Eden tells Cruz she loves him. She then comes out of the bath which Kirk sees. He runs to his car but decides to return to the cabin. Dylan pressures Sam to call Kelly and ask her to come to the casino. Kelly guesses who really wants to see her but says she was going to come anyway. Eden gets upstairs to get dressed. Kirk tries to see inside the cabin. Kelly and Nick are taken to the casino by a helicopter. Kirk doesn't want to see Eden's face ever again and opens the propane tank. He hurts his hand with it. Eden thinks Cruz and Santana are living together but Cruz says they don't. Eden says she wants Cruz to be happy. Kirk panics and says to himself that he's not a murderer. Eden and Cruz get ready for leaving. Cruz says some day Eden will realize she can't live without him and then kisses her. Mary and Mark return to the cabin and Cruz goes out to the car. Mary and Mark take the wood to the bedroom fireplace and Mark seems excited. Cruz checks the car and has a lantern with him. Mary wants to stay at the cabin and not make love. Mark wants to know if she'll ever want him that way. Mary reminds him she needs time to think. Mark asks her if she wanted to marry Mason and she hesitates to answer. Mark tells her to decide what she wants and leaves. Julia tells Pearl why she came to Santa Barbara. Warren is gambling again. Kelly arrives at the casino with Nick but goes to meet Dylan alone. Amy tells Brick they're going to have dinner with Ted and Kelly to get to know them better. Brick is not happy about it. Dylan wants to know if Kelly is behind CC's attempt to buy him out of the casino. She says she isn't. Dylan tells her Lionel also made an offer but he won't sell; Kelly won't get rid of him so easily. Kelly says she'll leave the casino herself as soon as her father gets a replacement for her. Sam would like to sell their part of the casino but Dylan says no. He reminds Sam they haven't made any contract of the ownership so Sam can't do anything about it. Mary and Eden discuss Eden and her feelings for Kirk. Mary goes out to get Mark inside. They leave and put the lantern on the ground. The propane lights and soon a blanket is on fire. Pearl takes Julia to his apartment. They talk for a while and kiss before Julia leaves. Dylan wants to pay his debts to Nick but he won't take any money from him. Nick's agent tells him his book is not selling. Kirk doesn't know what to do. There's a fire outside the cabin. Mark comes outside, the others are inside. Mark sees the fire and calls Cruz's name. Kirk is about to leave when the cabin explodes.

Kirk drives away from the cabin. Mary calls Eden's name. She finds her unconscious and goes to get Cruz. Kirk calls the police about having seen an explosion. They want to know who is calling but he doesn't give his name. Cruz tries to help Eden while Mary finds Mark outside. The roof comes down and Cruz protects Eden from it. Nick lies to Kelly about the agent not contacting him yet. Brick doesn't like being a Capwell. Mason tells CC he shouldn't interfere with his life. CC says he's not interested in Mason enough to care. Mary finds Cruz and Eden under pieces of wood. They get Eden out. The ambulance is coming. Brick tells Sophia that the Capwell's want Channing back, and he can't and won't be him. Sophia tells him they just want a chance to be his family and be there for him. Eden and Mark are taken to the hospital, Cruz and Mary go with them. Kelly tells CC she wants to quit working at the casino. Kirk arrives at the Capwell mansion. CC tells him he wants him to take over Kelly's duties at the casino. Ted is looking for Eden and Kirk tells him he doesn't know where she is and that he's actually looking for her himself. Mark wakes up in the ambulance. He wants Mary to wear his ring and she agrees. CC asks Kirk about hurting his hand and Kirk thinks of how it happened. CC gets a call about the explosion and leaves. Kirk calls the ICU and finds out that Eden and Cruz were injured. Nick gets a call but is in shower and Kelly answers. She finds out that Nick has accepted a job he doesn't like and tells Nick he shouldn't. She also tells him that she'll quit working at the casino. Sophia finds out that Eden was injured in the explosion. Amy tells Mason about the explosion and he realizes Mary was there. Mary tells CC that Eden will be ok. Mason comes to the hospital and meets Mary there. They hug. CC wants to know why Eden was at the cabin. Nick won't let Kelly support him financially. Ted arrives to tell Kelly about Eden. Eden is in the hospital room and talks to Sophia about what happened. A doctor tells Mary that Mark is being taken to surgery. Mason sees the ring on Mary's finger. Mary tells the doctor she's Mark's fiance. Cruz tells CC and Kirk what happened. Kirk is furious at him and they argue. Kirk calls Cruz a liar and bursts into Eden's room. He accuses Eden of still loving Cruz.

Pearl arrives at the hospital and apologizes to Cruz. CC wants Mark to have the best care. Mark is taken to surgery. Mason consoles Mary. Eden denies having a relationship with Cruz but Kirk doesn't believe her. Eden says he has to accept the fact that Cruz is her friend. Kirk says he will never accept it. Pearl thinks he and Cruz should leave. Cruz says Kirk is not right for Eden. He wants to go to see Eden himself but CC doesn't want to let him do so. Mary is nervous. Janice comes to the hospital and Mason tells her what happened. He also tells Janice Mary and Mark are engaged. Janice tells him that if Mark hasn't changed a lot, Mary may be making a big mistake. CC finds out that Gina is meeting Brandon at the Capwell mansion. He leaves and Cruz goes to visit Eden. Eden says she wants her marriage to work and that she loves Kirk. Cruz doesn't believe her and Eden says she wants to have a child with Kirk. Cruz doesn't believe that either and Eden tells him to leave. CC comes home and starts yelling at Gina. She says Brandon isn't feeling well since he can't be with her. They argue and CC orders Gina out. Kirk is about to go to see Eden when Pearl stops him. He says Eden is having some tests taken and she shouldn't be disturbed or they'll have to do it again. Kirk reluctantly leaves. Janice tells Mason she had a bad marriage with Mark; he is a very demanding person and what he wants he gets. Cruz leaves Eden's room and she starts to cry. She gets up and goes to the waiting lobby and wants Ted to get Kirk for her. Ted says Kirk went home and Eden wants to go there herself. Kirk arrives at the Capwell mansion and finds Gina arguing with CC. CC says he wants to give Brandon to Santana. He throws Gina out and she vows to get Brandon back. Kirk is angry at Eden. Janice tells Mason Mark may have done something wrong in the malpractice case and covered the evidence. Mason wants to tell Mary all about what he'd just heard but Janice says no. Eden and Mary go to the chapel. Eden sees the ring on Mary's finger and asks her about her previously telling Eden that she wasn't sure about marrying Mark. Mary tells her that if Mark gets well, she'll marry him. Kirk throws a letter opener knife on the door. Gina comes in and wants him to help her. When she asks Kirk what's wrong with his hand he gets angry and orders her out. Kirk calls the hospital but finds out Eden was released. He says to himself that if he can't have Eden, no one will. Cruz comes back to the hospital and finds Eden leaving. Mark is brought back from surgery. Mary tells Mason she wants to be with Mark, which Mason doubts. Mary gets upset and Mason tells her he wants her to be happy. Mason tells Eden a taxi will come in 40 minutes. Cruz says it's too long and wants to take Eden home. Mary goes to see Mark. Cruz walks Eden to the door. She goes in and starts to walk up the stairs. From behind the downstairs pillar, Kirk throws the letter opener on the floor. Eden hears it and comes back downstairs. Kirk comes from behind her and she is frightened. She picks up the knife and gives it to Kirk. They hug and he looks like he's going to kill her.