Written by Elad Sarver

Episode 310

Note: This is an episode I've missed. Therefore, the summary is shorter than usual and might have some inaccurate details. I found out as much as I could about what happened.

Kelly spills something hot on Dylan on purpose, than regrets it when seeing Dylan is hurt, and escorts him to the clinic. Dylan is very attracted to Kelly, and tries to flirt with her, but she rejects him. We also get to know more about the troubles Dylan is in: There is a mobster named Carlo who wants to kill him and Sam, a friend and a partner of Dylan.

Nick helps Brick find out that his real mother is actually Minx, and not Katie Wallace.

Gina's drug affects Eden, and she has frequent changes of mood, dizziness, she cries and laughs. She is having nerve attacks, and shouts at everyone, even making Sophia cry. Gina is taking pictures of the drugged Eden. Finally Cruz calms Eden down and takes her home.ý

Episode 311

Dylan comes to Nick's flat and notices Kelly's night dress. He wants to know when he will meet Nick's girlfriend. Nick tells him that he won't meet her until he has found a way out of the mess he's in. Dylan thinks that Nick is afraid to lose her to him, but Nick tells him he's sure she loves him and will never love Dylan the same way. Nick describes Kelly's beauty to Dylan and tells him that she is very special to him. Dylan is anxious to meet her.

Gina develops the pictures of the drugged Eden she took last night. She is satisfied with the results. Mason asks her to give them to him, since they will be of a great value to him in his battle against Eden on the control of "Capwell Enterprises", but Gina refuses. Eden wakes up from yet another nightmare where CC asks her to kill him, and has a blackout on what happened last night. Mason later tells her about what she did, and that Gina took her pictures. Eden goes to Gina's room to search for them, and almost finds the hidden pink dress, when Gina arrives and they start to argue loudly. Eden demands that Gina will give her the photos, and when she refuses Eden threatens her that she'll be sorry for that. Kirk hears their shouts from outside the room. Meanwhile, Cruz arrives to the mansion looking for Eden. When he hears that she is upstairs with Kirk, he rushes up, just when Kirk and Eden come down the stairs. Cruz ignores Kirk and offers Eden to have breakfast with her. He then gets an urgent call from the Mary's clinic, and leaves. Kirk offers Eden to replace Cruz's place in the breakfast. Eden agrees. Kirk tells Eden that he noticed Cruz doesn't like him, and he thinks it's because he feels threatened by his relationship with Eden.

Dylan continues to pursuit Kelly. He arrives at the art museum where Kelly is working, and wonders what people find in all the strange shapes and paintings. He takes two cans, sticks them together with a gum, and puts them on a table. Then he goes to Kelly and starts flirting with her to her dismay. He asks her how much the statue he made costs in her opinion. Kelly, without knowing it was made by him two minutes ago, tells him confidently that it is worth at least 10,000$. Dylan bets with her that it is worth nothing. If he wins, he will take her to dinner. If she wins, he won't bother her ever again. Kelly goes to call an expert, and Dylan takes something out of her purse while she's gone. Kelly returns with the expert, who says it is worth a fortune. Dylan is surprised yet amused. Later that same expert orders to clear the garbage from the table. Kelly asks Dylan to leave since she has won, but he continues to harass her. She tells him she has a boyfriend. "So what, I have a girlfriend" - smiles Dylan. Finally he agrees to leave, but as he is walking on his way out, Nick suddenly arrives. Kelly hugs him and they kiss. Dylan can't believe his eyes.

Danny comes to Mary's clinic for a check on his recovery. While Mary examines him, someone rushes into the clinic saying there is a big fire outside and there are casualties. Mary rushes outside, and Danny calls the police. The fire was a set-up, and soon after Mary leaves, Angel and his gang burst in. They blame Danny for getting the Mexicans a bad reputation by hanging with whites and they cut Danny's face, and when Mary returns, a gang member holds her and Angel asks her for drugs. When she says there aren't any in the clinic, Angel gets mad and turns the clinic upside down. After the gang leaves, Cruz and Mason arrive and find the clinic all messed up. Mason promises to help Mary recover the clinic, and Cruz asks Danny to tell him the names of those who attacked him. Danny refuses, but Cruz convinces him to spread the rumor that he wants to revenge them and will meet them at noon on the beach. Cruz arrives there, and tries to talk some sense into some of Angel's gang members who call him "a stinking cop", when Angel arrives from behind him with a drawn knife...

Episode 312

Nick, Kelly, Dylan and Janice are all having lunch at the Orient Express, and discuss their future plans after they'll get rich from Dylan's gold mine. When Kelly and Dylan are left alone for a couple of minutes, they start to argue whether to tell Nick and Janice that they've already met, and decide to keep it a secret. When Nick and Kelly finish and leave, Janice asks Dylan if he really is happy that she is here with him, as she senses that Dylan is attracted to Kelly. Dylan calms her down and assures his love for her. Later at Nick's apartment, Kelly confesses to Nick that she met Dylan before and didn't know he was Nick's brother. Nick is amused to hear that, but warns Kelly not to hang around Dylan too much, because it might get her in troubles. Meanwhile, Dylan goes to the beach alone and watches lovers kissing on the shore. It is clear that he feels lonely, probably because he fell in love with Kelly.

Cruz manages to take control of Angel and disarm him. He then tells the gang members that they are acting like kids and put a stain on the Mexican community in the city. Cruz threatens them that if they'll ever touch Danny again, he will personally make sure that they'll be put behind bars. After Cruz leaves, Angel wants his gang to chase him, but the gang members are no longer listening to him. They shout at him that it was stupid to mess up the clinic and tell him that he's out of the gang. Angel is furious, and swears to revenge Cruz for what he did to him. Two of Angel's gang members later come to the clinic to help Mary clean the mess.

Eden and Gina cat-fight over the photos Gina took of Eden, and Eden pushes a bucket full of cement on Gina and on the photos, and by that ruining them. Kirk comes from the kitchen, and overhears Gina and Eden's argument. Gina leaves the room upset and angry at Eden, and Kirk enters. They start to discuss matters concerning the company, but Eden is disracted by thought over CC. She asks Kirk if there is a way she can pull the plug on him without having to go to jail. Kirk tells her that only if CC gave her a formal permission and if she can prove it, there might be a chance. Eden tells him that Jack Lee found an old letter from CC to her, asking her to turn of the machines if he won't be able to live without them. Kirk tells her that this might help. Later we see Gina standing in CC's room. She tells him she has learned a lot on his condition and he was right when he said she needed to work on some project. "This project is almost done" - smiles Gina. She even learned how to forge his signature. "I'm sure Eden was glad to recieve the letter I wrote. Soon her problems, your problems, and most important my problems will all be solved!". Eden dreams that her father died, and wakes up terrified in his room. She stares at the life-support machines, when Gina comes in. "Go on, do it! I won't tell. Don't you have the nerve?" - urges her Gina. Eden puts her hand on the machine buttons...

Episode 313

(Thanks to Tzach from Israel for his help)

Eden barely stops herself from pulling the plug on CC.

Augusta and Lionel fly to Sweizerland, where Lionel is embarresed to find out about Brick's Swiss account. Amy remembers she saw Augusta with some papers sneaking out of Brick's room after the accident, and suspects that she framed Brick. When Lionel and Augusta return to Santa Barbara, Brick and Amy confront the Lockridges, and finally the Lockridges decide to turn the matter over to the police, while Julia believes that Brick is innocent and decides to help him. Before Brick leaves, he asks to talk privately to Augusta. He tells Augusta what Amy thinks, and asks her what she was doing in his room that day. Augusta denies framing Brick, but find it hard to give a convincing explanation to his question. Lionel hears their conversation, and asks Brick to leave, but it's clear that somehow he doesn't think Brick really embazzled from the Lockridges.

Angel comes armed to Mary's clinic, determined to kill Cruz. He takes Mary and Mason hostage, and forces Mary to call Cruz and ask him to come over to the clinic. When Cruz arrives, Angel says he's going to kill him. He phones some of his friends and ask them to come and see him defeating Cruz. While Angel's on the phone, Cruz tries to make a move, but Angel notices him and stops him. A loud argument develops between Cruz and Angel, and Mason tries to take advantage of Angel being disracted, and tries to escape. Angel shoots him before he reaches the door, and Mason collapses. Mary screams but Angel shuts her up. Meanwhile, the police surrounds the building and asks Angel to surrender. Angel threatens to kill Cruz if the cops will make a move, and Cruz tells the cop that everything is under control and that they should give him time to talk to Angel. The cops decide to wait, but not for long. Cruz talks to Angel about his dead older brother Heraldo, who was killed by cops, and about his family. His mother won't be able to cop with another loss in the family. Angel starts to soften, and when Cruz tells him how he was proud of him when he saw him crying in his brother's funeral, Angel breaks down, throws the gun away and embraces Cruz, but at that moment the cops burst into the clinic. Cruz shouts at them that everything is ok, but it is too late: Angel freaks out and grabs the gun again, pointing it at Cruz...

Episode 314

(Thanks to Tzach from Israel for his help)

Eden almost pulls the plug on CC, when an urgent phone call arrives and she is told that Cruz is held hostage and leaves CC's room in a hurry.

Brick pressures Augusta to tell him what were the papers she had him sign when he was blurred in the hospital, and she lies by saying they were release forms. Brick doesn't believe her. Minx enters the room, and asks to be alone with Brick. She asks him if he really has embezzled from the Lockridges. Brick denies. They start to argue, and Brick tells her he knows that she phoned Glenn Wallace and that she is his real mother, and he wants to know who is real father is. Minx tells him that he is wrong about her being his mother, and that she does know who his real parents are, but she will never tell him, as it would be best that he will never know. Lionel tells Brick that he will prosecute him in court, and Brick says he will fight back.

Kirk sabotages Eden and Cruz's dinner plans by making Eden work with him on the Washington deal, which he claims was very important to CC. He then makes some remarks about Eden and Cruz's relationship, in order to arouse doubts in Eden, but doesn't succeed. Eden asks him to help her get Cruz promoted in the police force, maybe to a Captain's rank, in order that he won't have to go on risking his life on the streets. Kirk agress to look into it. Kirk also phones his father Jack Lee and asks him about Julia.

Cruz convinces Angel to let the hurt Mason and the terrified Mary leave the scene. Mason is taken to the hospital, from where he is released shortly afterwards. After long minutes of persuasion, Angel finally hands the gun over the Cruz, and the drama is over. Cruz becomes the hero of the day, and his friends decide to arrange a party in honor of him. He also gets his job as a cop back, and is promised by the inspector not to be sent to Miami again.

We get to know that Janice knows Gina from her past, and that they were enemies. Gina herself continues with her murder plan. She notifies Rosa that the servants will take two weeks off starting from Saturday. Later, when Eden finds out about it, she gets angry at Gina, as she planned to throw Cruz's party at the house, and now she'll have to do it at the Orient Express. Cruz and Eden decide that the party would be the perfect timing to announce their engagement. Gina, however, thinks that it would be the perfect night to complete her scheme.

Upstairs in CC's room, Gina orders a blonde wig that will look like Eden's hair. Then she walks over to CC's bed and says that everything is working perfectly according to her plan, and adds:
"This is going to be one of the biggest nights of my life and certainly of yours, CC..."ý

Episode 315

After a glorious night of betting and winning money, Dylan and Janice come to Nick's apartment where a happy Dylan notifies a worried and upset Nick that he is only 2000$ short in order to fly back to Africa where his partner Sam awaits for him. Nick doesn't like the idea as he thinks the risk is too great, and Dylan's life will be in great danger there. He thinks the whole gold-mine thing is too risky and impossible to carry out. Nick exits his flat leaving Dylan angry and disappointed of his brother who doesn't trust him. Right after Nick leaves, two state-department men knock heavily on the door, knowing that Dylan is inside. Dylan sneaks out of the window, and Janice opens the door pretending to be Kelly, but they don't buy her act, and on noticing the open window, they understand where Dylan has gone, and run after him. An hour later Dylan knocks on the door of Kelly's flat, and demands her to give him the keys to Nick's car before the men will get to her place and stop him. Kelly refuses, and while they are arguing, there's a knock on the door. Dylan quickly hides in the closet, and Kelly opens the door to the state-department people, who show her an old photo of Dylan. "I think I can help you" - says Kelly, and Dylan closes his eyes terrified when he hears her.

Kirk interfers with Cruz and Eden's plans once again, this time by barging into Cruz's apartment in an excuse that Eden's interview to a famous magazine will take place earlier than it was supposed to, and Eden has to get ready. Later when they are working together, Eden tells Kirk about the party she plans for Cruz, and that they are engaged. Kirk congratulates Eden, but the expression on his face is not a happy one at all. When Eden leaves, Kirk reminds her that Cruz is not the only one she can trust.

While Eden works on getting Cruz the promotion with the help of Kirk, Cruz plans a surprise of his own for Eden: He has bought a beautiful house on the beach, where he and Eden will live after they marry. Cruz asks some of his friends for their opinion on the house, including Julia. While they are talking, the name of Kirk Cranstion is brought up, and Cruz says something about Kirk being Jack Lee's son. This comes as a total surprise for Julia, who is sure that Jack uses Kirk to spy around her while he is out of town. Later when Julia and Kirk meet at the Orient Express, Julia spills a wine glass all over Kirk, to demonstrate him what she did to his father after she got insulted by him. Cruz starts to get suspicious over Kirk and turns to a private detective to find out more about him.

Gina finds out that Eden has lied to her about CC's condition, and that his condition actually slides gradually. She confronts Eden about it. She tries to determine whether Eden is going to pull the plug on CC and gets the impression she is willing to do it. Gina plans to let Eden pull the plug, and if she won't, Gina will do it for her. Gina goes to CC's room to tell him how her plan is going well, when suddenly CC's heart beats become faster. Gina can't believe what she sees. She decides to check it, and tells CC some things that upset him, like "there's a rumor going on in town that Lionel and Sophia are having an affair" and "I'm sleeping much better at nights since your stroke. Mason is much better in bed than you ever was". CC's heart beats respond accordingly. "He must be getting better! In that case, there's no time to waste". Gina puts on the blonde wig. "I wish you could see me now CC" - says Gina while holding a photo of Eden in her hand, and in the other one fixing the wig on her head...ý

Episode 316

Kelly turns Dylan over to the state department men, but is surprised to find out the real reason why they looked for Dylan: They heard about his flights to Africa, and they wanted to hire him so that they will use him to transfer sensitive and confidential deliveries to and from Africa. Dylan turns down their offer. After they leave, Dylan blames Kelly for turning him in and for thinking he was a low criminal. Kelly is embarrased and apologizes to Dylan. When Nick comes back to the flat, Dylan lies by telling him Kelly tried to stop the state department people but they finally caught him. Kelly is surprised to discover such a positive side in Dylan. She thinks she made a mistake about his character.

Gina notices that Mary is the nurse on duty on the night of Eden's party, and plans to change her schedule, but Mason does the work for her: He asks Mary to be his date on the night of the party, and when she tells him about her schedule problem, he promises to talk to Gina himself. Gina agrees immidiately. Mason then "borrows" three of Ginger's whores, and makes a mini fashion show at the Capwell mansion for an amused Mary. Mason asks her to pick a dress, and Mary picks the modest one. Mason however, buys her the kinkiest dress without her knowledge. Gina envies Mary, and tries to scare her by telling her that when a man buys such an expensive dress to a woman, that means he wants something in return.

Mason tries to get Ted into changing his vote about the control of Capwell Enterprises and to vote for him instead of Eden. Mason claims that Kirk is actually running the company, and they shouldn't let an outsider take over. The company has to stay under the supervision of the Capwells only, and Mason is the only one who is suitable for the job. Ted is almost convinced, and tells Mason he will think about it.

Nick tries to propose to Kelly, but she stops him before he makes the offer by distructing his mind. Kelly doesn't seem sure whether she really wants to marry Nick.

Dylan gets a phone call from the airport about a special delivery for Nick Hartley. Dylan understands that the delivery is meant for him, and he rushes to the airport, where a coffin is waiting for him. Dylan is shocked to find Sam, his friend and partner at the gold mines, lying motionless in the coffin, but after he is left alone with it, Sam opens his eyes, and they both laugh out loud.

Julia returns to the restaurant where she spilled a glass of wine over Kirk and apologizes to him. They start to have a chat. Julia is curious why Kirk took the job at Capwell Enterprises when he already was an independant business man with his own successful company. Kirk tells her he just saw it as a good opportunity to work there, but Julia guesses that he did it because he has a crush on Eden. Kirk denies it at first, but finally admits that this was the real reason. Julia warns him that he'll be wasting his time since Eden is totally in love with Cruz, but Kirk is convinced he will get Eden. Julia then tells Kirk about the beach house Cruz has bought for Eden, and warns him to stay away of Eden and forget about her, or she will break his heart.

Cruz calls the private detective, who tells him he still hasn't found anything wrong with Kirk's past. Cruz shouts at him to work harder. Nick overhears the phone call and can't understand why Cruz is so interested in Kirk. Cruz admits that he feels threatened by Kirk and Eden's close relationship. Later, Cruz arrives at the Orient Express, where Gina sees him and annoys him by implying that Eden and Kirk might be having an affair. Then Kirk comes by, and they throw hostile words at each other. Cruz warns Kirk not to flirt with Eden and to stop interfering with her personal life, and Kirk replies that he only gives Eden emotional support, something that Cruz should be giving her. "At least now all the cards on the table" says Kirk to Cruz.

Jack Lee calls Kirk to tell him that someone has been digging in his past. Kirk gets furious and goes to Cruz's newly bought beach house. He wanders in the house and doesn't like what he sees when he thinks how Eden will love Cruz's surprise. He takes a hammer and smashes a window, just when Cruz is coming to the house. Cruz takes out his gun and carefully enters the apartment. "Don't move!" - he shouts, scaring the hell out of Kirk.ý

Episode 317

Sam's coffin is carried to Nick's apartment by Dylan's request. Kelly comes out of the shower and finds a coffin in the middle of the living-room. The coffin slowly opens and Sam comes out of it dressed in African clothes. Nick hears Kelly screaming and rushes to the living room, where Sam introduces himself. Dylan comes in, and laughs, but Nick and Kelly don't find his joke very amusing. Dylan asks Sam if he's got the map, and Sam takes it out of his pocket smiling. Nick demands to know what's going on, so Dylan and Sam tell him about the map they drew which leads to the gold mine they've found, and about a mobster named Carlo, who wants to kill them and take the map from them. Dylan and Sam ran away from Africa because Carlo was on to them. Dylan managed to take off to Santa Barbara, while Sam's plane crashed, and Carlo got him, and started torchuring him to get the map. Sam saw that his only way of escaping was telling Carlo that Dylan has the map. Carlo released him, and Sam managed to hide in the coffin playing dead and arrived at Santa Barbara. Kelly likes the story thinking Dylan and Sam's lives are very exciting, but Nick is more practical and starts thinking of ways to avoid Carlo. It is finally decided that Kelly's apartment will be used as Dylan and Sam's hiding place. Nick warns them not to exit the apartment at any time, and to keep Kelly away from the whole thing, and they promise to do so.

Meanwhile, Carlo and his men show up with their yacht at the Santa Barbara marina. Carlo orders his men to bring Dylan and Sam to the yacht by the end of the day. One of his men, who earlier in the episode phones Carlo from the airport to inform him of Sam's arrival to Santa Barbara, waits silently outside Nick's apartment with a gun. Sam and Dylan notice him in time, and manage to grab him and take his gun. They warn him that if Carlo wants to put his hands on the map, he'll have to come in person. Then they leave to Kelly's place, but find out that Kelly has given them the wrong key. Dylan calls Kelly, and she hurries to the flat. While talking to Kelly, Dylan senses that she might be attracted to him.

Back at the beach-house, Cruz is mad at Kirk for breaking his window, and threatens to arrest Kirk and accuse him of burglary, but decides not to when Kirk threatens to spoil Cruz's surprise for Eden. Kirk tells Cruz he did it because he had found that Cruz was digging in his past. Cruz angries Kirk by telling him he thinks Kirk did it because he can't accept the fact that Eden is already taken, and threatens to come after Kirk if he finds out he has a criminal record of any kind. Kirk angrily shouts at him that he has never broken a law in his life, and next time Cruz has a question about him, he should ask him directly. Kirk threatens to destroy Cruz if he ever again tries to pull something against him, and Cruz warns him in return that no man can take Eden away from him.

After seeing how troubled Eden is with CC's condition, Cruz decides to try and help her find CC's will, which is presumably hidden by Gina. He arrives at the Capwell mansion, threatening Gina that he knows where she has hidden the will. Gina is scared for a second, saying that it's impossible, and quickly coming back to her senses, saying that she doesn't know what he's talking about. Cruz is convinced now that she knows where the will is and after failing to reveal its location from the mouth of Gina, he quickly phones Eden. At that time, Eden is talking to Kirk in Cruz's apartment. Kirk convinces her to look at the legal consequences of ending her father's life. Eden asks him if he has news about Cruz's promotion, just when the phone rings and Eden is told that Cruz was promoted. A happy Eden thanks Kirk warmly. Then she goes out of the room for a second, when Kirk answers Cruz. He lies to him by telling him Eden is in the shower. Cruz gets upset, and ask him to tell her to come to her house right away. Kirk promises to deliver the message. "Would you like me to help her dry out?" - Kirk teases. Eden and Kirk arrive at the Capwell mansion, and Cruz fills her in about what happened with Gina, and tells her to go upstairs to Gina's room and search for the will. She rushes to the mansion, and Kirk wants to go in after her, but Cruz stops him, tells him again to stay away from Eden, and shuts the door at his face. Eden starts searching Gina's room, when Gina arrives and they start to fight. Gina pushes Eden out of the room and locks it. Eden goes down to bring the master-key, giving Gina enough time to hide the dress and wig inside Brandon's teddy-bear in the hallway across her room. When Eden goes back up with Cruz, Gina lets her search the room, knowing that she'll find nothing. Later we see Gina phoning an actors' agency disguising her voice, and ordering actors to the mansion, saying that she wants to test them for an acting part.ý

Episode 318

(Thanks to Tzach from Israel for his help)

Brick and Amy decide to marry in Las-Vegas. Julia helps Amy to pick out something for the wedding and Brick calls his mother and tells her the good news.

Dylan, Kelly and Nick are in Kelly's town-house as Sam comes in through the window, saying he was followed by a cable-truck, which is now parked outside, though he managed to lose them off.ý They wonder if the Cable-truck consume one or more of Carlo's men. Dylan begins to wonder how Carlo knows of Sam's whereabouts. He comes to the conclusion that Sam's arrival in the coffin is Carlo's doing. Dylan thinks Carlo probably set the truck with the coffin in it back in Africa, so when Sam uses it to travel to Dylan's hiding place, he will lead Carlo straight to Dylan and the map. The phone rings and Nick answers it, disguising his voice. Brick is on the line confused, and Nický recognizes him, and assures him that he is on the line. Brick calls to tell Nick of his and Amy'sý decision to get married today in Las-Vegas, and wants Nick and Kelly to join them. Nick agrees and says they'll meet at the airport. Sam warns Nick not to go out yet, as the cable-truck is still out there. Nick agrees to stay until the truck leaves.

At Carlo's yacht, Carlo orders one of his men to keep searching for Dylan and the map. His men arrive, telling him they haven't found Dylan yet and Carlo says that if Dylan won't be found, "one of you will be lost at sea..."

Back at Kelly's apartment, Dylan comes up with a plan to produce a fake map leading to the gold, after Kelly's suggestion to call the police on Carlo makes him and Sam laugh, because the police can't stop a guy like Carlo and they need evidence to present as Cruz told them when they came for help from him. The four of them agree on that, and they make the fake map out of a paper shopping bag. After spilling coffee on it and ruffling it, they toss a coin to see who will be used as the bite who gives Carlo the fake map and set him of a wild goose chase, and Sam loses.

They still need the money for the trip back to Africa, when a knock sounds on the door. Kelly approaches the door to open it. They warn her not to, but she says as they once told her "Bad guys don't knock, right?". At the door step is Janice with an idea how to get the money for the trip: She saw an ad in a magazine she took from the Lockridges, showing a 10,000$ prize contest of sexy- pictures. Dylan agrees to let her participate, but insists that she will keep the money if she wins.ý Janice tells him she wants him to have the money, and after a short argument, he agrees. Later on Sam and Dylan walk in on Janice as she takes sexy pictures of herself.

Kelly and Nick decide to take their chances and leave the apartment, since the cable-truck hasn't left, but they don't want to be late for the flight to Vegas, and since the truck is there for a ý while, it's probably a real cable-truck. They leave unharmed.

Augusta and Lionel are getting ready to meet their attorney to discuss prosecuting Brick. Augustaý argues with her husband and accuses him of caring for Brick like he was his father. She says since Brick is about 24 now, his conception was in 1960 and tells him to remind her with what other ladies he has slept with at that time. Lionel denies it, saying he hasn't been unfaithful and is most definitely not Brick's father. Augusta wonders about the time Lionel saw Brick's mother, Mrs. Wallace, in the hospital and, in her mind, only acted as if he has never seen her before. She decides to investigate it, and as an angry Lionel leaves to lunch at "The Orient", she makes a call toý Mrs. Wallace and asks her to meet her at "The Orient Express" to talk about Lionel. Before leaving to the restaurant, Julia enters the mansion and tells Augusta of Brick and Amy's wedding plans. As Augusta hears that, she immediately phones the D.A and informs him of Brick's leaving town and that he has to stop him. Julia tries to stop her, but the call is made. Augusta puts the phone down and finds that Julia has left.ý Augusta arrives at "The Orient" and sees Lionel sitting in the bar, and Mrs. Wallace coming in. She tells a waiter to inform Mrs. Wallace that she will be late. The waiter does so and accompanies Mrs. Wallace to the bar, where Lionel is sitting. As Augusta watches her sitting down next toý Lionel, she says to herself: "Haven't met her before, ah? We'll see about that!".ý

Amy, Brick, Nick and Kelly are at the airport lounge waiting to board their plane, as Julia storms in, pushing them towards the gate and shouts at them to board the plane now, before the police arrivesý to stop Brick. As they are about to board the plane, a voice asks: "Brick Wallace?" and Brick andý the gang turn their heads to see a police-officer coming to stop Brick from leaving

Episode 319

CC's birthday arrives, and Mason comes to his room to "congratulate" him. Mary hears the harsh things Mason says about CC, and asks him gently to stop. Mason is disappointed by Mary's attitude, thinking she takes CC's side, and leaves upset. Mary follows him to the airport, where she prooves him wrong. They go to the beach, where Mason whispers to Mary "I think I love you".

At the airport, Brick is having an argument with the police officers, and refuses to be arrested, but Julia convinces him to obey the officers, promising him and Amy that she will do everything in her power to help him. Later Julia pays Brick's bail, and he is released.

Eden and Cruz are having another argument in Cruz's apartment about CC's condition and what Eden should do about it, when Nick burges in, telling Cruz he has just come back from Kelly's apartment, and instead of finding Dylan and Sam there, all he found was the door wide open, and some blood stains inside the messed apartment. Cruz goes with Nick, leaving Eden upset, still thinking about her father's letter.

Lionel and Mrs. Wallace start an innocent conversation at the "Orient Express", by which Augusta decides that Lionel lied to her about not knowing Mrs. Wallace. When Lionel helps the lady with the menu, Augusta comes out of her hiding place and starts shouting at Lionel, accusing him of lying to her. Lionel gets angry and again denies knowing Mrs. Wallace, who doesn't know what's going on. "You didn't just know her, you knew her in the biblical way!" - accuses Augusta. Mrs. Wallace is furious at Augusta, and threatens to sue her. She leaves the restaurant upset, promising Augusta and Lionel she will do everything to protect Brick from them. Augusta and Lionel's argument continues as they return to the Lockridge mansion, and finally Lionel tells Augusta that during the time when Brick was concieved, he was out of town with Sophia. On hearing this, Augusta believes him and apologizes. She gets very upset though, and asks Lionel to take her out and spend the night out of the house. When they are about to leave, a furious Julia bursts in, telling Augusta what happened at the airport. Augusta tells Julia she should stay out of Brick's side in court, or she may lose her as a sister. Julia is having second thoughts about representing Brick, but finally decides to take the case inspite of Augusta.

When Brick hears that Augusta and Lionel will be out of their house for the night, he decides to "play dirty", and breaks into the Lockridge mansion to find a proof that Augusta has framed him. While he is searching through some documents, the light is turned on, and Brick finds himself standing in front of a surprised Lockridge couple, who apparently decided to stay at home. They call the police on him.

Gina pretends testing actors for an Alta Vista car commercial, but the script which she makes the actors read includes words like "Let me die", "I can die peacefully", "I want to die now". She plans to use it in her murder scheme.

Eden, still troubled with thoughts over her father, goes to his room holding the letter in her hand. Kirk finds her devastated, and leads her outside, while getting rid of CC's fake letter, but Gina finds it and keeps it. Kirk takes Eden back to Cruz's place, where she is taking a bath. Kirk waits outside, when suddenly he hears a glass breaking. He goes to the shower door, asking Eden if she's alright. When he doesn't get a reply, he enters, finding Eden crying in the bath tub, after she threw the glass she was holding. He tries to clams her down, but meanwhile Cruz comes in, and is shocked to find Kirk in Eden's shower. "You bastard!" - Cruz and Kirk start hitting each other, until Kirk falls down. "Get him out of here!" - He orders Eden, but instead she is sitting by Kirk, checking his wounds.ý

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