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CC tells Gina to leave the house. She gets to take Brandon with her, of which Santana is upset. Nick and Kelly are apart but thinking about each other. Eden notices that Gina is planning to steal things from the Capwell mansion and stops her from doing so. Nick calls Kelly and asks if she's ok. He tells her he loves her and wants to make her happy. Dylan calls Kelly and tells her he has been a jerk. Gina is leaving. When Mason comments about her dress, she undresses and when leaving the mansion, says that she will take from Capwell's everything they ever loved. 383
A car comes to the Capwell mansion and Gina gets in. Kelly and Ted are upset about what happened to Gina but the others are not. Sophia arrives at the Capwell mansion and is told about Gina's leaving. The driver of the car Gina is in is Kirk. They discuss Brandon and Eden's plug-pulling; Gina wants to turn Eden in, but Kirk won't let her. Cruz drives past them and Kirk gets nervous. Cruz goes to talk to CC about what CC told Eden. He then plays a tape recorded with Cruz's voice to CC, asking him if the words are familiar. CC says they're not. Cruz and CC argue over Eden and CC's demand for her to shut down his life support system. Santana bursts in and wants Brandon. CC tells her Gina is the only mother the boy knows but Santana keeps on begging him. CC says that Brick is Sophia's and Lionel's son and everyone is shocked. Later CC calls Minx and wants to talk to her the next morning. Cruz and Santana are leaving when Eden goes after them; she wants to talk to Cruz. He says she should talk to CC and that he himself has no business to that house anymore. He and Santana then leave. Kelly, Ted, Eden and Mason discuss Channing and Brick. Kelly wants to talk to Brick after she comes back from New York; she needs some time to think what she wants from her life. She asks Eden why she married Kirk. Eden tells her she made a choice and she has to live by it. Mason calls Brick and asks him to come to the Capwell mansion to talk about business. Gina and Kirk arrive at a motel. Kirk tells Gina to call Brandon and get him there right away. They argue and Kirk gives her some money. He promises to check her up later on and leaves. CC and Sophia argue over their children and Brick. Kelly tells CC she is going to leave for New York but CC says he wont let her. Brick arrives at the Capwell mansion and soon guesses that the others have heard of his origin. Gina tucks Brandon in at the motel. He asks her what is wrong and she says nothing, they'll go home very soon. Brick and the others argue and CC orders him and Sophia out.

CC criticizes Mason in front of Mary. She is angry at them for arguing all the time. CC orders Mason to leave the house and Mary can't believe it has come to that. Mark comes to the Capwell mansion. He and Mary prepare to leave. CC asks Mary to stay at his guest house, of which Mark isn't very happy. Mary and Mark argue over Mary's feelings for Mason. CC has a talk with Minx. He says he'll never forgive Minx. Warren says CC should blame Sophia. Minx says that she's not sorry for what she did and CC threatens her that all the Lockridges will pay. Warren tells him Sophia and Lionel are together on a yacht. Kelly tells CC Augusta has been hired to work at the casino. Since the decision was made by Dylan, CC wants to talk to him at the Capwell mansion in an hour. CC wants Mason to help him in getting revenge on Lockridges. Mason has to see through Augusta's and Lionel's divorce so that there won't be any reconciliations. Sophia and Lionel kiss at the yacht. Dylan wants CC to take a risk and let him proceed with the casino project. CC first has his doubts but at the end gives his promise to Dylan.

There's a press conference at the Capwell mansion. CC is talking to the cameras when Kirk comes in. CC wants him to be interviewed too. The reporters ask CC about Cruz and Kirk feels uncomfortable. CC gets a call about where Lionel's yacht is and wants to be kept up to date on it. Gina and Brandon come into their motel room. Gina tells Brandon that the motel is only a temporary solution. Brandon tells her some guy has been following him. Santana and Cruz argue over the previous night. They end their argument with a hug. CC gives money to Kirk to make sure Brandon is taken care of. CC tells Mason he doesn't consider him as his son anymore. Gina calls the Capwell mansion and wants to talk to Mason. Mary tells her he doesn't live there anymore. Gina tells Kirk a man has been following Brandon. Gina is convinced that Santana put the spy on her and Brandon. Gina goes to confront Santana about the follower but she says she didn't do it. Cruz promises to find out what is going on. CC dines with Mary. She tells him that there's nothing between her and Mason, it's over. CC still warns her about Mason. Sophia tells Lionel she wants to go home. They kiss again. Kirk is taking care of Brandon when Mason comes to see Gina. Gina comes back and wants Kirk to take Brandon for a milkshake so that she can talk to Mason privately. She wants Mason to be her lawyer but he refuses. Cruz surprises Gina's follower and wants to know who hired him. He says he didn't do anything illegal and Cruz has to let him leave. Mary is about to leave the Capwell mansion when Mason comes there. They share a kiss, after which Mary leaves.

Gina goes to take a bath. Someone comes in and surprises her. Nick is drunk. Cruz brings him to his place. Nick falls and tells Cruz Dylan is after Kelly. Pearl arrives and Nick goes to shower. Pearl says Kirk is at the motel again with Gina and that Cruz should tell CC and Eden about it. Ted guesses CC knows who pulled the plug but CC doesn't want to talk about it. It appears that the person who surprised Gina is Kirk. He demands his money but Gina says she doesn't have it. She had spent it because she knew Kirk would want it back. Kirk starts to rip Gina's new clothes and tells her hell find a way for Gina to pay him for the money she spent. Dylan sees Kelly at the casino. She says she didn't tell Nick yet and Dylan thinks she makes a big mistake if she will. Dylan says he loves Kelly but she says she loves Nick, not him. Nick asks Cruz if he would take Eden back when she's done with Kirk. Cruz says not would but will. Detectives come to talk to Cruz about CC's attempted murder investigation. They suspect that Cruz is covering evidence. Cruz wonders if Kirk and Gina could be having an affair. Nick goes to look for Kelly at the Capwell mansion. Since she's not there, he intends to go to the casino, but leaves a note to Kelly for Ted to deliver. The detective questions Pearl about the night of the plug-pulling. They have found out that Pearl is lying but Pearl comes up with an excuse, which the detective doesn't believe. Cruz goes to see Gina. He wants to know why Kirk was so angry and hints that Gina and Kirk were having an affair. Lionel calls the casino and talks to Dylan, who says CC has been asking about Lionel's investments in the casino. Gina calls the Capwell mansion and tells Kirk Cruz is suspicious about their relationship. Ted arrives at the casino and gives Nick's message to Kelly. Sam lectures Dylan of trying to steal his brother's girlfriend. Nick arrives at the casino. Cruz decides not to throw Eden's dress of the plug-pulling night away, since it might reveal something. Lionel comes to the casino and is ready for the card game. Nick and Kelly talk about Dylan and them. Cruz hopes that Eden will remember something when she sees the dress.

Dylan goes to his office where Kelly and Nick are talking. Mary gets ready to leave for the casino with Mark. Mason asks Julia to come to the casino with him, she agrees. The casino opening officially begins. Sophia arrives and sees Augusta. Kelly tries to tell Nick about sleeping with Dylan but Nick is so understanding that she can't do it. Kelly tells Dylan that she didn't tell Nick and that she loves Nick. Mary thinks of the time she and Mason were at the Orient Express and they danced. Cruz comes to talk to Eden at the Capwell mansion but Kirk starts questioning him about harassing Gina with his questions. He then orders Cruz out. CC and Lionel start the card game. Mary and Mark get back to the Capwell mansion. They kiss but Mary pulls back. Mason is sitting in a car with a huge cardboard picture of him on the other seat. Nick and Dylan argue over Kelly and Dylan tells his brother he slept with Kelly. 388
Kelly and Nick leave the casino by boat. Eden has a dream about Cruz. She wakes up next to Kirk. Rosa tells Eden CC didn't come home last night. The card game still continues. Gina and Brandon are in the motel room, the follower is outside. The man comes in and Gina hits him with a chair. Kelly and Nick argue over her sleeping with Dylan. Gina calls Cruz and tells him she wants to file a formal complaint against CC for hiring the investigator but Cruz says there's no basis for the case. Kelly falls down to the water from the boat and Nick jumps in to rescue her. Gina arrives at the casino and starts arguing with CC. When he doesn't want to talk to her, she ruins the card game by spreading the cards all over the table. CC is furious at her. Eden tells Cruz and Santana that she hopes they all could be friends and that Cruz and Santana will be happy together. CC plans to take custody of Brandon from Gina. Cruz gets a call about Kelly being in the hospital; so does Dylan. Gina goes to meet CC. He gives her a paper that states he is taking custody of Brandon from Gina.

Hayley comes to Gina's door and tells her she is her niece, whose father had died. Eden and Kirk argue over business. Cruz calls Eden and wants to see her at his place. Dylan comes to the hospital and talks to Nick about Kelly. Hayley goes to get some groceries and Gina promises her she can stay with her. Dylan and Nick argue over Kelly. Kirk apologizes to Eden for his harsh words about her father and gives has something for her; its her old doll from the attic. Kirk starts to talk about children but Eden is not eager to have them. Santana prepares a cake for Brandon when Gina bursts in. She accuses Santana for hiding Brandon which she doesn't. Santana says that CC will give her custody of Brandon and Gina throws the cake on the floor. Eden arrives at the hospital to see Kelly. She meets Cruz there. Later Eden remembers her and Cruz having talked about having children. She writes a new letter to Cruz and hides it when Kirk comes in. Kirk continues the discussion over children but Eden still doesn't want to become pregnant. They argue and she leaves. Gina goes to see CC at the Orient Express and tells him he shouldn't give Brandon to Santana. CC tells Santana she can have Brandon if she gets married. Santana gets upset about his demands. Eden comes to meet Cruz. Santana doesn't tell him what CC said but leaves when Eden arrives. Cruz shows Eden her dress of the night of the plug-pulling but Eden doesn't want to think about that night and runs away. Kirk watches them from the car.