Original airdate: December 3, 1984
Mason requires explanations of Santana relating to Brandon. If she assures him that it CC who forced her to give up her baby, she refuses to reveal the identity of the father to him. Lionel shows to Eden a video recording of Sophia of the time of her Hollywood glory. But Eden refuses to share his emotions with he who was the lover of her mother. After her departure, Lionel receives a visit from Dominic who, armed, orders to him to give him the cassette. Amy learns how from Brick that she is pregnant and that she must go to San Francisco to announce it to the father. Brick decides to accompany her. Santana and Mason are on the point of making love when he jokes on the fact that he is a much better lover than was Channing Jr. Santana loses any means of it then...

Original airdate: December 4, 1984
Mason requires of Santana which she describes the feelings that she feels for him. He then threatens to reveal the truth to Gina and Brandon if she refuses to marry him the day-even. In San Francisco, Brick and Amy lunch with Jeff Barber, the supposed father of the child that Amy carries. But in front of the condescending tone of him, Brick prefers that Amy does not say anything to him. They then rent a room for the night. Warren prepares a night picnic for Summer in one of the rooms of the museum. Worrying about being able to join Santana on the telephone, C.C. goes to her and shows Mason there to have killed Channing Jr. The two men fight until Santana, armed with a kitchen knife, makes come out Mason of force...

Original airdate: December 5, 1984
Santana joined Gina and Brandon in Mesa to tell them all the truth before Mason does it. But Gina is called on the telephone by Mason. Santana, in tears, prefers to leave the bar. At the museum, Summer flees when Warren tries to embrace her. It is on the beach where she has come to take refuge that the memories of a man beating and raping her return in her head. When Warren joined her, she feels decided with all to tell him. Rosa, then Danny, discover that Santana packed her bags, decided to leave the city. After a new dispute with CC, Mason finds Gina and Brandon in Mesa, but is shown finally unable to tell them the truth. He goes to Santana to excuse himself of his behavior and finds the letter that she left him before leaving. Once returning to his place, he reads the letter of good-byes and pours some tears.

Original airdate: December 6, 1984
Eden takes diving classes with Cruz in the idea to approach the Amanda Lockridge. Veronica hastens to inform Lionel of it. Mason, which does his businesses remained at the Capwell residence, is joined by Eden. She speaks to him in praise of the monstrosity of their father. CC, which listens to them, stops them to tell them that Peter has just come out of his coma. Lionel and Augusta question themselves to know who Minx pays it to manage her business. Still in San Francisco, Amy decides to call Jeff and tells him that she is pregnant with his baby. He arrives little time afterwards in their hotel room and refuses to believe it. Jeff is knocked down to the ground by Brick when he accuses Amy of lying. Lionel makes his men stop the woman who tried to plunge towards the Amanda Lockridge. He discovers with astonishment that it is Eden. Augusta is confused why Brick can from now on be the accountant of Minx. Mason, which fears that Peter might speak with the police, orders that nobody approaches his room. After a fallen through attempt at seduction at Veronica, he goes to the hospital and makes Peter come out. When CC arrives, it is too late: Peter already left by ambulance towards an unknown destination with Mason at his side.

Original airdate: December 7, 1984
Ted calls Laken to invite her to a romantic dinner on the boat of his father. Each one wears town clothes over their evening dress to deceive their parents. On his yacht, Lionel retains Eden captive. He tries to allure her and speaks to her about the passion which he has for her. Eden is on the point of succumbing to his advances when suddenly she retracts, fearing that such a connection cannot last. Augusta does not cease lowering Brick with the rank of servant, making him answer on the telephone and open her car door. It learns on the telephone that Eden is retained on the boat of her husband. Whereas on their boat Ted and Laken start to embrace itself, they see Eden on the yacht of Lionel...

Original airdate: December 10, 1984
Augusta discovers Eden and Lionel on the yacht. She asks Eden for an explanation on what is going on. Laken, suspecting a connection between Eden and her father, refuses that Ted accompanies her back and just leaves. Once returning to the Capwell residence, Ted makes reproaches with his sister in front of Kelly. Dominic sneaks into the Lockridge's to slip a word of an appointment into Lionel's jacket. But hearing Lionel and Augusta returning, she hides in the closet. Mason tells the doctor of the private clinic where where he hid Peter not to reveal his presence to anybody. Later in the presidential suite of the Capwell Hotel where he discusses with Veronica, he is joined by CC. Veronica leaves them to spy on their conversation in the adjacent room behind the one-way mirror. Once more, CC reproaches his son for being an assassin. To end of nerves, Mason pulls out a revolver and points it towards CC. Lionel swears to Augusta that he loves her and that he is not misleading her. Augusta refuses to believe him and asks him to leave their room to change. He moves towards the closet...