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Mary and Mason talk outside the Capwell mansion. Mason assumes that Mary is committed to Mark. Cruz interrogates CC about the night of the plug-pulling. Augusta is looking for Dylan. Santana arrives at the Capwell mansion. CC tells Cruz he can't know who tried to kill him since he was in coma. He asks if Cruz has any suspects. Cruz promises to keep it a secret if CC tells who pulled the plug, CC promises to think about it. Cruz comes down and wants Santana to go with him. They leave. CC calls downstairs and tells Mary he wants to see Sophia. CC tells her he knows about Brick and he is angry at her. He says he doesn't want to see her again and that he doesn't want their children to see her either, and that she has to leave that night. Santana talks to Cruz about her hopes to get Brandon back. Brick tells Santana that Minx changed the babies. Lionel arrives at the Capwell mansion. When Sophia tells him what CC said to her, Lionel runs upstairs to confront CC. The two men argue and Lionel tells CC he will destroy himself and then leaves. CC wants to see Mason next. Lionel talks to Sophia and wants to take her with him. CC tells Mason he's taken him out of the will and that Mason isn't a Capwell anymore. Sophia agrees to leave with Lionel for a few days. Mason leaves CC's room but comes back and says he'll fight CC and that CC can't make him disappear again.

Santana and Cruz are at Santana's place. Santana suspects that Gina had recorded CC's speech and edited it but Cruz says its too soon to jump into conclusions. They share a kiss and Cruz leaves. Eden is at Cruz's place, she has spent the night there. Kirk calls the hotel and wants to know if Eden spent the night there but the receptionist says she didn't. Gina hasn't been allowed to talk to CC yet. She and Kirk wonder how much CC remembers of the night of the plug-pulling. Kelly goes to to see Nick. He is rude to her and tells her he doesn't want to see her anymore. Nick is very hurt by Kelly's and Dylan's actions. Kelly asks Nick to forgive Dylan since he's his family but Nick refuses. Kelly leaves. CC wants Rosa to tell him about Eden's actions during his coma. Rosa says Eden sat by CC's bed and wished for him to give a sign of what to do. Rosa says she doesn't understand Eden's marriage with Kirk. Kirk goes to Cruz's place to ask him if he knows where Eden is. Cruz is getting home himself and tells Kirk hell try to find Eden. Kirk leaves and Cruz goes in. He finds Eden sleeping on the couch. He touches her face and she wakes up. Gina goes to see CC but he doesn't want to talk to her yet. Santana comes to meet CC. Gina wont let Santana go upstairs but CC comes out of his room and invites Santana to talk to him. Cruz tells Eden CC is out of coma and wants to see her. Eden is very happy and hugs Cruz. Kelly and Pearl arrive at the Capwell mansion. Pearl sets up Nick and Dylan meet at the oil rig on Kelly's demand. Santana tells CC that Brandon had been living with her for a short time; Mason had got her temporary custody but Gina stole her and came back only when they promised they wouldn't take Brandon from her. Santana wants custody of Brandon, CC promises to do what's best for the boy. Kirk doesn't believe Eden's explanations of her being at the Capwell hotel with a false name last night. Eden hides her letters to Cruz in a bag in the closet. Santana gets upset when she hears that Eden was at Cruz place that morning. Kirk breaks into Eden's drawer but the letters aren't there anymore. CC tells Eden he saw everything and thus knows what Eden did.

Kirk sees Cruz downstairs and wants to know why he is still there. He wants Cruz to leave but he wont. CC tells Eden there's no reason to be sorry for what she did, he just wanted her to know that he knows. Dylan and Nick argue on the oil rig. CC and Eden discuss Eden and Cruz breaking up and Eden marrying Kirk. Eden tells him no one could have helped her more than Kirk had. Rosa tells Cruz she doesn't want Santana to get hurt. Ted studies with a girl named Virginia Eisley. The decide to go on a date on Saturday. Eden calls Santana after she doesn't reach Cruz at his place. Santana is upset and once again Cruz leaves to see Eden. CC tells Kirk hes proud of him but warns him of Eden's and Cruz's feelings for each other. Gina and Kirk discuss Eden and the plug-pulling. CC is ready to talk to Gina now, but the doctor brings the results of CC's tests. Eden tells Cruz CC saw her pull the plug and thinks that its best for both of them if they're out of each others lives. The doctor tells Gina that CC is too tired to talk to anyone and that he gave him a sedative. Gina has to wait until the next morning. Dylan and Nick keep arguing at the oil rig. Nick decides to swim to the shore and Dylan follows him. Eden asks Kirk if he broke into her drawer; he admits doing so because he doesn't want her to keep secrets from him. Eden gets upset and they argue, after which she tells Kirk she wants to be alone. When he leaves, Eden writes yet another letter to Cruz.