Pamela is willing to pay for Kelly's baby. Kelly's getting very upset. Then she collapses and is having pain in her lower stomach. Pearl asks Rita to marry him, but she laughs at him in his face; she thinks he's making a joke.

Mason tries to postpone the wedding. He thinks it's better to go live somewhere else.

Jeffrey's afraid that Kelly will have a miscarriage. Pamela hears from CC that she's not welcome at Cruz and Eden's wedding. Eden discovers that she can't move her legs, but it turned out to be a bad dream.

Cruz has a nightmare, in which Scott tells him that Eden will die soon. Mason offers Julia to bring her to her hotel.

Nobody wants to go to Gina and Keith's wedding, because Cruz and Eden are marrying on the same day.

Mason asks Julia to marry him. Kelly thinks her pregnancy is the reason that Jeffrey doesn't want her to go to the wedding of Cruz and Eden.

Cruz and Eden are missing, so the whole wedding is in danger.

Cruz and Eden marry (finally!) Julia catches the bouquet, but tells Mason immediately that this is not meaning that she will marry him. Kelly tells Eden that she's pregnant.

Sophia asks TJ to move in with her. Tori wants to go work as a volunteer in the hospital.

The staff of the hospital isn't thrilled that Tori, who was addicted to coke, wants a job in the hospital.