Joe gets out of prison because of good behaviour. He is waiting there since five long years to get back to his love Kelly. To his dismay Kelly was persuaded by her family of Joe's guilt in murdering Channing. She even was confessing against him at the court when he was convicted on a quick trial pushed forward by Mason. Kelly also has turned to another man, Peter Flint. Joe comes just to see their engagement celebration in the mansion through the window.

Joe is creating a great conflict within his family. His father is sure that he has killed Channing while his mother stands to Joe. The whole conflict ends that Joe's father moves away from them and his marriage breaks up.

Joe tries his best to meet and convince Kelly from his innocence as he is sure that Kelly still is in love with him. Kelly is obviously disturbed in her feelings. On one hand she is really still drawn to Joe but on the other hand she is sure that he has been the murderer of her brother. Not clear about her feelings she does not let Peter close to her and asks him to give her some time. Peter is a lecturer on a college and CC offers to him a job in Capwell enterprises which he gladly accepts. He also accepts Kelly's distance as he anyway concentrates more on money and success.

Joe gets a job as a gardener at the Lockridges from Augusta. Augusta has found out that Warren has stolen the golden coins from the Capwell's and thought that he is the actual murderer of Channing. By giving a job to Joe she intents to get control over Joe and his attempts to prove his innocence. The Capwells are not happy to know Joe so close and CC wants to see him back in prison. Kelly does not let Joe close to her but can not help going to watch him or meeting him accidentally just to tell him he should get out of her eyes and to hear from him that he knows she still loves him. Santana notices the insecurity of Kelly about her feelings and tells her that she is sure he is having an affair with Augusta. Kelly tells her that she does not believe this but Santana says that Augusta is falling for every man getting close to her.

One day Augusta goes in the garden and watches Joe who is very hard working. She asks him to make a break and not to overwork himself. She starts to get very kind to him telling him that she believes in his innocence. Then getting closer to him she tells him that he had to do without his basic needs for so many years he should start to take care of his needs. She starts to stroke his body and kiss him. Joe enters her advances just when Kelly drives with her bicycle along the barbed wire between the lands of the Lockridges and the Capwells. She gets very jealous and irritated. She gets down from the bicycle and by going closer to the barbed wire she is getting caught up. Augusta goes in the house and Joe notices that Kelly tries to get rid of the barbed wire and is hurting herself. He runs for help and is using a sheet from his own shirt to take care of her bleeding wound. She is thankful but when Joe starts kissing her passionately she slaps him. Joe tells her that he knows that she still is loving him but Kelly tells him that this is not true.

Kelly goes home and phones to Peter telling him excited that she is having something urgently to talk with him. Peter in the middle of some urgent business asks her if he can't see her later but Kelly insists and thinking something terrible happened he agrees. Kelly meanwhile his taking some of the most wonderful candlesticks as well the best vine from the mansion and brings it to Peter's flat to which she is having the key. Peter comes and is somehow confused to find this kind of arrangement. Kelly embraces him and tells him that now she knows whom she really loves and lures him into the bed.

Augusta starts from her side an affair with Joe and while sleeping with him and by pretending to help him to find the real murderer she tries to get out all about the case. Joe sleeps with Augusta but is not very open to her curiosity concerning the case. Since his time in jail he starts only to trust in himself. Warren finds Augusta's interest into Joe very strange and is having some heavy discussions with Augusta.

There is a celebration going on at mansion to which also Cruz is invited. CC likes Cruz as he is finding a lot of new places for oil rigs for him even he is having an unconventional way of working. Cruz is staying over night in the mansion. All of a sudden there is a rumour that a thief has entered the house all are very excited. The police is surrounding the house and searches through all the rooms without success. Cruz is just on resting in his bed when Joe is entering his room asking him to hide him. Cruz who always believed in Joe's innocence is somehow alarmed what Joe is doing here. Joe tells him that he was in Channing's room looking for proofs of his innocence but it seems all has been taken by somebody else who also was searching for something. He tells Cruz that if they find him then he will be again put into prison. Somebody is knocking at the door and Cruz hides Joe in his bathroom. Kelly comes in asking for protection of the unknown person in the house.

Joe is addressed by a mysterious man with a note to meet him in an old deserted mill. Joe is going there and while waiting in the dark hall a man totally dressed in black including his hat is coming down the stairs and offers his help to Joe in his search for the murder of Channing. He calls himself Dominic and they discuss a little bit the case. The voice of Dominic is strange and sounds very suppressed as if something is not alright. Joe is not very sure if this man really is a help for him as he is not very open. At one of such meetings Joe tells him that he does not need his help and wants to search by himself.

Kelly starts to change her mind and wonders if Joe really has been the killer. Her family specially CC dislike her new ideas and consideration that Joe might be innocent. Kelly takes contact with Joe and tells him that she wants to help him proof his innocence. She keeps herself in distant which Joe accepts. He tells her something about the case and his difficulties in getting proofs. Joe tells her that a person who could be his alibi is meeting him from time to time secretly had offered his help. But Dominic cannot go to the police as something about himself seems not to be alright. Kelly wants to contact Dominic. So Joe goes with her to meet Dominic in the mill. Kelly tries to persuade Dominic to show up at the police and wash Joe clean but is having not much success. Later Joe tells her that he does not trust Dominic as he has found out that he is actually a woman. And who knows why she is hiding herself before the police.

Cruz is buying a yacht and moving into the yacht. He is keeping a kind of secrecy around himself. While officially working for CC in finding new places of oil in the sea near Santa Barbara he seems to do a second job. He is having a radio receiver with a screen over which he is talking from time to time to some men and is getting instructions.

Danny and Jade have decided to go to Hollywood and take up a job there. They asks also Ted if he would come along with them. Laken and Ted talk about and Ted thinks that his father will never allow him. But on the day of their departure CC allows him to go. The three stay together in an apartment. Jade dreams in getting a job as an actor. Also Ted and Danny are training constantly some fighting scenes. One day Jade is getting a chance for an introductory talk at one producer. She is making herself ready. Her dress is more than short and Danny wonders if this is all she is going to wear. Ted and Danny also wonder about the timings. She has to be there at one o'clock in the night. Jade finds this all normal for Hollywood. She borrows Ted car and runs off for the introduction. In the waiting room there are two other ladies already there. When the producer calls for the next Jade quickly tells that she is the next. The other ladies protest but the producer is fond of Jade and asks her in. She gets another meeting also in the night. Jade comes there and the producer quickly sends his half naked girls out of the room. He asks her to play different situation and asks her then to show more of her legs. He obviously likes her figure. He finally asks her to take of all the dresses. Jade tells him that this she is not able to do. He tells her that this is a basis for her to get the job. She must be able to do so. He tells her that she can think over but Jade firmly tells him that she can't do this and goes. Danny wonders how it was running at her new job. Jade carefully tells him not only that she did not get the job but also that she has made an accident with Ted's car. Danny is very frustrated as he was giving the key to her. Laken phones and tells Ted how much she is missing him and all the three decide to go back home.

The more Kelly is getting sure that Joe is really innocent and goes on to meet Joe the more she is getting in conflicts with her family. One day she is fed up with her family and decides to take her own apartment together with a female friend of hers.

Lionel comes home from his journey and Augusta decides to get rid of Joe in her way by paying some men but her plan failed.

Also CC wants to see Joe again in prison. He asks Mason who was trying always to please his father to take care of it that Joe is getting back to prison. Mason dislikes Peter Flint but finds that in this case they are having a problem in common. He asks him to put some cocaine into the motorcycle of Joe while he is taking care that the police will find it and by this they will be again rid of Joe. Peter does like Mason has asked him and the police finds the cocaine. Joe flees from the police and escapes into the sea. As there are sharks and he was swimming far out into the sea the police is convinced that he got eaten up by sharks.

When Cruz hears about this accident he does not believe that Joe is dead. He is sure of Joe's innocence also in the cocaine case and gives order to search for him with the helicopter. But also he has to give up his search and finally comes to the same conclusion that Joe is dead.

Meanwhile Joe is picked up by a yacht from a couple who hide him and take care of his wounds. Later it turns out that they are not so nice as they seemed to be. They are actually agents who spy against the States and who want Joe to work for them. Joe gets several times threaten by them with the pistol but as he finds that he anyway has nothing to loose he is not reacting very much to it. The man tells then to the woman that they can't effort to keep him alive but when they are really going to kill him Joe escapes in the sea and reaches safely the beach. He meets secretly Kelly and Kelly arranges a nice hiding place in a shed she knew. There in the hey they find back together and Kelly falls totally into love to Joe. Joe tells her at that time that he feels sorry for what has happened between him and Augusta but Kelly tells him that he needs not to excuse himself and all is alright. They are having their most wonderful time in the hey.

Minx is complaining to Lionel that they are having no driver and therefore he has to drive her to a restaurant where she is having a meeting with a man. Lionel is very curious who this man is and drives her there. He is taking place next to Minx at her table but Minx tells him that she does not want him to know whom she is meeting. Lionel tries it in another way by trying to give a tip to a waiter but the waiters are not entering such businesses and he has to give up. A man comes to Minx's table. They seem not to know each other and seeing themselves for the first time. The man's name is Brick Wallace a good looking young man wearing a leather jacket. Minx surprises him with a lot of facts she knows about him. That he actually wants to study but is having no money for it. She knows all about his marks he was having in school and endless secrets which one only finds out when snooping a lot. Brick many times gets up and wants to leave her upset. He demands from her to know why she is showing so much interest into him. She tells him that she is in search of a new driver and also might give to him another job. She offers to him a great salary and tells him that after two years of stay with her as a driver she will fulfill his wish and pay him his study. Minx finally succeeds to persuade him to take up this job.

Cruz is arranging a celebration in honour of Joe and in memorial for his death. For this reason the father of Joe comes to stay with his family. John and Marisa are trying to work out their relation a little bit and John starts to feel sorry that he was suspecting Joe in having done such a criminal act. Amy is coming from San Francisco where she is working as a secretary. She only wants to see her family and introduce her friend who is going to marry her to them. He will come the next day with the plane and will take her for a trip to Hawaii. She is totally in love to him and tells them how wonderful her Jeff is. Her parents are a little bit suspect that she is going for a holiday trip with a man she is not married but she tells them that the times have changed and nowadays one is no more thinking so narrow minded. Jade is happy with her and eager to meet her friend.

Warren starts a friendship with Summer Blake a friend of Kelly. Their relationship is somehow strained. The reason for this is not only their difference of interests, Summer loves art and is working in the museum of Santa Barbara while Warren seems to have no sense for such kind of beauty. Warren is always carrying around a bag with the coins he once was stealing from the Capwell mansion. He also got some more things out of Channing's room and is burning all the proofs at the beach. Summer is watching him doing so and she asks him innocently what he is doing. Warren is reacting very upset and she can't understand his reaction. Warren somehow attracted to Summer says sorry on seeing her next time and invites her at the beach. Summer not happy about Warren's reaction says no but then when Warren is working as a beach watch he sees her at the beach with Kelly. He approaches her but it takes again only a few sentence and Warren frightens Summer away.

One day Warren is sitting at a table in the beach restaurant playing with the coins when Summer spots him and takes place at his table. Warren quickly puts away the coins. Summer starts to talk about their relation wondering how it always ends in disharmony. On asking him about the coins Warrens mood again is turning upside down and asks her not to tell to anybody what she has seen. Then feeling again sorry about his behaviour he is inviting her for the evening. Summer tells him that she is actually moving from the presidential suite where Kelly invited her to stay to her own apartment. Warren offers his help to her. She refuses but he insists and so finally she gives in.

Augusta is getting nervous to see her son all the time running around with the coins asks him to sell them or to bring this kind of proof away. She wonders why he has stolen them at all as they are not in need for them. She asks him to keep away from Summer Blake as she is a friend of Kelly and she might tell her something. Warren takes the coins and puts them in a secret place over the garden door but keeps some of the coins in his trousers. When going to help Summer to move her things he looses one coin unnoticed by him in the presidential suit. One man of the hotel stuff is finding it on the floor and is giving it to Summer telling her that it must be hers. Kelly on standing next to her is suspecting it at once to be on of the coins belonging to the stolen coins asks her to give it to her as she is very interested into coins. She will give it back to Warren by herself. Summer hands the coin over to Kelly.

Kelly tells Joe about the memorial celebration arranged by Cruz in the chapel taking place. They are getting the idea to record the speech. Kelly who is keeping Joe as a secret because he otherwise would be put again into the prison asks Joe if she can't tell it to his mother and his sister so that they are not suffering over his death. Joe agrees and asks her to bring Marisa and Jade to him. Kelly goes to see Joe's family asking Marisa and Jade to come along with her as she has something important so show to them. Marisa is too much in a hurry and occupied with John refuse to come along but finally Jade agrees to come along with her. Kelly brings Jade to Joe and she is totally happy to see him alive.

Augusta also wants to go to the memorial celebration of Joe. Lionel is very surprised about. He wonders why she wants to go with Brick alone and asks her if she is not looking too much for Brick's well built body. He knows that she falls for the men they are engaging hinting to her affair with Joe. Augusta says that she is having her reasons. While on the road she is putting a lot of pressure on Brick in order to find out who he is and why Minx was engaging just him. Brick truthfully tells her that this he also would like to know. Brick skillfully avoids all privacy she tries to achieve in order to find out more about him. When Augusta notices that she is not getting close to him she tells him that not Minx but she is the person who is having the saying in this house and he has to do what she wants from him. Brick points out to her that it is Minx who has engaged him and who is paying him. She asks him who his parents are and he tells her jokingly that they are working in a circus which she does not believe.

All are sitting in the chapel. Marisa is nervous as Jade is not coming for such a long time. Kelly is already back and tries desperately to get out Marisa for a short moment. Finally she succeeds and Marisa comes out with her. By then Jade arrives and they both are happy to tell her the secret that Joe is alive. They enter again the chapel and Cruz starts his touching speech in which he expresses his believe in the innocence of his friend in the murder case. Kelly is recording everything. After the ceremony all are getting up. Augusta asks Brick for which of the young ladies he would fall for. Brick simply replies that he is bringing her now home. John wants to stay for a while longer in the chapel while Kelly is bringing Marisa, Jade and Amy to Joe. All are happily embracing Joe and promise to him to keep it a secret.

On being again alone Kelly turns on the recorder and they listen with much fun to Cruz's speech. At the end Joe is adding some sentences thanking for the speech. Kelly visits then Cruz and asks him to listen to the tape. He first does not want to listen telling her that he knows the context of his speech but Kelly wants him to listen further. Cruz is then very surprised to hear Joe's voice and wants to know how it came on this tape. Kelly makes Cruz happy by telling him that is really Joe's voice and he is alive but he should it keep as a secret. John prays in the chapel and he is full of pain in being no more able to tell Joe how much he really loves him and that he is sorry in having suspected him as a murderer.

Jade brings Amy to the airport for fetching her friend Jeff. Amy tells her on the way how much she loves him. Jeff comes and Amy happy embraces and kisses him. Jeff on getting some space tells her that he is also happy to see her but actually he has come to tell her that he is taking another woman along to Hawaii. Amy slaps him and turns around asking a surprised Jade to drive her back. A whole world is breaking down for Amy. She tells Jade that she no more will be so foolish in trusting a man.

Jade and Amy are going into one of the bars and take place at a table. Amy starts to drink. Brick comes with Warren to the bar. They notice Amy's condition and Warren thinks that she might drink over the loss of her brother Joe. A drunken Amy is soon addressed by two men who want to take advantage of her drunken condition. Jade unsuccessfully tries to get rid of them. She gets up and ask Warren for a coin as she wants to phone home that they come and help her to bring Amy home. Brick offers her his help telling her that he will manage her problem. He goes to Amy's table and talks to her as if he is an old friend of her. He tells her if she can't remember about the skating shoes he once has given to her. Amy says yes now she can remember he is really an old friend of her. The two men seeing to loose their game tell Brick that they are sure he does not know her and he should go away. A fight starts and Brick soon has knocked both of them down while Amy watches him with delight. He then picks Amy up and carries her to the car. Coming home Brick carries Amy up to her sleeping room and puts her into her bed. Jade explains to her parents that how Brick has come to help her. Jade thanks Brick finding that he is really a nice guy and Brick goes.

Marisa can't see her husband so much suffering and asks him what he would do if he is getting another chance to talk to Joe. John tells that he would ask him to forgive him and he would tell him how much he really cares for him. Marisa tells him the truth and John also gets to see Joe. The whole family reconciles and John is moving back to his family.

Summer visits the Lockridges. Warren thinks she is coming to see him but she tells him that she actually comes to his father. She invites Lionel as an expert to give a speech in the museum in the evening. Lionel agrees and wants to talk about some love expressions in the arts of some native people at an island and from where he has brought some figures from his many travels. Warren asks her then about the lost coin and she tells him that she has to give it to Kelly to make her not suspicious. Warren hurries to Kelly's flat but she tells him that she is having the coin in the mansion and will give it to him the other day.

Lionel is giving his speech when all of a sudden Eden comes in and remains standing at the door while listening to him. Her presence is creating a strange condition in Lionel. He is getting totally absorbed on seeing her and is delivering his speech practically to her. When all is over and Eden goes to her car she finds a note from an unnamed person inviting her later in the evening for a meeting in the museum. Eden is very curious to find out who this admirer is and gets ready to see the person. CC wonders for whom she is making her so beautiful and she tells that she is only meeting somebody but she does not want to tell whom. Lionel at home tells Augusta that he has forgotten something in the museum and will be back soon.

Eden comes to the museum. The door is open but all lights are switched off. Eden is feeling somehow strange and wondering if she should go when Lionel comes out off the dark in the back and finally switches on a light. Eden tells him that she was thinking that it is he but she wonders why. Lionel in a poetical way expresses how beautiful she is and then finally confesses that she is as beautiful as her mother Sophia. Eden suspects that he was having an affair with her mother and gets curious. Lionel confessed to her that he loved her mother but let it open to her how far this relation was going. He wonders why he never has seen her and she tells him that she has come back from the school in Europe recently.

The next day Eden is receiving a beautiful present. In the afternoon a second one. Both are without name of the sender but from the costly stone and the wonderful scarf she easily can solve the puzzle that both presents are coming from Lionel and he wants her to meet in the evening at the Pavilion of the Capwells in their garden. Eden enters this invitation curious to know more about her mother and obviously also somehow attracted by Lionel. He has brought a book with poems and wants to read for her something. Eden tells him that she no more wants to meet him. She only comes to tell him that he should stop with his presents and his invitations.

When waking up in the hey and feeling the bones this morning Kelly tells Joe that she will arrange a more comfortable place for them. Coming back she tells him that she has arranged the presidential suite for them this night. She gets him unseen into the presidential suite where she has arranged a nice dinner jacket for Joe and everything which makes a night beautiful. Both nicely dressed and feeling save they start the evening with a wonderful dinner than champagne dancing to a wonderful music and ending in bed.

Veronica, Peter's and Mason's secretary is informing Peter in his office that the Capwell hotel is doing well. All rooms are booked out. Peter wonders who has rented the presidential suite and asks Veronica about. Veronica looks into her file and reads surprised that the room is booked by Kelly Capwell. Peter who was having a lots of understanding that Kelly wanted to be alone for a while is feeling betrayed and wants to find out with whom Kelly is this night together. He enters the storeroom next to the door of the presidential suite and opens a secret door which let him look through the mirror which is inside the presidential suite while he cannot be seen. On seeing two glasses and a bottle of champagne he is getting very excited and takes out his revolver and starts waiting for the two of them to appear determined to kill this man. He was waiting and waiting and all of a sudden falling into deep sleep not noticing Kelly and Joe who come again for a drink and make love on the couch. When Peter wakes up again it is already morning and not able to contain his anger he storms into the presidential suite by breaking in. He runs around like a mad man in search for Kelly's lover and runs into the sleeping room where Kelly awakes and asks him what the hell he wants. He looks under her blanket but there is nobody. Holding his revolver he opens the bathroom but again nobody is there. Kelly is very upset and starts shouting against him in disturbing her sleep and hunting for ghosts. Peter says sorry but Kelly takes off her engagement ring and gives it back to him.

Augusta uses Brick as a gardener. She asks him to come and plant some trees near the boarder on their ground opposite the pavilion of the Capwells so that they need not to see their pavilion all the time. She also asks Lionel to come. CC is getting some similar ideas. He is telling Eden that he is having the intention to move the Pavilion away from the boarder of the Lockridges so that they can sit again there undisturbed of them. He goes to see the Pavilion with Eden at the same time when Augusta is just giving instructions to Brick where to plant the trees. A confrontation seems to be unavoidable. A dispute between Lionel and CC arises in which Lionel blames CC for taking away their best land at the beach which their family owned. He also announces him that soon he will get to hear something very interesting in the Television-news where he will reveal the truth about the guilt of the Capwells in the involvement of the sinking of the ship Amanda Lockridge close to the beach. He has got the exclusive right for recovering the ship. CC shouts back that he will not go and see this nonsense. Eden is standing silently next to CC and is expressing with no movement of her eyes that she knows Lionel. Both party leave upset while Brick starts his job.

Brick gets interrupted by Augusta who guides Amy to him leaving them alone with a sarcastically remark that it took not even a day since he is working for them and already he is getting a visit from a lady. Amy sits down next to Brick on the ground telling him that she only comes as she wanted to thank him for his help the other day. Both new in Santa Barbara they start talking about themselves and their plans. Amy tells him that she intents to stay in Santa Barbara and is now searching for a job. Brick tells her that Minx is looking for a secretary and he will ask her. Eden asks CC about the land at the beach. He tells her that he intents to built up some holidays complexes and this is making the Lockridges who always owed this land and kept it unused upset but it was their own fault in losing it in a case to the Capwells. Eden asks CC if he allows her to work on this project to which CC agrees. To the Amanda Lockridge matter he tells her that this case is laughable as it is already nearly one century ago when it happened. At that time the Capwells and the Lockridges where going on sea together and were making businesses all over the world but ended up in a fight after the ship was sinking. The Lockridges are putting the guilt on the Capwells and Lionel intends now to recover the ship thinking there are valuables still in it as well the log book which will proof the involvement of the Capwell's in the sinking of the ship.

Lionel appears on the television telling about his intention to salvage the Amanda Lockridge in order to find out the reason why it was sinking. He also expects some old pictures on the boat and is optimistic that they are still in tact and not destroyed by the see. CC switches off upset the television after having seen Lionel attacking them.

Lionel is having his problems with the Amanda Lockridge. It is not lying favourable at the ground of the sea. One of his divers nearly died and puts the big question mark if they will be able to do it at all. Warren eagerly offers himself for diving but Lionel does not allow him.

Cruz is noticing that the instruments on his boat are showing strange signals. He is sure that it is a sign for a coming earthquake. He is checking up his theory with a specialist who say that he might be right. The signals are telling that an earth quake is ahead but one can't say how strong it will be. Cruz starts to warn people. He tells CC about asking him to secure his oil rigs at the sea. CC asks him if he is sure about but Cruz tells him what the specialist told him that one never can be sure. As securing the oil rigs are a costly matter CC decides to undertake in this case nothing. He repeatedly is warning Eden asking her better to leave to another place for some time but she only is having some laughter for his warnings. She tells him that this can happen everywhere and this is not a reason for running away.

Kelly approaches her room mate asking her if she would mind to move to a little house at the beach as she has the longing to be alone for a while. Her friend accepts and Kelly offers her help in moving her things. While the room mate is going for shopping and organising some boxes for moving Joe comes and Kelly lets him in and after taking breakfast she shows him the coin which Warren has lost. Joe also thinks that it is one of the missing coins. Kelly tells him that she wants to go and find it out. While Joe is taking a shower Kelly's room mate is coming back and wondering about the male shoes at the door. Joe frightens her when just coming out of the shower but she also is happy in seeing him alive and agrees in keeping it a secret.

As Warren was not successful in getting back the coin Augusta makes her way to Kelly's apartment to get it by herself. Kelly's room mate opens while Joe hides himself in the bedroom. Augusta is not ready to be driven out so easily and steps on the contrary freely into the apartment looking around while asking for Kelly. She spots soon the big shoes which obviously are belonging to a man. The room mate tells her that they belong to a friend of her but Augusta quickly points out through very direct questions that this is not the case. The girl tells her that she can think what she wants and drives her out.

Kelly comes to the mansion and shows the coin to Ted asking him if he can find out if the coin is belonging to the missing coins. Ted promises to check this for her.

Eden starts to take measurements on the land at the beach and making a sketch. Lionel on hearing that she is on their old land at the beach is going there to meet her accidentally. Eden show herself not unhappy in meeting him. She asks him why he is so much attached to this land. He tells her that his family always kept it in a way to preserve its natural beauty. Eden asks him not to hurt her family by bringing up all the old stuff with the boat but Lionel does not give in to her wish. Eden wants to know more about her mother but Lionel tells her that if she comes at the evening to the Pavilion he will tell her more. Eden tells him that she will not come but then eager to find out about her mother comes to the Pavilion. Lionel starts again to attract her in a romantically way and gives her a present. Eden tells him that she told him that he no more should give her presents and she only comes to tell him that he no more should try to meet her and now he should tell her the secret of her mother. Lionel is again not telling her very much about Sophia only about her beauty and that she looks as beautiful as she was looking but Eden gets him to the point to admit to her that he was having an affair with Sophia.

College starts. Laken, Ted, Danny and Jade are in the same class. One of their teachers does not like Ted. Daily he finds something wrong with him and threatens him to go to his father and then he will get on the military academy. Ted takes it easy and makes behind him also his fun.

Laken, Ted, Danny and Jade are renting an old house. Their idea is to make it nice inside and then to rent the rooms for hours in order to earn some money. Laken and Ted are mostly engaged with kissing at their meetings. Danny and Jade have to remind them repeatedly for what they are here. Danny and Jade are alone and Jade always avoids Danny's approaches. She only wants to be friends and not having an affair. The main reason for her behaviour is that she is afraid that he will find out that she is still a virgin while she always pretends being very much experienced. A lady comes in for renting a room and they tell her that it is not yet open. Jade at once recognises her as a prostitute but Danny irritated by Jade's behaviour approaches her thinking to be a normal woman. She asks him if he wants to go with her for a drink and Danny goes. Jade laughs when she sees that Danny has not recognised who the lady is. She thinks he will be very sorry in having gone with her. But after a while she is getting her doubts. Danny comes back with the lady. She asks him how much money he is having. He tells her ten dollars. She asks him to give it to her. She then gives him a kiss and tells him that for this he can't get more. By this Danny recognises who she really is. The lady goes and he tells embarrassed what happened to him while Jade now really has to laugh.

Finally the rooms are ready. They put a sign on the door that rooms can be rented for hours. Danny changes his outlook to an old man in order to look more serious and they earn very well. One day they were talking about ghosts and not long after this the typewriter at the desk starts to type by itself asking them to leave this house. Also other strange phoneme starts to happen and the two gets frightened. They tell it to Ted but Ted does not believe them. They take him along and he sees the phoneme and is also frightened. Behind the wall of a hidden room two tramps are having their fun after having frightened them. The reason for doing so is that they are not only living there but also in search of some money hidden in one of the walls. Another day they find out the mechanic which made the type writer write by itself and they understand that somebody wants to get them out.

Cruz who is nearly a family member of the Andrades as he was staying with them for many years is wondering why Santana is keeping so much back to herself. Mason also notices that his approaches are all in vain. They soon find out the reason. Santana is having an affair with CC. CC has fallen totally in love to Santana and is very much engaged in meeting her secretly with flowers in her apartment. Soon their relation gets more open. Mason watches silently and keeps himself away from her. Eden on noticing this relation is getting very disturbed and asks Mason if she can talk to him. Mason is surprised in getting addressed by Eden as they are normally are not getting along with each others. Eden asks him if he has noticed the affair their father is having with Santana. She always thought that Santana is meant for him. Mason says that he also thought this but as they see it is different. She wonders what CC is finding on Santana as they are totally different. She finds that they should do something against. Eden then addresses her father asking him what he finds on Santana. She is having no understanding of art and is having no higher education. What they are talking about. He soon will be bored. CC tells her that this is nothing what she should be concern and beside this Santana is having other qualities what are not obvious to her. CC goes on meeting her and has totally fallen in love to Santana.

Santana tries to find out about her son which she has given free for adoption. It is hers and Channing's son and CC has arranged the whole adoption. Santana has found out that he has given her son to a business friend of his. She tries to find out from CC where the family is staying and asks him to arrange that she can see her son. CC is not very happy about this development. He tells her that she is doing no good to her son in disturbing him at the age of five by telling him that she is the biological mother. Santana tells him that she is having no intention to tell this to him but she only wants to see him. He can introduce her as a creative designer for their apartment or a family friend and by this occasion she will be able to see her son. CC tells her that he is not going to do this. By this their relationship starts to suffer and a lots of heavy discussions are following. (By then Peter Mark Richman gets replaced by Charles Bateman).

Peter in the office is signing some checks which debit the accounts for houses he is in charge for. Veronica on checking up the accounts as a part of her duty is finding out about. She asks Peter to get a good reply ready in case Mason will ask him for what he was using the missing money. Peter gets upset and tells her that this is not her business he of course is using it for house investments. Veronica secretly also informs Mason about the debits of this account. Mason comes with the account statements and asks Peter for which he has used this money. He tells him that if it is not appearing soon he will have seen his job and his political career. Peter tells him that all is alright and it is a matter of a loan he was in need for a project and it will soon be returned.

A lady is visiting Peter in his office. She asks him why he did not come to the appointed place with the money which is due to her. Peter tells her that there will be no more money coming as he has taken it from the housing account and Mason wants it back. He asks her to give at once back the twenty thousand dollar and also organise the rest of the money. He also informs her about the broken engagement by which even his job is in danger. Ginger Jones gives him the twenty thousand and tells him that in this case they have to find out something else how they can get the money of the Capwell's. She is having an idea. They are kidnapping Kelly and he will have to help her. He should ask Kelly to come to his apartment for meeting him and then they will act. Peter tells her that Kelly will not come but Ginger Jones tells him that he should tell her that her dressmaker is there for her fitting. She is forcing Peter to phone to Kelly to get this appointment. Her plan is to kidnap Kelly and Peter should then come with one million dollars to bring the money. Peter is not in the mood to follow her plan. He somehow realises that he actually loves Kelly and he will not do this to her.

Mason comes and is having again a dispute with Peter because of the money. Peter gives him the $20.000 cash and asks him not to worry the rest will be credited to the account. Mason says that he hopes for him that this is true.

continued in part 2