Gina wonders how Pamela got hold of the money to buy caviar and champagne. She also discovers that Pamela was there when Elena was shot and killed. Brick asks Keith to give him a second chance, but Keith won't even consider it. Tori gets more and more addicted to cocaine.

Tori is subpoenaed to testify against Cruz. She is scared to death but because of the cocaine which Mel offers her, she feels more relaxed. CC thinks it's not a good idea to let Tori testify and tries to stop it. Keith twists Edens testimony, which makes Cruz look bad.

Pearl and Carmen try to find out the identity of the veiled lady. Gina wonders if Pamela might be the one who murdered Elena. Keith tries to convince Pearl to tell during the courtcase that Cruz and Elena were lovers.

Tori testifies under oath that she forced Cruz to make love to her. She is afraid that now everybody will know that Cruz is Chip's father. Pamela makes an intriguing confession to Gina.

Mason and Pamela are being reunited. Julia wants Pamela to testify, but Mason tries to prevent that. Cruz askes Eden to be strong. Mason wants to tell Jeffrey about Pamela, but is interrupted. A triumphant Keith shows Cruz the newspaper headlines and Cruz realises that it doesn't look good for him.

Laken suggests that Ted moves in with her. CC isn't very happy with that idea, but offers them the guesthouse. Jeffrey is shocked when Mason tells him that Pamela is still alive. Julia asks Pamela again to testify, but she definitely refuses.

TJ, who helps Hayley to move, admits that he still loves Laken. Julia tells Cruz about the mysterious witness. Keith finds out Pamela's new address.