Everybody is getting ready to leave for the Orient Express. Mason encourages Lindsay to tell CC about his relationship with Channing. Mary comes in when Steve is about to force himself onto Christy. They talk for a while and when Mary leaves, Steve threatens Christy and starts to approach to her again. However, their mother comes and suspects Christy isn't telling the truth. Laken and Ted are at the Lockridge mansion enjoying Ted's release. Christy leaves while Steve is away for a moment. Mary comes in and she and Steve wonder where Christy went. Cruz and Eden dance at the Orient Express. Ted and Laken are still at the Lockridge mansion when Christy calls. She wants to speak with Ted and warns him that her mother will cause a scene at the Orient Express party. Cruz and Eden leave the party. Mary comes to the Capwell mansion to look for Christy. Laken and Ted arrive at the Orient Express. Mary's mother arrive a short while after them and wants to speak with Ted. However, Sophia won.t let her do so. CC talks with Lindsay at the Capwell mansion. Cruz and Eden make love. Mary's mother fights with Sophia and hurts her ankle. When Ted offers to help her out she first refuses but then agrees. Lindsay tells CC about his time with Channing. Steve is planning to stop Christy and leaves with a gun. Lindsay hints CC that Channing was a gay but CC doesn't understand his hints.

Mason hints CC about Channing having been a gay. Lionel watches an old video of Sophia. He writes a note to CC to go with the video. Augusta comes in. Mason tells CC that Channing was a gay. Santana comes in and CC asks her to confirm what he just heard. Santana asks Mason why he told CC about Channing and CC almost has a heart attack. Steve comes home and Mary right after him. There is still no sign of Christy. Steve gets angry when Mary says that Christy's attacker could be someone close to her. Sophia slaps Mason when he makes an insult about Channing. Gina leaves for the party at the Orient Express. Mason leaves the house and Sophia drives Santana out. Lionel takes the video behind the door of the Capwell mansion. Augusta goes to talk to Gina, who tells her she was thrown out of the house. The doctor tells CC he had had another minor attack. Santana and Mason talk at the Orient Express. Steve and Mary arrive at the Orient Express to look for Christy. Gina tells Augusta that CC knows about Channing. Augusta lets Gina know that Channing was Lionel's son. CC watches the video Lionel left as Sophia comes down the stairs. Christy tries to call Ted. Steve leaves the Orient Express and Mason and Mary are left alone. Lionel's acquaintance is happy that Lionel isn't going to die after all. Ted and Laken return to the Lockridge mansion. Christy calls Ted and tells him to be careful since her rapist might be after Ted. Steve is angry at Christy and Mary becomes upset.

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