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Episode 330

Carlo urges Dylan and Sam to give him the copy of the map, but they pretend as if they don't know what he wants from them. Carlo's thugs hear a noise coming from the back room, and as one of them goes to check it out, Kelly throws acid all over his face, giving her enough time to run away from the flat, before anyone comes back to his senses. Dylan begs Carlo not to chase her, since she's got nothing to do with the map, and she just took a few things she needed. Carlo realizes quickly that she also took the map, and flees from there with his gang.

At Cruz's beach-house, Eden explains that she went to Kirk's because of what Cruz did in the party. Eden tries to avoid a direct answer to Cruz's question, but he wants to hear straight from her mouth that she was with Kirk and didn't pull the plug. Eden screams that she wasn't at her house, and didn't pull the plug on her father. "Is that clear enough? Is that what you wanted to hear?! Is it all over?!" - she yells, on the verge of tears. "Yeah...It's over." - says Cruz quietly, and leaves. Later Kirk arrives to the beach-house worried about Eden, and finds her in a very bad mood. She tells him the details of her confrontation with Cruz. Kirk calms down when he hears she didn't confess to him, and asks her to keep it this way. Eden says she could sense that Cruz knew she was lying. She thinks it's over between her and Cruz, and asks Kirk to leave.

Mason presses Mary to reveal to him who she saw when she entered CC's room. He feels bad that Mary prefers to trust Cruz with it and not him. He also thinks that whoever it is, he might try to hurt her. Mary insists on not telling him, and they fight over it. Mason won't let go. He follows Mary when she goes to check on CC. "You don't have to say anything, you just stand there and listen while I think out loud. Now since you're so reluctant to tell me, I have to assume it's a member of the family". "That's _your_ assumption" - replies Mary. Mason goes on: "So let's start with Ted, Ok? Ted is easy to dismiss, he's the eternal optimist. He never believed Dad's condition was fatal anyway. Besides that he isn't capable of killing his own father, even if he thought it was the right thing to do. Also he was with Sophia. There's 2 alibis, one for each other. Kelly has even a better one, she was in the hospital with Nick. I just want you to understand that I'm not picking my suspects casually. I'm not pointing the finger at Eden for some need for revenge, but it's easy to see that Eden's alibi is the weakest. Even Gina has a better one, she was at the hotel with Brandon. Eden? Well, the only person who can back her up is Kirk" - "So?" - "So I don't think Kirk Cranston would exactly have to be coerced into protecting Eden". Mary tells him he is the victim's son, and she doesn't want him to get involved. "You accuse me of being too close to the situation. What about Cruz, do you think he's being objective? He's just delaying the inevitable, praying that another suspect would pop out of nowhere". Mary hurries to leave the room, and tells Mason she will be at the clinic, "and don't follow me!" - she warns him.

It's honeymoon time for Brick and Amy. Brick takes Amy to Cruz's old flat, and they are both surprised by all the flowers and decoration made by Kelly and Nick. The flat is decorated Hawaiian-style, giving Brick and Amy the feeling that they are on one of the beautiful islands. They feel a little bit sorry that the fun will last only a couple of days. Brick wants to clear his name and find a job, and Amy surprises him with a thought that she might get a job and he will be the one to take care of Johnny. Brick doesn't like the idea very much, but Amy insists.

Sam goes looking for Kelly, while Dylan hurries to the hospital, where he tells Nick the bad news. Nick is worried as hell, and almost jumps out of his bed when he hears it. Then he gets a phone call. It's Kelly, telling him that she is heading towards the ghost town they used to hang out in when Jerry Stanfield was trying to kill them. She asks him to call the police immediately, and nothing will happen to her. Nick asks her to come to the hospital at once, but Kelly says "I love you" and hangs up on him. The phone slips out of Nick's hands and drops on the floor, forcing Nick to make a false turn, which hurts his bad shoulder. Dylan calls the doctors and they urgently take him into surgery.

At the clinic, Mary receives a food delivery. Thinking that it's from Mason, she asks the delivery-man to take it back. "What's in there anyway?" - she wonders. When she hears that among other things her favorite milkshake flavour is there, she snaps it, and decides to take the package.

Pearl comes to the police station on Cruz's lunch break, and wants to talk to him. An angry Cruz asks him to leave, but changes his mind when he hears Pearl has information on "Miss Capwell". Pearl tells him that last night he saw a car parking outside a building, and a young man going out of it, carrying Eden, who looked drunk, over to the building and into one of the flats. Pearl checked the mail-box, and the name was Kirk Cranston. Cruz asks him to lower his voice and takes him near his desk. He then asks him if he knows when they arrived. Pearl tells him it was 22:25. Cruz asks him twice if it could have been earlier, but Pearl tells him he is sure as he looked at his watch. Pearl figures that the plug was pulled a little after ten, and Cruz confirms. "Damn!" - whispers Cruz. He feels the rope is getting tight around Eden's neck. Cruz threatens Pearl not to tell anyone about what he saw. Pearl promises to keep his mouth sealed.

Mary drinks the milkshake with pleasure, as Mason enters the room. She tells him that if he thinks that food and drinks is all it takes to reconcile with her, he is wrong. Mason doesn't know what she's talking about. Mary blames him for going over her personal stuff and reading in her diary, otherwise how could he know about her favorite milkshake. "Maybe if I went out and came back in again..." - says a surprised Mason. "Don't bother" - says a furious Mary. She wonders if he went over her year-book and saw Mark. Mason asks her who Mark is, and she tells him he was a close friend of hers at high-school, and they used to sit in the coffeeteria drinking that milkshake. Mason swears that he didn't send the package, and Mary finally believes him. She asks him if he came to smooth things over, but Mason tells her he hoped she would now be willing to tell him what she saw. Mary refuses, and Mason leaves disappointed of her attitude.

Sam arrives at the hospital, and Dylan updates him. A doctor informs Dylan that luckily Nick wasn't hurt bad, but it will take a while until he is brought back to the room. Dylan and Sam wonder how Carlo could have known about the photo, and reach the conclusion that he has a trace on them somehow. They think that the fact that there are hundreds of ghost cities in America should buy them some time. Cruz comes in, and wants to know how Nick was hurt. Dylan calms him down and asks him about the ghost town, and Cruz tells him it's near "Loan Pine", and that Nick and Kelly used to spend time in an old saloon there. He asks Dylan why he wanted to know, and Dylan tells him he just thought of doing some camping there. After Cruz leaves, Sam suddenly notices a few dark figures that are watching them from a room in a near-by building. "Well, it looks like we've got ourselves a peeping Tom" - says Sam. "No, his name isn't Tom, it's Carlo. Come on!" - Dylan runs out, Sam after him.

At the clinic, Mary is busy when a knock is heard on the door. "Come in" - she shouts, and when she turns around - she is surprised to find her old friend Mark. Mary is very happy to see him, and it turns out he has sent the package. Mark continued his medical practice and became a senior surgeon. Mary wants him to stay and chat, but Mark is in a hurry, and asks her for lunch. Mary agrees, and they decide to meet at the Capwell's the following day. Mark is stunned by Mary's beauty, and tells her it's very nice to see her again.

Cruz comes to the Capwell mansion and bumps into Mason. Mason asks him why he has sworn Mary to secrecy, and Cruz tells him that it's a normal custom in investigations. Mason says that he did a research of his own, and he saw Cruz's confidential police report. He knows that the only clear prints on the plug were his and Eden's. Mason also blames Cruz for holding evidance, since he didn't mention Mary's questioning in the report. Cruz tells him she hasn't signed a formal statement yet. Mason replies that she saw someone, and that someone might try to get her out of the way before she signs that formal statement. "In my judgement that's highly unlikely" - replies Cruz. "Well maybe I don't trust your judgement" - says Mason. Cruz asks Mason where he was when the machine was disconnected. Mason tells him he was in the library with Mary. "Not the whole time and not at the time the plug was pulled. You see, I told you I've been doing my job" - says Cruz. Their argument is interrupted by Eden and Kirk, who come in through the front door. "Eden! We were just talking about you. By implication, of course" - says Mason. Eden hurries upstairs with Kirk. "Interesting how he becomes her constant companion. I wonder what the sleeping arrangements are at Kirk's" - throws Mason at an insulted Cruz.

Dylan and Sam arrive at the room, but Carlo is already long gone with all the bugging equipment. All they find is a lens cover. "I think we just made our film debut, pal" - jokes Dylan. They decide to split up: Sam goes after Carlo, and Dylan heads to the ghost town. Kelly arrives there with her car, and looks around. She enters the old saloon, waiting for the police.

Working out a scheme, Mason returns to the clinic and apologizes to Mary about his behaviour. He says that now he knows and he was right all along. Mason tells her that he acquired the police report, and when he talked to Cruz, he couldn't deny it. Mason understands why she didn't want to tell him. "It's not easy telling somebody that their own sister attempted something like that". Mary buys his story. "Well, now you know..." - she sighs. "Finally." - Mason says, and Mary realizes she has been fooled. Mason defends himself by saying it was the only way he could find out, but Mary tells him it's the last time he ever deceives her.

Cruz goes up to CC's room, where he finds Eden in the arms of Kirk. He asks to talk to Eden alone, and Kirk leaves. Cruz wonders how a couple of drinks could affect Eden they way they did. Cruz says that only now he understands how much her father's condition troubled her, and it must have been very hard to have those nightmares every night. "You know, I tried to imagine doing it Eden. I tried to imagine myself coming in and seeing him in the bed alone, vulnerable the way he is now, walking around in the quiet, putting my hand on the plug and simply pulling it out of the wall. I don't think I would have been able to look at him" - Cruz realizes. "And simply walking across the room or running across the room and out...through the window. Is that how it happened Eden?" - Cruz asks. "I don't need to take this from you or anyone!" - says an upset Eden firmly and runs out of the room. Cruz sighs heavily, knowing for sure that she is hiding the truth.

Note: Jon Lindstrom (Mark McCormick) arrives in this episode.

The Israeli network that broadcasted Santa Barbara, "Reshet", decided to take it off the air in Israel. The last episode (330) was broadcasted on 30.12.96. So far non of the English speaking channels I get have picked on Santa Barbara, so there won't be any new episodes until further notice.


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