Eden visits Cruz in the cave. Keith gets permission to search the Capwell mansion. During his visit to the guest house he finds Gina and Scott there. Later he tries to take Scott's place but Gina turns him down.

Sophia suspects that CC is hiding something for her. Julia asks for a transfer because she doesn't want to ruin Mason's marriage. CC blames Pamela for never telling him about Elena. Jeffrey and Kelly go on their honeymoon.

Pamela wants Alex to admit that he was there when Elena was murdered. CC and Mason get into a fight about Pamela. Julia is furious with Mason, because he sabotaged her transfer. Keith finds out there's a tunnel between the Capwell and Lockridge mansions. Reluctantly Kelly agrees to move in with Pamela. At the precise moment that Eden enters the tunnel, Keith blows it up.

Mason wants to tell Tori about his sexual escapades with Julia, but when he hears that Tori has been admitted to hospital he decides to wait for a while. Eden and CC are furious because Keith has told Pearl that Eden is dead. Gina discovers accidentally that Tori uses cocaine. Ted and Laken's relationship goes bust. Keith tries to arrest Cruz, but is knocked down by him.

Kelly is annoyed because Pamela puts her big nose in all of her business. Keith is having bugs placed in Gina's apartment. Cruz and Cain find a piece of parchment in Elena's room. Eden discovers that Cruz is still in Santa Barbara. She wants him to run, but Cruz refuses because he wants to talk with Elena's psychiatrist first.

Scott tries to find out who is selling drugs in town. Gina talks with Tori about her bad experiences with drugs. Cruz and Eden discover that Dr. Schotz has been murdered. Eden is baffled when she finds out that Elena is CC's daughter.

Pearl and Cain are convinced that Alex murdered Dr. Schotz. Sophia tells CC that she's leaving and that she doesn't know when she will be coming back. CC's heart is broken. Eden and Cruz try to find out what the symbol on the piece of parchment means. Pamela tells that Alex was with her when Elena was murdered.

Julia wants to set up shop by herself. Cain and Pearl are even more sure about Alex being Elena's murderer. When Pamela tells Alex this, he panics. A Japanese scientist helps Cruz and Eden finding out what the symbol means. Julia is now sure that Tori is using cocaine and offers her help.

Scott is furious when he discovers that Gina has been lying to him. Jake is very disappointed because Hayley doesn't accept his offer. Pamela finds Alex at Elena's grave and tries to prevent him from killing himself.

Pamela brings Alex to the hospital. Julia is furious with Mason because he wants to sue one of her clients. Julia walks in on Tori while she's using cocaine. Alex confesses to Cruz that he murdered Elena.