Julia wants to know from Tori if she is using cocaine. Tori denies. Ted prefers if TJ would go and live somewhere else. Eden is upset, when Cruz asks her to put his affairs in order. Gina asks Pamela for money, but she doesn't get any. Pamela asks Kelly and Jeffrey if after the wedding they want to come and live with her.

Eden and Cain think of a plan so that Cruz can escape. They involve CC and Sophia. TJ asks Ted if he wants to become a co-owner of "The Lair" nightclub, but Ted isn't interested. Gina wants compensation from CC and he agrees. Keith doesn't give Cruz permision to attend Kelly's wedding.

Scott helps Gina to move into the Capwell's guesthouse. Mason isn't pleased to hear that Kelly and Jeffrey might move into Pamela's. Cruz saves Keith's life, when he is threatened by Jesse. Keith now agrees for Cruz to attend the wedding. Pamela tells Alex that they're running out of time, if they want to find the real killer.

TJ buys the nightclub. Scott and Gina go out on a date. Lionel is suspicious when he sees Laken and TJ dance together. Alex tells Pamela that he's in love with her. Kelly doesn't like Pamela much and doesn't want to live with her. CC has his reservations about Cruz's escape plan.

Julia warns Eden and Mason for the implications of Cruz's escape plan. Carmen is afraid that Cruz wil be murdered. CC and Sophia aren't pleased to hear that Pamela invited Kelly for dinner. Mason decides that it is better to keep Tori out of the escape plan. Tori is hurt and decides to leave town.

Scott takes Gina for a date into the mountains. Keith warns Cain that he will keep a close eye on Cruz. CC thinks that Kelly looks sensational in her wedding dress. When the ceremony starts, Keith sees something move in the bushes.

Scott and Gina are stuck in the mountains, but Gina doesn't mind, because this way they'll have to spend the night together. Kelly and Jeffrey get married and Cruz manages to escape after the wedding.

Keith decides to go after Cruz on his own. Mason and Julia go with him but are thrown out of the car along the way. If Mason gets bitten by a snake, Julia tells him that she is afraid of losing him. They start to make love passionately. Keith hires a sharpshooter to go after Cruz.

Julia feels guilty because she slept with Mason. Gina shrinks from her meeting with Scott and Alex. Tori is worried about Cruz and thinks Julia and Mason are having an affair. Kelly and Jeffrey decide to postpone their honeymoon for a while. Julia manages to prevent Cruz from being shot.

Cruz manages to disarm the sharpshooter and escapes. Keith is furious and tells Tori that Mason and Julia spent the night together. Tori than tells him where Eden is. Scott is impressed by Gina. Cruz manages to reach the cave.