Christy, Mary and their mother are interviewed by the reporters at the hospital. Ted is in jail again. Amy and Brick consider staying at New Stailand. Gina loses her baby. Mason and Ted discuss Ted's case at the police station. Christy gets a letter from Ted but Mary tears it in pieces. Mason goes to see Gina.

Santana goes to see Gina. Mary talks to Mr. Hammond. The doctor tells CC that Gina can't have children anymore. Brick isn't very keen to stay in New Stailand. Kelly draws a picture of the Ghost Town. She receives photos from Nick. Santana threatens Gina that she'll tell Brandon who his real mother is. Mary and Mason talk at the hospital. Mary considers leaving the convent but her mother is against it. Brick wants to return to Santa Barbara. A reporter talks to Mary's mother and she urges him to talk to Sophia about Channing's murder. Sophia defends Ted and CC to the reporter and to Mary's mother. The doctor tells Gina that she can't have children anymore. Kelly talks to Cruz about Eden. Cruz says he'll try to see Eden that evening. Mason finds Mary at the Orient Express. Brick finds out his mother is in hospital and he intends to leave for Santa Barbara. Gina decides to leave the hospital.

Mary and Mason dine at the Orient Express. A priest tells Augusta that a long time ago Sophia confessed having had an affair with Lionel and becoming pregnant by him. Santana calls the Oasis motel and asks the manager to come meet her at the Orient Express. Gina is at home with CC. Sophia offers to be of help for Gina and Brandon. CC leaves and Gina is concerned about where he really went. CC and Sophia talk at the Orient Express. Mary starts to drink at the dinner and argues with Mason. CC tells Sophia he cares for Gina although he doesn't love her. Mary is excited about her new life after leaving the convent. Steve comes to the Orient Express and hits Mason, who hits him in return. The manager of the Oasis motel, Mr. Gould, recognizes Gina at the Orient Express and tells Santana that woman had been with Mason at the motel.

Kelly remembers dancing with someone in the Ghost Town. Lionel and Augusta come in to the Lockridge mansion when Julia and Jack Lee are kissing. Gina is happy to be home, she and CC have a talk. Santana confronts Gina, CC comes downstairs and Gina leaves. Kelly starts to remember more from her time at the Ghost Town. Lionel suspects that Brick wants to take over his company. Lionel tells his acquaintance that the doctor said he won.t live more than a few days. Warren comes home and Lionel.s acquaintance leaves. Augusta meets Julia at the Orient Express and wants to talk about Channing's paternity. Nick watches Kelly as she starts to remember. Santana talks to CC but decides not to tell him about Gina's affair with Mason. Augusta and Warren wonder why Lionel ordered black invitations. Kelly remembers that the mysterious man was Nick. She wants to know why he didn't tell her about it all. When she remembers they made love, she is even more confused and runs away. Warren asks Julia if she has noticed anything strange in Lionel, she says she doesn't. Brick calls Amy and wants to know when she's coming home. Amy says she's not sure she will at all. Jack Lee comes to the Orient Express to Julia and Warren, they talk for a moment and Warren leaves. Kelly tells Nick she can't love him like before and needs some time to think things over.

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Christy's trial is in progress. She wants to say something, but Steve doesn't want her to do so. There is a short break and Christy's mother wants to know what Christy wants to say. Eden and Cruz talk to Mason at the courthouse while Ted talks to Laken. Ted is hopeful on what Christy is going to say. Mason asks Mary if she knows what Christy is up to but she says she doesn't. Mary goes to the courtroom door and sees Steve with Christy, who looks terrified. Cruz brings some more evidence for Steve. When alone again, Steve threatens Christy that he'll kill her if she speaks. At the court Christy says that Ted wasn't the rapist but that she doesn't remember what the rapist looked like. Charges against Ted are dropped. Mary tells Christy she went to the convent to run away and that she doesn't want to be a nun anymore. She wants Christy to help her find the real rapist. Eden and Cruz prepare for the evening. There is a party at the Capwell mansion for Ted and everyone has a good time. Steve intends to sleep with Christy. Cruz shows Eden a photo of him as a child and tells her she can now predict how their children will look like. Mason tells CC he invited Lindsay Smith to the party. Lindsay arrives and starts telling CC about his and Channing's relationship.