Kirk recalls the previous night when he saw Eden running away from Cruz. Eden hides a letter to Cruz in the safe on the wall. Gina calls Kirk and wants to see him. Hayley goes jogging; so does Ted. Mark prepares for Mary's birthday. He finds a picture of Mason and Mary and tears it into pieces. Cruz wants to know why CC didn't give Brandon to Santana but she isn't going to tell him that. Kirk tells Eden he dreamt of their own children but Eden is still reluctant and the argue over it. Mason takes a horse outside the guest house for Mary. When he leaves, the horse gets loose and goes inside. Eden promises Kirk she will seriously consider leaving out the birth control pills. Santana tells Rosa she has decided to stay away from Cruz. Kirk tells Cruz he and Eden are going to try to have a baby.

Cruz gets a letter from Santana saying that they shouldn't see each other so often anymore. Mason tries to call Mary but no one's home. The horse is eating the cake. Julia encourages Augusta to fight for her marriage. Gina asks Kirk to help her with Brandon but Kirk says he won't. Hayley runs into Ted while jogging. He gives her advice on the right running technique and asks her to join him for breakfast. Julia and Mason discuss Augusta's case. Gina encourages Hayley to use make-up and try to get a man. Augusta asks Mason to represent her in the court and Mason agrees to do so. Cruz wants to know what's going on with Santana but she won't tell him. At the casino, Mason gets to talk to Mary for a moment when Mark goes to get something to drink. Rosa calls Mason and tells him about the horse. Mason is trying to get the horse out when Mary and Mark arrive. Mary is amused about the whole thing but Mark is angry. After making love with Kirk Eden goes to shower. In the meanwhile Kirk finds the safe and Eden's letters to Cruz there.

Santana sets up a meeting with CC at the Orient Express. Eden comes out of the shower and Kirk seems absent-minded. When Eden goes back to the bathroom, he finishes reading one of the letters. Amy complains Brick that he's at the casino all the time. Augusta and Mason discuss Augusta's case. It seems that Lionel doesn't want to give any of the valuable paintings he owns to Augusta. Kirk hides the letters again when Eden comes out of the bathroom. Kirk says he's feeling sick and wants to rest. Dylan pretends to be Nick to go to see Kelly. Nick comes to the hospital and is furious to find Dylan with her. Kelly tells Nick she never slept with Dylan and Nick leaves the room to confront Dylan. Kelly comes out of the room and collapses on Nick's arms. Rosa talks to CC about his demands. She says that CC is always forcing people together and that she is considering quitting her job at the Capwell mansion. Kelly tells Nick she hopes he can forgive Dylan some day. Mason wants Pearl to break into the Lockridge basement. Kirk tires to call Eden to the Orient Express but she hasn't been there all day. Kirk calls the police station and finds out that Cruz is not on duty. Mason, Pearl and Augusta break into the Lockridge basement. Nick arrives at the casino and fights with Dylan. Kirk goes to the Orient Express but Eden still hasn't arrived there. Kirk notices CC and goes talk to him. After a short while Eden arrives at the Orient Express. Kirk wants her to come home with him. Santana tells CC that she'll stay away from Cruz. Brick is worried that the Capwells and Lockridges will destroy the casino. Augusta and Mason make a list of Lionel's paintings and try to estimate their value. Eden and Kirk come home. Kirk says he's sometimes insecure. He wants them to have a shower together but Eden makes up an excuse for not doing so. Eden goes to shower and Kirk decides to go after her. Dylan and Kelly argue over telling Nick that they slept together. Kelly says she doesn't want Dylan. He gets angry when hearing that. Kelly thinks that Nick is a much better man than Dylan.

Kirk tries to find Eden. A police officer brings Hayley to Gina's motel room; Gina had told her to go to the Capwell property to get some fruits. Hayley is upset about the whole thing. Cruz dines with Julia and they discuss Angel's case. Kirk arrives at the Orient Express to look for Eden but she's not there. He sees Cruz and across from him a cup with lipstick on it, and is sure it's Eden's. Kirk wants Gina to keep an eye on Cruz. Lionel finds prints of high heels on the Lockridge basement floor. Cruz leaves the Orient Express and Gina follows him. Kelly and Nick are packing up her things since she's moving in with Nick, when Dylan arrives. When Nick leaves for a minute, Kelly and Dylan argue. Kirk finds a new letter from Eden to Cruz and reads it. Gina calls Kirk and tells him she followed him to the police station. Kirk is angry at her for not following Cruz when he left there. Hayley goes to the Capwell mansion to apply a job as a maid. While there, she hears Kirk talk on the phone with Gina. Ted, Kelly and Nick finish packing Kelly's things. Dylan and Nick argue and Dylan hints that Nick can't afford to take care of Kelly. Julia calls Cruz and tells him Angel will only talk to him, so he should come right away and to make sure he's not followed. However, Kirk follows Cruz. Cruz tries to lose him. Hayley gets a call from Rosa that she'll get a job interview at the Capwell mansion. Lionel accuses Augusta of having been in the basement. Sam comes to talk to Kelly about Dylan; he wants to know if she has noticed Dylan change. Kirk doesn't see Cruz and stops the car. Cruz appears next to his car and pulls a gun on him.

Cruz wants to know why Kirk followed him. He finds Eden's letters in Kirk's pocket but mistakenly thinks that they are between Kirk and Eden. CC arrives at the Orient Express. He sees Mason there and they talk about Mason representing Augusta in her divorce case. Angel is brought to the police station and Julia wants to know who beat him up. Angel wont tell her. Rosa interviews Hayley and shows her Eden's room. CC is looking for Kirk. Rosa says that if Hayley's talk with CC goes well, she gets the job. Hayley calls Gina, who tells her to get back to the motel right away, since she hasn't coached Hayley yet to meet CC. Cruz promises Angel to get protection if he testifies. He then calls Pearl. A cop calls someone and says the plan considering Angel has changed but he will find out how. Lionel wants to talk with Augusta, privately for the last time, he says. Pearl delivers a message to Eden for Rosa to give her but CC takes it. He tells Pearl to tell Cruz not to send any more messages to Eden. Kirk puts Eden's letters back into the safe. Augusta and Lionel argue over their house, money, paintings and marriage. Hayley meets CC. Kirk calls the number Pearl left for Eden. A motel manager answers and Kirk thinks Eden and Cruz are there. He hangs up but calls again and finds out that Mr. and Mrs. Gonzalez (mentioned in the note from Cruz) are not there yet. CC tells Hayley he'll let her know later in the evening if she got the job. Mason asks Mary out and she agrees. They go to the Orient Express. Hayley gets the job at the Capwell mansion. She and Gina are happy. Cruz introduces Pearl to Angel. Kirk comes to the motel where Cruz, Angel and Pearl are.

Mason and Mary dine at the Orient Express. Mark arrives and wants to talk to Mary. Hayley goes to the Capwell mansion to practice a bit before she starts working the next morning. She is getting dressed in the library when Ted comes in. He finds out she's their new maid. Mason and Mark argue, after which Mark leaves. Mason and Mary dance. Kirk comes home and goes upstairs. Eden comes from somewhere downstairs and leaves for the Orient Express. Hayley is cleaning Eden's and Kirk's room when Kirk comes in. He drives her out and smashes a vase on the door. Someone shoots towards Cruz, Pearl and Angel. Mason walks Mary to the guest house. When she goes in she sees Mark sitting on the couch in the dark. There is a press conference after Angel's shooting. When the reporters leave, Angel comes out of the other room; he's still alive. Kirk thinks of Eden having sex with Cruz. Cruz goes to the morgue and opens the plastic bag. Its Pearl who's in it and he's very much alive. Kirk wants Hayley to tell Eden he wants to meet her as soon as she gets back. He then takes out a gun. Mark wants to know how things are between him and Mary. She wants Mark to trust her. He says he is relieved and that Mary will marry him. Hayley is about to leave the mansion and runs into Eden. She tells her Kirk wants to see her right away. Eden goes to see him and he wants to know where she had been. In Catalina, she says. Kirk doesn't believe her and gets angry. He almost takes the gun but then decides not to. Eden apologizes to him and he forgives her. They decide to go to bed but when Eden is in the bathroom, Kirk takes the gun under the mattress.

Cruz and Pearl argue over Eden. Eden takes a birth control pill but doesn't know Kirk had changed them before. Kirk wakes up and apologizes for the last night. Mason gets a gift from Mark; it's rats. Mark proposes to Mary. Mason tries to get rid of the rats. Julia comes to see Mason and screams when she sees rats. Mary hesitates on accepting Mark's proposal and tells him she needs some time to think about it. Eden leaves and Kirk goes to the safe. He finds a new letter there and is determined that Eden will pay. Hayley is insecure on how she'll do at the Capwell mansion. Julia meets Cruz and Pearl; Angel has told everything at the court. Cruz leaves and Pearl discusses with Julia about Eden and Cruz. He wants to show his gratitude by trying to get them together at the Capwell cabin. Julia warns him he shouldn't do it. Ted is having breakfast with CC. He wants to talk to his father about ending the feud between the Capwells and Lockridges but CC refuses to do that. Eden comes down and joins them, and a bit later Kirk joins them too. He wants to talk to Eden and wonders if she loves him as much as he loves her. He is very suspicious of Eden's actions. Mark wants Mary to move in with him. She gives the ring back to him to keep until she makes the decision about the marriage. Gina wants Mason to lend her some money but he refuses. Ted and Hayley have a talk; it appears that Ted still has Lakens photo in his room. Pearl sets up Cruz and Eden' get-together by faking notes for them from the other. Pearl wants Julia to get some things such as soap for the cabin. She doesn't want to but finally agrees. Mary sees CC at the Capwell mansion. She tells him she doesn't know what to do and CC encourages her to be with Mark. Cruz and Eden get their messages. Eden takes her letters to Cruz in her purse and leaves. Kirk comes home and checks the safe; it is empty. Cruz and Eden are separately driving to the cabin.

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Mary and Mark are at the cabin, waiting for Eden and Cruz to come back. Mark finds the propane tank outside but it's stuck. While Mark is outside, Mary looks at Mason's photo. Mary and Mark sit by the fire and kiss; she suddenly pulls back. She says she wants to go for a walk alone and leaves. Sophia arrives with a strange man at the casino. Augusta, Lionel and CC stare at them. Lionel wants to know why Sophia came with that man; she tells him she doesn't belong to anyone but herself and her children. Kirk's hand is hurt. He gets a gun from the Capwell mansion. Cruz and Eden are riding together. Cruz wants them to get back together but Eden says she can't do that since she's married. Warren gambles with very high stakes and wins. His parents don't want him to gamble anymore. CC wants Kirk to bring him some report at the casino right away. He takes the gun and the report and leaves. Cruz wants to start over with Eden and believes they will be together some day. Mary comes back from her walk. Mark wants to know what she had been thinking about. They decide to start over. Kirk brings the report to CC. He then talks to Santana and tells her he thinks Cruz is still after Eden. Santana tells Lionel about CC's demands. He confronts CC and they fight. Cruz and Eden kiss briefly and start to walk to the cabin with their horses.

Cruz and Eden come back to the cabin. They talk to Mark and Mary there. Mark tells them there's a problem with the propane tank. Eden tells Mary she and Cruz didn't plan to come there but they were set up by a friend. Gina calls Hayley to help her have some time with Brandon. Brandon is missing Gina. Julia and Pearl get ready to leave for the casino, Julia is amazed at Pearl's fine clothes. Kirk leaves for the cabin where Eden and Cruz are. Mary tells Eden she's not ready for marriage with Mark. Cruz plans to get back to the town, Mark drops Mary's ring outside. When he picks it up he tells Cruz Mary is thinking about marrying him. CC and Lionel talk about Lionel's paintings, money, house, grounds etc. Gina comes to the Capwell mansion and wants to meet Brandon. Ted is reluctant but finally agrees. Brandon wants to be with Gina but she says she can't make that happen. Brandon wants to go to bed, which is not usual to him so early. Gina is very sad for Brandon. Julia and Pearl are dining, Julia is suspicious as Pearl orders a fancy dish. Gina talks to Brandon's teacher on the phone and gets even more worried about Brandon. She is waiting for a phone call when Kirk comes in. He is angry at her and wants her to leave. When she won't, he does. Gina sees the gun on the table. Eden and Mary discuss more about Eden and Cruz. Mary is not sure who she wants to be with. Brandon can't sleep and Hayley consoles him. Ted comes downstairs and Hayley has her dinner with him. Ted gives her a book to read. Mary and Mark go to get some wood for the fireplace. Kirk drives past them very fast but they don't see it was him. Eden takes a bath and Cruz comes into the bathroom. Gina wants Mason to help her with Brandon but he says he can't. Lionel and CC argue over the casino. Mark wants to know what Mary wants. Cruz tells Eden they should be together. Kirk sees them through the window.