When Joe was out of prison he tried to find proof that he was not the murderer. Later Kelly told him that she starts to believe him and she also wants to help him to find proof. By then Joe revealed to her that there is a man who wants to help him. His name is Dominic and he has been at his side when he entered the room where Channing was killed. But something is wrong with Dominic. He told him that he cannot go to the police because of some personal reason. He has to hide himself. Kelly went with Joe to some of his meetings with Dominic in an old mill where nobody could see them. Dominic was a very mysterious person and as a viewer one could not get out if he was positive towards Joe at all. His voice was horrible. Yet Kelly tried to convince Dominic to go to the police and tell the truth. Joe told Kelly that he does not trust Dominic because he has found out he is actually a woman.

When Joe was hunted by the police because of the cocaine in his motorcycle placed by Peter on order of Mason who wanted to please CC he jumped into the sea and as they could not find him all thought him dead. But somebody had taken him on their boat and nursed him. When he was back in Santa Barbara only a few people knew that he actually was alive. This was Kelly who told it then to Joe's family and Cruz.

Joe started to live with Kelly in her flat when Kelly got kidnapped by Ginger Jones with the help of Peter. Joe was in a bad position as he could not let himself see otherwise he would have been put in jail because of the cocaine. He asked Cruz to arrange a meeting with Dominic who was watching day and night all what was going on in the city and who could help him. Cruz arranged a meeting in his boat. Dominic was very happy to see Joe alive and helped him to disguise himself as an old man. He trained him how to walk and to talk. They then both made them on the way to find Ginger Jones. Dominic was phoning then to the Capwells and telling them the address just in the name of a friend. When Mason and the police went there Kelly has got already an injection and was brought away as a bundle. This because Ginger noticed that Joe was not an old man.

Dominic and Joe where watching then from the far how the police got in position and how Kelly was set finally free by Peter the hero. When Joe visited Kelly in the hospital he bumped into a person and his wig moved. This was watched by Peter who soon found out that Joe is still alive and the reason why Kelly gave him back the engagement ring.

Through this adventure Joe and Dominic became friends and they started to talk on the Channing case more freely. They found out that Joe had some proof in his hand which he never told to Dominic and Dominic showed him the proof that lead to Lionel by which he also got the secret revealed that Lionel has been on the boat with Sophia on her last day and killed her.

Lionel romanced Eden from the first day when he saw her after she has come back to Santa Barbara. Eden was visiting one of his talks on some cultural matter in the museum. Summer Blake was a friend of Kelly and had a job in the museum. She had organised the lecture. When Lionel saw her coming in he was immediately reminded of Sophia and fallen into love with her. Eden liked to play with the fire and even telling him no more to send her costly gifts and meet her secretly. He told her how much she reminds him on Sophia. Eden wanted to find out all about her mother and went on meeting him. Dominic noticed this relationship and started to intervene with secret means. He sent a note to Lionel asking him to come to the tomb of Sophia. There he had prepared a little ghost show. Sophia appeared within smoke to Lionel behind the tomb telling him that he has killed her. Lionel got somehow mad but then was suspecting Eden behind. As Lionel did not tell her the promised secret of Sophia, Eden started to wear dresses from Sophia. Whenever Lionel saw her with these dresses he the more was reminded of Sophia and one could slowly see their affair. Whenever Lionel was meeting Eden, Dominic destroyed the romance by phoning to Augusta and informing her. Augusta went there and Dominic meanwhile took his chance to enter the Lockridge mansion placing things there. First he made a little voodoo show when Lionel and Augusta once were in bed. He put the swimsuit Sophia was wearing on the last day on the ground and called him out of the bed with a strange noise. Lionel got frightened when seeing the swimsuit. He then found the ring Sophia has given him once with her initials and which Channing has taken back from him. He put on this ring again but then hid it in one of their antique vessels.

Lionel confessed to Augusta when they were trapped after the earthquake that he has been together with Sophia on the boat and that he has pushed her into the water but that an accident has killed her.

Kelly has found a coin from the golden coins given to Sophia by Lionel and stolen by Warren in order to protect his father and keep their peace in the family. Kelly showed the coin to Ted asking him to find out if it is one of their coins. Ted could partly confirm this as there were too many of this coin printed. Warren stormed into the mansion and seeing the coin he took it away from Kelly. Ted followed Warren to get the coin back. Warren took a horse and wanted to bury the whole bag of coins in a tunnel in the hills. Ted got into the tunnel in search for the coin when the earthquake started and he got burred. After the earthquake Warren was very much fed up with the coins. He took them home and handed it over to Lionel telling him that he should take care by himself for this sign of his funny love to Sophia. Lionel brought the coins to Sophia's tomb where he buried them not knowing that Dominic was watching him. When he went away Dominic dug for the coins and took them along.

When Peter found out that Joe was alive he pretended to Kelly that he wants to help her in finding the killer of Channing. He found out about Joe's alibi Dominic. Kelly in spite of Joe's warning told him that Dominic is only meeting them secretly by leaving a note behind. Peter dropped a note at Kelly's flat telling that he wants to see Joe alone in the wild life park. Even though they found the meeting place very strange, Joe insisted on going alone. Peter was waiting there with a gun he got from Ginger Jones but as he had not a quiet hand he failed Joe and Joe alarmed was hiding himself behind trees while being hunted through the wood by Peter. Finally they met each other and started a fight. Meanwhile Kelly took the phone at the mansion. It was Dominic and she found out that the letter was not from him. Kelly rushed to the place where she found Joe and Peter fighting with their fists. Then a shot went off by itself from Peter's pistol and Peter got hurt by it. CC at once wanted to have Joe again back into the prison without legal hearing. Joe told Kelly that the only way to help him is to go to Dominic and ask for his help. He told her his address. Kelly went to Dominic and found him as a woman. She was in her underwear hiding her face asking Kelly to go. Kelly ran behind her into the cellar telling that she knows that he is a woman she should show her face. By then the earthquake happened and they both got buried. Meanwhile Joe saved the life of the two policemen who should bring him back to jail. He told them that he has also a family and went away in search for Kelly. He found her in the cellar and when he was starting to rescue her again some material fell down and blocked them up totally. Dominic was buried but alive in her underwear. Kelly who was very much injured asked Joe to marry her on the spot. Joe was making a ceremony telling then Dominic that they are now man and woman. The rescue workers found them and helped Joe and Kelly out. When they searched for Dominic he was already away in fear that somebody would see who he was.

Lionel wanted to damage the good name of the Capwells by bringing up the safe and the log-book of the Amanda Lockridge boat. He wanted to prove that the Capwells were guilty that it was sinking. He did not act in a fair way. With the help of Elizabeth Peal who was pretending to be his foe and was living with the Capwells he faked the logbook by bringing up the safe and putting it again back with some paid men. He also placed faked pictures of famous artist from Liz Peal down to make their found more prominent and earn money. Eden wanted to save their good name and asked Cruz to train her to dive. She checked out a good day when Lionel was not out with his men but through a hint Lionel caught her and kept her in his boat. He told Eden not to ignore her true feelings and not to be afraid to do what she actually wants to do. Eden first coolly was romanced by Lionel in such a strong way that she got an incredible longing for him and asked him to do it but Lionel stopped at that point. Dominic informed Augusta and Augusta came just when Eden slapped Lionel in his face for weakening her. Augusta sensed at once what was going on. Dominic took his chance to enter the Lockridge mansion and hiding himself in their wardrobe he started to saw into the smoking of what she thought to be Lionel's but what was actually belonging to Warren the bloody note by which Channing was called into the office. Augusta and Lionel had a strong talk which turned to Sophia. Lionel told Augusta that she never loved CC. Dominic's blood started boiling by all what was said. Augusta got prepared to go to bed while Lionel was already in the bedroom. Dominic trapped in this way knocked Lionel down from the back with his pistol.

Lionel showed to Eden a tape he was still having from Sophia in his secret room in the museum. Eden demanded the tape but Lionel did not give her. Dominic knocked at the door and by then Eden ran away while Dominic went into the room and got the tape by holding Lionel at gun point.

Lionel went to the tomb in search for the coins for some reason. When he could not find them Dominic came out behind the trees and told him that he is having them they are safe. Lionel wanted to know who he is and got told a good friend of Sophia.

Dominic put the coins later in Lionel's suitcase. Minx surprised her at that time with her pistol but Dominic simply went out and Minx could not shoot him into the back.

Dominic informed Mason that he was once the gardener of the Lockridges and Lionel was keeping stolen coins with him he should go and search for it just on the day when Lionel gave a big party in the museum for the opening of the safe from the sunken boat. Mason made a raid against Laken's will but with an official order in his hands. They found the coins and at another raid the ring. Mason went with the police to the party. An excited Laken also came and informed her parents and Warren what had happened. They met alone in one of the corridors of the museum to talk about what they should do or say. Dominic with a big camera came mixed himself under the reporter and filmed the whole secret talk of the family where they were discussing the coin matter. Lionel wanted to go on with the opening of the safe. Mason took him into custody just at the moment when he wanted to start to read out the faked lines which should hurt the Capwells. When Lionel got handcuffed he saw Dominic and he asked Warren to follow him as he is the person who has placed the coins. Warren followed Dominic up to the flat of Joe and Kelly. Dominic has visited them and told them with much joy and full hate that Lionel finally is in prison. When Warren came he was already away. Warren asked them for Dominic's address and reminded Joe that he must know best how it is to get wrongly accused. Joe who was spoken free within a little celebration where Mason and CC also have been there and excused themselves did not give the address to Warren but when alone with Kelly they were wondering if Dominic has really done such a thing. Later shortly before Dominic left them they told him that in case he really has put the things into Lionel's things they won't have anything anymore to do with him.

Dominic passed on also secretly the tape he has filmed in the museum to Mason and gave a hint for the latter in the smoking. For Mason being accused by Peter once that he was the murderer and thrown out by CC for this accusation this case became his main concentration until he had to concentrate on the carnation killer.

The reason why Dominic was trying to get Lionel in jail was fear and hate. Dominic wanted to come back to her family as Sophia but was in fear that Lionel will kill her when he sees her again. Also later in the train when Lionel wanted to talk to her she feared he is going to kill her any moment. When Dominic knew Lionel in prison he only wished that Lionel was sitting soon on the electric chair. Dominic also tried to get Lionel into prison as he was sure that Lionel has killed Channing. When Channing got shot Dominic saw Lionel while looking into the mirror standing before the room shortly before he and Joe entered the room and found Channing dead on the floor.

Dominic's calculations did not work. Lionel had to be in prison over the Christmas days as no judge was there to sign his bail but after that Liz quickly sold a picture and got for Augusta the $500.000 bail to get Lionel free. Lionel was free but followed the whole day by different persons wherever he went. Once he saw Dominic in the hospital and started hunting him. Dominic could always escape but one day Lionel was on his heels and found the flat. He broke in just to find a woman hiding herself with her underwear behind a curtain. He saw her lady feet and shoes. She told him that he maybe is searching for her husband and if he is not going she will phone to the police. When he came again Dominic was no more living there and the neighbours only knew about a man living there and nothing of a couple.

When Dominic was to leave Santa Barbara she phoned to Joe and Kelly telling them good bye. Joe told him that he has to bring Kelly into the hospital. On hearing this Dominic delayed his travel and went to the hospital just to see Kelly well. Unfortunately Lionel saw him and followed him to his flat. He broke into the flat just when Dominic wanted to leave with his suitcase. Dominic knocked Lionel down with his suitcase and run away. When Lionel recovered he found out that he has gone with the Oriental Express. He quickly hunted behind. In the train he got much difficulties when he started to search for Dominic and bothering the people with this in the train. The conductor gave him a place and told him that if he gets up again he will throw him out of the train. The conductor and Lionel's attempt to search for Dominic gave a lot of funny situations. Lionel was then sitting at the bar drinking something when he saw Dominic sitting at one table showing his back. All attempts to get closer where destroyed by the conductor. When they were shortly alone he approached Dominic and a fight started by which Dominic got knocked down and hurt. Lionel holding a part of the berth in his hand called the conductor telling him that somebody was falling out of the train. The conductor told him they have to keep up their time and nobody was falling out. As the berth was broken and Sophia bleeding at her ear she changed to Sophia.

Marcello appeared on the screen for the first time in the Oriental Express. Sophia was travelling with the Oriental Express still in disguise as Dominic to Chicago. Lionel followed Dominic and knocked him down in the restaurant wagon. Dominic could escape in a way that it appeared to Lionel that he has thrown him out of the train. In one toilet Dominic changed herself to Sophia. Being still afraid in getting killed by Lionel she took a big knife and wanted to kill him. When Lionel was sitting in thoughts at a table alone in the restaurant, Sophia came from the back and could easily kill him but was not able to do so. Lionel all of a sudden noticed in the mirror at the wall before his table that somebody tried to kill him turned around and disarmed her. Sophia was quickly hiding her face but Lionel forced her to show herself which gave him a big shock. He pushed her into her sleeping compartment. At the beginning he approached her kind and softly happy to know that he has not killed her but as she was full of hate against him and trying to escape he bound her on the pillar of the bed and fastened her with a toggle so that she could not scream for help.

Meanwhile Marcello entered the Oriental Express after having not found Sophia at the appointed station where they wanted to meet each other. He searched every compartment and when Lionel opened and told him that he does not know the person he is searching for Marcello forced his way into the compartment and saw Sophia in her unfavourable position. Lionel started to fight with Marcello getting Marcello out of the compartment. In this fight Lionel was knocked out of the train by Marcello. Sophia could make her free and became the witness of Lionel's fall out of the train. She discussed with Marcello if they should make alarm and bring the train to stop and search for Lionel or not. Marcello asked her to keep quite as he might be dead and by this she has got what she anyway wanted all the time.

Lionel was falling with his head against something hard and lost consciousness. A tramp found him and thinking him dead he changed the suit and their wallets. Later Lionel was found by some artists who took him into their bus and got him back to life. Trying to get something out of him they asked him to join a round of poker with them. Lionel was giving his watch and won some money and the promise of them to speed up on the street for catching the Oriental Express at another station. Sophia sitting with Marcello in a normal compartment was not sure if she should now be happy or not. When she got up to go to the toilet Lionel again in the train pushed her into her sleeping compartment telling her that her friend will be not able to help her. Marcello was lying unconscious at his seat. Lionel had hit him with something hard on his head. In Sophia's sleeping compartment Lionel wanted to force Sophia to go to the police and tell that she was the person who has placed the things in his house otherwise he will go and tell her whole family that she is still alive. Sophia told him that she will not do this as he has killed her son and in case he is going to tell around that she is alive then she will inform Minx that all the pictures in her house are no more originals but faked ones by Elisabeth Peal. Lionel has to give in. Lionel has been out of the prison on bail. As he did not appear the next day at the police station they started to hunt him all over the country and he also lost $500.000 bail by this. When he left her compartment a police officer in search for him shot at him when he jumped out of the running train and he got wounded.