Ted invites Margot for lunch. Pearl is jealous when he notices that Rita and Jake are very close. After talking with Ted, Kelly decides to have an abortion. Jeffrey realises that Kelly is pregnant and tries to stop her. Mason offers Tori to pay for Mel's funeral.

Andrea hears from Richard that Cruz murdered her father. Kelly don't thinks it's wise to invite Tori for the wedding, because Julia is also coming. Keith and Gina wants to eardrop on Cruz, but he's on to them. Pamela tells CC that Kelly's pregnant. CC is very happy.

Cruz has a bachelor party. Keith makes sure Gina hides in the cake, so she can listen to the conversations that takes place. Julia and Eden dress likes waiters and go to the party to keep an eye on their men. Andrea confronts Cruz with the question if he murdered her father.

Gina tells Keith that they have to marry today, if not, the wedding's off! Sophia offers TJ her help. Cruz tells Andrea that not he, but Richard Matthews murdered her father.

Kelly and Jeffrey bury the hatchet. Eden tells CC that nothing's coming between her marriage with Cruz. Andrea tells Cain that she wants a serious relationship with him. Gina is seeking for help.