Original airdate: October 22, 1984
Charles Bateman's first appearance as CC Capwell
Mason tries to get CC to tell him where Gina and Brandon are but he is very secretive about their whereabouts. Mason later calls the travel company pretending to buy CC a ticket to the same location as Gina is, and he finds out they are in Nice, France. Santana is very grateful when Mason brings her the news. Meanwhile, Peter is over at Kelly's and is saying he is sorry that he barged in the hotel room earlier today and accused her of being with someone in there. Kelly tells Peter it's over between them and he has to go on. Joe and his father patch things up and John tells Joe that from now on if anyone says a bad word about his son, they have to deal with him. John and Marisa decide to get together again.

Original airdate: October 23, 1984
Peter wants his money back from Ginger, but she is just laughing in his face. Ginger tells Peter that he has to get Kelly to come to his apartment tonight at 9 pm. Ginger tells him that she will kidnap Kelly and she will make Peter look like the hero. Eden receives a box of chocolate from Lionel and also a little gazebo. They meet in the gazebo later. Summer gives Warren the coin and tells him she is very disappointed in his behaviour. Later Warren finds out it's the wrong coin and he goes to Summer again to ask her to get it from Kelly. Augusta is on the sofa reading French.