Written by Elad Sarver

Episode 302

Nick suspects that Minx was the one behind the mysterious phone call to Glenn Wallace, and not Augusta as he thought at first. He shares his thought with Brick, who tells him he doesn't believe that Minx would try to harm him, but Nick reveales that he has also found out that someone made sure there was a kidney available for Brick if he needed it. Nick thinks that Minx was trying to prevent Brick's father from meeting him.

Kirk tells Eden all about his relationship with his father, Jack Lee, hoping it will help him get the job at "Capwell Enterprises". He was the result of a teenage-romance between Jack and some woman, and he only knew his father when he was 15. After a conversation over the phone with Jack, Eden finally decides to hire Kirk. "Well, that takes care of round one" says Kirk to himself satisfied after Eden tells him the good news over the phone.

Kelly writes a letter to Joe saying that she is falling in love with someone, and he would have been happy for her. Nick follows her to Joe's grave, but doesn't hear the content of the letter.

Mason continues to romance Mary, but she tells him that she doesn't want a relationship with him.

Gina threatens Mason that if he tells Brandon that Santana is his real mother, she will publish CC's will, which she has hidden somewhere in the Capwell Mansion. Mason searches the house but can't find the will, and he's not sure Gina really has it. Just when he's about to tell Brandon the truth about his mother, Gina shows up with the will in her hand.

Episode 303

Eden's nightmares continue to haunt her. She dreams that CC begs her to let him die.

The D.A. office informs the Capwells that Sophia's trial is about to begin. Jack Lee (he's in Washington DC, we don't see him, Kirk and Eden are in contact with him) thinks that there is no chance for Sophia to win the case, especially since CC is in a coma and can't testify that he was the one who loaded the gun. Kirk and Cruz think that it is best if Sophia will plain guilty and make a deal with the D.A., but Sophia insists on a fight in court in order to clear her name. Eden and Kelly tell her that if she will go to court they will do everything they can to help her, but they want her to at least think about the possibility of a bargain. Sophia agrees.

Nick feels he can't compete with Kelly's love for Joe, and he starts shouting at Kelly for no reason. When she asks him for the real reason, he confesses that he saw her writing the letter to Joe, and then she sends him to Joe's grave, where he reads the letter. Nick understands now that Kelly is in love with him.

Eden tries to pull some strings in order to get Cruz back on the police force. When he finds out about it, he gets angry at her.

Mason lies to Brandon and doesn't tell him that Santana is his mother. Gina thanks Mason, but he tells her that he did it only for Brandon's sake. When she tries to seduce him, he tells her that first he wants her to bring CC's will. Gina brings the will and they burn it, but what Mason doesn't know is that Gina made a copy of the will, and she still has it.

Note: The part of Santana is played in this episode by Gina Gallego.

Episode 304

Eden is having another nightmare, and she hurries to the Capwell mansion to be in CC's room. When Kirk enters, an upset Eden embraces him strongly. Kirk is a bit surprised, but he calms Eden down. He tells her that he likes her and wants to get to know her better, and that she can turn to him for help in anytime. Eden thanks him and tells him that she also likes him. Gina hears their conversation.

Nick returns from Joe's grave, and asks Kelly if she really meant what was written on the letter. "Every word" Kelly replies. Nick kisses Kelly, and soon afterwards they make passionate love. Kelly's publisher comes to Nick's apartment, and tells Nick and Kelly that he won't publish Nick's book because he should have already finished writing it and the deadline passed, but they convince him to read the first chapter. The publisher is greatly impressed by it, and promises Nick he will publish the book when he finishes it.

Sophia's hearing begins. Mason and Cruz fail to convince the D.A. to make a bargain with Sophia and not take the case to court. The D.A. thinks that anyone who took a life, even if it wasn't deliberately, should do time in jail, but after he talks to Sophia herself, who tells him she is ready to go to court and that she will never forgive herself for killing her beloved son, he finally agrees to make a bargain: Sophia will spend 10 hours a week for 2 years doing community service. Sophia bursts into tears and thanks him. Channing's murder case is closed.

Gina asks one of CC's nurses to explain her how the emergancy system works. The nurse tells her she has nothing to worry about, as she checks this system frequently to make sure it will work properly in a time of need.

Brick blames Amy that if he wasn't hurt she would have never come back to Santa Barbara for him. Amy denies that, and tells him she would have come back anyway, since she loves him. To prove it, Amy goes to make a call to New-Steiland, and tell them she won't be coming back since she decided to stay in Santa Barbara after all. While Amy is gone, a big poisonous spider climbs his way to Johnny's cradle. When Brick notices it, he quickly turns his wheelchair towards Johnny, but the chair is stuck, and Brick, knowing that if he gets up it could kill him, decides to take the risk in ordrer to save Johnny. Just when Amy returns, before he can reach Johnny's cradle, Brick slips and falls down...

Episode 305

A part of CC's life-support system starts to malfunction, and an alarm sound is heard from CC's room, while Eden is in there. A nurse comes right away and fixes the machine, saying that it was nothing serious, but Eden is shocked to find out that she actually felt relieved when the alarm started. Cruz tries to calm her down, but Eden's guilt feelings about not fulfilling daddy's wish to die peacefully just seem to grow stronger.

Aýmy saves Johnny from the black spider, and Brick is taken to the hospital. After a few long hours of expectation, the doctor finally tells Amy some very good news: The metal plate that was stuck in Brick's back got loose "thanks" to his fall, and Brick will fully recover, and will be able to walk again. However, when Brick is carried out of the surgery room, he tells Amy that now she has no reason of staying in Santa Barbara. She should go back to New Steiland with Johnny.

Nick comes up with an interesting assumption about Minx's phone call to Glenn Wallace: Maybe he's not Brick's real father and she was trying to hide it.

Kirk is determined to get a higher rank at "Capwell Enterprises", buts his ego gets in the way: He critisizes Eden about 2 deals that she is about to make, and tells her she should hire him as her business consultant, since she can't make such big decisions on her own and she needs an expert's advice. Eden gets angry of Kirk's arrogence, and when he comes back from the beach, after drawing his new and improved employment contract with the help of Julia, to the Capwell mansion, she fires him in the presence of Cruz. Now it's Kirk's turn to get angry. He tells Eden she is making a very big mistake. Eden and Cruz ask him to leave, and Kirk throws some insults at Cruz and asks him to stay out of it. Kirk asks Eden whether she changed her mind about the deals, and she tells him she didn't and she knows CC would do the same. Kirk tells her that she is wrong. Kirk pretends he's walking out of the mansion, but he stays near the front door when the phone rings. Eden answers, and Kirk picks up the phone and listens. It is a stock man, who tells Eden that her decision to sell the stocks is wrong. Eden insists of selling, and Kirk suddenly enters the conversation and tells the man that he will buy them, no matter what the price is. Eden is furious, and tells Kirk to get out. Kirk tells her that he just tried to stop her from doing a wrong and harmful decision. Before he leaves, Kirk promises Eden that she will call him in the next 24 hours and beg him to sign the contract. "You won't hear from me even in 24 years" Eden shouts, but Kirk, very sure of himself, tells her that he'll be waiting.

The State Department starts to harass Nick about his brother. It seems that Dylan has troubles with the law, and Nick is the least happy about it. Janice, who is also wanted by the department, hides in the Lockridge mansion. Warren helps keep the policemen away from her, but when he asks her why is she wanted by the State Department, all she says is that she is protecting a very close friend. "A boyfriendþ?" Warren insists. "No. More then that" Janice replies. Meanwhile, we finally see Dylan. He's on a plane on his way to Santa Barbara, sure that Nick will help him. He is holding what seens to be a quite large piece of gold in his hand. Dylan's fuel meter reaches its dangerous edge as Dylan approaches Santa Barbara. He can see the land, but it is clear to him that he won't make it. "Let's hope the water is not too cold today and there aren't any sharks around" Dylan says to himself as he is getting ready to land his plane on the water.

The episode ends with Julia jogging on the beach. Suddenly, she sees something in the far horizon. When the camera closes in, it is clear that someone is swimming rapidly towards the shore...

Note: Dylan Hartley (Page Mosely) arrives in this episode.ý

Episode 306

Danny Andrede, Santana's younger brother, gets into trouble with Angel's gang. Angel claims that Danny tried to have him and his gang arrested, and promises to get back at him. Soon afterwards, Danny is brought to Mary's clinic after he got bitten up by Angel's gang. Angel comes into the clinic and threatens to hurt Danny again. Danny decides to turn to Cruz for help, but gets disappointed when Cruz notifies him that he's no longer a cop. Cruz feels bad about not being able to help Danny.

Mason asks Mary to dinner, but she already have plans for the night: she is working at the clinic. Mason decides to come over to the clinic and help her. Before leaving the clinic for a dinner break, their eyes meet in a prolonged look and they kiss.

Gina keeps taking notes of the nurses' actions and the medical equipment surrounding CC. She also starts pressuring Eden by telling her she should do what CC asked her to, since he has no chance of recovering. She checks how fast the nurses operate on an emergency situation, by interrupting CC's respirator machine. "This is probably very confusing for you, but don't worry. You'll know what I'm up to soon enough" - says Gina with a devious smile to a pale and unconscious CC.

Dylan swims safely to the shore, and heads towards the city, with Julia following him curiously. Dylan earns some money after fooling Angel, and he almost gets into a fight with his gang, but he manages to scare them off. Julia, who was watching the whole thing, asks him if he was swimming all the way from Japan. Dylan tells her that he came from Africa. When Julia comes back to her car which is parked near the beach, she is surprised to find Dylan taking a nap in the back seat. Julia wants him to get out, but Dylan convinces her to drive him to the cheapest motel. When they reach the model, Dylan asks Julia for one last favor: Since he has only his short pants on him, he is sure he won't be allowed to rent a room. Julia agrees to rent a room for him, and then she reminds him that he hasn't even told her his name. Dylan tells her his name is Tom, and Julia tells him her name is Helen. Policemen come into the motel, and show Dylan's photo to the reception man, asking him if he has seen this man recently. He tells them he has never seen him. After helping him sneak into the motel room, Julia wants to leave, but Dylan asks her to close the window, as he is very tired and can't do it himself. While Julia is closing the window, Dylan takes out of her purse what looks like an address book, and hides it quickly under the bed. After Julia leaves, Dylan takes the book out and finds Julia's name in it. "Well Julia, I'm sure we'll meet again" smiles Dylan to himself satisfied.

Episode 307

Cruz and Eden are having a tough argument. Cruz thinks that CC had no right to ask Eden to end his life. He knew how hard it will be for her and he was thinking only about himself. Eden defends CC by saying he was only thinking of his family, and he didn't want to be a bargain on their shoulders. Eden gets more and more convinced that she should fulfill her father's request.

Eden enters CC's room - and is surprised not to find CC there. Gina informs her that CC was taken to the hospital to go through some tests. Eden is shocked and embarrased again to find out that she felt relieved when she didn't see CC in the room, since she thought he died.

Mason and Gina take advantage of CC's absence and start toying around with CC's medical equipment (these scenes were quite funny :). Mary is surprised to find them in the room, and is angry at them for playing with the crucial equipment. She can't believe that Mason and Gina did something that might harm the condition of CC. This causes Mary to re-evaluate her relationship with Mason.

Julia returns to Dylan's motel the next morning to bring him some clothes, and finds her stolen address book. Dylan admits that he wanted to make sure Julia would come back. When Julia is getting ready to leave, Dylan asks her a favour: He has to find his brother who lives in the area, and he wants Julia to find him and arrange a meeting. Julia understands that Dylan is in trouble, and demands to know more details. Dylan finally tells her his real name and asks her to find Nick Hartley. Julia arranges the meeting at the beach, and the two brothers are happy and excited to meet again. The initial joy turns into a loud argument when they reach Nick's place. Nick is angry at Dylan for using him to get money he worked hard for. Dylan promises he will pay Nick back, and hands him the piece of gold. When Nick wants to know where Dylan got it from, and why is the state department looking for him, Dylan tells him he can't say much, but he has found a gold mine in Africa, and the only thing that keeps him away from owning it is the Mafia.

Mason informs Eden that she has lost a million dollars when she sold the stocks. He hands her the newspaper, where she reads about the sharp raise of her stocks. Eden realizes now that Kirk was right. She goes to meet him in an old wine cellar he had just bought, and asks him to regain his position at Capwell Enterprises, and he galdly accepts the offer. When Eden tries to exit the wine cellar, the door is stuck. Kirk seems happy about it, and offers a nervous Eden some wine. He calms her down saying that it won't be long when they will be freed. Meanwhile, Cruz is getting worried when Eden doesn't show up for their meeting, and he decides to go over to the wine cellar and see what is taking her so long.

Episode 308

While they are still stuck in the wine cellar, Kirk tells Eden about his tough childhood. He gets very nervous and suddenly changes the subject. Eden tells him about her nightmares, and gets surprised when Kirk tells her he thinks she should end CC's life. In Kirk's opinion, everyone has a right to choose how to end his own life. Eden tells him what Cruz thinks. Kirk decides to be cautious, and tells her that it is her decision to make, and that she should be very careful if she decides to operate, as it is against the law, and she could get in a lot of trouble. Their conversation is interrupted by Cruz's shouts. Cruz easily opens the stuck door, and embraces Eden, than they walk away, without paying any attention to Kirk, who is obviously offended by this.

Mason asks Mary for lunch. He arrives to the restaurant first, and starts flirting with Janice, when a surprised Mary enters the restaurant. Mason apologizes. Later, when they sit down, Mary tells Mason that she will never be as attractive as someone like Janice. Mason, however, thinks that Mary's natural beauty is unbeatable. Mary is very happy to be given such a compliment. Their lunch is interrupted by the arrival of Danny Andrede, who got bitten up again. They go to the clinic, where Danny is taken care of. Mason and Mary are having a conversation in the clinic, when flowers arrive for Mary. The card reads "Mason". Mary thanks him with a passionate kiss.

Nick hides Dylan in a motel, and the two brothers keep arguing about the money Dylan got from Nick and his parents when they thought he was in medical school. Dylan promises to make Nick a rich man, but first he has to return to Africa and claim the gold mine. Nick is followed by the state department men, but manages to fool them and bring Janice to Dylan's room and reunite the two lovers.

The doctor who examined CC tells Eden that there is absolutely no change in his condition, and his chances of getting better are slim. When Gina wants to know about CC's condition, Eden lies to her by telling her CC's condition has improved, but Gina notices how nervous and concerned Eden is, and understands she is lying. Gina asks Rosa what are Eden's nightmares about, and Rosa tells her Eden dreams about pulling the plug on CC while wearing the dress CC likes the most. Gina is obviously planning a scheme against Eden. Later Rosa finds the dress in the garbage, and brings it back to Eden, who tells her to get rid of it. She doesn't want to see that dress near her. Gina sends Rosa to the kitchen and gets the dress. "It's not exactly my style, but it's ought to do the job" - smiles Gina deviously...ý

Episode 309

Mason tries to convince Kelly that if Eden continues to run the company, it will collapse. He says that he is much more qualified to run it, and he won't make the wrong decisions Eden makes. Kelly is not convinced.

Gina orders a special drug which can cause dizziness and confusion when taken with alcohol, and subscribes it under Eden's name. Sophia, Eden and Mason are arguing in the study room whether to hold a family dinner. Sophia is bothered that people in the mansion hardly speak to each other since CC's stroke. Eden thinks that a dinner won't help change the situation. Suddenly Gina enters the room, and invites everyone for a family dinner. After Sophia and Eden leave the room, Mason stays as he wants to discuss with Gina what should they do if CC wakes up. "Don't worry, he won't" - calms him Gina. Mason can't understand why Gina is so sure of it. He has a feeling she's up to something. Eden is looking for the pink dress, and asks Gina if she saw it, but Gina says she never did. "You won't find it Eden...unless I want you to" - says Gina to herself after Eden takes off.

Brick still accuses Amy that she only came back because of his accident, and she doesn't want to share her life with him, but he quickly gets convinced when he finds Amy's wedding proposal in his mail. Brick and Amy are engaged, but Brick also deals with two major surprises this episode: Warren finds that large amounts of money were transferred from the Lockridge bank account to a Swiss account registered under Brick's name, and Brick is sure it is a misunderstanding. (This is actually Augusta's doing: She had Brick sign the transfer papers when he was blurred out in the hospital. She wants to force Brick to leave town). The other surprise comes from Nick, who after comparing Brick and Glenn Wallace's blood types, informs a shocked Brick that there is no chance that Glenn is his biological father. Brick and Amy put Minx in an uncomfortable situation, in order that she will explain to them why she cares so much for Brick. Minx makes up a story about Brick saving her life in some disaster, and hopes Brick will buy it.

Dylan is sitting in the bar of the Capwell hotel, when suddenly he notices Kelly, who is sitting nearby. Dylan is struck by her beauty. Later Mason comes in, and starts arguing with Kelly. Dylan decides to be Kelly's "hero", and punches Mason, but is surprised when Kelly calls him an animal, and rushes to help Mason. "What did I do wrong?" - Dylan can't understand.

The evening approaches. Eden and Sophia come into the house, and Gina is happy to see them. She offers Eden a drink, then puts a pill in Eden's glass before giving it to her... ý

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