Pamela calls for Jeffrey's help in managing her oil fields, but Kelly doesn't like it. TJ and Jake are being blackmailed. Gina has a meeting with Scott's father, who doesn't want his son to be involved with a Capwell. Cain and Kathleen go out on a date.

Mason tells Julia that he wants to share his life with her and that Tori doesn't love him anymore. Julia is very upset about this, because she promised Tori not to tell anything. CC isn't happy about the fact that Jeffrey is going to work for Pamela. Pamela is being informed that since the fire started her oil field produces twice as much oil. CC is jealous. Pamela and CC share a big secret.

Julia tries to hide Chip at Mason's. TJ tells Laken that his relationship with Olivia is over. Jake asks Hayley to marry him. Gina tells Scott that she isn't capable of having children. Eden and Cruz have a car accident at Hawaii.

Cruz and Eden seem to have only minor injuries after the accident. Mason tells Julia that he loves her. CC thinks it's disgusting that Mason puts his marriage at risk. Ted is very upset when Jake and Hayley announce their engagement. Cruz collapses.

Cruz needs surgery at once. Gina sees how Sophia hands over a large amount of money to a mysterious man. CC discovers that Mason and Julia did spend the night together. Keith realizes that Gina has her sight back. Tori and Julia get into a major argument. Gina catches Keith with his secretary.

Lionel offers Pearl a job as manager at Johnny's. Pamela finds out there was malicious intent when her oil rig was blown up. She suspects CC is behind it. Sophia is inconsolable, when she hears how many animals died because of the disaster.

Sophia panics when she hears that the explosion will be investigated thoroughly. TJ comforts her. Keith is determined to let CC take the fall for the disaster. Kelly wonders if CC has anything to do with the explosion. Thompson demands another $20,000 from Sophia.

Tori wants to save her and Mason's marriage. Julia wants Mason to choose between her and Tori. Gina blackmails Sophia; she wants custody of Brandon being transfered to her.

Tori tells Pamela about her addiction. Andrea puts Keith in his place. Cain takes great pleasure in this. Gina makes photographs of Thompson and Sophia. Pamela wants Julia to stay away from Mason. Julia gets angry over Mason's selfish attitude. Richard planted a transmitter on Cruz.

Mason finds Tori with a bottle of cocaine. He's very happy to hear that she resisted temptation. Jake gives Hayley an engagement ring. Tori wants Julia to stay away from Mason. Ben and Scott get into an argument. Hayley tries to stop a drunken Ted from driving home by car. Trying this Hayley gets hit by another car passing by and dies in Jake's arms.