelly hits him badly with the metal stick so that he has to let hold from her. In pain he tells her that for this she will have to pay. Kelly tells them that the police knows everything. And where is the great Jack Lee. If he still is hiding himself in the bunker. The men notice that she has got back her memory. Kelly tells them that of course she can remember them she never can forget their face. She asks where Nick is if he is still alive. They tell her that this is nothing concern to her.

Theda and Mary bring a lady who is trained to help women in her situation. They thought maybe she wants to talk to a person who is not so emotionally involved like they. The lady is nice to Christy. Theda and Mary ask her to persuade Christy to file a charge. The lady says no that this she will not do. Christy is here because one has not respected her right to say no. So this is absolutely a decision alone of her. She no more should be forced to do something against her will. Turning to Christy she tells her that in case she wants to file the charge she should let her know and she will help her. They all go for a coffee.

Laken comes in. Christy tells her that she rather wants to be alone. Laken tells her that she feels sorry for what has happened to her but they both know that it has not been Ted so why she then is insisting that he had done it.

Steve shouts against Mason why he is still here. He should not dare to go close to Christy. Mason tells him that he still waits for the amount of the bail. Why this is taking so long. Steve is giving some excuses which Mason at once is opposing with good arguments. Steve fights back by telling him that he thinks that he is getting always what he wants. Mason tells him that it seems he is new here but he should know that he is not coming through with his manner in Santa Barbara. If he is not more careful he can fall very deep nobody better than he knows this. Steve gets silent.

Real Jack looks out of his window and sees Julia alone in the garden. He hears somebody coming and quickly puts back the stone into the hole.

Lee's men are getting ready to kill Kelly. One asks the other if he has put Nick's initials on the photo. He says he has put it on the rock that is much better as the camera is broken. They hear the helicopter and try to hurry up to finish their business. Shark is pressing the pistol against Kelly's head but gets disarmed at the same moment by Cruz. Officers storm out of the bushes and take the other one in charge. Cruz opens the ties from Kelly. When getting rid of the gag Kelly's first worry is about Nick. She thinks that they have killed him. Cruz pacifies her by telling that Nick is alright and staying at the police station. Kelly finds that he has to be informed she is alright as they told him that they have killed her. Cruz says yes, but first of all he brings her back to her family as they are since weeks in worry about her. Kelly wonders about the weeks. Cruz says that it has been exactly three and a half weeks since her disappearance. She tells him that this can't be it has been only one day. Cruz shocked about Kelly's bad memory takes her in his arms.

Jerry is coming down to see his cousin real Jack Lee. Jack greets him and tells that he is looking good. He nearly has managed it to double him but this must have cost him much pain as they had to change a bit. If they have cut something from his chin. Jerry tells him that everything is perfect. Jack says not all as he is not giving himself like he is giving him. He is never putting his head so up as he is doing. Jerry counters that everything is perfect including his lady. Lee asks him which lady. Jerry tells him Julia. Jack tells him that Julia always was fond of outward appearances. Jerry adds and all other things also. Jack asks him why he is doing all this as he was leading a happy life and he always was helping him. Jerry points out that he has been a nothing while all were delighted to see him in the television. Jack tells him that he must be mad to take up his job. He never liked it. Always going from one place to another no home nowhere a place where somebody is waiting. He is sure that one day he also will be terrible fed up with this game and happy if somebody comes and will lifts his burden.

Laken tells Christy that she knows the story of the stolen bracelet and for this she wants to take revenge on Ted. She liked to live with her and always liked all her dresses and everything. Christy tells her that she need not to think that she is something better than a hussy. Laken says now she understands by slowly rising her voice, one of her lovers from whom she is getting presents has lost control over himself and has gone to far and now she tries to blame Ted for it. Mary comes in and ends their dispute by asking Laken at once to go. Laken says sorry and goes. Christy lying in bed says that she also feels sorry.

Mason asks Laken if she could find something out. If Steve is trying to push her into a lawsuit. Laken tells him that she knows now less than before and Ted was right she should not have come here while rushing to the elevator.

Mary sits down at Christy's bed and talks to her softly. Christy starts to get some trust and asks her if she can tell her something in confidence in the way she has done it in earlier times. Mary says yes of course she can and she will keep her secret. Christy is just on telling her something when Steve and Theda come in. Steve asks her that he hopes that she has decided meanwhile he can't wait with the bail any longer he has to know it. Christy remembers Steve the way he threatens her to make Ted suffer for everything and says yes. Steve is relieved and Theda is happy and tells her that the whole family is standing behind her.

Laken comes back to Ted and tells him that he was right she should not have gone to see her and embraces him in worry.

Brick and Amy are in search for the baby. Amy finds that something is not alright here. She feels so strange. This terrible people have taken her baby and now she wants to know where it is. Maybe they have killed it already or the baby here really belongs to the princess. Brick takes her into his arms and tells her they will find it and she should know that he loves her. All of a sudden they hear a baby cry. They go out of the room and follow the baby's cry. Brick tells her that they can't be sure that it is really hers. Amy says but she is. She knows that it is her baby. They open the door and see the cradle with the baby in it.

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Gina comes home. She argues with Sophia and Santana. They all start running up the stairs and Gina falls down. Ted and Laken are together in bed, talking about Ted's case. Ted is on the run. Jack Lee spends time with Julia. Mary brings Christy to the hospital for a check-up and talks to Mason while Christy's seeing the doctor. Cruz comes to interrogate Laken about Ted. The prime minister of New Stailand pulls a gun on Julia and Jack Lee. Ted decides to give himself in, and he and Laken come downstairs to Augusta together.