Written by Elad Sarver

Episode 320

Halloween is getting near, and Gina decorates the house with pumpkin heads and skeletons. When she sees Brandon hanging a skeleton on the door of CC's room, she takes it off, telling him he can put it anywhere in the house but in this room. While they are talking, Brandon asks her if she is planning on getting a costume for Halloween, and she tells him she will be dressed as a witch (referreing to Eden of course (-: ).

Eden tries to tell Cruz what Kirk was really doing in the shower, but Cruz is too furious at Kirk to listen. He and Kirk throw some hard words at each other. "You won't sabotage this relationship!" - Cruz warns Kirk. "I don't have to, you are doing a good job at it yourself!" - Kirk shouts back, and leaves the flat. Cruz and Eden continue to have a fight about Kirk, in which Cruz claims that Eden is blinded by Kirk's manners and high-class, and can't see that he is a scum. Eden replies that Kirk is a good friend, and has helped her more than he has lately. Their argument is ubrupted by Nick, who tells Cruz he has found traces on Dylan and Sam leading to a yacht at the Santa Barbara marina. Cruz and Nick are on their way to Carlo's yacht, with the help of Pearl, a waiter at Buzz's place.

Dylan and Sam are tied up at Carlo's boat. He starts torturing Dylan to find out where the map is. Dylan and Sam keep quiet about it, and when Carlo's men inform him that two people are approaching the yacht, Sam finally tells Carlo that the map is in the pocket of his jacket. Carlo takes the fake map satisfied, and when Cruz and Nick arrive, he pretends that Dylan and Sam are his friends and that he has invited them to dinner. Dylan and Sam leave Carlo's yacht with Nick and Cruz, and go to celebrate their success in fooling Carlo at Buzz's place. What they don't know is that Nick took the real map, and intends to put a stop to their adventures in Africa.

Eden and Kirk meet at the Capwell mansion, and Eden wants to talk about the relationship between Kirk and her. She tells him that she feels complemented that someone like him admires her that much. Kirk tells her that it is more than just admiration. He imagined having this conversation with her a thousant times. Kirk tells her he is in love with her, and feels he can make her much more happy than Cruz can. He thinks that her marrying Cruz will be a mistake, but he won't try to interfere, and will stay out of their marriage. Eden thanks him, and they decide to keep the converstaion a secret. Later Eden tells Cruz she talked to Kirk and explained the situation, and he understood. She doesn't tell him the main part of her conversation with Kirk.

Mason tells Mary he has never felt what he feels for her for any other woman. He invites Mary for a romantic evening on the Capwell yacht, and Mary agrees.

Eden enters CC's room and screams when she sees his eyes are open. The nurse comes into the room and calms her down saying that she thought Eden knew that it was just a normal nerve operation, and CC is still in a coma. Gina is scared, thinking it may be another improvement in CC's condition. Gina plants the fake letter from CC back in Eden's purse. Eden sees the return of the letter and the opened-eyes of her father as a sign for her to fulfill his wish, which makes her more worried and upset.

Gina is alone with CC in his room. "You know CC, they say that husband and wife should be best friends" - says Gina to CC, who's eyes are still open. "Sleep well, because tomorrow I'll lose my best friend..."

Note: Robert Thaler (Pearl Bradford) arrives in this episode

Episode 321

The day of Eden and Cruz's party arrives, and while they are conversing, Cruz asks Eden if Sophia has approved her arrival to the party. When Eden doesn't reply, Cruz understands that she didn't invite her. Eden tells him that she couldn't, since she knows how her father would have felt about it. Cruz thinks Eden is wrong by not inviting Sophia, and goes to the Capwell mansion to invite her himself. He tells her that Eden was so busy that she forgot to give Sophia the invitation. Sophia tells him she knows that Eden doesn't want her to be at the party, and she respects her decision. Eden then comes in, and Sophia tells her that Cruz has just given her the invitation, but she already have plans for the night and will miss the party.

Brick is in prison again, and this time the bail is set to a very high price, which Julia can't afford. When she is ready to go back to Brick to tell him the bad news, she is surprised to hear that Brick's bail has been paid by Minx. Brick is released, but is warned not to leave town. He and Amy find a beautiful spot in Santa Barbara, and decide to have their wedding there. Kelly arranges that their honeymoon will be spent at Cruz's old flat.

Gina phones the Capwell hotel to assure that the presidential suite will be availabe for her, and informs that she will check in early in the afternoon. Mason overhears the conversation, and asks her what it's all about. Gina tells him that she plans to have a nice and quiet evening with Brandon. She meets Eden on the hallway, who warns her not to go near the "Orient Express" tonight, or she will kick her out in front of everyone. Gina tells her not to worry, and informs her of her plans for the night.

One of Carlo's men is following Nick and Kelly. When Nick notices it, he catches the man, which tells him Carlo knows that the map is fake, and if Dylan and Sam won't bring him the real one soon, something bad is going to happen to them. Nick reveals to him that he's got the map and ready to hand it over to Carlo if he agrees to stay away from Dylan and Sam for good.

Mason takes Mary to lunch, and before they leave, Mary hands Gina the emergancy beeper (which is activated when something is wrong with CC), asking her to give it to the nurse on duty. Gina states that Mason and Mary are a stunning couple, which makes Mason wonder why Gina is acting so strange. After they leave, Gina switches the beeper with another one, probably broken, and hands it to the nurse on duty.

Gina is making the final preperations to begin her murder scheme. She stuffs the dress and wig inside Brandon's teddy bear, and changes the desk lamp near CC's room with a broken one. Then she calls Brandon, and tells him that they are ready to leave to the hotel. Brandon wants to take his teddy bear, but Gina takes it from him, saying that he won't need it. She hides the doll under a chair in the lobby. Then she examines the house for the last time, turns out the lights, and before living, she whispers "See you soon...".

It's dark and quiet in the Capwell house. The only sound is coming from CC's room, where the respirator machine is working 24 hours a day, keeping CC alive. CC lies in his bed, his eyes closed. He doesn't know what a terrible night awaits for him...

The following 5 episodes are very important to the development of the plot, therefore I wrote them more detailed than usual.

Episode 322

A stormy evening approaches Santa Barbara.

CC opens his eyes again, and this time it is clear that he is conscious. However, he hides it from the nurse on duty, and pretends to be sleeping when she's in the room.

Cruz shows Eden the beach house, and she is very excited and happy about his present. Eden is worried that her present will not be as good as Cruz's.

Gina arrives to the presidential suite with Brandon. She puts him to sleep, telling him that she is leaving soon to the party downstairs. Brandon asks her if he can come too. "No, it's a party just for grown-ups" - replies Gina. "I'll only be gone for a short while, but first I'm going to set the clock, so just in case you wake up, you'll know what time it is". Gina sends Brandon to wear his pijamas, and sets the clock 2 hours backwards. "Eden thinks this is going to be her night, but really this is going to be mine" - smiles Gina satisfied. She leaves the hotel and sneaks back into the Capwell mansion, where she puts Eden's pink dress on a chair near the entrance.

Dylan and Sam come back to Kelly's flat to get the map - but find that it is gone. They quickly come to the conclusion that the map was taken by one of the only two people who knew about its whereabouts: Nick and Kelly. Meanwhile, while the latter couple are helping Brick and Amy prepare for their marriage, one of Carlo's men approaches the area, and wants to take Nick to Carlo's yacht. Nick doesn't want Kelly to suspect anything, so he tells him they will meet in an alley by the Capwell hotel in 2 hours.

The party at the "Orient Express" begins, and Kirk talks to the commitioner to make sure that everything is set for Cruz's promotion. Cruz and Eden arrive, and they introduce the singers, who perform a love song which gets all the couples in a romantic mood. An envious Kirk watches Cruz and Eden as they are dancing. Afterwards, Eden converses with Kirk, when suddenly she notices Gina at the entrance. "What is she doing?! She has a lot of nerve showing up here!". Eden confronts Gina asking her to leave at once, but Gina says she'll only be around for a few minutes, and forces her way in to mingle with the crowd. Eden complaints to Cruz that Gina is ruining the party, and Cruz promises her that if Gina won't go in 5 minutes, he will kick her out.

Dylan and Sam arrive to the "Orient Express", demanding Nick to tell them what he's done with the map. Nick refuses to give them the map, and wants them to stay out of it. Dylan and Nick almost get into a fight, but Sam and Kelly seperate them, and Dylan is forced to leave. Kelly wants Nick to tell her what he's up to, but Nick stresses that she should trust him and stay out of it for her sake. Later Nick meets with Carlo's men at the alley as promised, and he enters their car. Kelly watches Nick as he goes into the limo, and is scared for his life. She calls Dylan and Sam, asking them for help. They immediately figure out that Nick is on his way to meet Carlo at the yacht. Nick is indeed brought to the yacht, where he meets Carlo. "I want to make a deal" - says Nick. "It's easy making deals with me. If it's about the map, just name your price" - says Carlo.

At the restaurant, Gina closes herself in a small room away from the crowd, to which she brings two glasses of wine. She pours some white drug powder to one of the glasses. "Better be safe than sorry...". Gina exits the room, and asks for attention. "I have an announcement to make. Eden, I'd like to make a toast to the entire Capwell family" - Gina hands Eden one glass of wine and continues. "Everything that's happened to me, for better or worse, I owe it to them. To CC my husband, who couldn't make it tonight because of his illness, to Ted and Kelly, and of course to dear Mason, and last but not least to Eden, our gracious hostess". A very annoyed Eden drinks the glass to the last drop, and asks Gina firmly to leave. "As I said before, our gracious hostess" - replies Gina, and says she is having fun and doesn't think she'll leave. "I'll take care of this" - says Cruz, and starts to escort Gina out. "Alright, just let me say my goodbyes. Eden, I want to thank you for making me so welcome. Not only tonight, but ever since I came to Santa Barbara. You truely deserve whatever happens to you". At this point, Gina spills a bowl of red sausage all over Eden's dress. The crowd is in shock, and Eden runs to a nearby room, with Cruz and Ted coming after her. She is upset, and tries to calm down. She asks Ted to bring her the replacement dress she has ready for her back home on the chair in the lobby. The drug starts to take its toll on Eden, and she keeps talking about CC, how she misses him tonight, and how he is drifting away from them.

Meanwhile, Gina goes back to the mansion, and waits. "What if it won't work" - she thinks to herself, but her worries fade away as Ted enters, and grabs the pink dress, hurrying back to the party. "No!!!" - Eden screams as she recognizes the dress. Cruz, Kelly and Ted come in and try to calm her down. Eden is totally drugged, and in a very bad mood. Cruz asks her to come home with him and end the party, as she looks very tired, but she insists on staying, claiming that she hasn't given Cruz her present yet.

While Eden is wearing her father's favourite dress, someone else is wearing a copy of that same dress, matching it up with a blonde wig...

Episode 323

"Well, This is how it feels to be Eden Capwell" - says Gina to herself after she finishes dressing up. "Enjoy it while you can Eden, because after tonight - I wouldn't want to be in your shoes for all the money in the world" - smiles Gina deviously.

Eden, fully drugged, goes out of the room back to the party, and Ted introduces his date, Suzy. He mentions that Suzy's father and CC were high-school buddies. Eden gets nervous and asks Ted not to talk about daddy tonight. Then she passes by Mason and Mary. Mason talks about Eden's dress, which gets her more distressed. Cruz again suggests Eden to take her home, but she angrily refuses. "I'm perfectly fine!" - she shouts at Cruz.

On Carlo's yacht, Nick explains to the mobster that he wants to guarentee Dylan, Sam and Janice's safety for the map. Carlo is a little surprised, but pleased. He asks Nick why he didn't mention Kelly, and Nick tells him angrily that she has nothing to do with the whole thing. Carlo promises Nick not to go after Dylan and Sam if he gives him the map, but Nick is not convinced. "You'll want to keep them from coming back for the gold, but you won't have to, because the only copy of the map is in my hand". Carlo doesn't seem convinced. When he wants to see the map, Nick tells him that he "forgot" it, and the deal will be made in one and a half hours, in a dark alley near Buzz's place, where Carlo and Nick should meet alone. "I don't go anywhere alone" - Carlo disagrees. "Ok, just don't bring the whole army. One man, no guns, and no surprises, otherwise I will destroy the map" - Nick warns.

Gina holds a little box of pills in her hand while staring at her "Eden-look" in the mirror. "Eden should be high as a kike by now thanks to these pills. I wonder what her friends think of her now. The golden girl to village idiot before their very own eyes" - Gina giggles. "I'll have to remember to get rid of these. I wouldn't want them falling into the wrong hands". She quietly goes to the nurse's room, and satisfied to see her fully into the TV set. "Everything is going fine. In less than an hour CC will be dead, and everybody will be pointing their fingers at Eden!".

Back at the "Orient", Julia is worried of what will happen if Cruz turns the promotion down. Kirk seems amused by the thought, and Julia accuses him of planning the whole thing to cause a conflict between Eden and Cruz. "Don't give me that much credit" - smiles Kirk. Meanwhile, Eden calls for attention, and Cruz goes to stand near her on the stage. The commitioner announces Cruz's promotion to the rank of captain. Everyone clap their hands cheerfully. Cruz is totally shocked for a few minutes. When he comes to his senses he talks privately to the commitioner and turns his offer down, saying that he would rather be on the streets than sitting in the office while he can. "Who's idea was it?" - he asks, but the commitioner doesn't want to tell him.

Gina goes into CC's room, and starts another monologue, letting him hear the tape she made, when the phone rings. Gina lets the nurse pick it up, and listens. The nurse gets bad news, and needs to exit the house urgently. "Don't worry CC, it's just a temporary postponal, I'll be back. I'm not finished with you yet" - says Gina to the helpless CC when she leaves his room. The nurse calls the restraurant and asks for Mary. Mary promises to get back to the house as soon as possible. Gina is not pleased to hear about Mary's arrival, and is afraid that it might ruin her murder plan. When Mary comes in, escorted by Mason, Gina is releaved to see them walking into the study room, and thinks they won't interfere with her plans.

Nick is surprised by Sam and Dylan who were waiting for him near his flat. They demand to know what is going on. Nick explains that he has a plan that will keep the map out of Carlo's hand, and will get rid of him for good. Dylan and Sam doubt the chances of it to work, but Nick manages to convince them to let him go meet Carlo alone. If he doesn't come back, they will go to the alley. Kelly warns Dylan that if anything happens to Nick she will personally hold him responsible.

When Cruz tells Eden he rejected the promotion, she is terribly hurt. Julia is very angry at Kirk and threatens to tell Cruz that the promotion was his idea. Kirk reminds her that she also had a big part in arranging it, and she decides to stay quiet. Eden starts drinking, which makes her more blurred. Then she has a big fight with Cruz in front of the crowd, and at the end of it Eden tells everyone about hers and Cruz's plan to announce their engagement. "But it's not going to happen. Not tonight, not ever!". Eden runs to the exit. "Where are you going?" - asks Ted. "Home" - she replies. Cruz is standing embarresed for a moment, then goes after Eden. At the background we can see Kirk smiles to himself.

Nick meets with Carlo at the alley, but instead of making the deal, he tells Carlo that he has other plans: He will burn the map, and since it's the only copy, no one will get the gold. "The game is over Carlo. I call it a draw".

While Eden hurries to leave the restaurant, a waiter stops her near the exit, and notifies her of an urgent phone call for her. "Is it my father? Is something wrong with my father?!" - Eden goes and picks up the reciever. On the other side of the line, Gina holds the tape near the reciever and presses the "play" button. "Let me die...Let me die...Let me die...Let me die..."

Episode 324

Eden drops one of her earrings, and doesn't hear Gina's tape. Gina is worried that now Eden won't have a reason to come home, not knowing that Eden was planning to get home anyway. Cruz hands Eden her coat, but after seeing the hostile look on her face, he decides to let things cool down and heads to the police station. A nervous Eden steps to the elevator, where she meets Julia. Julia tells her she shouldn't go home by herself as she is in no condition of driving, but Eden keeps yelling at her. Julia goes back inside to call Ted, when Kirk arrives and hugs Eden from behind. "I knew you'd come back" - cries Eden, thinking him to be Cruz. She tells him she only wanted to make him happy, then turns around to cry on his shoulder. She is suddenly frightened when she realizes it's Kirk. "Go away!" - she orders him. Kirk offers her a ride home, to which she doesn't agree at first, but he finally convinces her. While waiting for him, Eden is having flashbacks, first of Cruz turning the promotion down and the fight they had, then she remembers CC giving his blessing to her for marrying Cruz. "Love him. Trust him. He will give you strength" - said CC. And finally, CC's crusial words to her when she found out about his illness: "If by any chance I'll get a massive stroke, and it leaves me incapacitated or in a coma, then I want you to promise me you won't let me suffer". - "Daddy, don't talk like this..." - "No Eden, we've got to face this. When the time comes that you'll have to make that decision, I want you to know my wishes. I trust you, and I want you to promise me you won't let a bunch of tooms and machines keep me alive". The last sentence runs through Eden's head over and over again.

While Kelly is worried sick waiting for Nick in the apartment, Nick keeps talking to Carlo about destroying the map, when he is suddenly surprised by half a dozen of armed mobsters. He manages to throw the map to the fire, just before being shot. Dylan and Sam arrive, and a big fuss is taking place. Carlo tries to pull the map out of the fire, but gets burned, and escapes with his men after Sam tells him the police are on their way. Sam hurries to call an ambulance, and Dylan leans over the hurt Nick, which manages with his last strengths to tell him he made copies of the map. Nick then faints, and Dylan is in panic.

In CC's room, a disappointed Gina takes the wig off. "Well, looks like you win again CC. Don't you get tired of it? I guess not. You know what, this time I'm not gonna give up. This time you do not get off the hook. Eden or no Eden, you're not gonna live past tonight!" - says a determined Gina.

In the study room inside the Capwell mansion, Mason and Mary are having a romantic conversation. Mason tries with his slippery tongue to persuade Mary to make love to him, but she avoids it. The romantic music coming out of Mason's record player keeps Mary and Mason from hearing what is going on in other parts of the house.

Kirk and Eden are on their way to the mansion. While driving, Kirk tells Eden he can't believe what Cruz has done. She keeps murmering about CC, his hopeless condition, and a decision she has to make alone. "I wanna go home...I wanna see my father".

Cruz comes back to the restaurant, and can't find Eden. He turns to Julia and Ted, who are also looking for her, and finally Ted notices that Kirk's car is gone. "The perfect opportunity! I should have known, that son of a b...." - says an angry Cruz, hurrying to the nearest phone. He calls the Capwell mansion, and asks Mason if Eden came back. Mason says he thinks she didn't, and he doesn't see Kirk's car outside. "I don't know what you're worried about. If she's in Kirk's capable hands, she should be just fine" - teases him Mason.

Meanwhile, Mary goes up to CC's room to check on him. She finds no change in his condition. When Mary leaves the room, Gina sneaks back inside. "Guess who's back" - she says, and CC's pulse gets faster. "I don't know why you're so afraid, I gave you plenty of time to prepare yourself. Now that the nurse and Eden have spolied my plan, Eden won't go to jail. She's gonna be just fine, so don't worry. And everything is gonna go smooth for the rest of us too. I'll continue to be a good mother to Brandon, and a loving wife to Mason. Your family will be in the best of hands. My hands". Gina then goes to the left of CC's bed, and reaches a trembling hand towards the yello plug, but at the last moment she pulls her hand back. "No, I have to disconnect the backup system first". Gina disconnects it, and suddenly she hears the sound of the front door closing. "Who could that be?" - she asks herself, and then she recognizes Eden and Kirk's voices. Eden wants to go upstairs to CC's room, and he insists to come with her. She yells at him to leave her alone, and kicks him out of the house. Gina can't believe her ears. "Oh please let her do it! I know she wants to. Please let her do it tonight!" - Gina hopes, and quickly puts the wig back on, hurrying to hide in the closet. Eden is about to go up the stairs, when Kirk comes back in, and tries to talk her out of going to her father's room. They have an argument, and Eden runs up the stairs, leaving Kirk wondering whether to go after her.

Kelly gets tired of waiting by the phone, and decides to go to the alley. When she gets there, a man tells her there's been a shooting, and someone named Nick was rushed to the hospital. Kelly runs over there, just when the doctor comes out of Nick's room and tells Dylan and Kelly that Nick will be alright. The bullet went into his shoulder, but it wasn't far from the heart. Kelly is furious at Dylan and blames him for getting Nick almost killed. Then Kelly enters his room, and Nick asks her for a glass of water. When she goes to get it, he is left alone only for a few seconds, when an armed mobster dressed like a nurse enters his room. Nick tries to call Kelly back in but it's too late. Lucky for him, Dylan comes back, and the mobster sneaks out. Nick tries to tell him with a weak voice about Carlo's thug, but Dylan thinks he's hallucinating. Kelly comes back, and the doctor orders her and Dylan to leave Nick and come back in the morning, as he needs to rest. Kelly leaves, and Dylan wants to leave too. "If you leave - they'll kill me" - begs him Nick.

Eden opens the door to CC's room. "I can't... I can't..." - she murmers. Gina, who is hiding in the closet, decides it's time to let Eden hear the tape again. "Let me die, Let me die...".
"My god!" - Eden is standing horrified near CC's bed. "Daddy?... Daddy, is that you?"...

Episode 325

Cruz phones the Capwell mansion again, and Mary, who is still having romantic conversations with Mason in the study-room, tells him she hasn't heard from Eden. Then he calls the beach-house. No answer there. "Where the hell did you take her Kirk?" - thinks a worried Cruz to himself. Julia tries to calm him down, saying Eden should be fine if she's with Kirk, but Cruz doesn't think so: "That's where you're wrong. He's the last person she should be with". Julia tells him he shouldn't worry about Kirk getting involved with Eden, since Eden loves him more than anything. She advices him to þ marry her fast. Cruz takes her advice, "but first I've got to find her". He decides to start looking for Eden and leaves the "Orient Express".

Julia talks to CC's doctor about Eden's conflict and her strange moods and asks him to help. He promises to do so, and mentions that there could be another explanation to Eden's mood swings excpet mental stress: There are special medications which can cause irrational behaviour when taken with alchohol.

"Let me die...Let me die..." - says the voice coming from Gina's tape. CC suddenly opens his eyes. Gina is terrified when she notices it. "My god!" - she whispers with horror. Eden, totally unstable and thinking she's hearing her father's voice, closes the door behind her. Sophia passes in the corridor outside CC's room, and notices Eden before the door is closed. "Poor daddy" - cries Eden as she approaches CC...

At the hospital, Dylan finally notices Carlo's goon and comes up with a plan to get rid of him. He pretends to have a loud fight with Nick, in which he tells him how stupid he was to destroy the map without making a copy. The "nurse" hears the argument and makes his way towards the exit. Dylan decides to follow him in order to see if he had bought the act.

Can you see me?" - asks Eden, knealing near CC's bed. "My heart breaks everytime I see you like this. I know what you told me to do. Twice you told me, I didn't forget. Daddy, I'm here. Eden's here". CC just stares at her. "I love you daddy. I love you more than I love myself. I love you more than I love Cruz!". Gina is in the closet, hearing every word. "Go ahead Eden. Pull the plug! So I won't have to..." - Gina says in her heart. Eden continues to talk to her father: "I've been so tortured, I didn't know whether to disobey you, but now I've decided what I'm going to do. You've trusted me with the business and your life's work, and your life - you put them in my hands. I hate these machines daddy, I really hate them. They just go on and on. They don't care about the pain, the hopelessness..." - Eden bursts into tears again. "I wore this dress daddy because it was your favorite. In my dreams I'm always wearing it, and I've tried to get rid of it because it frightened me. I don't know why but I still have it!". Eden gets up. "In my dreams I just keep...I do...I do exactly what you want me to do..." - Eden approaches slowly to the plug. CC starts to blink, his pulse is getting rapid. Eden reaches a trembling hand to the plug. "Do it Eden. Do it now!" - Gina begs in her heart. "Do it! Pull it! You know you want it, so do it Eden, do it! Go ahead!" - hopes an anxious Gina, but Eden can't make herself pull the plug - and faints.

"Get up Eden, come one, get up! You can do it!" - thinks Gina, but Eden lies motionless on the floor. Gina decides to act, and goes out of the closet. Suddenly, CC's hand moves as if he was trying to grab Gina's arm. "My God! You moved!! Am I imagining this?!" - Gina panics and moves away, but CC follows her with his eyes. "Can you see me?" - asks a horrified Gina. "Eden, don't pass out on me now!" - Gina shakes Eden. "Finish what you've started, you were so close! Don't give up now! Eden, can you hear me?". Gina moves her look from Eden to CC, who is still watching her. "Your eyes...they move! Can you see me?! Can you see me??" - Gina can't bare to look at CC anymore. "I'm not doing anything! I didn't do anything, stop looking at me!". CC blinks. "Stop it, I can't stand it!!" - shouts Gina.

Sophia leaves the Capwell mansion and goes to the guest-house, where she's staying. Ted comes by, soaken-wet from the storm. They are drawn into a conversation about Sophia's affair with Lionel and her relationship with CC. The storm outside keeps them from hearing the drama that is taking place very close to them, inside CC's room.

Mary wants to go check on CC, but Mason convinces her to stay in the study with him.

CC's life are still in danger. He looks at Gina, his heart beats very fast. "Stop looking at me like that! This is what you wanted, this is what you've asked for, so you're going to get it! Your darling Eden is going to do it. This is what you wanted, isn't it?" - Gina grabs Eden's hand, but can't face CC. "You have no right to look at me like this! I was the one who was hurt by this marriage, not you!". Then she takes a deep breath, and puts Eden's hand on the plug. "Goodbye CC. See you in hell...". Gina uses Eden's hand to pull the plug...

A moment of silence. The sound of the machine is no longer heard. The respirator stops working. Gina freezes. "It's done. It's over." - she says with a low voice. Then she hears a weak cough. She looks up at CC - and sees him moaning weakly for a few moments, then his eyes are closed. After a few seconds, an alarm breaks off. "No!!!" - Gina screams horrified.

Cruz drives in his car, when he gets the message about Nick being shot. He decides to get to the hospital, and orders the police to keep looking for Kirk's car, and to notify him as soon as they spot it. Julia is still in the restaurant, flirting with CC's doctor, when his beeper goes off. "There is an emergancy at the Capwell's" - He tells Julia and hurries to the elevator. "I wonder if Eden's there..." - thinks Julia to herself.

Kirk is still sitting on the stairs waiting for Eden, when he hears the alarm. "Eden, are you Ok? Do you need any help?". Kirk doesn't hear a reply and hurries up. Meanwhile Gina tries to open the window, but it's stuck. She hears Kirk calling for Eden, and rushes back to the closet. Kirk enters the room and can't believe his eyes. "What the...Eden?" - Kirk approaches her, then notices the plug in her hand. "My god, she did it! She really did it!" - Kirk panics. "The nurse, where the hell is that nurse!!" - Kirk runs to the phone, picks it up - but at the last seconds he hangs up. "No". He goes to CC, and checks his pulse. "He's dead. It's over for him. Why should it be over for Eden too?" - Kirk runs to the window. "We've got to find a way out of here!".

Meanwhile, down at the study-room, Mary and Mason finally hear the alarm - and hurry towards the room. "They could be here any second! I can't risk the hall" - thinks Kirk, when he finally manages to open the window. He grabs a half-conscious Eden, and exits through the window. Gina goes out of her hiding place. "As long as Eden's finger prints are on the plug, everythings Ok. But I need a witness to see that I'm Eden" - says Gina, when she hears Mary's voice. She runs to the window, and jumps down - not before Mary reaches the room and sees her. "Eden!" - Mary shouts, but her mind is set to CC when she sees him. Mason enters after her. When Gina jumps down, a piece of cloth is torn from her dress and stays on the window. "Mason, the respirator's off! Plug it in!". Mason plugs it, andgoes to call an ambulance. Mary checks CC's hand for a pulse. Her grave face are telling that CC is in a very bad condition.

Dylan comes back to Nick's room in the hospital, telling him that Carlo's thug bought the act. Nick is happy to hear this. Cruz comes in, and blames Dylan for Nick being shot. He suggests Dylan to leave Santa Barbara, and says he'll be watching every move he makes from now on.

Sophia and Ted finish their conversation, and Ted is about to leave, when he hears the alarm. When he looks up to CC's room, he sees the window open. They both immediately start running towards the house.

"Looks like he's breathing again" - says Mason when the respirator is back on. "There's a faint heart beat" - says Mary with a grave voice. "Now it's gone..." - says Mary when CC stops breathing. "Oh my god" - Mary holds her head. "Is he dead?" - Mason asks with fear...

Episode 326

Loud siren sounds can be heard outside the Capwell mansion, as the ambulance arrives for CC. Gina gets into her car in a hurry, and tries to calm down, but her concience is troubling her. "What have I done?..." - she says to herself with a voice full of fear. She starts her car and drives fastly towards the hotel. The images of the drugged Eden, and how she pulled the plug keep popping up to her head. Gina gets back to the hotel, and enters the presidential suite carefully, checking that nobody saw her. She moves around anxiously in the room trying to calm down but she cannot. Brandon suddenly enters the living-room, and scares Gina. "What are you doing up so late?"- Gina wonders, trying to hide her shaky condition. Brandon says he woke up just now. Gina shows him the clock, and makes sure to mention the exact time several times, so that Brandon will remember exactly "when he woke up". She puts him back to sleep, but has troubles sleeping herself.

On the road back to his hotel, a worried Kirk is driving fastly while Eden is sitting unconcious next to him. He tries to talk to her, but she is totally out. Kirk arrives to the hotel, and sneaks in to his flat carrying Eden, trying to avoid from being seen.

CC fails to breath, and is in a clinical death condition for a few minutes, before Mary and the doctors manage to bring his pulse back barely. Long minutes of hanging between hope and desparation are passing on Mason, Mary, Ted and Sophia, all waiting outside CC's room while the doctors are fighting for his life. Mason shows real concern over his father, and pures his heart to Mary about it. Finally, after a few long hours, CC's condition is stabilizing. Mary has feelings of guilt for not keeping an eye on CC, and blames herself for what was done to him, but Mason tells her that what she did was save his father's life, and he will never forget it and be thankful for it for the rest of his life. Mary tells Mason that despite everything he said about his father and everything he did to him, he loves him very much. Mason realizes that what she says is true.

The Capwells are too busy worrying about CC's condition than to think of who pulled the plug on him. However, Sophia remembers that just before she left for the guest-house, she saw Eden entering CC's room and closing the door behind her. She swears in her heart not to tell anyone about it, and on the first opportunity she gets, she goes looking for Eden, but without success. Meanwhile, Mary recalls she also saw Eden in CC's room: It was when she rushed in to save CC. A woman was sitting on the window, and immediately jumped outside when Mary came in. Mary is almost sure it was Eden. Not wanting to hurt Eden, she decides to keep it to herself for now.

When Lionel hears about what happened on the Capwell mansion, he hurries there. Augusta is angry at him accusing him of wanting CC dead so he can have Sophia. Lionel comes in and asks what happened. The tensed Capwells are not very pleased to see him. He is told what happened and that CC will be Ok, then he leaves the house with Sophia. He sees that she is troubled about something, but she avoids him and refuses to tell him what it is.

Back at his room in the hotel, Kirk undresses an unconcious Eden and puts her to sleep. He kneels over her saying that from now on he will make sure everything will be alright and nobody will ever hurt her again.

Episode 327

(Thanks to Tzach from Israel for his help)

A knock is heard outside Amy's house. It's Brick, who comes back in the middle of the night from his bachelor-party totally drunk. Amy is mad at him, not letting him in, but finally she softens. Their wedding is due tomorrow, and they start having a meaningless argument on what they expect from each other after the marriage, etc. Finally they realize it's just pre-marriage fears, and they go to sleep happy and excited over the upcoming marriage.

On their way to the hospital, Mary is still troubled over what she saw when she entered CC's room. She asks Mason if he saw anything or anyone in his father's room. Mason, who came in a second after Mary, hasn't seen anything, but he gets suspicious of Mary for asking him. He starts bugging her until she reveals that she did see someone, but she can't tell him who it was. Mason pressures on her to tell him, but she stays quiet.

CC keeps struggling for his life in the hospital. The Capwells are told he's in a stable condition, though his life are still in danger, and they don't know how severe are the damages caused to him.

Sophia stays in the Capwell mansion after everyone's gone to the hospital. She goes to the crime scene to find clues to who pulled the plug, fearing it might be Eden. She wanders across the room, when suddenly her eyes rest on the window: Sophia notices that a piece of cloth is lying wet there, attached to a loose window screw. She looks at it more closely, and her fears come true: It looks like a part of Eden's pink dress...

Inside the Capwell hotel's presidential suite, Gina is going through a sleepless night. She wonders why no one still hasn't informed her of her husband's death. Finally Lionel arrives to the hotel and knocks on the door. Gina waits a few moments, then opens the door, pretending to be sleepy. She acts surprised to find Lionel on her doorstep in the middle of the night, but her surprise turns genuine when she hears the latest news about CC being alive. Lionel tries to calm down an upset Gina, then takes Brandon and leaves for the Capwell mansion, where he and Sophia decide not to tell their grandson about what happened. A shocked and disappointed Gina is doing her way to the hospital, where she takes out all her frustrasion on poor Mary, blaming her for the whole incident. Gina stays in the hospital and plays the worried wife part, though none of the Capwells actually buy it.

Cruz keeps looking for Eden without success. When he comes to the Capwell mansion, he is in shock. Cruz is furious that he wasn't told about what happened on time, and immediately starts investigating the room. He orders everyone out. Sophia remembers the piece of cloth, and enters the room trying to get it before Cruz notices it, but Cruz doesn't let her hang around too long, and orders her out before she can touch it. Later he finds the piece of cloth, and thinking it belongs to Eden, he decides to hide it from the cops. Cruz is now worried sick about Eden, and believes she had something to do with the plug-pulling.

Eden herself is starting to gain consciousness in Kirk's apartment. She is very confused at first, and is having a black-out of what happened during the party and after it. Kirk suspends the bad news for a while, but finally he tells her about the death of her father (Kirk at this stage preferred to avoid contact with anyone, so he didn't know that CC survived). He lies to her, telling her that he took her to his place right after the party. When she wonders why she ended up in his place, he tells her about the fight she had with Cruz which led to the cancellation of the engagment. At first Eden believes him, but soon she starts having flashbacks, and when she realizes she was actually in CC's room, Kirk has no choice but to tell her the truth about how he found her holding the plug in her hand. Eden feels ashamed and ruined. She can't bare to handle what she did, and wants to turn herself to the police. Kirk tries to convince her that it wasn't her fault. She was just doing what CC asked her to, and there's no reason for her to go to jail for it. If she tells everyone that she went straight to Kirk's place after the party - nobody will ever find out.

Cruz arrives at the hospital and starts questioning the attendants. Mason tells him that Mary has something important she wants to tell him. When he turns to her in private, Mary unwillingly tells him about what she saw. She stresses that it was very dark, and she only saw the back of the image for a slight moment. Cruz is far from being happy when she tells him she thinks it was Eden.

Episode 328

(Thanks to Tzach from Israel for his help)

Cruz orders Mary to keep quiet and forbids her from talking about seeing Eden in the crime scene, since it will interfere with the on-going investigation. Mary tells him she can't promise anything, especially with Mason questioning her. Cruz says that the person who tried to kill CC will pay heavily. When Mary walks away, he takes out the piece of cloth from his pocket, and looks at it with a grave face.

Ted comes back from the hospital, and meets Sophia in the Capwell mansion. He informs her of CC's stable condition. She asks him if he knows of Eden's whereabouts, and Ted hasn't got a clue. After a little hesitation, he asks her if she thinks Eden was the one who pulled the plug. "If you love your sister, you won't say that again, and will not mention it to anyone ever!" - she replies angrily. Later she goes out looking for Eden on the rainy streets, and Lionel finds her upset and cold. He tries to find out what's wrong, but she just asks him to take her home, and so he does.

Over at Kirk's apartment, Eden tries to remember what happened. She only remembers talking to CC, waking up and seeing the plug in her hand and Kirk carrying her out through the window. She does not remember actually pulling the plug. Kirk keeps trying to convince her to follow his alibi plan that they left straight to his place after the party, but a desperate Eden says she can't go through with it. Eden has a feeling that CC might still be alive, and asks Kirk to call the mansion and find out, but Kirk thinks it's too risky. He does however place a call to the hospital, but the nurse refuses to give him any information. Eden thinks that CC is dead and the family has to be informed first, and that's why no information was given to Kirk.

Brick and Amy are fighting again, and this time their mothers, who are spending the night there, wake up and go downstairs to calm things down. After each of them is having a talk with her child, Brick and Amy reconcile and the wedding is back on.

Cruz is placing a call to Kirk's, and on hearing the busy tone, he decides to go there. As Kirk goes over his plan with Eden, Cruz's knocks are heard on the door. Eden tells Kirk she doesn't want to see him and goes hiding in the bedroom. Kirk opens the door and finds a worried Cruz that wants to know if Eden's there. Kirk says she is sleeping. "For how long has she been here?" - asks Cruz. "Ever since we left the party" - replies Kirk. Cruz insists on taking Eden with him, but Kirk tells him she doesn't want to see him and reminds him of the engagement call-off, and of the promotion he turned down. Cruz notices Eden's dress on the sofa and gets angry, asking Kirk to wake up Eden at once, but Kirk firmly insists that she stays in his place. Finally Cruz leaves, not before promising Kirk to come back the next day for Eden, "even if I'll have to break down the door".

At the Lockridge mansion, Augusta feels bad about Lionel not coming back, and complaints to Julia that he is probably with Sophia right now. Meanwhile Janice gets a centerfold photage contract after winning a modeling competition. A moody Augusta throws all kinds of accusations at her, and fires her from her job as the chauffeur, though Janice no longer needs this job. Later Lionel comes back, and the usual argument about his relationship with Sophia begins.

After Cruz leaves, Eden comes out of the bedroom and feels stupid hiding from Cruz. Kirk tells her she first needs to relax and only then start seeing people, and not in the state she is in now. Eden asks Kirk to get rid of the pink dress, since it makes her scared and upset. Kirk disposes of it. Eden feels she has lost both her father and Cruz. Kirk tries to calm her down and says things may or may not work out with Cruz, and it won't be the end of the world if they won't, but Eden is not comforted. Kirk suggests that first she'll go to her family tomorrow, then to Cruz. He decides to go to the mansion and inform them of Eden's location in order not to let them worry too much. He promises to get Eden a new dress on the way home, that way they'll say the pink dress was ruined in the storm and there won't be any evidance that Eden wore the dress after she left the "Orient Express".

Gina is back at the presidential suite, very frustrated over the failure of her plan to kill CC. She tries to think what went wrong, as she suddenly notices the dress is torn. She quickly realizes that it must have been when she jumped out of the window, and hurries to the Capwell mansion to get it before the police does. When she arrives there - it's too late: The cops are all over the place, and after managing to enter the room (using an excuse of finding the bible she used to read to CC from every night), she fearfully finds the piece of cloth is missing. Knowing that it will lead the police away from Eden and get her into big troubles, Gina decides to switch the dresses. When she goes out the front door, she bumps into Cruz. Cruz asks the police if anything was found. They say they found a few things, but since Gina, Sophia and Ted are listening, they don't elaborate much. Gina gets more worried.

Kirk arrives at the mansion to find Cruz, Ted, Sophia and Gina there. He says he came to take a few things for Eden, who is staying at his place at the moment, and will come back home in the morning as she's not feeling very well. He acts as if he doesn't know what happened. Sophia tells him of the plug-pulling and how CC is doing in the hospital. Kirk acts surprised (he was indeed surprised to hear that CC is alive) and says that Eden has no idea about what happened. He took her to his place straight after the party. Sophia looks worried for she knows Eden was in CC's room earlier that night. Kirk wants to take some cloths for Eden, since her dress was ruined in the storm. "You mean the pink dress?" - Gina jumps. "Yes, I threw it out to the garbage". Gina immediately flees from there. Sophia walks Kirk upstairs, trying in her mind to figure out why he was lying.

Meanwhile, Eden decides she has to tell the truth to the family. She bravely picks up the phone and calls the mansion, but Cruz answers and upon hearing his voice she hangs up.

Gina is over at the rubbish bin at Kirk's apartment with her torn pink dress. "Ok you stupid dress, where are you?" - she says as a load of garbage is dumped from above, leaving Gina disgusted.

Episode 329

Kirk hurries back to his place and tells Eden the good news. She is very happy to hear that her father is alive, and goes to sleep a little more cheered up.

Nick is visited by Dylan and Sam in the hospital. They are surprised to hear that Nick has hidden the film inside a flour jar. Dylan is worried that it might be damaged, but Nick assures him that he put the film inside a sealed box, and it is safe. What the three of them don't know is that somebody is watching them: Carlo is located in a near building in a room where he can see everything. With the help of a specialized lip-syncher and a video camera, he manages to find out exactly what Nick has just told Dylan and Sam.

Gina finds Eden's dress and replaces it with hers. She exits the garbage bin feeling a big relief. "Now I can go home and get some sleep. It's been a dirty night!" - she says to herself. The next day Cruz comes and finds the torn dress, and when he puts the cloth in the torn area, he discovers for his dismay that it fits right into place.

Kelly tells Sophia that it's strange that Eden spent the night with Kirk. Sophia says that Eden didn't spent the night with him in that manner, he just helped her calm down as a friend. Kelly wonders if it could have been Eden who pulled the plug, and Sophia replies that Eden loves her father too much to do it.

It's early morning in Santa Barbara. Eden wakes up after a short nap, and finds Kirk awake. He hasn't slept the whole night. Kirk tells Eden that now she doesn't have to feel that bad for what happened since her father is alive, and the important thing now is to keep her life from being ruined. Eden still doesn't think she can lie to Cruz and the family. Their conversation is interrupted by a phone call. It's Cruz, who wants to speak to Eden. Kirk tries to avoid it for a while, but finally he gives the phone to Eden. "Remember: You don't know anything" - Kirk whispers to her. She agrees to meet Cruz in half an hour.

When Cruz puts down the phone, an officer comes with the results of the fingerprints test: Fingerprints of Mason, Mary, the doctor, a nurse, Eden, Kelly, Ted, Rosa, Gina and Sophia were found in the room. On the plug there were smudge prints of Mary, the other nurse, Mason - and Eden. Sophia feels very bad when she hears it.

At Kelly's, a happy Janice is baking a cake, using the flour from the jar. "This is the clankiest batter! I hope I didn't do something wrong" - she tells Warren. Janice feels uncomfortable about a stranger taking nude pictures of her for the centerfold, and Warren suggests that she will ask Nick to do the shooting. Dylan and Sam arrive, and are shocked to find that Janice has used up the flour. Dylan removes the cake from the oven, and finds the film inside. He and Sam develop it successfully according to Nick's instructions. Dylan is unhappy to hear about Janice's contract and wants her to cancel it, saying they can get the money to return to Africa some other way.

Meanwhile, Kirk tells Eden he will wait for Cruz outside and try to find out as much as he can about what he knows and what he plans to ask her. Kirk tells Eden he will be present when Cruz talks to her, unless Cruz asks to speak to her alone, in that case she will have no choice but to handle him by herself. Kirk goes outside to wait for Cruz, when Sophia calls his apartment. She asks Eden if she needs any help, and promises to be there for her if she needs anything. Then she tells Eden that CC is Ok, and warns her that Cruz comes to question her. She tells her that her fingerprints were found on the plug, and that she should be prepared if he asks her about it. When Eden hears about it, she hangs up, and runs away. Kirk and Cruz enter the flat and find it empty. Cruz is sure Kirk is fooling him around. "Was she wearing the same dress she wore last night?" - he asks. "Why, what's the differece?" - Kirk pretends to be naive. "I'm just trying to have a conversation" - Cruz backs off. He tells Kirk angrily that Eden will have to face him sooner or later. "Tell her that when you "find" her again, Ok?".

Brick and Amy's wedding day comes. The Wallaces, Perkinses, and a few close friends, are gathered at the beautiful wedding spot, near the forrest. Kelly arrives a little late, saying that Nick is still in the hospital and won't be able to make it. Brick is worried about being left without a best man, but Kelly offers herself and he finds it funny but agrees. Suddenly a huge cake is brought, with a congratulations note from Minx. Brick and Amy are very excited. They say their personal vows to each other, and the priest announces them as husband and wife. Amy fights her tears, and Brick is even more happy seeing that his (foster) parents are getting back together after a very long time. Amy hands the bouquette of flowers to Kelly instead of throwing it to the air, saying that it's her time to tie the knot now. The marriage party goes on with cheerful dancing and a big picnic on the fresh grass.

Eden arrives to the Capwell mansion and wants to go upstairs to see CC, but Sophia instinctively blocks her way. After a few moments, she lets her go. Near her father's bed, Eden expresses regrets over what she (thinks she) did, and promises to help CC get better. Then she leaves to Cruz's newly bought beach-house and tries to calm down there. Cruz, in his efforts to find her, is also on his way there.

After the marriage is over, Kelly goes back to the hospital and shows the flowers to Nick. He's happy she got them, and feels she hints him to propose to her soon. She leaves to her apartment, and Janice comes, asking Nick to take her photos. Nick is not too thrilled about it, fearing that it may cause great problems with Dylan, but finally agrees. They decide that somone should be watching, in order not to let Dylan think that something else happened while Nick took the shots of the naked Janice. They choose Kelly, and Nick phones her. As they are talking, Carlo and his armed men break in, and demand the map. Kelly is in the inner room. She hangs up on a worried Nick, gets the map and tries to hide.

Cruz opens the door of his house, and notices Eden. A few moments of embarrasment pass until Cruz finally begins the conversation. "I guess the house slipped through the storm pretty well. Hopefully we can too". He wonders why Eden came to the beach-house, and she says she hoped he would come too and it seemed like the best place to meet him. Cruz tries not to talk about the incident, but finally he takes a deep breath, and asks the fateful question: "You know what I have to ask you Eden. Where were you last night when your father's life support systems were shut down?...Was it you?"

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